I asked Zheng Ziling for no reason what he thought was inexplicable.。

“Do you believe?”
Didn’t answer Xiangyang right away,Zheng Ziling asked back。
There have been several conversations like this,Zheng Ziling is also used to this,So it’s not like the first time,I have to think about the answer for a while,Say every word carefully。
“Of course I don’t believe it!”
Xiangyang tell the truth,It’s just that I met Ling Yun when I first came to Wanghai,And Xiao Xiaoxiao and Zhu Shiyao were assigned to a dormitory,Things that can’t be explained,Xiang Yang didn’t know what kind of explanation to give himself。
“I don’t believe!”
Watching Xiangyang talking,Zheng Ziling can feel that the girl in front of him didn’t lie to herself,So I also gave my own answer。
“Why don’t you believe?”
Xiang Yang looked at Zheng Ziling curiously,Follow the previous and current plot development trend,Obviously it should be said,To start the topic around the mystery of fate。
But Zheng Ziling’s answer immediately,Let Xiangyang understand,This guy really doesn’t believe in fate。
“Fang Xincheng helped me arrange for someone to review at the door of your bedroom,As long as you come out,Notify me immediately;I rented this bus for 800 yuan a day,Uncle and aunt in the car,Can be regarded as extras,Act with me,Squeeze you to my side,100 yuan per person,So compared to fate,I think money is more reliable!”
Zheng Ziling sighed,After telling Xiangyang this secret,He himself was relieved。
“Why confess today?”
Xiang Yang looked at Zheng Ziling curiously,His eyes seriously suspect that this guy’s living expenses have been squandered。
“It’s not what you think!I just don’t want to lie to you!”
Pushed Xiangyang,Her careful thinking is not hard to guess。
“You know i have a car,It’s just that you said driving was too arrogant when you were in college,So I won’t open it。”

Not only Huazi、Boss lady、Old Chen and others surprised,The audience in the live broadcast room is even more staring:has a problem?Isn’t it Korean porcelain??

“That’s not Korean porcelain?”Hua Zi couldn’t help asking everyone’s voice。
Populus euphratica nodded slightly:“Highly imitation products made in our country,It is estimated that the original intention of the porcelain maker,Just pit a few Koreans,and so,Try to find a way to get out later,Don’t follow。”
He told everyone,The glaze color of a very small number of high-quality inlaid celadon in Koryo is green,Most of the fine products are pale sky blue and some crude ones have poor glaze in the late period.,Some rough tools are placed on the sand bed and burned directly,The glaze color of the back fire is better,The glaze on the fire side is poor or extremely poor, but whether it is fine or crude,Its glaze is thicker,Smooth and natural,Soft and pleasing to the eye, some large utensils will also have uneven glaze and glaze accumulation.。
however,The one on stage,The glaze is very uniform,No glaze buildup,This is not right。
“There is a loophole,That’s the traces of white silica。
Just now,I told everyone,Korea’s technology,Leaked from our Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas。
During the burning process,Use white silica stones as anchors,Relatively large nails,After the utensils are fired,Most of them still have traces of white silica on the bottom feet。”Hu Yang went on to explain。
That kind of firing,After the utensils are fired,There are sticky sand marks on the feet and the bottom of some utensils,Its sand is relatively coarse,The sand quality is also white, and the fine ring feet are full of glaze.,Some large items or relatively late crude products have more exposed bottoms,The flint red is obvious and the imitations are mostly full of glaze.。
At this moment,Someone can’t help but ask,How can it be said that our domestic fraud?Why can’t they be made by their Koreans??
See this doubt,Hu Yang couldn’t help but shook his head:“It’s not that I look down on them Korea,With their current porcelain firing technology,Gao can’t imitate such porcelain。
Speaking of antique porcelain,The Chinese have always been called second,No one dares to be the first。”
Get!Say so,Everyone in the live broadcast room is happy。feeling,You can’t even fake technology。
Everyone can’t help but think of bronze,I still remember someone told Brother Hu before,Foreigners want to get some high imitations of their own country’s historical relics,All looking for help from China。
It seems,in these aspects,China is indeed too strong。
“Can’t learn home without stealing the teacher,What can we say?”
“normal,Just look at their national flag。Gossip missing four hexagrams,Learn only half。and so,Basically, their presidents can’t end well,Did not learn gossip well,Bad feng shui。”

