If this is something someone else said,Macomb·Hughes will scold unceremoniously“Arrogant!”,But these words are from Fernandez·From Chen’s mouth,He dare not take it seriously,It’s really proved by countless examples in the past,This guy has a talent that is different from other people,Always able to make the impossible possible,and so,Not favored by everyoneMD-12project,Is it another chance for him to use his golden finger??

And the response of the investment industry,Seems to confirm this,Originally not favored by anyoneMD-12aircraft,Now suddenly there is a tendency to become sweet and delicious。
But Macomb·Hughes is an excellent professional manager after all,He adjusted his mood quickly,Shen Sheng asked Chen Geng:“Mr. Fernandez,How much do you plan to invest?”
It is said that this kind of thing is confidential,Macomb·Hughes can’t ask,But he can’t help it,The most important is Macomb·Hughes has an instinct,He believes Chen Geng will tell him。
Chen Geng did not hide Macomb·What Hughes means,He said happily:“investment5100 million,Also provide McDonnell Douglas5RMB 100 million convertible loan line。”
This is10Hundred million,Accounted for one-quarter to one-fifth of the funds required for the entire project。
Although Chen Geng’s investment quota is small,But if you count his appeal……
Macomb·Hughes seemed to have put down a big rock in his heart,He thought about it,Asked:“When will you be back?Is things going well in Brazil?Is there anything I can help?”
If Chen Geng really needs Lockheed’s help,Macomb·Hughes never mind sending personal love to Chen Geng。
“soon,One more week,”Chen Geng said:“Although not very smooth,But there is no big problem。”
The greed of the Franco government exceeded Chen Geng’s imagination!
A rich man like Chen Geng,No matter which country to visit and visit,It can’t be a whim,The communication between the two parties needs to start at least three months in advance,Half a year is normal,In other words,Actually what to do after going、Agreement to be signed,Actually, I had communicated almost before I went,Chen Geng went to Brazil,In fact, it’s more about signing,Like this time to Brazil,In addition to investing in Embraer with capital and technology、Help Embraer realize as soon as possibleEMB-145Outside of production,There is also a car assembly plant in Brazil,These are all negotiated before。
When President Franco’s appetite is obviously more than this,He wants more。
It’s not a problem to want more,As long as he is willing to change things,Chen Geng doesn’t mind,But Franco wanted more benefits while still digging out,That’s the problem,For example, Chen Geng intends to invest in Brazil’s energy industry,Till now,The Franco government still did not give a clear answer。