Baociting lanceerde een sleutelproject on-site serviceactie om het probleem van blokkerende punten in de bouw te kraken

Het is duidelijk dat de lead-eenheid van het project de organisatieafdeling van het Comité van de County Party is. Het project wordt georganiseerd door de County City Investment Company. Het project begon op 28 januari 2021 en de geplande totale investering van 10.000 yuan, de Bouw van 246 residenti?le gebouwen.

Het project is verdeeld in twee gezamenlijke constructie. Momenteel is de eerste fase van het project gestart met de bouw en het project, een openluchtondersteunende technische ondersteunende faciliteitsproject heeft het bieden.Om de voortgang van het project te versnellen, stuurde de County City Investment Company een speciale persoon om toezicht te houden op, strikt controle en kosten en kosten, en implementeerden een dagelijkse rapportsysteem, een week ter plaatse, zodat het project van de eerste keer dat het project moeilijkheden ontwikkelt .

Op dit moment wordt de projectconstructie met succes gepromoveerd en zal het County City Investment Company communicatie en co?rdinatie met ondernemingen blijven versterken, kwaliteitsdienst garanderen om de ordelijke robuuste vooruitgang en kwaliteit en kwantiteit van het project te garanderen.

(Bron: Baoting TV Cai Guangxi) (Editor: Lu Shaoxiong, Jiang Chengliu) Delen Laat meer mensen klantdownloads zien.

Changping District launched "People’s Society Service Express Action"

Original title: Changping District launched "People’s Society Service Express Action" this newspaper (Reporter Deli correspondent Sun Liping) Association "Package Office", high-frequency matters "speed", all matters "easy to do" … The practice of "I do practical things for the masses", Changping District recently launched the "People’s Society Service Express Action", and promoted the implementation of the "Six" services.

  "From the perspective of enterprises, we focus on the ‘two districts’ companies, relying on the Self-employment Test Area (Life Park) Human Resources and Comprehensive Service Station, take the lead in implementing the ‘Fast Office’." Changping District Human Social Security Bureau related person in charge Introduction, the bureau will strengthen the demand for key functional districts and key enterprises through "Fast Action", comprehensively promote the optimization of human social security services in Changping District. In addition, relying on a new round of "returning" action plan, focusing on the residential community of residents in the region, focus on "returning to the day" regional people’s service difficulties, carrying out the fast service, satisfying "returning to the sky" area, faster , Better human service requirements. The person in charge said that during the implementation of the "Fast Action", the Human Social Security Bureau of Changping District will use large network, large platform, big data, large Unicom’s thinking, and analyze the plug points in various business handles and further smooth channels. "We will actively accept the 12345 citizen hotline, ‘bureau chief walking process’ special events, etc. "Special action, in-depth" 100 thousand enterprises "" Thousands into Wanjia "series theme activities, docking" thousands "key enterprises, developing" 10,000 "jobs, continuous enhancement The happiness, feeling, satisfaction of the enterprise masses.

  In order to promote the "Fast Action" to better land, the Human Social Security Bureau in Changping District has innovated "six", "the" Pocket Office "" Reserve "" Site Office "" Link Office "" Optional office ", aim to increase the integration of information system, maximize the establishment of independent information systems such as employment, social insurance, talent, labor relations, and provide technical support for the implementation of" Fast Action ".

  Specifically, this "sixth" is to rely on "Small Formation" WeChat service platform to carry out "Pocket", the enterprise and the masses can fill in the report, submit materials, receive results, achieve social security approval, mobile archive staff service , Public employment services 3 major categories of business processing; use small books system and lobby system to interoperability, "Reservation Office", for business matters that must be handled on site, can make an appointment on mobile phone, and realize the recruitment booth, Social security business reservation, reduce waiting time; carry out "live office" through "visiting service enterprises" activities, on the basis of understanding the industry, enterprise needs, organize relevant departments to key geographies, key enterprises, and solve corporate problems; "I To the masses to do practical things, "Separation Office", go deep into the grassroots, serving grassroots, underwater town (street) guidance to carry out relevant business, achieve help, and do the same, and earnestly facilitate the masses; Carry out the "linkage office", focus on the key points discovered in the process, and conduct centralized research on cross-sectoral, cross-layer, cross-regional matters; do things on the enterprise and the masses "do not have time to do it. "The problem of painfulness is" ready to do ", realizing the" Early and evening flexibility "," The Midday Uninterrupted "delay service system" Weekend has a duty ", and solves the difficulties of enterprises and the masses. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

Communication sign, let the school training

Original title: Communication signing, let the school training, the two sides of the school, the "Primary School Training Service Contract (Demonstration Text)" (Demonstration Text) "issued by the Ministry of Education and the Market Supervision Bureau (2021 revision) (below) "Service Contract (Demonstration Text)"), further standardize the contract, performance behavior, improve the quality of service of the school training institution, and resolve the disputes arising from the proofreading training, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the contract.

