I can only complain in desperation,Then leave the hall。

of course,Some don’t give up just squatting outside,Just intend to eavesdrop。
But it doesn’t matter,Anyway, Qin Feng just behaves,Don’t want too many people to know about this。
“All right,Now everyone is gone。Can you speak?”Su Chengxu stared at Qin Feng。
The latter sighed,“In fact, whether it’s on TV,Have you seen some movies or books on the Internet??There will be some special people in this world。According to the people of that era,They are cultivators,Your family Zhang Lili is pregnant with a child with great potential,So someone from a mountain gate nearby wanted to accept him as a descendant。”
Qin Feng stopped when he said this。
Because he knows,Other people must have a lot of questions。
“impossible,How could these things exist。And even if it exists,Can’t you wait for my baby to be born??Just take people away,They never thought about the consequences?”Su Chengxu’s mind has long been confused,Hearing Qin Feng’s words, I couldn’t accept the reality even more。
After all, what Qin Feng said cannot be explained by science。
Jiang Yan and other women don’t know much about it,mainly,Qin Feng’s“Martial arts”In their opinion, the level is not“mortal”s level。
So now I understand what’s going on。
“Qin Feng,You can’t beat them?Or,Can’t you go through official channels??”Jiang Yan has dealt with many people after all。Since Qin Feng didn’t bring Zhang Lili back,This shows one point,Qin Feng’s personal
Ability may not solve this problem。

“Ok。it’s me!”Lu Menglin quickly replied。

“where are you?We have something to find you!”Leng Yue Wuhen typing。
Lu Menglin was stunned for a moment,He is also a little curious,What is the Lengyue family looking for??
“I’m in League City。”Lu Menglin replied。
“Ok!Bookstore waiting for us。”Leng Yue Wuhen typing。
then,Overlord Aotian Yiqi Juechen,Ran to the Mengzhong Bookstore。
Mengzhong Bookstore is outside the city,A lonely yard。
The server has been running for more than half a year,Players are all high,Very few people come to the bookstore,Not to mention coming to a remote place like Mengzhong Bookstore。
Bashen Aotian stands in front of the bookstore,Waiting quietly。
Soon,Two figures swish one after another。
Is Lengyue Wuhen and Lengyuexue,The two female wizards are already wearing bright neon feathers,That is the reload of the female mage after level 40,It’s also a status symbol for high-level mages。
By contrast,The Tyrant God Aotian still wearing the dark green armor of the God of War,At this stage in the game,It doesn’t match the identity,And it’s a bit shabby。
“Hello there!long time no see!where did you go?Still playing games?”Leng Yuexue asked first。
Actually these problems,You can directly ask in the form of private chat,But these two girls insisted on meeting,Even if only the characters in the game meet,It can only be said to be some kind of stubbornness of girls。
Tyrant God Aotian was silent for a moment,Replied:“Busy,Haven’t been online for a long time。Not necessarily in the future,Maybe won’t play anymore。”

“This is Fan Wuming, the military attache of the embassy,Get in the car!I will take you to the airport。”This military attache surnamed Fan waved his hand,Speak loudly。

Lu Menglin and the others haven’t responded yet,Lucas is anxious。
He brought so many people to stop Menglin Team,As a result, he was born by a guy who claimed to be a military attache of the Chinese Embassy,Take people away?How can this be?Don’t hell angels want face??
“and many more!They can’t go yet!”Lucas stared and shouted。
Fan Wuming turned around,As if I only saw the black men in front of me now,Smiled faintly:“Do you want to restrict the personal freedom of Chinese citizens??”
Lu Menglin made up his sword behind his back:“He just said he would take us away,To sell human organs。”
“Ha ha,Give him the courage to try!”Fan Wuming smiled。
Lucas also laughed twice,I looked around the brothers,I couldn’t help but feel a little bold。
“I don’t care what brand your car is on,It doesn’t matter if you are real or fake,You want to take people away from our hell angels,Absolutely impossible!”Lucas raised his arm,Said proudly
He joined Hell Angels from the age of seventeen,Nineteen years,I finally got to where I am today,Take charge of the organization’s casino business in Las Vegas,It’s not just scheming。
The critical moment,Lucas has the guts,Dare to challenge anyone!
“We are hell angels!Even the police are not afraid!Are you going to reason with us?”Lucas laughed。

Lu Xin’s eyes fell on Zhou Chengyu,He looked at Yang Liu with admiration and pity in his eyes,In addition to the conditions,Actually a very nice person。

