At this time, the lone wolf thought he was very gentle and kissed Zong Xueqin’s cheek gently.:“It’s ok,Who upset my big baby,After this matter is finished,I’ll teach him a lesson!Let him know that my big baby can’t mess with!”

At this time, Zong Xueqin heard the lone wolf say so,A hint of disgust flashed in his eyes,These words of the lone wolf in the boundless world think that they are very gentle,But it’s really greasy!
But although Zong Xueqin hates these words of lone wolf in her heart,But she still wants,Strong smile!
“is it,Thank you so much for this,You must vent your anger for me this time,Those little bunnies are really going to piss me off these days!The people under this hand are really not easy to take now!”
“natural,This is natural,Wait until after going back,I must take care of the disobedient for you,Let him dare to bully my baby!”The lone wolf put it directly on Zong Xueqin’s face,Kissed lightly!
Leaving a mouthful of saliva on Zong Xueqin’s face,At this time, she was naturally disgusted in her heart,But dare not show it!
And at this moment,The lone wolf seems to have thought of something suddenly:“what,Baby,That person called you just now,What are you talking about??”
Zong Xueqin raised his head and took a look at the lone wolf,At this time she worked so hard for so long,Now I finally have to say my purpose!
Zong Xueqin deliberately pretended to be embarrassed,I raised my head and took a look at the lone wolf:
“Hey,Things are like this,This is not before,I told you,The Pantheon is in that sea,Actually not,It’s because they got confused these two days,A ship will come in that sea in a few days,They plan to set up an ambush there。”
Actually tell the truth,The Golden Triangle is a paradise for crime,Here only you can’t think of,There is nothing they can’t do,So I’m a pirate every day,Rob a passing ship,This can be said to be commonplace!
So although the lone wolf at first,I have slight doubts in my heart,But at this time, he was completely dazzled by beauty,I won’t think about anything at all!
And seeing this incident was fooled by surprise,Zong Xueqin was also relieved in her heart,Just this time she,Glancing in the direction of Xia Chenglong,There is a little complicated meaning on the expression!
Xia Chenglong at this time also feels like lying innocently,After all, it’s not all my fault,Zong Xueqin thought he would be wrong!
This time Zong Xueqin took the lone wolf,Just flew in the other direction,It’s about three hours after flying,I came directly to the real ruins of the Pantheon!
And this time on the ruins of the real pantheon,Can really be described as spectacular,There are so many people here,Bustling!

Lao Wang wanted to say,Just wipe it off,Save the jade。But seeing my friend’s face,Just changed:“Cut it!be careful,Cut from here,Don’t cut too thick,About half a centimeter……”

Get!A lot of requirements,Give pointers to others’ work。
The master of Jie Shi has a good temper,Didn’t say anything,Do it right。Changed to a grumpy,Have to swear。
Cut it down,Lao Wang’s friends couldn’t help shaking their heads:“collapsed,Pharaoh,forget it!This material is really not very good,I persuaded you just now。”
When paying the bill,He did persuade Lao Wang,But Pharaoh is convinced of the idea of luck,Stick to your own ideas。
“I do not believe!cut,Keep cutting for me。”Pharaoh gritted his teeth。
With the lessons learned from Liu Lihong,He doesn’t want to just give up,It must be cut to pieces to give up。
At last,That piece of wool was cut into a pile of small pieces,Pharaoh gave up,This time I lost tens of thousands,A little pain。
at this time,He suddenly found,The piece of material in Populus’s hand,Didn’t he see it??
Chapter One Hundred Ninety Seven collapsed?
Lao Wang remembers very clearly,Because of that material,There is a mark,It doesn’t seem to be someone who did it,But a masterpiece of nature,Like being splashed with a few drops of ink。
“Your material,It seems I watched it first。”Pharaoh couldn’t help speaking out。
As soon as this word comes out,Populus euphratica,Or Xin Zhao,My face immediately sinks,This person is really rude。

“According to the technology import contract signed by our country with the French,We introduced‘dolphin’Helicopter and‘Ahye’1cengine,For own use only,Cannot be exported to Europe。”