Solving the refund, the service contract (demonstration text) "is constructed from the cover, instructions, special tips, and contract body, etc. Training, the rights and obligations of Party A, Party B’s rights and obligations, training and refund, default responsibility, dispute processing, other conventions, effective ways, contract attachments, etc. The quality requirements, guarantee conditions, and risk distribution of the training service are given appropriate definitions. "Applicable ranges include online underline disciplines and non-discipline training.

At the same time, it is clear that the scope of the scope of the scope includes the online non-learning training situation for the 3 to 6-year-old school. "Vice President, Associate Professor, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Beijing University of Technology," Service Contract (Demonstration Text) sets options under multiple clauses, and checks the parties after consultation, determine the rights obligations of both parties .

The reservation of options enhance the application of the text terms, which is an effective should be an effective should be complicated to the training service situation, and it is also conducive to the parties to make more choices for their own interests.

"Since the" double mining "of the legitimate rights and interests of the students and parents, all local training governance, some new issues and challenges are also produced.

For example, the training institution’s rancutive events frequently, and parents have difficulty in failing to refund, and the power of rights. The "invisible variation" of the school training is also increasingly high, and after investigation, it will change "vest" and take it out, underground operation, unlicensed institutions and natural people have emerged, and the safety of the site cannot be guaranteed. These adverse phenomena have both hueded the legitimate positivity of legitimate institutions, but also bring personal and property safety risks for participation students and parents. "Service Contract (Demonstration Text)" Focusing part of the institution is not qualified, using training loans, etc.

Zhang Wei, Professor, Executive Director of the School of Curriculum Teaching, East China Normal University, said: "Service Contract (Demonstration Text" will be in order to reduce contract disputes, create fair, fair, orderly training market environment, fundamentally Safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the parties and their parents in the signed parties and their parents.

"For the healthy training of legal training institutions result.

"Service Contract (Demonstration Text" has made the first level of comprehensive regulation of the service behavior of the school training institution in detail, clearly requires the training institution "bright card sign", which not only protects the rights and interests of the students, but also protects the legal training institutions.

Wang Xin, Vice President and Secretary General of the Shanghai Training Association (Municipal Education Assessment Association), believes that although the scope of "service contract (demonstration text) is mainly facing primary and secondary school training institutions, considering the legitimacy of its content , Compliance and operability help to improve the standardization of the entire industry and self-discipline management, the National Training Industry Association should be promoted to all membership units.

Zhang Wei said: "Promoting" Service Contract (Demonstration Text) "can better help local administrative and law enforcement agencies to implement relevant policies, and point out more clear directions for the compliance operations of the training institution.

"In the case of foreign training institutions, use" Service Contract (Demonstration Text) "to pay attention to two key points: pre-collection fund management and enrollment publicity management." Service contract (demonstration text) "clarifying the school training institution should agree with the students to use bank hosted , Risk margin and other safeguards ensure the safety of pre-recovery funds.

At the same time, it further clarifies the relevant requirements for the pre-recovered fee.

Wang Xin suggested that the training institution clearly concluded the relevant retirement standards and fund security measures related to the contract, change, termination and other circumstances. "Service Contract (Demonstration Text)" clearly enrolled in the instructions and effects of training teachers and effects in the enrollment promotion materials, and the establishment of training contracts and the determination of course prices have a significant impact. "Recommended training institutions further standardize the contents of the enrollment materials, training methods, teachers, etc., comprehensively enhance the degree of standardization of enrollment promotion, and make a realistism.

"Wang Xin said.

(Reporter Li Yulan) (Editor: Ding Yuangao (intern), Li Yihuan) Share let more people see.

