Centennial struggle forging the Chinese Communist Party in the forefront of the times

Original title: Centennial struggle forging, in the era, the Chinese Communist Party of China, a hundred years of brilliant journey. At the moment, the Party Central Committee held the 19th National Plenary Session, the Party Central Committee held a comprehensive summary of the major achievements and historical experience of the party’s 100-year struggle.

The "resolution" summed up from the party’s century, why we can succeed, how can we continue to succeed in the future, reflecting our party attaching importance to the high political consciousness of the use of historical law, keeping in mind the mission, and continuing to open a confidence, with a major Realistic and historical significance.

  After the birth of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese people have made a happiness in the Chinese people, and establish a renewal for the Chinese nation to establish an initial mission. In the past 100 years, the Communist Party of China has led the people of all ethnic groups to each other, and the major victory of the revolution, the construction, and reform has achieved four major historical achievements. First, in the new democratic revolutionary period, the blood is fighting, and it has been unfair. It has established new China to achieve the national independence and the liberation of the people; the second is in the socialist revolution and construction period, self-reliance, indignation, strong, establish a socialist system, realize The Chinese nation has the most extensive and profound social change in history; the third is to reform and opening up and socialist modernization, emancipate the ideology, forge ahead, create and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics, and promote the Chinese nation to stand up to rich The great leap of the party; the fourth is the party’s 18th National Congress, self-confidence and self-improvement, and innovation, achieving the first hundred years of struggle, and completed a well-off society in China, creating a great achievement of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. In order to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, it provides a more comprehensive system guarantee, a more solid material foundation, and more active spiritual power, and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation into the historical process.

This is the great achievement of the Chinese Communist Party to be proud, and the great achievements of the Chinese people will always be remembered. The major achievements of the Communist Party of China have a great achievement of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the development of human society with an indelible historical merits and important significance. The party’s hundred years of struggle fundamentally changed the future of the Chinese people. In 1921, the founding of the Communist Party of China has led the Chinese people to find a rural surrounding city, armed for the right revolutionary road. After 28 years of bathing, the people have established a new China who is the master of the people, thoroughly ending China’s thousands of years The imperialism of oppression and more than a hundred years has opened a new era of the development of the Chinese nation. The party’s 100-year struggle opened up the right way to realize the great revival of the Chinese nation.

In the early days of the founding of New China, the economy was withered, and it was treated.

On the basis of a poor two white, our party united the people to lead the people to complete socialist transformation, establish a socialist system, establish a relatively complete industrial system and national economic system.

Since the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Party A hundred years of industrialization has created two miracles of rapid economic development and social long-term stability.

  The party’s hundred years of struggle affects the world history process.

Our party leads the people to persist in their own way, build socialism with Chinese characteristics, let a country that have turned over to the country, let a country with more than 1 billion country, achieve a relatively backward situation of productivity to the economic total The amount ranked into the world’s second historical breakthrough, got out of a Chinese-style modern road, providing Chinese programs to solve the problem of human problems. The party’s 100-year struggle forged the Chinese Communist Party in the forefront of the times.

The Chinese Communist Party has been in a rigorous and vigorous, the reason is to always adhere to the party to manage the party and strictly govern the party.

We are always promoting the social revolution, and our party is brave in promoting self-revolution, forming a spiritual spectrum with the source of great Justice party, maintains the party’s advanced nature and purity, and has fully played a strong leadership. The thousands of autumn wines, it is precisely in the past 100 years.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. The Communist Party of China adheres to and strengthens the party’s comprehensive leadership, and coordinates the overall layout of "five integration", coordinating the "four comprehensive" strategic layouts, insisting and improve Chinese characteristics. Socialist system, promote the modernization of national governance systems and governance, and adhere to the rule of the party, form a relatively perfect party and internal legacy system, defeat a series of major risk challenges, achieve the first hundred years of struggle, clearly achieve the second hundred years of struggle The target’s strategic arrangements, the hard work of the party and the national business have achieved historical achievements. In the face of a large change in the past 100 years, China can have a steady, maintain a strategic power, and inseparable from the party centers of Xi Jinping as the core of the party. The Party’s 19th CPC Central Committee pointed out that the party established the core of Xi Jinping, the core of the party, the core status of the whole party, established the guidance of Xi Jinping’s socialist thinking, reflecting the whole party’s all-party people Wish, the development of the new era of the party and the national career, which has decisive significance for promoting the great revival history of the Chinese nation.

