Unexpectedly, Wang Youcai went to Secretary Lu to inform Xia Jian。Of course,When Wang Youcai drove away,Tong Jie also saw it standing on the balcony,That’s why she dared to say this to Secretary Lu。

First1758chapter Uncles clash
? Wang Youcai didn’t expect to touch the cold gray of his nose in Xia Jian,He is really not convinced。Logically,With his second brother’s relationship,Xia Jian should give him this to save face。Unexpectedly, Xia Jian wouldn’t pay attention to their old Wang family at all。
Wang Youcai parked his car outside the gate of Huafeng Electric Factory,Then walked quickly towards the factory。The guardian saw that Wang Youcai was here,He smiled and said:“Are you here to find Director Song?!She seems to have gone to the workshop“
“Nothing!Busy with you,I went to her office and waited“Wang Youcai said blankly,Really went to the office。
Huafeng Electric Factory logically said that their old Wang family contributed a lot,If it wasn’t for his elder brother Wang Youfa,Can this factory settle in Pingyang Town??That may still be unknown。
When I think of my big brother,Wang Youcai shook his head helplessly。He went so earlySZ,Always doing things for Huafeng Electric,Seeing to be someone’s son-in-law Up,But what nobody thought of,Qin Shuifeng, who is as ugly as a pig, kicked him off。
More than ten years of beautiful years,I sold it for 100,000 yuan,Think of it,Wang Youcai feels sorry for his unbelievable big brother。The most hateful is,He got Song Fang to Huafeng Electric。Song Fang became Huafeng’s celebrity,And his brother became a dispensable and empty factory manager。
The factory is where the products are produced,If as a manager,You don’t understand management,Not knowing production technology,Sooner or later the boss abandons you。
“What are you doing?“Just when Wang Youcai was thinking about these messy things,Suddenly Song Fang came over from a walk in the factory。
Wang Youcai was taken aback,Then he smiled and said:“Of course I have something to discuss with you“
“it is good!Then go to my office“Song Fang said,Gestured,Then walk forward quickly。
The boss of Huafeng Electric,Her office is naturally good。Large desk,Premium leather swivel chair,Also put a computer on the desk。Wang Youcai took a look,I’m so sinking that I’m a bit bad。His office is connected to the bedroom,Plus, it’s not half the size of Song Fang’s office。
“Sit down!Tea or coffee?“Song Fang asked softly。
Song Fang suddenly became so gentle,Wang Youcai is not used to it。He met Song Fangyi,Either scolding or sarcasm。Scenes like today are really rare。
“Have a coffee!Add some sugar“Wang Youcai said,I sat on the sofa,Cocked Erlang’s legs。
Song Fang made the coffee and put it in front of Wang Youcai:“Please tell me as soon as possible。Between us you know,Can’t talk,Besides, I’m still your sister-in-law“
“I’m going to find Xia Jian,I didn’t expect him to blast me out。But I tell you,A big boss wants to invest alone,Thus,I’m afraid we won’t have the show“Wang Youcai saw Song Fang treat him like this,Then came straight to the point,Talked to her directly。

“No problem。”It’s hard to guarantee Qiu Kejian this time,Explore in the Void,Everything is betting,But the chessboard must not fall into the hands of outsiders,Into the mysterious place,I can only say that it is relatively safe,The premise is that the three of them must guard the beacon of nine paths,Lost any one,Foreign visitors will always appear in front of young people。

