“Else,Deer sister,I am working hard to work.,You may not be able to treat me。”Zhou Ye watched the cooking fish in the spray,Ask for help。

The streak of the fish soup instantly filled the department,He wrote a mouthful of water.!
“Are you treating such a benefactor?……no kidding,In the afternoon, people still go to the class for you.,Hungry,Who is going?。”Weekly looks at two people,It is also rigid。
One mentioned in the afternoon,Xu Deh’s eyes are really soft.!
“I don’t care about you today.,Fish is your,Component tube。”Xu Lu smiled and dismantled the waterfish packaging。
Zhou Ye I looked at the eye watch,Already a point of get off work。
I can eat now.……
But just eat this kind of meritoriously in the department。
This is not very good.?
Can’t eat“major”point?Zhou Ye goes to the door,One by hand,With the sound of the lock wheel rolling,Door lock!
“In this way, God does not know the ghost.!”Zhou Ye laughed in two people.。
Week an antellar and Shu Lu looked at him,At the same time, thumbs up:“Beautiful!”
“eat more,Hey, you are thin.。”Shu Lu eats,Side of the box in Hui Ye。
The circumference of Zhou Liang, who saw this move.,Into a different color。
And the two did not pay attention to her eyes change.。
Zhou Ye is getting used to Shu ‘s big embarrassment,Naturally, it doesn’t matter that she looks like.。
Because in his eyes,These more images are the taking care of the teachers.。
Wait until the wine is full,Weekly and Shu Lu have went to the duty room to rest,And Zhou Yewu is lying in the office,Some of the nervous sleeping。
At that moment, the whole office is quite quite.。
“My day,2point10Wind,To start the game。”Zhou Ye opened his eyes,Running the legs。
In the executive building512Conference room,Everyone has already launched a small meeting.。
But the mission activity has not started late.!
Because people who are ranked in the first one have not been up!
And that person is Zhou Ye, who was sent by Mu Luke.。
“Department of Respiratory?”The medical department of the medical department is Changsi standing on the stage. Some anger asked。
No one responds under the stage。
“Say today’s respiratory department who participated??”Doctors discuss。
“We will be deer and weeks of the same year.,Outline clinic is busy,I will not come to participate in this boring lecture.。”
Zhong Changsi repeatedly asked:“Please call the doctor on behalf of the respiratory.。”
There is still no one responding under the stage.。
His face instantly became difficult to look。
“who is this,To put our Zhongke’s general。”Take a doctor。
ThistIt’s too strong.。

This sword is Liu Jia sent,The people of the Shaishanpai are more powerful to grab,Today, use it to kill a few lands.,It is also worthy of this sword.!

