Xia Jian couldn’t accept Wuna’s enthusiasm,After all, they only met,And on what occasion did you meet。last night,Xia Jian drank some wine,It’s totally hot-headed,But he is very sober today,So he didn’t say anything,Just smile。

The people on the plane quickly filled up,Xia Jian found his seat and sat there,It didn’t take long,Una ran to him,With the one next to Xia JianjpPeople spoke a few words of English,Changed her seat to Xia Jian’s side。
After the plane takes off,Entered the smooth flight section,Xia Jian just released the seat belt,Took a long breath。Una on the side hurriedly asked:“Are you not feeling well?“
“Nothing,Just move it“Xia Jian said,Doing chest expansion exercises,Took two big breaths。
It may be the reason why I didn’t get a good rest these days,Body muscle energy is somewhat decreased,The plane is high,Xia Jian felt his chest dull,Exercised twice,He feels healed slowly。
“Thank you for taking me back to the hotel last night“Una tilted her head,Said to Xia Jian with a smile。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“You’re welcome,Easy work,But I drank your wine,So we are even,No thanks“
”No way,One yard owned by a yard“Una said word by word,I heard Xia Jian burst into laughter。
The atmosphere suddenly became harmonious,The two began to chat,Anyway,From China to foreign countries,Except not talking about politics,They talk about everything。
Via chat,Xia Jian discovered,This foreign girl looks a little different from the Chinese girl,In fact, many aspects are the same,Such as understanding of life,Mercy for family,And yearning for love。The difference is that they are outgoing,More open to love between men and women,Unlike us Chinese,Due to the influence of traditional thinking,Are more conservative。
This is what Xia Jian knew,Regardless of whether,He always felt that he didn’t know this Una for nothing。
Aircraft landing,Wuna smiled and said to Xia Jian:“You follow me,I will take you to the coach station,Let’s go by carlj“
“Thank you!I want to stay here for two days,Then golj,You go first!weljkeep in touch“Xia Jian shook his head,Said politely。
Una listen,A disappointed expression on his face,She nodded silently,Turn around and leave with the gift box,But just two steps,She turned around and asked:“How do we contact?“
Xia Jianyi listen,It suddenly dawned on me,He hurriedly took out pen and paper,I wrote my mobile phone number and handed it to Una,Una just smiled,Happily left with the gift box。

Xia Jian’s forehead is already sweaty,He didn’t know it was the function of this whiskey,Or he was impressed by the atmosphere of Jones,Anyway, he thinks he is particularly hot。

“take it easy!I don’t think you often go to such occasions,That’s why I asked you to drink。But my guess is not wrong,You are a little different from the other men here”Jones finished,Haha smiled twice。
Xia Jian looked blank,He doesn’t know why Jones said this to him。Just when he was thinking about these two sentences Jones said,Suddenly two more women came over,They stood behind Jones separately。
The dress of these two women is a bit fashionable,But compared to Jones,They are like Jones’s followers。But Xia Jian’s guess was soon fulfilled。
“Miss!Boss let you go up”One of the women,Bowed,Said with a smile。
Jones stood up,She smiled at Xia Jian and said:“You drink slowly!I have to go“Jones finished,Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,She has gone away laughing。Which two women following her turn back from time to time,Sneak at Xia Jian’s face,Then there was a burst of women’s presumptuous laughter。
Xia Jian suddenly felt like being teased,He was angry,He doesn’t know where the anger comes from,He’s upset anyway。Drink whiskey on this occasion,Xia Jian is really uncomfortable with drinking,He whispered to the waiter:“Bill, please!“
“Mr!The wine bill has been settled“The waitress said with a smile。
Xia Jian can’t figure it out,Just now it was Jones who told him to buy her a drink,They’re here,From beginning to end, Xia Jian didn’t see Jones taking the money out,When was this account settled??
When Xia Jian was confused and about to walk away,Suddenly there was a woman’s scolding from the other end of the bar:“Go away!Don’t give you shame“The woman’s voice was shrill with a hint of terror。In the nightclub,Things like this are not uncommon。
Xia Jian stood up,About to go away,His eyes floated past accidentally,He saw two familiar figures surrounded by a group of men with yellow hair。
Xia Jian couldn’t help being taken aback,Why are these two women so familiar?He can’t think of so much。Dashed past。He opened the crowd and took a look,He couldn’t help but cried out:“Xiao Xiao!Dragon Ball?“
Really true,One of these two women is Xiao Xiao,And the other is not someone else,It is the Dragon Ball who has worked with him for many years。He won’t admit wrong with these two people。
“President Xia!Is that you?“When Dragon Ball saw Xia Jian,Kind of crying with joy。Although Xiao Xiao didn’t speak,But her horrified face,I’m already smiling。
When Xia Jian was about to walk past,A tall and thin man with yellow hair stretched out his hand to block Xia Fajian:“Kid!Don’t trouble。These two women are attracted by Fa Ge,I want to buy them two drinks“
“We don’t know you,What’s good“Dragon Ball shouted loudly。

