The latter is helpless,But let go of the things in your hands、finally,Su Rou couldn’t help but speak,“Hey,Why are you sick and fever?”

“I also have a hard time understanding?After all, my body is so good,How can germs invade successfully?”It’s just that Qin Feng turned around,“But then again,What is harder for me to imagine is,You came to visit。”
Qin Feng was somewhat curious about how he was sent to the hospital。But no one will answer him,And he can’t investigate。
Su Rou didn’t answer Qin Feng’s words,The scene became quite awkward。
I don’t know how long has passed,Su Rou finally stopped talking,“I want to ask,Du Heng,Is it related to you?”
Qin Feng actually knew that the other party would doubt,He didn’t plan to hide,Just admit it so simply and neatly。
After all, things over there must be in the news,As for the content of the news,Qin Feng didn’t pay attention,I don’t want to pay attention now。But because they retreated in time,Presumably even an official person cannot find him in a short time。
“Not me against you,Actually these days I also wondered if I did a little too much before。only,Why are you doing this?I read,You are not like a cold-blooded killer who has taken on some task to kill someone!”
to be frank,This is the first time Su Rou sat down and talked with Qin Feng so seriously。This makes the latter somewhat uncomfortable。
“amount.Am i dreaming?”Qin Feng muttered,But seeing Su Rou’s eyes,He can only say with a smile:“Some things i have to do。Just this secret,I can’t tell you!”
Qin Feng smiled bitterly!
Not many people know about their revenge.。Besides,If you let Su Rou know,Obviously, she is also involved in danger。
How to say,This girl should have lived an ordinary life happily,If she is involved in family revenge,,This is cruel to a girl in her twenties。
Su Rou was angry when she saw Qin Feng like this,But in the end she just snorted and turned away。
She told herself before coming here,Can’t lose temper,Since I know that Du Heng’s death is related to Qin Feng,Then she only needs to investigate in this direction,Maybe you can find the information you want。
Su Rou was walking on the road after leaving the hospital,But also in thinking。
“According to news reports,Du Heng seemed to commit suicide by swallowing a gun in the end。Plus if Qin Feng didn’t lie to me,Then Lao Zhang also committed suicide。So to speak,This is what the two have in common。only,Why they commit suicide?Is it because you owe Qin Feng??”

Put down chopsticks,The wine in the glass has no taste,Han Zhili looked at Xiang Chen quietly,But the latter doesn’t seem to have any intention to respond to him,And shook his head a few times inadvertently,Seriously challenged Han Zhili’s authority。

Han Zhili will never admit that today this is to see the new uncle,But isn’t it all legendary that the son-in-law will lose half his life when he sees the old man??How come after I saw this Xiang Chen,Seems a little cautious?
The tormented time finally passed,Korean Xiang and babysitter Aunt Zhang helped grandma to the bedroom to talk,Only Han Zhili and Xiang Chen are left on the table,There are leftovers。
Han Zhili examines Xiang Chen,Xiang Chen also looked at Han Zhili,Both of them seem to be adopting a policy of not moving.,In the end, Han Zhili couldn’t help being silent,Xiang Chen cast an angry look,Want to speak,But before speaking,First filled myself with a glass of wine。
“Principal Han,Isn’t your old man nervous??”
Xiang Chen looked at Han Zhili,After Han Zhili drank all his wine,What Xiang Chen said was to make Han Zhili almost spit out the wine he had just drunk。
Chapter One Hundred and Eleven Two fathers
In the Chinese historical tradition,No matter what kind of identity,When taken home by a girl,After meeting her father,Rao is this person can call the wind and the rain outside,But in front of the girl’s father,Will become very cautious。
Such an experience,Ninety percent of Chinese men have enjoyed it,Han Zhili was the same。
Like a 100-year-old daughter-in-law,Although I didn’t admit Xiang Chen’s relationship with his daughter this time,,But Han Zhili still enjoys the treatment brought by this pseudo-identity。Several confrontations with Xiang Chen,All end without disease,Now my daughter, mother and babysitter have all gone into the bedroom,Only Han Zhili and Xiang Chen left on the table。
Seeing Xiang Chen not speaking is a bit cramped,Han Zhili wanted to give Xiang Chen a chance,It’s about my daughter’s happiness,No matter if my guess is true or not,Han Zhili is still a little nervous。
I want to drink a sip of wine to stabilize my emotions,But a sweet and fragrant stream of warmth came down,Then what Xiang Chen said,Almost let Han Zhili spit out the wine he swallowed。
Angrily scolded,Han Zhili put down the cup heavily。
DuangThe sound of,Scared Xiang Chen jumped,But I can’t find any fear on my face。
“I’m nervous!Be honest,How did you hook up with my girl?”

