Pregnancy spit is more powerful than the average person?

Be alert to the hydatid!

Pregnancy spit is more powerful than the average person?
Be alert to the hydatid!

In the general film and television drama, as long as there is a shot of the woman who wants to vomit, the audience knows that she must be pregnant!

This road is really bad.

However, some of the morning sickness is more serious than the average person. At this time, we must be vigilant whether we have a hydatidiform mole and must go to the hospital for examination.

Pregnant women with hydatidiform moles are more serious!

At present, the cause of the birth of hydatidiform mole has not yet been fully understood. Women who are pregnant with hydatidiform mole will have the same early pregnancy reaction as nausea and vomiting in the early pregnancy.

However, gradually increasing the increase in the number of weeks of pregnancy, you can gradually find some abnormalities, their early pregnancy reaction is often more serious than the normal pregnancy women, more serious, and even longer.

Moreover, they often show some performances that are not consistent with the gestational age, such as: 1. Complications that often occur in the third trimester of pregnancy – pregnancy-induced hypertension in women with hydatidiform moles, but in the second trimesterIt has already appeared early in the early stages of pregnancy.

2, the stomach is much larger than the normal gestational age, there are some women, they may show an abnormal increase in the abdomen, the stomach looks much larger than the normal gestational age.

What about a mole?

Hydatidiform mole can be diagnosed by ultrasonography and chorionic gonadotropin (blood β-HCG). When pregnant with hydatidiform moles, the normal morphology is not seen under ultrasound, and even snow flakes or honeycomb images are displayed.The blood β-HCG value detected will also be much higher than during normal pregnancy.

1, once diagnosed as hydatidiform mole, it is necessary to do the uterine surgery in time.

2, due to the removal of hydatidiform mole, the tissue may also invade the uterus or transfer to the uterus and become a more serious consequence of erosive mole or choriocarcinoma, so continue to do regular monitoring after the Qing Palace, and do a good job of contraceptionIn order to facilitate the coordination of the uterus and endocrine.

It is generally recommended to perform pregnancy after 2 years of monitoring. It is best to have a pre-pregnancy check before you become pregnant again.

3, because women who have had hydatidiform moles are also a high-risk thing after pregnancy, so these women need to carefully check the birth after pregnancy.

What are the four factors that cause the hydatidiform moles? What will happen to the hydatidiform mole?

The treatment of hydatidiform moles recommends that hydatidiform moles are not fetuses, and are as fatal as ectopic pregnancy!

Mental health is the soul of health and longevity

Mental health is the soul of health and longevity

Reasonable and reasonable in the four cornerstones of health, smoking cessation and less alcohol, moderate exercise is the basis of health and longevity, and mental health is the soul of health and longevity.

  What is a “comprehensive” health assessment for a person’s health begins with four examples.

  Physiological health: The body structure is complete and the physiological function is normal.

  Mental health: full of love and compassion, contentment and happiness.

  Moral health: The highest standard is selfless dedication. The bottom line is not to harm the interests of others.

  Social adaptation to health: It is the most difficult thing to do. Whether in the unit, family or out, all kinds of roles can adapt. Lack of role awareness or dislocation of roles is an unsuitable performance.

  The World Health Organization (WHO) pointed out that 40% of human health and longevity depends on genetic and objective conditions (including 15% genetic, 10% society, 8% medical, 7% climatic conditions), and 60% adopt lifestyle and psychological behavior habits.
Such as exercise, psychological relaxation, reasonable diet, quit smoking and less alcohol.

  Sub-health performance is unhappy and unhappy.

I don’t want to do anything, hesitate.

Many manifestations of sub-health are diagnosed as neurasthenia, some insomnia, and forced thinking.

Lack of self-control and self-awareness.

There are also often melancholy, worry, horror, coercion, neurasthenia, suspicion, stubborn performance.

Achieve the perfect figure fitness new tricks

Achieve the perfect figure fitness new tricks

In this fast-paced metropolis, people’s busy figures are everywhere, so fitness will have people’s strong guarantees of health and beauty, there are many fitness programs, and now there are a lot of new fitness tricks, these new tricks let youShape the perfect body shape.

