Nie Yang is in a woman who is a woman.,It has already been investigated。

In the first time, he also investigated some things about the red.,First of all, he knows very beautiful.,And it is very young。
Men have seen no heart,At the beginning, the boss didn’t be reluctant to be tough.。
I saw it today.,He has already understood。
Such woman,He is also not reluctant to have tough。
I am very sorry.,I am not a red sister.,I should know it today.?”
Nie Yang listens to the other party is not a red sister,Also a glimpse。
“You are not the red sister in the county town?
then who are you?”
“Needless me?,I am coming to find you today.,Of course, if you don’t explain, we can use your fist to see the true chapter.。”
I heard Li Mei.,Nie Yang is also laughing in the sky.。
“Hahaha is a joke,You actually tell me the truth.,Tell me,What tries you told me??”
Original Nie Yang wants to quickly,These people come in to pack up,But see Li Mei is so beautiful.,He suddenly was somewhat uncomfortable.。
Even if you want to play more。
“Row,Our decoration team staff is your people play.?”
“Be right,We are our people,This is the site of our gangster,If you don’t sound, you want to do this business.,No point rules,I let me teach them what they are rules.,is that OK?”
For Nie Yang,Li Mei is also laughing。
“hehe,This is your bloody gang?
Why don’t you say that the whole country is yours?,What evidence you have is your site,I also said that my site is!”
“Hahaha can,You can say it is your site,But you have to ask me that this group of brothers promised to pay attention to it.。”
Nie Yang is also arrogant to Li Mei.。
“Humph,It seems that I can’t tell you today.,The brothers of my decoration team can’t be white,Today, the first thing is to solve this first.,Give you two options,Compensation for medical expenses,Advance your home,Second, I don’t have to compensate for medical expenses.,Let’s take you into the hospital.,You choose!”
Li Mei’s exit,Scorpion and others are also nervous。
They really don’t know where Li Mei comes.,They are directly surrounded by others.,As a result, Li Mei can still have to hob。
This is simply incredible for them.。
Not only the scorpion they,Jin Xijie is also some don’t know what to say.。
Although he wants to take people to solve,But I didn’t want to solve it like this.!At least the hot weapon is still a bit deterrent。
The result is the dagger,There are a lot more than people on the weapon.,Never use morale。
Chapter 1,300 Uncomfort
Nie Yang does not know where Li Mei comes。
I heard Li Mei’s words.,He laughed directly。
“Be unhappy first,Let me tell me what you call.,I have never played the unknown generation.。”
“Humph,Can win us again!It is not ready to choose.!”