Is it so accurate?。

God bless。
Zhou Ye went to the mouth of the mouth,I thought no one saw no concern.。
The cardiac medicine turned to see him wash hand regulations.,I have no eyes that I have laughed.,Also favor。
“it is good,Let’s go back!”
Two people maintain their hands in their chest,Firmly walk。
After two people change clothes,Preparing to go to the stage。
But when I walked at the door,Director looked at the Ying Ye,Suddenly:“Wait to wear a lead,May eat radiation,Are you afraid?”
Zhou Ye knows the risk of increasing room,But now,Be too critical,He has completely calved it.,He shook his head:“Not afraid。”
Make,Zhou Ye went such a young doctor entered the intervention room……
This hazard can imagine……
But now there is no suitable human hand,Ugh。
The two will slowly enter the intervention room.。
“director,Blood pressure has been maintained100/60Hg。”
Zhou Yewu stands closest to the location,See the blood pressure measured before the small screen。
It seems that it has just been sent in,Medical,Blood pressure is gradually stable。
The two came with a breath together.,I found that the other’s move and smiled。
The cardiac doctor said that two sentences were inexplicably“Can”,Only two people know。
Looking at the surgery knife,Zhou Ye I pressed my excited mood.,Serious and solemn。
The cardiac doctor has steady holds the guy in his hand.,Don’t say these pipes,Even if the sharp blade can’t break free in his hand,Where is the fall?。
“director”Equipment nurse hand over the gauze。
Etude,Cardiologists think this should be able to see the heart coronary stenosis or blockage。
It has led to such a serious heartborne shock,Still not the coronary blood supply??
Cardiologists are unbelievable look at the picture,I turned to look at the Zhou Ye just talking.,Also seen in his eyes。
Zhou Ye wants to。
This situation,Even if there is a slight clogging, it is impossible to cause such serious conditions.。
The cardiac medicine has highly examined some,Pointing some coronary artery:“These arteries are very good,No obvious blockage。”
“You look,Only this slight narrow narrow narrow。”
Several doctors have seen the coronary artery pointers pointers,you see me,I see you have some faces.2
“Lu Zhiwei is now not wonderful.,Since I have already got my heart,Enlace,I will never allow it to go out.。”
Xu Dao suddenly took a table,Some seriously。
A few years of young doctors who are scared in the scene are almost tinnitus.。
Especially the middle-aged, the middle-aged, a middle-aged,Almost directly。
This atmosphere has become serious.。
“Agency,Old Xu。”Zhang Hua Teng’s cup of the cup,Fear, etc. Xu Dao is also a table,Waiting for his little heart can’t stand。

Ouyang Hong frowned,Said a little wronged:“I don’t know what i did wrong?On the issue of Liuling Village,I don’t want to say more,Thousands of people,Is it because of Liu Gui’s sentence of “dragon veins”,We are going to stop the road,Isn’t the water drawn??”

