“What are you afraid of,Can’t you learn?,Sister, i teach you。”Fang Na taught her,The two went crazy all night。

After Xia Shuyue waited for Cen Cheng to arrive,,Said hello,Just go out quickly,She doesn’t want to be with Zhao Qianqian、Fang Na has any head-on conflict。
See these two people mixed together,Xia Shuyue can’t help but worry,I’m afraid that Zhao Qianqian is on Fang Na’s thief ship,So get in touch with Yu Ge immediately,“Let’s meet at the barbecue restaurant,I have something to tell you。”
Yu Ge received a call,very happy,Don’t ask why,Just say yes,right away。
hang up the phone,Xia Shuyue regretted it,Because she was full of excitement in the voice that she had heard from the song on the phone,But it’s too late,Had to take a taxi to the barbecue restaurant。
Xia Shuyue comes first,Waited ten minutes,Yu Ge is here too。
“Fifty skewers。”Yu Ge is still the same,Start yelling before sitting down,“The weather today is so good。”Burning Book Bar
Xia Shuyue did not speak,Yu Ge didn’t know what to say。
The barbecue is cooked first,One minute later,Chunmei brought the barbecue,“Handsome guy,You haven’t been here for a long time。”
“Please take another beer。”Yu Ge said。
Chunmei turned around to get a beer。
“Eat。”Yu Ge gave Xia Shuyue a barbecue。
Xia Shuyue took it and took a bite,“I saw Zhao Qianqian just now。”
“She didn’t hurt you?”Yu Ge hurriedly looked up and down Xia Shuyue。
Xia Shuyue was embarrassed by him,“She got mixed up with Fang Na,I am a little worried,So tell you。”
“Fang Na?Last time we met Fang Na who quarreled with you?”Yu Gewen。
“Correct,Fang Na is not a good person,I am worried that Zhao Qianqian will have problems with her。”Xia Shuyue said her worries。
“Nothing,She has the guilty heart but not the guts,Zhao Qianqian is not annoying,Bodyguards follow every day,Nothing will happen。”Yu Ge didn’t care about it at all。
“You don’t worry about Zhao Qianqian’s accident at all?”Xia Shuyue frowned。

Dong Chao,Hear the other party,Responded。

“Then you go out first,I’m going to do alchemy。”
Lin Yu finished,I started to check these pills。
After viewing one side,I started to divide these pills。
After dividing。
Lin Yu,I just used this person’s alchemy furnace to make alchemy。
The alchemy furnace that this person prepared for himself,Although he doesn’t have his own heaven and earth alchemy furnace so advanced,But not bad。
but,From the outside of this alchemy furnace。
Lin Yu estimated,The opponent is from a senior alchemist,Borrowed。
if not,This alchemy furnace,It is impossible to contain so much aura in it。
“do not know either,This time,Can it be refined。”
Lin Yu,Talk to yourself,Muttered a few times in my mind。
then,I started to refine alchemy。
because,This soul gathering pill。
All the time,Are all called by alchemists,Ban Dan。
There are few alchemists,Will try to make such a pill。
I dare to agree,Or because,The reason why I am not afraid of thunder。
A person,After finishing the pill,Very weak。
Thunder robbery,From that moment down。
and so,Why,This soul gathering pill,Is forbidden,Because of this one。
“This alchemy furnace,not bad。”
After Lin Yu caught fire,Found this alchemy furnace,After controlling the flame,Very comfortable。
In an instant, he began to put this medicine into the alchemy furnace,then,Use a powerful flame,Burn this pill。
Hesitate to refine alchemy this time,The reason for being tired。
Lin Yu,Alchemy,While eating back to the spirit pill。
This time the pill,Can improve one’s control over the pill。
In a blink of an eye,Half an hour passed。
Lin Yu,Also at this moment,Put yourself in,All Hui Ling Dan,I ate it all。
As for the pill,now,Not yet Cheng Dan。

He taught him.,Continue to say:“But,I am not you.,You are just a prisoner.,I spent so much vigorous to send you back to the tute,I don’t know how much human material is costly.。