Men are usually automatically repulsive,So for Xiao Fan,Ouyang Jianfeng directly chose to ignore,His eyes stayed directly on Lin Yoona,It doesn’t matter if you look at it,Ouyang Jianfeng’s gaze was directly attracted to him。

beauty,Ouyang Jianfeng thinks he has seen a lot,But it’s like a beauty of Lin Yoona’s level,Ouyang Jianfeng thought it was the first time I saw。
No matter from the appearance,Still from the temperament,Or to dress up,Lin Yoona is better than Shangguan Yinger, I don’t know how many times,This discovery made Ouyang Jianfeng’s face many smiles。
Because the Ouyang family’s family background is very superior,The background is very powerful。and so,All the time,The beauties who embraced him are countless,and so,As long as it is for the beauty that Ouyang Jianfeng is fond of,No matter if the other party has a boyfriend,It doesn’t even care if the other party has a husband,Ouyang Jianfeng will try to get the opponent,Until he has enough。
Ouyang Jianfeng threw away Shangguan Yinger’s hand,Walked to Lin Yuna’s side,Bend down slightly,Stretched out his right hand,Very gentlemanly:“Beautiful lady,first meet,I don’t know if I’m honored to be friends with you?”
Lin Yoona found that Ouyang Jianfeng’s eyes remained on her chest,And there is a squint look in his eyes,For such a look,Lin Yoona is so familiar,Because of my beauty,Lin Yoona is harassed because of this。
and so,Lin Yuner directly refused coldly:“Sorry,I have a husband!”
Ouyang Jianfeng didn’t expect Lin Yoona to refuse so thoroughly that she refused,So he retracted himself and stretched out his hand.,Then he barely glanced at Xiao Fan who was sitting next to Lin Yuner,Then I heard Ouyang Jianfeng said contemptuously:“It’s ok,The woman Ouyang Jianfeng wants,I don’t care even if I have children,After all, I am not in love with you。”
Ouyang Jianfeng’s attitude of treating women as playthings made Lin Yun’er even more angry.,Life,What she hates most is that she has some bad money like Ouyang Jianfeng,People who don’t put women in their eyes。
and so,Lin Yoona raised her head,Say word by word:“I,No,Xing,interest。”
Ouyang Jianfeng’s disdainful attitude towards Lin Yuner,Also did not show any unpleasant colors,After all, in Ouyang Jianfeng’s opinion,Beauty,Naturally they have such a little temper,For this,Ouyang Jianfeng thinks he can bear it。
“Bros,Since your wife disagrees,Then you can make a price,As long as you agree,What about the conditions??But?Before you make a decision,I have to kindly remind you,Although you are qualified to sit here now,But the entire southwest region is our Ouyang home,If you insist on going against me,I advise you to consider the consequences。”Ouyang Jianfeng didn’t mean to hide it,Just so blatantly threatened Xiao Fan。
Because it’s like today,This is not the first time Ouyang Jianfeng has met。
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Six Bidding starts

