This sword is Liu Jia sent,The people of the Shaishanpai are more powerful to grab,Today, use it to kill a few lands.,It is also worthy of this sword.!

Swelling for two years ago,Chu Deirers don’t even want the Shaoshan School to know that they have broken their things.,But now the frontal places have nothing to do.。
On the one hand, it is naturally the Wugong of Chu Deirers.,Take the left cold in the original,Can and make a better plan、Even,Can defeat the record of our line with a weak and strong,The Chu Deiren in two years ago,But high,Nowadays……Chu Deirers,Can five five;
on the other hand,Equivation of important changes,It is the name of the Chu Deirers now have a heritage list back.,There is also a name on the rivers and lakes.,Don’t worry too old……Even if the mountains are raised in the right road,I can’t flip“Chivalry”identity,Two sides,only“Jianghu dispute”、Instead of“Righteous”!
“Since Chu Chu son must win the forest《Evil spirits》,And I am difficult with my Wuyue Sword,Then our disciples,I can only fight for a battle.!”Zhong Town,Naturally, it is shouted to others.。
Translate:And this kind of evil,We don’t talk about the rules of the rivers and lakes.,Parallel!
“Chu Mou,Liesz Zongzong,Personnel and teaching!”Chu Deiren’s mouth,One-sigh,Spreading from horseback,At the same time, the sword,It seems that the thousands of people will come,Meteorology。
The Taibao of Lushan is present at this time,The number of fingers also has seven people,Another elite disciple more than 40 people,However, the Chu Deiren is not afraid.,Kill directly“Enemy array”。
“Significance”Although it is soft sword,But at this time, in the true gas perfusion of Chu Deirers,But straight straight,Sword blade does not leak hard,Only the sword,Extended three feet,Get a gold break、Iron!
I saw this Chu Deirers.,One person, a sword, killing into the disciple of Shaoshan,This long sword is like a long gun.,Take a look at how,Directly kill the thief seven into seven……
Ding、Lucy and others,I can’t help but shake.——Chu Deer is sword,This is very clear,After all, in half a year ago,Chu Deirers’ battle,Just step on them,At that time, the Chu Deiren used the sword.!
Later, there was a rumor,Chu Deer is not using a sword,Even someone turns into the angle to find the people of Lushan,At that time, Taibao was still happy.——You are not?This can also be wrong?
At this time, see Chu Deirers out of the sword.,At the beginning, they looked up with your heart.,However, the elders who follow these Lushans are too good.,Small age disciples,But it is a horrified……
Chu Deirers are not next to swordsmanship,It is the sword of Lushan,And more exquisite,And there is already a sword charm,Change personal,Said to be a senior senior in the Mushan Mountain for many years.,They are also believed!
Chapter 376 Take the way
Chu Deirers and Lushan this battle,There are also some people in secret.,It’s not the original evil.,Just do not want to express the right path of the identity……
I first saw that the Chu Deiren was actively killed into the disciple of Shaoshan.,Never quite——Good one!
However, next,Performance of Chu Deirers and Shaoshan Disciples,But there is no surprise that the audience is。
According to the Chu Deirers, it is the second,Although I know the martial arts,Moisture,But after all, Chu Deirers are also masters、It is even on the name of the Lushan.,So, even if the Chu Deiren shot,It is Wandejin,Hula is directly in seconds,They are not too surprised.……
But at this time, I saw this Chu Deire.,After killing the disciples of the Shaoshan,It’s just a sword.,Trick-style Du Jin Ge Tiema,Simulation,Disciple of Shaoshan,One bunch of hands,It’s just like……Play with Chu Deirers?
Not a big cerebral cave,But these Shaoshan disciples,When you really do it in a fake!
Especially the disciples of those small words,Look closely,Even sometimes the Chu Deee is moving in advance.、The swords of these disciples are tattooed to the previous vacancy。
And look at it again,For the time of arrival of the town,This is not more……
Lu Bai“Yujing Tianchi”,The Chu Deiren greets it is also a trick.“Yujing Tianchi”,Ding Yi“Thousands of dragons”,Chu Deirers are also“Thousands of dragons”Break!
Not only is more exciting,And the internal force is also better than,Nature is not an opponent!
Before the hand,Chu Deiren said what to take the Zushan ancestor,Side people are only for him.,Lushan School and Chu Deirers have traveled more,Know the mouth of Chu Deirers,After listening, it’s even more fart.。
However, see Chu Deirers at this time.,Many people secretly understand the meaning of the words.。
Just doubt but more……
How can Chu deer??
And I will know that this battle will know.,It is never accidentally seen the sword spectrum of Lushan.。
Picture is the Chu Deirers,Mill dozens in the disciple of Shaoshan,I don’t know what I see.,More like the Chu Deirers are accompanying them……
Lushan’s recruitment style,To the Chu Deirers,There is no secret saying, there is no secret。
Even if several disciples join hands,Card When the Chu Deirers shuttle?The neutral to land is also useless.?They just、Chu Deirers have already understood what routine!
The Lushan School came from the source.,There are still some relationships with Shaolin.?It is more than a hundred years ago?When the world is chaotic,Shaolin sent Temple Fengshan?Also have a batch or a custom home、Or is a luxury?,Establishing、Want to 明 主?Later, these people died、Scattered scattered?Some of the last remaining,The group has built a Lushan School.。
Therefore, in the sword,Quite a meteorology,And there are still many ways to open a big one.……