  Look forward to the road, firm front line. 100 years ago, history and people chose the Chinese Communist Party.

For 100 years, the party has handed over the excellent answer from history and people. At the journey of realizing the great revival of the Chinese nation, China will will win under the strong leadership of the party centron who is the core of Xi Xi Ping, and the new great achievements will be created.

  (The author is the deputy professor of the Party of the Party School of the Party School) Yue Liang Source: China Youth Daily (Editor: Wan Peng, Lephen).

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Chongqing traffic change "smart" citizens travel more "wisdom"

  "It is convenient to travel now, and a car can sit in the track Kangzhuang station, which is shortened by a half an hour before it is previously shorted.

"At 8 o’clock on November 4, the citizen Li Zhi, who took the bus in Tongxing hub, praised the bus No. 533. At the end of September this year, Cai Jiaping Jiang Bridge, two rivers and soil, Jialingjiang Bridge (Soil and Soil and New City Bridge), Lijia The three new bridges of the Jialing River Bridge and the Turning Main Zhongliangshan Tunnel (referred to as "Three Bridge One Tunnel") open traffic, Chongqing Traffic, the bus group combined with public transportation data analysis, planning layout is 533 (Tongxing hub – Kangzhuang Bus hub station), 530 lines (track Caijia-track heavy gum) and 964 lines (Wanshou Dragona-Track Caijia) 3 bus lines are convenient for people to travel along the line.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Transportation Bureau, this is only the "implementation plan" "Implementation Plan" in the "2021 Central City Road Traffic Block", focusing on "a one-block" people’s livelihood, using big data intelligence to promote the city One of the initiatives of congestion governance. In advance data analysis, the new line planning scientific reasonable "Three Bridge One Tunnel" was completed and opened to traffic, and the Chongqing Traffic opening the bus group by establishing a public transportation model, integrating bus credit card data and vehicle GPS data, and conducted public transportation OD (between the end of the trip Transportation volume: The full fare is minus up to 2 yuan by the previous maximum 6 yuan.

  Take Lijia Bridge as an example, 533 roads directly connects to Lijia and Tongxing Industrial Park, which effectively solves the travel problems of more than 1,000 people near Lijia and more than 1,000 people.

According to reports, before, the public took the bus from the Tongxing Hub Station through the Double Bridge to Kangzhuang. Take the 576 line first, then transfer at the Line 6 Caijia Station.

Now the 533 line is straight, the whole process is shortened by 80 minutes to 32 minutes.

  Similarly, before the opening of the 964 line, residents near Wanshou went to the Caijia Rail Station, first take the 969 line, and then change it by two bus, it will take about 1 km to get it, it takes 2 hours. Now, a car is straight, and it takes only 35 minutes. Realizing fast payment of non-cash ticket purchase payment accounting more than 96% of the citizens also achieve intelligence: use mobile phones to sweep the second-dimensional code, you can purchase tickets; when the bus arrives at the station, which bus lines are available in the area, through the mobile phone The APP query is at a glance. According to reports, in recent years, the city has built a bus intelligent application demonstration project, and the central urban area has built a bus GPS positioning and 4G video system, real-time vehicle operation trajectory real-time monitoring, vehicle to off-site automatic broadcast, and operational process; A platform cooperation, providing mobile client bus dynamic information inquiry; built 40 bus intelligent electronic station cards, cover 128 lines.

At present, there are 684 bus lines in the central city, and more than 8,000 vehicles are all implemented in real time. Not only that, Chongqing has achieved the national public transport card interconnection, mobile payment full coverage, central urban bus card and scan code payment account for more than 96%, leading the country; rail transit, has achieved Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing 4 The city’s rail transit scanning code is paid to the interconnection function; the city’s 73 network stations have realized a variety of payment methods such as online ticket purchase.

  Optimized wire network structure road network operation efficiency is higher on September 1 this year, the alley bus 3102 line Nan’an Qingyuan Road is officially opened, more than 30,000 residents along the line realize convenient travel: Take the bus to change Take the track traffic. Previously, nearby residents had to walk 30 minutes to the bus stop.

After the 3102 line is shipped, it takes only 20 minutes from Qingyuan Road to the track tea garden to achieve the effective connection of the second road and the main line. At present, the central city has accumulated 13 alley bus lines and transported more than 10,000 passenger traffic every day. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Transportation Bureau said that the city has constructed "fast, dry, support, micro" four-level bus network hierarchy including the alley bus, namely the bus express line, standardizing the bus line, developing The bus expansion line has piloted the bus microcirculation line – the alley bus. The completion of this four-level bus network level is due to the completion of the "Urban Public Traffic Data Intelligent Joint Laboratory" and the Intelligent Data Platform of the Public Transport Intelligence. With it, the overall road network operation is improved.

