Chen Ji Read "Xi Jinping Talk about" One Belt "

Moderator: Just now, Teacher Chen, give us some important related situations in this book editorial publishing.

As Mr. Chen just said, "a belt all the way" construction is an important initiative proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping.

He has many very important discussion around "a belt all the way".

Teacher Chen can combine this book, introduce the important situation related to "one way all the way".

Chen Qi: The initiative of "One Belt" is indeed a great innovation, and General Secretary Xi Jinping has made a good development momentum after 2013. Our book has received his 42 books, and concentrated on the construction of "all the way" and the process of proposing the rise and development, but also fully reflects that he is made for the effort to promote "all the way" construction. The important contribution of originality.

These contributions, these hearts, what is the main embodiment? I personally understand and grasp it from three aspects.

First, the Construction Initiative of "One Belt" is first proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping. Many listeners, many readers will ask, when is Xi Jinping’s general secretary, what is this initiative? This book answers this question. The first proposal is that Xi Jinping visited Kazakhstan on September 7, 2013, at the University of Nazal Bayev. This work is very good, the language is also very beautiful, and it is very literary. As more than 2100 years ago, the Western Han Han was starting to say, and his hometown Shaanxi was the starting point of the ancient Silk Road. In this mountain, there is a history of the sound camel bells in this mountain, and we will bring us back to the ancient silk roads more than 2000 years ago. From this reality and history, it is very natural, and it is pioneered to "jointly build a ‘Silk Road Economic Belt’" such an important initiative. Why is this initiative? Xi Jinping said very well: in order to make our economic contacts in Eurasia more close, collaborate more deeply, and the development space is broader, we can use innovative cooperation model to jointly build "Silk Road Economic Belt".

This is very clear about the original intention of this initiative. And he also made a very important content of "a belt all the way" in this speech. It is "five pass", that is, policy communication, road communication, trade smooth, currency circulation, people’s heart, this "five pass" and later Say, except for the text, if it is slightly different, if it is said that "Road Unicom" is "Road Unicom", it will be specified as "facility Unicom", and "currency circulation", which is said to be "funded", but from On the point of view, from the spirit of spirit, it is exactly the same.

Xi Jinping not only raised such an important initiative to build a "all the way", but also proposed the important connotation of "all the way". In less than one month, on October 3, Xi Jinping visited Indonesia, in the Indonesian Congress speech, he further proposed the initiative to jointly build the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road". While proposals of the sea Silk Road, he proposed an important initiative to build Asia.

Everyone can see very clearly, it can be seen that China is not only talking, more important, China is doing.

When we read this book, this should be a very deep feeling. A month later, the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee adopted the "Decision on the Comprehensive Reform of Reform". Everyone can find that the construction of the Silk Road economy is building a sea Silk Road, and it has been written to the document, and it is necessary to form a new pattern of all-round openings. After half a year, in June 2014, I held the sixth ministerial meeting of the Zhongshe Forum in Beijing. Xi Jinping generally summarizes the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and "The Road of the Sea Silk Road in the 21st Century" and has been using it so far. He also made a systematic explanation of the principle of the Silk Road Spirit and "Aband All Road".

What is the spirit of the Silk Road? The core content is 16 words, peaceful cooperation, open inclusive, mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win.

What is the principle of "a belt all the way"? It is 6 words, contenders, build, and share. From this time, the initiative of "a belt all the way" has gradually attracted the attention of the international community. Second, in order to promote the construction of "all the way", General Secretary Xi Jinping has also done a lot of work in the broad consensus consensus. We know that "all the way" construction should span different geographies, different development phases, different civilizations, involve a grand construction of many countries.

