Sister Cat snorted coldly:“I didn’t expect your kid to come here by himself,If there is a kind,See you on the platform at the next stop,Crowded here,Inconvenient,If you are a note,Then don’t say anything,Otherwise, my old cat’s paws are not forgiving”

Between talking,Xia Jian discovered,Woman calling herself an old cat,Not only the nose is longer than ordinary people’s,And on her slender fingers,I don’t know when I have put on the silver finger cots,This finger cot is made of metal,This may be her weapon。
When Xia Jian came here,I used a scarf to cover my mouth,But he doesn’t know,When did this scarf fall off,So that these women recognized him at a glance。
“If you have a conscience,Just take the wallet you stole,Give it back to everyone,Even if I didn’t see it,If you dare to say no word,I don’t care if you are an old wolf or an old cat”To this point,Xia Jian can only make harsh words,At least he can’t lose to these three women in his aura。
After such a noise,The person who lost the wallet just now,So I yelled,In a carriage,Suddenly became a mess,This situation,Everyone squeezed,It will kill you,Where are the police and conductor,Xia Jian couldn’t help but feel anxious。
The old cat smiled and said:“Are you sick?!Just two sentences,Still want to scare me,Then why will my old cat be messing around in the future?“The old cat’s charming face,Showing a fierce look。
Xia Jian couldn’t help but trembled,Just sideways,The old cat screamed,Really pounced like a cat,Two hands waving up and down,Xia Jian dodges left and right,Temporarily new leather jacket,Two long openings were exposed instantly。
Xia Jian was angered,Turn around,Swipe out the right elbow,The old cat may also be careless about Jingzhou,I didn’t expect Xia Jian to move so fast,Just when she hesitated,Just listen to a bang,The old cat was hit by Xia Jian and crawled on Erhuo’s body.。
“withdraw,Hard stubble“The old cat growled,The three squeezed toward the other end of the car。
Xia Jianyi doesn’t do it,Endlessly,How can you let them escape,Isn’t my leather jacket torn in vain?。
Xia Jiangang raised his foot,I saw the old cat at the end raise his hand,Shouted:“All for you,Don’t know good or bad“
Xia Jian reached out,Turned out to be a bag,He hurriedly opened the zipper to take a look,It’s full of wallets,Just when he paused like this,The old cat took her big and second goods,Submerged early in the crowd。
The cabin is surprisingly quiet,Only hear the bang of the train hitting the track,People in the whole carriage,They all looked at Xia Jian,It’s possible that Xia Jian shocked everyone just now。
Xia Jian calmed his thoughts a bit,And shouted:“The person whose wallet was stolen just now,Come claim one by one,If someone impersonates,Don’t blame me for being ruthless,There is yours in it,Just take it,if there is not,Please don’t take other people’s“
Xia Jian’s voice is strong and powerful,Reverberating for a long time in the carriage。
Everything went well,More than ten wallets,Was claimed in a few minutes,Xia Jian suddenly felt a sense of accomplishment。When he returns to the soft sleeper again,It’s past four o’clock,And two more seats are vacant,Maybe you got off halfway。
Logically,He can sleep beautifully,I don’t know why,He was sleepy,There are old cats and three women in my head。
Listen to the banging railroad tracks,Xia Jian thought a lot,He never figured it out,A whole carriage of people,I’m afraid of three women,If someone resists a little bit,They will not succeed lightly,What happened to people now?
Thinking about,Xia Jian actually fell asleep,In sleep,He dreamed of old cat,Bringing a large number of goods into his soft sleeper compartment,And closed the door。
Xia Jian tried his best,Hit a punch,People wake up too,He found out that he had a dream,The carriage is bright,It turns out it’s bright。

Under the thick atmosphere,It’s 80 million kilometers in diameter,Shenwu Continent roughly in the shape of a half moon。

