In Li Ming’s sea of knowledge,Five flames phantom running,Turn into a streamer to be in harmony with the divine body。

Five days to understand the first level,But he didn’t rush to practice。
This supernatural power,But the low-level power is just average,At least you have to cultivate to the sixth level,It can barely exceed the magical powers currently used。
simply,First understand to the extreme,Go to practice,So as not to waste treasures。
Ten thousand times faster,Three breathing exercises in the outside world,He realized the first level。
Thirty-two days,Li Ming Wu Tou Second。
Half a year,Li Ming realized the third level。
Under the acceleration of time,In more than 20 years, Li Mingwu achieved the fourth stage。
Three hundred and nineteen thousand years of entering Guyu Pagoda,Actually spent 3.19 million years,Li Ming Got the Fifth Level。
Sixth and Seventh Century,Actual experience time is 67 million years,Li Ming stood up suddenly,Five steps forward,Standing right on the stone platform。
First34chapter condition
Five seniors,Please also wish me a helping hand。”
Li Ming Langsheng Road,This《Five Cloud Lotus》A little insight,Natural youth,The altar stone platform is actually made to cultivate this supernatural power,You can use the stone platform to absorb the power of the five eternal sacred fires。
No answer,But five strands of eternal sacred fire emerged from the altar。
“Thank you senior!”Although I know this is the arrangement of Gu Yu,But thank you in good faith。
If you don’t rely on these five eternal fires,The sixth level of this supernatural power is almost impossible to cultivate。

“it is good!I agree with you。Want to talk,Go to Xifang to talk now,We wait for your results”Ma Dongshan said,Patted Xia Jian’s shoulder twice。

Came to Ma Yan’s room,Xia Jian lay down on the sofa,I really want to sleep。Alcohol and sleepiness,His eyelids are almost too tight。
“Don’t sleep,What to talk about?You speak!”Ma Yan pushed Xia Jian,Said seriously。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Make a cup of tea,Dry mouth,How to talk”Before speaking,Xia Jian wants to invigorate the atmosphere,Otherwise it would be too depressing。
“You have the most”Ma Yan said,So I made a cup of tea for Xia Jian and brought it over。
Xia Jian sat up straight,Took a long breath and said:“Ma Yan!We have something to say clearly tonight。Before,I don’t think there is anything to talk about,Just flip it all over。But you don’t know me Xia Jian,Do you understand my circle?can you accept?”
“can!I, Ma Yan, married you Xia Jian,As long as you are good to me,I’m satisfied。I said you Xia Jianfengliu,And there are full of girls like clouds。I think about it,I won’t interfere with your freedom。But i believe,You know what to do”
Ma Yan answered cleanly,Without any muddle。She said these words as if she had thought about it in advance,Xia Jian can’t fault anything。
Xia Jian took a breath,Stood up abruptly and said:“go!Tell your parents,Our matter is settled”
Ma Dongshan seems confident,Xia Jiangang tells their decision,He laughed:“Since you have agreed,Our parents don’t have any comments。Let your parents come and sit down,The engagement will be avoided,Talk directly about the time of marriage”
Xia Jian glanced at Ma Yan,Ma Yan nodded silently。Xia Jian smiled and said to Ma Dongshan:“Are you sorry for your family??”
“okay,Why are you doing all these messy things??I know your family is rich,But my Ma Dongshan is not short of money。We only have this daughter,It’s all yours in the future,Is it interesting to take it?”Ma Dongshan said very readily。
Xia Jianyi goes home,So I told the story。Xia Zecheng and his wife,Full of joy。
First2287chapter The small clinic was robbed
The morning of the second day of the new year,Wang Youcai’s family sat down and had breakfast。Wang Youcai proposed to go to the clinic in the city。
Yao Chunni wants to go,But Wang Youcai didn’t bring it。The reason is that there are guests at home,His mother can’t be busy alone。Moreover,He might go to Chenzhuang。It’s hard to say if you don’t come back tonight,After all, the journey is a bit far,A lot of things。
I heard that Wang Youcai has so many reasons,Chen Yueqin became angry,Took Yao Chunni’s hand and said:“not going,Let’s take a good rest at home。Look how cold it is today,Go out and suffer”
Yao Chunni has a good temper,Wang Youcai won’t take her,She didn’t say much,And followed Chen Yueqin to the kitchen。Wang Youcai takes a look,When preparing to leave。
Wang Degui said with a cold snort:“stop!The more your kid is hanging out,The less you know how to behave。Did Chunni jump from the rock??”
“Not dad!Her parents have died long ago”Wang Youcai said smoothly。

