This reincarnation,Every turn is a catastrophe。

Only after disaster,Live again,To kill the true spiritual space origin law,Others can awaken most memories。
Chapter Twenty Three Reincarnation
Sunset,A bright moon shines,On a sacred mountain,A figure emerges。
Tap your fingertips,A streamer fell into the mountain。
Since will《Reincarnation》After complete creation,Li Ming isn’t in a hurry to go to reincarnation。
Before reincarnation,Also have to prepare。
first,Li Ming intends to obliterate the original law of space at the same time,It will inevitably affect other Dao。
Even with his causality,Inspiration on the true spirit,He must also be,The perception of Minghui Avenue and others are sealed,To reincarnate smoothly。
Of course some metaphysical knowledge of Tao,Some simple magical secret techniques are not among them。
of course,From another perspective。
Li Mingruo is completely reincarnated,After thoroughly dissipating the memory of the original law of space,As long as we can realize the opposite destruction of heaven,These memories are restored。Destruction of life,Great progress in the mastery of chaos,It’s also a shortcut to practice—and,His reincarnation was spread in the name of this。
Second come,Li Ming also plans to leave some caves in the ancient world of Pangu,Store some of your own magic weapons。
After reincarnation,Retrieve these magic weapons,It also helped me a lot。

Xia Jian shook his head and said:“The child had a minor operation,End up donating blood。The nurse said our blood types don’t match”

“hateful!That means Zhou Li cheated you。But the child doesn’t know anything,He is innocent。I think he and your family are very close”When Yao Junli said this,,The tone finally calmed down。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“All right!I came here to explain to you,Come and play at home during Chinese New Year?”
“Watch the time!If you are free,Why not come and accompany me,Just a moment”When Yao Junli said this,,Eyes full of expectation。
Xia Jian nodded,Turn around and leave。Under the guidance of the waiter,Xia Jian bought two big red packets,This may take more than two hundred copies。According to Xia Jian’s habit,I can’t use this bag。
Xiao Chenchen is impatient waiting in the car,When Xia Jian got in the car,He is playing a small temper。But this little guy is very smart,When he saw Xia Jian,Nothing else。Three adults laughed secretly。
It’s thirty,Basically, few people from rural areas go out。Everyone is busy at home,Such as cleaning,Stick couplet。Give a ticket to the old ancestors,Anyway, a lot of trivia。
On the village road leading to Xiping Village,Can’t see a car,I can’t see a pedestrian。Xia Jian increased the speed very high,Drive desperately to Xiping Village。
The occasional firecrackers,Make Xia Jian feel even more worried。As soon as the car arrives at the entrance of the village,Xia Zecheng and Sun Yuejuan got out of the car with Xiao Chenchen,The two old talents are back home,Actually, they are more anxious than Xia Jian。
When Xia Jian and Zhao Hong drove into the village committee,Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu are posting couplets with a few young people。When Xia Jian stopped the car,,Chen Erniu ran over。
“Ugh!Let Auntie prepare a few more good dishes tonight,We come to your house to drink?”Chen Erniu laughed and said。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“No way,Can’t be at my house every year!Moreover,I forgot to buy wine”
“Humph!Waiting for you to buy wine?That is impossible。I ran into uncle two days ago,He asked to bring him a box of good wine,So you don’t need to worry about this wine”Chen Erniu patted Xia Jian’s shoulder and walked away,As if he was eaten up。
Zhao Hong looked around,Explain a few words to Xia Sanhu,Then I went back to Xia Jian’s house with Xia Jian。Because her in-laws went to the nephew’s home,This is equivalent to giving it all to Zhao Hong。Zhao Hong can’t take care of others’ gossip,She simply regarded Xia Jian’s house as her home。
Only when sleeping at night,She just went back。Anyway, the story about her and Xia Jian had spread,She doesn’t care much。
People are actually like this,Full of curiosity about everything。When Xia Jian and Zhao Hong’s affairs are no longer covered up,Everyone lost their curiosity about this,Instead, I feel that everything is so natural。
Xiao Chenchen is playing with his little train alone in the house,The little guy will be the captain for a while,A passenger again。At a young age, he has the ability to perform open fu。
Xia Zecheng is busy doing housework,I really like him this little grandson to the extreme。He is doing something,I kept teasing Xiao Chenchen,So angry that Sun Yuejuan lost her temper in the kitchen。
Family people value the New Year more than anything else,In the minds of their elderly,Prepare all the food for the Chinese New Year。Actually there is a refrigerator now,There is a supermarket,You don’t have to do this。But this habit is in the hearts of old people,Already deeply rooted。
See it all,Xia Jian was very satisfied,This is home。