“If there is no sense of responsibility,How can you support such an adult??She is not the only one here,This is the entire construction site 。”

“There are workers and architects here,He just let it go,I went to live a happy life all day。”
“The rest is left to the people here,Let them fend for themselves。He thought he made the money,He transferred the funds,After that, nothing happened here。”
“If it’s that easy,Anyone can contract the project?Really don’t know what to say。Such a person,You have to give him some power。”
“Otherwise,He really has been so casual and doing nothing。”
After Xiao Fan finished,Lin Yun said to him:“Yes Yes Yes,you’re right,okay,Let’s go,Let’s go and eat,Today’s food is pretty good。”
“It depends on your face, Mr. Xiao?You just went to the canteen and saw that big sister made it。It’s really pretty good。”
“Taste it later,If I go home,But you can’t taste the rural food。”
Xiao Fan said:“It seems that you are quite willing to eat this food。”
Lin Yuna said:“Not willing,It’s just a different taste,Feel very different,You can’t eat it on our side,Gone gone gone gone gone。”
Lin Yuner took Xiao Fan to eat。The workers cook their own dishes,Then they gathered around a few tables and a few people ate together。
What about Lin Yuna and Baiqi?The two of them didn’t eat with them,But after finishing cooking, he went back to his room。
It’s the same after the fire comes,The three of them returned to the room together,But Bai Qi felt that he was eating with them before,It’s too bright。
So,He told Lin Yoona:“Yoona,I’ll talk to Qiao Si in the next room,A little boring here,I won’t bother you and Mr. Xiao,I go first。”
After Lin Yuner heard this, she said to Bai Qi:“Sister Bai, what are you doing??Stay here and eat!”
Bai Qi said to him:“I’m not here。For you and Mr. Xiao as light bulbs,I’ll eat next to。”
“Nothing,Do not bother me,You two eat slowly and enjoy your time together。”Bai Qi left this room with his own food,Came to Qiao Si’s room next to him。
Qiao Si is eating alone,When I saw someone coming, I told him:“Sister Bai,How did you come?”
Baiqi said:“Damn,Aren’t Yoona and Mr. Xiao in the next room??I ate with them inside,I really feel too bright。”

Some are live……

“I am the anchor Xiao Tiantian,Everyone guess where i am……Ha ha ha,Not only the beauty of Yunji Island,There is a girl hanging under the bridge,The picture is too beautiful,See for yourself……Remember to pay attention,I will always be here,Let us pray for the girl……”
A few young people who beat people are not doing well,Oily feet,I picked up a mobile phone before I left……
There is a mess here at Qiaotou,Very quiet towards the cliff mountain forest。
The teenager stood on the tree trunk as usual,The monster is hidden away as usual。
Indifferent face,But he can see from his eyes that he is not as calm as the surface。
“I……Will it fall into the river like this??”
“Bug,I want you to help her。”
“Guru Guru……”
“No one will see you。”
“Guru Guru……”
“You don’t go i go。”
The teenager cut a tree vine with a knife,There is a lot of wind around,The monster has flew away。
There is intense rescue work going on,A more than ten-meter-long rope made of clothes and belts hangs in front of the female students,This simple rope is not enough to pull the schoolgirl up,But can share the pressure of the wire。
soon,Gan Jiabao rushed over with a few people,There is also a fishing boat on the river upstream。
The wind suddenly rose,Sway the cable bridge,At the same time, the girl student was blown up and down,The female student has been silent,It might be just waking up from the shock,Scream now,Tearful。
A new thick hemp rope,Also swayed by the wind,Female students can’t catch,Gan Jiabao is too anxious。