China Airlines "Bai Run" first order class completion

On November 10th, the Guizhou Electronic Technology Vocational College held the first order class of China Airlines "Bai Run", and 23 students passed the assessment, and will go to the data center of each branch of Beijing Zhonghang Ji Run Technology Co., Ltd. Perform a one-year data center operation and maintenance internship. China Airlines "Bai Run" order class is the Guizhou Electronic Science and Technology Vocational College in recent years, in the real-time in the market, and jointly implemented the school-enterprise-enterprise cooperation in the school teaching guidelines and enterprises in the school. Directly intervene in the teaching process, facilitate students to master the skills of the company, understand the production and operation status of the company, and cultivate high-quality talents that meet the needs of enterprises and industry development and more competitive in the employment market. "Order class is an important way to train digital talents jointly and enterprises. By adhering to talented demand-oriented, encouraging companies to participate in students’ education and training, so that high quality and rapid increase in talent supply. Yang Guangyu, deputy dean of Guizhou Electronic Science and Technology Vocational College, said that in recent years, Guizhou Electronic Science and Technology Vocational College has adhered to the integration of education and education, continuously strengthening school-enterprise cooperation, further expanding the employment channel of students, forming mutual band interaction, complement, resource sharing, resource sharing, A new pattern of common development. (Editor: Pan Jiaqian (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.

Chinese en buitenlandse gasten voldoen aan de wereldwijde uitdagingen in Taihu World Culture Forum

[] Xinhua News Agency, Hefei, 12 oktober (Reporter Chen Yingingy, Zhou Chang) op 12e, de zesde jaarvergadering van Taihu World Culture Forum geopend in Handan City, Anhui Province.

De jaarlijkse vergadering van dit jaar is zes onderwerpforums en 4 speciale dialogen opgezet. Bijna 500 Chinese en buitenlandse gasten uit meer dan 30 landen en regio’s hebben in de lijn en offline gebonden. Het is duidelijk dat dit jaar het thema van "beschaafde wederzijdse" zal zijn: het bouwen van een menselijke lotgemeenschap ", in de culturele diversiteit en" helemaal "en andere belangrijke kwesties, evenals de nieuwe epidemische preventie van Crown Pneumonia, reageren op het klimaat Verandering, armoedebestrijding en -technologie in termen van wereldwijde uitdagingen van ontwikkeling, zullen we mensen uit alle geledingen uitnodigen om multi-angle, multi-faceted discussie te bespreken en de meningen uit te wisselen. Zho Z Zhaoyu, voorzitter van het Wereldcultuurforum van Taihu, als een cultureel forum, in de hoop volledig spel te spelen aan de unieke rol van communicatie en de harten van culturen te condenseren en een belangrijke steun bieden voor landen om uitdagingen te onderhouden, vrede en ontwikkeling te behouden.

  "Gebruik de dialoog om de communicatiebarrières te doorbreken, gebruik de wijsheid om de richting op te lichten, de toekomst van mensen met beschaving op te bouwen.

"De secretaris van de Tekst- en lespartijgroep van China, Li Wei, die in de openingsceremonie zei, die een menselijke lotgemeenschap bouwt, heeft dringend de ontwikkeling van multiculturalisme nodig, dringend vereist innovatie en creatie van een verscheidenheid aan culturen, vereist dringend de missie van culturele werknemers.

  De jaarlijkse bijeenkomst van dit jaar werd gehost door het Wereldcultuurforum van Taihu, de Republiek Azerbeidzjan als een gastdialoog. China Literature Arts Federation, Anhui Provincial People’s Government, China People’s Diplomatic Society, China Daily, Gardal Aliesf Foundation, de Italiaanse Global Cooperation Foundation.

De GAIDAL Aliyev Foundation werd onthuld tijdens de jaarlijkse bijeenkomst van het Oude Residence Expo Park, geconcentreerd op de exposities zoals kleding, muziekinstrumenten, sculpturen in Azerbeidzjan.

  Taihu World Culture Forum is een onofficieel internationaal cultureel forum, opgericht in China. Sinds de oprichting in 2008 heeft het forum met succes vijf jaar in Suzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Macau gehouden.

Als de ober van het Wereldcultureel forum van Taihu, heeft de Chinese 蚌埠 民 博 博园 园, geconcentreerd, meer dan 400 oude mensen uit Anhui, Jiangxi, Zhejiang en andere plaatsen geregistreerd.