  Creating the smart station station station’s efficiency is greatly improved in the rail transit Line 6 Guibo Mini Station. Passengers only use fingers to gently set up a comprehensive information display. All vehicles and travel information are at a glance: the time of the two-way line train arrives, and the first The last shift is departed, the displacement around the entrance and exit, the bus line. "With it, the passengers don’t have to worry about the train can’t find the transfer, and don’t worry about finding the nearest access to the destination.

"The relevant person in charge of the City Rail Group said that the Ministry of Guofa Center, the intelligence of the intelligence management platform, established a smart safety management platform, and initially realized the smart operation of the station, the smart and peacekeeping service, 64 outbound automatic ticketing machine At the same time, the traffic of the station has turned over.

At the same time, Chongqing West Railway Station, Fengming Mountain Station and Yuelai Station also built a track smart station. The long-distance station also changed "smart". The four kilometers of the city have been built and the Xikawa Station smart passenger station realized the function of brushing ticket purchase, vehicle intelligence, and the station’s power efficiency increased by 50%. □ Our reporter Yang Yongqin (responsible: cover pure, Zhang Wei) Share more people see.

Contemporary Reserves Chongqing Fourth Pieces Decorated View MOMλ Experience Center debut

Chongqing’s conclusion mom λ project renderings.

The contemporary reserves are mapped on the day, and the Chongqing Dangdang Moma model is also seen in the first time with a long time.

The building is essential for contemporary aesthetics, smooth space layout, just the best element design, with artistic strokes, touching spaces, and outline the ideal life, will visit the guests in the template to instantly bring future life scenes. It is understood that the project will build a plate-permeable house area with about ultra-low volume, about the four seasons of the four seasons, the luxugered configuration of two households, and the formation of Fangzheng variables and other models of the family grow. The house is complementary and functionalized. It is worth paying attention to Chongqing’s conclusion of MOMλ to build an 86-126m2 谧 境 房 即, more project information is about to be released.

(Contemporary home delivery) (Note: This article belongs to the business information of the People’s Network, the content of the article does not represent this website, for reference only.

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China @ 四川 | Prevention and control "Small Glasses" my country will start "bright action"

  Xinhua News Agency, April 2 (Reporter Wu Xiaoying, Yuan Qiuyue) Reporters learned from the national comprehensive prevention and control of children in Chengdu, I learned that my country’s children’s adolescent myopia prevention and control work has been actively Progress and effectiveness, the overall neighborhood of national children’s adolescents fell by% in 2018 to the end of 2019. In response to the problem of near my country’s adolescents, near the year of myopia, the proximity to the comprehensive prevention and control of children’s youth myopia, the 2018 Ministry of Education and other eight departments were issued "comprehensive prevention and control children’s adolescent myopia".

  Zhong Dehua, deputy director of the Ministry of Education, said that more than two years, high attention, continuous improvement of myopia prevention and control work, due to comprehensive policy, and actively responded to the influence of new coronal pneumonia, the opening effect is remarkable.

In the first half of last year, it was affected by new coronal pneumonia, and children’s adolescent lines were lengthened, and outdoor activities were reduced. In 2020, the overall vision of children’s adolescents has increased compared with 2018, but still decline compared with 2018. In response to the influence of the epidemic, the Ministry of Education has developed a "Children’s Youth Myopia Prevention and Controlling Bright Action (2021 – 2025)", and proposes to guide students to consciously love the eye, Reduce student’s academic burden, strengthen outdoor activities and physical exercise, scientifically standardize the use of electronic products, implement visual health monitoring, improve students’ visual environment, improve professional guidance and correct quality, and strengthen 8 measures such as vision health education. For example, in implementing visual health monitoring, the establishment of children’s adolescent vision health monitoring database, conducting dynamic monitoring of national children’s adolescents every year, and striving to achieve full coverage of county (district) children’s adolescent myopia monitoring.

Be early monitoring, early detection, early warning, 0-6 years old children’s eye care and vision inspection coverage rate of more than 90%. Seriously carry out the vision screening of primary and secondary school students, providing personalized, targeted prevention and control programs for vision or suspicious eye disease.

