Confirm is Liao Wenjie himself,Come and tears,Therefore, while calm,Silently give two sisters。

Really, a sister,Know what she is most wanting?,Touching people back。
It’s not bad,Not too stupid,Don’t worry about her,One accidentally let the two have steal the phone。
Mobile phone is deliberately lost,But the cold is not fraudulent,Some nasal sounds when talking。
Come to tears, last night, mood,All kinds of irritation,What did you do?,I plan to wash a cold water.,I got a cold after I came back.。
Be more depressed。
Although there are two sisters accompanying,But the emotion is that there is no sister with a man.,Heart is air falling,Sorry, no god, lose mobile phone。
As a sick woman,I want to let the people accompany them around you.,I want to have a bad rehabilitation earlier.,What happened to use a small means?!
I don’t understand this simple truth.,That is called sad。
“I heard that you are sick.,I came over and see,I will walk right away.。”Liao Wenjie said while turning on the bookshelf。
I will walk right away.,Why do you want to find a bug??
Come to tears,Easy from pillows、Desk drawer、Three bugs in the shoe cabinet,Open the door to the corridor。
The time before the two sisters installed the bug,She is noticed,Now they have the end of their value,There is no need to keep retaining.。
River!Unloading killing!
“Hello, skilled!”
Liao Wenjie mouth pumping,I can’t hear the sorrow of the opposite weak.。
“They are too stupid.……”
I have biting my lips:“Ager,All come,Can you accompany me for a while??”
“Not very suitable,Everyone ordinary friends,And I have a date in the evening.,I will not go late.。”
Come and tearful,I want to ask what?,Going back to God, surprising, chaos,Liao Wenjie is not a slag male,Only two days,There is no love period.,How can I have a dating object so soon?。
Unhealthy man。
Come and tear my heart,Not careful:“I started the new life so soon.,congratulation,Can you tell me how you know??”
“Elder introduction。”
Liao Wenjie said:“After leaving the warehouse that night,I picked up an old age dementia in the street.,Send it home according to the strips in his pocket,Only I know that he is a big family.,Then, I was arranged to be arranged.……”
“at the very beginning,They arranged me a successor of a guest.,Beautiful is very beautiful,But too small,Be 14 years old,I have not accepted。”
“Wait a minute,Why do you want to accept?”Come and tears。
“I listen to people,The way to forget the feelings is to start a feeling.,Have a reason,Decided to try it。”
“wrong,Condition is not mature,Will only lead to the bitter fruit of failure。You haven’t put down yet,Let’s restrain other girls,Not only you are sad,The girl will also be sad。”I have a tearful and tears.,no other meaning,Purely don’t want to see friends。
This is poor,Strong twisted melon is not sweet,But it is thirsty!
“I will say later in the future.,I first put the difficulties in front of you.,Consider other problems。”
Liao Wenjie said:“Later, they gave me a girl who gave me a family.,Eighteen years old,quite pretty,Tonight’s dating object is her。”

When the concise desktop is back on his electronic device again,Chen Cheng wants to cry again。

Why is there always tears in his eyes,Probably because of the deep love for Xin System。
But after he waited hard to install the system,One-click tick to install all common software,Then through the previous cloud record,Signed in to WeChat,I received news from Lu Jia。
Let him work。
Design three new recruitment posters of the Beijing Brain Machine Branch within three days。
There are still many requirements,Listed one by one。
Chen Cheng froze for a while,Then I started to get busy,A chance to win,How could it be wasted?
Really fragrant。
Once people get busy,It’s easy to forget the passage of time。
Especially this time in order to deal with this matter,Came here two days earlier,He’s alone in the bedroom,Easier to forget time。
Wait for him to make a poster,Took a long breath,When ready to go online,Just opened the browser,I see the message pushed by the software。
“Microsoft ceases to deal with ChinaWindowsOperating system continues to provide services。”

“What devil fruit?The information I got after eating is probably oleaginous!”Skopodor had no intention of hiding。“Superman Oil Fruit!”