Swelling for two years ago,Chu Deirers don’t even want the Shaoshan School to know that they have broken their things.,But now the frontal places have nothing to do.。
On the one hand, it is naturally the Wugong of Chu Deirers.,Take the left cold in the original,Can and make a better plan、Even,Can defeat the record of our line with a weak and strong,The Chu Deiren in two years ago,But high,Nowadays……Chu Deirers,Can five five;
on the other hand,Equivation of important changes,It is the name of the Chu Deirers now have a heritage list back.,There is also a name on the rivers and lakes.,Don’t worry too old……Even if the mountains are raised in the right road,I can’t flip“Chivalry”identity,Two sides,only“Jianghu dispute”、Instead of“Righteous”!
“Since Chu Chu son must win the forest《Evil spirits》,And I am difficult with my Wuyue Sword,Then our disciples,I can only fight for a battle.!”Zhong Town,Naturally, it is shouted to others.。
Translate:And this kind of evil,We don’t talk about the rules of the rivers and lakes.,Parallel!
“Chu Mou,Liesz Zongzong,Personnel and teaching!”Chu Deiren’s mouth,One-sigh,Spreading from horseback,At the same time, the sword,It seems that the thousands of people will come,Meteorology。
The Taibao of Lushan is present at this time,The number of fingers also has seven people,Another elite disciple more than 40 people,However, the Chu Deiren is not afraid.,Kill directly“Enemy array”。
“Significance”Although it is soft sword,But at this time, in the true gas perfusion of Chu Deirers,But straight straight,Sword blade does not leak hard,Only the sword,Extended three feet,Get a gold break、Iron!
I saw this Chu Deirers.,One person, a sword, killing into the disciple of Shaoshan,This long sword is like a long gun.,Take a look at how,Directly kill the thief seven into seven……
Ding、Lucy and others,I can’t help but shake.——Chu Deer is sword,This is very clear,After all, in half a year ago,Chu Deirers’ battle,Just step on them,At that time, the Chu Deiren used the sword.!
Later, there was a rumor,Chu Deer is not using a sword,Even someone turns into the angle to find the people of Lushan,At that time, Taibao was still happy.——You are not?This can also be wrong?
At this time, see Chu Deirers out of the sword.,At the beginning, they looked up with your heart.,However, the elders who follow these Lushans are too good.,Small age disciples,But it is a horrified……
Chu Deirers are not next to swordsmanship,It is the sword of Lushan,And more exquisite,And there is already a sword charm,Change personal,Said to be a senior senior in the Mushan Mountain for many years.,They are also believed!
Chapter 376 Take the way
Chu Deirers and Lushan this battle,There are also some people in secret.,It’s not the original evil.,Just do not want to express the right path of the identity……
I first saw that the Chu Deiren was actively killed into the disciple of Shaoshan.,Never quite——Good one!
However, next,Performance of Chu Deirers and Shaoshan Disciples,But there is no surprise that the audience is。
According to the Chu Deirers, it is the second,Although I know the martial arts,Moisture,But after all, Chu Deirers are also masters、It is even on the name of the Lushan.,So, even if the Chu Deiren shot,It is Wandejin,Hula is directly in seconds,They are not too surprised.……
But at this time, I saw this Chu Deire.,After killing the disciples of the Shaoshan,It’s just a sword.,Trick-style Du Jin Ge Tiema,Simulation,Disciple of Shaoshan,One bunch of hands,It’s just like……Play with Chu Deirers?
Not a big cerebral cave,But these Shaoshan disciples,When you really do it in a fake!
Especially the disciples of those small words,Look closely,Even sometimes the Chu Deee is moving in advance.、The swords of these disciples are tattooed to the previous vacancy。
And look at it again,For the time of arrival of the town,This is not more……
Lu Bai“Yujing Tianchi”,The Chu Deiren greets it is also a trick.“Yujing Tianchi”,Ding Yi“Thousands of dragons”,Chu Deirers are also“Thousands of dragons”Break!
Not only is more exciting,And the internal force is also better than,Nature is not an opponent!
Before the hand,Chu Deiren said what to take the Zushan ancestor,Side people are only for him.,Lushan School and Chu Deirers have traveled more,Know the mouth of Chu Deirers,After listening, it’s even more fart.。
However, see Chu Deirers at this time.,Many people secretly understand the meaning of the words.。
Just doubt but more……
How can Chu deer??
And I will know that this battle will know.,It is never accidentally seen the sword spectrum of Lushan.。
Picture is the Chu Deirers,Mill dozens in the disciple of Shaoshan,I don’t know what I see.,More like the Chu Deirers are accompanying them……
Lushan’s recruitment style,To the Chu Deirers,There is no secret saying, there is no secret。
Even if several disciples join hands,Card When the Chu Deirers shuttle?The neutral to land is also useless.?They just、Chu Deirers have already understood what routine!
The Lushan School came from the source.,There are still some relationships with Shaolin.?It is more than a hundred years ago?When the world is chaotic,Shaolin sent Temple Fengshan?Also have a batch or a custom home、Or is a luxury?,Establishing、Want to 明 主?Later, these people died、Scattered scattered?Some of the last remaining,The group has built a Lushan School.。
Therefore, in the sword,Quite a meteorology,And there are still many ways to open a big one.……

Because under Xiao Yadong’s nose,Young police officers naturally dare not move rough,So the final questioning is simply torture for him,The palm of the hand is red and it doesn’t work at all,He wanted to choke Li Tianchou on the spot。Li Tianchou never answered a substantive question from beginning to end。