De eerste vakantie na "double reduction": ouder-kind tour, onderzoek tour moet gecentraliseerde vrijmaking

Het is geleerd van het Cultureel en Toerisme Department, en de gegevens centrum van cultuur en toerisme, van 1 oktober tot en met 7, de nationale binnenlands toerisme reist van 100 miljoen, volgens de vaste-specifieke diameter, die kan worden hersteld in de vorige fase van de vorige fase ten opzichte van het kaliber, de uitvoering Binnenlands toerisme inkomen miljard, een jaar-op-jaar daling, het herstellen%; bezoekers tevredenheid.

De vakantiewoning markt is over het algemeen veilig en ordelijk.

Rode toerisme blijft op te warmen.

Alle lokale rode toerisme schilderachtige plekjes en patriottische opvoeding bases hebben een reeks van activiteiten, en een rode cultureel feest voor toeristen gelanceerd.

Bezoekers herbeleven rood geheugen, een bezoek aan de revolutionaire site, luister naar de rode verhaal, voel de nationale omstandigheden in het toerisme. Het ministerie van Cultuur en Toerisme lanceerde de "Music, Toerisme Toerisme" propaganda-activiteiten, Great Wall, Long March, Grand Canal, Huanghe National Cultural Park belangrijke knooppunten van een populaire kaart geworden.

Beijing China Communistische Partij History Exhibition Hall, de Eerste Nationale Congres van de Shanghai Communistische Partij van China, Yan’an Revolution Memorial Hall, Jinggangshan Revolutionaire Museum, Beijing Xiangshan Revolutionary Memorial, Nationaal Museum, Militair Museum, etc. Hebei Provincial Cultuur en Toerisme Hall, Hebei Radio en Televisie Station gezamenlijk gestart met "11" grootschalige full-media wonen speciale programma’s – af te wijken van Saihanba, wat leidt beleving van het publiek "rood toerisme, gouden cultuur, groen ecologie, blauw kust, zilver ijs en snow".

reizen nabijheid Holiday.

Be?nvloed door het weer en de lokale epidemie, de vraag naar China en Yuancheng is nog niet volledig vrijgegeven. De vakantiereizen passagier stroom is voornamelijk geconcentreerd in de provincie, lokale tour, omliggende tour, en de buitenwijken zijn mainstream. "Light toerisme" "Light toerisme" "Light toerisme" "" Light toerisme "" "Light toerisme" is populair bij toeristen in een korte tijd, in de buurt van afstand, en hoge frequentie.

De vakantie hotel in de buitenwijken van de eerste lijn, de hoge kwaliteit van het platteland en het themapark omgeven door het hotel, de rit auto’s zijn camping, en het omliggende self-rijden is een hot spot.

Speciale enquêtegegevens blijkt dat% van de bezoekers kiezen voor tour-stad doorkruisen in de provincie, het verbeteren van een procentpunt dan vorig jaar;% van de toeristen binnen 300 kilometer, kies zelfrijdende reizen voor bezoekers, verhoging van 10 procentpunten ten opzichte van vorig jaar; bezoek aan de stad in het hele land, het aandeel van de toeristen in het park aan de rand is%,%, respectievelijk, en een ieder is het afgelopen jaar toegenomen. Tianjin, Zhejiang, Hainan, Guangxi, Yunnan, etc. Beijing, Anhui, Sichuan, Henan, Shandong, enz.

Ouder-kind tour en onderzoek tour in de markt.

De Nationale Dag vakantie is de eerste vakantie, ouder-kind toerisme, en de vraag onderzoek toerisme. Alle lokale middelen zijn geweest op basis van lokale middelen, en het organiseren van allerlei literatuuronderwijs activiteiten publiek, en hebben goede resultaten van de "onderhoudend" bereikt.

Ouder-kind, een familie thema specialiteit boerderijen, homestairs, kunstgalerie, museum, enz.

Speciale enquêtegegevens blijkt dat% van de bezoekers kiezen om te reizen, van reizen motieven, het aandeel van de nauwe aard en de ouder-kind onderzoek%,%, respectievelijk, respectievelijk, een procentpunt dan vorig jaar.