Duan Xiuying’s eyes are also on the photo,Said very confidently:“Xinxin,I can’t read it wrong,This man absolutely loves Lu Yao,Have been secretly in love with her。If you are afraid Shao Huo forgive her,We just put some weight on him,Just let the secret love become the bright love。”
Whether or not Yangliu is in two boats,There is this man,No becomes yes!
Duan Xiuying brought the work from work to life,Plot one after another,Lu Xin feels ashamed。
The only drawback is waiting,When their feelings are inseparable,To implement the plan,In case they break through the last line of defense,Home run,Don’t you just make up for it??
Such a disgusting relationship,Hope it won’t happen!
Yang Liu didn’t realize that the big net of conspiracy had begun to her,Still in high-profile love with Huo Yunhe,Sprinkle dog food from time to time,Have a good time。
One day,Huo Yunhe received a call from the boss,Said brothers are going to get together,He doesn’t want to go,How beautiful to be with my girlfriend that time,What can a bunch of big men have to talk about!
“Yunhe,I’m not talking about you,Why don’t you bring a girlfriend to show your brothers??If there is some misunderstanding,How embarrassing。”
Chapter One Hundred Send talks
The boss is so obvious,It reminded him of his sister-in-law and his fifth wife He Huandong,Brother is right,This kind of embarrassment can only be performed once,He doesn’t want his girlfriend to be chased by his brother,At the end everyone is embarrassed to meet。
Ring the bell to let Yangliu bring in a cup of coffee。
Although Yangliu’s fearless worldly vision,But it’s a girl after all,Not so cheeky,The meaningful gazes of colleagues kept on her,I really can’t stand it。
I really don’t blame my colleagues for gossiping,But every time she brings coffee in,Can’t get out in a short time,When coming out,All with brows and eyes,Slightly messy hair,A discerning person knows what happened at a glance。
Self-send talks,Isn’t he allowed to explore?They dare not joke with the boss,I only dare to tease myself,Made her very embarrassed,Dare not attack yet。
This is not,When the intercom phone rings,Everyone’s eyes fell on her in unison,The smile on the corner of the mouth is not hidden,Willow eyes, nose, nose, heart,Walking into the general manager’s office holding coffee without squinting。
Wave the sleeves,Not take away a cloud,The door is closed,Two separated worlds。

This kind of walking is led by the nose like a doll,It’s better to have a good fight。

“soon!”Xia Chenglong answered。
“They should have killed those guys, right?,If you hurry up, maybe you can catch up!”What did Aquan think of。
Xia Chenglong didn’t answer this time,I really don’t know how to explain。
By time,If everything goes well, they will indeed catch up,Or maybe someone will show up behind them before Yizhuxiang,But no one at the moment。
No one is nothing。
They have encountered new difficulties more or less,Can not support,The rest is still the lives of the two of them。
Xia Chenglong didn’t know,Where they are now has a name,of course,Originally there is no name,Named because someone came。
“Zhonghu Peak!”
literal meaning,There is a lake not far away,The lake is like an upside-down clock,There are six slender and high peaks around Zhonghu,So it is called Zhonghu Peak。
Their position at the moment has not reached Zhonghu,It’s just under the south peak,People walking in this mountain stream,Looks too small,Especially two people。
So the peak inserted into the cloud still lives in its own way,The various spirit beasts living on the peak also fly around as usual。
The occasional cry echoes in the mountain stream,So as to realize the desolation and remoteness here。
“I think Bincheng will definitely dominate the North Sea in the future,Then I will be respected,And then you can marry a wife,Do not,Two rooms,Three bedrooms!”
Aquan confided in the back,This can greatly reduce the inner fear。
Xia Chenglong said nothing,His attention is on the surrounding environment,Because this deadlock hasn’t been solved yet,The sense of danger still exists。
Or not a sense of danger,But dangerous。
“Aquan,somebody is coming!”

See Qiao Tianyu’s firm attitude,Michelle had to do it,Hurry up and arrange the vehicle to leave,In the car, Michelle gave Qiao Tianyu a bunch of information,That he asked Raman to investigate。

