[Three meals a day simple diet recipe]_Slimming_How to eat

[Three meals a day simple diet recipe]_Slimming_How to eat

Weight loss is something that women pursue in their lives, because in this society where people are judged by their appearance, many people decide the life and death of a person at first glance, find a job, find a target, and even some school recruitment interviews.I’ll try it whenever I hear anything.

Here are the recommended diet recipes for three meals the next day. Friends who want to lose weight can try it.

1. The nature of three meals a day.

People who eat three meals a day are not just to fill their stomachs or relieve their belches, but mainly to ensure the normal development and health of the body.

The experiment proves that: three meals a day, the protein digestion and absorption in the food is reconstituted by 85%; if it is changed to two meals a day, each meal eats half the amount of food throughout the day, the protein digestion and absorption rate is only 75%.

Therefore, according to the living habits of these people, in general, three meals per day are still more reasonable.

2. Choice of food in three meals.

What foods are selected for three meals a day, how they are prepared, and what methods are used for cooking are all particular and vary from person to person.

First of all, the main and non-staple foods for three meals a day should be thick and thin, animal food and plant food must have a certain proportion, it is best to eat some beans, potatoes and fresh vegetables every day.

The scientific distribution of three meals a day is determined according to each person’s physical condition and work needs.

According to appetite distribution, the ratio of three meals in the morning, middle, and evening is 3: 4: 3. If someone eats 500 grams of staple food a day, then each morning and evening should eat 150 grams, and 200 grams at noon is more appropriate.

3. The scientific mix of breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a good breakfast every day can make you live longer.

Breakfast is designed to be easy to digest, absorb, and high in fiber. It is best to have the highest proportion of raw food, so as to become the main source of life for a day.

2, three meals weight loss recipe 1, breakfast milk oatmeal + boiled eggs + green oatmeal: coarse oats need to be boiled or added to water and heated in the microwave to make the oats softer.

Friends who like sweetness can add fresh diced apples and raisins to it.

The seemingly simple breakfast is actually quite learned.

Oatmeal can help you lower cholesterol, eggs are rich in protein, and vegetables are rich in vitamins.

This is a high-grain, high-fiber breakfast.

In addition to this breakfast you can choose 1).

One bowl of soy milk, two slices of whole wheat bread, one egg 2).

A bowl of red bean rice porridge, a plate of refreshing side dishes (cucumber, carrot, celery plus boiled spiced peanuts), longan or jujube 1 3).

Tofu, steamed egg custard, half steamed bun 2, lunch tofu brain + apple meal, after a period of time, transitioned to noon, at this time after the body detoxification will start to significantly increase, but the toxins in the intermediates are still not completely clear and cleanTherefore, it is not possible to return to a normal diet. Eating apples and tofu brain can help to deeply remove toxins from the body and allow you to add sufficient nutrients in weight loss.

In order to avoid flatulence and gastrointestinal discomfort during lunch, it is recommended to eat apples and then tofu brain. The number is unlimited, but you can only eat 7 minutes full. After 16 hours, you will feel less fat and your body will becomeEasy.

Apples can increase satiety, and eating before meals can reduce your intake and achieve weight loss.

3, dinner dinner should be eaten less, but it is not right not to eat at all, but to eat delicate points.

Snacks before dinner (additional meal in the afternoon): A pack of protein powder + grapefruit / pear / apple Apple is called the “King of Fruits”. It is rich in pectin. Eating apples has a good intestinal moisturizing effect and protein.Powder is a strong fuel for your body, and it can make your body harder in the winter.

Dinner: Cantonese soup / + porridge + green tea soup or porridge can choose Cantonese style, Cantonese style porridge and soup is famous for its rich nutrition.

In addition, drinking green tea before 9 o’clock in the evening, while preventing chronicity, also improves basal metabolism.