H6Vortex jet8Engine length5.31Meter,diameter1.4Meter,weight3100kg,“tay”MK650The diameter of the engine is1.143Meter,The length is only2.9Meter,Self-respect is1400Multiple kilograms,No matter how you change,The center of gravity of the aircraft has changed dramatically,This job is not easy to do。

“This one,Because of the previous design and modificationH6Iexperience of,We are confident in technology,As for the overall aerodynamic shape,We initially designed three aerodynamic shapes,”Mr. Xu pushed his glasses,Said:“One is to basically keep the current aerodynamic layout unchanged,But instead of installing a single engine in the current wing root engine compartment to install two engines;One is similar to Boeing707Wing crane4Engine;One is similar to the United StatesB52Wing crane engine way of bombing,Two engines as a group,Set a suspension point on each wing。”
Talking,Mr. Xu opened his own folder:“This is the rendering we made,Everyone can take a look。”
PS:Bros,Very very sorry,This chapter was originally intended to be written4000Word,It took too much time to check the information,This chapter only3000Word,Please forgive me brothers。
It feels so exciting to walk on the edge of death
I didn’t know what kind of wind I smoked last night,Write it out,As some classmates said,Is a crazy temptation on the verge of death。
The result of crazy temptation is that the chapter written today is very painful,Deleted,Deleted,I’m afraid to play with myself,Rewrite,Rewrite,As a result, the chapter has not been completed yet,Please forgive me brothers,I made everyone wait for nothing today,Sorry,It’s all for thousands of years。
First749chapter Time shift
Three renderings,An accurate depiction of XifeiH6R&D departmentH6Vision。
The first picture is veryH6,Take a look and cashH6No difference,It’s just that the original position of the engine compartment requires two engines.,As a result, the entire engine compartment extends the position of an engine,Looks like some British people from the front“Vulcan”Bomber feel,The engines are buried deep in the roots of the left and right wings,Only two huge air inlets are left;
Second picture,Looks like Boeing707,Under each wing are two engines suspended by wing cranes,Just compared to Boeing707Lower single wing structure,ThisH6Is an obvious mid-wing;
The third picture,ThisH6The bomber looked almost like AmericaB52Strategic bomberminiVersion,Engine is withB52Bomber-like wing crane、Layout with two engines as a group,But withB52A total of four groups of eight engines have different combinations,ThisH6There are two sets of four engines in total。

They estimate that they will never interact with Lai Yumin again,Who can be assured of such a,So-called friends by my side?

Not only want your money,Still thinking about your wife……
Mr. Wang is talking,After playing golf, I returned to the clubhouse,Our lawyer is here,Signed a cooperation agreement!
There are express provisions in the agreement,I worked for Huanglong Ceramics for a day,As long as there are no major problems,Tianlong decoration will put Huanglong ceramics,Provided as main material!
Immediately Huanglong Ceramics provided a large number of samples,Placed in the headquarters of Tianlong Decoration and stores of various design companies。
this matter,I made it!
When I was having dinner with Mr. Wang,Tianlong Decoration got a big order。
Huanglong Ceramics is about to prepare ceramic products worth 100 million!
A good start!
I returned to Huanglong Ceramics Headquarters,Gao Qiang called me。
“Hey i go,Brother Hui, you’re so awesome!”
Gao Qiang yelled very exaggeratedly:“I got the cooperation so fast,I got such a big order,You are my idol!”
“When did the money arrive,It’s never too late for you!”
I interrupted the chatter below him:“If it’s just this,You can call me,I will prepare various samples soon,Also solve some production problems!”
Gao Qiang asked me immediately,Did you see Ge Yumin today?。
I wonder how he knows this,Did he install a camera on me?
Gao Qiang listen to me,Suddenly laughed。
“I hope to have that kind of technology,Unfortunately does not exist。”
I asked Gao Qiang what is going on,Talk less nonsense。
“Lai Yumin, the grandson is not a good man and a believer,He can do anything!”

