“Else,Deer sister,I am working hard to work.,You may not be able to treat me。”Zhou Ye watched the cooking fish in the spray,Ask for help。

The streak of the fish soup instantly filled the department,He wrote a mouthful of water.!
“Are you treating such a benefactor?……no kidding,In the afternoon, people still go to the class for you.,Hungry,Who is going?。”Weekly looks at two people,It is also rigid。
One mentioned in the afternoon,Xu Deh’s eyes are really soft.!
“I don’t care about you today.,Fish is your,Component tube。”Xu Lu smiled and dismantled the waterfish packaging。
Zhou Ye I looked at the eye watch,Already a point of get off work。
I can eat now.……
But just eat this kind of meritoriously in the department。
This is not very good.?
Can’t eat“major”point?Zhou Ye goes to the door,One by hand,With the sound of the lock wheel rolling,Door lock!
“In this way, God does not know the ghost.!”Zhou Ye laughed in two people.。
Week an antellar and Shu Lu looked at him,At the same time, thumbs up:“Beautiful!”
“eat more,Hey, you are thin.。”Shu Lu eats,Side of the box in Hui Ye。
The circumference of Zhou Liang, who saw this move.,Into a different color。
And the two did not pay attention to her eyes change.。
Zhou Ye is getting used to Shu ‘s big embarrassment,Naturally, it doesn’t matter that she looks like.。
Because in his eyes,These more images are the taking care of the teachers.。
Wait until the wine is full,Weekly and Shu Lu have went to the duty room to rest,And Zhou Yewu is lying in the office,Some of the nervous sleeping。
At that moment, the whole office is quite quite.。
“My day,2point10Wind,To start the game。”Zhou Ye opened his eyes,Running the legs。
In the executive building512Conference room,Everyone has already launched a small meeting.。
But the mission activity has not started late.!
Because people who are ranked in the first one have not been up!
And that person is Zhou Ye, who was sent by Mu Luke.。
“Department of Respiratory?”The medical department of the medical department is Changsi standing on the stage. Some anger asked。
No one responds under the stage。
“Say today’s respiratory department who participated??”Doctors discuss。
“We will be deer and weeks of the same year.,Outline clinic is busy,I will not come to participate in this boring lecture.。”
Zhong Changsi repeatedly asked:“Please call the doctor on behalf of the respiratory.。”
There is still no one responding under the stage.。
His face instantly became difficult to look。
“who is this,To put our Zhongke’s general。”Take a doctor。
ThistIt’s too strong.。