The pale and feeble sun slowly rose,A few Uya who were looking for food made a bad sound。They hovered for a while,Actually landed in the yard of the planting base。

suddenly,The door of a room next to the cafeteria opened,Then he flew out a broom。Several crows running around in the yard were frightened,Flew into the air with a thump。
“Dead thing,Run here to make trouble,Not afraid I will kill you”Liu Ying rubbed her eyes and walked out of the room。These days,She is happy,Don’t wake up so early to cook,Can sleep till ninety o’clock。I have nothing to do anyway。
Because Wang Youcai sleeps until 11 or 12 o’clock every day。So she only cooks two meals a day,And it’s still two people cooking for three people,Where can you find it on such a comfortable day?。
Maybe I heard her screaming,Yao Chunni also opened her door,This woman walks out,Buttoned on one side。
“What’s wrong with Sister Liu Ying??What are you scolding?”Yao Chunni sleepy eyes,I feel like I haven’t woken up yet。
Liu Ying smiled and said:“A few crows barking in the yard,Sounds uncomfortable,So I got up and ran away。Did it bother you to sleep?,Can’t go back to sleep。I know you slept late last night,Should make up for a while”
When Liu Ying said this,,And deliberately blinked at Yao Chunni。Yao Chunni’s face blushed slightly,A little shy and bowed his head back to his house。
She is a struggling woman,On her looks。She shouldn’t have lived in Chenzhuang all these years。She confessed her fate,But God still made a big joke with her。The home that wasn’t home is gone,Even her only son was cruelly taken away by Li Lanxiang。
If it wasn’t for Wang Youcai’s promise to marry her at this time,,She really feels alive for her,Has no meaning。
She can see it,Wang Youcai is very good to women,It can be said that as long as he likes it,He will do things for women desperately。To be his woman,Must learn to be generous,Not interfere in his private life,Then we will be in peace。
Yao Chunni has been thinking about this all this time。Liu Ying reminded her from time to time,She is not a fool,She knows Wang Youcai’s ambiguous relationship with Liu Ying。She even knew,There are several other women who are related to Wang Youcai。
Now that she promised to marry Wang Youcai,She has to learn to endure。As long as Wang Youcai doesn’t abandon her,There is hope in this life。As the saying goes,It’s better to die than to live。Even Li Lanxiang’s age,She hasn’t lived enough。
Although Chen Suicong is useless,But he is her former husband after all。After he left,She planned to within a year,Never have sex with Wang Youcai。Maybe she does,Feel better。It’s her confession to him during his lifetime.!
If Wang Youcai can’t live without a woman,Although she agreed to her request,But actually she doesn’t take what she said at all。
When three people were watching TV last night,Wang Youcai acted on her and Liu Ying。Liu Ying is in her face,So I went back to my room early to sleep。
Liu Ying is away,Wang Youcai is more persevering,He just kept her。Thinking of last night,Yao Chunni only feels her face is hot,Really shame。Fortunately, only Liu Ying lives in this compound,Otherwise she wouldn’t dare to come out to see people this morning。
The noise is indeed too loud,She never expected,I became such a woman after Wang Youcai。Think of it,Yao Chunni lowered her head shyly。Fortunately, she is the only person in her room,Otherwise she would be really ashamed to be like this。

Even if you don’t,Trick、Or how to get a flower thief??

