I asked Zheng Ziling for no reason what he thought was inexplicable.。

“Do you believe?”
Didn’t answer Xiangyang right away,Zheng Ziling asked back。
There have been several conversations like this,Zheng Ziling is also used to this,So it’s not like the first time,I have to think about the answer for a while,Say every word carefully。
“Of course I don’t believe it!”
Xiangyang tell the truth,It’s just that I met Ling Yun when I first came to Wanghai,And Xiao Xiaoxiao and Zhu Shiyao were assigned to a dormitory,Things that can’t be explained,Xiang Yang didn’t know what kind of explanation to give himself。
“I don’t believe!”
Watching Xiangyang talking,Zheng Ziling can feel that the girl in front of him didn’t lie to herself,So I also gave my own answer。
“Why don’t you believe?”
Xiang Yang looked at Zheng Ziling curiously,Follow the previous and current plot development trend,Obviously it should be said,To start the topic around the mystery of fate。
But Zheng Ziling’s answer immediately,Let Xiangyang understand,This guy really doesn’t believe in fate。
“Fang Xincheng helped me arrange for someone to review at the door of your bedroom,As long as you come out,Notify me immediately;I rented this bus for 800 yuan a day,Uncle and aunt in the car,Can be regarded as extras,Act with me,Squeeze you to my side,100 yuan per person,So compared to fate,I think money is more reliable!”
Zheng Ziling sighed,After telling Xiangyang this secret,He himself was relieved。
“Why confess today?”
Xiang Yang looked at Zheng Ziling curiously,His eyes seriously suspect that this guy’s living expenses have been squandered。
“It’s not what you think!I just don’t want to lie to you!”
Pushed Xiangyang,Her careful thinking is not hard to guess。
“You know i have a car,It’s just that you said driving was too arrogant when you were in college,So I won’t open it。”