Leo’s eyes moved。
Youyouguo actually knows,This is the cadre in the Doflamingo family!But what is oil fruit?
Looked completely“Oily”Skopodor,Leo kept thinking about the next thing。
“What a pity!”Skopodor couldn’t help shaking his head。“This is the first time I have used the power of devil fruit in battle,Otherwise it’s impossible to let you pierce my arm!”
“Oh?Do you think your fruit power can block the sword in my hand?”Leo continues to test。
“Haha,You will know if you come over and try!”After talking, Scrooge laughed and rushed towards Leo in the distance.。
Leo knew that the other party did not eat natural food,The retreat in my heart has disappeared,So at the same time welcoming Skopodor。
Leo’s mind is all on Skopodor’s body,When the opponent rushed over, he could clearly see,The surrounding land has been oiled。
However, petrochemical is only limited to Skopodor’s close position,As long as Skopodor leaves,The surroundings will return to their original appearance。
As a demon fruit capable person,He has long understood the characteristics of the devil fruit。
Although development requires personal ability and brainpower,But the devil fruit itself has levels。
The performance of this level is to affect the surrounding distance。
Naturally, the animal system can only affect itself,This has the smallest impact。So the animal line is called the weakest fruit。
It’s not that the fruit is weak,But the scope of influence is weak,Limited to oneself。
And the higher-level superhuman system can already affect the surrounding things in a small range,Wait till the fruit awakens,The impact is great。

A generation of people who followed by them。

“Is this reason??”
Gao Baoyi is already a bit unreasonable.。
“Leader,Men’s person,Leave a few mean, it’s okay.,So others to talk about the main bus。
but,other people,Now is soft now,I know that I will not turn over salt fish in the future.?Zhao’s orphan……Beginant。”
Fish praised。
You also know that Zhao’s orphans?
Gao Bao is slightly surprised!I can’t think of non-learning,Actually, I can now export.,really,Talent,It is necessary to give them opportunities.。
Practical opportunity,They will grow up。
otherwise,Will always step on。
“This one will tell a paragraph。I will publicly act,Then give you a conviction,You have to be mentally prepared。This time,You won’t have recovery again.。”
Fish praised many times to violate their own orders,I can’t do it, I can’t do it.。If everyone people do in their own understanding,Then you will generate“Underground”Atmosphere,I am very unfavorable for my future.。
“Bamboo,Fish praise!”
About Gao Baoyi,Fish praise did not make an objection,This can’t help but give him a look at this person.。
“okay,You step down.,Don’t go out recently.,Waiting for the family at home。”
Gao Boyi,Fish praise immediately leaving,No moment。
Waiting for him,Gao Bao is open。He looked at high Run,Very handsome one child,It should be said that inheriting genes on Gao Huan,If you still live,It can even be said that it is true。
His mother Zheng Tai car is also a big beauty.,Would you like to see Gao Cheng??
pity,Northern and south charters,I have no eggs。Demonstrate,Just want to be handsome,Can’t eat。
This is not,Shuai’s high,Fish praised by the fish,A purple trace of the neck。
“actually,Said words that sentenced the sentence,Even if you are praise, you don’t kill you.,After the trial,After you devalue you,I will also send people to kill you.,Causes some accident。
But it’s a good scene.,There is no difference between the ending。”
Gao Bao:“Instead, it is not as good as the fish.。how to say,Zheng Jia’s internal contradiction,Zheng Minmin,You and your mother,Nature is to be a victim。I can leave you a life.?”
Gao Bo Yi has seen Zheng Minmin’s daughter’s mind,Also have a full heart,I must prepare her back.。Since Zheng said that the ancestors have made,Then he doesn’t have to differ from the inside of Yiyang Zheng.。
Is it politics?,Only in interest,Do not talk about feelings,Cold ice,Bloody。
“Come from,Treatment of high-throwing bodies,When he joked,Move it again。”
Gao Biyi told the prison of Dali Tema。
Candidity,Gao Biyi went out of the back of the Dali Syriend,I found that the sky was completely dark.。The door that is not closed,Just like the big beast opened。
“Only winner,I have qualified to choose how to dispose of the loser。Loser,No right,Can only be slaughtered。This world is really……Absolutely。”
Gao Bo Yi sighed,Don’t look at the city’s room,One is like a poor insect,Drink water,What is suicidal?。
However, these people in history are not good.,One is all kinds of people who don’t spit their bones.。It looks poor now,But because of the loss of power.。