Het museum groep in Jiangsu Zhongshan Scenic Area lanceerde vier belangrijke onderzoeksactiviteiten, vier onderwerp tentoonstellingen. Shanghai lanceerde de "Building" speciale lijn bus, de bouw van een nieuwe ervaring van "sightseeing voertuigen + micro toerisme", die een studie toerisme ervaring van Shanghai en het lezen van de stad.

De toeristische lijn van de mysterieuze Synchronisatie van Golden Autumn in Dongying City, provincie Shandong.

Op basis van het doen van een goede baan in de preventie en bestrijding van de epidemie, zijn een groep van culturele en toeristische producten, nieuwe producten, nieuwe producten, nieuwe diensten, continue opkomst van lokale toeristen en lokale bewoners steeds vaker. Openbare culturele plaatsen zoals musea, culturele musea in China, de lancering van online tentoonstelling activiteiten.

Veel plaatsen in de traditionele cultuur, de integratie van moderne creativiteit, het organiseren van kleurrijke culturele activiteiten. Chongqing Zhongzhou Old Street, Nanjing Confucius Tempel en andere blokken, attracties in de integratie van niet-legacy, literaire producten, animatie cartoon, flash, Hanfu prestaties en andere culturele elementen, het cre?ren van een culturele consumptie scène van het leven.

Shanghai, Guangdong, Hunan, Chongqing, Guizhou en andere plaatsen hebben een rijke online koppeling activiteiten gehouden. De mensen kunnen "cloud" "cloud" "cloud" "cloud".

Tijdens de Nationale Dag vakantie, de toeristische schilderachtige plekjes in het hele land strikte uitvoering aan de eisen van de "limited edition, benoeming, en verkeerde piek". Hebei begeleide toerisme schilderachtige plekjes en Wenbao openbare plaatsen vertrouwen op "Le Tour", "Changyou", "Lexiang" en zelf-time reservering platform implementatie reserveringssysteem.

Guizhou, Yunnan, Binnen-Mongoli?, Jilin, Liaoning, enz. Code, 1 meter lijn buiten de wachtrij, enz., En bijzondere mensen regelen om de doorstroom van passagiers te begeleiden.

Het ministerie van Cultuur en Toerisme heeft de uitgebreide monitoring en noodcommando platform, en elke dag voorbij is, zijn er meer dan 300 5A-niveau toeristische schilderachtige plekjes in het land, en de veiligheid van de productie wordt uitgevoerd in real-time uitgevoerd, "point-to -punt" begeleiding is te beschikken over verschillende problemen en verborgen gevaren in de tijd te reizen vakantie veiligheid. sequentie te verzekeren. (Reporter Yao YAQI).

Beijing announced that the latest appraisal of compulsory physical education and health program sports scores increased 70 points

This morning, the Beijing Municipal Government Information Office held a Beijing Education Work fourth double-cut press conference to introduce the main contents of the "Beijing compulsory physical education and health appraisal program" and to answer the questions.

Beijing Municipal Education Working Committee, the City Board of Education spokesman Li Yi introduced compulsory physical education and health, including the appraisal process of assessment and site of two parts, with a total score of 70 points. Among them, the process of assessment of 40 points, 30 points-site examination.

Process Assessment includes student’s health assessment and knowledge of sports and health assessment of two parts, a Beijing district organizations. Physical Health Assessment including body mass index, vital capacity, 50 meters to run, sit and reach, one minute skipping 1 minute sit-ups, examination time is the fourth grade, sixth grade, eighth grade the first semester, accounting for 30 points each times 10 points.

Sports and health knowledge examination for the open-book test machine, the assessment period is the second semester of eighth grade, accounting for 10 points. Site examinations still score 30 points, the specific time in ninth grade exam, the exam is generally spring from April to May. Site examinations take selected classification limit the way the content into four categories, set up 22 examination content (an increase of 14 than in the past), each student can choose four. Reporters learned that on-site examination of the first projects is a must-distance running projects, including the girls 800 meters, the boys 1000 m 2, accounting for 8 minutes.

The fourth category to the second category, is an optional item, candidates of each type of item can choose one. The second category items, in addition to the original pull-up boys and girls sit-ups, three boys and a solid sphere, the new dips boys and girls Xieshen pull, one minute skipping boys and girls, vertical jump situ Mogao, standing long jump 5.