For the controlling shareholder 6.9.9 billion credit guarantees were not disclosed

For the controlling shareholder 6.9.9 billion credit guarantees were not disclosed
The highest priority of providing main debt to the controlling shareholder Yinge Group is 6.With a guarantee of US $ 9.9 billion and no disclosure, Yinge Investment was appointed as a senior executive to be supervised and issued administrative supervision measures.In October last year, Sauna.com reported on Yinge ‘s investment or suspected illegal guarantees. The listed company responded at the time that the company had no guarantees other than the ones disclosed.According to the latest announcement from Yinge Investment, the listed company received on April 7, 2020, the Decision of the Henan Securities Regulatory Commission on the Issuance of Warning Letter Measures against Henan Yinge Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. ([2020]No. 4), “Decision on the Measures to Issue Warning Letters to Gu Qi and Xing Zhiheng” ([2020]No. 5) (hereinafter referred to as the “Supervision Decision”).The above-mentioned regulatory decision shows that, on November 21, 2018, Yinge Investment as the guarantor had the highest amount of guarantee contract with a bank’s senior management, providing the controlling shareholder Luohe Yinge Industrial Group Co., Ltd. with a maximum limit of 6 main debts.9.9 billion guarantee guarantee.Yinge Investment has not completed the planning procedures and information disclosure obligations for this guarantee.Gu Qi, then chairman of Yinge Industry, and Xing Zhiheng, then secretary of the board of directors, did not exercise due diligence in the course of performing their duties.The Henan Supervision Bureau of the China Securities Regulatory Commission decided to invest in Yinge. Gu Qi and Xing Zhiheng implemented administrative supervision measures that issued a warning letter and recorded them in the integrity file of the securities and futures market.The Henan Supervision Bureau stated that Yinge Investment, Gu Qi, and Xing Zhiheng should fully learn the lessons, standardize corporate governance, and conduct serious self-examination and rectification of such issues, strict information disclosure obligations, and prevent violations, and thus received this decision.Submit a written report to the Supervision Bureau within 30 days.The supervision decision shows that if the supervision and management measures are not accepted, an administrative reconsideration application can be submitted to the China Securities Regulatory Commission within 60 days from the date of receipt of the decision, or 6 months from the date of receipt of the decisionNeiyi filed a lawsuit with a people’s court with jurisdiction.During the reconsideration and litigation, the above-mentioned supervision and management measures will not cease to be implemented.In the announcement, Yinge Investment stated that the company and relevant responsible persons will highly comply with the issues raised in the “Supervision Decision”, will strictly follow the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, fully draw lessons, increase the company’s internal control governance, and improve related procedures.Continuously improve the awareness of standardized operations to ensure that information disclosure is true, accurate, complete, and timely, and effectively safeguard the rights and interests of all shareholders.In October last year, Sauna Night reported that according to the materials provided by Yinge Investment Creditors, the loan of Yinge Investment, the controlling shareholder of Yinge Investment, had been overdue. Yinge Investment may be suspected of billions of illegal guarantees.Yinge Investment responded to the sauna at the time, and Yewang said that apart from the disclosed guarantees, the company had no other guarantees. Instead, it checked the original senior executives of Yinge Group for violations of laws and regulations.The secretariat of Shenzhen Qianhai Fitch Tiancheng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Fitch Leasing”) told reporters that Yinge Group