“You all go take a rest!Go to work tomorrow if you have money,Chunni still stay。You get married on the sixth day of the first month,This wedding will be held in our house,To be the biggest wedding in Xiping Village,I want to entertain guests for three days”Wang Degui suddenly broke the silence,He gasped and said。

Chen Yueqin,And said with a smile:“So many people in Xiping Village,If you really have a three-day banquet,That still doesn’t make our family poor”
“Alright mom!Who in Xiping Village now eats for a bite?。I’m afraid no one will come,Because people nowadays don’t worry about food and clothing”Wang Youcai can’t bear the stingy of Chen Yueqin,So he immediately interrupted her。
Chen Yueqin was originally dissatisfied with what Wang Youcai did today。Now Wang Youcai ran out to choke her again,She just caught the opportunity。
“Just can you?A three-day banquet can cost a lot of money,You can get the money?”Chen Yueqin gave Wang Youcai a blank look,Said coldly。
Wang Youcai just about to speak,Wang Degui slapped the wall with anger。He roared:“I will pay for the wedding,You can think of a solution for Chunni’s gift money”
Wang Youcai listened,Happy,What kind of gift does Chunni have?,But he can’t tell his parents about it,Otherwise this will affect Chunni’s future status in this family。
“dad!Let’s take care of this,Do whatever you want,As long as you feel happy。As for the money,I can’t let you pay,I will pay for my wedding,I don’t want them to pick me up again”Wang Youcai said very firmly。
Wang Degui snorted coldly:“What’s wrong with my son’s wedding?。What qualifications do they have to talk nonsense?”
“you’re right,We can’t let Chunni be wronged”Chen Yueqin immediately changed her mouth。
Yao Chunni listened,Those who were moved lower their heads。Tell the truth,Yao Chunni is really a hard-working woman。She married Chen Sui Cong Shi,There is no wedding at all,It’s just that the relatives of both sides sat together and had a potluck。
So poor。Plus her parents died early,Brother-in-law treats her just to save face,It’s not bad to marry her smoothly。Who will spend which money for a banquet?。
Chen Sui’s situation from home is also very bad,Li Xianglan also hastily,Not to save two money。Now when I hear her second marriage,Have a big wedding。Can you say Yao Chunni is not excited??
Wang Youcai knows too,He knows why his parents attach so much importance to his marriage,It’s not that the two old men like Yao Chunni,He followed it only by others’ light。
I wanted to take a break in my room,As a result, someone from the neighbor’s house came to see Wang Degui,Then Wang Youcai can’t leave。


This scene,All the major forces in the tower can see clearly。
The elders、Bosses、The faces of the hall masters are obviously not pretty。
Why do you wish the door bright,The same age as their disciples,But it reveals the old cunning!
Why didn’t they think that they could attract the enemy!
This is a lot easier than going to find the brocade boxes one by one!
Originally from the resource search,Zhu Minglang, this team should be far from comparable to some of the chief disciples of other major forces。
But this vote is done,I’m afraid that Zhu Men will directly overtake!
First160chapter Mianshan Jianzong Wen Mengru
“Young,Just so insidious and cunning!”Nie Chong scoffed at Zhu Minglang’s behavior。
Wu Feng smiled,Refute Nie Chong’s remarks:“Probably your disciple of Zi Zonglin,Should live in the world of nursery rhymes,This is a combination of strength and wisdom。”
“Yes,How many people have the courage to wish Minglang,Dare to light a beacon,Don’t care how many opponents there are,I don’t even care about the strength of the people coming,How is this called insidious cunning,This is called confidence!”
Zhu Minglang ransacked a large group of people,Especially those Fu Zong disciples,And come from a family named Zhong,They have a lot of blue brocade boxes on hand。