The third project, in addition to the existing football (test dribbling and shooting), basketball (dribbling and shooting test), volleyball (test pads and tee ball) 3, the new table tennis (test serve to push the right and left attack), badminton (test deep high ball and pick the ball forehand and backhand) 2. The fourth category projects, including gymnastics (a total of four, the boys were a combination of parallel bars, skill set; girls combined parallel bars, skill set), martial arts (a total of two, including a health and fitness routines Chang Quan Nan Quan routines), swimming (100 m), which seven belong to the new project. Li Yi said that serious students tend to choose a small space and other outstanding issues for the field test for promotion of sports in the sports exam has been criticized in the past, the reform law designed to follow the growth of children, respect for children’s interest in demand, pay attention to science, fundamental and fair , taking account of individual differences and diversity of choice. On the one hand increase the accumulation process of assessment, reflecting the small convergence, stimulate and urge kids to exercise; appropriate to increase the value of the assessment process and increase the weight cultivation process; encourage the active participation of children involved will be able to score, and guide their children develop exercise Habit.

On the other hand the project to expand the number of on-site examinations, difficulty balancing, increased availability, and students get a sense of the degree of interest. Physical examination and evaluation of health reform though it seems to increase the score and the number of exams and exam scores but by no means is the goal. But as an opportunity, leveraging the tendency to change the exam-oriented education, effectively reduce the burden on students, to guide children to form good health habits. Li Yi said. Under the arrangement, "Beijing compulsory physical education and health appraisal program" From the date of publication of the 2021 implementation, sub-grade transition, gradually pushed until full implementation.

1, granted in September 2021 promoted to the eighth grade nine student, still used in the examination of the original sports policy; September 2021 1, granted ascend five, six, seventh grade students participated only in accordance with the reform program of the eight-year process assessment; September 2021 1, granted promoted to third and fourth grade students to participate in the sixth grade in accordance with the reform program, the process of assessment eighth grade; 1, granted in September 2021 promoted to first and second year students, in accordance with the reform program participate in the fourth grade, sixth grade, eighth grade process of assessment. Li Yi said, Beijing has started to monitor the amount of exercise daily student work, selected Dongcheng, Xicheng, Chaoyang, Haidian, Mentougou, Daxing, Huairou District 7 as a pilot area, set up a team of experts to take intelligent way for students of physical activity every day data analysis, to explore the development of scientific evaluation exercise, exercise intensity, etc., to guide scientific research exercise, exercise efficient, effective exercise, avoid injury, avoid invalid exercise. After the pilot matures, we will further explore a single physical health assessment and monitoring of daily physical activity combined.

If the child daily physical activity, heart rate and other indicators can reach a certain score, the integration into the process of evaluation, which means that as long as children have exercise every day, you can score.

Li Yi said in conclusion.

Centennial struggle forging the Chinese Communist Party in the forefront of the times

Original title: Centennial struggle forging, in the era, the Chinese Communist Party of China, a hundred years of brilliant journey. At the moment, the Party Central Committee held the 19th National Plenary Session, the Party Central Committee held a comprehensive summary of the major achievements and historical experience of the party’s 100-year struggle.

The "resolution" summed up from the party’s century, why we can succeed, how can we continue to succeed in the future, reflecting our party attaching importance to the high political consciousness of the use of historical law, keeping in mind the mission, and continuing to open a confidence, with a major Realistic and historical significance.

  After the birth of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese people have made a happiness in the Chinese people, and establish a renewal for the Chinese nation to establish an initial mission. In the past 100 years, the Communist Party of China has led the people of all ethnic groups to each other, and the major victory of the revolution, the construction, and reform has achieved four major historical achievements. First, in the new democratic revolutionary period, the blood is fighting, and it has been unfair. It has established new China to achieve the national independence and the liberation of the people; the second is in the socialist revolution and construction period, self-reliance, indignation, strong, establish a socialist system, realize The Chinese nation has the most extensive and profound social change in history; the third is to reform and opening up and socialist modernization, emancipate the ideology, forge ahead, create and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics, and promote the Chinese nation to stand up to rich The great leap of the party; the fourth is the party’s 18th National Congress, self-confidence and self-improvement, and innovation, achieving the first hundred years of struggle, and completed a well-off society in China, creating a great achievement of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. In order to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, it provides a more comprehensive system guarantee, a more solid material foundation, and more active spiritual power, and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation into the historical process.

