What to eat in the autumn breakfast, bowl porridge is healthier

What to eat in the autumn breakfast, bowl porridge is healthier

What to eat in the autumn breakfast, after the fall, the weather is cool, people will never have to eat because of the hot weather.

In the fall, breakfast is a problem that cannot be ignored.

After the cold, people get up and lazy, making eating breakfast a more difficult thing.

  When the autumn wind hits, people’s spleen and stomach function will be weakened to varying degrees, especially those who are physically weak.

The porridge is the best diet to regulate the spleen and stomach in autumn. After the autumn, drink porridge for breakfast, which can not only diarrhea and cool autumn, but also effectively prevent autumn dryness.

  Cornmeal sweet potato porridge is best for autumn.

Because cornmeal contains nutrients such as unsaturated fatty acids, sweet potatoes have the effect of prolonging the disease.

The specific method is as follows: firstly, 100 g of cornmeal is prepared into a paste with cold water, and then placed in a boiled water, and then the sweet potatoes cut into pieces are placed together, and the corn noodles are constantly prevented from sticking to the bottom of the pan.

When you porridge, you must use a simmer. You can order a few cold waters in the middle. The cornmeal sweet potato porridge is not thin or thick.

  Recommend some other porridge, try to try it: Hawthorn porridge: Hawthorn and previous rice cooked together into a porridge, usually eat regularly can prevent high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, obesity and other symptoms.

  Sesame porridge: Boiled sesame seeds and rice together, for dizziness, memory loss, need to have early white has a good effect.

  Lotus rice porridge: After the lotus rice is raised, the skin is peeled with a brush in the water, the lotus heart is taken out and the water is boiled, and then cooked together with the rice. The porridge has spleen and diarrhea, and the kidney is solid and phlegm.To develop the effect of heart and soul, less spleen and spleen, lower abdominal stagnation, frequent olivure, insomnia, forgetfulness and dreams are especially applicable.

  Jujube glutinous rice porridge: Put yam, coix seed, wolfberry, jujube, glutinous rice into the pot and boil it into porridge. Add the right amount of white sugar. This porridge has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, benefiting qi and blood, dampness and diarrhea, and thirst.After the illness, the body is weak and anemia, malnutrition, loss of appetite, chronic enteritis and other patients are particularly suitable.

  These congee products are very suitable for eating in the fall, readers may wish to choose some congee according to their specific circumstances to eat more in this fall.