Not caught on the spot,That’s not me。

What reasoning,nonexistent,I only recognize one current,Catch rape and catch the double others are fake。
Even if people from the Foge Chamber of Commerce come to identify it, it’s framed。
I don’t listen!
A group of people in the Warring States period couldn’t help but look at Leo,I didn’t expect Leo to be so simple,Never admit。
This is the direct manifestation of shameless people in the world。
“Does Lieutenant General Smochuan have any direct evidence that Leo is the swordsman??”Warring States asked。
Smochuan was silent,They thought Leo would admit it when they took the photo,But why didn’t I expect Leo would ignore it at all。
What picture,I just go buy a knife,It’s not too much to eat something by the way?
I have no money,Help others kill some bad guys,Normal too。
“Cough,That’s it for the first time!”The Warring States must naturally be balanced。“Although Leo is not the leader of that underground force,But once shot,So I still have to warn!I think it’s down to one rank,How about colonel?”
The Warring States Period is giving the right side。
Military rank,As long as there is strength,It’s up and down,Didn’t you see that Leo did it twice today?。
Simochuan, they don’t speak,The Warring States Period is to sell face:“Since Lieutenant General Smochuan has noticed,Then just go ahead,Directly downgraded Li Ao to major。Leo, you can be convinced?”


The penalty head said with a dry cough:“Don’t point at the monk horse and scold the bald man,I am also an eighth rank military officer anyway,Be polite。”
Chen Xiu smiled awkwardly,I forget that the person next to me is also a member of the government。
Torture head and smile,Bring Chen Xiu to a place,Leaning against the hill,There is a long bank separated from the lake outside,More quiet。
The two went up to the stone steps on the side of the mountain。
The torturer seems to be in the old place,The path is very familiar。Took a few turns,Plum trees everywhere,Laogan Xianxia,Dense foliage,Imagine the day when plum blossoms bloom in early spring,Xiangxueruhai,Surely endless。Through a large merlin,Take a bluestone road,Coming to the outside of a courtyard with white walls of Zhumen,Walk closer,See the words outside the gate“Plum garden”Two characters。
The torturer stepped forward,Grab the big polished brass ring on the door,Turn back and whisper:“Everything is up to me。”
Chen Xiu nodded,Thought:“This plum garden,Apparently the apartment of the rich family,He brought me to investigate the formation of Qingfengzhai,How come to someone else’s house?”
I can only hear the torturer knocking the copper ring four times,Stop for a while,Knock twice,Stop for a while,Knocked five times,Stop again,Knock again,Then put down the copper ring,Step aside。
After a while,The door opens slowly,Walking side by side with a woman in her thirties,Skin like fat,Dreamlike,Exudes a faintly rich and soft luster,Like silk and satinislip,The beautiful jade is still white,Moth,Bright eyes and white teeth。Lips like rose petalsivalve,Coquettishidrop,Stunning。In pure and clear eyes,With a faint mist,Fluorescence blinking,Like a rippling water wave,Curled and charming eyelashes,Trembling slightly from time to time。Soft as silk、Under long hair,A charming neck like a swan still exposed,White as fat as jade。
Chen Xiu couldn’t help but look dumbfounded,The beauty of this woman doesn’t make sense,Wan Ruyi is like a flowering mushroom in bud,But the woman in front of me is like blooming chasing heriTender rose,Has a fatal attraction to men。
Even if Chen Xiu has become accustomed to seeing many islands in the media on the earthicountry?Actress,I feel this familiariWomen are so seductiveipeople。
The hunting head saw Chen Xiu’s idiot,Cheat in the heart:“Waiting for you to know the truth makes you too sick to eat!”
The woman glared,As if the wretchedness in my heart has been seen through by the other party,Chen Xiu hurriedly lowered his head and dared not look directly。
The woman turned her head and said dissatisfied with the torture head:“How did you get there?”
Chen Xiu is curious:“Is this woman the old friend of the torturer??Fucking,What to say to investigate the deployment of Qingfengzhai,What is more and more special!”
“Some things on the road were delayed,Let’s go in first。”