In the southwest corner of Shenwu Continent‘Red mist forest’,A figure fell silently from the sky。
Red mist forest,Land occupation6Billion square kilometers,This area is actually not large,But in the southwest corner of the entire Shenwu continent‘Yan Ye domain’It’s a fierce place。
After all, in the depths of the red mist forest,Inhabits a fierce beast whose strength is comparable to the great master,In Shenwu Qianyu,‘Yan Ye domain’Just a small remote place,There are not many masters,No one wants to risk their lives to deal with that beast。
It’s‘Red mist forest’Around,There are many villages inhabited by humans。Although the Red Mist Forest is where the beasts live,But in the marginal area there are also some beasts of average strength,Ordinary mountain hunters have the ability to kill。
“brother,You said we can catch that end today‘Clefthoof’Is it?”Talking is a red-haired girl,Average appearance,But with the vitality of a girl。She holds a sharp spear in her right hand。
“Xiaoya,Don’t worry,That clefthoof lizard has hit my mark,Xiaobai can track it,It has been seriously injured,We can kill it。Then we sold the clefthoof in exchange for a large sum of money,We can join‘Qi Feng Wuguan’Middle practice,Maybe in the future we can become an official warrior!”The young man called the elder brother looks much more stable,The weapon in my hand is a small axe,And there are several throwing spears on his back。
“No way,This money is for my brother to beg his wife。”The girl shook her head,“noob,Have you found the way??”
“Meow ~~”This is an animal similar to a cat on earth,The whole body is covered with stripes similar to the surrounding environment,Only the four feet are white,The tail is much longer than cats on earth。
This fierce beast resembling a cat,It’s a girl domesticated pet,Has an amazing sense of smell。
Soon the two of them followed the road with no road in the forest,Move quickly in one direction。
Don’t know,A pair of eyes are staring at them。
“Dare to go deep into this forest to hunt,At least better than the general public。But these two little guys are just like the sixth and eighth stars。What kind of martial arts do you want to join?,Become a real warrior?In other words, it is recognized and respected in the world‘Musha’At least a constant star!”Li Ming muttered,Hidden on the side with his strength,Even the ordinary universe level can’t find it。
“And there is a martial arts organization,I don’t know if there are sects or powers like the country.。。。The information given by the Virtual Universe Company is too rough,I don’t know anything about the basic framework of this continent.!”Li Ming is not clear,Such a huge continent,Unless there is a complete and unified powerful force,And the control ability of this powerful force penetrates every detail of society,Otherwise, the style of each regional power,Types are very different。
“First observe these two little guys,It’s best to use them as a springboard to understand the upper layers of the world。Two requirements for the task,The key to me is‘Shenwu Order’with‘Black list’Information。”
And on the other side,The red-haired brother and sister finally met their‘prey’,A sub-adult clefthoof。
This is a creature somewhat similar to the Earth monitor lizard,But there are four stubby horns on the top of the head,There are no general fingers at the bottom of the four thickly turned legs,But huge claws。The claws are not very sharp,But it is extremely powerful with strong limbs。And the most powerful thing about this creature is its tail,Long tail,There is a hook-shaped barb at the end—There is a dark light on the surface of the barb。
The strength of an adult clefthoof lizard can reach a constant star—In the terms of Shenwu Continent,Is the official warrior level。And this clefthoof lizard is the ninth star of the planet,But it seems to have suffered some injuries。
“What a great little guy!”Li Ming watched the two men and a cat team up against the clefthoof,I was slightly surprised。
The girl called Xiaoya,The realm has at least reached the peak of the artistic realm level,Distance domain level is also close。Don’t feel that this level is low。You know that in the universe,A star in the field,Able to obtain the status of a second-level elite in a star-level organization,And this girl is at least a level three elite—Don’t underestimate this level three elite,It’s incomparable to a super genius like Li Ming,However, there may not necessarily be such a third-level elite among millions of people in the constant star.—The ratio of planet stars is even lower。

Instructor gloomy,In fact, his heart is struggling and restless,The old evildoer in the mountains that Li Tianzhen told him on the phone before,The best supernatural ability is mental attack,The senior thugs in captivity under it are said to be guardians and preachers,From the description,Quan Xingguo obviously encountered preachers,And also a very good evangelist。