First1007chapter Little MacDonald Call for Help

It is impossible to count on Chen Geng to retreat,And for those who are still looking forward to establishing their own authority through this matter、And for Busenmark, who is getting more benefits for himself,He is even more unlikely to give in,And he is mentally prepared for strikes:Strike,Don’t fuck him for three or five months,I am ashamed to call a general strike?
Things are so deadlocked。
Although the situation seems to be deadlocked,But Chen Geng is not in a hurry,When Little MacDonald sent him an invitation,When I asked him to play golf in New York,Chen Geng agreed immediately。
Haven’t seen you in months,Little MacDonald’s spirit looks much better than when we last met,Looking at the ruddy little Macdonald,Chen Geng is also very happy for his old friends:It seems that during this period of time, Little MacDonald did not let Boeing take too much advantage.。
“Dude,Your complexion looks much better than a while ago,”Pat the little Macdonald on the back hard,Chen Geng’s happy way:“You seem to be in a good mood during this time。”
“of course,Must be in a better mood than you,”Pat Chen Geng’s back hard,Little MacDonald’s proud way:“I heard,You have some trouble in the Netherlands,how about it,Do you want me to help?”
Chen Geng smiled and shook his head:“What kind of trouble is that?”
I carefully observed Chen Geng’s expression,Make sure that Chen Geng really doesn’t care about the protests in the Netherlands,Little MacDonald nodded:“OK,You’re right,This is really not a problem for you……Come come,Let me introduce some friends to you,This is the Honourable Condlers from Minnesota,This is Senator Klink from Oregon……”
“Hello mr condels……”
“Hello Mr. Klink……”
Chen Geng Yiyi and Jr. MacDonald introduced themselves to these congressmen greeting each other,Actually, I saw the bureaucratic people beside Little MacDonald、When the old man with the taste of Capitol Hill a few hundred meters away,Chen Geng already understood,I’m afraid it won’t be too small for Little MacDonald to ask for his help this time。
Really not small!
After playing golf for almost half an hour,Little Macdonald finally spoke:“Fernandez,I want to ask you for help。”

“No problem?How sure?”

“Seventy percent sure。”Meng Haibo’s confident way。
Heard what Meng Haibo said,Chen Geng was surprised:“70% sure?So optimistic?”
“Boss, you spent so much money on our engine branch over the years,Since Dacheng Hair Factory was merged into COMAC,The branch company has never worried about funding,Old and young men now have meat all over,The children’s faces are red,Stout like a little calf,”Meng Haibo straightened up,Confident way:“No worries about funding、Worry about life,With such a good treatment,Everyone spontaneously、Voluntary overtime work overtime,Want to finish as soon as possiblemk650Fully localized engine,Not to mention Rolls·Royce’s experts teach hand-in-hand……”
Speaking of which,Meng Haibo took a deep breath,Said:“The group has provided us with such good conditions,If we don’t even dare to assure you,Let’s just hit and die。”
Huang Wenqing followed and nodded again and again。
He thought so in his heart,Now look at the entire military industry system across the country、State-owned enterprise system,Can guarantee R&D funding like COMAC、Make sure everyone is full、You and your family don’t have to go hungry,Can’t be described as rare,It can be said that there is no second one besides COMAC。
See the treatment of COMAC,I don’t know how many units there are in the country、How many peers are jealous like rabbits,Before the preparation of COMAC,The company mobilizes everyone to mobilize their own relationships to write letters to colleagues in the industry they know,I hope everyone can be transferred to COMAC,At that time, the big guys were ridiculed by industry peers,it’s good now,Everyone desperately wants to squeeze in……
How can there be so many good things for you?
“It’s fine if you have confidence,”Chen Geng is not in a hurry,He nodded:“But don’t worry,Step by step、It’s good to keep each one steady……Ok,You don’t have to think about work today,Your job is to eat and drink well,Don’t care about anything else。”
Speaking of which,Chen Geng is ready to get up,But before he stands up,Meng Haibo’s words made Chen Geng swallow the words of leaving.……
“boss,mk650The localization of the engine has entered formal,The project team can’t use so many people,I discussed with Lao Huang,Ready to reopen a project。”

Bai Lu holds the jade pendant in her hand,Can be sent by a man named Uncle Xiangchen,Nature is priceless,But I just accepted it,Does it seem frivolous?I want to give the jade pendant in my hand to Xiangyang,But feel a little wrong,Bai Lu was caught in a dilemma for a while。