“Dean,If we lose,Will Lichuan College really be ordered to be removed??”Hong Hao asked suddenly。

Duan Changqing looked at him,But didn’t answer this question,Just patted him on the shoulder:“Don’t have to think about so much,Do your best。Even if Lichuan really does not exist in the future,We have to let all colleges remember our name in Lichuan!”
“Dean,Why not let me come。”At this moment,Zhu Minglang speak。
Duan Changqing shook his head。
“Zhu Minglang,I know you are our greatest guarantee,But I also want to let the people of Ji Ting Continent know,The trainees I cultivated will never be inferior to others!”
“I believe the real nobleness of the college lies in,No matter how humble a person is、How poor and humble,As long as he is willing to learn and work hard,Can make him transform,Make him proud to stand in this world。”
Duan Changqing said calmly and peacefully。
First372chapter Ape Gulong
I wish Minglang heard these words,There are waves in my heart。
Reminiscent of the words Duan Lan told himself a few days ago,I wish Minglang a little more admiration for Dean Duan Changqing。
Yes,How sacred and noble the college is……
But he does not make people feel a sense of superiority,Not to make people with school status superior,It’s the self-confidence and pride that will never be lost no matter where you step。
Just a few words,But it gave these students who played for Lichuan Academy a great encouragement。
At first because of the tension and low self-esteem caused by this battle,Also disappeared a bit。
Hong Hao walked towards the big competition arena,Towards the center。
quickly,Many students around began to laugh and laugh,Every sarcasm from their mouths,Hong Hao automatically ignored them。
In the end, I still speak with strength。

“Yes indeed”