It is very important to get a wide range of consensus. In this regard, Xi Jinping used many important occasions and opportunities to do very much. We see from this copy of this book, these important occasions include: At the 20th Council Leaders Summit, the Asia-Pacific OECD leader informal meeting, Shanghai Cooperatives Member States, head of state council, BRICG national leaders meeting In the World Economic Forum, Boao Forum, China-African Cooperation Forum, in the United Nations Department of my country, UNESCO Headquarters, and "Strengthening Interconnection Partnership" Hindu Honozers, "Aband All Road" International Cooperation Peak On the forum, visit the United States, the United States, such as developed countries, visit the United States, the United Kingdom, visit the African developing countries, etc. Similar to this important occasion, Xi Jinping’s speeches and articles, one of the important topics is to promote introduction "A band all the way" construction. These documents have real recorded his efforts for extensive cohesive consensus. Third, "One Belt All the way" is in the implementation process, and every step is progressing, and the wisdom and effort of General Secretary Xi Jinping are condensed.

Such content and examples are more. For example, in November 2014, at the eighth meeting of the Central Financial Leading Group, General Secretary Xi Jinping said very clearly, to concentrate on doing the "one way" to build this major event, to do a good overall layout, to determine the time as early as possible Table, roadmap. Soon, the Central Committee, the State Council issued the "Silk Road Economic Belt and the Construction Strategic Plan for Maritime Silk Road in the 21st Century", implemented the requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping. For example, in 2015, in response to the doubts of "a belt all the way" construction, Xi Jinping was in the Boao Forum for Asia. In the case of visiting the United States and the UK, the opening and inclusion issues of "all the way" construction were repeatedly elaborated. The society is understanding "all the way".

For example, in 2016, Sianti-DVB was officially opened.

Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony and made a very important speech, expounding the significance of the establishment of Asian investment on the improvement of the reform of the global governance system. In the above simple example, we can find that every document of the General Secretary of Xi Jinping, which is included in this book, reflects that he personally planned, personally deployed, personally promoting the "one-way" construction, the heart, wisdom and courage.

Taiyuan City fire first batch exposed 15 fire hazards units

  Original title: Establishment of exposure table division Red Orange Yellow three-class firefighting first batch of 15 fire hazards units to further promote fire hazard rectification, maintain fire safety situation is stable, the city fire rescue detachment has established fire hazard exposure table, dividends, orange, The yellow three categories exposed the unit that found fire hazards.

On October 10th, 15 fires in the first batch of exposed were 8 fires, 8 red, 5 oranges, 2 yellow. The red unit is the configuration of fire protection facilities, equipment or fire safety signs. The settings do not meet national standards, industry standards, or not kept intact; damage, misappropriation or unauthorized dismantling, deactivated fire protection facilities, equipment; occupation, blockage, closure Evacuation channel, safe export, or other hindrance to safety evacuation behavior; occupancy, blockage, closure of fire trunks, hinder fire truck passing; production, storage, business, easy-to-flammable and explosive dangerous goods, places and residential places are set in the same building Or do not maintain a safe distance between the safe distance.

  The orange unit is the installation, use, use and its line, the design, laying, maintenance of the pipeline, the design, laying, maintenance of the pipeline, and the non-fire technical standards and management regulations; the organs, groups, enterprises, business, etc. have not implemented fire safety Responsibility system, unsuccessful fire safety system, fire safety operation procedures, unfained fire fighting and emergency evacuation plans and other fire hazards.

  The yellow unit is a unit in other fire hazards. The 8 red units of this exposure are two people in Wanjiafu Convenience store, Shanxi Qiamei Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Jinyang Street South Station Branch, Shanxi Xiaodai Sheep Jiajia Food Chain Co., Ltd. Joyful Ranch Jingxing, Shanxi Home Chengyuan Property Management Co., Ltd., Qingxu County Donghu Love Trading Co., Ltd., Dadi Century Commercial Building Co., Ltd., and Taiyuan City Jiandong Farm Carre Manor Co., Ltd. (Yu Wenshan), Wan Bailin District Huatian Yiwang feels Internet cafes. 5 orange units are Taiyuan Shangjing Business Co., Ltd. The other 2 yellow units are Shanxi Taiwang Fuda Development Co., Ltd. (Tai Wai Welfare Total) and Yingze District Dynamic Entertainment Studio.

(Reporter Liu Youwang correspondent Yan Men).