Xiao Yadong’s first arraignment came to an end like this,Sitting in the car,A picture of Li Tianchou leaving with heavy shackles flashed unconsciously in his mind.,The back is a bit rickety,Maybe just got hurt,Did not pay attention。Hey,Xiao Yadong sighed,You bastard,Suffer yourself。
Evening time,In a very grand mansion on the western outskirts of the county seat,Lantern hanging high,Vocal noise,Sun Guaizi is celebrating his father’s 70th birthday。The guests are basically brothers and relatives,Of course Feng Le’s friend Liang Dashao was also invited。
The excitement of the birthday banquet,But there is no big show,No restaurant,Did not perform。Sun Kuaizi is very satisfied,In his words,This year has been very successful。
In fact, Sun Guaizi’s mind is extremely shrewd,Also low-key enough。According to his position,This kind of happy event is waiting for the guests who come to drink.,Up to dignitaries,Down to the same road、What kind of people don’t have?But he declined all of them,Only two and a half banquets were arranged。
One is the official comrade plus brother,This is naturally the highlight,Celebrate in a small area the night before。Except Ni Zhengqing,The irons that should come are here,Even Tan Hongchun invited him again and again,Of course it didn’t succeed in the end,Also he expected。
This half was decided temporarily,The gangster Ahao will take his boss to the door to congratulate himself,Although the previous cooperation was not very pleasant,I have to give this face。It’s noon,Still in the water and sky。Sun Guaizi met Zhang Zhiqiang for the first time,This legend was also Tang Shiming’s backstage boss,It really made him feel unfathomable,What’s even more incredible is that I have a sense of oppression in front of this person。
This surprise is not trivial,He asked himself to spend decades in the arena,Never felt so strong,Even if he lost his strongest opponent, Geng Laowu,Finally had to quitSZcity,He won’t have any timidity or discomfort。This Nima’s evil,It seems that this kind of strange person is better to be careful in contact。
Sun Guaizi even secretly thanked himSZCity exit in time,Otherwise, Tang Shiming,I don’t want to have a big fight,I was not afraid of the king,He Fear Tang Shiming,But if you run into Zhang Zhiqiang, do you still have that confidence??
Fortunately, Boss Zhang is gentle and gentle,Not talking much,Except for kind greetings, it is a blessing to the old birthday star,There is nothing else to say。A Hao, who is usually arrogant and domineering, looks like a cat in front of this person,After eating and drinking,Boss Zhang praised Shui Tian Yise a few words and got up to leave。
Sun Guaizi was confused,Can’t figure out what the other party came from,Not talking about business,Don’t talk about cooperation,He didn’t even mention a word about the joint deal with Geng Laowu.,Is it just for birthday?Tumble,Sun Kuaizi never believed,But he really can’t think of a reason,The best way is to strengthen defense,Tang Shiming eats people without spitting out bones,This person is more terrifying。
The last birthday banquet was naturally held at home,All my own,Sun Guaizi can also let go,After waiting for all the relatives and friends,,He ordered people to remove the main table for a small banquet,Personally accompany a few old brothers to push the cup and change the cup。
People are happy when they are happy,Drank two drinks in a row,He still doesn’t change,Stand firm,Not even drunk is obvious。I have to say that he has a strong drinker,On the other hand, it also shows that he is in excellent mental state。

“teacher,It’s about where the earth belongs,I must try my best to show my talent。”