“I told you already,I found this jade pendant to give to Xiang Chen’s wife!This kid is so indifferent,It’s not easy to have a woman willing to follow him,Wait until Grandpa Seven finds another good piece,Leave it to you!”
Xiong Yu looked at Xiangyang,Full of petting face。
Cai Kunpeng looked like a few people enjoying family happiness,Don’t know how to evaluate。I really want to find my face,But my face is not worth 100 million?
The same conspiracy,But now the person in a dilemma is Cai Kunpeng。
“Opposite kid,When you hurry uphaocha100.between,I only have half an hour,Halfway through now!”
Xiong Yu looked at Cai Kunpeng,Said impatiently。
Cai Kunpeng laughed dumbly,Only half an hour,But looking at the gold on the table,It seems that the mission of this little old man is complete。
“I’m afraid it won’t be that long for you!”
When Cai Kunpeng didn’t know what to do,Another voice rang outside the door。
Everyone followed the voice and looked over,But the person who appeared this time,Not many people know。
It’s just the person who looks like the son standing in front of the head,Don’t talk about looks,Just stand there,So many of the girls present fell for him。
“I thought you still maintained the original speed!I didn’t expect the speed to be so fast now!”
Xiong Yu laughed,Turned to look at the gate,Sarcasm appeared on his face。

Chapter Three Hundred and Five Come out

Qin Feng was still worried about the newspaper organization,But the next moment,Qin Feng received the information sent back from his scouts。
“commander,We found a wounded Eighth General in the forest north of Siam。Maybe to avoid chasing,So I had to enter the forest,Please indicate the next step.”
“Then,Far view?”
Qin Feng doesn’t know what to do。Injured Eight Generals?This kind of thing,Not impossible。After all, Cen Wen just said that Chu Xiao had gone to destroy a military camp.,And this barracks is the stronghold of a certain eighth general。
but,Even Cen Wen’s spies didn’t have time to discover,I was hit by my own stupid scout?Qin Feng feels that there are too many bizarre things in the world,But it shouldn’t be related to him.。
Why does it look like a trap?
It’s hard for Qin Feng to tell why,So just call and tell Cen Wen what we found here。
The latter fell silent after hearing about it,“You wait,I am looking for someone to confirm!”
Yes,Cen Wen really didn’t receive this paper,So when Qin Feng told him he was a little hard to accept。
A few minutes later,Cen Wen called Qin Feng calmly,But the problem is,Qin Feng didn’t see Cen Wen’s watch,“Your situation,Should not be fake news。But it should be noted,Most likely a trap。After all, our Seven Saints are like this,Always like to release bait,Or sacrifice a few people,Then in exchange for a big victory。”
“amount,and then?”Qin Feng asked。
“that is,Need to be guarded!The issue is,This bait is too cruel!One of the eight generals!Even though there are only five warriors facing each other now,But it’s not easy to deal with。But there was a soldier who was seriously injured,It should be much easier to kill it。how about it,Heart touched?”
“amount,If it can be killed, of course it’s good。After all, this is indeed a very good bait。But if you have to pay a considerable price,I think let it go!”Qin Feng shook his head,“not worth it!”
Cen Wen laughed,“Ha ha,That’s true,But I will send someone over。”

“The situation is also very simple,That is to attract the enemy to my side,Then assassinate me,I will hold people。”