“You did it right,And also very strategic,Unite the heads of several villages to put pressure on Liu Gui,And Xia Jian from this venture group,I heard that I even beat people,Who gives you the rights”Wang Youdao asked angrily。
Ouyang Hong didn’t mean to be afraid of him,But with a cold snort:“mayor!Speak with facts,It was Liu Gui who brought the villagers to make trouble,Not only prevent construction,And also surrounded the village committee of Zhangbao Village,Did Xia Jian make a mistake??”
“All right!I don’t want to entangle you in this matter,I just say a word to you now,Please for your future,And my future,Bypassing Liu Gui’s ancestral grave when building roads,Go as far as you can go,You and I can’t afford this person”Wang Youdao took a turn,Speak softly。
Ouyang Hong shook her head and said:“late,Fought overnight last night,The entire mountain road runs through,Start hardening today,Strive for completion within a week”
“what?Then you mean to flatten the ancestral grave of Liu Gui’s family”Wang Youdao,Stood up excitedly。
Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“Flat is not,It’s just a distance of ten meters away from their grave,This is the limit,Save more,This road can only be repaired into the ditch”
“Good good!You Ouyang Hong are great,Not so powerful,He actually came to me, slaughtered first and played later。You tell me,Is this Xia Jian’s bad idea again?”Wang Youdao beat the table with his fingers in a very corrupt manner,Look terrifying。It seems that Ouyang Hong caused him a big trouble。
Guo Meili stood up and said:“Mayor Wang,The road construction map was drawn by technicians of Ping Metropolitan Transportation Bureau,It was originally intended to level Liu Gui’s ancestral grave,Only then can the roads be built up to the standard。we Mr. Xia considered the special characteristics of this family,So I bypassed the road for ten meters,This is already a violation,The curvature is too large,To cause safety hazards to future driving”
“Your project,We didn’t agree with the development,Now it looks like this,You asked me to explain to the leader?”Wang Youdao was talking,Moved out of his leader。
Guo Meili smiled and said:“Mayor Wang,Our venture group invests in Pingdu,Your government must first support,If you have difficulty,You can’t do it,Well!We can divest them all,Even at a loss,We don’t invest in your city anymore,This is the order of the chairman”
Wang Youdao didn’t expect Guo Meili to say that,But he reacted quickly,Immediately said with a smile:“Manager Guo,This is not a joke”
“ What a joke?Counties and cities around Pingdu,Have invited us multiple times,The conditions given by others,Much more than here,Do you know why we still invest money here?Just because Xia is always an urbanite”Guo Meili said with a smile。
Wang Youdao didn’t speak any more,But sat back。If Guo Meili really doesn’t dare to take it lightly。Fifty percent of Pingdu’s investment is invested by venture groups,If they really went to other counties,What to do in this flat city?
Wang Youdao, who was thinking twice, suddenly smiled at Guo Meili:“Your venture capital investment,Our government will strongly support。As for some local things,Is our management,Don’t get involved”
“Mayor Wang!Liu Gui’s nature in Liuling Village is relatively bad,Although he is an old man,But he also knows how to gather crowds to make trouble,Yesterday, if not for our workers’ restraint,I don’t know what the two sides will be like,Mayor Wang doesn’t know this, right?!”Guo Meili is still very calm,She whispered to Wang Youdao。
Wang Youdao glanced at Ouyang Hong,Asked in a low voice:“Is this true?”
“So many people see,This thing can be fake。Once yesterday’s incident happened,You can go to CCTV news,Our Pingyang Town is going to be famous”Ouyang Hong said with a smile。

Heating in the house,Very comfortable。Xia Jian sat for a while,Fell asleep unconsciously。I slept too well。When he opens his eyes,Outside the window is the beginning of the Hua Deng。

And on him,Also covered a thick blanket。Xiao Xiao sitting at the coffee table,What are you looking at on the laptop。She looks serious,A bit attentive。
Xia Jian sat up slowly,Even cautiously,But still shocked Xiao Xiao。Xiao Xiao stopped,She turned around slightly and glanced at Xia Jian,Asked softly:“you’re awake?”
“Damn!Isn’t it a good talk??Why don’t you wake me up?”Xia Jian looked embarrassed,He never thought he would fall asleep。
Xiao Xiao smiled and said:“See you sleeping too soundly,I can’t bear to disturb you,So there is no answer”Xiao Xiao stood up as he spoke,She went to make Xia Jian a cup of tea。
Xia Jian glanced at Xiao Xiao,Suddenly asked with a smile:“Am i getting old?This noon drink,How can you make me fall asleep in the afternoon?”
Xiao Xiao didn’t hold it back,Trembling with laughter,After she waited for the laughter to stop,Xia Jian gave a blank look and said:“You’re old when you are,The really old man,What should I say?Thirties,It’s a great time to fight for life,Don’t say you are old,Otherwise you will be laughed at by others”
Xia Jian smiled,No more words。He picked up the tea Xiao Xiao made for him, took a sip and asked:“What are you going to tell me?”
“Oh!Have you not contacted Wang Lin recently??”Xiao Xiao’s beautiful big eyes raised,Asked very tenderly。
Xia Jian:“Oh!”Said:“Don’t you say,I have been in contact with her for a long time。What did you just ask her last time?,But we didn’t talk much。What’s the matter?”
“Oh!I knew it,Otherwise, you don’t know about such a big thing”Xiao Xiao smiled and said。
Xia Jian frowned,I feel there is something in Xiao Xiao’s words,He will inevitably be a little worried。So I asked quickly:“What happened”You hurry up!”
“Such,Wang Lin’s company listed in the US,A few of my friends know。And now Wang Lin holds great power,Is the company’s legal person and chairman”Xiao Xiao said excitedly。
It’s a good thing that Wang Lin’s company is listed in the U.S.,But Xiao Xiao was so excited and Xia Jian still didn’t quite understand。He knows that Wang Lin and Lao Xiao have a very good relationship,But the relationship between Wang Lin and Xiao Xiao is not so good,So Xiao Xiao has such a performance,Xia Jian was still quite surprised。
Xiao Xiao glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Listen to friends,Wang Lin’s company in the United States has developed rapidly over the years,The company has strong financial strength,Very likely to come to our side to invest”
For this reason,Xia Jian finally understood。Xiao Xiao meant nothing more than to let Wang Lin’s company invest in the venture group!
I, Xia Jian, owe you old Xiao family,But Wang Lin left your old Xiao family long ago,Do you have to let people serve your old Xiao family for a lifetime?。