Talking more is not helpful,Everyone is groping in the dark,Can only wish good luck,Qiu Kejian immediately waved to the boy,The gray shadow flashes,Has disappeared from the bubble。
A young boy,Also left the bubble,His current cultivation has barely reached the level of the gods,Can be classified into the ranks of high-level magicians,Without any external help,It is very difficult to survive in the void independently。
But except for the mysterious place,Without the big eyes on your side,The teenager can sense everything here with all his heart,The first is the original call that used to be like nothing,I didn’t experience it well the first time,But this time it’s very clear。
The body of the teenager does not seem to be guided,Float forward naturally,He gradually relaxed his nervous heart,Soon submerged in a white light。
The milky light shines through,The teenager feels uncomfortable,Like spring breeze,Like a baptism,Wash all the dirt away,The body has never felt relaxed,Waving limbs freely,But full of surging power,This kind of strange feeling makes young people want to stop。
I heard a dull rumbling sound in my ear,Very dense and scary,Like a thousand thunders,But the teenager doesn’t seem to care,In the milky world,He can’t see what is causing this kind of thunder for the time being,Just walk forward looking for the call。
The inside of the mysterious place is much bigger than expected,I don’t know how long it has been,These thunder sounds gradually sparse,Seems to have been left far behind by him,Replaced by pouring rain,Milky raindrops,In an instant, the boy was soaked all over。
Strange to say,This feeling of rain is not real,There is no cold and humid discomfort like being drenched in soup chicken。
Milky white raindrops stick to the body and quickly penetrate into the body,Countless dense raindrops are absorbed by teenagers,Or to get into the boy’s body,He was surprised that such a large number of raindrops ran somewhere on the body。
In the mysterious land,The young man’s consciousness cannot be released,It’s hard to sense anything outside of the body,But he can still clearly see everything he wants to see in the body,Milky white raindrops penetrate into the body and turn into smoke,The sea of air and brain converge from all directions。
A large amount of smoke enters the world of gods,Didn’t feel much at first,Except for the smoke in the deep space,No other changes,Wait until the flue gas accumulates to a certain concentration,Began to flood into the Temple of Five Elements。
Strange,Once encountered an abnormality, the five-element sacred fire that appeared with the colorful glow,Let the smoke fill up everywhere,Changes have begun in the Temple of the Five Elements,The first is the left wall,Suddenly became strange,A variety of graphic images continue to emerge,Fleeting,Fast and hard to tell。

For Li Cuihua, this comes,Great sexual character Dong Xiajian is very like。

He suddenly felt that Li Cuihua seems to be able to eat it with him into the entertainment circle.。
Don’t say anything else,It’s very good for this personality.。
If Li Cuihua, he went to the table.,Turn him on one side,He may be a bit awkward。
But Li Cuihua directly told him,Let him,That feeling is that the two are very good friends.,Needless to have a penny,Let Li Cuihua said that the words that he walked, it turned into a speech of playing jokes.。
Li Hui looked at Dong Xiajian back the dish.,Laugh:“how?
It was rushed back.?”
“Hey-hey,how is this possible?
Director Dong people have this statement that is caught back.,The most is the defeat.,But I feel that your Cuihua scorpion is absolutely able to enter the entertainment circle.。”
“hehe,She doesn’t follow you, I don’t care.,But just go with you.,You can’t bull your people.,Otherwhere, I will shoot.,And I should know what consequences.?”
Dong Xiaojian has no concern about Li Hui’s words.,Perfunctory:“Hey-hey,do not worry,how is this possible。”
Li Hui naturally also seen the other party is completely perfunctory.。
Go on:“Give me your hand,I will show you the pulse。”
Dong Xiajian immediately stretched this right away.,After all, he is very convincing for Li Hui’s medical skills.。
Just when Li Hui’s hand hits it in his wrist,He suddenly felt that the whole person stopped in the breath.,Then I saw my hand in an instant.,Old scum appeared on the back of the hand。
Although it is just a moment,But soon recovered。
Just when he thought it was an illusion,Li Hui is also open again.。
“Now you should know the result I shot.?
This is just my little means,So don’t take my words as a good thing.。”
For Li Cuihua,Li Hui Feng does not like it.,But the same is a village,He also didn’t want to see Li Cuihua being bullied.。
Dong Xiajian was scared by the scene just now.。
“What is your means you just used??”
“Hey-hey,Don’t worry about what I use,Just know that my medical skill is not simple.。”
Say this,Li Hui said that two men who came with Dong Xiajian came over.,He is also a little beer and laughing:“Come,Drink drink,Thank you for many big brothers today.,When I am walking tomorrow, I will give you an apple.,My apple remembers not to eat more,Eat more, although it is good for your body,But the same physical quality is not strong,Eat more possible problems。”
Looking at Li Hui Rong said that this is directly 咕 咕 咕 下。
Dong Xiaojian and the other two are also 咕咚 咕。
May be a bit anxious,One of the men can’t help but open the mouth.。
“Xiao Li brothers,Do you say that your apple is so mad??
Is the apple eat it is good for your body??
Is it harmful??”
“hehe,This big brother,You ate a few apples today.?”
“Forehead,More than ten?”
Heard more than ten,Li Hui Feng frowned,At the same time, I am going to teach the big white.。
Actually people have eaten so much。
“hehe,Then you only have to sleep today.,I will feel the changes in my body tomorrow.,And my apple is really a thousand dollars.,So this big brother, you ate 10,000 yuan this time.。”
For Li Hui Feng,The opponent’s root will feel a kind of feeling。
This is also true of Dong Xiaojian。

Xia Jian glanced at this woman and asked:“Moved back now?Are you not separated??”