In front of the Lord of Dragon,Li Ming doesn’t need to hide his thoughts。
“But even if you show the potential of the Universe,,The earth will not directly return to you earthlings。。。Besides, there is me and Chaos behind,Those immigrants dare not make a high profile~Instead your talent,Will cause an assassination of an alien!”The Lord of Longxing shook his head:“Forget it,this is your choice—Anyway you came like this,Unless you fall,Otherwise, the immigrants would only dare to stay on the sea obediently。”
“If you want to take back the earth,Then you will become the master of the universe—Or at least have the strength comparable to the Lord of the Universe,Can be fake!”
Li Mingyi was taken aback,Salute the teacher respectfully,“Thank you, teacher!”
The Lord of Longxing waved his hand:“All right,What do you plan to do next?”
“Dive for a while in Chaos City,Strive to obtain the recognition of the origin of the universe,Then disguise the immortality of the city and go to the outer battlefield。”
“Outside the field??”The Lord of Longxing frowned,But it was released soon。
After Li Ming became the leader of the world,The pure physical strength brought by its genetic level is comparable to Feng Hou Peak,If you consider his explosive power,Is comparable to the limit of the king。At the same time, Li Ming’s law is also close to Feng Wang Gao.,It will only be higher after entering Chaos City for a while。
Unless the Lord takes action,Otherwise, Li Ming is also a first-rate powerhouse in the foreign battlefield。
Say again,Li Ming has a clone,There are soul treasures guarded,Safety on the battlefield outside the territory is fully guaranteed。
“teacher,The disciple wants to ask for something!”Li Ming bowed down suddenly,Plead。
“what’s up,Speak!”The Lord of Longxing glanced at Li Ming in surprise,This is the first time he proactively pleaded。
“teacher,I accepted disciples in my hometown,This time Venerable Eclipse Fire sent his son to catch him,And verified the particularity of my home planet—But my disciple’s soul was hurt,Damaged future。。。I want an explanation。”

Vulnerary,Eliminate,Qingmei bamboo horse to do other competitions,Lin Bo originally fired,Rid to do a few mouthfuls,The scene is caught in the atro,Have to come to He Jin Yin to a rule of war。

Ghost King is too lazy to care,Pulling He Jin Yin Run,After being stopped,Helpless start to play。
The order of the ring is walked.,have‘Runner’Wentai is not satisfied,Pattern anger,Be defeated by a punch。
Four judges admission,Joint hands,Put a punch by a punch。
The audience is collectively dispatched,In exchange, fly out。
Blending,He Jinyin and Lin Bin began to mutual,One can’t do,One hit, but not hurts,finally,He Jinyin realized his own whim,Hard students put Lin Bin。
Currently,Lin Bin is a small single room in police station,Waiting for the elite center’s bail。
“Good psychedelic plot,but……Little is not unexpected。”Liao Wenjie vomiting,No wonder, the ghost king has a bottom-up martial arts,It turned out that there is this subsequent story。
One said one,He is not optimistic about the ghostwing,The name of this master of China,Everyday, people who play the signboard every day is not a small number.。
There is also very likely to be more than the student。
Even if he is recruited, a group of students who are not afraid of death,He also taught the second He Jinyin,Only one of the big return,He Jinyin’s success cannot be copied。
How much……
Quite meaningful,Liao Wenjie is looking for money and put it.,If it is ghost King Dalla,He doesn’t mind, friendship sponsor。
“Alice,This is not interesting,Go to your room, etc.,I rushed on the hot pot flavor,Show you a baby。”
“What baby,Is it?”
————Rain cloud deep embroidered household,Autumn waves————
Next day,noon。
Liao Wenjie found the sky in a teahouse,And other members of the tour group,I want to be a pot,Talk to the sky。
This teahouse is built on the mountain,Green,Bird flower,Quite a bald。Is a member of a member of the Association,usually,Just entertain internal members,Ordinary people spend money。
Now,The long light and still,As a tour of the tour group。
Long light and still don’t know who Liao Wenjie is,But since the tour is mentioned,It is a small brother of a generation of high-handed legs.,He will naturally do not continue to be dumb,Looking for Zhang Lihua asked。
Zhang Lihua,I can’t say a letter in half.,Finally, forced long light asking,Mentioned the name of Lyon。
Liao Wenjie and Lyon relationship,The two jointly opened a spiritual consultation company.,Currently live very moist,No fire into the magic。
One heard this,The long lamp didn’t ask again.。
Lyon has more evil gates,Long light is the clearest,Yun Su Taoji,Rapida and Liao Wenjie encountered ideas,Others love,He will not be Hong Kong Island without Liao Wenjie.。
Sincere,Last night, long light did not bubbling,The mouth said that the injury has not yet raised,Go home and sit.。
“Big brother,Why is it still frown?,I thought you were rejected many times.,I am used to it.。”Liao Wenjie gave a tea pot to the sky and poured a cup。
“nothing,It’s just that the girl and the cloud are too like.,I……I feel weird。”Tianshi teacup tangled。
Last night,Everyone came to the teahouse,Chang Chongzi continues to set intelligence,Not very smart, Yong Yuyi Questions,The sky is sitting next to silently listening。
Rong Yuyi and Yunde Passing Blood Relationship,Perhaps,But the two from the Song Dynasty,A from Yuan Dynasty,Intermediate interval for three hundred years,I can’t find it.。
This is nothing,The sky is swearing only on the cloudrrot tree,I am not interested in Yong Yu,No due to the two women’s face,I feel happy to multiply two。
After all, there is no more happy.。
Causes of mood entanglement,It is Rong Yuyi to have a good sense of Liao Wenjie.,I think that these two people may get together.,I saw Yunlu and Liao Wenjie in the sky.,Then……
It feels too much to be too thoughtful,Just grow like,Not a person,This idea is not kind。
Moreover,Even if it is a person,What can I do?!
His goddess is not a,Not near,Yunlu Princess Jade Ice,Yin Shu Lili,He is natural……
“Liao Gongzi,when did you come?”
Yue ear sound,Turkey,I saw a happy style。

