The old gentleman in the oasis and the frog who lost morale!

The old gentleman in the oasis and the frog who lost morale!

Fables are a common form of stylistic expression. It overcomes some small stories, means deeper meaning in life, and places “reasons” on the stories, which are thought-provoking and thought-provoking.

  Fable one: A young man from the oasis came to the oasis and met an old gentleman. The young man asked, “How is this?

The old man asked: “How is your hometown?”

“The young man replied: “It’s awful!

I really hate.

The old man then said, “Then you are going, it is as bad as your hometown.”

Later, another young man came to ask the same question. The old man also asked the same question. The young man replied: “My hometown is very good. I miss people in my hometown, flowers, things.” The old man said: “This is alsoThe same is good.

“The observers feel surprised and ask the elderly why they call each other before and after?”

The old man said: “When you look at something with appreciation, you will see many advantages. With a critical attitude, you will see countless shortcomings.

Fable 2: The story of the frog remembers that when doing a biological experiment, when a frog was placed in a boiling water cup, the frog jumped out immediately, but placed a frog in another warm water cup and slowly heated it toBoiling, the frog will swim comfortably in the cup at the beginning, until it finds it too hot, it has lost its power and can’t jump out.

  Meaning: 1, the change of the big environment can determine your success and failure.

Changes in the big environment are sometimes invisible. We must always pay attention, be alert, and welcome change, so that it is not too late.

  2, too comfortable environment is the most dangerous moment.

A very accustomed lifestyle may be your most dangerous lifestyle.

Constantly innovating, breaking the old model, and believing that everything has to be improved.

  The story of fables is usually short, but the meaning is very refined, it is unforgettable, and the memory is still fresh. Although it has been popular in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, it has been enduring for years.