Xia Jian was a little confused,I’m sober a lot at this time,He turned to ask:“What the hell is going on?You just say,My heart is very strong”Although Xia Jian’s mouth is very powerful,But I still tugged。

Gu Yue glanced at Xia Jian,Took a long breath and said:“Sister Ju has an accident,The bus she drove had an accident,Many people were injured,She and the car owner sitting in the passenger seat,Not rescued”
“Are you kidding me!We met last night”When Xia Jian said this,,Unspeakable feeling in my heart。
Gu Yue nodded and said:“This is real,The police who handled our traffic accident called and told me,Can’t be wrong,You have to be sorry!Actually I feel uncomfortable”Gu Yue comes to the back,I’m a little choked。
Why is this so!They separated in the morning,How long is this,Why is it dead??She said,The conditions in her family are very good now,I came out to drive because I wanted to have something to do。Xia Jian lowered his head,Put my hands in my hair,His heart is cut with a knife。
“All right,Don’t be sad,Some people in this life disappeared from you unknowingly,Actually everyone doesn’t know what tomorrow will be like”Gu Yue said,Looking out the window with empty eyes。
Xiaoting refused to say a word,She sits quietly,I also feel the sadness in the car。Death cannot be resurrected,What’s more, Xia Jian has already experienced it,Such as Bai Ruyu,This beautiful and smart girl,In any kind of family, she never reached the end of her life。
Xia Jian sat up straight,She held back her grief and told Gu Yue:“You take a look!We have to go over,Give her one last ride!”
“I have already asked,I’m here to take you”Gu Yue said,Gestured to Xiaoting。Xiaoting started the car。
Xia Jian in the car is like a fool,His eyes are dull,Not say a word。He is really unacceptable,Why did two women leave like this??He has felt horrified by human life。
About an hour later,The car drove out of the city,Stopped in front of a small village on the outskirts,Xiaoting said softly:“This is the village,I’ll go down and ask”
“No need,This village doesn’t look big,You bring a wreath,We just go in”Gu Yue is talking,Looking back at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian nodded,Opened the car door and jumped down。He shook his head,Sober yourself a little bit,Then tidy up my clothes,He didn’t want to send Sister Ju on the last trip,Let her see him so vulnerable。
Gu Yue is really right,In front of the family at the far end of the village,Placed many wreaths。When an elderly person in his sixties saw them,Greeted me from afar。
He sighed and said:“Xiaoju is in a hurry,We are also urgent,Her body was just pulled back,I didn’t expect everyone to know”
“It’s so hot,Still the sooner the better”Gu Yue said to the old man sadly。
The old man nodded and said:“I’m not afraid of this,Rented her an ice coffin,After the family affairs are done,Just go to cremation,We rural people are a bit particular”The old man said,So he took Gu Yue and Xia Jian into the small yard。
Sister Ju’s coffin is placed in the middle of the room,Two children sitting on the ground,Wearing white filial attire,I can’t tell whether I’m sad or happy,After all they are too young,Maybe you still don’t know where your mother went。
North and South documents are different,But it is also similar。Gu Yue and Xia Jianchao Sister Ju’s coffin saluted,Burned some paper money,Back out,Find the person who settles the bill,Everyone took two thousand yuan in gift money,This can be regarded as they met。
On the way back,Xia Jian said a lot of things in his heart,He said it was drunk,It’s all about the perception of life,He told Gu Yue the story of Bai Ruyu,Gu Yue cried so much。Xiaoting couldn’t help but say:“President Xia,Don’t go any further,I would cry too”

A trace of struggle appeared in Qin Zhi’s eyes,Gave the sign to Chen Xiu:“No doubt about employing people is my principle,Since I brought you here,Everything you decide。I can bear the money,But I don’t want to get involved in Qin’s house,You bid。”

