Sure enough, Cheng Huiling heard it,He smiled so beautifully。She moved around Xia Jian and said:“I thought you wouldn’t say nice things to women,Turned out to be pretend。All right,Let’s not talk about official business today,Just talk about Fengyue”This woman deliberately pressed the last two words very hard。

Since they don’t say,Xia Jian is not good to ask again,So the two of them drank tea,Eating vegetables,The atmosphere is very casual。Cheng Huizhen looked like a veteran,She kept advising Xia Jian to drink,From time to time I also say some funny dizzy jokes,Broke Xia Jianke。
quickly,The two finished four bottles of red wine,Xia Jian felt a little overdrinking now,He smiled and said:“Mr. Cheng,I’m a bad guy,Drinking,So don’t persuade me to drink”
“is it?I want to see it today,Why are you arrogant”Cheng Huiling’s words are full of teasing。But Xia Jian at this time,The red wine in the body has begun to show off,He suddenly felt a little floating。
“Mr. Cheng!I can’t do it,How to go back tonight?”When Xia Jian said this,,Incoherent。
Cheng Huiling smiled and said:“Tomorrow is the weekend,You don’t have to go back,Let’s have a good chat tonight。As the saying goes, meeting is fate,Should we two cherish this rare fate??”
Woman talking,Leaned her up。A faint fragrance is coming,Xia Jian couldn’t help but wrinkle his nose,This smells really good,He can’t help it anymore。
First0630chapter Framed
Wine makes people confused。
Xia Jian at this time,Has no resistance,Not to mention a veteran love scene like Cheng Huiling。Soon Xia Jian gave up his best persistence。
Just hear a hiss,Cheng Huiling’s cheongsam was torn in half by Xia Jian from the slit,The woman hugged Xia Jian shyly,Two people rolled from the sofa to the floor。Xia Jian only felt that the sky was spinning,He doesn’t know what he is doing,I just blindly vent my impulse。
When Xia Jian opened his eyes,Found myself lying on a big bed,And beside him is a woman’s white jade body。His heart began to beat wildly。Is this a dream?impossible,Because the sun came in from under the curtain,Made him feel slapped。
Xia Jian tried hard to recall the scene of his drinking with Cheng Huiling last night,Is this woman on the bed Cheng Huiling?My days,If so,He and Dao have fallen into a trap designed by others。
“Woke up?”Cheng Huiling rolled her body,She put her soft and white arms around Xia Jian’s chest。

Although most of these commonplaces stop at the Vientiane level of the Purple Mansion,But under a huge base,Transcending the catastrophe and becoming immortal is a lot of power beyond the older generation。

In the previous small cities,Mostly acquired,innate。
now,The number of monks in Vientiane in Purple Mansion will not be less。
And the conflict between Buddhism and Taoism,On the contrary, the relationship between the human race and the monster race has eased a bit,Although the monsters siege from time to time,But there are some places where shemales are mixed。
On the border of the two races of shemales,Supervising a city where people and monsters are mixed。
Small town here,Anhe City,Belongs to the country ruled by Zhuanxu—A vassal state‘Yu Guo’,Not far from Yu Country, it is a big force under the demon clan Heavenly Court‘Qingqiu Mountain’。
Anhe City,Because shemales trade with each other
An old man in black with a cane,Trembling on the street。
Both sides of the street,Various shops,The owners of these shops are ethnic,There are also monsters。
“Wolf Xiaoji,Good business!”Walked past a butcher shop,The old man in black said。
“Drag your old blessing,Good business,Maybe you can marry a wife in two years!What do you always want,Just say yes,I dare not take your old money。”
Talking to the old man,It is a genuine innate wolf demon,Transformation is not perfect,With a wolf head。
Man with a wolf head,Seems to stop the child from crying,But still respectful to this old man。
No wonder,Although this old man is not high,Innate master,But it’s a famous teacher in the city,Good at all kinds of weapons,Even know how to teach the monsters to use their natural minions tail。
Even the butcher wolf demon in this butcher shop,The little wolf cub had also studied under the other party back then。