Masculine shot,The law of gold broke out,With the help of slap,Power explosion,Under the edge and murderous intent, head-to-head and never give up。

This life and death,Transform each other,Strength is increasing in transformation。
First shot second shot,Li Ming’s strength is still weak,Just barely resist,The avatar of the Demon Killer Clan in Li Ming released a large amount of Locke Divine Water and Universe Crystal,Repair the body。
Third shot fourth shot,The weak is limited,Li Ming’s body didn’t hurt。
Fifth shot and sixth shot,Cycle of Life and Death,Numerous threads of laws and secret patterns emerged in the void,Combine with each other,Make this shot method no weaker than the attack of the nine kings。
Seventh shot,Contains life and death,The power of marksmanship has soared to a terrifying point。
It was the Nine Kings who were repelled this time。
In fact,The power of the seventh shot erupts,A trace of destructive edge penetrates into the body,Even caused a slight damage to his divine body。
“What is your secret?”Nine Kings with dignified eyes。
Two secrets of the Devil King【Autumn wind】with【Escape】,Although he doesn’t know the name,But too many casts,The Yaozu’s intelligence system has long been recorded。
But this trick,Never seen him perform before。
“Secret method【Ku Rong Chunqiu】”Li Ming just said a name,Marksmanship broke out suddenly。

“nearby,There are still no demons infested。”Zhu Minglang said。

This indicates,This valley is still the scope of the sanglong activity,Makes most demon spirits、The demons retreat。
It’s better to wait here for dawn now。
Its daybreak,The stealth ability of those lost dragons will be greatly reduced,They can respond to whatever happens。
Night is long,Sake in the mountains,It’s obviously colder here than in Runyu City。
Finally got to the dawn,Zhu Minglang discovered that water sources are indeed a huge problem,Fang Niannian drank all the water he rescued,Then they have no water to drink……
Sword Spirit Dragon does not drink water,But Bingchen Bailong、Shenmu Qingshenglong、Lei Cang tyrannosaurus must drink water,Including Nan Yu Suo’s Chilong and Fire Qilinlong。
Have to find clean water,Otherwise their strength will be greatly damaged。
“You rest first,I’m looking for unpolluted water。”I wish Minglang took a nap,So he acted immediately。
“Son,me and you together。”Li Xinghua said。
“Nothing,You sleep a little longer。”Zhu Minglang shook his head。
“Can you know where there is water,Let sister guide you。”Nan Yusuo is aside,Said angrily。

“This is really hard to say。”Regarding this matter,Instructors can’t fool,“Think about it,Over half a month,How many things happened around you?One by one,Are working overtime,You know the variables,In a hurry。But don’t worry about Xiao Song,Have‘Pigeon’Stare,The battle in the blockade is also over,Xu Wen、‘Mane rat’When they pull down, they will devote themselves to it,Believe everyone。”