  Zhong Denghua said that it is necessary to focus on the issue, and vigorously implement the "Children’s Youth Tear Prevention and Control Bright Action", do a good job in mobile phone, homework, sleep, reading, and physical fitness, implement physical exercise requirements, and improve visual environmental conditions.

To strengthen schools, students, families, healthcare institutions, and government-related departments, and continue to deploy the assessment of myopia prevention and control, comprehensive scientific prevention and control, ensuring effective in children’s adolescent myopia prevention and control work. (over).

Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Association

Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Association Source: China Volunteer Time: On December 16, 2013 Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Association Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Association was established in the first anniversary of the Beijing Olympic Games in August 2009, in Beijing Municipal Civil Political BureauRegistered public welfare community legal person organization.Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Liu Qi, secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, as the president, the mayor Guo Jinlong, held the executive president.The Olympic Association implements a member of the Member General Assembly, and the first batch of members, which consists of unit members and individual members.

Members of the unit include Beijing Municipal agencies, dedicated to the promotion of colleges, research institutions, Beijing Olympic Paralympic Games, sponsoring enterprises and Beijing Olympics, etc.Sudden contribution, people with certain influence in the relevant fields.


61 Offline-ruimte kan worden gebouwd

  Om het managementgedrag van de ruimte onder de stedelijke brugbrug te reguleren, zorgt u voor de veiligheid van de brugbewerking, onlangs, de stedelijke managementcommissies van de stad worden ge?mplementeerd "Space Usage-programma onder de centrale stad Tianjin (hierna" gebruik "genoemd" ), Duidelijk 61 bruggen Ruimtebruik wordt gebruikt. Het is duidelijk dat het ruimtelijke gebruiksprogramma onder de brug is bereid om de veiligheid van de bediening van de brug te waarborgen en de bruginspectie, het onderhoud en het onderhoud te vergemakkelijken en te voldoen aan het principe van veilig gebruik, openbare welzijnsprioriteit en hulpprogramma.

Volgens de "maatregelen voor de administratie van ruimtebeslag onder Tianjin City Bridge", kan de ruimte onder de stedelijke brugbrug alleen worden gebruikt om gemeentelijke openbare voorzieningen te bouwen, zoals wegen, sanitaire voorzieningen, vergroening, parkeren.

  "Gebruiksprogramma" is opgenomen in de managementafdeling van stedelijk wegbeheer in de stadscentrum (binnen de buitenste ringlijn, exclusief), en er is een viaduct, kruis-rivierbrug en andere stedelijke bruggen, een-bybrug , en district. Gebruik, afbakenen van het gebruiksbereik en wis de regionale divisie.

Gelukkeerde 61 biedt ruimte kan worden gebruikt op parkeerplaatsen, de posities en reikwijdte van de twee toepassingen van de TD, en de ruimte onder de brug is groen (inclusief het landschapsgebied), de weg, het uitschakelen van het gebied, rivieren, spoorwegen, enz . "Gebruik het programma" Vereisten, elke districtsbrug profiteert van de ruimtelijke standaard rectificatiewerkzaamheden onder de brug en maak ruimteveiligheid, naleving of bestelling. Het is noodzakelijk om te stoppen, te onderzoeken, de ruimte op te ruimen voor ruimtelijk verbod op de brug, focus op de productie, verwerkingsoperaties, stapel gevaarlijke goederen zoals ontvlambaar, explosief, bijtend, zeer giftig, radioactiviteit, gebruik open vuur, privédraden , deelnemen aan verkopen, catering, entertainment, motorfietsreiniging en onderhoud, training en andere operationele activiteiten, gebruikt in een slaapzaal, storting, verlaten (niet) motorvoertuigen, ongeautoriseerde constructie (constructie) en andere handelingen. Het "gebruiksprogramma" bepaalt dat alle districten de volgende regio’s van de brug ten strengste moeten implementeren om de eisen van het gebruik te verbieden; het parkeerterrein organiseert en stel anti-botsing en anti-rubberen faciliteiten in de buurt van de Duochun-pier (brugstation); Parkeren Veel mogen niet geparkeerd worden op de parkeerplaats, grote, ontvlambare en explosieve, gevaarlijke goederen, giftige en schadelijke items, mogen geen rapporten van afvalauto’s, zombies voertuigen, enz. Tegelijkertijd bepaalt het "gebruiksprogramma" ook dat alle districten de brug onder de bodem van de brug, de brugpier, de brugafstand niet minder zijn dan de rijstvereisten; het onderhoudsdetectiekanaal van de brug, is de brug. en zorg voor de bridge-inspectie, onderhoudspersoneel en voertuigmachines, enz., Om te voldoen aan de bruginspectie, test- en onderhoudsbehoeften. Organiseer relevante afdelingen om zich te houden aan de dagelijkse inspecties van de ruimte onder de brug en zoeken in een tijdige ontdekking van ruimteschendingen onder de brug. (Qu Qingwei Liu GuoDong).