Chen Xiu couldn’t help but feel moved。
Qin Zhi only met with him,Can be so trusted,I will never let her down today。
Reach out,Shouted:“20 million,Aspirational!”
One million reserve price,Was suddenly called twenty times,Simply unprecedented。
Xiang Jinglong’s face also changed。
Although he has money,Play with millions,It’s okay to stimulate Qin Zhi to express her dissatisfaction。
But if you spend 20 million,Buy something worth more than one million,I have to consider whether this is necessary。
After all his words and deeds,Both represent Xiang Jia。
Have to be cautious。
“moron,Leave it to you。”
Xiang Jinglong said with a smile:“20 million shots《Poly Ape Diagram》,Zhi’er, you really love this little white face,I want to see,How do you tell the family。”
“Deal!”The auctioneer reminded three times,The final word,The voice is out of shape with excitement。
At this moment,Chen Xiucai looked back at Xiang Jinglong,Speak loudly on purpose:“Who is an idiot,See you in a while,It’s a pity that you have eyes on the real treasure!”

and so,For Li Tianzhi,Safety comes first,His flesh hovered on the edge of a black hole in the void,Guardian of God by Li Xiucheng,But only temporarily,It is impossible in the mortal world to have a body capable of carrying such a powerful soul,So seizing the house is not feasible,Can only be cautious and cautious。

The falling stars quickly become bigger,Already faintly visible‘Seal of God’s Punishment’Outline,With the force of wind and thunder, the guardians who were chasing finally felt a terrible breath,Suddenly there was a sound of surprise in the belly of the mountain,The voice pierced Li Tianzhen’s soul,It hit his chest fiercely like a sledgehammer。
Good old guy,Li Tianzhen snorted,The pale golden fluid was almost shaken away by the opponent,He knew that the voice was not from Kampot,But from the old evildoer from Dala Mountain,This evildoer seems to have recovered,Much stronger than when he first came to Dala Mountain。
Li Tianzhen moves extremely fast,The pale golden streamer has rushed to the top of the big seal,Completely cut off the second wave of spiritual shock of the old enchanting,A guardian rushes to the stamp pad of the Great Seal,In a blink of an eye, there is not even a scum left to be killed by the tyrannical formation rune,influenced by,Dayin just swayed slightly,Landed straight again。
At this moment‘Seal of God’s Punishment’Just revealed the majesty,A huge colorful bird with the same name raised its head and neighed on the print handle,The seal handle is the Optimus Pillar in the Nantian Gate,The stamp pad emits a dazzling light,Suddenly expanded several times,The body of the ancient blue dragon appears in the light and shadow,On its side is an ancient mammoth。
After a scream,A white light burst from the belly of the mountain,Go straight to the big seal,The old evildoer already knows that disaster is imminent,Due to the restrictions of the seal, it is not possible to directly show that the real body responds to the enemy,Just put out a clone that was hard to cultivate,This clone is close to perfection,Supernatural power,The only weakness is strength,The strength is still mental power,So I want to use strengths and avoid weaknesses,With a powerful mental attack, first kill the heavy singing bird on the seal handle。
But one shot,The old evildoer knew it was wrong,Suddenly a phoenix full of flames flew out from behind the resonant bird,Raging flames,The firelight like sunset illuminates the entire night sky,Then a nine-headed divine bird flew out from behind,But not Jiuying,But the real nine Luanfeng,Nine big mouths spout nine kinds of flames,Combines the fire of the phoenix,Instantly trapped the clone of the old evildoer in the center。
and‘Seal of God’s Punishment’Falling fast without being affected at all,Boom,The dull sound spreads across the mountains,Very shocking,After a dazzling aurora,The main peak of Mount Dala no longer exists。
Under the Great Seal,Caused the entire mountain to shake,Landslides in many places、landslide,The severely damaged is the southern slope of the mountain,The three ancient temples below were immediately submerged in rolling rocks and thick soil。
Although the North Slope is less damaged,but‘Captive farm’There has also been a large area of landslides,Guardians and preachers who participated in the melee here,The other twelve puppets that suddenly appeared joined forces and swept them all out,And Kampot, who had just arrived, was caught off guard and was seriously injured.,But it’s a pity,Still escaped by him。
In the belly of the mountain,Li Tianzhen saw the dark space that trapped him for a long time,There is no mystery in his eyes at this time,After incorporating Li Xiucheng’s primordial spirit, the eye of insight is stronger than before.,Almost instantly parsed out the array rune structure that formed the dark space,To put it bluntly, it is a maze with the nature of pulling the soul,It is also the gateway to the hiding place of the old evildoer。
Chapter VIII Tiangang Refining God Style
Li Tianzhi steps into the dark space,The collapse of the mountain obviously has a great impact on this place,Space appears chaotic,And very unstable,Far from the gloomy and gloomy when I came last time、Boundless feeling。
His primordial spirit appears from a phantom to an entity mentality,And started to expand rapidly,The dark space also expanded,And release all kinds of weirdness、Dirty stuff,Which includes the ones I saw last time‘Soul Reaper’,This little ghost like a bug is pervasive,But in front of Li Xiucheng’s soul,Often before they get close, they are killed by the golden light of the whole body,Vanish from the invisible。
Li Xiucheng’s soul is vast,And have divine blessings,Not afraid of any evil、Interference from negative factors,The so-called method of pulling the soul is of no use to Li Tianzhi。
Yuanshen continues to expand,Like a natural giant,The dark space makes a humming noise,Obviously trying to maintain,But it doesn’t seem to keep up with the growth of giants。
“Baby,Unexpectedly, you found the dead ghost to bless you,No wonder so arrogant。”The old evildoer finally couldn’t help but speak out in shock,The dead ghost seems to refer to Li Xiucheng。
“Old stuff,Without further ado,Hand over my treasure and reincarnation,Today’s affairs still need to be discussed,Otherwise I will tear down the mountain and destroy the gate!”
“what,Haha,Yellow mouth children,Do you think Li Xiucheng’s soul can endure the old man??”
“I’ll see it soon?”Li Tianzhen sneered,He could hear the old evildoer emboldening himself,The purpose is to delay time,Can’t say that‘Nirvana handkerchief’Near,I really want to be rushed by this thing,It is obviously difficult for him to deal with two guys who have reached the realm of the gods and demons at the same time,But things have been done to this point,It’s just a pleasure。