“What am I supposed to do,”Chen Geng smiled,He happily agreed:“Don’t worry about this,Of course we cannot break the contract。”
Really that simple?
Seeing Chen Geng promised so happy,Guo Rui couldn’t help but doubt:Does this guy have any other calculations in his heart??
How could the cautious thinking in Guo Rui’s heart be hidden from Chen Geng?Not to mention that it’s clearly written on his face,I’m almost telling it,Funny in my heart,Chen Geng also explained,Let him be completely at ease:“Since it is stipulated in the contract,We will definitely implement the contract seriously……Even if we broke the contract and sold these aircraft to Europe,Do you think in the European home base,We can win the lawsuit?”
“This……It’s also。”Guo Rui nodded,Be recognized。
“But can’t sell to Europe,I can sell to North America、Sell to South America、Sell it to Africa,It really doesn’t work Southeast Asia,So many places on earth……It’s hard to be the introduction contract signed at the beginning,Stipulated‘dolphin’Helicopter and‘Ahye’1cThe engine can only be used in China?”
“Not that,”Guo Rui said:“French are still very arrogant,They only said that they cannot buy in Europe,The contract does not restrict us from selling the aircraft to other regions before Europe。”
“I guess so。”Chen Geng nodded。
Talking about technologies in the field of helicopters and turboshaft engines,The gap between Europeans and Americans is still close,In the U.S,There are two helicopter giants Bell and Sikorsky,There is no place for Eurocopter companies,As for South America,That is the traditional back garden of Americans,So there is only one Africa left。
ps:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
“Not that,”Guo Rui said:“French are still very arrogant,They only said that they cannot buy in Europe,The contract does not restrict us from selling the aircraft to other regions before Europe。”“I guess so。”Chen Geng nodded。
Talking about technologies in the field of helicopters and turboshaft engines,The gap between Europeans and Americans is still close,In the U.S,There are two helicopter giants Bell and Sikorsky,There is no place for Eurocopter companies,As for South America,That is the traditional back garden of Americans,So there is only one Africa left。

“amount,I heard well paid。Even more than genuine pilots。But maybe there are not many job opportunities。Take a look,How many films are telling stories about airplanes this year?Very few.”Yichuan shook his head,Thinking in my heart,This time it’s better to choose,Then as a transition to have a capital,It’s not too late to consider what to do。

“coming,Stop talking!”
There are nearly sixty people sitting in the classroom。Why there are so few,It’s all because the school feels that even Qin Feng’s company cannot recruit many people。Maybe at most ten or so,So there is no need to prepare too much for Qin Feng’s company。And these people,It looks like a crane tail,It’s different from those students who have another way out even if they don’t work in flying after graduation.。
Qin Feng couldn’t help frowning when he walked into the classroom,no way,Because it’s a little different from what he expected。
“Dean,There are only so few people?I forgot to tell you,It doesn’t matter if I recruit a thousand people this time,And all of them are high-paid。”
“A thousand people?”Hear this number,Not to mention the dean,Even the more than 60 people present were stunned。Because from Qin Feng’s words,Is this a legendary big production。
Can hire a thousand people?Even a regular airline,Can’t eat such a huge amount in a year?
“Mr. Qin Feng,Are you kidding?Are you not an entertainment company??So many people?Could it be that,Your company is going to open an airline?”The dean asked instead of other students。
“Ok?This should be considered a company secret。After all, if we didn’t pass the first stage of screening, we wouldn’t want those students.。Although we don’t value academic achievement,But if it’s a problem even flying a plane,Then there is no way for them to enter our company。Besides,Character assessment。So it looks like we have a lot of recruits,And the threshold is low,But it’s not unrequired。”Qin Feng started talking。
“amount,Mr. Qin Feng,if you do not mind,Why don’t you go to some rest with me first
Rest room,We need to contact the school to prepare。After all, I didn’t expect Mr. Qin Feng to come here for large-scale enrollment!”The dean felt that he didn’t know enough about Qin Feng’s company from the beginning。
After all, I also said on the Internet,Just land and buildings are billions,Such a company would be simple?
Qin Feng didn’t care,Was taken to the lounge like this,Then the director said a few words and he slipped away。Because he wants to prepare a large interview field。
of course,Qin Feng had already agreed before he left,Those who have been booked by the airline should not bring them here。It’s best to pull people from back to front according to their grades.。
After all, Qin Feng didn’t want to cause chaos to some order because of his personal relationship.。
of course,There is one more thing that Qin Feng cannot say at this time。He just wanted to get a group of people to deal with the poisonous generals。
As for why you are a student of Aviation University?Because many of these people are actually angry and youthful,Plus,The death rate of the air force is actually not high。