borrowed 1,200 million from Fitch Leasing in April 2018, and Yinge Investment was the debt of Yinge GroupProvide Fitch Lease with joint liability guarantee and sign guarantee contract.Yinge Investment did not recognize the above guarantees.According to the 2018 annual report of Yinge Investment, the company received Fitch Lease on April 22, 2019 to complain about the 1200 million complaint against the Yinge Group, which involved the company may provide a guarantee for the matter.Yinge Investment said in its annual report that the company has not found any record of this guarantee contract after inquiring related personnel.Obviously, in June 2019, Henan Luda Law Firm was entrusted by Yinge Investment to issue a special verification legal opinion on the above 1200 million concerns, showing whether the signatures and seals on the above guarantee contract and commitment letter are true,The authenticity and legality of the guarantee contract and the letter of commitment must be confirmed by judicial appraisal.The legal opinion stated that in addition to doubts about the authenticity of the replacement guarantee contract, we cannot judge whether Yinge Investment should bear the guarantee responsibility.In addition, Yinge Investment Creditor Fitch Lease told the sauna, Yewang, Yinge Investment issued a guarantee contract with a value of more than US $ 2.4 billion to Yingkou Coastal Bank Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Binhai Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd., a commitment letter,The guaranteed parties include Yinge Group, etc., and none of them have been publicly disclosed.To proceed, Yinge Investment responded to reporters on October 22, 2019 that continuous silver pigeon investment involving illegal guarantees is not true.Yinge invested in the sauna, Yewang said that after the company’s verification of the guarantee, the company’s guarantee agreement will be stamped with the official seal or the official seal and the signature of the legal representative at the place of payment. The company has checked the company’s seal from 2017 to 2018.Registration, in addition to the company ‘s disclosed external guarantees, the company has not found any records of the company ‘s official seals on other guarantee agreements, nor has it found the authorization of related matters; in addition, the company has not been on any board of directors and shareholders ‘meetingsHave proposed or made decisions about other guarantee matters of the company (except for the disclosed guarantee matters).Yinge Investment’s investment in sauna, Yewang said, “According to the company law and the company’s articles of association, if the company provides a guarantee to the outside world, it should be approved by the board of directors and the shareholders’ meeting, and the guarantee document should be signed by the company’s legal representative.We have noticed rumors in the society, but after verification, there are no other guarantees except the ones disclosed.According to whether the former senior executives of Yinge Group have any violations of laws and regulations, we will further check, if there are, we will resolutely investigate the legal responsibility of the perpetrators and properly handle them in accordance with laws and regulations.”At present, the investment status of Yinge is not good.It is reported that the 2019 performance pre-loss announcement disclosed by the company is expected to decline by 6 in 2019.300 million to 6.8 ppm; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies after replacing non-recurring gains and losses -5.1.7 billion to -5.6.7 billion.Since the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company in 2018 is negative, the company ‘s net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company in 2019 will still be negative. Yinge Investment Announcement said that the company ‘s stock will be in the 2019 annual report.After the disclosure, the delisting risk warning will be implemented.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhu Yueyi Editor Zhao Ze proofreading Li Xiangling