Li Mozhen is enough,However, the girl family suddenly touched home.,Isn’t it a hop??
Apart from《Jiuyin Zhenjing》Outside,Chu Deirers are also to investigate safety hazards——I am a forum tomb.!
After all, this is a dead tomb.,It is Wang Zhongyang after the failure、During the death,Originally, if I want an enemy, if I came in, if I came in?,Put down the dragon stone,Later……Leave yourself from underwater。
The Wang Zhongyang Lian Lin did not tell,The territory of the territory of Lin Dynasty is laughing at him.,Still determined enough……
Anti-meal is a night,Finally on the second day,Chu Dee people discovered a pool of a like——Two have been found before this,But too shallow。
“This landslide and ancient tomb distance and depth,It is likely that it is not small.。”Chu Deirers rough judgment,Leave only big flat angles。
After all, Chu Deirers are only seen from the original work.,Still to find some to find it.。
As for why you want to take off your clothes?
nonsense!Chu Deer martial arts far failed to separate the water,And Chu Deiren water is general,Wearing clothes is not convenient。
Instead, in the past,There is“Closer”,Chu Deirers underwater,Enter the state,Save the past,Put it up“Dream god”come out。
Dream god can easily display the gas work,And the reason why,It is because of essays,Although I can’t make my dreams,But it can make itself a smaller internal force,Make dreams for longer!
Chu Deirers feel the water,Internal force operation,Parent feeling,And the internal force of the dream is ignored,As long as you can maintain your dreams, you can maintain your dreams.……
First water,Chu Demen found a underwater,However, internal strength has consumed 70%,So first on the shore change recovery。
Two hours,Chu Deee will go down again,This time in the dark road,After the internal force consumption of 50%,Already not arrived,For the sake of insurance,Chu Deiren first retired。
Twice,Seeing it is night,Underwater is too dark,So the Chu Deirers hit a night,I tried it again in the morning of the next day.……
This time I have previous experience,Underwater activity is faster,This finally consumed nearly 50% internal strength.,Come to the other end of the pool。
This secret room that did not have opened at least twenty years,Calcically, oxygen is still sufficient,Chu Deirers are estimated to have another ventilation。
And Chu Deeng Model,Can see the situation in some secret room——Bulk’s internal force,as well as“Small chaotic work”Comprehensive,Indeed in night vision,But the so-called night vision,Always have some micro-light!,Also not reached the legendary“Agency”Realm。
Chu Deirers explored,Remove the fire on the wall,And transform the polar inner force,This is only bright。
Sure enough, I saw it from the wall.《Jiuyin Zhenjing》Contained,On one of the upward stone steps……
Just no Wang Zhongyang also can’t understand the Sansknapan,Only the internal strength,And the outer work movement,Crack《Jade》Part。
Chu Deiren first looks at the half of the rolls set.,Discover the above《Jiuyin Zhenjing》Contained、That is《Taoism》Congratulations、Close up、Three kinds of 骨。
Another“Dafa”、“Jiuyin god claw”、“White rock”Three kinds of external tricks,One is a mental confusion,One is the hand of the hand、The last one is a flavor,Besides“Ghosty”This has some evil sound。
After that, the Chu Deiren also looked at the internal strength of Jiuyin.……
Although not“Chief”if,Not a complete nine yin,Can’t reach“Yin and Yang”Ultimate status,have“Yinsheng”Drawback,But you can also practice。
According to the original Zhou Botong said the Jiuyin origin,It is the recording of Huang Shu《Taoism》,From countless channels,I realized a set of peerless martial arts,Later, in the fixed prizemut, preaching the main role,Killed a lot of Mingjiao、Take care of the law,And at the time,There are still many big schools to cooperate with them.,Huang Yi kills,Some still……
then,Hit a small old,Huang Shu is not enemy、But also fleeing after numerous people……A group of old people do not face,Going to kill the parents and children,Huang Changxi has hated these martial arts people,Hide into the mountain,Specially diagnosed martial arts for many years,Trick of enemies,Also integrated into the Tibetan martial arts,It’s invincible not only the world.,And can be in the union!
However, after the Huang Yushan is out of the mountain.,When he is studying martial arts,For decades of past,In the past, he killed his family’s martial arts.,Fenghua Zhengmao,It is already a lingerie。
Huang Shang found a circle,I only find a goddess that God is not awake.,then……黄 惆怅 惆怅,Also released hatred,After feeding a bowl of porridge,Float,Re-incompatible to organize yourself,I hope it can continue,This is《Jiuyin Zhenjing》!
Chu Deirers,No time,Can’t be a complete《Jiuyin Zhenjing》,However, there is only the internal strength of the volume,It is also the same to practice。
However, after reading this, after reading it several times,Not only don’t appear in a consciousness“badge”,and……Chu Deirers accumulate,Also faintly feel,This volume is displayed。
“What does it seem to lack some?,Rate……Is in the coffin?”Chu Deiren looks to the stairside。
Pick up,On the top、Directly above,Is a thick wooden board,Chu Deirers figured over,I also found that the agency that can be twisted,Open the wooden board。
“Bamboo”Sound,Wooden board tilt,However, only a small angle is opened.,Settled!
Chu Deirers will understand the gap,Since the midway is below the coffin,Naturally, open the coffin、Open the next board,However, now you have to go out directly from below.,But the coffin is blocked by the coffin cover。

“Who!”Fuming raised his head and looked in the direction of the arrow,Cold in my eyes,I was even more afraid,If it’s not for practicing Wu Formation,I’m afraid I’ve already died in the sneak attack just now!