This abyss is here,Cut it out if you have the ability,Naturally can resist Leo。

If you don’t have this ability,Just stay cool!
“go,Aini Road,I take you to a place!”
Talking,Leo looked over Gaya Island,Fly slowly。
Everyone puzzled,But many people followed。
Clouds passing through the empty island,Leo led everyone to the sky
“This,Is this the legendary golden bell?”
The people on the island don’t know what this is,But the Sandia people know。
Ainilu looked at this big clock excitedly,Leo already told them about this bell on the way。
Leo didn’t draw his sword,Afraid of ruining this clock,I just used my feet to hit。
An instant,Shocking bells echoed across the island。
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First144chapter Business capital(9/10)
An instant,The bell keeps going。

Walk to the gate,Xia Jiancai saw clearly。I saw the edge of the gate,Hung a rusty iron plate,It saysGZNanjiao Forestry Station。Because of the wind and sun,These words are beyond recognition,If you don’t look closely,Can’t see clearly。

Xia Jian just understood,Why use street signs for such a broken courtyard。Just when Xia Jianzheng looked around,The big iron gate was pushed open with a creak。A young guy rushed to Xiajian and said:“Is it Xia Jian?!please follow me”
Xia Jian hesitated,So I followed this person in。He just walked in the door,The sound of closing the big iron gate came from behind。Xia Jian looked back,Found inside the gate,A young man in his twenties stood on each side。
What’s the situation?How did Gu Yue get him to such a place??Xia Jian faintly felt uneasy。But others have already come in,I’m afraid it’s a bit difficult to quit。Since it’s here,He has to go in and see even Longtan Tiger Den。
A door in the middle of the room is half open。Xia Jian followed the lead,Walked in gently。May be the reason for the dim light,There is an electric light in the room。
With a little faint light,Xia Jian saw it clearly。I saw an old-fashioned desk in the middle of the room,There are two people on each side of the table。One of them is Gu Yue,And the other is a man。This man Xia Jian felt familiar,But I can’t remember who he is。
“Gu Yue!Why are you in such a place?What the hell happened?”Xia Jianyi saw Gu Yue,And said anxiously。
Without waiting for Gu Yue to speak,The man sitting opposite Gu Yue stood up abruptly,He laughed and said:“There really is something between you。But I still admire you Xia Jian,Gu Yue made a round of phone calls,I didn’t expect it was only you,It seems you are still amorous”
“who are you?”Xia Jian frowned,Asked coldly。
Which man laughed:“It seems you only remember women,I am Chen San,We have met many times,Don’t you remember?”
“Aren’t you dead?”Xia Jianmeng thought of this man。This Chen San is a dog hired by Xu Yiming,Be right with Gu Yue everywhere。He seems to have heard that,This guy died in an evil,It seems that this rumor is not credible。
Chen San heard what Xia Jian said,Can’t help laughing:“Any of you can die,but I can not。Because Lord Yan would not accept me at all,Piss you off!”
“Chen San!You fucking stop talking nonsense。I called you too,Just say what you want。My lady has no time to mess around with you here”Gu Yue on the side suddenly patted the table and roared。

After three hours,Xia Jian has appeared with Xia SanhuSDAirport terminal。He has already bought Xia Sanhu’s air ticket to return to Buchuan City after 12 o’clock。

“Why haven’t people come yet?Won’t delay things!”Xia Sanhu said anxiously。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Will not,I made an appointment on the phone to let us wait for them here,Should be almost there”Xia Jian’s voice just fell。He saw Lin Ling rushing towards him with a man and a woman。
Due to walking fast,Lin Ling’s long hair like a waterfall draped her shoulders and flew。She has a tall and stylish figure,With her delicate face,This scene can only be seen in the movie。
“Ouch, Mr. Xia!Sorry for the waitting”Lin Ling laughed and walked over quickly。
Xia Jian hurriedly reached out and smiled:“No,Also just arrived。 Let you come here in person,Is it a bit too embarrassing?”
“I’m sorry,Something like this,The responsibility is all on our side。Let you get the vaccine in person,My face is dull!”Lin Ling reached out,And Xia Jian held tightly。
Xia Jian laughed and said:“If not for the vaccine,I can’t see you beautiful。How about this!Things let him take away,I invite Mr. Lin to have a light meal!”
“OK!I think so。Give him quickly,Use this thing,Will be fine soon,Rest assured”Lin Ling said and waved。The man carrying the vaccine box quickly handed it to Xia Sanhu。
Xia Sanhu took the vaccine box,Chong Xiajian nodded,So he hurried to the security checkpoint。Watching Xia Sanhu go away,Xia Jian feels a little proud。I think the five big and thick guys back then,The farthest place I have been to is Pingdu,I didn’t expect him now,Can already be alone。
“President Xia!Let’s go!“Lin Ling said softly to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian recovered,Busy with a smile:“go!Mr. Lin“Xia Jian finished,I took out my phone and called Xi Zhen。Tell her Xia Sanhu’s flight information,Let her drive。
Once in the parking lot,Lin Ling put Xia Jian on a good car。The two staff who came with her,Got in another car。Big group companies pay attention to,Three people came in two cars。
Lin Ling’s car is very particular,There is a faint smell of perfume in the entire compartment。And it can be said to be spotless,I can see that her car usually won’t let others ride。
The car drove up toJNHighway。Lin Ling drove the car,Asked while smiling:“How about Mr. Xia?busy these days,Didn’t call you,Sorry!“