Construction of the first line of Xining Xia Ning Xia Guyuan: Industrial Transformation Joinheng "Four Actions"

Ningxia Liuyi Mountain Area Spring View.

At the same time, the Ningxia Wenhao Hall is mapped. At the same time, Guyuan City focuses on "four rights" reform entries. Water-saving reforms around "water-saving and increased efficiency", implement the principle of "four water four", by 2025, the coefficient of irrigation water is improved.

The land rights reform revolves around the "Valuation Value", in the use of land distribution in ecological immigration, it has achieved key breakthroughs in the participation of social funds to participate in ecological protection and repair, and land comprehensive utilization benefits cars the average level of autonomous regions.

Sewage rights reform revolves around the "definition gain", establish a paid use of sesame pollution, market transactions, monitoring supervision, etc.

The reform of the mountains is around "planting green", implementing the national reserve forest construction project, promoting forestry carbon exchange trading, explores green water Qingshan to convert the new mechanism of Jinshan Yinshan. "Four Actions" is an important measure for Huimin. Guyuan City will also promote millions of immigrants to enhance their actions, explore multi-element elements to participate in income and improvement, and do a good job in industrial employment, infrastructure, public service, human residence, and social integration into the "five key tasks", and promote immigrants to become rich. Promote urban and rural residents’ income promotion, focusing on "two higher than" goals, through the development of key industries, encourage innovation, increase wage, and operative income.

Promote the quality improvement of basic education, promote the development of pre-school education, the balanced development of compulsory education, high school education quality development, "Internet + education" demonstration development, and promote students’ comprehensive development.

Promote the health level of the whole people, do not relax, do not relax, do a good job in the prevention and control of normalized epidemic, Guyuan City People’s Hospital strive for "three", build a provincial regional medical center, and promote "Internet + medical health". (Editor: Zhao Mo, Jia Ru) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Colombian government arrest attack president’s unsuccessful event

Xinhua News Agency, November 6th (Reporter Gaochun) Colombia Government 6, said that an original "Colombian revolutionary armed force" ("Brother") The leader of the rebel molecule is suspected of planning the past of the President Duke’s unsatisfactory attack catch.

The brother defense minister Mora Noo was published in the social media in the afternoon. A man who has a foreign name "Orellio" is arrested in Northeast Northeast in Northeast Northeast. In addition, the man is almost suspected of planning and launching another military camp attack. Moraino said that the goddess will continue to strengthen the law and order in North Santander, combating the illegal activities of "brothers" anti-commick. The Colombian prosecution announced that 10 cases involved in the above two attacks have been arrested in July this year, including 1 retired officer. On June 15 this year, the thirtieth-tilled military battalion of the Coats of Kutta, the provincial capital of North Santander, was hit by a car bomb, and dozens were injured. On the 25th of the same month, Duke and other officials were touched when they were destroyed when Kututa landed, but no casualties. "Corun" was once the largest, most striped anti-government armed forces in Colombia. In September 2017, it officially announced the abandonment of Wuzheng, and established the political parties "Volkswagen Revolutionary Forces".

At present, "Brothers" still have a rebel molecule in the countryside and border areas that are bordered with Venezuela.

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The 100th unit of the Three Gorges Group Yangtze River is put into power generation today.

[] [Binal No.] [] Today (19th), 9 am, the world’s second large hydropower station – Jinsha Jiang Baihe Taohe Hydropower Station, the unit will be officially connected to the Internet, which is the sixth year of the Baihe Beach Hydropower has been put into production.The unit is also the 100th water turbine generator set of the Three Gorges Group built in the Yangtze River.

This marks the Yangtze Riverflow has become a veritable world to the largest clean energy corridor.

  Baihe Tak Hydropower has a total of 16 single-machine capacity of 1 million kilowatt water turbine generators, and the first unit is put into production in 200 on June 28.It is officially put into production, which is the 6th million kilowatt unit of Baidan Hydropower Station.

(Editor: Single Ice).