“You are okay!”A man jumped from the boulder above,A few people behind,It is the chaser who is chasing the sound。
The head man was surprised,The sneak attack just now was a sure thing,But he was actually blocked by Fu Ming!
Fuming to see that several people were the ones who chased him on the cliff,Rage rises in my heart,Speak coldly“So it’s you,Came just right,Calculate the old and new accounts together!”The hand interrupts the appearance,Energy churn。
The headed man narrowed his eyes“strange,This guy should be seriously injured,Even in the past two days,Impossible to recover completely!But look at his current state,I don’t want to be injured”
The man’s heart is ups and downs,I’m a little uncertain looking at Fuming,A few people behind him quickly rushed towards Fuming“No matter how, let them try first”
Fuming fought with a few people“Combat skills-Hurricane Dance!”Fuming is in a bad mood,Don’t want to drag on,Direct use of combat skills,The hurricane envelops a few people“Combat skills-Flash of lightning!”The fuming figure passed by among the few people。
Lightning flashes,Landing,Blood burst from the waist of the few people behind,Spit out a mouthful of blood,Fell to the ground and died!
The corners of the headed man’s mouth twitched slightly“What a fierce attack!”
Break the halberd,The blood falls along the halberd,Don’t touch him。
“The five of you!”Fuming Jifeng pointed at the remaining five people,Opened the mouth and set the end for a few people!
The man looked cold“All up,I support”
“Yes”The four rushed to Fuming

Leo speaks loudly,As if really cherish the strength of Si Keen。

I heard Leo say that,Si Keen’s pale face looks much better:“Thanks to Boss Leo.,I’ll mix with you from now on!”
The two looked at each other,Then laughed。
Leo took advantage of the opportunity to pull Si Keen up,Patted West Cohen on the shoulder,Seems to be optimistic about West Cohen。
Seeing the two people suddenly shake hands and make peace,The people eating melons around were stunned,How is this going,How to hit,Leo accepted Si Keen as his little brother?
Because Si Keen has been running just now,So they are some distance away from the crowd,No one can hear the conversation between the two people before。
Imagine and know,Leo and Si Keen fight,How dare ordinary people approach。
Leo helped Si Keen, who was still bleeding, towards the crowd,Everything seems so harmonious。
For Si Keen’s refuge in him,Leo is not surprised,This world has the morality of this world。
Since Si Keen has taken refuge in Leo,So don’t say that Si Keen will do his best to help Leo,But at least it won’t cheat Leo。
I can only say that less reading has the advantage of less reading,Lost a lot of intestines,More faith。
“Trangote,Hurry up and find someone to help Si Keen!”Leo immediately ordered,“If the speed is fast, we have to take over their power,No need to cure,He is strong enough,Just stop the bleeding!”
Heard Leo’s words,Everyone laughed。
Si Keen is full of resentment,Anyway, I also take the initiative,You shouldn’t give a big reward,Do you value me?,Why are you thinking about taking over my power??

Lingxi looked at the elders,The faces of several elders are full of passion,It seems that it says choose me,Pick me!

Ling Xi looked at Qu Anlie, the fifth elder among the group“I choose him!”
Qu Anlie’s face instantly showed ecstasy“Hahaha,it is good,My good apprentice”Landing and laughing,A little bit speechless with excitement,After all, green and blue qualifications are more common,But it’s hard to see the qualifications further up,Each level of qualification is very different,Can receive a person with purple aptitude as an apprentice,That’s something that the ancestral grave feels bright。
The elders above are very disappointed with this result,Why did you choose the fifth child?,I am really pissed off。
“OK OK,Don’t be disappointed,Maybe you can meet better”Qu Anlie said words of comfort,But the sigh of strength on his face makes people really want to hammer him!
Sun Mingyun threatened with her silver teeth:“If you scream again,Believe it or not, I let you lie down!”
Qu Anlie immediately became honest,Dare not be。
“Kid,What do you want!”Qu Anlie turned his head to look at Fuming。
“I don’t need anything from you,I just want you to promise!”Fuming looked at Qu Anlie and said。
“Speak,What promise”Qu Anlie waved his hand,Very proud。
“Lingxi must never be wronged by you,Can’t be hurt!”
“Of course,He is my apprentice,I will naturally。。。”
“What i want is certain,If she suffers any harm or grievance,I will kill you when I go to the poor and fall to the Huangquan!”After speaking, the energy in the body burst out。
Qu Anlie frowned,The energy in this kid is so strong,OneDThe energy of Level 2 is approachingCEnergy,Really strange。
“Hahaha,Ok i promise you,I swear by my life,I will protect Lingxi as long as I live,So you can be satisfied?”Qu Anlie raised his arm and swore。
Fuming ignored Qu Anlie,Look towards Lingxi“Take care of yourself,If he bullies you, come find me,I’ll vent you!”Qu Anlie heard this from the side,Keep rolling his eyes,You oneDThe little guy on the second floor still vents me。。。
Ling Xi nodded。
“OK OK,I will have a chance to meet again in the future,Don’t make it like parting with life and death”Qu Anlie’s face is impatient,Immediately urge energy to float away with Lingxi,Lingxi’s face is full of dismay。