The three words echo in the ear of Amina。
Yup,What people will send you this step??
“So,You want me how to do,Can you send me back to the trick??”
A Shirnati is asked。
Gao Bao came to her,Holding part of her neck and shoulder,Gently smoother with smooth and white skin。
“go back,No。Just watch you don’t have it.。”
Gao Bao bite the ears of A Shizha,Whispered。
“Greater host,I remember that you promised me.,As long as Yu Wenxian is still,Will you don’t do it?,Do you remember?”
Amina Yuz did not dare to catch Gao Baoyi’s hand,Hold the inner fear,Detecting is that weak weakness。
“certainly,Yu Wenxin Juvenile Heroes,I still really respect him.。”
Gao Bao stands up,Recovery“Do not eat a fireworks”Solemnity。
“You are shouting me outlook now.,You are the original lady of Yu Wenxian,Qi Wang Hao。You don’t want to return,Your life is the people of Yu Wenxian,Death is the ghost of Yu Wenxian,Like the lady who wants to learn alone,Pull your child bigger。
So,I will announce the name of Qi Guofu.,Zhou Guoqi Wang Wei falls water,Saved by Qi Jun,Now I am in the city。
I will also comply with the commitment,Never touch you a point,Which hand touches you,Which hand does I hack?。”
He squatted,A Shirnati Road, watching the whole body:“Do you dare??”
NS1280chapter Transaction with the devil(Down)
“Green grassland,Stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city,How messing。”
Avina in the village living in Amati,Gao Baoyi fake model to pick up the wine pot。Give yourself a glass of wine,Then I am suspected of this cup“Turning poison”Beautiful wine!
Drank,He smiled and looked at A Shina,only,God is very cold。
Be played!
Amina Yuz did not think about this glass of wine is not a poisonous wine.,She also tried to pick up a drink.,But it was overturned by Gao Bao.。
“I still don’t dare to try it.。You are the princess,Self-satisfied,I am willing to die.,for you,That is what I can’t do.,Is not it?”
Gao Biyi presses a raised in the wine pot,Shake the jug shake:“This is a yin and yang.,Just did not poison,I may not be available now.。”
Seeing A Shiza jade did not do,He continued:“A person’s weaknesses,Both come from its own greed。”
“Ancients,No desire。If you can be the prince of Urinde,Take your child,I will threaten you again.?What can I threaten you??”
He watched the A Shi Nazi sitting in bed.,Cold and cold:“If you bully your orphans,Three feet of life with god,Honest,I am really very afraid that I will come to Ye Xian and I will come out and have three households.,Death Qin must。
This matter,I won’t do it.,Guashe people,Cannot be provocative。”
The words may not be as high as Gao Biyi.,However, Amina Yuz can feel,If you don’t ask for a brief,Maybe the other party really doesn’t matter how to take yourself?。
Even if you sleep,so what?How can I?
A Shiza Tuz believes,Gao Baoyi is not lacking,Everything he does,Have deep meaning。If your own identity is only imprisoned, Zhou Qi Wang Hao,So,Gao Bao can use his place,Not much。
Woman on the grassland,Not very good in men and women。Even the tribe inherits the excellent gene,I will take my wife to entertain foreign guests.。
A Shi Naz,His hopped with Gao Biyi,At all, what is not in this matter itself?。
“I give you a few choices.。”Gao Bao said with a hand pinch the chin in A Shizha.。
“First choice,I will come here tomorrow.,Drinking the wine on the table,You will calm and die without pain。Then,You will be buried in the suburbs of Yucheng,Will not leave tombstones and traces。certainly,I believe you will not choose this.。”
Don’t take care of Amita’s angry eyes,Gao Bao said leisurely:“Second,You are a big one to admit that you are the Mrs. Yuxian.,Until death。And me,Will also become all you,Let you pass the rest of the city in the city。

Retreat for the first month,【Qinglian Skyfire】with【Six Desires】Successful integration。