Li Tianzhen nodded,Can’t say anything,In fact, the instructor still played a trick,Put‘Ranger’Brothers moved out to threaten him,No trace of the emotional card,Chemotaxis,But it’s not bragging,No‘Mane rat’Watching the opponent so hard all the way,It’s hard for his family to be rescued so quickly,Li Tianzhen naturally knows this,‘Pigeon’He has never been in contact with him,But can enter‘Ranger’Not easy,Brothers once worked together,No reason to find Xiao Song,I don’t need to be jerky anymore。
“Are those two guys alive??”Li Tianzhen is very impressed with the two hunts,One of the snipers is very powerful,He is worried about brothers,Why only mention Xu Wenhe‘Mane rat’,There are others?
Instructor smile,Don’t mention stay alive,Geng Hui sacrifice,Quan Xingguo shot twice in the body,Came to the rescue this morning,The two fierce hunters were naturally beaten into sieves,It is too difficult to catch them alive,The king is terribly uncomfortable now,I haven’t been in the headquarters from last night till now,Geng Hui is his soldier,Brought out with one hand,Deep affection。
Chapter six hundred and thirty eight Mummy
The instructor left in the evening,DroveSZcity,Then take the night flight non-stop to Shanghai,Bai Xiaojun can’t figure it out。
Two days down,The interrogation of Jang Sejong has not yielded anything,And there were strange and terrifying incidents,Last night,A brother in the evidence room died unexpectedly,And death is terrible,The whole blood was drawn clean,Became a corpse,It’s like encountering a vampire in a supernatural legend。
Bai Xiaojun and others borrowed the place in Guoan, Shanghai, to temporarily detain Zhang Shizong,Escort the person back to the imperial capital directly after the formalities are completed,Although only temporary,But has a special past、Particularly serious suspect,The defense measures are quite complete,A separate three-story building,There are three outposts around just the guards,Surrounded by iron buckets,That’s not enough,The head of the city Guoan personally coordinated,A squadron of armed police soldiers transferred by the Public Security Bureau is on duty at the periphery,Basically airtight。
The detention room and interrogation room are located on the first floor,Full closed-circuit monitoring,Zhang Shizong was very calm,It’s been like this since the moment he was caught,Daily life is also normal,Eat and sleep on time,No noise or noisy,When not being tried,Just stay in the cell and sit in a daze,I’ll hum two pop songs when I’m in a good mood,I’m impatient and fall asleep。
But often the more such a performance, the more difficult it is to deal with,This is also the situation that instructors are most afraid of,Lao Bai is already very cautious if he didn’t jump into a rage。Li Tianzhi and Zhang Zhiqiang are fundamentally different,The former’s strength has grown by leaps and bounds,Can hardly see through,But the quality ethics instructor has a scale in his heart,Not a role model,But the waist is straight,Right person,Zhang Zhiqiang hides nothing,But being a person is completely the opposite of the whole society,As if everyone was born to owe him,Ask for it unscrupulously,play hard,A big scourge of standards。
These two people are constantly entangled in reality,And in the unpredictable, there is actually a certain connection,Both Zhang Zhiqiang and Li Tianzhi were field workers performing missions overseas 20 years ago,Zhang Zhiqiang should be able to verify his body,But this Li Tianzhu is not the other Li Tianzhu,It’s incredible how you think,Too coincidence,Coincidentally, people think of the reincarnation of Buddhism,Will there be retribution??The instructor doesn’t believe in supernatural things,But this is a very headache。
Anyway,The instructors have completely different attitudes towards the two,To Li Tianzhu,Can be guaranteed,Even spare no effort,Treating Zhang Zhiqiang is to kill him and never let him breathe,Same effort。of course,This bastard is dead,Dying worthy,‘7.15’case,Zhang family secrets,There are still twenty years of old cases,He always has to contribute something,These are the thoughts of the instructor,It is impossible to resort to words and deeds,Let’s be a goal。
Let me talk about the evidence room where the accident happened,The location is the easternmost room on the second floor,Closed-circuit monitoring,But the strange thing is,At the time of the incident,The victim stood up suddenly,Seems to have heard some kind of noise,Or see something,Then the picture captured by the monitoring probe is a ball of snowflakes,This process probably lasted less than three minutes。
The murdered brother fell to the ground when he appeared in the picture again,The companion found out that it was already twenty minutes later,When they rushed into the evidence room,The brother in front of you is in a strange lying position,Not lying,But face up to the sky,But the torso is quite tall,Kneeling,With head support,Like salted fish that has been squeezed out,The whole body is arched,Unspeakable strangeness and horror。
Because the whole body’s blood was quickly drained,The victim’s head appeared large,Eyeballs are protruding,Like a glass ball hanging on the eye socket,No trace of trauma can be found on the body,The results of the preliminary investigation of the body were astonishing,The water and blood in the victim’s body was adjusted 90%,In just three minutes,How can this be?
The small building is surrounded by bright guards、The secret whistle watched strictly,A few hours before the incident,In addition to case handlers,No one else comes in or out,Armed police with live ammunition,I didn’t find any suspicious people。

Venerable Palmprint’s eyes are like electricity,Stared at Li Tianzhen’s eyes for a long time,Can’t help but be surprised,The other’s eyes are chaotic,He couldn’t see through with his true eyesight,There is mist in the chaos,Seems endless,Countless array runes flow in the white of the eyes,Dazzled him again,The whole eye implies the law of the great road、Thunder Might。