Similar drops,Depending on the light power, there is no unloading.。

From this perspective,Murongjiu’s eyes are somewhat dignified。
“Shine,Sure enough。”Murong 9 still praised。
“Mu Rong’s fighting star shift,I believe it is also a nameless。”There is no shortage of flowers,But it is not too modesty.,after all“Shine”It is the school of Master, Master, Master.。
Murong Jiu Wen,Some things that wants to be more energetic。
But then Chu Deiren:“Which of you are not curious??But you have a gap between your daughters.……It is better to teach me.,I will help you make a fair comparison.?”
Daytime,Always hobby。
Flower Children and Murong Mi,Are laughing。
Obvious,The two are very touched,And refused the kindness of the Chu Deirers?Two small cates of flowers still face“worship”Looking at him……
This cave is really deep?I took a few steps along.,I found a few fresh bodies.。
“It is the three swords of Jinling。”Murong Jiujun asked the role?After all, Chu Deirens and flowers are not shortage.?Almost at the same time,It’s all rapid list of the top of the list.……Therefore, some slightly smuggle characters?Don’t know。
“you recognize?”Chu Deirers asked more。
“Unfold,However, their Master is dead under their own famous swords.?So there is time?I heard that they are looking for me.。”Murong 9,Also looked at the flower。
As if“not me,is that you?”——Flower is not moving。
“I believe that it is not your two.。”Chu Deireng“You have my friend,It’s really fortunate.”Expression?Unfortunately, continue to be ignored。
Chu Dee?I have opened the topic ink.,Kneel down and check it out.:“They don’t seem to die from the sword,And this is……Bamboo,Maybe I am an old friend。”
Chu Deirers on them,Discovery of traces of poisonous snake bite?And as if it is trauma, some are like a blunt, broken bones.。
In Chu Debans,It has already emerged“Ouyangki hurts three people?Then three people are not equal to the feet,I found a poisonous snake in my body.”Look。
As for why not Ouyang Feng?
If it is Ouyang Feng’s words?I will clear the game.,It is impossible to have no skin, and you can put a snake.。
And the IQ of Ouyang Feng?I will not come to see Nantian Treasure!
“It should have not been far away。”Murong Jiu seems to want to chase a chasing teacher“Old friend”。
But just at this time?Someone came behind?It seems to be a five-year-old rough chaos.,See here five people,Can’t help but hop,Take a closer look at the five people very young,Two of them look still a little girl,This is strong as a mighty:“Which junior are you??I have heard me.‘Jane Shaoshan River Copper Boxing Iron’Zhao Quanhai’s name?”
Chu Deiren heard,Look at Murong, the most general,And Murong Jiu thought about it.:“But the two rivers and the seventeen generations of darts, Zhao Quanhai,Zhao Laoge?You will make a fire together。”
I don’t blame this, I can’t recognize it.,After all, the light in the hole is too dark.,Didn’t see something on the waist。
Zhao Quanhai Wen Yan,A little more——Flowery,A white,do not know,Murongjiu,Jinyi Ban,There are too many people in line with,Chu Deman……
Zhao Quanhai time to take a breath,Link:“But red white is too old……neat……Heroes?”
“Seventeen darts?Your darts,Why did I still have a traveler??Your martial art,How three is lying on the ground?Don’t be afraid of you too,The three of them were hitting the young Ouyangki, who was hit.,Our three people come to expose this conspiracy.,Don’t be greedy, such a wealth,Another heart go back to dart!”Chu Shan people persuaded。

“Not because of nervousness,I mainly think that for some of your questions,If you are on the company side,Can explain more clearly。We can let the program group enter some non-confidential laboratory to record some footage,Let everyone understand the nature of the so-called quantum,This way is more convincing。In this case, the program directly in the company can increase credibility。”Wang Yufei explained。

Of course, it is not necessarily the reason Wang Yufei said。
He really didn’t bother to go to the central media headquarters。
I’m not too lazy to even the door,The key is that he reads online statements about the Central Media Building,Security measures for entering the building are very troublesome,It is said that a special pass is needed,This is really troublesome。
Jiang Wen was a little moved after hearing it,If you can let the photography team go to the laboratory to get the lens,So I can record some good material,And it can be used repeatedly,Answered immediately:“That line,Let me ask the director,If the director is okay,We will record this program at your headquarters。In fact, I also think this show has been recorded in the studio for three years,It really should be a new trick。Then if you can,How about the recording time is set to start at 2 o’clock tomorrow afternoon??If it goes well,It takes about two to three hours to complete。”
“No problem tomorrow。But the timing is simply like this,If it can be recorded in the company,Your entire crew will be here at 11:30,By the way, have a work meal in our cafeteria,After eating, the company has a reception room to arrange everyone to rest,Or go to the laboratory to get a mirror。”
From Wang Yufei’s point of view, it was naturally finished earlier,But a troublesome thing。
“That line,Just say that。”
After confirming the recording time with Wang Yufei,Jiang Wen immediately went to the director to report the situation。
Jiang Wen was right,Regarding the fact that Yuxin Technology Lab took the lens,Taili is really interested。
After all, Yuxin Technology now represents the world’s top quantum laboratory,Even the less secret laboratory,They are all extremely precious audiovisual materials。It is important to know that preserving these historically valuable audio-visual materials is also one of the tasks of CCTV.。
everything’s ready。
11:30 on the next day,Central media《Famous people have something to say》The recording team is about to arrive at the headquarters of Yuxin Technology。
Lu Yuxin took everyone directly to the restaurant on the second floor of the company on behalf of Wang Yufei。

