Vulnerary,Eliminate,Qingmei bamboo horse to do other competitions,Lin Bo originally fired,Rid to do a few mouthfuls,The scene is caught in the atro,Have to come to He Jin Yin to a rule of war。

Ghost King is too lazy to care,Pulling He Jin Yin Run,After being stopped,Helpless start to play。
The order of the ring is walked.,have‘Runner’Wentai is not satisfied,Pattern anger,Be defeated by a punch。
Four judges admission,Joint hands,Put a punch by a punch。
The audience is collectively dispatched,In exchange, fly out。
Blending,He Jinyin and Lin Bin began to mutual,One can’t do,One hit, but not hurts,finally,He Jinyin realized his own whim,Hard students put Lin Bin。
Currently,Lin Bin is a small single room in police station,Waiting for the elite center’s bail。
“Good psychedelic plot,but……Little is not unexpected。”Liao Wenjie vomiting,No wonder, the ghost king has a bottom-up martial arts,It turned out that there is this subsequent story。
One said one,He is not optimistic about the ghostwing,The name of this master of China,Everyday, people who play the signboard every day is not a small number.。
There is also very likely to be more than the student。
Even if he is recruited, a group of students who are not afraid of death,He also taught the second He Jinyin,Only one of the big return,He Jinyin’s success cannot be copied。
How much……
Quite meaningful,Liao Wenjie is looking for money and put it.,If it is ghost King Dalla,He doesn’t mind, friendship sponsor。
“Alice,This is not interesting,Go to your room, etc.,I rushed on the hot pot flavor,Show you a baby。”
“What baby,Is it?”
————Rain cloud deep embroidered household,Autumn waves————
Next day,noon。
Liao Wenjie found the sky in a teahouse,And other members of the tour group,I want to be a pot,Talk to the sky。
This teahouse is built on the mountain,Green,Bird flower,Quite a bald。Is a member of a member of the Association,usually,Just entertain internal members,Ordinary people spend money。
Now,The long light and still,As a tour of the tour group。
Long light and still don’t know who Liao Wenjie is,But since the tour is mentioned,It is a small brother of a generation of high-handed legs.,He will naturally do not continue to be dumb,Looking for Zhang Lihua asked。
Zhang Lihua,I can’t say a letter in half.,Finally, forced long light asking,Mentioned the name of Lyon。
Liao Wenjie and Lyon relationship,The two jointly opened a spiritual consultation company.,Currently live very moist,No fire into the magic。
One heard this,The long lamp didn’t ask again.。
Lyon has more evil gates,Long light is the clearest,Yun Su Taoji,Rapida and Liao Wenjie encountered ideas,Others love,He will not be Hong Kong Island without Liao Wenjie.。
Sincere,Last night, long light did not bubbling,The mouth said that the injury has not yet raised,Go home and sit.。
“Big brother,Why is it still frown?,I thought you were rejected many times.,I am used to it.。”Liao Wenjie gave a tea pot to the sky and poured a cup。
“nothing,It’s just that the girl and the cloud are too like.,I……I feel weird。”Tianshi teacup tangled。
Last night,Everyone came to the teahouse,Chang Chongzi continues to set intelligence,Not very smart, Yong Yuyi Questions,The sky is sitting next to silently listening。
Rong Yuyi and Yunde Passing Blood Relationship,Perhaps,But the two from the Song Dynasty,A from Yuan Dynasty,Intermediate interval for three hundred years,I can’t find it.。
This is nothing,The sky is swearing only on the cloudrrot tree,I am not interested in Yong Yu,No due to the two women’s face,I feel happy to multiply two。
After all, there is no more happy.。
Causes of mood entanglement,It is Rong Yuyi to have a good sense of Liao Wenjie.,I think that these two people may get together.,I saw Yunlu and Liao Wenjie in the sky.,Then……
It feels too much to be too thoughtful,Just grow like,Not a person,This idea is not kind。
Moreover,Even if it is a person,What can I do?!
His goddess is not a,Not near,Yunlu Princess Jade Ice,Yin Shu Lili,He is natural……
“Liao Gongzi,when did you come?”
Yue ear sound,Turkey,I saw a happy style。