Maybe it’s because of care,Maybe it’s in Su Xuehen’s heart,Even a little bit of a mentality that can be called jealousy。

Lu Menglin shook his head,Smiled barely,He knew he was gaffe,Crying and laughing,The expression must be weird right now!
He wants to speak loudly to the squad leader,“My first love is you!”
But he managed to explain why he would cry,Because Su Xuehen is sitting beside him right now,Do you want to tell her,Actually what I cry is you from another time latitude,In that parallel world,I have a crush on you,You don’t know,Our lives can only pass by,Biography,That’s why I cry because of regret。
“OK,OK,It’s all past。You will definitely meet better girls in the future。”Su Xuehen saw Lu Menglin look strange,I think I guessed it,Although my heart is rippling,But insisted on comforting him。
The tears on Lu Menglin’s face are still wet,But my heart is very aggrieved,What do you mean by meeting better girls in the future??This is the rhythm of tossing the pot every minute?
The more he thinks about it, the more he feels wrong,Heartbroken,Simply play a trick,Take advantage of the trend, tilt his head towards Su Xuehen’s incense shoulder。
“Lend me a shoulder!”Lu Menglin’s tone sounds a bit horizontal!
Su Xuehen only felt her shoulder sink,Surprised inexplicably,I can’t believe it,No boy dares to be so direct to himself!
The big head is hanging up,What a
Going on?
but,Su Xuehen thought immediately,Maybe he is so sad,I’m so excited,Forget it,Then forgive him!
then,Su Xuehen motionless,With a complicated mood of pity and love,With Lu Menglin’s head resting on her shoulders。
This style of painting is obviously wrong!They are girls and boys,Lu Menglin is just the opposite,Abruptly put the big head on the shoulders of the other girl,What is this?
In fact,Lu Menglin quickly woke up,There seems to be something wrong with my posture!
But he knows the critical moment,The truth must not be counseled,Sometimes I can only bite the bullet,Can’t control so much!
Influenced by the classic line just now,Lu Menglin feels,I have made a decision in my heart。