The concept of mental attack is too broad,Li Tianzhen didn’t have time to describe something more specific.,So the instructor naturally has no way to judge,But the scary thing is,Even Li Tianzhi,I can’t beat a preacher,This is very troublesome。
But if it’s just for this reason, Quan Xingguo is wronged,That’s absolutely improper,The hateful is Sheng Guangda and Li Ran,I haven’t worked with these two guys,Don’t know how to cooperate,Still silly listening with gusto,Quick screening is obviously impossible,There are many doubts that need to be resolved,Can only endure,Observe slowly。
“You said go to the south for a pilgrimage,Where in the south?”Sheng Guangda is obviously interested。
“I don’t believe you。”The instructor grabbed the chopsticks on the table,Also interrupted Quan Xingguo,“Risking such a big thing,Do you still talk about organizational discipline?Eating right now,Talk after dinner!”
The instructor’s face is ugly,But no matter what,He is also the leader of this group,Sheng Guangda smacked his lips helplessly,Naturally, Quan Xingguo and others will not confront the instructor in person。
Six people huddled together for a very dull lunch,After meal,The instructor simply asked Li Ran to find a relatively clean hotel in the town,Stay temporarily,He needs to wait for Gu Changfeng’s news,I also need to further exchange opinions with Li Tianzhi in private。
But we cannot deliberately avoid Quan Xingguo,If it causes misunderstanding and estrangement,Things will be more complicated,So the instructor lives in a double room with Quan Xingguo,Easy to observe,It’s also convenient to understand the situation in more detail。
All afternoon,The instructor behind closed doors and Quan Xingguo face to face to discuss the whole story,Some doubts were eliminated in time,But there are many unexplainable,Most things belong to the realm of transcendence,To this,The instructor can’t know more,such as,Later Ma Yuan’s return,Makes people feel incredible,He was brought back by another Kampot。
For ordinary people,Something that sounds like a fantasy,But it is possible in the supernatural realm,As Li Tianzhen once said,The Mighty has a clone,Can even create illusions,Many magical powers are incredible,Ordinary people have no way of understanding。
So these doubts,The instructor can’t be sure,Long conversation,The instructor wants to observe Quan Xingguo’s expression from the details、Demeanor,Even the reaction in the eyes,such as,He deliberately created some traps,Or some unimportant issues are inadvertently mentioned repeatedly in the conversation,Not too exaggerated,Let Quanxingguo be aware。
Treating someone who used to live and die like this、Well-proven field service,His students,The instructor’s heart is very painful,But it won’t work if you don’t,Subconscious,He doesn’t want to deceive himself,Because he really became suspicious at noon,Deceiving yourself will kill a lot of people。
Fortunately, this afternoon was not wasted,Painstaking design,The instructor reached a preliminary conclusion,Quan Xingguo was not brainwashed by that Kampot,Take a risk and get important news,Although only preliminary conclusion,But it also made him greatly relieved。
before dinner,The instructor found Li Ran alone,The reaction of Xie Zhiman and Ma Yuan is also normal,When talking about the experience of trekking in the Gobi Desert with Kampot and others,They are still afraid and have lingering fears,But many of the details are consistent with what Quan Xingguo described。
Shortly thereafter,The instructor received the long-awaited call,Gu Changfeng finally has good news,The superior approved their plan,And dispatched several experts in the supernatural field,Set off with Gu Changfeng,Everyone meets at the border。
Regarding Quanxingguo’s Major Gains,Gu Changfeng took a cautious attitude,He agreed with the instructor first to find Li Tianzhi to thoroughly understand the situation.。
Chapter VIII More serious