in the afternoon,Xia Jian asked Zhao Chunling to bring her own policemen,Start to investigate village by village,Against,Personnel with gangster tendency to register。He decides,This kind of work must be carried out to each village carefully。This time he wants to completely rectify the entire Donglin Township。

The most difficult part is nothing more than Huwangcun。Xia Jian knew,Hu San has been in Huwang Village for so many years,Its power must not be underestimated。Captured a Hu San and Wang Niuniu,Maybe there is still a Husihuwu hidden,He has to dig deep。
At lunch,Because he answered a call from Qin Xiaomin,So he didn’t go with Feng Xiaowei and Liu Zimin。Until these two come back,He just walked out of the township government compound。
This day happens to be the episode,There are so many people here。Xia Jian walks on the street alone,Watching everywhere while walking。Encounter something curious,He will also understand from the side。Anyway, these villagers don’t know him,So what’s in my mind,What did you say to him。
Stop and go like this,When he arrives at Donglin Hotel,It’s almost two o’clock。After dinner,There are naturally a lot fewer people eating。When Xia Jian walked in,In the lobby on the first floor,Three or four villagers who came to the market。They are eating noodles,Talking vividly about the arrest of Hu San last night,I feel that they have personally witnessed the general。
“You go upstairs!I have something to tell you“Just when Xia Jiangang found a seat,When I was about to sit down。Suddenly a woman came from behind sound。
Xia Jian surprised,I blame myself for listening to these people,Someone walked behind him,He didn’t even know。I seem to be too careless,If someone wants to attack him,It’s not a sneak attack。
Xia Jian looked back,Behind him is Huang Yuhong, the smiling lady boss。Xia Jian was taken aback,Looked up and glanced around,He didn’t notice anyone paying attention to him。He didn’t say a word,Went directly to the second floor。
Huang Yuhong caught up from behind,Take him to the innermost box on the second floor。Xia Jian opened the door and walked in,I realized that this place is not a place to eat。There is a double bed in the innermost,There are still some women’s clothes on the bed。
There is also a single sofa in the room,And a small coffee table。Little stuff,But the layout is very good。Xia Jian frowned,Asked coldly:“Why did you bring me here?“
Huang Yuhong did not speak,She closed the door tightly first,Only then smiled slightly:“Chief Xia!Here is my resting place,Ordinary people can’t get in”
“What do you want to do?”Xia Jian raised his eyebrows,Blunt tone。
Huang Yuhong smiled and said:“You misunderstood。I used some thoughts when decorating this house,So the sound insulation is good。I want to talk to you about something important,In order not to be overheard by others,So i brought you to me”

The sun over eight o’clock,There is a lazy feeling on people。Xia Jian stopped Da Ben in the middle of the yard,Then Han walked to the third floor。He remembers that Mayor Zhao’s office was on the third floor,Mayor Ma is here,I should still sit in the original Mayor Zhao’s room.!