“Hi!I can’t move back,Child quit。But people are back,But we still sleep separately”When Ma Chuntao said this,,There was a bitter smile on his face。
Xia Jian sighed and said:“Why bother!Since they are all gone,Just live a good life together,Life forever,A lifetime,Are very short”
“Young couple and old companions,Marriage for me,Has no meaning。I just want to make my children grow up healthily,Not because of the discord between our generation,And affect their next generation”Ma Chuntao said something sad。
Xia Jian glanced at Tong Jie,Nothing more。After all, he is the same as Tong Jie,People who have never been married,So they don’t have much experience to offer to others。
Chat for a while,Xia Jian is going to Xiping Village,Tong Jie said nothing,Also follow。Ma Chuntao wants to go,But thought for a while,So I found an excuse to say something happened at home,Did not follow。
Ma Yan saw that Xia Jian was here,I am extremely happy inside,But she pretended to be cold on the surface。She deliberately asked coldly:“What are you doing?”
“Ah!Xiping Village is my home,Can’t i come?”Xia Jian also replied coldly。
The clever Tong Jie suddenly felt,There should be a problem between these two。Otherwise, they won’t sneer at each other。As the saying goes,There is no love for no reason in this world,And no hate for no reason。
Ma Yan couldn’t hold herself up soon,She smiled and greeted Tong Jie to sit down,Then asked Xia Jiandao in a low voice:“Dinner at my house in the evening?I let my mother prepare now”
“Damn!I know a meal all day long”Xia Jian said impatiently。
Ma Yan was taken aback,Suddenly she found Xia Jian’s brows were frowning,A very unhappy look。It seems I have to be careful。
Ma Yan teas Tong Jie and Xia Jian,While asking Tong Jie quietly:“What happened to this person today?Feels like eating*Like”
“He has been a bit unhappy at work recently,Just forgive me”Tong Jie glanced at Xia Jian,Secretly said to Ma Yan。
Ma Yan is a bit strong,When she heard that Xia Jian was wronged at work,Said loudly immediately:“Do what you can,I can’t do you back to Xiping Village。The cooperative in our village is such a big mess,I need someone like you to do it”
Tong Jie finally understands now,It turns out that Ma Yan has such thoughts about Xia Jian。She felt a little vaguely before,But it’s not obvious。Now it seems,This should be true。
“Damn!Don’t talk about these useless。Has Chen Feng harassed you again recently??”Xia Jian quickly changed the subject impatiently。
Ma Yan shook her head and said:“Haven’t come recently,Like it disappeared。It’s best to never show up again”

“Fate course,These should be the weapons left by Huajun left in the Shanghai Shanghai War.!”In the well, Junxiu surveyed the scene,