“spread!”The old man’s tongue spring thunder,Warning tribe。

But nowhere?The blood-clan supernatural powers approaching suddenly rushed,Some individuals with weaker cultivation base died on the spot,The breath surging from the undercurrent of the blood river is extremely terrifying,Suddenly the wind blows,Cracks in the earth,The extremely hard black rock also collapsed in several places。
The blood cloud in Li Tianzhi’s hand suddenly expanded more than doubled,Suddenly exploded again,A complete arm of his was bombed without any strands,Immediately afterwards, the body was blasted out directly,The blood cloud swirling in place seems to finally be exasperated,There is still a hint of contempt in the screaming outburst。
The old man breathed a sigh of relief,Easily avoided the leaf knife’s second cut,Then, with a wave of his robe sleeves, he collected the peerless weapon that the god of war was famous for.,The green brilliance of the clinker suddenly disappeared,There is no trace,Old man surprised,It’s hard to believe,Under the shadow of the river of blood, something could escape his perception?But then he opened his mouth wide。
Because a pair of giant hands that did not know when to appear once again firmly held the crazily rotating blood cloud,And after this grip, it’s quiet,Don’t say blast,There are no signs of struggling。
But Li Tianzhen’s body is gone,The col is suddenly quiet,But the huge red shadow in the sky set off a terrifying storm,Because the source of these big hands is above the shadow of the river of blood,There is a majestic body that seems to be riding on the river of blood,With another pair of big hands, he raised the leaf knife, which had soared so many times, and cut it down to the river of blood.。
Every flash of brilliance will set off a bloody wave,The world has changed color,The blood river is furious,And the sacred blood array just exposed below seems to have suffered a major blow,Cracks appeared on the surface of Guang Ke Jian Ren’s geometry,A high priest who was jumping around and humming suddenly fell to the ground with his knees,Body turned into red blood,Quickly penetrates into the geometry。
Old man shocked,Hurriedly sacrificed the guardian of the house with the wrong hands,Is a black knife,Extremely wide blade,Very thick back,Matte,I don’t know what material it is made of,There is a devil’s head under the rough handle,The fracture of the blade is like broken glass stubble with teeth intertwined,Daunting,The old man slashed his big hand downward。
Blade passed,Space is distorted,The front along the front continuously emits a crisp cracking sound,The folding space under Li Tianzhi’s instant layout was easily penetrated,Then the big hands were cut off,Bang,The blood cloud is finally free,Crazy for a while,With a swish, he rushed to the huge body in the sky。
And after the black broken knife revolved with the remaining force,He rushed into the body in midair with a whistling sound,At the same time, the river of blood swelled up huge waves tens of feet high,Like the tentacles of a giant octopus,Then he smashed his head and covered his face。
Li Tianzhen’s huge body seems a bit dull after the virtual,The leaf knife in the hand splits and flies, the black broken knife that comes first,But it’s hard to avoid the blood cloud coming,Just swallow it raw with a mouth,Immediately afterwards, the front chest was hit by the tentacles transformed by the huge waves of blood,The breastplate suddenly cracked,The huge body crashed down,Fall from the air。
The old man looked cold,Body into the air,Take the flying knife,With the other hand in the air,Seems to have picked off another bunch of blood red,Then the breath of the whole person suddenly changed,It melted into the black broken knife like gasification。
The broken knife suddenly became several times larger,The surface of the black blade faintly emits a dark red light,As if sucked up blood,Suddenly turned the blade in the air,The sharp blade with its canine teeth flew straight down,Whistling。
on the ground,Li Tianzhen is lying on his back,Blood on my chest,The flames of the whole body have long been extinguished,There are also several cracks in the Seven Flames,Looks very embarrassed。
Blood River and the old man’s three combos just now are extremely powerful,Li Tianzhen’s mind was hit hard,A little slow,And there is an evil breath in the body running everywhere,Trying to destroy his organs and dantian,It should be the result of the blood cloud he swallowed just now,Besides,The function of the body is not too problematic。

