Have a long time,Still use this means。

at this point,It can’t see it in Shen Xuan。
Looking at Shenxuan left,Lin light snow is very angry。
“hateful,Damn born,Such a good opportunity,How did he give up so?!”
“Rate,I really want to go to the Yunzhou Chamber of Commerce.?”
Lin Gang Xue doesn’t think there is anything wrong with this?,Just suddenly feel,This is still not entangled.。
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Lin light snow,Tolerance comes here,As asked。
“team leader,What should we do now?,I can’t always be because of this small matter,Let’s start with Mr. Shen.?”
If you really do this,Then they and those who are dealt with,What is the difference??
But Lin Gongxue,Still put a swing。
“Go down first.,this matter,I will think about it again.。”
Now,But not to tangle this matter。
This is,It is also very clear that Lin is very clear.。
When you look at it here,Lin Xiaoxue in front of me is still talking。
“Shen Xuan,I don’t know what the card is http://www.lingshanren.cn there.,But since this,So looking for cloud boat chambers to contact。”
“I want to see it.,Shen Xuan him,Will not worry。”
When Lin Xia Xue said,A pile of tolerances,I have taken her horses there.。
“Or the captain is amazing.,This kind of plan can make you think of it.。”
“That’s right,How can I be our opponent??”
“In short, hang first,When you look at it, look at how both sides do!”
As more about the tolerances around,Lin lights up。
Although I know the people around you are gratifying。
But don’t know why,Lin Xiaoxue suddenly felt so refreshing.?
But now,It is not to entangle this thing.。
“kindness,If you look at the process, you will be good.。”
When Lin Xia Xue said,Then get up directly。
Those tolerances around,Face each other,For this scene,Some indiscriminate。
Lin Xiaoxue this look,Is http://www.yuanjingjiankang.cn it happy or not happy??
This look,Let them can’t see it.。
really,Again,Woman heart seaside needle。
The ancients did not bully me,They are considered to teach.。
then,These people have done this to handle this.。
Shen Xuan,Then I took out the phone and called a phone.。
This phone has played,Shen Xuan said to the phone.。
“Correct,Incredible,So this time,If you find tolerances and clouds,Needless to pay。”
“Be right,These things,All has been controlled。”

There is no one in the mountain。

I don’t see the figure of nine maidi and others.。
And the tiger mountain more than 100,000,It is a hill gathering in Tenli.。
Summer is negative,Turn around。
Nangong also chased five big arrays。
He has no rituit,Also parked on the sky,Watching the big array and the summer is right。
“Boy,Is this your means??”
His look proud,Gods,“Relying on several small four products,Can stop the capital?”
“Old hazyger,You come in and try!”
Summer cold channel。
“When I am afraid that you are not!”
South Palace Light Entario,Step by step。
Five attacks in Qi Qi。
A hot waves instantly rising,Big flame burning in the sky bears,Even the seawater below is transpired.。
Enjoy the South Palace。
at the same time,It is even more likely to cry like a ghost.,Two places http://www.hupozhijia.cn under overlap,If you have any endless ghosts and resentment in mourning。
The fiction is not sound-shaped,Impact the almisk and judgment ability of each other。
The last God lead,It is even more embarrassing,But intensive blade,Attacking the Nagoon of South Palace。
South Palace finally took out a long sword,Open a big way,Flip,Big in the world,Only my exclusive spirit。
The air is tearing for his sword,The volatility of the heavens and the earth is so volatility。
Various tangible invisible attacks,Take the prime sword。
This moment of South Palace is bright,Take all the strength,Between,As if the world dominates general trend。
But the energy of the five big arches is not consumed before it is clean.,Attack is endless。
One wave of picking one wave。
And Nangong Liang is a step in step http://www.hbhzyy.cn to the hill,Speed is not fast,Unparalleled。
Five array can’t stop。
Summer standing in the mountain,Brow。

“Feng Tianpeng,Why do he play ancient wind??”Thunderstorm,“Today, a lot of reporters and government business circles,Slip in that piece of ground,Of course, Liu Qingqing is also invited.,Then when the public took out the contract,Anyway, business is,Liu Qingqing seems to have lost,Ancient wind