He suddenly laughed,“So good,More wars and more courage,Worthy of the god of war,You and I can let go。”
Talking,Venerable Palm Print actually showed his weapon,The first few times I kicked Li Tianzhi,Didn’t treat him as a real opponent,This time there is obviously a fundamental change in attitude,These are two short three-pointed two-edged knives,I was treated like a punk sword,Hold one in one hand,Cold light,Fighting spirit。
Li Tianzhi’s eyes have changed drastically,The eyes of insight have completely merged with the eyes of the avatar in the mind,Can see through the Nine Heavens Profound Realm,Undermine the Netherworld Palace,Able to see through most of the inner things,Because it has touched the power of rules,Able to analyze everything in the microcosm with the law of balance and order。
Those two three-pointed two-edged knives are Huanglong’s two dragon horns,Venerable Palmprint doesn’t know how many years it has been polished,After countless battles,Invincible,Sharp exception,It is a pair of treasures comparable to top-grade artifacts。Longjiao contains the power of the great road,It is the comprehension of the rules of the bottom when the master of palmprint enters the path and becomes a god,This is the guardian,It’s much stronger than that of Venerable Huo Xing just by touching the rules。
But in Li Tianzhu’s view,From the perspective of combat power alone,Venerable Huo Xing in the same realm may be more fierce,Because he has touched two rules,Fracture and destruction,Just limited,Very few things,Far from being solid。
And the combat skills possessed by the gods of the Huoyan Temple、Divine powers are all related to the fortune of the Tiangong itself,All glory,Lose everything,This also stems from the disposition of Yuwen, the owner of the Fire Palace,Too rigid and rigid,Invisibly stifled the talent and nature of these followers,Can’t form a situation where a hundred flowers bloom,So the decline and decline of the Huoyan Temple is not surprising。
Actually,Huoyan Temple has long ceased to exist,At least in the God Realm has been completely destroyed,Only this little projected world remains in Li Tianzhu’s divine possession,Also rely on‘Lord of Seven Flames’Divine refuge,I don’t know what technique the goddess Luoying used to combine the two together,Really painstakingly。
Huoyan Temple has been destroyed,Then the guardianship of Venerable Palmprint becomes empty talk,His Dao Heart was hit hard,Supernatural powers are greatly restricted,Compared to the heyday,The level that can be played is only one or two。
This is the terrifying place after the fusion of the Eye of Insight,I glanced at it casually and saw through the whole picture of the opponent,This shocked Li Tianzhen,Balance and order may be lower-level rules,The level alone can crush the magical powers of the two masters。
“So be careful!”Li Tianzhen smiled slightly,Only the remaining arm raised the dark golden short knife high,Such a condescending attitude naturally aroused a rebuke from the gods,It also makes it difficult for the palm prints to control the pride of fighting opponents,I saw him shaking his arms,Two cold lights crossed towards the opponent,The body has disappeared in place。
at the same time,In full view,Li Tianzhi also lost sight,The gods with superb vision can only see two completely transparent phantoms overlapping and suddenly separated in mid-air.,Then there was a dull boom,The whole space began to be turbulent。
The first thing to fall surprised the gods watching the game,That is a golden arm,There is a full cut at the base of the forearm,The cut is as smooth as a mirror,And there is no half drop of blood oozing out,Holding a three-pointed two-edged knife,It quickly transformed into a huge dragon horn,And that hand also transformed into a bigger dragon claw。
Exclaim in the gods,Suddenly there was a long scream in the air,Immediately after the dragon chant,A huge yellow dragon about a hundred feet long appeared,A dragon horn is missing on his forehead,The front right paw was also cut off by Qi Gen,Although embarrassed,But hold your head up,Glared,Thunder and lightning all around,Strong wind。
The gods took a breath,Just a blink of an eye,Venerable Palm Print was beaten out of his original form,Not that,He didn’t even save his arms and dragon horns,The combat power of this mortal boy has soared by leaps and bounds,Seems to be related‘Seven Flame Armor’The rumors are true,It’s just how this mortal boy’s body can withstand the terrifying oppression of this god armor?
But this question is no longer important,No matter if this kid is mortal,Still used‘Lord of Seven Flames’,This level seems to be over,Everyone is surprised again,Excited again,There are some minor concerns,Excited,Everyone may get out of trouble because of this mortal,The worry is that Venerable Palmprint seems to be beaten up,The gnashing guy is going to swallow this silly boy alive。
And on the opposite side of the dragon,Li Tianzhen stood quietly with a knife in one arm,Calm,It seems that the dangerous battle just now didn’t cost much effort,I don’t even know that his opponent has lost his face because of,Has reached the edge of madness。
“Lord,Time is almost up。”There is a god who has the courage to remind,But the sound is small like a mosquito hum。