“Then he is yours……”The captain tried to ask。

“……He is the bastard who raised me。”Shi Muluo was silent for a while,Then he said slowly in a low tone,Whenever you mention that person, she always remembers bad memories。
The captain doesn’t know what to say,Before he heard all the rumors, the protagonist was dead,So theoretically,Even if Shi Mu Luo is a sniper,It’s not the person they really are looking for。
To her strength……It’s really bad judgment。
And such a girl who grew up in the city,Can you really stand the cruel and depressing atmosphere on the battlefield?……
The captain thought left and right but couldn’t find a solution,But since people have already come,Can’t break the contract,And they really lack a sniper,It’s a big deal to let yourself perform that difficult task,Let Shimuluo fight with the army,At least there is a reference。
But to be honest,If it really does,That would be too frustrated,It feels like hiring a burden。
“If you don’t trust me,I’ll just go back and forget it,Lest it get in your eyes here。”Shi Muluo’s ability to see through people’s minds still hasn’t regressed,Looking at the captain’s look,Knows his concerns。
to be frank,Be so questioned,This is the first time she has been in the industry for so many years。
“That was not what I meant。”The captain quickly explained,There seems to be no other way now,I can only assume that she is superior,Let’s finish the task ahead。
The captain posted the map on the wall,A large group of people immediately surrounded,Shi Mu Luo was squeezed in the front row,I just feel like there are hills behind,The difference in size,Makes her feel uncomfortable。
“Action officially starts tomorrow,The whole is divided into two groups,A group with me,Attack the official army camp in the south with the local militia,Another group,Disciple led,Go to the north for a little support。”


You will also see this?”
“Hey-hey,Be a little,You are sitting first。”
Say,Li Hui Feng picks up the other party’s jade,Although in stockings,But the touch is still very true.。
Gently press it at the ankle,Zhao Xiaoling can’t help but。
“breeze,A bit painful。”
“Um,You are a lady.,But it’s okay, no dislocation,wait for me a while,I am going to give you a gold needle.。”
“correct,Ling Sister,You can take your stockings down,Otherwise, I can’t recognize it in the evening.。”
Li Hui’s request made Zhao Xiaoling,Then the face is incomparable。
“My sock is the practice,You turn around。”
“Forehead,That is no need.,I will be careful for a while.。”
Li Hui Feng is actually perfect for the grasp of acupuncture.,He just then said that I just want to give the other side.,After all, I am not in the stockings.。
“Need not,I will take off soon.,Let’s take something first.!”
Li Hui Feng saw Zhao Xiaoling’s perseverance,I feel that the other party will follow the battlefield.,Some funny is also rushing to the house。
When he came out,There is a thin flesh stockings behind the chair.。
Zhao Xiaoling’s snow white jade leg,White jade is also directly presented in front of him.。
In an instant, he will not open his eyes.。
Zhao Xiaoling naturally saw this scene of Li Hui Feng,Can’t help:“Why?
Have you seen it??”
“The sister will let you see every day.,Watch a good enough?”
I heard this,Li Hui Feng also reacted in an instant,Even busy:“no, I’m fine,Ling Sister,Just now it is god.,I’m sorry!”
“Gigbling,I have to go back.,If you like,My sister is really could give you every day.。”
Face this kind of words,Li Hui is really difficult to fight。
“Ling Sister,I still treat you first.。”
soon,Three gold needles are also piercing the ankle of the other side。
Original red swollen position,Instantly start disappearing with the speed visible to the naked eye。
Zhao Xiaoling saw that Li Hui Feng did not say the same way.,It is also seen some fascinations.。
She feels that Li Hui is a treasure boy.,Everything,And everything is proficient,The key is to treat anyone is so gentle,Such a man is really fascinating。
But I think that Li Hui Feng has so many girlfriends.,She is a bit hard to accept my heart.。
Gold needle,Li Hui Hui is soft and kneading the other party.。
This action makes Zhao Xiaoling even more blushing.。
“breeze,Don’t kneel,I have no feet.。”
“Hey-hey,Now you are a patient,I am a doctor,Doctors will still be in trouble.?
And your jade is not dirty.,It’s time to wash every day.。”
Li Hui Feng is called jade,Zhao Xiaoling also can’t help but laugh:“Just in your eyes are jade,Sister this is a big pig,My sister, I often say this.。”