Kongci thinks about marriage with Nie Feng,Unordered,Burn red,Low head mosquito tone:“Auntie……I,I have no idea,Auntie is good.。”

Finish,She is not ashamed,Chest cray,Footsterer and flee。
Be awkward!
Stepping spirit pillar collapsed directly,The direction of the line of view,One person stands at the campus,Loneliness, sliding, ginger,Until sunset,Take the book to the bore of the bismuth。
He doesn’t understand,Why is Xiongimin know that he and Kongci are happy?,I have to fight for them.!
That night,Stepping,Herbled,Looking at the eyes of the goddess,On the basis of killing the feast of the father,More than a hate。
the other side,Nie Fengqiang visited his own unmarried wife,The two will more gadgetically,Probant is white。
Wind,Lights off,Black light。
The two have been shameful.,Nie Fengzhi etiquette,Don’t dare too much,Under the charter of wet sisters, they barely saved the innocence.,Falling and returning to the god hall。
Honest man,Didn’t think about the reason for the practice,I only know that she is also very agreed for marriage.。
Lovers get married,Nie Feng felt that he would be more happiness than his father.。
Inside the study,Major Ma Junxue is sitting before the table,Frontal long,awesomeness。
Rice paper,Pen walking dragon snake,The two lines of the words are the quotes of his next half.。
“Jiuxong Dragon,Wind Tour……”
Biller and cold:“Number of lives,Now I am in the wind,Let them have no brothers in this world,The wind will only say,Whereabout?”
Wen is ugly to open the book door,Fall into the fall,God’s panic:“Helper,Big things is not good,Don’t even have a big event.!”
The glimpse of the world flashed a murder,Routing hand shocking white paper black word:“Go out,I don’t want to see you now.。”
“This is rolling,This is rolling。”
Silk ugly,Turned to hug,Drops left the study,Don’t forget the door after going out。
After a moment,Room ring。
Silk ugly small channel:“Helper,There is something to report。”
“Come in!”
Door to the door,Texture is ugly to the table,Low head,Waiting for the general opening to talk。
“Eglement,Let you do what you do??”
“Help,Under your instructions,Destinous and night and road will send a post to all major,Calculate time,The nearest martial art should have received a message from the helper marry.。”
Chan is ugly,Continue:“As for a slightly far-flying scrap and martial art,Although there is a quick horse whip,I am afraid I have to have some time.。”

Of course it’s not a special case that a bear is riding underneath by a dragon,In fact, many sea powerhouses have offended the Tianlong people,Many were arrested by the Tianlong people,Finally was humiliated and died。

This Tianlongren refers to the Tianlongren group,Not the Charross。
The Tianlong people we usually talk about are that group。
“no no,What is the meaning of human?”Leo waved his hand。“Don’t you think riding a monster is even more powerful?That kind of terrifying looks and aura is not something humans can have!”
“cut,Why do I think good things,Turned out to be just a monster!”Charles Rose disdain,Once again found the confidence to be a Tianlong。
It feels good,Even if the status is high, you need a person to pretend,Otherwise, what’s the point of acting。
“Monster i ride,But those animals are not obedient!”
Those who have the ability of pet fruit, naturally Tianlong people have also had history,But the ability of pet fruit is very unstable。
There is no way to make the monster really obedient,Most of the time captured monsters still have autonomous consciousness。
And once the dragon rides privately,May be killed by monsters,Those with pet fruit ability are too late to save people。
“What if it’s a very obedient monster?And riding a monster is more comfortable than these slaves,Soft fur,Spacious back,Are not comparable to human slaves!”Leo explained。
“And how mighty the monster?Much better than this half-dead slave under you!”
Charles Roth heard Leo’s words,A little silent immediately,Because I have ridden,So he understands better,This is real。

“So many needles……How long will it take!”

Jiang Wan’er looked at so many silver needles,I feel intensive phobia。
and,She is like this……
Fang Yu is really!!!
Fang Yu ignored Jiang Wan’er’s expression,Running infuriating。
Dispel all toxins!
At last,Sixteen silver needles fell into the trash can。
Jiang Wan’er’s face,Also returned to normal!
Jiang Wan Ercha finished,Fainted。
Fang Yu frowned,Jiang Wan’er’s skin problem is solved。
but,The other party actually stimulated toxicity。
Put Jiang Wan’er into a coma!
other side,I really want Jiang Wan’er to wake up!
this person,What is the purpose??