“You are Lu Menglin?”Liu Guofeng’s rough voice。

“I am Lu Menglin!”Lu Menglin smiled。
Liu Guofeng’s bull’s eyes stared at Lu Menglin,Full of momentum,Murderous,Let other people can’t help but squeeze a sweat for Lu Menglin。
“I heard that you used to be the chief instructor of the Iron Lion army,Grant the rank of major general?”Liu Guofeng shouted and asked。
Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Tao:“That’s all the same。”
“No one in the army,Make Zhuzi famous!”Liu Guofeng shouted proudly。
Heard this comment,Lu Menglin was slightly taken aback,Unexpectedly, this big guy seems quite literate!The summary is very deep!
“Before leaving,Chief Li gave me a special order to die,Let us fully cooperate with you,Must protect your personal safety。Don’t worry,We will resolutely carry out the task。but,After this mission is over,I want to challenge you!Please prove it to us,Why can you be a major general?”Liu Guofeng said proudly。
“Challenge me?Ha ha!Did you make a mistake?I quit my job a long time ago!”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
Liu Guofeng’s eyes stared,Anger:“resignation?Why can you quit your military post,And no one has held it?”
“what!Probably because I am richer!I told them just now,My ability is to be rich!”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
Hearing this is obviously a perfunctory answer,Liu Guofeng’s fists were squeezed tightly,Glared at Lu Menglin,Looks like it can kill。
“What is Li Qingsong doing??Why did you send such a silly boss here??Or tell him,Change this one!”Lu Menglin turned his head and said to General Will。
General Will was shocked,Hurried forward,Angry at Liu Guofeng:“Captain Liu,Please pay attention to your words and deeds!You represent the Chinese military,Mr. Lu is an important person invited by our joint team,If you still have this attitude,I think it is necessary for General Li Qingsong to change to lead the team。”
“Report to General Will,I know!I will be during the mission,Fully protect Lu Menglin!”Liu Guofeng is straight,Shouted loudly。
“Forget it,Just him!This kind of silly big guy is best for cannon fodder!I will keep him in front。”Lu Menglin yawned,Said with a smile。
“you!”Liu Guofeng furiously said。
“You what you?It’s you who don’t know the situation?It’s like two to five or eighty thousand!Do you think you are great??Then I tell you,If you just need a power bodyguard,That golden retriever over there,Don’t look at him stubbornly,People will not lose to you if they burst out!”
“And that little girl,Her ability is to predict danger,You can know the strength of the enemy at a glance,So that we can make full use of,The principle of running if you can’t beat,More useful than you?”

This kind of thing,Not uncommon on the platform,Especially some male anchors,Specifically with some female anchors,Let some pervert players pay for themselves,After winning,Punish everyone on the opposite female anchor for doing some dirty actions, etc.。

She stopped yelling,Ask my big brother:“Wild wolf brother,I’ll punish the opposite anchor for something?Ssquat?”
Ssquat,Just twist the waist,Squat down,A tempting action。Some players,I like to do this kind of thing for a female anchor with a body。
“Always watchingSsquat,Boring,Lick wheat!”The wolf spoke。
Lick wheat,Just lick the microphone with your tongue,Compared toSSquatting is more suggestive。have to say,Players watching the live broadcast,I have any thoughts。
“The lady opposite,Did you hear that?My brother wants you to lick the wheat……”
Chapter Sixty Eight Exclusive player(Make up)
just,She hasn’t finished,The health bar that was almost invisible on the other side suddenly bounced over,Platform system prompt:Hu Ge presents Lily two goddess treasure chests,Worth 100,000 coins。
She froze for a while,Then screamed crazy:“Wild wolf brother,help!The opposite is listed,Will surpass us soon,Everyone wants to see benefits,All flowers and plants make up!”
Xiaoli here,The managers of the live broadcast room were equally surprised,Then shouted confidently666,What she did。
usually,There are no big players here, Xiaoli,They don’t dare to shout,No confidence!
Because of the treasure chest grabbing coins,The original audience of more than 1,000 in the live broadcast room soared to more than 7,000,Most of them are zombie viewers,useless。
Xiaoli was also blindfolded for a while,The first time I collected such a large gift,Give out 100,000 coins in one go。