“Dead!I thought you were different from other people,So you are like this”Ma Xiaoli smiled,Take out another bottle of red wine from under the coffee table。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Food color,Not to mention the beauty??”
“You won’t be underfed,Come here to eat again!”When Ma Xiaoli said this,,Looks very charming。Xia Jian was a little fascinated。Until Ma Xiaoli handed the poured red wine to Xia Jian,Xia Jian just recovered。It seems that this is really not intoxicating.。
Tasting red wine,There are beautiful people around,Xia Jian couldn’t help but look in a trance。Ma Xiaoli stretched out her beautiful legs,Gave Xia Jian a light kick,She asked softly:“You don’t speak,What are you thinking?”
“Oh!A little drunk。Didn’t you say that you have something to discuss with me??What’s the matter,I can’t talk in front of them,Must talk separately”Xia Jian took back his hurrying mind,A serious question。
Ma Xiaoli frowned,A bit displeased:“You are so boring,I want to talk to you a little secret,But not now!It’s our drinking time, OK??”
“Good is good,But got drunk for a while,How to talk,dont you agree”Xia Jian said with a big smile。
Ma Xiaoli looked at Xia Jian and said:“I want to take you to Bucheon next month,of course,Don’t let anyone know about this,Including your boss Xiao Xiao”
“Oh!Next month will do!But why are you so mysterious”Xia Jian couldn’t help asking。
Ma Xiaoli took a long breath and said:“I finally regained the leadership of the company,It can be said that every time I do something,I have to be very careful。Because there are many people staring at me in the dark,I don’t want them to destroy it anymore”
“Are you just watching next month??”Xia Jian asked again。
Ma Xiaoli shook her head and said:“Do not!As soon as next month passes,Will start to settle in and decorate,Accomplish the occupancy rate of eight out of ten by the end of August,By September, it must be more than 90%,Catch the National Day on October 1st,The Eastern Wholesale Market was officially launched,One-time explosion”
“OK!What I want is your words,We will strongly support,Fully cooperate with your work,Strive for the smooth opening of the Eastern Wholesale Market on October 1st”Xia Jian patted his chest and said。
Ma Xiaoli paused and then said:“I want you to be responsible for the opening of the Eastern Wholesale Market,Wait for it to run normally,You can withdraw”
This question doesn’t sound difficult,If this was before,He can’t catch it by himself,But now the initiative is not here,In case Xiao Xiao disagrees,Then he still has no choice。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“Ok!I promise you”When Xia Jian said this,,Have thought about the countermeasure。
Ma Xiaoli,Very happy,She raised her glass and said:“Come!Let’s have a drink for our happy cooperation”Ma Xiaoli said,Drink to the bottom。
Xia Jian knows the amount of Ma Xiaoli,If you really drink it,He may not be able to drink her。Xia Jian raised his glass and smiled and said:“Dare not drink anymore,Drinking too much will cause trouble,I’m a bad guy”

“Don’t be so arbitrary,Listen to me。It stands to reason that marriage is free,If two people are not suitable, leave,But some things are not so simple,dont you agree?”Wang Youcai said,Take a look at Song Fang。

Song Fang frowned,Asked coldly:“What do you mean?I don’t understand”
“look,You are already divorced twice,Wouldn’t it be three times if I leave again? I know you don’t care,But have you ever thought,Where are your two children?When they grow up,What do they think of you?”Don’t look at Wang Youcai as a bastard,But he also plays the emotional card。
Song Fang was said by Wang Youcai,I can’t sit still。Although the two children Wang Lijun took away are not close to her,But they were born to her after all,Maybe we really want to meet in the future,If at any time,Isn’t her marital status terrible。
“Our family thinks,My brother’s temperament changed drastically from inside。Become suspicious,He doesn’t just don’t believe you,He doesn’t believe everyone in our family now。I am his brother,I got so bad this time,He did not ask the last sentence”
“So you have to tolerate him,Let him out of this shadow。Maybe tomorrow morning,He becomes better”Wang Youcai saw that Song Fang stopped talking,And said a few more words。
Song Fang took a breath and said:“Your older brother is too irritating,No one can stand him”
“Where is the crux??You have to say it”Wang Youcai asked。
Song Fang’s eyes with tears,What happened to Wang You after he was sent to prison,From the end to the end。Especially when she went to Donglin Township to send Xia Jian,Wang Youfa chased Donglin Township,Song Fang said the most angry,Excitement,He punched his chest with his fists。
Looking at Song Fang like this,Wang Youcai didn’t speak for a while。He never expected,This matter has something to do with Xia Jian,It seems that their Lao Wang family has been against Lao Xia family in this life。
“You go!I have said everything I should say,I’m divorced this marriage。If Wang Youfa is still dragging and not signing,I went to the court to sue him”Song Fang stood up as he spoke,Made a gesture of seeing off。
Wang Youcai has nothing to say,Secretly cursing Xia Jian’s eight-life ancestor,I walked out of the village committee of Xiping Village。
arrive home,Everything remains the same。My mother Chen Yueqin is still lying on the edge of the kang*,My old lady, I feel aggrieved and can’t tell,That’s why。
The anger slowly rose in Wang Youcai’s heart。This home becomes what it is today,All because of his elder brother Wang Youfa。