“Come on!Xia Jian is now being isolated and interrogated,It’s still the same thing if you can come out,Why did you let him rush to you?So don’t bother with this。Moreover,You are passionate about Xia Jian,But what about Xia Jian,Hiring bees and butterflies everywhere”Chen Feng said,I threw the tabloid in my hand to Ma Yan。

Ma Yan only glanced at the picture above,I couldn’t help but chuckle。It seems that Xia Jian really had an accident,How else can it be in the newspaper?
When Ma Yan was making trouble,Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu came in。When Chen Feng saw Chen Erniu,Seems very affectionate。
“Yo!Chief Chen,Let’s meet again,Really fate。Come,Smoke a cigarette”Chen Feng laughed,Took out the cigarette and handed it over。
Chen Erniu has a serious face,He said coldly:“Won’t smoke。Why are you here again?If it’s business,We welcome you,But you have other ideas,That won’t work。Because it’s working time,You have worked,You are obstructing official duties”
“and also!Just pull it down!A small village committee,What are you talking about?”When Chen Feng said this,A face of disdain。This made Chen Erniu very annoyed,He is most angry with those city people who look down on the rural people。
Ma Yan took a look at Chen Erniu,Knowing he is not far from the outbreak,So he quickly said to Xia Sanhu:“You invite this god downstairs,I have something to discuss with Erniu”
Xia Sanhu doesn’t talk much,He walked to Chen Feng,Pulling his arm downstairs。With the power of Xia Sanhu,Chen Feng can’t move at all。
Just like,Chen Feng was dragged downstairs by Xia Sanhu,Also introduced the door of the village committee。
“Something happened to Xia Jian”Ma Yan said coldly,So he threw the tabloid on the table into Chen Erniu’s arms。
Chen Erniu took a look and said:“Hey!Long walking along the river, how can you not wet your feet,It’s normal for men to do something。Such a thing happened to Xia Jian,It should be said to be normal,No fuss”Chen Erniu and Xia Jian,So he tried his best to defend Xia Jian。
Ma Yan said with a cold smile:“Who told him about this,Even if he sleeps eight a night,As long as he has this ability。I said he was quarantined and investigated,It seems that this is not a small matter”
“who said it?impossible!We haven’t heard of it at all”Chen Erniu was anxious when he heard it。
Ma Yan took a breath and said:“What can we hear from here?Just what the person downstairs said”When Ma Yan said this,Feeling a little impatient。
Chen Erniu sneered:“Listen to him talking nonsense,He doesn’t look right at first sight。How about you call Mayor Tong and ask,If something happened to Xia Jianzhen,,We can’t leave it alone”
Chen Erniu’s words remind Ma Yan,She immediately grabbed the phone on the table,Called Tong Jie。When she asked about Xia Jian,The whole person plopped and sat on the chair。