“How do Zheng Yao know how to know the Prince in Fuchun Building?!”Watanabe Xiongo said,
“It should be that the team exposes the whereabouts!So many cars and military protected,I don’t know if I don’t know.!”Junxiu said in the well,
“But,They prepare ten mortars in such a short period of time.,Is this a king in advance??And they also know the prince in the consulate in advance.!”Watanabe,
“Class long,This thing does need to find out,It must be someone leaking the Chinese people’s whereabouts.!”
“It is definitely not what we are here.,Because we also know the Prince Shanghai,And Zheng Yao first seems to kill the prince.!”
“stupid!In our occupation area,Actually, the enemy used mortars!Still 10-door!”The only ferry is crazy.,These things are impossible to happen.。
This is a concern and can’t find the well.,He is still very calm:“Fate course,Huajun retreated left a large number of weapons and equipment,Although our army is investigated but it is also inevitable.,These mortars should be the Shanghai station to provide Zheng Yao first。”
Watanabe Xiongulang returns to Fuchun Building, which has become a ruin,Wu Teng Zhixiong and Yayi Ye have come,Because this is the welcome banquet of the dispatch army,They have not been invited by two.。
“Report!At that time, people in the Fuchun Building Hotel were all killed.,Looking for the body of the prince now!”Watanabe Maldo reported to them,
“A prince!A senior general group,Two ministerial brigades,Several combat staff and leaders!I died so many excellent generals.!How do I report it under the emperor?!”Wu Yizhi looked at the corpse covered with white cloth.,
“Wu Zuo Consulate,I feel that in order not to affect the morale of the frontline, it is a blockade.!”Yayi Ying said,
“Correct!Blocking message,Let the dispatch army report this matter。”Wu Teng Zhixiong dares to report,That is not looking for。
“Fate course!Why do you have so many mortars in our occupation district?!You must give us a clear!”Jike Ye Yeng,
have to!This begins to find a sinful sheep.,The ferry is very bitter.,But I can’t justify my mouth.,Hurry and correct:“Hayi,It is the negligence of our work.!”
“Although you have eliminated more than 30 enemen killer,But now look at our losses,I suspect a false icon in the consulate.,Attacking the hotel is their ultimate assassination plan!”Wu Yizhi said,
“But,At that time, the most powerful killer and herpy were present.,If you find them in advance,Prince is also very dangerous.,I think the killer didn’t know where the king used dinner.。”Watanabe defended,
“Fate course!Your current task is to immediately add people to search these killers.!Be sure to remove them clean!”
Horizontal music in the hospital bed,He didn’t think that the six brothers so cow,Actually use mortars directly,No wonder, I don’t have to have a lot of people.,I am afraid that he can make it mortar in Shanghai.。
Don’t want to go to the scene, can you imagine where the might,This pot is simply cool,Qi Ge Wu Tianbao also saved,The counterfeit banknote plan of the shirt is also destroyed.,Prince must also kill,Six brothers!Six brothers!
Rui Rui is in the United States.,I listened to a familiar voice softly.:“Long pool!……”
Rui Rui opened the quilt to see Fu Ying, including tears in his eyes.,Hurry:“Yamei!How did you come?”
“It is the Fate Bagager calls me.,How did you hurt?!”Fu Ying Xue’s tears stunned rumored,
“Yamei,I don’t want it.,It will be fine after few days!”Hurry and quickly comfort,He doesn’t know that Xiao Xue is still active.,But look at the micro-facet is true。
“I heard that you are the guns in the scavengers.,You are brave,Watanabe taught me to take care of you。”After saying that Fu Ying Xue is very generous, the rumored quilt will help him wipe the blood.。
“That’s hard, Ya.,I can get Ya Mei’s care. I am so happy.!”Now long pooliness can be a key protection object,Watanabe is specially left several special protection,So I can’t say something just happened.。
Rui Rui injured in the hospital, there are many troublesome things.,Because these days, Watanabe is called a miserable,Although I started to find the killer who was preparing to attack the team,But in the occupying area, some people used the weapons such as mortars to kill their princes.,This responsibility is an escape of the class lesson.。
He is also a special agent who personally takes people to search the line.,It’s a chicken flying dog jumping in the day and battle area.。
After seven days, I was discharged.,The Fate Board driver sent people to the small building of Zhuang Xiaoman’s lives.。
“Qi boss,What’s wrong with you,How can I have a phone call for so many days?!”Know that the nine brothers hurt Zhuang Xiaoman tears,Do you have two specials?,She has already fallen in the nine brothers.。

Although two consecutive moves failed,But he still hides more powerful methods。

“but,It seems that you have to give up the stars that have been operating here for countless years!”
Made up my mind,
“Distortion and Destruction!”
The core of the entire war weapon,An organ that resembles a heart beats violently。
“Dong dong dong~”
Shrink sharply,Explode,A black energy ran through the flesh and blood of war weapons。
Li Ming also felt the terrible threat from war weapons。
“There are tricks?It has to burst out to be a trick!”
Sneer inside,The sharp spear of the formation is completely controlled by Li Ming,One shot through the ultimate formation,Three forces in one directly crushed the past。
Now Li Ming’s three forces are one,The increase is stronger than before,Power increases eighteen times。
Combined formation,Combination of magical powers and other means,The power is no less than ten times that of the normal peak Daojun。
Combine the two,His explosive power at this moment is dozens of times that of the normal peak Daojun,Lord of the Holy City several times the normal。
This blow,The power completely surpasses the power that erupted when the Emperor Jinyu discussed with him,Is the absolute power of the pinnacle of the Lord of the Holy City,It can even be said that it touches the side of the hall master level。
Emperor Qingyang who was badly injured by this strange star maze,Under Li Ming’s attack, he can only escape。

Negotiations with Yuxing are very delicate at this juncture,Wang Fan is a little bit unsure。After thinking about it, I decided to talk,Let’s put a fascination for Aman,Second, let the lunatics like Yuxing be quiet,Procrastinate,third,His thoughts are rather dark,Need to act by ear。