The Cromwell Saints didn’t care what Baruch called him in shock.,The friendship between the two of them is very deep,Like he called Baruch‘Bastard’same,Baruch called him‘Old man’Also very normal。
“The old man has reached the limit of the sanctuary with one of the mysterious perceptions of the law of flame。”
“Then you only entered the sixth floor last time?”
“to be exact,The old man entered the seventh floor,But can’t beat,Forced to flee back to the sixth floor!”
“Who can get through on the 11th floor?!”
“Haha,take it easy,He’s only two hundred years old, he’s still young。”The Cromwell Holy Magic took a bite of a fruit in his hand,“Don’t be depressed,You have much higher potential than the old man。”
“The old man is the limit of the sanctuary.,But the limit of the sanctuary is not the limit of the strength of the sanctuary!”
“first,The law,Actually there are high and low points,Same as Sanctuary Limit,There is a difference in the power of different Xuan’ao。The flame mystery that the old man majored in,Not as powerful as the thunder and lightning that I have felt in recent years,If the old man thunder and lightning reach the limit of the sanctuary,Strength will be stronger!”
“Second come,Even if the same sanctuary powerhouse,On the basis of physical strength is far inferior to some special lives。Why are the original residents in the cemeteries of the gods terrible?Because their foundation is so strong!By contrast,Human warriors are slightly weaker than Warcraft,And the Warcraft of Magnolia,Not as talented as those terrifying creatures in the cemetery of the gods!But you and Baruch and other four little guys are exceptions,The talents of the four ultimate fighters,I don’t feel much worse than them!”
“Three come,Cemetery of the gods,not one,But three!The difficulty of the three cemeteries is different!The last time I was on the bottom of the South China Sea was the most difficult of the three,This time the graveyard of the gods should be opened in the Dark Forest,The difficulty is much lower。”
“maybe,With the ultimate strength of the sanctuary,Is expected to reach the tenth floor!”
“That’s good。。。and many more,Old man, you said the tenth floor is not the eleventh floor!”
“That’s right,Is the tenth floor,The tenth floor to the eleventh floor is very different。The eleventh floor has a godhead!That’s a chance to become a god,How can you think that ordinary sanctuary limits can be overcome!”
“If your kid is in these five hundred years,The law is elevated to a certain level,Maybe there is hope!After all, the mysterious water system you master is quite special,Plus the natural base strength and speed,Maybe there is this opportunity!”
Baruch opened his mouth,Nothing more,He is the Dragon Blood Warrior among the Ultimate Warriors,Born to have a foundation far beyond the ordinary sanctuary warcraft,But the law is mysterious,For more than five hundred years, I barely touched some fur,Want the limit of sanctuary?Give him five thousand years,It’s definitely impossible for five hundred years!
Look at Baruch’s expression,The Cromwell Saint Magister easily understood his mind:“Baruch Kid,Sanctuary life is unlimited,Even three thousand years,That’s the same thing,Maybe three thousand years later,You can break through and become a god by yourself!”
“Besides, even if it doesn’t reach the eleventh floor,If you defeat the enemy on each level in front,Also some‘Artifact’Level treasure,I’m not talking about the so-called‘Artifact’,But a real weapon of the gods level!Even some treasures,Although God’s Domain experts look down upon,But to our sanctuary powerhouse, the value far exceeds the artifact!”
Baruch’s eyes lit up,Godhead can’t get it,It’s fine to get some artifacts!

“Li Yan,Why are you doing this to me!”

Jing Mu looked at Li Yan,Suddenly broke out。
Simultaneously,Let go of my sister。
Fang Yu hugged the girl quickly,Shook his head,Start to get the pulse。
That little mess,I’ll talk later……
When Fang Yu got his pulse。
Jing Mu punched over!
Fang Yu avoided subconsciously……
Jing Mo hit his sister,Girl vomiting blood。
More serious!!!
Jing Mu saw this scene,Excited brain congestion。
Li Yan saw her boyfriend fainted,Anxious。
thing,Getting messy!
First78chapter you guys,who is it?

“Blood river,Master Scarlett’s disciple,Didn’t you hear of the dignified God of War??”Pan Mang actually broke through,He seems unwilling,Still resentful,I actually want to distract Li Tianzhi,If you can take the opportunity to provoke,He doesn’t mind revealing the old foundation of Blood River again。