Go to the third floor and take a look,Really like that,Because the sign at the door has not changed。Xia Jian knocked on the door twice,A woman’s voice came from the house:“Please come in!“
Xia Jian opened the door and walked in。I saw Ma Xiaofeng sitting on the big swivel chair behind the desk,Both eyes fixedly watched him walking inside,Her look made Xia Jian feel a little uneasy。Xia Jian has met many leaders,But this feeling is the first time he has。
“Yo!Chief Xia!Are you punctual??“Ma Xiaofeng stood up,Stretched out her white palm。This woman is a bit tall,Very long fingers,So her palms are not small。
Xia Jian reached out and shook Ma Xiaofeng’s hand,Then he smiled and said:“Mayor summoned,It must have been the first time,Would rather be earlier,Can’t be too late“
“it is good!Chief Xia, sit down!You are someone who worked in the group,To be a little head of Xiping Village,I’m afraid it’s wrong“Ma Xiaofeng said,Came over from behind the desk。
Xia Jian discovered,The woman is wearing a white short sleeve shirt,I wonder if her breasts are too big,Or the clothes are a bit small。Anyway, Xia Jian’s feeling is that the button on her chest is a bit about to fall apart。
Ma Xiaofeng’s lower body is a short skirt,Her two long legs look long under the skirt,Also known as。Xia Jian did not expect,Ma Xiaofeng is quite predictable。
Seeing Xia Jian a little distracted,Ma Xiaofeng laughed and said:“Chief Xia!I heard that when you were in a startup group,The beauty around you is like a cloud,Why are you still interested in an old woman of mine??“
Xia Jianmeng came back to life,He didn’t even expect,This Ma Xiaofeng is so direct。So he laughed and laughed:“Human nature,I am a mortal,I met you, a fairy who went down to earth,Naturally lose your mind,Mayor Ma has to take care of one or two”
Xia Jian said,So he sat on the sofa opposite Ma Xiaofeng。Ma Xiaofeng wears a short skirt,He even raised Erlang’s legs。The courage of this woman is really scary。
“Chief Xia!I called you over today,Not to let you see how I look ?But some things need to be communicated to you”Ma Xiaofeng said,Face straight,Changed the topic immediately。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Mayor Ma, please tell me,I am listening here”
First1276chapter First time

Farewell to Zefa the second day,Leo took the green bull to the Chambord Islands。

More than a year since I came to the great route,He has been here dozens of times,Sometimes to find resources,Sometimes it’s for experience。
In short,Leo is no stranger to shampoo。
“This time I guess I will live here for a long time,Find a place to live first!”Leo had already made plans,Go straight to the depths of the shampoo。
quickly,Leo and Lu Niu came to area 19。
Chambord is not just an island,Although the island where Luffy was active in the animation in the previous life is called Chambord Land,But it’s just the largest island in the Chambord Islands。
The largest island in this center is called“Shampoo land”。
There are seven or eight islands of various sizes around the Chambord Land,These islands plus shampoo land,Forms the Chambord Islands。
The Chambord Islands is actually divided into 67 districts。
Among them, there are 49 districts on the shampoo floor。
Area 28 where Leo is involved is“Unable to zone”An area in。
“If what I investigated before is correct,Here is a file called‘Moses’organization,Mainly engaged in human trafficking transactions!”
As the center of the world,The water in the shampoo is deep,All kinds of things exist。
One of the most famous is“Population trading”。
“This Moses should be a relatively weak human trafficker organization!”
This time he left the navy headquarters,Not to come out to play。

This bottle is not an ordinary perfume。I added cinnabar in the perfume,Zombies are most afraid of this smell,Can prevent being bitten by zombies,But this only works for zombies after four generations。