“will not,Thank you。”Yuan Hua waved his hand very hangingly,Took out a piece of paper from his arms and handed it to Li Tianchou,“All on top,People doing small business in the field,It’s not easy to drag the family。”

Li Tianchou gave Yuan Hua a white look,I scanned the handwriting on the paper and put it in my pocket,“Was it evil just now??”
“Do not,very funny。”Yuan Hua smiled,“That boss Shen is Shen Mingfang, right??”
“Yes,It seems that you have learned a lot。”
“Know something,Wu Fang and Hua Lao told me。”Yuan Hua avoided Li Tianchou’s unfriendly gaze,“What next?Just hang?”
“eat,Busy day,I’m hungry。”Li Tianchou spit out a puff of smoke,“Send the doctor back later,And the one lying on the sofa,If it’s useless, send it away together。”
“That boss Shen doesn’t care?”
“Tube,I am watching。You go send,Come back by buying food。”Li Tianchou emphasized。
“My grass,If you didn’t shoot, I ran to report the crime?”Yuan Hua looked very angry at Li Tianchou’s disdain,The tone also changed from the friendly and courteous。
“Don’t go,I go by my own。”Li Tianchou threw away his cigarette,Turned and went straight to the living room。
“Hey,My grass,I don’t understand the joke?I said you are a tendon,No sense of humor?Good,I go,I go。”Yuan Hua rolled his eyes,Followed in a hurry。
The big guy has woken up,Just very weak。Suddenly seeing Li Tianchou was shocked,I’m so boring,Can’t move at all。“you……Who the fuck is?Take us……How is the boss?”
Li Tianchou looked straight at the man,There was an intermittent hum from next door,Sounds miserable,He smiled and went to the next room,“he’s good,Thinking about it,I haven’t figured out some things。”
“What do you want?”The big man is obviously quite jealous of Li Tianchou。
“Let you go,But I must answer a question。”
“Let me go?Would be so kind?Ha ha……buddies,I’m not good at learning,But don’t think you can play with me。”The big man stared reluctantly,It’s a bit hard。
“I really don’t have that idle time,I didn’t find you。The question is simple,Left after answering。”Li Tianchou looked at each other,“If you don’t cooperate,I can also consider handing you over to the police。”
“Haha……Buddy play……Is quite deep,And hand me over to the police?Grass mud horse,Is Lao Tzu scared??”

Zhang Yuantu won’t catch up,Jumped out of the car and walked to Chen Xiu,Care to ask:“Are you OK?”

“I’m fine。”
Chen Xiu shook his head and said:“You are the rescuer who went there so quickly?”
“Chen Xiu!”
A familiar goddess sounded,Chen Xiu look,I saw that Ou Sheng got off a car and swooped into his arms。
Chen Xiu was even more surprised and happy,Asked in surprise again:“How did you come!”
“As soon as you get on the plane,Ye Lao called me。I was at the airport early in the morning to be picked up,This live zombie suddenly attacked the airport,But you are in the sky,The phone keeps not getting through,I can only take people to evacuate down the mountain。”
Zhang Yuantu also said on the side:“Fortunately, Miss Ou was waiting under the mountain this time,I ran down the mountain to find the Lin family to bring someone to help and I ran into Miss Ou,Or you really come to the mountain to rescue。”
Chen Xiu also secretly rejoiced,But I asked:“There are so many zombies on Hong Kong Island.,You brought everyone,Is Ou Lao’s safety guaranteed??”
“rest assured,My dad also left a group of people,And follow the method you taught,bullet、The weapons are coated with bezoar powder,As long as there are not three generations of zombies leading the team,Safety is not a problem。”
When O Sheng was talking, the intercom in his hand suddenly rang:“Missy,We were attacked under the mountain,A large number of zombies rushed,They also have guns in their hands,We can’t stand it!”
“Zombies use guns too!”
Chen Xiu and they were taken aback,Before zombies dealt with ordinary people,With his own tyrannical body and strength, he is not afraid of guns at all,They don’t like to use firearms.。
Now zombies also use guns,With their own eyesight and keen response more than mortals,The advantage of ordinary people and their gun battles is naturally weakened。
“You quickly withdraw to the mountain,We meet you on the mountain!”Ou Sheng shouted into the intercom。
Ou Sheng shouted loudly in the direction of the intercom:“All,Prepare for war!”
The nine cars she brought up,More than 20 people are hiding behind the car as bunkers,Set up a submachine gun and wait for it。
Less than five minutes,A year full of bullet holes, Toyota off-road vehicles first appeared in front of us,There are also eight off-road vehicles in pursuit,It is frantically shooting forward。

