As the saying goes,Don’t know,Startled when inquired,Rawls·Royce was shocked up and down:Fernandez·Not only does Chen own a dismantling and recycling plant in China,And also invested in China’s infrastructure industry、Motorcycle manufacturing and automobile manufacturing industry、Real estate industry、it……He even cooperated with a state-owned enterprise in China to build a super large pig farm and chicken farm。

An American billionaire who cooperates with China State Administration of Computer Industry and State Administration of Radio and Television Industry,Actually invested in the construction of a pig farm and a chicken farm in China,You dare to believe such an outrageous thing?
But it just appeared。
Chen Geng continued:“prior to,Huaxia officials invited me to serve as their economic and trade cooperation with the United States、General consultant for comprehensive planning of technology and product introduction,In return for me,The Chinese government allowed me to enter China’s civil aviation transportation industry,and so……”
Speaking of which,Chen Geng shrugged,Implication:I mean you understand?
Ralph·Sir Robbins can no longer maintain his previous calmness,Surprised to grow up his mouth。A long time,He just squatted:“they……They allowed you……”
“and so……Fokker……”
Ralph·Robbins stopped talking,His brain is spinning fast。
AS Rolls·Chairman of the board of Royce,Compared to other Western companies,Ralph·Sir Robbins believes that he still has a good understanding of China Civil Aviation,After all, I once sold to Huaxia peopleRB211engine,Knowing that China’s civil aviation industry is just a pile of shit,But it is said that China’s economy has developed rapidly in recent years,Considering the huge population base of China,Fernandez·Chen’s approach is not difficult to understand:For China with such a huge population、But for countries where few people can afford to fly,Fokker company is preparing to develop this100Large jet line/The small trunk plane is just right。
Then,Fernandez·Why does Chen want to join Fokker’s new aircraft development program??
First of all,As a shareholder of this project,He can offer the best price、Get the plane with the highest priority;
Secondly,In terms of later use cost, that is, the price of spare parts,He can also get a huge cost advantage that other normal customers can’t match;
The best part is,If the plane sells well in the future,He can still get dividends。
of course,If this project fails,He has to lose a lot of money,But what does it matter?Since it is an investment,Then there is a risk,How can there be a steady profit without losing trade?
Ralph who feels he has understood Chen Geng’s plan·Sir Robbins is completely relieved。
Fernandez·Chen is willing to participate,For Fokker、For Rawls·Royce is a good thing,For Fokker,Relieved them of financial pressure;For Rawls·For Royce,It means that I have obtained the market share of this part of the China market out of thin air——With an average of seven engines for every three aircraft(The extra one is a spare)To calculate,Even if China Market can provide20How about the sales of the plane,That’s almost50An engine。