I also improved this peach wood sword,joinedTASEYFunction of stun gun,Zombies fear Mahogany,Same fear of thunder and lightning。
TASEYThe stun gun is a new type of weapon that the United States is still developing,The patent has been acquired by me,After shooting,Release immediately220Volt。
The mahogany sword itself is only more than one meter long,It can extend the distance by more than one meter when the high voltage is excited instantly,Can kill each other by surprise。
But this technology is not yet mature,The battery can only be discharged once!”
Chen Xiu loves this charged peach wood sword,220Voltage,Don’t talk about fighting zombies,Hit people with one sword。
Zhang Yuantu sees the strangeness in Chen Xiu’s eyes,Quickly put away the peach wood sword。
“This is not yet mass production,I only have one,I’ll give you a handful for mass production in the future。”
Chen Xiu’s awkward disturbance,Is your greedy gaze so obvious?!
Lin Caiwei said from the side:“Do you still doubt my ability to deal with zombies now?!”
So many improved equipment,It is estimated that an ordinary person can deal with zombies,Chen Xiu naturally no longer doubts,I can’t help but think:“No wonder zombies are so tyrannical that they still live like rats crossing the street,There are too many things they fear!”
730 One Exorcism Sutra
Chen Xiu looked at the various exorcism weapons that Zhang Yuantu put out,But said:“You can only deal with three generations of zombies,Just listened to you,Ge Hong and the second-generation zombies are not afraid of these things。”
Zhang Yuantu’s face suddenly darkened,Helplessly say:“These things can’t deal with second-generation zombies。
But don’t be afraid。Most of the second-generation zombies that were transformed by Ge Hong have been wiped out by the Patriarch,There should be no more than five alive!”
Chen Xiu was thinking:“Don’t say five is only one,You killed so many disciples and grandchildren,To trouble you,Also dead!”
Just listen to Zhang Yuantu said bitterly:“The dragon jade pendant is actually the magic weapon to restrain Ge Hong and the second-generation zombies。Our exorcism has always been handed down through the ages,As a token of the head,Only those with a dragon-print jade pendant can practice this school《One Exorcism Sutra》。
It’s a pity that it was passed down to the generation of Mao Xiaofang in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China,The dragon jade pendant is also missing。

Nie Yang is in a woman who is a woman.,It has already been investigated。

In the first time, he also investigated some things about the red.,First of all, he knows very beautiful.,And it is very young。
Men have seen no heart,At the beginning, the boss didn’t be reluctant to be tough.。
I saw it today.,He has already understood。
Such woman,He is also not reluctant to have tough。
I am very sorry.,I am not a red sister.,I should know it today.?”
Nie Yang listens to the other party is not a red sister,Also a glimpse。
“You are not the red sister in the county town?
then who are you?”
“Needless me?,I am coming to find you today.,Of course, if you don’t explain, we can use your fist to see the true chapter.。”
I heard Li Mei.,Nie Yang is also laughing in the sky.。
“Hahaha is a joke,You actually tell me the truth.,Tell me,What tries you told me??”
Original Nie Yang wants to quickly,These people come in to pack up,But see Li Mei is so beautiful.,He suddenly was somewhat uncomfortable.。
Even if you want to play more。
“Row,Our decoration team staff is your people play.?”
“Be right,We are our people,This is the site of our gangster,If you don’t sound, you want to do this business.,No point rules,I let me teach them what they are rules.,is that OK?”
For Nie Yang,Li Mei is also laughing。
“hehe,This is your bloody gang?
Why don’t you say that the whole country is yours?,What evidence you have is your site,I also said that my site is!”
“Hahaha can,You can say it is your site,But you have to ask me that this group of brothers promised to pay attention to it.。”
Nie Yang is also arrogant to Li Mei.。
“Humph,It seems that I can’t tell you today.,The brothers of my decoration team can’t be white,Today, the first thing is to solve this first.,Give you two options,Compensation for medical expenses,Advance your home,Second, I don’t have to compensate for medical expenses.,Let’s take you into the hospital.,You choose!”
Li Mei’s exit,Scorpion and others are also nervous。
They really don’t know where Li Mei comes.,They are directly surrounded by others.,As a result, Li Mei can still have to hob。
This is simply incredible for them.。
Not only the scorpion they,Jin Xijie is also some don’t know what to say.。
Although he wants to take people to solve,But I didn’t want to solve it like this.!At least the hot weapon is still a bit deterrent。
The result is the dagger,There are a lot more than people on the weapon.,Never use morale。
Chapter 1,300 Uncomfort
Nie Yang does not know where Li Mei comes。
I heard Li Mei’s words.,He laughed directly。
“Be unhappy first,Let me tell me what you call.,I have never played the unknown generation.。”
“Humph,Can win us again!It is not ready to choose.!”