And after success,The third type of Skyfire is much more difficult to integrate。
The third and a half month after retreat,【Ziguang Skyfire】Into it,Power surges again。
The third year after retreat,The sharpest【Jin Yu Tian Huo】Also fully integrated。
at this time,《Three Gods》Li Ming temporarily has the resources to practice and still thoroughly practice。
In Li Ming’s current state,The fusion of the four sky fires has reached its limit。
This method,The later the fire,The higher the requirements on the type,The remaining five sky fires,Among them, there is the fifth option,Choose one。And the last four are the types of skyfire that need to be specified,Bai has no way to get。
“First exit,See what happened in the past three years,Then think of some way to search for the other five sky fires。”
Sky Fire One Volume,Scrape off the dust and dirt on Li Ming’s body,At the same time, the long hair that has fallen on the waist is cut off,Wave of hand,Array lifted,Out of the secret room。
chapter Ten Exit
what,Who is this little girl!”
Li Minggang stepped out of the secret room,I saw a little girl wandering in her palace。
“Master,You are out。”The little girl saw Li Ming,Eyes bright,Happily ran up。
I heard this master,Li Ming also remembered who this little girl was。
This is not before the retreat,Is the Baizhilan who is good at mathematics formation that he is teaching??
When I lost my teeth,Call him but‘Father and father’of。
Li Ming found,As close to yourself,The little girl became a little timid,Obviously haven’t seen it in more than three years,Become a little strange。
Li Ming now to now,It’s been almost forty years,If you count past memories,Is a real old man,Three years is like a flash。

The core part of the 100,000 azimuth space is turned into endless time and space,Connect with Li Ming’s true god heart。

The divine power in Li Ming trembled suddenly,
So far,Completely achieve the realm of true gods。
Sit in your own small universe,Li Ming looked up at the void,Sense the evolving law and mystery。
This is the so-called【Chaos Evolution】!
As he knows,The evolution of the small universe,Is given by operation。
So-called rule operation,Li Ming’s understanding,Origin continent,The rules of the source universe created by this Fangyuan。
And the rules of the primitive universe,It is a primitive universe of one of three thousand dimensions。
The two should not be confused。
The rules of the primitive universe,From the apprentice level to the world master level and then to the master of the universe,Are bestowed。
But for the true god, it is suppressing,Unless there is a threat to the primitive universe like the world beast catastrophe,Will relax the suppression。
And the rules of the source universe operate,It is also a gift to the true god。
Chaos Evolution,Contains all the laws under the law of chaos。
It can be said,If you master all the mysteries contained in the chaotic evolution itself,Is already half-footed into the realm of Chaos Domination。
As for the other half of the foot,Nature is a thorough integration。But there are all other mysterious changes,It is not difficult to completely integrate。
“Unfortunately, chaos evolves,Only this time can I see the true God。No such opportunity in the future。”Li Ming concentrated will,For fear of missing something。

“Soul attack on this point,Don’t show up in front of me!”Li Ming said,Sound like gold and iron,Vibrating in the field。

“You seem to be very confident,then‘repair’Is also very confident!”Nine Kings Laughing,“The field is just the icing on the cake,The field is not what I am good at,Let you see my strongest strength today!”
The voice has not fallen,Li Ming rushed to the surface of his body to lighten it。
Weakened domain,Li Ming is more vigilant,He understands that this is the nine kings who concentrate most of their power in other areas,Just relax the maintenance of the field。
“boom~”The nine kings moved。
That huge body,In this area, it is like a small snake in the lake,However, this lake has no resistance to the Nine Beast King,Instead, it forms a strong driving force,The power of the domain is on his body。
Although the body is huge,But still very smart,The black armor completely covered his body,Eight of the heads are like eight‘tentacle’,Just the end of the tentacles,That sharp‘thorn’,Like an eight-handed sword,Interlaced,It’s also a powerful secret method。
【Poisonous blood】
The blood-red light flashed,Bombard on Li Ming in no particular order。
Li Ming’s【Yulan Gun】The secret pattern on gold and black lights up,【Secret of Autumn Wind】Full burst,The golden energy is like tide,Collide with the blood red knife light。
Gold and red shine,Collide with each other to produce a brief stalemate,The powerful energy will move the surrounding【Bailanghai】Forced to open。
“Terrible power~”
Nine Kings Flying Palace inside the treasure【Holy Feather King】Can’t help but exclaim。
If this trick just fell on him—I guess I have to fall asleep without dying。
“It seems that those three guys died unjustly,this【Devil King】Strength,It’s not too far from the nine heads of the king。”
He doesn’t have much sadness,【The Scarlet King】with【Youwu King】They are all the peaks of the most direct descendants of the monster clan,To be resurrected is inevitable【Black King】,That’s just a soul slave。
Back on the battlefield。
After a short stalemate,The golden tide-like energy is ultimately no match for the blood-red knife light,Li Ming retreated after being bombarded。
Although his secret method is higher,But purely power,Also weaker than the nine kings。Inspire the second form of Ziyun Dragon Armor,His power is equivalent to the invincible level of the king,Hundred times stronger than Fengwang Peak。And the divine body of the nine-headed king is a thousand times the peak of the king!