At that time,The result of Feng Tianpeng, which has been secretly protected, really can’t see it.,I will fight the ancient wind.。Ha ha。”
Asked in summer,“Ancient wind?”
“How can he??”Thunder smile,“Facing Feng Tianpeng’s madman,He can only secretly secretly。”
Summer is a little bit。
The two have chatted after chatting.,Hang up the phone。
Don’t understand business in summer,People are abroad,Certainly not participate。
And he believes in Liu Qingqing’s commercial capacity。
therefore,Summer this thought that this is over.。
But he didn’t expect,In the evening,Received a call from Thunder again。
This time,Thunder’s voice is lifted many。“Boss,Dating is big,Many people are rolled in,Yao Yu,Lu Xiaodu,There is also a mysterious force,correct,Wanfei International Jewelry in the Moon also accidentally,Someone bought a necklace in her jewelry shop,But didn’t have a few days
,That customer is dead,Later, the gem of checking the necklace is a fake.,And have a large amount of radiation,Now reported by news media,Moreover,The source of the gemstone,It is a middleman who is acting as a hundred flower group.……”
Summer eyebrows slightly,Quietly listen quietly。
“The current situation is,The shares of the two companies are very http://www.gsp12580.cn powerful,Moreover, there are two big funds that are unknown from the source.,Blocking Baihua Group,I have already found a source of funds.。”
Merely,Thunder hesitated,“This fund chain is from Fengyun Group,Yao Yu’s Fengyun Group。”
Before the Thunder said that Yao Yu was also involved.,He thought it was standing in Liu Qingqing.。
I haven’t thought of it.,It’s actually opposite。
Summer a little headache,For the hut angle in the mall,He is really too lazy to understand。
Congregation,“In addition to Yao Wei,I want to have ancient wind and gold arrogant.?”“Goldao is unclear,But the ancient wind ate a big loss,Suspicion,However, it is not excluded.,I just got message,That skin has already fallen,Finally belongs to Jino Rong,But the ancient breeze established in Qinghai,But it is in the hands of Liu Qingqing.,Hey……I can’t figure it out.……Not only that,http://www.vintageunion.cnThe ancient wind is still compensated for the Land Xiaosu,It is said that the ancient wind after buying the ground.,Related construction and construction,All contracted
Lu Xiaodu,As a result, the land finally did not fall in his hand.……”
Summer 龇 龇 龇,I don’t know what to say.。
Hang up the phone,He called Liu Qingqing and the moon, respectively.。
And the two women are very easy to tell him,Just normal business competition,The two sides are still in your means.。
In fact,I don’t know in summer.,At this moment, the situation in Qinghai,It is more serious than the Thunder,More confusion。
A villa’s room。
Yao Yu is sitting in the sofa,That exquisite face,I can’t see any charming color.,Replace,Is a gloomy and cool intention of full cream。
“Morning,Why do you want to betray me??”
She looked opposite the opposite day.,I am disappointed in my scorpion.,There http://www.tyblwd.cn are also killing。
Charical Face,Amazing,“Miss,I do not know what you’re talking about?”
See him,Yao Wei converges to kill,Oscillate,“You follow me eight years,I know how you are alone.,But I have always trust you very much.,Morning,You make me very disappointed。”
This sentence,The morning fist suddenly cleared,Releasite,“Miss,I swear on the sky in Chen Chen.,Never betray you。”
Yao Yu smiled,Be a clear laugh,“Then you tell me,You don’t agree,Make a large capital of the company,Where is the funds??”
The color of the morning is cloudy,Both eyes are even connected。
He raised his head,Directly see Yao Yu,“I borrowed the ancient wind.,He said to deal with summer。”


Yi Wei is a little doubting your ears,But the opposite Zuo Luohuan is rare serious,She is silent for a moment:“You like less?”
Zuo Luo nodded。
“Not so good。”Easy,Every time I have seen it, I’m bullied.,“Although Xiaji is very good,But this kind of thing is still to pay attention to,you……”
Seeing her mom mistaken.,Zuo Luo changed a way:“We should already be together.。”
http://www.sushidelivery.cn Easy to stay,A long time:“What should I do??Be together,You are still uncertain?”
“Temporary mark,I like each other is not counted.?”Zuo Luo re-picking up chopsticks,Like a calm。
Originally, I don’t know how to worry about my daughter.,Now all attention is in her and the coming.:“You temporarily mark?When did this happen?This time I am cast a star in Xijiang.?How can I like you??”
Zuo Luo Huan:“……He really likes me,others,Mom, you don’t have to know too detailed.。”
Easy still feels that the daughter is lie to her.,Xiaji is so embarrassed,Have a good time,People are also smart,Will like her to hang。
Just watching the 洛 欢 欢 目 见 隐,Yi Wei, I think this is true.,She has never seen her daughter so exposed emotions。
Yi Wei still confirmed once again.:“real?”
“you eat first,I still have http://www.jogjog.cn something to do.。”Yi Wei gets up,Going to the master bedroom。
Zuo Luo is not looking back,I know that her mother is going to tell her dad.。
She holds her face one hand,Slows genius picks rice in a bowl,I don’t know what her father knows.,In short, she is very happy.。
Because there is this,If you are ready to say, you will not say it for the time being.,Instead, what is the attitude of the Ocean?,Do you want to send something?。
Think of this,At night,Easy shouting Zuo Luo:“Adult ceremony,You send a small gift alone,What did you send??At that time, you were together.?How does it look like?”
Remembacious the gift of the adult,Zuo Luo is inevitable,That gift……
“A small gift,At that time, I didn’t have it together.。”Zuo Luohuan glanced,“mom,I went out these days.。”
“How come out?”Previously Yi Wei,But now she is not reluctant to trieordin。
Zuo Luoho raised his hand and coughed:“Not a person。”
Looking at the face of daughter carefully,Easy this is only realized,A bit uncomfortable:“Row,you……Do a good job。”
This is too fast,Easy will not be slow for a long time,After the bedroom,I didn’t endure it.,I will call my husband to call.,Say this。
Zuo Luo is not too concerned about what she thinks now.,She returns to the house,Click on Jianghong name,Ask him if there is any information?。
Jianghong:【……We have come back for a day.,Where is the news of the iione?,Where do you feel that the body is not good??Just because of the sentence of Ji Xiu?】
Zuo Luo Huan:【You do not understand。】
Row,His single dog does not understand,She understands,Don’t find him to help!
NS 79 chapter(That person is you, I am very happy.)
The two just said clearly., It’s separated by it.,Oak Yue always thought that things happened in Xijiang flowing stars were their own fantasy.,He took the initiative to give Zuo Luohu。
Not so straight,Just say the next week left, I want to ask Zuo Luo Huan’s skills in advance.。
As for the venue, The house of the center is exactly a trained air, Very suitable for two training。
Zuo Luohuan hopped him, Promise。
In the early morning, she drove to the iione., Not driving directly to the entrance of Jijia,Faster,Stop, Gone。
Just caught up to the queen, Both people look at, Zuo Luo shouted:“Jijijun。”
“You are not the seventeen army,Don’t call general。”Ji Xi Xiuye sweeps over,“Or I am not worthy of you called a Jiup?”
“If you don’t make a mistake,You should take a month than my father。”Zuo Luo Hao。