Next,Make a difference,Unexpectedly, there is a vertical hole under the stone platform,Seems to lead to some unknown place。

“This……How can this be?”
Tu Cancan’s face is incredible,I didn’t expect there would be a passage here?
“How did you find out?”
“Very simple,Look on the ground。”
Nothing at first glance,But a closer look reveals some clues。
There was a faint wear mark on the side of the stone platform,This is left by Shitai Movement。
But in this place,Who would be boring to push a stone platform?Obviously this was caused by someone accidentally。
As for why this happens,A woman can figure it out without Xia Chenglong saying,It must be someone coming in and out。
Detailed observation often has unexpected effects in life,obviously,This kind of stress response that requires deliberate training,It will take some time for Tu Cancan。
“Do you want to follow me?”
“when,of course,I want to watch you!”
“Ok,Then let’s go!”
Xia Chenglong said nothing,Jump directly with the woman,As for Tu Cancan,And was dragged down by some people unpreparedly。
Wait for the two to disappear into the black hole,Shitai returns to its original position again,Everything here is restored to its previous state,Except for the open door behind Shitai。
Talking about this,I still admire the old man,He knew he could not stop Xia Chenglong from entering the second floor of the dungeon。
But still prepare to work hard,He opened the door behind him at the end of his life,As for the meaning,To mislead them out of there。
But he didn’t expect,The reason why Xia Chenglong can become a master of the younger generation,In addition to the extraordinary talent for cultivation,,There are many outstanding aspects。
Like a witty mind,Observation of others……

Guo Enting smiled,He naturally knows Bai Lu’s careful thinking,But not pierce。

Continue to stay with Bai Lu,Two talents walked around the community not long,And the speed is not fast,Where does the saying that the body lacks exercise。
“How is uncle’s health?”
There is no way to warm up the relationship between the two by just holding hands and walking,Guo Enting wants to find a topic that can move Bai Lu,That’s not easy?
I just cared about Bai Lu’s father’s condition,Bai Lu was interested in an instant。
“The doctor said that my father’s physical condition is stable now,If he can continue to maintain this level,There is still great hope for recovery。”
When Bai Lu was talking,There are stars in my eyes,Guo Enting next to her was obsessed with watching。
Guo Enting suddenly took Bai Lu’s other hand,Fiery eyes,What does he want,Rao is Bai Lu’s young master,You can also guess Guo Enting’s inner thoughts。
“I’m going to find my mother!”
I feel like my cheek is burned by fire,Bai Lu ran away like an escape。
Looking at Bai Lu’s back,Whether it’s a swinging ponytail,Still twisted waist,Makes Guo Enting almost crazy,My eyes are attracted by a magnet,I can’t pull it out。
Until Bai Lu disappeared in the corner,Guo Enting’s eyes have restored some clarity。
Smiled helplessly and shook his head,Guo Enting is not in a hurry to chase Bai Lu,The shantytown is so big,Where can Bai Lu go,Guo Enting knows everything。

Xu Xian in white looked at Fahai, the Buddhist master, drinking and eating meat under his persuasion,Lazily leaning on the chair,Said with a smile。