Lei Lei crawled on the bed,Asked her mother softly。

Zhang Fenglan nodded and said:“child!Mother’s sin is enough,This Mr. Xia should be our destined person,He can relieve mother’s illness,Just cooperate with her well”Zhang Fenglan finished,So I closed my eyes with great enjoyment。
Xia Jian took off the dart bag wrapped around his waist,Then draw nine different lengths from the top,Silver needle with white light。Just when he was sterilizing the silver needle on the alcohol stove。Lei Lei crawled to Zhang Fenglan’s ear and said:“mom!His needle is long!Looks a little scary”
“child!You have to learn to trust others。Just stand on the side quietly,Watch this Mr. Xia treat mom!”
Zhang Fenglan finished,He closed his eyes,Didn’t say a word。
Xia Jian’s silver needle is finished,Then press the acupuncture points on Zhang Fenglan’s back with two fingers,Pierced very accurately。Zhang Meilan crawling on the bed,Motionless。
Xia Jian’s movements are light,And it’s fast。The nine silver needles were pierced very accurately according to the acupoints。
After completing this action,Xia Jian sat on the bed,Then he beckoned to Lei Lei,Asked for a new towel,He wiped his hands,Only then began to adjust the needle。
“Ms. Zhang!I want to start adjusting the needle,Say whatever you feel。of course,Don’t say anything without feeling”
Xia Jian said,My hands started to move。
“Oh!hemp,A bit numb。Ok!This one hurts。Damn!Is there a fire on this needle?,Why is it so hot……”
Zhang Fenglan, who was crawling on the bed, was chattering loudly following the rhythm of Xia Jian’s needle adjustment。
This wave down,A few stitches on Zhang Fenglan’s back showed obvious changes。Some show a big part,And some almost all went in。This scared Lei Lei,She opened her mouth wide,Standing on the side and dare not say a word。
Xia Jian got off the bed,He glanced at his hands,Then said to Zhang Fenglan:“Don’t move,If you don’t feel uncomfortable,You have to tell me”
Xia Jian arranged,So I sat on the sofa and closed my eyes。Originally, he came here to find out some news about Bucheon and go back.,But I didn’t expect him to become a doctor again。Toss it down,It might be getting dark soon!
Xia Jian thought about these things,I don’t know if everyone is going out today,How are their respective jobs?Think of it like this,Xia Jian couldn’t sit still。He just opened his eyes,I saw Lei Lei come over and sit beside him。
“Thank you Mr. Xia for treating my mother。Judging from the current situation,Mr. Xia’s treatment direction is correct。At least after you get the needle,My mother’s illness never happened again。Was rude to you just now,please forgive me”
Lei Lei said to Xia Jian with gratitude。
Xia Jian glanced at Lei Lei and asked:“I shouldn’t see the effect now!”
“can!My mother’s back hurts,The interval is ten or twenty minutes later。Every time it hurts,There are at least three waves,But looking at her now,This disease won’t happen again”

All five-story palaces in the imperial court are all warning signs,The inner guards of the gods jumped to the clouds one after another,They have never seen Li Tan so angry,Under infuriating,It seems that half of the sky is shaking and roaring,The most disturbing thing for the generals is that the holy emperor is still in the other courtyard,Make such a big noise,But there is no sound,I don’t know what other secrets are hidden in it。

