[What’s going on under men]_ Below it hurts_ Man_ Reason

[What’s going on under men]_ Below it hurts_ Man_ Reason

If a man feels that his body is very itchy, at this time, he must be vigilant. It may be related to the suffering. If the man feels lower body pain, he should consider it because the sexual life is too long, or he often masturbates.Habits, including checking yourself underneath, for pain due to infection or other reasons.

Sexual intercourse pain and sexual intercourse cannot be common symptoms of complications. The former refers to pain accompanied by sexual intercourse, or it means that the penis implies the insertion or inability to enter the vestibule and enter the vagina. Sexual intercourse is often incapable of severe sexual intercourse pain.

In the narrow sense, pain during sexual intercourse means that in the absence of an organic patient, due to the insertion of the penis into the vagina or twitching during intercourse, or the severity of the vaginal area or lower abdomen after sexual intercourse.Waiting for pain.

In a broad sense, pain during sexual intercourse also includes those caused by various organic causes, such as certain local factors of the pelvic organs or local effects of various systemic diseases.

The reasons for the inability or pain of sexual intercourse include sexual ignorance or lack of experience, as well as various psychological, social and physiological factors, as well as the interaction of various factors.

However, it is true that the cause of the problem is complex and varied, but the end results are similar. People find it difficult to explain this complaint with a single factor, especially when the disease course is large and lasting.

Similar to other sexual problems, the problem may also be caused by the man, such as pain during sexual intercourse caused by a severe malformation of the penis, or a man who inserted it violently before the woman’s vagina was lubricated.

If the pain of sexual intercourse is primary, it means that the symptoms are present at the beginning of sexual life after marriage, which usually means that there is some anatomical defect or stubborn psychological factors; and those who have secondary sexual intercourse pain have had a happy sexual life.After the sexual intercourse pain due to various factors.