People’s Fight Assessment: Commitment to the ticket but delay, the barley network can shop big deception

Original title: People’s Fight Assessment: The promise refund is delayed, and the barley network can store the big deceived Biga official. "The extent of the epidemic can be refunded", but the user is really refunded by "refusal"? Recently, some netizens said on the Black Cat Complaint Platform, and I bought tickets for Jay Chou concert in January 2020, and later postponed because of the epidemic. It’s almost two years, the concert is still far, this netizen puts forward a refund application in September 2021, but many communication, the big machin is always responsible for non-refund. In desperation, you can only resort to the network, and the rights will be probably exposed. The epidemic factor belongs to force majeure, the barley network also made a refund promise, consumers apply for refund, lift the contract, the appeal is reasonable, the big wheat network can push the delay, say a set of sets? In fact, this is no longer the first time, because the refund is difficult to expose. On the online complaint platform, consumers have unfolded the rights complaints, which are uncommon. For example, in recent days, some media reports say that consumers are refused by the company’s epidemic prevention requirements, the reason is that only physical reasons, such as hospitalization, and health yogon code can be applied.

There have also been reported that the concert will be removed, but the barley network has not refunded the consumer for a month.

The concert, the equivalence of the event is different from ordinary goods, and the timeliness is relatively strong. From the perspective of the platform, if the consumer is returned to the performance, it will cause a certain loss to the platform. The platform is based on market risks, set the refund threshold, which can be understood.

But this does not mean that the platform’s refund mechanism can be eliminated from the epidemic.

Among this storm, consumers are not refunded by private causes.

Since the platform cannot guarantee the smooth hold of the concert, there is no reason to delay, guarding the small minus. Moreover, under the premise of promise the epidemic, delay refund is also suspected of false propaganda. Speaking of good retreat, the result is delayed, and the loss will be lost to the consumer in invisible.

This approach is not uncomfortable, and it is not legal – "Contract Law" clearly stipulates that "the parties cannot achieve contractual purposes due to force majeure", and the parties can release the contract.

After the contract is released, the platform refuses to refund is equal to clear default.

In fact, consumers apply for refund before the performance begins, even because of self-resistance, the platform refuses to refund, the platform will not stand full to stand. First of all, the platform is "once sold, not refunded" format, reducing its own responsibilities, and aggravating consumer obligations, itself does not matter.

Secondly, like train tickets, tickets, etc., all in accordance with the refund time, the ticket platform in the barley network, what reasons will be given to the money? The black cat complaint platform data shows that the number of complaints in the entertainment ticketing reaches% in October, and most of the complaints involve the refund issue. Such a wide variety of complaints on refundment on the Internet, is because the platform’s refund mechanism is unreasonable, the store is largely transferred to the consumer head, causing the difficulty of buying tickets. These rights and rights case descriptions, surrounding refunds, the operator and consumer’s powerful balance have an imbalance. In the face of this situation, consumers should be brave enough to defend rights; and to the platform’s governance should also improve their strength.

For example, can agencies such as Consumer Associations can intervene in time, support consumers? In addition, the industry regulatory law enforcement agency, for the platform suspected of false propaganda, overlord clause, refused to refund, etc., but also takes out more stringent governance punishment measures. Because of the factors of the epidemic, the performances of all kinds of pre-sale tickets, the extension of the events, even canceled, and it will inevitably continue to emerge. Under this premise, regulators need to urge relevant ticket sales platform to improve the refund rules.

At the same time, strengthen the supervision and rectification and governance of ticketing platforms, dredge the rights channel, and ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. In addition, you have to remind those ticketing platforms, and the performance event cannot be held as scheduled, and the refund will be refunded. Delayed, find various reasons to refuse to return money, suspected of illegal, but also self-smashing, self-destroying. (Editor: Xiao Yu, Zhang Wei) Share more people to see.

Russian scientists: 20,000 space objects have potentially dangerous or caused earth disasters November 18th According to the Russian Satellite Network reported on the 18th, the Senior Researcher, the Russian Academy of Sciences, Natan? Esmond said in the "Star" TV program, there are currently 10,000 – million potential dangerous space objects that can cause earth region or global disaster when collision.