Li Tianchou only noticed that Peng Weihua was not there,Look at the objects on the table again,Can’t help being surprised,This is a short knife with a leather scabbard,The cowhide is very worn,Some places are even bright and black,It is Peng Weihua’s personal self-defense weapon。

He never leaves with this knife,Love is treasure,Even when you take a bath, you should put it on the stool next to you.。And he rarely uses this knife,I once heard Peng Weihua joking about,“This knife is my brother,When it desperately,I have to kill。”
The knife is not there now,what does this mean,Li Tianchou has a cold sweat,Grabbed the note next to it。Above is a beautiful line of small print,Deja vu:Bad rules surnamed Peng,Let your people in charge to lead people(Only one person),Before five o’clock in the afternoon,Expired。Qingshiqiao Kiln outside Nancheng。
Li Tianchou understood why Zhu Lei was anxious,Hold everyone under pressure,Just to wait for myself to come back,Otherwise, they will rush over with unknown circumstances,It’s hard to predict the consequences。Look at the time again,It’s half past four,so close!He said to Zhu Lei,“I’ll go right away,Everyone wait for me here。”
“No way,We also go。”Liangzi and Qi Baozhu jumped first。
“Don’t argue,time does not wait,Stay here at ease。”Li Tianchou gave a word,About to turn and leave。
“That won’t work,Walk on your front foot in the afternoon,Ah Hua is gone,We don’t worry。”Shemale also stood up,And the words are rushing,The implication does not trust Li Tianchou。
“Why do you talk to the boss like this??You sit down for me。”Zhu Lei is angry。No wonder shemale,When everyone is fighting for the qualifications of the family,He is still healing in the ravine,He always has some inexplicable feelings about Li Tianchou’s identity,Although I heard everyone talk about the situation intermittently,But still not convinced。
“Yoha,If he is really in charge,I won’t even answer the phone if something like this happens?Don’t give me this set,I want to go,I just gave you face,Don’t push your nose on your face。”Shemale is more angry,
Li Tianchou looked at the ladyboy coldly,Look like a blade。Shemales are not afraid,Look up,But it’s just a moment’s work.,The other person’s eyes are not that simple and cold,Also mixed with a fierce killing spirit,Make him feel stressed。
“It is very clear on the note,Only let one person go。”Li Tianchou speaks slowly,“What other people’s opinions?”
“Everyone go together。”Ryoko took a step forward,Also without fear。
Li Tianchou nodded,“Well,Just do that。I start,The others and Zhu Lei will act in half an hour,Wenhui stays to watch the house。”
“Why do you go first?Go together。”The shemale couldn’t help screaming again,But as soon as the voice fell, I felt a flower,Li Tianchou is already standing in front of him,The nearest face of the two is not more than a fist。
Everyone is shocked,Even Li Tianchou himself was surprised。I wanted to rush over to frighten the opponent,But angry,Free heart,Speed far beyond my imagination。
In everyone’s eyes,Within four or five meters,Li Tianchou just swayed slightly before moving instantly。Ryoko is the most surprised,His open mouth hasn’t closed yet,I feel a gust of wind,Li Tianchou is already standing behind him,This Nima is hell?