“correct,How does the master plan to deal with this person behind the scenes?”
Seeing eating meat there in no hurry,Fahai drinking wine,Xu Xian in white asked with a smile,Preventing enlightenment is like killing a parent,He is very curious about how Fahai will act。
“First of all,Shemale love,According to what Doctor Xu said,Let this person and monster get along for a while,If you haven’t awakened yet,The little monk ignored it,Good for good,Retribution,Not not to report,It’s not time,The little monk believes that this person and a demon will receive evil retribution in the future,You don’t need to make too much。”
“As for the people behind the scenes,Want to stop me from practicing,The little monk will devote himself to practicing in this Jinshan Temple,After the cultivation base, the little monk will find the person behind this scene,Send him to reincarnation。”
Fahai said with a smile,With the Fahai voice falling,Endless Buddha light gushes out of Fahai,Rendered the dark night sky,Even within fifty miles of Jinshan Temple,All clearly visible,Under the light of Buddha,Even if Fahai is drinking and eating meat,Every move,Are full of flavor,Some subtle black aura also vanished under the Buddha light。
“A word,I don’t know if you should speak。”
Xu Xian in white looked at after ten breaths,Fahai, which has converged the Buddha’s light, is no different from before,but,But it made him feel a sense of threat,Knowing that this is Fahai’s demon dissipating,Mood enhancement,Performance of great advancement,Asked with a smile。
“Dr. Xu said it’s okay。”
Fahai only feels that he has changed at this moment,Become back to basics,Or the Buddha’s heart is thorough,After hearing the words of Xu Xian in white,,Said with a smile,Like a living bodhisattva,Even a normal smile,Will make people feel as if the whole mind is relaxed。
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Three Sophistry
Xu Xian in white looks at Fahai in front of him, every move is the charm,Don’t care,Said with a smile。
“Grandmaster,Ever thought of marrying a wife and having children?”

Behind the use of funds by Chengxing: Withdrawing from Wuxi Jinkong to divest the equity of Tin Commercial Bank