When Xia Jiangang asked who he was,Phone has been hung up。Fang Fang glanced at Xia Jian and said:”Did someone ask you out?Nothing,We two help you“

”I’m afraid this is not good!I’m embarrassed if it hurts you“Xia Jian said with some worry。
Han Juan stood up abruptly and said:”Let’s go!We both clean up,So that they can’t see it。I haven’t touched it for many days,Just move your muscles and bones“
Xia Jian thought for a while,Nodded and agreed。The three of them left the hotel together,Stopped a car on the road,Go straight to Dongling 2nd Road,Man or ghost,It’s clear at night。
First1037chapter Fight
Dim light,A few abandoned factories。
Xia Jianhe Fang Fang、Han Juan got off the taxi,Follow the phone’s instructions,Walk forward,What appeared before my eyes was such a scene。
Push open the rusty iron gate,Three people walked inside。If this is alone,Absolutely no guts to walk in。It’s like a ghost film seen in a movie。Xia Jian is bold,Two women with extraordinary skills followed,He was a little timid。If he comes alone,He can’t come in here,Even if the other party scolds him。
”President Xia!Don’t go inside anymore,Be careful to be in an ambush“Fang Fang gently pulled Xia Jian,Whispered in his ear。
Xia Jianyi listen,Then stopped,Standing in a yard full of iron blocks。at this time,His phone rang,A woman said in a low voice:”Not bad!Also brought a helper,It’s ok,We are not afraid of how many people come。Please come into the workshop,We have been waiting in there for a long time“
Just finished saying this,The phone hung up。Xia Jian hesitated,Take the lead and walk inside、The big iron door of the workshop is hidden,Xia Jian used all his strength,Slammed the big iron door open。He was thinking,If there is an ambush behind the gate,He pushed,Must be pushed down,But there is no one behind the door。
Some things are thrown in a mess in the workshop,Accidentally trips people。Xia Jian walked in,Watching the route,If something goes back,,It seems that I can only go back the same way,Because all the windows are sealed。
Suddenly,An electric light on the roof of the workshop suddenly lights up,Although not very bright,But took a picture of the whole workshop。at this time,From behind a few large wooden boxes,Seven or eight yellow hairs came out。the difference is,These yellow hairs are basically the same height and body shape,Neither tall nor short,Appears to be trained。
Followed by,A coquettish woman came out,The woman is wearing a pair of high riding boots,The hair is tied into a ponytail and left behind,She is dressed in leather,He wore studded boxing gloves on both hands。
”Hahahaha!Summer always!Sure enough, the artist is bold,Also considered a romantic figure,Even if you are looking for death,Also bring a woman“This woman is laughing,Brought these people step by step。
Only after approaching Xia Jian did I see clearly,This woman is the woman with Heiwa today。Turns out it was her call,Where did her call come from??
Xia Jian was puzzled,Asked coldly:”What do you want to do?Who made you come“Xia Jian’s voice is not high,But it sounds unusually cold。
”You have too many questions, right!Why don’t you go to the Lord Yan to ask?,I believe his old man will definitely give you a satisfactory answer,how about it?“Woman talking,Made a gesture of closing with both hands。These Huang Xingtons are encircled,Formed into a semi-encircled situation。