Xia Jian’s arm was drawn in pain,But he still didn’t forget to fight back,I saw his right wrist snapped,I caught the whip in my hand,Then force,In my arms。Xu Sanduo shakes,Almost ran two steps forward,But he stabilized,After all, ginger is still old and spicy。

Xu Sanduo saw Xia Jian caught his whip,Can’t help but get angry,His body sank sharply,The feet are like nails to the ground,suddenly,He pulled back hard。
First0624chapter Moment of crisis
Xia Jian had expected Xu Sanduo to have such a hand,Sure enough, he started to show off,Thus,Xia Jian was the one who suffered,Because the whip is wrapped around his arm,Getting tighter,I’ll scrap this hand if it doesn’t。
Heroes don’t suffer from immediate losses,What moves does Xia Jiancai manage?,He slammed,Suddenly let go。The flick of the sand was untied from his arm。Xia Jian’s hand,Xu Sanduo really didn’t expect,I saw him fall backwards suddenly,Suddenly knocked a person behind him and flew out。
It can be seen from here,Just now,How much power did the two use。Xu San, who stood firm, laughed and said:“young people,You must be Xia Hao, right?!what a pity!You shouldn’t meet me Xu Sanduo。But I still envy you,There are always so many beautiful women around“
Xia Jian glanced at this a bit old and rude Xu Sanduo,Said quietly:“You invite us over,Could it be that these are useless?!“
“Ha ha!Young people are very anxious。it is good!The one you hurt me,Neither pay,Also don’t want fromGZdisappear,Did you put me Xu Sanduo in your eyes??Negotiated with me and brought so many people over,What happened,Still want to go shopping?Your kid is too self-righteous“Xu Sanduo said,Face changed,Looks a little terrifying。
Gu Yue said coldly:“Don’t go around,There are lice on the bald head,Don’t burn the flames of war on Xia Hao。Whose money did you collect?What do you want,Show off!“
“Since you all know,Then why don’t you let this brat leave,Made us fight“Xu Sanduo lowered his voice and said to Gu Yue。
Gu Yue smiled and said:“Your boss Xu only has money in his heart,How can I understand the truth?。It seems that the person who asked you to give you a lot of money“
“Which is natural,What Xu Sanduo recognizes is money,You also know that my company is just a cover,So I’m sorry tonight,Don’t say you are Gu Changlong’s daughter,Even if Gu Changlong is here,Don’t talk about friendship if you don’t have money。
Gu Yue frowned:“Shit dating,My dad won’t have any friendship with people like you anymore。Listen up,Xia Hao is my Gu Yue’s person,He does things for our company,I will take care of everything,Want him to leaveGZ,Nowhere,Don’t think so”
“Hahahaha,Have personality。Since it’s all about it,There’s nothing to talk about,I had to send someone to ask him outGZUp”Xu Sanduo finished,Wave of hand,A group of people behind him pressed their belongings with them。
Look from the momentum,Twenty people must be incomparable to forty or fifty people,Seeing a shopping mall is about to happen,Xia Jian couldn’t help pulling Gu Yue behind him。
Arrow on the string,Had to send,Xia Jian took the lead,Just about to shoot。Suddenly a voice came over:“Xu Sanduo,My Jiang Dalong is not dead yet,You behave right here”

Silently,Red light,Countless tentacles were cut off,Bleeding mist,Zhong Sanpu’s face turned white again,True Yuan is in the end,He burst into air,I expected to cut off all the tentacles,But I was shocked to find that Qingfeng’s sword only cuts in less than half the thickness of the tentacles.,The rest of the tentacles suddenly went crazy,Buzzing and trembling bombarding the light shield like raindrops。