“Met the chief executive,I don’t know in the other courtyard……”God will dare to ask。
“A thief broke into the imperial court,Xue Changqing,Take someone to block the entire inner palace,Protect the harem,No people are allowed to enter or leave;Liang Yutong,Open the robbery formation around the imperial court,Dare to trespass,Kill all。”
God will respond loudly,Lead away。
“Huang Zhiqing,Take someone to get those red dragons back。”Li Tan gave orders in one breath,Quickly stabilized the situation,But the boy is still missing,Under his irritation, he suddenly thought of the consequences of the collapse of the cottage,I got a cold sweat immediately,The remaining chess game not only completely ruined,I’m afraid it will also cut off the path of the return of the holy emperor and the fire sky。
It’s too late to say anything,Before the spirited,Want to find the third way,As if the ghost is fascinated,Unexpectedly, this bad situation will come out,Lost the holy emperor’s support like a giant pillar,Li Tan seemed to lose his confidence suddenly,I’m afraid the free world will really fall apart。
Although Li Tan opposes the path that Huo Tianzun and Shenghuang each adhere to,,But under the holy emperor’s years of accumulation of power, it is difficult to develop a true heart of resistance,What he called persistence,It’s just a little action behind the two masters,But in Li Tan’s eyes, it is considered a bold attempt。
Bad thing is,Not only failed completely,And it may ruin the return of these two top masters,A power vacuum suddenly formed in the free world,Li Tan is actually the only Tianzun-level powerhouse besides Brahma and He,But he didn’t have any preparations in his heart,Coupled with anger,A bit messed up。
In the Imperial Court,Li Tan almost digs three feet,Still no trace of the boy,Think a little,So he flew to the twelve peaks behind the imperial court,Eight consecutive kill formations were laid out in one breath,subconsciously,He thinks it is possible for the teenager to escape here。
Keep busy till night,Li Tan’s mood has long since calmed down,Start thinking about the next thing seriously,He is not a person without responsibility,It’s just that alien monster in the world of the young god hidden,Just being a ghost clone makes him even in distress,How terrifying if the opponent’s body appears。
Li Tan even started to reflect on his previous behavior,Too reckless and persistent,From the brief conflict with that evil charm,The new world represented by this thing is full of unknowns and dangers,Not what he wanted,It’s not a homeland paradise that people in the free world are searching for,Whether that evil thing is the strongest in the unknown world,He decided to stop exploring。
But the scary thing is,That evil thing already knew the position of the free world,Will there be more evil things coming along this way,Thinking about it makes Li Tan shudder。
Recall the brief encounter process,Li Tan discovered that he knew almost nothing about the power and power of evil things,Obviously weak to withstand a phantom,How can the earth-shaking power burst out?With his Tianzun level strength, he is tired,this is too scary,and so,Never let that young man return to the Five Elements Island alive。
For safety,Li Tan decided to invite Brahma to come,The two together will surely put the evil thing to death,of course,this way,Everything that happened in the imperial court may be exposed,Li Tan doesn’t care anymore,There are only two of them in this world,Discuss everything,First, solve foreign problems first。
The boy did get into the mountain behind the imperial court,As for which one of the Twelve Peaks,He can’t figure it out,Panic,Just run away blindly,He doesn’t even know how fast his body is,How hidden is the body shape,So that Li Tan is hard to catch,But he has noticed that there is indeed a very weird guy in his mind,Just escaped from the imperial court,All over this guy。
“who are you?Why hide in the temple?Why can I control my body?”Although the boy’s question is straightforward,But the tone is friendly,He even thought the death of the Holy Spirit was an illusion,It should always exist,Guiding his behavior。
But no response,Teenagers don’t mind,Just want to stop and rest for a while,Look for the direction and return to the Five Elements Island,Unexpectedly,What the mind thinks is completely different from the movement of the body,The scenery on both sides is still blurry and flying,He can’t stop at all。
“No kidding,I’m tired,I want to go back to Wuxing Island,If you are the Holy Spirit,Just promise me。”
One thousand one hundred and fifty-five chapters Not in case
The boy asked three times and got no response,The body is still moving at high speed,The bitter wind and the occasional vegetation branches that he touched made him bloody。

I wish Minglang keep that sincere smile,When I looked at her, I couldn’t help but make waves:Like,so similar,Even the body is so……Cough,This is her sister,Not Gigi Lai。