  Esmont said that in the next 200 years, there is a potentially dangerous asteroid without collision with the Earth, and these asteroids are large, and their track is subject to specialist tracking.

  Esmond said: "There is a considerable number of objects that make up potentially threatened objects, for example, there are about 10,000 people who have collided with the Earth after a thousand years.

"He said that one of the most worrying celestials is the asteroid Aphefs. It has a diameter of about 430-450 meters. He pointed out that according to forecasting, this celestial body will be close to the earth, only 30,000 from the earth. kilometer.

  He said: "This is more close than communication satellite, and the communication satellite is at a height of 36,000 kilometers. If there is any danger, this asterite will collide with the Earth synchronous satellite, and it is possible to crash. If it is estimated Quality, about 50 million tons. "

The Hong Kong SAR Government announced the "arrival of Hong Kong" program arrangements

  Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, September 14 (Reporter Wei), Hong Kong SAR Government announced the implementation arrangement of the "Tunge" program, from September 15, as long as it is in Guangdong and Macau SAR All designated conditions in accordance with the "Trouble" plan of the "Out" plan can be excusefully forced quarantine arrangements in Hong Kong.

  It is reported that any non-Hong Kong residents must have arrived in Hong Kong, Guangdong or Macau, which must be completed 14 days before the day or before the day of immigration of Hong Kong (excluding the person in the Mainland or Macao). Regions, as well as any area that is included in the "returning to Hong Kong and easy to plan to have a list" list, "can be reserved from the online system of" coming to Hong Kong and easy "programs.

  Non-Hong Kong residents who have successfully reserved the quota must be proved by appointing the appointment date and port entry in Hong Kong and holding the effective nucleic acid detection negative results within three days before entering Hong Kong. Force quarantine arrangement.

  In order to ensure that the entry and exit ports have been operated smoothly under the "Out of Hong Kong" program, the plan will have a quota, and the number of non-Hong Kong residents who have arrived in Hong Kong Port, the Hong Kong-Hong Kong Port, Hong Kong is 1,000 every day. .

(Editor: Bai Yu, Zhao Xinyue) Share more people to see.

The Xinjiang Military Region Safeguards close to the actual policy to promote the transformation and upgrading of the guarantee model

Sunset, a stationary area of ??4,200 meters above sea level roared. A transport vehicle turned over snowy mountains, and the equipment equipment was sent in time to the army of the army in this resident. Material equipment directly from the warehouse house "express" to the first line of the test, the speed of speed, high efficiency, winning the residents of the community. This one-way thousand kilometers of support and transportation tasks are a microcosm of the Xinjiang Military Region Safeguard Explore the construction of a new military logistics system to enhance the ability of practical security. "In the face of the more and more powerful motor capacity, the combat space is increasing, and the traditional security model of static storage, the home is invited, has not been adapted to the new changes in the army training.

"The leaders of the department lead to the team research, the modern war has integrated, fast-paced, high consumption, full-time time and space, etc., must close the implementation of the new military logistics system in combat, and organically integrate multi-guaranteed power to meet the troops Chemical security needs.

Where is the troop training, where the guarantee will follow; what is needed, and what is provided.

According to reports, in recent years, the officers and men of the Xinjiang Military Region Safeguards have followed the actualized training process, the plateau, into the Goen, the wind, the rain, the rain, highlight the actual security, the joint insurance, continuously extend the tentacles, to protect the model transformation Upgrade has accumulated experience.

According to the collection of summarizes, combined with the characteristics of the troops, it expands nearly 40 guarantees and guarantee groups such as ammunition, oil materials, security duty, and stored, ensuring that the unit can supply quickly. How to achieve accurate delivery designated geography for a complicated diverse guarantee requirement, supply specific objects? The leaders of the department clearly put forward that it is necessary to accurately afford the strength of the new military logistics system. They rely on logistics business networks and a stored base business data center, exploring new security links that have been accurate, accurate, accurate, and precise geographical fields. The military logistics system "wearing needle lead", multi-guaranteed strength is gradually "clenched into punch", promoting the practical concept of practical security in various guarantees.