But the small head in the red light has a very huge and terrifying mouth,At this time, the scream is fully opened,Almost the size of the entire skull,A thick red tongue shoots out like lightning,Slammed hard on the light shield,Zhong Sanpu immediately spouted a mouthful of blood,I want to protect the light shield desperately,But the true essence in the body is no longer sustainable。
The light shield is vacillating,Zhong Sanpu wants to give up the light shield and find another way,But helplessly, the whole body seems to be sucked on the spot,Can’t get rid of,He just found out now,The opponent who was abandoned by Li Tianzhen and Dayan,Must not be the real strong,At least not the main force of this attack,But it’s hard to resist even if I try my best,Can’t help but feel ashamed,Face as gray。
The light shield soon ushered in the second impact,The rumbling sound is like the top of Mount Tai,Zhong Sanpu can no longer bear it,The light shield shattered into countless light and shadow dissipated,Those disgusting tentacles and thick tongues drove straight in,Miura will be torn to pieces in the next quarter of an hour,He opened his mouth and wanted to yell,But my throat is sweet,Spit out blood again,Fall on your back。
Zhong Sanpu is in a trance,I saw an extremely dazzling white light suddenly flying over,Crashed into the figure with a boom,In the terrible scream,Silhouette flying into the air,Those viper-like tentacles and big tongues suddenly retracted like an electric shock,Then a green light flew from the other direction at a faster speed,And made a loud roar,He cut off the figure in the air with a chuckle。
Two rays of light are extremely sharp,One after the other,Killed Sombra cleanly,An old man in a white robe slowly emerged,It is Dayan,This old guy is equally pale,There is blood in the corner of the mouth,But it doesn’t affect him to reach out and stop the white light,Zhong Sanpu can see clearly now,Bai Guang is the short stick he has seen before。
A figure thundered on the ground in mid-air,Very embarrassed,The fierce green light just now turned into a green flying saucer,Slowly hovering over the body,cough,Cough,Struggling to sit up,It’s Li Tianzhi,Although there is no bleeding,But his face is extremely pale,He seems to have exhausted his true essence,Even the strength to reach out and take off the leaf knife。
Zhong Mipo escaped from the dead,I was shocked by the two men’s lore,This is the first time he has seen Li Tianzhi fight with all his strength,Just relying on the energy shock caused by the explosion of magical power in the distance just now,We can see the gap between ourselves and the other party,And this Metaverse’s Dayan is even more tyrannical and outrageous,His opponent should be no weaker than Li Tianzhi,But the state after the war is much better than Li Tianyu。
Chapter nine hundred and seventy five Star of destruction
Sure enough,If before,Zhong Sanpu still has doubts about Li Tianchou’s words about the universe,But now he completely believes,Can’t help but look sad,The mere mortal world has lived silently for so long in a world surrounded by the strong,If it weren’t for this eschatological change,I’m afraid I still don’t know anything about the outside world。
Puff,Dayan, who was still quite powerful in Zhong Sanpu’s eyes, suddenly sat on the ground,I opened my mouth and spewed out another blood,The breath of the whole person immediately wilted a lot。
“Make tea,Replace the teapot with new tea。”Li Tianzhen, who has been silent, finally took a sigh of relief,Greet Zhong Miura immediately,All three were seriously injured,But the situation now looks,Instead, Zhong Sanpo’s injury was the least,Li Tianzhi and Dayan can’t move anymore。
“Are you all right?”Zhong Miura who is renewed tense,Rummaging through Li Tianzhen’s arms for that bag of worry-free tea,Then he hurriedly poured water to make tea,He was so busy with a simple action that he was sweating,Everyone hurts like this,In case there are blood races around,That would be a big trouble。
“Two sips of tea will be good。”After saying this, Li Tianzhen began to cough loudly,Was hit twice in a row by the opponent,Li Xiucheng’s golden body was almost crushed,Lost combat effectiveness at that time,If it weren’t for the Seven Flame Armor to shine,Immediately after the leaf knife attack,Otherwise it will be difficult to kill the demon。
“How about fellow Taoists?”
“Can’t die。”After Dayan’s blood silted out of his chest,,Much better than before,Although his face is still pale,But he was a little bit angry。
“Seems to have not left yet?”