Qiao Tianyu remembered today“Golden House”Before the negotiation meeting,I once asked Michelle to help him investigate that Raman,And his Russian wife。
Ramanel’s life and deeds are recorded in great detail in those materials,It seems that the KGB is not blowing,I checked a person in such a short time,Really awesome!
Qiao Tianyu quickly browsed the information,Can’t help but stun him,It seems that I have misunderstood Ramanel before,Raman is not as simple as he thought!
no way,Now that the arrow is on the string,Can only have to send,To Hyde Park,I can only act by chance!
Hyde Park,Located in the Westminster Abbey area in central London,Is the most famous park in London,It is also the largest and oldest Royal Park in the UK,Has a history of nearly a thousand years。
one of them“Wellington Arch”,Is a memorial1815The victor of the Battle of Waterloo that determined the fate of Europe、British coach—General Wellington!
Raman chose the meeting address under Wellington Arch in Hyde Park,Qiao Tianyu thinks he must have deep meaning in it。
KGB agents’ driving skills are absolutely superb,Originally half an hour away,Rushed by them all the way through the red light,It only took less than a quarter of an hour,Rushed to the gate of Hyde Park。
It just so happens that today is not the weekend,So there are not many visitors in Hyde Park,Michelle worried about Qiao Tianyu’s safety,Arranged for a group of KGB agents to lie in wait outside the Wellington Gate。
But when Qiao Tianyu and Cui Kai、When Michelle walked towards Wellington Arch,General Wellington was in a daze when he saw an old man standing beside the Wellington Arch and riding a horse.。
“Tianyu,Shall I go over?”Seeing Qiao Tianyu going over,Cui Kai stayed with Qiao Tianyu,Said uneasy,“I just didn’t remove my makeup,Raman should recognize me more。”
“Forget it,I’ll go,Raman is not a fool。”After talking, Qiao Tianyu patted Cui Kai and took his hand,Step forward firmly towards the statue of General Wellington。
“Old man,Hello。”Walk to Ramanel,Qiao Tianyu bowed deeply to Raman respectfully。
“Young man,Do you know his story?”Facing Qiao Tianyu’s bow,Raman said nothing,Keeping eyes fixed on General Wellington in front of him like a daze。

“I assure you,As long as I’m there,Jordaan,Lily,And those Japanese,Their conspiracy will certainly not succeed!I swear,I won’t help you with this,I will never leave Russia!”

“Great!”I heard Qiao Tianyu guarantee,Palizovsky finally showed a smile on his face。
“Mr. Joe,I have heard of your deeds,As long as you are willing to help,There must be no problem!”
“Mr. Napali,You tell me,How do you plan to resolve this matter,what do you need?”Qiao Tianyu asked。
First0111chapter Give an explanation to the ancestors
“Actually, there is no requirement,Just let Geordaan stop.,Don’t have trouble with me anymore。”Palizovsky explained。
“and also,I don’t agree with the Japanese,This time they took the initiative to find my fault,We definitely can’t afford the Japanese!”
“no problem!”Qiao Tianyu nodded and said。
At this point,Qiao Tianyu’s ideas are the same as him,Mention of Japanese,Qiao Tianyu was so angry that the roots of his teeth were itchy。
“How about this,Mr. Parley,This time I will not only let you get away,And I also let the Japanese break Russia,Let them stay with me,how about it?”
“what?Really?”Palizovsky became excited,“If so,That would be great!”
“Haha,Do not worry,This time I will make them pay!”Qiao Tianyu said。
“All right,Mr. Parley,Tell me about your plan。If i guess right,You have arranged a fierce battle for me, right??”
“what?Hehe.”Palizovsky scratched his head embarrassedly。
“Mr. Joe,How did you know?”
“Haha,Mr. Parley,Since we landed in Russia,You have prepared three grand welcome ceremonies one after another,If i guess right,You want to push me out,Help you fight the ring?”
“Hahaha,Mr. Joe deserves to be a young hero who frightened the whole Wall Street.,Sure enough!”Palizovsky admired Qiao Tianyu。
“You’re right,I arranged like this,Just want to gain momentum,Let people all over Russia know,The famous Qiao Tianyu on Wall Street is here!”

“So far how?We can be soft!”Zhou Billy finally said something soft。

“Ha ha,Very simple,Let your boss compensate us for our mental losses,Besides, let his son kneel down to apologize to my friend。If you can do it,That’s it for today!”Qin Feng smiled。
It’s just that this smile looks a bit hideous in the eyes of the other two。
“impossible!Don’t even think about making my son kneel and apologize,Still want my property?I won’t give it to you even if I die。”No one expected Mendy’s reaction to be so huge。
Qin Feng sneered,“Ha ha,Mr. Zhou Billy,You saw it too,you guys
The boss doesn’t cooperate at all!”
“This one.Give face,I will persuade my boss,Can you two go back first??”
“Ha ha,Your face counts as an egg,I give you face,Your boss refuses to give me face。He wouldn’t even say anything soft,It seems that he is used to being aloof。I can even Henry send it to the rooftop,Don’t care if there is more boss Mendy。”
Talking,Qin Feng raised his hand。
“and many more!”
Zhou Billy finally relied on instinct to shoot。to be frank,He is really unwilling to be an enemy of Qin Feng,Or,He didn’t want to face Qin Feng head-on。Because he knew he didn’t have much chance of winning。
But Mendy is kind to Zhou Billy,So Zhou Billy can only bite the bullet。
But he didn’t expect it at all,I couldn’t stop a single move and was shot by Qin Feng directly。
“Ha ha,Boss Mendy,You don’t know anything about power!”Qin Feng continued to sneer。
“you,You are the devil!”
Mendy is really scared。Because in his eyes,Zhou Billi’s existence is basically omnipotent,Sometimes even if he was shot,There is Zhou Billy,Mendy doesn’t have to worry about his life in danger。
But after Qin Feng slapped the strongest bodyguard in his eyes, he didn’t know his life or death.,His worldview is completely broken at this moment。
“Surrender,Or die!”