After the wounded, the wounded was sent, the equipment was repaired, and the field of field of field is guaranteed and the implementation of the training activities, ensuring that the guarantee action and the demand of the fight against the real-time linkage, and the same frequency resonance.

The battlefield wins and guarantees first. The leaders of the Xinjiang Military Region Association said: "The new military logistics system is still constantly building improvement. Guarantee demand real-time perception, resource visual control, promotion of logistics support information, intelligent, there are many work, we must have a rapid whip." (Editor: Chen Yu, Liu Yuanyuan) Sharing let more people see.

The new modern Beijing opera "outstanding model Zhou Enlai" played in Huai

  "Excellent model Zhou Enlai" is the requirements of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Huai’an Municipal Party Committee and the Ministry of Municipal Party Committee on Mining Zhou Enlai’s red resources, and the creation of Zhou Enlai’s spiritual literary works, by Jiangsu Governor Rongjing Theater has been more than a year of careful creation.

The drama was taken from Zhou Enlai Prime Minister, the ninth, and the 10th member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the main consultant, the national first-level drama Hu Xue pure, editor-in-chief, China Drama Academy continues to the Ministry of Education, Yao Zhiqiang, Director, Director, Director, China Opera Music Society, Director Xie Zhenqiang personally Cavity and music design.

Jiangsu Governor Rongjing Theater invited the Shanghai Beijing Theater, the famous Chinese drama plum award winner Fu Xi, Chongqing Jingyuan Vice President, China Drama Plum Blossom Award Winner Zhouli helps, and assembled Jiangsu Governor Rongjing Theater Old, Zijin Performance Award and Bai Yulan Awards Yao Zhongwen, famous Meisai Tsing Yi, Zijin Performance Award winner Liu Weiqing, excellent young actor Wu Ziqiang, Chen Yi, etc. A large number of excellent actors participated in the performance. It is worth mentioning that in order to actively respond to the call of party history education, it is convenient to carry out tour performances around the world. Jiangsu Governor Rongjing Theater also specializes in "outstanding model Zhou Enlai" to create three sets of powerful performance lineup.

Suqian Shuyang: "sad way" change "delightful way."

Original title: "sad way" change "delightful way" high pole lights, main road cement, brick sidewalks, massive green belt …… 11 community residents Shuyang Suqian City, Li Heng Tang Jian Zhu town looked at the door with this clean strip of road sigh, "Three months ago, this road is a sad way!" this is only 370 meters of the road, located in the center of the community, that is the road south Tang Jian central Primary school, soup stream kindergartens and other units, it is more than 1,800 children and community people travel the main road.

Zhu with memory, this road built 20 years ago, people in the community is raising funds to build up, the road is now seriously damaged.

Every school school hours, less than 3 meters wide road block was packed. Especially when heavy rain, because there is no drainage facilities, water sometimes drown adult above the knee, residents have been frightened when pick up the child, worried about the accident. When Li Heng town party committee to carry out "I do practical things for the masses" campaign, coinciding Tang Jian Li Heng incorporated town the town. Li Heng town party secretary Liang Hong Wei Jian Tang neighborhood in research seminars, party members have reflected Tang Jian Center Road travel difficult problem. After the meeting, Liang Hongwei Li that is scheduled road building professionals to evaluate and design argument, the town decided to invest 2 million yuan research, carried out the upgrading of the road reconstruction. Planning the construction of new roads main road 8 meters wide, two meters wide sidewalks, green bandwidth meter, also equipped with a sewage pipe network and 20 street. To ease road congestion, but also for the newly created Central Primary School Tang Jian north gate, and planning the student pick-up area of ??400 square meters.

Li Heng Tang Jian piece town urban water team leader Zhao Ji said, the road from planning to construction, before and after less than a month in early June will complete the construction. Li Heng in the town, similar to the way a community center Tang Jian such "I do practical things for the masses" project a total of 12, 90% of roads and drainage, environmental remediation green living, agricultural send canal dredging project. Liang Hong Wei introduction, the town has been implemented to solve related problems, and enhance residents and get a sense of well-being. □ reporter Xu Mingze correspondent Lu said Su Zou Lingling (Editor: Xiao Xiao, Tang Lulu) share to allow more people to see.