Anecdote,Twins generally have telepathy,do not know either……Stop!
I wish it was bright,How can you be so nasty!
“Humph,Rao is so,You are also a commoner,Things have been spread to the ears。”The woman thought of the verbal insults she had suffered inexplicably,I can’t wait to kill the man in front of me now。
Does killing Zhu Minglang really make sense??
Take a look at what Zhu Minglang looks like at this time,Remembering his current identity。
She suddenly understood something,Those eyes that are brighter in the sun are watching Zhu Minglang’s face,Muttered:“I understand。This is why Lai Yunzi has kept your life。”
Good luck。
“If you die,To die as the most humble and lowest,Then the one who contaminates her name as a queen is always a vagrant beggar。If you live,You will gradually get rid of that humble status,Even if you become a low-level dragon shepherd,Is far better than that dirty beggar。This is why she wants to send you a letter from the college,Gigi Lai, Gigi Lai,Is this your way of healing??”The woman’s eyes are a bit sharp and cold,The tone is not as gentle as before。
Zhu Minglang opened his mouth。
In fact, Zhu Minglang didn’t think about it at this level。
“Maybe she is just wise and kind,or……”Zhu Minglang said。
“Kindness??The people she killed can fill up the lake from the river!”Woman’s disdain。
Gigi Lai has the name of war god,She is also the iron-blooded female monarch in the Zulong City-state,Her slaughter has long been spread in all major territories and major cities。
Zhu Minglang just smiled,Don’t respond,But it can be seen,The relationship between the twin sisters is indeed not as harmonious as expected。
“Bang!Bang!Bang!”Footsteps come from not far away,Like a few energetic young men,They are talking about the east fortress。
“Ten thousand people killing Luo Xiao is too mighty,Why haven’t you heard of this person before?,Kill those bitter people who dare not wreak havoc。How sacred is the territory of our Zulong city state,How can those dirty people trample??”A teenager said boldly。

The nurse walked into the operating room with a surgical drape,Then another nurse came out with a sullen face,tell him:“Are you the father of the child?The patient told you to go in with her,Otherwise she won’t have surgery。”

“Oh……”Zhao Haiyi wants to go inside dumbly,Stopped by the nurse,Take him into sterile clothing and shoes,Only allowed him in。
As soon as Zhao Haiyi walked in, he saw Zhang Xiaoxue stretched out on the operating rack,Cry hoarse。See him,She is like a savior:“Haiyi……I am afraid……I am afraid……”
Zhao Haiyi’s nose is sore,Walk over and squeeze her hand。
He wants to say that I am also scared,But I didn’t say it after all。
Seeing that the bed is full of her red blood,How could he not be afraid?
“Don’t be afraid……Do not cry,Listen to the doctor,Will be fine soon!”Zhao Haiyi supported the counsel。
A female doctor put on gloves impatiently and walked over,“You men,I know I am happy,Why don’t you think about the possible consequences?”
Zhao Haiyi is ashamed,Naturally dare not talk,Let her scoff。
The doctor is a woman in her forties,Seeing Zhang Xiaoxue crying pitifully,Can’t bear to say anything,Exhorted:“Do not worry,Won’t hurt,Get well soon。Be sure to protect yourself in the future,Can’t do this anymore!Young,Not learn well……”
“Doctors……”Zhao Haiyi looked at her beggingly,Hope she will stop talking。
Zhang Xiaoxue is uncomfortable,Isn’t it piercing her heart??
The doctor’s words stopped,But couldn’t help but glared at Zhao Haiyi,One more sentence:“You guys are the most hated,Your momentary happiness,May ruin a woman’s life!”
See Zhao Haiyi’s good attitude,The doctor said enough,Invited him out,Surgery is about to begin。
“I do not want……Doctors,I want him to stay with me,I am afraid……”Zhang Xiaoxue firmly held Zhao Haiyi’s hand,Refuse to let go。
Zhao Haiyi can’t help it,Ask the doctor again:“Let me stay,I stay with her。”
To the young couple,The doctor is both hate and pitiful,no way,She nodded in acquiescence。
quickly,The nurse closed the curtain,Zhao Haiyi held Zhang Xiaoxue’s hand across the curtain。
He can only see the doctor and nurse behind the light blue curtain,There is also the cold crash of the equipment。