In the eyes of Panmang,Cooperation is transaction,Only the strong speak,At the underground palace scene,Without this‘Seal of God’s Punishment’,He is the strongest,Li Xiucheng is far from returning to his peak state,I believe this seal is over,Li Xiucheng’s vitality will quickly take time out,A mere golden body is not his opponent,And Pan Mang didn’t think the other party really dared to smash this earth-shattering mark,Even smashed,He can’t die,There are two heads and souls in other places,With a strong cultivation base and background,He can still come back,Just a little bit more painful,Can bear。
“Master Panmang is a good way。”Xiao Yanda sneered,Then he bowed his hand in the air,“Ghost Clan,Not worth mentioning,If it weren’t for Master Panmang,,I won’t risk using such a trick,But since things are happening like this,Xiao Mou is willing to be punished,Give an explanation to the Temple of War。”
“You are blood river,Then Wenyu Shen is Zifeng,Sure enough,The energy of the blood family opened Li’s eyes today。”Li Tianzhen has already cut off the vitality injection to Dayin at this moment,The dazzling brilliance of the huge seal is gradually getting away,He definitely couldn’t make this mark,But you can use‘Seal of God’s Punishment’The enveloping supernatural power temporarily trapped Panmang and Xiao Yanda,Wait for an opportunity to kill them one by one。
Li Tianzhi’s insignificant actions cannot escape Pan Mang’s perception,And after opening his eyes again, he was not blinded by Fang Yin’s light,I knew that just a sentence made it difficult for Li Tianzhen to make up his mind,Can’t help but sneer,Once opponents and enemies disobey the courage of the past,Rat trap,This is the weakness。
“But Li also said just now,You die today!”
Li Tianzhen’s words just fell,A touch of emerald green draws a straight light trail,With a bang, it hit the ruins not far from Pan Mang’s body,After a terrible cry at the same time,Blood spray,Flying rocks,The body of a big black god and demon was ejected,Corpse separation,Black hair on the head like a mountain ape,The eyes are extremely angry and frightened,Ye Dao instantly killed the big devil hidden underneath,Even the soul didn’t escape。
“Do you dare to kill in front of the old man!?”Pan Mang changed color,Hand stroke,A black ball of light emerged from its palm,Spin slowly,Turn bigger,Black like ink,Slowly glowing black light,Can actually counter the brilliance of Fang Yin。
Chapter 960 Fierce battle in ruins
Li Tianzhi’s pupil of true vision cannot see the texture structure clearly,Naturally, it is impossible to analyze the runes and the rules of formation,But clearly felt the aura of destruction,With a deep breath of the abyss,There is the power of the underlying rules。
Pan Mang’s nirvana at the bottom of the box,So confident,Because of his understanding of Li Xiucheng,Saw his weakness,So far, I haven’t awakened to the peak state of God of War,Of course he is not afraid,Even if‘Seal of God’s Punishment’Is a supernatural power,But as long as you kill Li Tianzhi,The huge square seal hanging above the head will naturally disappear。
Think you know,But don’t actually understand,When the black ball gets bigger and bigger,The green brilliance around Li Tianzhi flickered again,And faster than the first time,In fact, whenever the leaf knife flies out,Pan Mang will have a brief absence,He was scared to the bones of this blasting sword,I hate it in my bones,Three of his heads were cut off by this knife.,There is still a whistling cold wind around the neck,The pain deep into the bone marrow made him unforgettable。
The turbulent flow pulled out by the green is like a faint silk ribbon,Unhappy memories slowed Pan Mang’s reaction,It’s just a little bit insignificantly slowly,It’s too late when the consciousness moves again,The rubble in front of him was blown into the sky with a crash,Black blood spurts like an arrow,This time the blade knife was extremely thorough,I didn’t even see a corpse in the capital,There is a god and demon killed,Extremely clean。
Almost at the same time,An extremely exaggerated big black gun has flew in front of Pan Mang,The tip of the gun quivered,Bring out a gorgeous gun,There is a dragon head faintly roaring with its mouth open in the middle,This fancy pattern changed Panmang’s face drastically,He remembered an old enemy,Recognized this big gun。
In a hurry,His body retreated quickly,Four arms grow from the left and right shoulders,One arm is holding a sledgehammer,Bang on the tip of the gun,Pan Mang swept back again with his huge momentum,And Li Tianzhen was also churned by the shock,Staring at gold stars,Can’t help,This old man is really fierce。
“Is that old dog Yuwen dead??”
“Bullshit!”Li Tianzhen yelled,Twist the gun and stab,The body and the big gun turned into a black shadow,Like a flying pestle,He and Li Xiucheng’s golden body match,Strive to be preemptive,Never want Pan Mang to sacrifice the black ball,This thing is as lethal as‘Seal of God’s Punishment’,Li Tianzhen is worried about a catastrophe,Not easy to use,But Panmang’s heart is like a rock,Naturally without scruples in desperate situations,This is the weakness of Li Tianzhen。
Pan Mang takes another shot,The body ran into the light curtain shrouded by the seal of God’s punishment while retreating rapidly,The whole back is as painful as being burned by fire,This is the fire of the true god,Even if Panmang has his skin made of copper and iron, he can’t stand it,Uncontrollably furious,The arm on the right volleyed,I don’t know where I grabbed a piece of black、Something like a rock,Raising his hand and hitting the light curtain。
Bang,Li Tianzhu’s heart shock,As if being beaten in the chest with a sledgehammer,Plus Panmang’s impact just now,Two consecutive times,He was in pain immediately。

“Don’t you forget,You have to go to work tomorrow……You won’t go back now,There is a high probability that tomorrow your company will have a problem。Have some decisions,Need you or your father to handle!”