  Goal 1: Sculpted Arms Old Method: A new approach to pull-ups: Boxing allows you to eliminate muscle relaxation and have strong, powerful muscles.

Use the lower hook, direct hit, side swing and other punching positions to punch 25 times each, and the left and right hands alternately.

Change the order of the poses each time you exercise.

At the beginning, the toes are slightly extended, the heels are off the ground, the armor can be rotated; the elbows are bent close to the ribs, and the fists are inserted under the face; when the punches are made, the left foot is stepped out, the buttocks are turned to the right, and the left shoulder is forwarded, whileAt the height of the cheek, the left arm begins to be shot out, and the fist heart is quickly lowered to restore the fist, return to the original position, and then the right fist.

  Other attempts: rock climbing, gym training, boating, weightlifting.

  Goal 2: Slim legs and strong chest method: High-lifting legs to run a new method: gymnastics training In order to make you more bodybuilding, you do not hinder the test of a single leg jump training.

Stand with your legs together, jump to the right with one foot, hold your feet all the way to the ground, and then jump back to the left with a little balance.

After slowly jumping 12-15 times, gradually speed up the pace.

At this time, quickly jump to the left with one foot, then jump back to the right, then jump up with your feet, do your best, and surpass the better.

Repeated training 10-12 times.

  Other Attempts: Ball Sports Goal 3: Choosing a tangible Abdominal Method: A new way to sit up: Yoga – Improved push-up yoga can make your abdominal muscles contract in a new way.

First, the forearm and contraction support the body, the elbow is the same width as the shoulder, the knee and the hip are the same width, and the toes are bent; then, the shoulder is lowered, and the abdominal muscles are contracted, and the weight of the upper body is transferred to the forearm;The foot slides to the rear, the legs gradually straighten, keeping a straight line from head to toe, evenly balancing the weight on the fingers and toes, keeping the chest straight and abdomen.

This is kept for 30 seconds, and the arm is raised for 1 minute, so repeat 3-4 times.

  Other attempts: dance, boating, weightlifting.

Secrets of the secrets of Korean actresses

Secrets of the secrets of Korean actresses

Core Tip: You are also very envious of the skinny face of Korean female stars, the face of the seeds, the highlights of the five senses?

However, compared to myself, it is not discouraged. How can we reduce the face of flesh and meat, and learn the secrets of Korean stars.

  Yin Enhui Cheng Weeping Point – the eye bags are slack.

  Just below the eyeball, around the eye contour bone.

Since the eye bags of the stomach are prone to slack, the hole can improve the function of the stomach, thereby preventing the eye bags from slackening.

  Han Jiaren’s Cangkang Point – suppresses appetite.

  About 0 next to the corner of the mouth.

It is 5cm.

If the stomach continues to be in a high temperature state, it will promote appetite, so the function of this point is to lower the stomach temperature and suppress appetite.

  Song Hye Kok 攒 bamboo hole – to ease the fatigue and edema of the eyes.

  The depression below the brow is.

Eye fatigue and headache can cause edema around the eyes.

This acupoint can relieve and discomfort.

  Jin Taixi Baihui Point – prevent excessive diet and constipation.

  The left and right ear holes rise upwards, and the top of the line after the top connection is the Baihui point.

It can be axially stable to prevent overeating.

  Wengenying Temple – eliminates eye fatigue and edema.

  The side between the eye and the eyebrow, about 1 horizontally pointing backwards, approaching the hairline.

This point promotes metabolism.

  Li Xiaoli welcomes the acupoints – relieves residual soreness and nasal congestion.

  Just below the eyeball, next to the nose.

This acupuncture point can completely eliminate eye puffiness, prevent skin looseness and even eliminate soreness.

  Li Ying love leukemia car – eliminates the swelling of the cheeks.

  Sliding along the contour of the lower jaw of the face, you can find a depression, that is, a depression.

It can effectively eliminate too much caused by excessive sugar.

  Han Caiying Cheng Pu points – eliminate chest and neck edema.

  The depression in the middle of the lower lip and the lower jaw is.

It controls the secretion of hormones, maintains the tension of the skin, and prevents facial relaxation.

  Cui Zhiyou after the ball to improve the function of the small intestine.

  Just below the end of the eye, under the cheeks.

Can adjust the function of the small intestine and help absorb.