Breaking News won 3 awards as the big winner of the American Makeup Artist and Hairstylist Union Award

“Breaking News” won 3 awards as the big winner of the American Makeup Artist and Hairstylist Union Award
Sauna Night News American Association of Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Awards This seminar was recently awarded. The film “Breaking News” won three awards for best modern makeup, special effects makeup and modern hair design, becoming a big winner in the movie category.For drama series, “Lie and Big Lies” won the best modern makeup and hair design.Winner list movie “Breaking News” stills.Best Modern Makeup: “Breaking News” Best Special Effects Makeup: “Breaking News” Best Modern Hair Design: “Breaking News” and “Clown” Stills.Best era / character makeup: “Clown” and “Downton Manor” stills.Best Age / Character Hair Design: Stills from “Down and Down” episodes of “Downton Manor”.Best Modern Makeup: “Large and Small Lies” Best Hair Design: “Large and Small Lies” and “Forsy and Woden” Stills.Best era / character makeup: “Forsy and Warden” Best era / character hair design: “Forsy and Warden” and “Chernobyl” stills.Best Special Effects Makeup: “Chernobyl” Sauna Night Net Editor Huang Jialing school against Wei Zhuo

Bundesliga officially rematch tonight, single substitutions increased to 5

Bundesliga officially rematch tonight, single substitutions increased to 5
Tonight at 9:30, the Bundesliga will usher in the first game of the rematch, Dortmund sits at home against Schalke 04.After shutting down for more than two months, European football has finally returned to the eyes of the majority of fans.As early as late April, the German Football Professional League submitted a report of more than 50 pages to the government and the health department.After recognition, the Bundesliga semi-finals finally became clear.[Safety]Before the league restarted, the German Football Professional League conducted a new coronavirus nucleic acid test on all the employees of the 36 teams of the Bundesliga and the Bundesliga.As the season progresses, Bundesliga players undergo nucleic acid testing at least twice a week until the end of the season.In order to ensure the health of players and staff, the Bundesliga has also developed a detailed guide, including timetable, work guide and match day process and system.First, the game will be played empty.On the game day, the home and away team players must enter the stadium in batches. The home team players must drive to the field of play, and the away team will appoint a designated vehicle into the field.Whether it is a private car or a designated car, it must be thoroughly disinfected after each use.In the game, gathering after the goal is celebrated, applause and hugs are not allowed, players can use elbows or feet to celebrate instead, spitting is also prohibited.At the same time, the Bundesliga also canceled the pre-match, post-match players and the referee shaking hands and the team photo exchange.Caddy and mascot will no longer appear on the court after the rematch.In addition, all players and coaches on the bench need to align with the mask and sit at intervals, except for players who are warming up.Coach and player guidance and communication should also be maintained 1.5 meters social distance.In the player’s locker room, the rules of the Bundesliga are stricter.This guide recommends that each player stay in the locker room as short as possible. The best time is 30-40 minutes.In addition, the players of the same team will also be scattered in different dressing rooms, the main force is separated from the bench, and players are required to shower separately.[Game system]Considering that the training intensity of long-term home isolation players is not enough, the risk of injury after the rematch is increased, FIFA has introduced a new one that can be replaced by 5 people, and the replacement is completed within 3 times.), Each club can decide whether to adopt it.Recently, the Bundesliga has announced that it will adopt this new set of regulations after the rematch.At the same time, FIFA also proposed that VAR can be suspended.But the cautious German Football Association Refereeing Committee decided that the Bundesliga and Germany B will reduce the VAR staffing configuration from the original four-person configuration to three, and will use glass plates instead. Everyone in the house must wear a mask.In a recent Bundesliga video conference, it was determined that the Bundesliga this season will do everything possible to finish, and it is expected to end in the final round on June 27.If the situation changes, it can be extended until July 30th.Once the Bundesliga ends due to some force majeure factors, it will discuss how to calculate the Bundesliga’s final ranking within two weeks.[Points to watch]There are 9 rounds left in the Bundesliga this season. Bayern is currently ranked first in the standings, 4 points ahead of second place Dortmund.Teams from second to fifth place scored tightly, and the title competition is still fierce.Tonight, both sides of the Ruhr Derby, the traditional giant Dortmund have been stable in the top 4 of the Bundesliga in the past 4 seasons. This season is currently ranked second in the Bundesliga with 15 wins, 6 draws and 4 losses.4 points.Dortmund is also the most promising team to break through Bayern’s monopoly on the navy.Although Schalke is a veteran player in the Bundesliga, they were in a sluggish state before the season was shut down. They won seven consecutive league games and the guest statistics were not optimistic.This campaign away from the strong enemy Dortmund, Schalke can turn the tide in the intermittent period is also a big issue.According to reports, there are more than 100 countries and regions in the world that will broadcast the Bundesliga games. German media also predicts that the first Bundesliga rematch tonight will be watched by more than 3 billion people worldwide.