then,The onlookers gathered to Zhang Song’s side,about20Many people staring at Zhang Song’s computer,Want to learn the operation of the great god。On the other hand, Lu Yi’s side can be said to be a good friend。

Training map,Is one of the smallest maps in the Gun of Glory,At first glance, one side is200The square of meters is divided into half obstacles and half shooting range,Players will randomly refresh on the diagonal,You can choose the shooting range duel or encounter in obstacles。All kinds of guns、ammunition、The equipment is neatly arranged on the ground at the spawn point,Like an arms dealer’s supermarket of choice,Players can take it at will according to their needs。This map,More significance is to familiarize players with basic operations and guns、Equipment attributes,Hone aiming accuracy,It also has the highest degree of freedom、A map with the most resources。
When Zhang Song is fully armed,portableAK-47When assault rifle,Said:
“Are you ready to see God?!I’m going to fuck。”
Looking back at Lu Yi,Still standing in front of the weapon arsenal,Hesitate to choose which gun and equipment to fight。
“Are you still squatting at home??Laozi’s map is turning around quickly……”Zhang Song searches along obstacles all the way,I’m about to rush into Lan Fang’s birthplace。
“All right,That’s it。”
at last,Lu Yi picked up a gun beside him,Very satisfied。
“Surprise!Kid!”Zhang Song jumped out of the obstacle junction,Prepare to give Lu Yi a cool appearance。
“Wow,A blood is produced!”The internet cafe boss shouted。
“The rookie was killed before he left the base?”Someone asked。
“Look!SongziWas killed,Jumped to someone elseAWPOn the muzzle,Really bad!”One person。
“what?what’s the situation,Haven’t reacted yet!”
“Misty,Must be blind,Come on, Brother Song,We haven’t seen you lose in internet cafes yet!”The onlookers said。
“AWP?Is this kid sick??I know I rushed closer,Dare to take a sniper rifle out to challenge,Using a sniper rifle in handover is a foolish act,He must be blind!”Zhang Song cheered himself up,“Nothing,More time,Next, let me see how I tortured you。”

“Next,This playground is running ten laps directly,I don’t set the time,You can run down,That’s it。”

Qin Feng said so,But so many people watch,Who dare not try his best?
Even if they don’t want to rush,But it’s impossible for Leader Chen to allow such a thing。
To know,These people are their faces。
If so many people can’t hold it all at once,That’s very useless。
Ten laps are four kilometers,This is not much。
But at the beginning,Everyone ran desperately,Because they all know that they are doing better this time,Qin Feng will pay more attention to them。
“Chen Leader,Are there any female soldiers on your side?”Qin Feng suddenly thought of something,Because he didn’t want Jiang Yan to encounter some trouble again,No one can protect。
“what?Not this one,Do you need it?If needed,I also have some comrades here, there are some retired female soldiers,They still have a headache,Such a baby soldier will be useless,But now it seems not。”
Leader Chen was also very happy to say,He is really happy,After all, many things can be seen。
Qin Feng also thought about it:“If possible,Then introduce me to a few。I also have some high incidence,You might have heard of it too?Those bastards have used what kind of means for profit。”
“understand。”To say something before,Leader Chen didn’t pay much attention to this side,But after knowing what Qin Feng thought,He also quickly arranged for someone to understand the situation。
This also knows that Qin Feng is being watched by some domestic and foreign forces。
Those guys are also because this is domestic,So there is no way to be unscrupulous,But even so,Those guys also started all the messy methods。
Those players are very proud,In the second round, none of them dropped the chain。
Originally Qin Feng needed more tests,But he thinks about it,The quality of these people is about the same,If more,That’s too much。
“Row,If these people have intentions later,,Then you can contact me directly,I will arrange someone to pick you up,There is advance
Talk to me,I have a good place to stay,Is this ok?”