Wang Fan cautiously invited the neutral boss Xu to prepare a private room in Xilinmen Restaurant.,Wang Fan’s motives are impure and he is afraid of death,So I mobilized all the boys who can fight,Ambush a lot of people on and off the court。
There are a dozen tall, short, fat and thin forests standing behind Wang Fan in the private room,And what surprised him was that Li Tianchou brought only one person,But the evil spirit pervading his body made Wang Fan’s eyelids bulge.。He knew that this person was Qi Baozhu from his younger brother,The aura standing there is obviously higher than the group of people behind him,Sure enough。
“Consultant Lee,Dare to ask if Master Zhu will come today?”Wang Fan’s wording is humble,But obviously unkind。Stared at Yuxing for so long,He naturally knows that Li Tianchou is the real head of the house。Take Zhu Lei and ask casually,Temptation and divorce,Even if it doesn’t work,I want to make you dusty,Some mud,At least make you unhappy。The old fox is really broken。
“Boss Wang is going to talk to Yuxing,Still looking for old Zhu Xuxu’s personal relationship?Why not make it clear before you come?”Li Tianchou stroked the white porcelain tea cup with his fingers,Quite casual,The tone is also light and light,But three rhetorical questions in a row are extremely powerful,Even a bit ironic。
Wang Fan was taken aback,Secretly, this young man’s words are sharp,No wonder Yuxing is so sharp,So he hurriedly called Haha Dao,“Just ask。Some of Wang’s heartfelt remarks are naturally to talk with Yuxing’s head。I don’t know too much,I hope Brother Li will forgive me。”
“Everyone has limited time,Mr. Wang, just say anything。”Li Tianchou’s expression is neither salty nor light,And didn’t give Wang Fan any face,Forgive me, you know it yourself。
“happy。”Wang Fan nodded and praised,He picked up the tea cup to hide his anger,When I raise my head again,Wang Fan’s face smiled like a chrysanthemum,“The meeting of Brother Li the other day,Wang couldn’t attend in person because of trivial matters,Very sorry。Later, a disobedient little brother had a trouble with your company,Actually it’s not a big deal。But unfortunately,Some of my places were smashed by Brother Li’s people for no reason……”
“Boss Wang,Don’t gossip。Long story short,It’s best to say clearly what you want to talk about in one sentence?”Li Tianchou unceremoniously interrupted the opponent,First, I hate the self-righteous tone of this old clapper,Second, I have never seen anyone more shameless than him。
Wang Fan’s face is stagnant,Obviously angry,No one has dared to speak to him in this tone for more than ten years,Even the grandson at the time would not。A boy in his twenties actually pushed his nose to his face in front of many younger brothers,Too arrogant,If it weren’t for the bad situation,He’s already angry。Wang Fan put the teacup in his hand heavily on the table,“Brother Lee,Be careful when speaking,We sit here today for peace talks,Not for grudge。”
“Talk about your mom,If you are not convinced, let’s continue to fight。”Li Tianchou hasn’t spoken yet,Qi Baozhu behind him could not help but jumped up,He was bothered to negotiate with this kind of old rascal。The other party leans on the old,Push everything clean,Unheard of thick skin。
“Why the fuck are you talking to my boss?”A big man behind Wang Fan also jumped out immediately。

“More than 40 miles to the west here,It’s the site of the old demon of the purple mansion,You see~”The little black cat points to a plant,Cobweb wrapped around it。

“This area is considered the driest place in Paraquat Daze,Rarely will rise,It’s also a gathering place for spider monsters,There are a group of spider innate monsters under the eight-eyed demon,Be regarded as his direct line,There are also many other types of innate monsters。As for the acquired spiders, there are more!All here,Weave the net everywhere。”
The little black cat slapped a spider the size of a washbasin,Green blood spilled all over the floor。
“the host,If we leave now, there is still time,Go deeper,The old spider demon might come out。”
“Here is the periphery,Li Ming has more spider webs!”
Li Ming just listened,A long sword appeared in the palm,then,Divine consciousness overflows。
have to say,Have spiritual consciousness in the innate stage,Too bad。Li Ming’s spiritual consciousness is not too strong now,But the range of tens of miles can still be explored。
“Too late to retreat,Spiders have come!”
The voice has not fallen,One with a spider lower body,The monsters on the upper body of human men almost fell from the sky。
The appearance of this monster is also very ugly,Upper body of man who said it was human,Actually it just has an outline,But two pairs of arms holding four weapons,Looks a little imposing。
“Little black,Leave it to you!”Li Ming also wanted to see how strong the spirit beast he had subdued was。
“it is good~”The little black cat did not refuse,Jumped from Li Ming’s arms,As if turned into a breeze,A pair of small paws slap one after another。
From Li Ming’s perspective,Whether it’s the little black cat or this innate spider spirit,Fighting skills are average,At best, it is a level of subtlety。
Black is fast,Spider spirit can’t hit the little black cat at all。
But the other way around,The black cat’s paw attack power is really weak,Hit the spider spirits can only cause painless attacks。
of course,Really want to fight,The little black cat will definitely win the final victory,This is beyond doubt。after all,A weak attack,But after all, it can break the defense,Accumulation of damage,This spider spirit will undoubtedly die。