“this12Patient Xu Songren,Have a good concern,Suitable binding,Prevent him from eating these cold and hard food。”

Zhou Ye spitted out tone,There is a layer of water in the mask.,Wet his cyan。
After paying the class,The two indispensive doctors will also leave,It is understood that they have stayed here.2Month,Now2During the month,I have to go to the doctor’s dormitory outside the ward. I have been isolated for a month.,Waiting for the end to go home。
“They left,Next, it is full of pressing us.。”Sun Jun is the first to spit。
Hu Yu also returned a sentence:“Yes,Ren a long way,We have to pick up this power stick,This ward is absolutely unable to go in our four people.。”
“certainly,I have to worry about us.,It is estimated that you will be the most busy.。”Sun Jun has a bad premonition。
Anyway, according to the current distribution,Zhou Niwu must be the most busy。
20Patient’s disease and daily doctor,That is written.。
Sun Jun even wanted to extend his hand to help him.,But it is old.,Still not“Parkinson”The name is shameful。
As for Hu Yu and Chen Riyuan, it is more powerless.,They are not familiar with this medical system。
Anyway, three director’s only thing to do is to help share the night shift.,Three people turn to duty。
Getting older,After a high high,In fact, they have not participated for a long time.。
“Shake,quick10No worth night from the coming year.。”Hu Yu has some feelings。
Sun Jun also nodded。
And Chen Riyuan helpless smile:“Fortunately, I have always had a habit of duty.,Even if you don’t sleep at night, you are used to it.。”
Three people finally looked at Zhou Ye,Silence。
I don’t seem to say,Still young。
This kind of thing is really not going back.,If you stay on your body, you only have age as a testimony.。
Zhou Ye is suddenly shameful.,After all, he is the only person in the department who doesn’t have to duty.。
Clinical work,The most tired is the night shift.。
What bussing occurs even more in the middle of the night?,I have to get up,I accidentally encountered difficult to deal with it, I fell asleep.。
“This patient has read it.,Ended off,Do we want to come to the night?,Anyway, there is nothing tonight.。”Chen Riyuan proposes。
Sun Jun and Hu Yu are also responding right away.。
Since the three director agreed,Naturally, there is no matter what he thinks in Zhou Ye.。
So four people are ready to go to the ward。
“This tablet is said?”Zhou Ye thinks about it,Trip。
Yup,How can I have a tablet?。
How do you see information when you check your room?。
Then the most important thing is,The two doctors don’t seem to leave the work number.,Did not do it。
Now I really want to be pit.!

The more so,Actually look here,For Hong Tiandu himself,I feel,Now words,Can speed up to finish this thing。

And the people around,See Hong Tiandu like this,They also kept saying here。
“That’s what it said,If you can,Let’s next,You can consider starting from this aspect。”
“Actually now,We already have the victory,Do we need to worry about anything??”
“I won’t talk about other things for now,But at least here,I think,We have solved it almost。”
Just here,With the people around,I didn’t forget to say before my eyes。
The more so,Actually such a thing,Put it in front of you,It feels quite tricky。
And seeing these,at this time,In fact, it looks like other people,If Wang Teng really comes,They don’t need to worry about anything。
And while these people are still thinking about these things。
at the same time,not far away,A subordinate,Ran over in a hurry。
“what happened?”
See this person in front of me,Hong Tiandu is a little curious,Subconsciously asked before my eyes。
slowly,But Hong Tiandu just looked at him subconsciously,The more so,Actually from now on,How should these things be handled?。
Just these problems,Actually, it’s not easy。