Qin Feng wanted to see if this wind could be used,Because of talent,He has never been enough。
Qin Feng is very cool,But he can’t do everything by himself。
If so,How come his boss looks like a little brother。
Feng also hesitated for a while and said:“In a public place,Make people drug you,Or what kind of situation,That’s all ok。”
This is also to create opportunities for people,So-called public,Isn’t it that there are mostly places to eat??
Thought of here,Qin Feng also nodded and said:“it is good,Just do what you said,I get rid of my disguise,Behind you find someone to stare around me,This time even if I don’t take David down,I also want to take down the people around that guy。”
“They want to kill you?”The wind is really unexpected,That guy would have so much guts。
To know,This is in Qin Feng’s territory,If Qin Feng is really anxious,Many things can happen。
Many people think that the law can control many things,But after people are forced to rush,Some things even know that they are breaking the law,Someone will do it。
Qin Feng’s mood is also particularly heavy,After he left first,Then I went to deal with those things on my body。
Since they have prepared routines,Everything is done to be presentable。
Qin Feng returned to Qingshui Village again,He also wants to swagger out for a meal,So that people can know the news。
After returning,Qin Feng also saw the situation in Qingshui Village,He couldn’t help but sigh,This place is different from before。
Many people in Qingshui Village are doing it in full swing,Among them, Huang Junjie’s five-star hotel is the fastest,There is already a prototype now。
It’s just that the hotel can’t be completed,Because at the beginning I just wanted to design a few layers,The current situation is not in the interest of local development,Huang Junjie can only be forced to change,Continue to make dozens of layers。
Otherwise, there will be more traffic in the future,Can’t carry it locally,There must be trouble。
Fortunately, Huang Junjie has always done everything in accordance with the highest standards,The foundation is very solid.,And there are no less pillars。
In this case, it can be expanded,Without wasting time,At least no need to tear down and rebuild。

Unheard of,It’s terrible!Creepy。

Lu Menglin frowned again,Of course he didn’t know these weird sorceries。
“Jie Jie!This is a dead gray skin head drop technique!It was a gift from my brother A Jianglong,If you kill me,Everyone here will drop their heads and die!”The god Sommeron was bloodstained,Grinning grinningly。
Chapter six hundred and thirty-four The big picture
Suddenly,The whole hall is as quiet as death,Those dignitaries have stiff expressions,Numb eyes,Because they are scared,Extreme fear。
Although the teacher Sommeron failed,But he didn’t fail completely。
His weird methods,For ordinary people,Still a nightmare existence,It’s impossible to prevent。
“how about it?Let me go!kill me,Everyone here is going to die!of course,Next time you won’t have such good luck!I will come back to find you!”Sommeron thinks he has caught the other side’s weakness,Hehe smiled。
For a time,Everyone’s eyes focused on Lu Menglin’s body。
They don’t know if what Sommeron said is true, But they dare not bet!
And they feel,Lu Menglin didn’t dare to bet!If all the rich and powerful here are all dead,I’m afraid Hong Kong Island will be in chaos right away,No one can afford such a big responsibility。

The two princes still have something to say,That is, the profit gained here is too exaggerated,The family will definitely not give up easily。

After all, after eating crab,You let them change back to eating vegetables,They may not be willing!
Liu Xing sighed,“Actually, I don’t have much contact with Cen Wen。I knew he had a high IQ,Even in planning, it can be called those ancient famous generals.。”
In fact, Liu Xing still doesn’t know enough about Cen Wen,After all, Liu Xing also joined Qin Feng’s team during the Golden Triangle battle.,So I don’t have much contact with Cen Wen。I don’t even have a chance to talk alone。
At most I know that some of the battle plans at that time were made by Cen Wen,others,Just stay on the surface understanding。
So now Chen Chong and two of them asked him to say something, so he couldn’t say it clearly.。
When the three of them were talking,The door of the room was knocked。
All three
Froze for a while,Chen Chong responded faster,“Come in!”。
Then there was a small soldier who came in,And this little soldier is not from the Fengmeng team,Can only be regarded as one of Cen Wen’s members。
But the three of them don’t know why the soldier came here,So he asked with doubts,“what happened?”
“Commander Cen Wen said,He won’t be back here temporarily,So you want to continue to operate!But this matter needs to be discussed after he returns。”
Finished,This soldier is gone。
And Chen Chong,Is stunned in place。
Because they don’t know what to say,of course,They believed this little soldier,After all, the news that Cen Wen escaped,Not many people can know。Even if it wasn’t for Qin Feng to deliver the news,,The two sons of Chen Chong are still unknown,so,If a soldier in a barracks can receive this news, unless it is contacted by Cenwen,Otherwise, the other party will never know。
In other words,What the soldier said may really be helping Cen Wen to pass on the content。
“Can he believe what he said?”Song Di Xu asked。