This is the great achievement of the Chinese Communist Party to be proud, and the great achievements of the Chinese people will always be remembered. The major achievements of the Communist Party of China have a great achievement of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the development of human society with an indelible historical merits and important significance. The party’s hundred years of struggle fundamentally changed the future of the Chinese people. In 1921, the founding of the Communist Party of China has led the Chinese people to find a rural surrounding city, armed for the right revolutionary road. After 28 years of bathing, the people have established a new China who is the master of the people, thoroughly ending China’s thousands of years The imperialism of oppression and more than a hundred years has opened a new era of the development of the Chinese nation. The party’s 100-year struggle opened up the right way to realize the great revival of the Chinese nation.

In the early days of the founding of New China, the economy was withered, and it was treated.

On the basis of a poor two white, our party united the people to lead the people to complete socialist transformation, establish a socialist system, establish a relatively complete industrial system and national economic system.

Since the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Party A hundred years of industrialization has created two miracles of rapid economic development and social long-term stability.

  The party’s hundred years of struggle affects the world history process.

Our party leads the people to persist in their own way, build socialism with Chinese characteristics, let a country that have turned over to the country, let a country with more than 1 billion country, achieve a relatively backward situation of productivity to the economic total The amount ranked into the world’s second historical breakthrough, got out of a Chinese-style modern road, providing Chinese programs to solve the problem of human problems. The party’s 100-year struggle forged the Chinese Communist Party in the forefront of the times.

The Chinese Communist Party has been in a rigorous and vigorous, the reason is to always adhere to the party to manage the party and strictly govern the party.

We are always promoting the social revolution, and our party is brave in promoting self-revolution, forming a spiritual spectrum with the source of great Justice party, maintains the party’s advanced nature and purity, and has fully played a strong leadership. The thousands of autumn wines, it is precisely in the past 100 years.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. The Communist Party of China adheres to and strengthens the party’s comprehensive leadership, and coordinates the overall layout of "five integration", coordinating the "four comprehensive" strategic layouts, insisting and improve Chinese characteristics. Socialist system, promote the modernization of national governance systems and governance, and adhere to the rule of the party, form a relatively perfect party and internal legacy system, defeat a series of major risk challenges, achieve the first hundred years of struggle, clearly achieve the second hundred years of struggle The target’s strategic arrangements, the hard work of the party and the national business have achieved historical achievements. In the face of a large change in the past 100 years, China can have a steady, maintain a strategic power, and inseparable from the party centers of Xi Jinping as the core of the party. The Party’s 19th CPC Central Committee pointed out that the party established the core of Xi Jinping, the core of the party, the core status of the whole party, established the guidance of Xi Jinping’s socialist thinking, reflecting the whole party’s all-party people Wish, the development of the new era of the party and the national career, which has decisive significance for promoting the great revival history of the Chinese nation.

  Look forward to the road, firm front line. 100 years ago, history and people chose the Chinese Communist Party.

For 100 years, the party has handed over the excellent answer from history and people. At the journey of realizing the great revival of the Chinese nation, China will will win under the strong leadership of the party centron who is the core of Xi Xi Ping, and the new great achievements will be created.

  (The author is the deputy professor of the Party of the Party School of the Party School) Yue Liang Source: China Youth Daily (Editor: Wan Peng, Lephen).

Cloud Rewards Mid-Autumn Festival Round Night Network Revitalization Development – Jilin Provincial Party Network Network Office "Network China Festival · Mid-Autumn Festival" Activiteitssamenvatting

Om de uitstekende traditionele cultuur, diepgaande mijnbouw van de culturele connotatie en het tijdperk van het Mid-Autumn Festival te beperken, getalenteerd naar het Mid-Autumn Festival in Jilin, 19 en 21 september, Jilin Provincial Party Network Network Office rond de Familie, traditionele festival Douane, oogst Reunion, enz. · Mid-herfst festival "-activiteiten, lanceerde een groep online culturele producten zoals grafisch, H5, anime, korte video om een ??vakantiesfeer te cre?ren in het midden van de herfstfestival in de provincie , effectief de revitalisering van Netizens in Jilin Province gecondenseerd om consensus en ontwikkeling te revitaliseren. Via de nieuwswebsite opent de website-website de speciale kolom Netwerk, "verwelkomt het Mid-Autumn Festival" Jilin No. 1 "-satelliet om u te begeleiden" Cloud Shopping "! "" Geconcentreerd Mid-Autumn Festival "Folk" Autumn Festival "Folk", "Folk Activitions", "erven het mid-herfst festival en culturele vitaliteit" "Laat cultuur in het Mid-Autumn Festival Hoofdmelodie", "Maand mid-herfst Festival "Ik ben een ronde" en andere feestdagen, "Mid-Autumn Festival" in het "Mid-Autumn Festival" in de gedichten ".