“Everyone listen up,I will take back this medicine mound before dawn,Give you time to pack up and leave,If I find you are still staying on my territory,I will treat you as robbers!”Zhu Minglang said loudly to the students of Shenfan Academy who are in charge of the pharmacy。

“shut up,You are the robber,This medicine mound has belonged to our Shenfan Academy for decades!”Fan Lu angrily said。
“You actually dominated for decades,As expected of the Academy of Gods in a robber coat,I want to take it back now,You can leave now。”Zhu Minglang said。
“Don’t you think,This is the property of our Shenfan Academy,Your Runyu City has been judged as a city of sin,All spirit veins in the city of sin,Owned by the forces in charge,Don’t tell the truth here!”Fan Lu flushed with anger。
“Teacher Fan,Isn’t it three days??”At this moment, the female student in the exquisite mink clothing said。
“Is there any difference!”
“But these three days,Still belongs to Runyu City……”The female student whispered。
Fan Lu turned his head,Gave this ignorant female student a fierce look。
Zhu Minglang laughed。
It seems that not everyone in the Shenfan Academy agrees with the behavior of their dean even Feiling.。
“This batch of herbs is very important,We have worked hard to guard for nearly a year……”At this moment,Another student said。
Zhu Minglang glanced at the herbs planted on the medicine mound,Herbs are shaped like lanterns,Glowing with a special glow,Those medicine servants are watching very carefully,Don’t dare to let the leaves above condense a little frost。
It turns out that the precious medicinal materials are about to mature,It’s no wonder that this hospital administrator personally came to supervise。

“3Years agoWSTGAfter the World Shooting Game Grand Prix Finals,There is no news about this player,Come out now,It might just be his fan……”Sun Hong analyzes。

“Contact again1Months ago,Glory Battle OpenerGhost.FAlaWhat?Do you think all this is really a coincidence?”Sun Ze patted his brother on the shoulder。
“Maybe it’s a coincidence?”
“What should i say about you?My naive and innocent brother?Well known,GhostShooters Association,Europe’s largest shooting club,Its members are all masters in the shooting field。Battle of Glory,As a model that can inherit reality
Mid-skill games,The label of real shooters is real money,This time two of their members appeared in the game,Is the intention not obvious yet?”
“What you want to say isGhostShooters Association they want to make a comeback,Re-enter the game field??”
“Bingo!Finally my brother is not that stupid!thenGhostIn the team5People lost to the Firebirds,Not qualified to enter the Glory Gun League,Directly led to the disintegration of the team,GhostEven if the strength is strong,Did not enter the field of e-sports……This time……They probably have sent a signal,‘Ghost Resurrection’Plan has started!”Sun Ze described the sound and affection。
“Come on you!If it’s like you said,You just write,Making up a plot or something is far more suitable for you than e-sports!”Sun Hong disagrees。
“I believe,My instinct!”Sun Ze held a half bowl of Japanese Tonkotsu Ramen Flavored Instant Noodles and ate it,Just like his brother……
“I’m furious!I thought that kid Sun Ze could help me kill that person,I didn’t expect him to be so casual,But was taken away by the other party!go,Huaxi Second Team,Go and avenge me!”After Hua Wu wanted to see the kill announcement,Command road。
Then they5People drove to the vicinity of Fengdongshi,I found Lu Yi who hadn’t gone far。
“Actually still licking the bag?!Don’t you know that I’m the principal Hua who Jai Xie must report to??”Huawuxiang understands that it burns countless money in e-sports,Formed a Huaxi team with good results,Can indeed be worthy of this title。
“Back again?”Lu Yi found out that there seemed to be the player he had robbed on the SUV,I didn’t expect the other party to find a helper,It was in the ruined school area,The few people who drive in groups。
“Hehe,Unexpectedly?I still have a few thugs!You kneel down and call me grandpa,Then let me ride three times around the wind stone on my neck,I will let you go!”Hua Wuxiang threatened。
“Call us Young Master Hua!Can make you die happy!”One person in the car jumped off as he said。

“She can’t walk now,If you can hold her back to the car……You do it!”

Fang Yu slowly said。
“My old bone……Can’t hold it!You young,please!”
Gou Shengtian saw Fang Yu’s face not red and heartbeat,Patted Xiao Yu on the shoulder and smiled。
Fang Yu doesn’t care。
Anyway, Fang Yu’s physique is very good now。
Don’t care about these。
Back to the car,Gou Shengtian asked,“How did you discover my daughter?”
“trace……If it is really thrown into the water,There must be something strange。but……The lake is very calm,Nothing unusual。I thought,Will it be around……
I happened to see a soft soil!”
Fang Yu explained。
“Mr. Fang is really observant……I thought it was in the lake,Is about to find someone to drain the lake……”
Gou Shengtian looked embarrassed。
If you really do that。
His daughter is unnecessary!
After all, they are buried underground,One more minute,It’s more dangerous!
And at this moment,Gou Hui fell asleep again。