The lady boss heard what Lin Yuna said,For a moment,I thought this eldest lady really deserves to be the eldest lady,She thought everyone would be like her husband,Buy her a wedding dress for $5.21 million without blinking her eyes?

but,Even the boss’s heart slandered Lin Yoona a lot,but,She still patiently explained to Lin Yoona:“Miss Lin,You don’t know,Although people who like this set of angel wings?Really a lot,but,People who have money but are willing to spend so much money on disposable items for their wife,Miss Lin think there will be a lot??”
Lin Yoona smiled awkwardly,Said:“Indeed,I did not consider it properly。”
“Do not,Do not,Do not, It’s because Miss Lin, you have a good husband,Because in my opinion,Mr. Xiao usually,Should also take care of you,otherwise,How could you not know the truth??”The boss said。
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty One Can’t accept
The boss’s voice fell off,Lin Yuner looked at Xiao Fan next to her。
What the boss said is good,Xiao Fan is rich,But also willing to spend money for myself,Such a husband is indeed not easy to find。
For this,Lin Yoona’s heart is very sure。
Wedding dress after all,If there are no accidents in a person’s life,,I guess it should only be worn once,Then the existence of wedding dress is equivalent to disposable chopsticks,After using it once,I can’t find a chance to use it next time。
but,Xiao Fan’s opinion of such a one-time consumer product worth 5.21 million,I didn’t even blink my eyes。
To know,That’s five hundred and twenty ten thousand,Lin Yuner knows,This 5.21 million is for an ordinary family,I’m afraid I’ve never seen so much money in my life.!
Lin Yuna knows,Don’t talk about those who don’t have money,Just say those who have money,How many people are willing,After all, five hundred and two hundred thousand is not a small number,If the profit is not too high for the business,It is estimated to be a few orders,It can be done!
so,right now,No matter from which way,Xiao Fan really couldn’t find anything wrong with him。
Lin Yuner looked affectionately and involuntarily at Xiao Fan,Then smiled!
Beautiful smile!
and so,When Xiao Fan saw Lin Yoona’s beautiful smile,He laughed too。
The smiles of this handsome couple,In the eyes of the boss,That is even more of an unspeakable envy。
“OK,If you two show affection,I beg you to go back to the show,I’m not hungry,No need for you two to feed me dog food。”The boss said jokingly。

Jin Zhenghui kept looking at Lu Menglin,I found that guy was really manipulating with only one hand,Push the joystick first,Then press the player with the same hand。

“Damn it!Ignore him,I can’t miss it!”Jin Zhenghui shook his head,Get rid of distractions,I chose my strongest camp again。
He still chose Iori、Kagura Chizuru and Chen Guohan。
At this moment,Lu Menglin also selected the characters with one hand,Iori、Robert and Nikaidou Red Maru。
First battle,Kim Jong-hui did not send a powerful Iori,Instead, he directly cast out Chen Guohan, the natal hero。
Because in his opinion,This kind of battle is meaningless,Even if I win, I don’t have any sense of accomplishment,Let’s end the battle as soon as possible!
Countdown starts,Chen Guohan brandishing a sledgehammer,The Eight Gods that rushed towards Lu Menglin。
This moment,All the members of Team Menglin couldn’t help holding their breath。
They know that Lu Menglin is very strong,But I can’t believe it,Lu Menglin can play against the world’s top professional players with one hand。
Kim Jong-hui’s Chen Guohan moves quickly,But that is relative to other people。
The agility of the role of Iori is naturally higher than that of Chen Guohan,Just under Lu Menglin’s one-handed play,How fast can it be??
Everyone saw two characters quickly approaching,then,Chen Guohan’s huge body suddenly leans forward,I was grabbed by Iori’s crumbs,Just like a big stupid bull held by a little shepherd boy,Was easily pulled into his arms。
Followed by,A dazzling series of attack instructions appeared。
Connect two light hands,Make a heavy uppercut,And then take the sunflower three combos。
Almost everyone hasn’t understood what happened,Chen Guohan has fallen to the ground,Lost nearly half of his blood。
“what?”Most of the players in the room craned their necks uncontrollably,Eyes wide open,Like a flock of big geese waiting to be fed,That look is extremely funny。
Kim Jong-hui is also dumbfounded,His first reaction was not to think about how to fight back,But turned to see Lu Menglin,See if he uses one hand or both hands to complete the action just now。