But Jianzong has almost no young disciples,That group is mainly Li Hao,The young monks who were fooled by Old Man Dong are the last batch of Qingyang Jianzong,No wonder Zhong Sanpu heard about Li Hao’s death and desperately sought Li Tianzhen。

The wrong order of the Equator,Let the already declining Sword Sect of Qingyang quickly grow old,Li Tianzhi was quite emotional,He won’t meet with Dao Ren for now,Because time is limited,Will never stay again,The purpose of this trip is basically achieved,Figured out the general idea,The core issue is to figure out the life and death of Zhong Sanpu,And what kind of treasure is that town Sanchi。
Chapter One Thousand and Forty Four Dangerous thing
Zhong Sanpu is not dead,Or maybe he is not much better than dead,When Li Tianzhen was in an extremely hidden dark room in the back hall of the main peak of Qingyang Sword Sect,When I saw his soul,Only then understood the general idea of the matter。
The soul is contained in a delicate cream bottle,Aquarius shaped like an ordinary long-necked vase,The material is extremely rare polar warm jade,Contains the aura of heaven and earth,Cast by advanced practitioners,Can warm the soul that has been damaged。
The caster is a veteran with white beard and eyebrows,Dressed in a white robe,The cultivation realm has also reached the upper realm of transforming gods,It’s only as bad as Jong Miura,But from the perspective of temperament, he should have a higher seniority in Qingyang Jianzong,Li Tianchou followed Daoist Xiu all the way to the secret room,Seeing his great respect for the elderly,It turned out to be Zhong Sanpu’s uncle,And once participated in the rescue of the ancestors trapped by the Holy Blood in the wasteland,I really don’t know how old I live。
“Master,How is my uncle??”
The old man with white eyebrows should have been in the secret room for a long time,Think hard and save,But helpless,A long sigh,“This monster has a peculiar technique,Old and helpless,Xingjue his three souls and seven souls,Missing one soul and two souls,All memories are erased,And the surviving soul is also bound by a strange gray thing,I’m afraid it will not last long。”
The Taoist Hugh looks sad,Turn around and bow down to the treasure bottle,Vibrato,“Master Uncle,I know that the one who harmed you is not that Li Tianzhu,But the monster that escaped from Wuming Mountain,Nephew is incompetent,Not its opponent,But I can’t bear you,So I want to borrow the treasure town of Sanji,Lie to this monster,Strangle it,Revenge for Uncle Master。”
“You have decided?”The old man asked。
“Decided。”Dao Xiu’s tone is indifferent,But the look resolute。
“What do you do?”

“Wait a while,There are a lot of people who visit the great teaching in private。”Zhu Minglang replied。

“housekeeper!!”Teacher Lin Da’s face immediately darkened,He stands in front of the door,Looking down at the butler under the steps,Cold voice:“I didn’t tell you,I will have an important guest coming to visit soon,I told you in detail,Why didn’t you recognize it?”
The housekeeper was sweating profusely。
Take a closer look at Zhu Minglang,It is indeed very similar to what Lin Da’s teachings describe,But they didn’t wear a facial towel!
and,Didn’t this guy come to the back door to enter the high court??
Your Mightiness??
What status is Lin Da’s teaching?,And what he needs to be called,Still such a young man?
“No problem,No problem。”Zhu Minglang said。
“As a butler,Things should be done well,Failure to do well is negligence,housekeeper,Go to the old lady to receive the punishment!”Lin Zhao is not too gentle on such matters,Still severely dealt with。
“Yes,Yes,The little one will get the penalty。”
“Sit inside,I happened to be making tea,I didn’t expect your visit tonight,to be honest,I am also looking for you these days,I have something to discuss with you……Ugh,Look at my hospitality,Sorry sorry,You speak first,We still owe you a favor。”The Great Teacher Lin Zhao said。