The representative of Iran said that it should avoid commentary by political motive.

  Xinhua News Agency Tehran November 17 (Reporter Wang Shoubao Gao Wencheng) International Agency recently released the latest report of Iran ‘s comprehension of Iranian comprehension. Iran’s resident United Nations and other international organizations representative Muhammad Saida · Cover than 17 days, the members of the International IAEA should avoid rushing or political motives for some aspects of the report.

  The Iranian Islamic Republic News Agency quoted the coverage report that the Iranian-related parties failed to adopt "pragmatic and specific" measures to respond to the US economic sanctions, so Iran has increased concentrated uranium abundance to the Iranian-Ribbon protocol. Gaibi said that Iran is administrative and safe for judicial and safety surveys in the production workshop of Karaji City, Tehran, Capital. Before this survey ended, the International Atomic Energy Agency entered the site beyond its legal privileges. The cover ratio also stated that although Iran and the international IAE technical perspective, the two sides aimed to solve the problem of interaction.

He confirmed that the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Director-General Grones will visit Iran on 22 this month and explore bilateral cooperation. The latest report of the International Atomic Agency suggests that the agency continues to conduct verification supervision on Iran’s related commitments to Iran, but cannot enter the production workshop installation and monitoring of Centrifuge parts in Karase City.

The report also confirmed the information of Iran announced 60% abundance enriched uranium. On June 23 this year, there was a damage action against Iran’s nuclear facilities in Karaji, which did not cause casualties and property losses.

  In July 2015, Iran and the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, China and Germany reached an Iranian nuclear agreement.

In May 2018, the US government unilaterally exited the Iraqi Agreement, then restarted and added a series of sanctions against Iraq. Since May 2019, Iran gradually suspended some of the provisions of the Iranian Nuclear Agreement, but promised that the measures taken "reversible".

  Irai Nuclear Agreement Relevant parties began in Vienna, the capital of Austria, and discussed the resumption of performance of the United States, and 6 rounds have been held in Vienna in Austria. (Editor: Liu Jiezhen, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.

Total investment 500 million yuan Mall county optoelectronic technology industrial park project signing

Optoelectronic Technology Industrial Park project, main investors are Qinhuangdao Essential Crystal Technology Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 500 million yuan, and build an optical crystal production and processing enterprise in Light Industry Park, Mall, to create an optical crystal whole industry chain production base.

These companies will mainly engage in the research and development of optical crystal materials, optical components processing and coating, and technological development with international advanced levels.

The photovoltaic industrial park cooperation project is signed successfully, in order to speed up the economic transformation and industrial structure adjustment of the mall county, improve the total economic volume, and further clarify the leading industry, improve the core competitiveness of the county’s high-tech industry, and the county The development of industrial and various careers has huge radiation driving, which is of great significance to promote the development of science and technology in mall counties. "The county must contribute to the construction of project construction, firmly establish a sense of service, strengthen the construction of service environment, always maintain high spiritual state, continuously improve service efficiency, improve service quality, and create an assured of investors, let the masses Satisfactory excellent environment; various departments at all levels must firmly establish ‘project as the king’ concept, and carry out the "10,000 people to help 10,000" activities, full support, warm service, close cooperation, efficient operation, provide quality service for project construction, promote The project started construction early, and it was completed as soon as possible.

"At the signing ceremony, the mall county party secretary Hu Peng said.

It is understood that this year, Mall and county launched a series of investment activities, adding new kinetic energy to high-quality development in the county economy, more new advantages, 40 contracts in the first half of the year, the contract is 100 million. There are 13 industrial projects in the contract, accounting for 7%; the leading industry project is 7, accounting for more.

(Mall County Party Propaganda Department, Cao Liang Gang, Luo Yulan) (Editor: Huang Sha, Xu Chi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.