Gebaseerd op de "Ji Middle and Autumn Changchun", wordt de online uitzending via de online en herfstavond uitgezonden.

De provincie heeft meer dan 30 "Network China Festival · Mid-Autumn Festival" -netwerk, meer dan 2.800 nieuwsberichten, meer dan 1.300 korte video, meer dan 160 posters, meer dan 70 kleine procedures en cumulative klik kwantiteit.

Meer dan 40 online sociale organisaties, Internetbedrijven lanceerden een batch van formulier, rijke Jilin-karaktervolle netwerkculturele werken, vooral een hoop leuke antwoorden, Shaoguan-spellen, enz. H5, kleine procedures, die de Netizens aantrekt om een ??bericht op het internet uit te voeren, Zegen en andere netwerkinteracties.

Dit jaar wordt Zhengzhou City Primary School Admissions Registration Program vrijgegeven

  Op 30 augustus werd de registratie van de registratieregistratieregistratie registratie in alle districten van Zhengzhou City aangekondigd in 2021. Stedelijke basisschoolinschrijving dringt nog steeds op lokaal management, vrijgegeven ten opzichte van het beginsel van toelating, om ervoor te zorgen dat kinderen van schoolgaande leeftijd (die vóór 30 april 2015 zijn geboren).

  In tegenstelling tot het voorgaande jaar, volgens de preventie- en controle-eisen, dit jaar, zullen Zhengzhou City Primary School nieuwe studenten worden overgebracht naar de online registratie. Volgens de informatie van de leeftijd van kinderen, huishoudelijke registratie, gezinswidseadres, is de Partition-foutpiek geregistreerd en moet het melden om ervoor te zorgen dat elk kind dat voldoet aan de invoervoorwaarde "toegankelijk" is. Dit jaar waren Zhengzhou City-basisschool nieuwe studenten voornamelijk verdeeld in drie uur: de eerste keer, 1 september 8:59, 23:59. Iedereen is 6 jaar en 4 maanden (economische ontwikkelingszone, het havengebied is 6 jaar oud), met het gemeenschappelijke verblijfsaccount in de stad Zhengzhou, en de ouders hebben een huis-leeftijd in Zhengzhou City, en de ouders houden de ouders de verblijfplaats Vergunning van Zhengzhou City. De migrerende werknemers betreden met kinderen, inloggen ouders in op "Zheng Hao Office-app", invullen en relevante informatie uploaden en registreren volgens de systeemprompt.

  De tweede tijd van 8 september 07:00 uur op 23:59. Als het jaar 6 jaar is en 4 maanden (economische ontwikkelingszone, is het havengebied 6 jaar oud), de eerste keer is niet succesvol of gemist de registratietijd. Op 17 september tot 18e, alleen de 6 jaar oud (geboren vóór 31 augustus 2015), en de school van 6 jaar oud 4 maanden (dergelijke schoolregistratiebeleid).

Ouders kunnen schooldienst QR-code scannen op basis van de toelatingshandleiding van de school en registreren volgens de gids. De registratiestijd van de privéschool in de stad Zhengzhou is 4 tot 5 september.

Ouders Inloggen bij Zhengzhou Vrijwilliger Onderwijs Advancement Service Platform (Registratie Website: http: ///), vul en upload gerelateerde informatie en registreer u volgens systeemprompts.

  Het Municipal Education Bureau van Zhengzhou Municipal Education heeft eraan dat dit jaar de eerste online registratie is, het volume is groot, er kunnen een aantal problemen zijn in het registratieproces, let op het proces geduldig, als er een probleem is, kunt u ons bellen. ● Eerste keer: 8: 3:00 uur 23:59 op 59 september Punten ● Second Time: 8:30 op 8 september, 23:59 ● Derde keer: 17 september – 18e (Verantwoordelijkheid: Jiang Fruit, HuangSha) Delen Laat meer mensen zien Aanbevolen lezen.