Behind the use of funds by Chengxing: Withdrawing from Wuxi Jinkong to divest the equity of Tin Commercial Bank
The operation of Chengxing Capital failed.Since the reorganization of Chengxing Group completed the clearance of non-operating funds of Hanbang Petrochemical on schedule, Chengxing shares announced the termination of the acquisition of Hanbang Petrochemical.Chengxing Co., Ltd. once planned to make an acquisition to inject Chengxing Group’s high-quality PTA business into listed companies.Sauna, Yewang was informed that Chengxing Group recently withdrew from Wuxi Jinruizhonghe Investment Company (Limited Partnership), and the state-owned capital platform took the lead.As a result, Chengxing Group no longer holds shares in Wuxi Financial Holdings, an important financial enterprise in this region.Earlier, Chengxing Group had quit Suqian Xinya Technology Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Chusu Venture Capital Co., Ltd.On the afternoon of May 7, the reporter called Jin Ruizhonghe, and the other party said that they would not provide the above equity change.The reporter first called Chengxing Group’s transitional investment department, and the receiver said the number was Chengxing Group, not Chengxing Group.The reporter sent an interview email to the mailbox posted on the official website of Chengxing Group, but no reply has been received.Chengxing Group is a private petrochemical giant located in Jiangsu. It has been among the top 500 Chinese companies for many years and has continuously operated capital.Sauna and Yewang noticed that just last month, the Tin Commercial Bank initiated by Chengxing was formally established, and Chengxing quickly exchanged its holdings for pledges.Occupied funds Last year, Chengxing Co., Ltd. planned to acquire Hanbang (Jiangyin) Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hanbang Petrochemical”) held by Jiangsu Chengxing Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Financial Holding.The transaction was announced a few days ago due to Chengxing Group and its related parties replacing the non-operating funds occupied by Hanbang Petrochemical on schedule and clearing it.According to the transaction plan released by Chengxing in June 2019, it plans to issue shares, convertible bonds and pay cash to purchase 100% equity of Hanbang Petrochemical held by Wuxi Jinkong; after the transaction, Hanbang PetrochemicalWill become a wholly-owned subsidiary of a listed company.According to the disclosure of the plan, after the adjustment of property rights, Chengxing Petrochemical and Wuxi Jinkong held Hanbang Petrochemical 93 respectively.32%, 6.68% stake.Chengxing shares said that after the completion of the above transaction, Chengxing Group’s high-quality PTA segment business will be injected into listed companies as a whole, and listed companies will become large-scale comprehensive chemical enterprises that integrate PTA production, sales and fine phosphorus chemicals.The transaction was quickly concerned by the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The target company, Hanbang Petrochemical, was also occupied by the funds of Chengxing Group ‘s controlling shareholder Chengxing Group and its related parties. According to the announcement of Chengxing ‘s response to the Shanghai Stock Exchange ‘s inquiry letter in December 2019As of October 31, 2019, Chengxing Group and its related parties had a balance of approximately 61 funds occupied by related parties of Hanbang Petrochemical.9.5 billion yuan.In the above reply, Chengxing Group promised to completely clean up Hanbang Petrochemical funds, assets and other non-operating funds before the board of directors of the listed company reorganizes the official plan for this major asset reorganization or before April 30, 2020 (whichever is earlier)The fact of the occupation of sexual funds, and said that if the problem of occupation of non-operating funds is completely cleared up before the above time, this major asset reorganization will be terminated.Regarding why Chengxing Group will occupy Hanbang Petrochemical funds, Chengxing ‘s announcement reiterated that the report reports that Hanbang Petrochemical ‘s capital operation is in good condition. Because other affiliated enterprises of Hanbang Petrochemical are small in scale or still under construction, the financing channels are single,In order to improve the efficiency of fund use and rational use of resources, Hanbang Petrochemical divests funds from related parties with tight funding, and the corresponding related parties bear the corresponding financing costs in accordance with Hanbang Petrochemical ‘s annual average expenditure budget.On April 28, Chengxing issued an announcement saying that due to the impact of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic and other factors, Chengxing Group and its related parties have delayed the progress of clearing up the non-operating funds occupied by Hanbang Petrochemical, and cannot be completed in April 2020.Completed the clean-up work 30 days ago and decided to terminate this major asset reorganization.According to the official website, Chengxing Group was founded in 1984 and is located in Jiangyin City. It is currently mainly involved in fine phosphorus chemical, petrochemical (PET, PTA), coal chemical, liquid chemical storage and logistics, new energy and new materials, financial services, commercialIn the real estate and other fields, the company has been among the top 500 Chinese companies for 18 consecutive years.Chengxing Group, a listed company under the Chengxing Group, currently performs well. The 2019 annual report shows that it achieved operating income of 33 during the reporting period.100,000 yuan, an annual increase of 5.20%; net profit attributable to mother is 6035.550,000 yuan, an increase of 212 per year.18%.Chengxing ‘s 2020 quarterly report showed that it achieved operating income during the reporting period6.4.4 billion, down by 17 every year.03%; net profit attributable to mother is 761.200,000 yuan, down by 7 every year.12%.Zhuo Chuang Information’s analysis of the yellow phosphorus market in the middle of last year showed that in July 2019, domestic atmospheric governance activities were suddenly launched, and many companies in the production areas stopped production.In the middle of the year, some companies raised their prices by more than 10,000 yuan / ton six months before the quotation.Zhuo Chuang Information predicts that after entering the second quarter of this year, the domestic yellow phosphorus market will generally show a downward trend.However, compared with the huge volume of Chengxing Group, Chengxing shares account for a relatively small amount.Judging from the available data, Chengxing Group’s 2016 annual report shows that the company’s debt at the end of 2016 reached 174.0.6 billion, ranking 145 at the beginning of 2016.1.3 