Pony Fairy is an imported product, don’t hit the country’s famous sign

“Pony Fairy” is an imported product, don’t hit the country’s famous sign
Recently, an original domestic animation “Pony Fairy” was quietly launched.Listening to this name, it is easy to think of another animation “My Little Pony”, look at the promo again, and it is more like it at the same time.This can’t help but recall the domestic animated movie “Automotive” that plagiarized “Motor Racing” (aka “Automotive”) in 2015, but has been judged to be plagiarized by a domestic court.”My Little Pony” and “My Little Pony”.The attitude of seeking truth from facts, the author read the first episode.As the first episode of the opening chapter of the whole series, the plot itself is very problematic and lacks a corresponding world view and character introduction.As a work for children, these introductions are very necessary.Whether it’s “Pony Pony” or the domestic “Bear Infested”, at least the basic skills are very good.This kind of animation requires sunshine in the plot, actively and positively, and conveys positive energy to the children. As a result, the first episode of “Pony Fairy” is a little black horse bribing the teacher with cupcakes.The same problem is the picture of this film.The whole film adopts resolution 3D modeling. Although the style and human design have always been leaning on cuteness, the roughness of the quality is visible to the naked eye, accompanied by a rougher soundtrack. Stiffness and embarrassment can only be realized through the screen.The author also checked the story behind this film, and found that it is difficult to call it a domestic original.In 2012, “Pony Maffey” was created by a Danish company, and its animation production was outsourced to a Chinese company. Later, it went around and expanded by another Chinese company. Then came the “Pony Maffei” we saw today.Li.The news at the time described this work in the auction as “the famous animated TV IP based on the internationally best-selling toy and lifestyle brand Filly.”This is also the most confusing part of the film. In fact, the whole film is barely original from beginning to end. As a result, this IP is owned by a Danish company, but it is still under the banner of “National Original” on social media.Propaganda, is such “domestic animation” really what we want?Stills of “My Little Pony”.The other animation “Pony Pony” mentioned earlier was broadcast in 2010, and the history is not very long (but the “Pony Pony” toy has appeared in 1983).Its popularity in China is very high, and it has been loved by audiences of all ages after its launch.The original works of the “Little Pony” series are also dating early. CCTV Children’s Channel, BTV Children’s Channel, iQiyi, Tencent, Station B and other mainstream TV stations and webcast platforms have been introduced, which greatly promoted the “Pony Poli” series of animations andThe development of toys in China.Although the popularity is nowhere near as popular as the domestically produced original imitation animations such as “Bear Infested”, there is some popularity.”Pony Fairy” promoted everywhere under the banner of domestic original animation. For the domestic animation that has just established a reputation, the damage is difficult to estimate.In the past 2019, domestic animations have not only excellent young works like “The Bear Comes Out”, but also excellent commercial animations like “White Snake: The Origin” and “The Necromancer’s Destiny”, both word of mouth and commercial incomeCome to a new high.It is conceivable that this “Little Ma Feili” by Dongfeng of “domestic original animation”, at least in commercial performance will not be too bad.For many Chinese parents, it is a pony anyway. Is it so important whether it is an American horse or a Chinese horse?What’s more, they are still under the banner of domestic original animation. For many parents and children who may not have contacted “Pony Pony” before, they may really think that “Pony Pony” is Chinese.Howe’s works.”Racing Story” and “Autobot Story”.Therefore, the author very much hopes to see that “Ma Feili” has failed both in word of mouth and in business. Only in this way can the behavior of internal animation practitioners attempting to opportunistically and circumvent money be completely cut off.If “Pony Maffey” can achieve some commercial results, then the result is that there will be a large number of similar companies popping up like mushrooms, using similar methods to mass-produce reduced industrial waste to confuse viewers and consumers.This kind of story has been experienced by Chinese animation once. In response to the call of the country to vigorously develop the animation industry, some animation companies have caused serious harm to the entire Chinese animation industry in order to make up for the production of crude and low-level animation.Today, many young people mention domestic animations. They are young, naive, and the plot is clumsy. Rough making is still an inevitable label. The bad results of bad money driving out good money are difficult to recover in a short time.The development of the industry not only requires the investment of capital and the persistence of practitioners, the most basic industry self-discipline is equally important.□ Yuan Lei (Anime critic) Wu Longzhen, editor of Sauna Night Net, proofread by Zhai Yongjun