Fang Yu looked at Jiang Wan’er,Illustrates the pros and cons。
Jiang Wan’er gave Fang Yu a blank look,Leave depressed。
Fang Yu shook his head,This time,Some are busy!
“Doctor Fang,Why are you still here?”
When Fang Yu is leaving,Met Christina。
“I have something here!You live in the hospital?”Fang Yu checked the time,It’s just one o’clock in the morning。This Christina is still here。
“My brother says boring,Let me find some videos for him to watch!Didn’t this just bring him over……Now he is refreshed,Just trouble me!”
Christina looked at Fang Yu with complaining eyes,Full of complaints。
Fang Yu replied,Then ready to go back。
It’s normal for Jackson to go back like this,Recovered after all,In good spirits。In a few days,I guess I will return to my normal schedule。
“Who was that girl just now……I can see,You care about her!”
Christina a few small steps,Keep up with Fang Yu。
“Patient’s family!”Fang Yu sternly。
What Jiang Waner was looking for,It’s not like Fang Yu。
I lived there before,Can’t have feelings,Prove that they are not appropriate。Fang Yu is not in a hurry anyway,Do the things in front of you first。
Love thing,Not what Fang Yu wants to get。

As the saying goes,Don’t know,Startled when inquired,Rawls·Royce was shocked up and down:Fernandez·Not only does Chen own a dismantling and recycling plant in China,And also invested in China’s infrastructure industry、Motorcycle manufacturing and automobile manufacturing industry、Real estate industry、it……He even cooperated with a state-owned enterprise in China to build a super large pig farm and chicken farm。

An American billionaire who cooperates with China State Administration of Computer Industry and State Administration of Radio and Television Industry,Actually invested in the construction of a pig farm and a chicken farm in China,You dare to believe such an outrageous thing?
But it just appeared。
Chen Geng continued:“prior to,Huaxia officials invited me to serve as their economic and trade cooperation with the United States、General consultant for comprehensive planning of technology and product introduction,In return for me,The Chinese government allowed me to enter China’s civil aviation transportation industry,and so……”
Speaking of which,Chen Geng shrugged,Implication:I mean you understand?
Ralph·Sir Robbins can no longer maintain his previous calmness,Surprised to grow up his mouth。A long time,He just squatted:“they……They allowed you……”
“and so……Fokker……”
Ralph·Robbins stopped talking,His brain is spinning fast。
AS Rolls·Chairman of the board of Royce,Compared to other Western companies,Ralph·Sir Robbins believes that he still has a good understanding of China Civil Aviation,After all, I once sold to Huaxia peopleRB211engine,Knowing that China’s civil aviation industry is just a pile of shit,But it is said that China’s economy has developed rapidly in recent years,Considering the huge population base of China,Fernandez·Chen’s approach is not difficult to understand:For China with such a huge population、But for countries where few people can afford to fly,Fokker company is preparing to develop this100Large jet line/The small trunk plane is just right。
Then,Fernandez·Why does Chen want to join Fokker’s new aircraft development program??
First of all,As a shareholder of this project,He can offer the best price、Get the plane with the highest priority;
Secondly,In terms of later use cost, that is, the price of spare parts,He can also get a huge cost advantage that other normal customers can’t match;
The best part is,If the plane sells well in the future,He can still get dividends。
of course,If this project fails,He has to lose a lot of money,But what does it matter?Since it is an investment,Then there is a risk,How can there be a steady profit without losing trade?
Ralph who feels he has understood Chen Geng’s plan·Sir Robbins is completely relieved。
Fernandez·Chen is willing to participate,For Fokker、For Rawls·Royce is a good thing,For Fokker,Relieved them of financial pressure;For Rawls·For Royce,It means that I have obtained the market share of this part of the China market out of thin air——With an average of seven engines for every three aircraft(The extra one is a spare)To calculate,Even if China Market can provide20How about the sales of the plane,That’s almost50An engine。