billion US dollars in growth.As for the latest capital and asset debt status of Chengxing Group, Sauna and Yewang have not yet mastered it.However, Sauna and Yewang found that Chengxing has recently quit many companies.Together with Hongdou and Yangzijiang, they jointly withdrew from Jinruizhonghe. The state-owned platform took over in January this year. Sauna Night reported that Chengxing Group has recently withdrew from Suqian Xinya Technology Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Chusu Venture Investment Co.After a lapse of several months, Wuxi Jinruizhonghe Investment Enterprise (Limited Partnership) (hereinafter referred to as “Jinruizhonghe”) industrial and commercial information showed that its investor change occurred on March 19, and the original shareholder Horgos CityHongdou Equity Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership), Jiangsu Yangzijiang Shipyard Co., Ltd. and Jiangyin Chengxing Industrial Group Co., Ltd. withdrew, adding Wuxi Financial Investment Co., Ltd. as a shareholder.At present, the joint shareholders of Jinruizhong are Wuxi Jinrui Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Financial Investment Co., Ltd.Within the Wuxi financial system, the level of Jinruizhong is important.It is hoped that one of Jinruizhonghe ‘s investment targets will be Wuxi Jintou Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wuxi Jinkong”), which was established in December 2016.Wuxi Financial Holding officially disclosed that as of the end of 2019, the company’s total assets were 28.800 million, net assets 10.USD 8.1 billion. In 2019, Wuxi Financial Holdings and its subsidiaries achieved a profit increase of more than 100 million yuan; the company gradually invested abroad12.3.5 billion US dollars, direct equity investment11.6.6 billion yuan; the scale of asset management of the subsidiary fund agreement.With 66 trillion US dollars, the affiliated funds gradually reached 19.500 million yuan.Sauna, Yewang found that the announcement of Chengxing Group, a subsidiary of Chengxing Group, at the end of December 2019 disclosed that Horgos Red Bean Equity Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership), Jiangsu Yangzijiang Shipyard Co., Ltd. and Jiangyin Chengxing Industrial Group Co., Ltd.The companies each hold Jin Ruizhonghe 33.3328% equity, only 0 shares in Jinruizhonghe.001667%.The shareholders who are about to withdraw from Jinruizhonghe, including Jiangyin Chengxing Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Chengxing Group”), are well-known local private enterprises in Jiangsu.For the industry, Hongguo City Red Bean Equity Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) belongs to the Red Bean Group, but is one of the top 100 private enterprises in China.Attempted information shows that Wuxi Financial Investment Co. currently holds Jinruihe 99.9983% equity, Wuxi Jinrui Investment Management Co., Ltd. holds 0.001667% means that after a long-term distribution change, the conversion of Jin Rui Zhonghe from a joint venture established by a private enterprise will be absolutely replaced by state-owned assets.Wuxi Jinkong’s official WeChat public account introduction shows that it is a mixed ownership enterprise jointly established by Wuxi Jintou, Hongdou, Chengxing, and Yangzijiang, “to give full play to the advantages of state-owned resources and the efficiency of private capital.”And through the withdrawal of private enterprises, in a message on April 27th, Wuxi Financial Holdings described itself as “a market-oriented investment platform affiliated to Wuxi Financial Investment Co., Ltd.”.Wuxi City Financial Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wuxi Financial Investment Company”), a new shareholder of Jinruizhonghe, was established in November 2013. It is a city-level comprehensive financial investment company in Wuxi; it is a strong financial city in Wuxi”Policy-owned financial state-owned assets platform.Although the pledged equity of Xishang Bank was launched just now, although it withdrew from Jinrui Zhonghe, the Chengxing Group still added extra weight in Wuxi’s financial system.Among them, Xishang Bank opened on April 16. It is reported to be the 19th private bank approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission and the second private bank in Jiangsu Province, the first private bank in Suxi, Changzhou, and operated by Hongdou Group, ChengxingEight private enterprises in Jiangsu Province, such as Industrial Group, jointly initiated the establishment.Sauna and Yewang found that Chengxing Group’s shareholding will soon be pledged when it opens in Xishang Bank.Wuxi Xishang Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xishang Bank”) industrial and commercial information shows that since its establishment in April, it has added three pieces of equity investment registration information, and the pledgee replaces Chengxing Group. One of the registration information status is “invalid””, The other two reset” valid “.The pledge information with the registration number 320200001491 was registered on April 22, and the pledged equity allocation was 11000, and the pledgee was Xingda Investment Group Co., Ltd .; the pledge information with the registration number 320200001495 was registered on April 29, the pledged equityThe democracy is 28900, and the pledgee is Wuxi Donghong Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd.Among the above pledgee, Xingda Investment Group Co., Ltd. is another shareholder of Xishang Bank.Xingda Investment Group is a shareholder of Wuxi Xingda Foam Plastic New Material Co., Ltd., a large privately-owned plastic chemical enterprise group specializing in the production of expandable polystyrene resin (EPS). According to this, the total production capacity has reached the initial output of EPS100.The scale and production scale ranks “the third in the world, the forefront of China.”Another pledgee, Wuxi Donghong Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd., was established in 2010 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. Its business scope includes the design and construction of gardens and greening projects. After being allocated and penetrated, four natural persons Wu Xijun and Zhou Lidan, Held by Xu Jun and Zhou Jie.Sauna, Yewang noticed that in late March of this year, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the Agricultural Bank of China Jiangsu Branch, President Zhang Jianliang and his party went to Chengxing for review and guidance. Zhang Jianliang said that Chengxing is a leading enterprise in the industry. As a financial institution, it needs to increaseThe financial support for the prevention and control of the real economy epidemic like Chengxing must be fast and efficient, and it must be long-term.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhu Yueyi Zhao Yibo Editor Yue Caizhou proofreading Wei Zhuo