“This……”Jiang Bifai“You want to cancel our suspicion that it is too much to”Expression。

Zhao Xiangling is also a panic,I feel that Iron is not very different.,Just look at the Chu Deng Road:“Chu Lee,You always believe in me.?”
The Chu Deiren disappeared him.,This is no wonder that you will be in your own“Site”,It is also compressed by Hefei to this look.。
“Transferring flower palace is also a shade of the gas,How to see Chu Lee?”
“No,Will return to the old seniors clear white?”
“Where do you say that the Chu League is standing??”
Many good things,At this time, the small sound、Even seemingly compliment,In fact, I want to see the lively of Chu Deirers.,“force”His station team!
at this time,A Chu Deireman looked at the eyes、Spirit Glitter’s old man,Stand out:“Ah,Said that there are so many,I can’t see the group of jade.!Since they stopped Fi Fife,I want to be a dark purpose!”
Zhuo is extraordinary to applaud for your own IQ——Heroic、Implore!
Such a big doubt,You can’t see it.?
Chu Deirers look at his sword,I also thought about it at this time.,It is insulting“Sword god”Excellent extraordinary……
“I am a hideka,They also know that I and Iron old relationships,So let me do it.。”Chu Deirers took the initiative to open,Take everyone’s attention,Solve the roots of the Yizhenyuan exposed。
Zhuo’s extraordinary, but not still:“If it is a general brothel,I am afraid that I don’t dare to‘Familiar’Well, such a big dry system?Currently related to the reputation of the floral palace and iron,If you can’t come out after the people behind the jade,Be afraid……Ah。”
Chu Deirers sweep,But I found out that I was very angry.。
Original Chu Deiren even suspected,He also was also protected、Or Jiang Bifai Crane Buy,But think carefully,The Renong Villa is also、Jiang Bifai Crane is also,I should not want to completely and my sister now.,More than half this person is……Be seen!
After all, the Chu Deirers from him.,Asked the secret of the Essence and Dragon Sword。
Today, the Dragon Sauce is the things that the agglomeration is.,Everyone in the rivers and lakes,And the Eti Tianshi has also lost,At the same time, Emei School’s Week,It’s very close to Chu too old.……
Therefore, it is extraordinary and even doubting,Is it that heaven is also in his hand?,He has already taken out the secret and art!
How can this unable to hate??I only felt that the Chu Deiren took his opportunity.,So。
How to deal with Chu Deee,Just listen“Da da da”……A little fine、It is very attractive,Directly can’t help but want to listen to the footsteps of the side ear。
Go to the sound,Women who only see a full body red label,Perserate the ankle,Walking with a profit、“Da da”Come。
Chu Deirers visited,Pine tone、It’s another.,Wink in the heart, the jade is clean and clean.,I want to reflect another figure,Unfortunately, there is no discovery……
good,The people are unbeaten!
Have a breakthrough,If Chu Dee is closed,Ming Yucai“Look”Not a person,I can only feel a share“charm”near。
Inviting the month, no trace at this time,But in Chu Deirers,Even the oriental is unbeaten,That closure、It is very likely that it is also a moon that will be left together.?
However, Ming Yudai has no discovery.……wrong!
Chu Deman suddenly found,There is a region outside,It should be a place in the pond,Now we are completely stagnated,Wind does not blow、Grass,Even the pond is not ripple,This is obviously not a natural phenomenon。
Just the Chu Deirers are not clear,I really don’t understand,still is……This piece of gas,Have completely complete“quiet”Down,Let you don’t feel any“verb: move”Information。
Chu Deman:……
The East is coming.,When you pass over the rivers and lakes around you,The people who have been in onlookers are instinctive。
I saw that the east came to the inner circle.,Asked the extraordinary as a first thing:“What is the old gentleman wants to say to me??”
“what?Old man……”Zhuo ignorant,Then react it:“girl……It is the boss behind the jade.?”
Group of Jade Academy is spread all over the world,Naturally, everyone has heard of,There are many legends on Qunfuyuan.,Even many people guess,Group Jade Academy is the ruling mountain。
But just see Duan Tianya,From Qunfuyuan“Robbery”Fei Fei,This is not。

The two are going to compete here。

Learn from,Not a fight for life。
After all, they are both members of the Immortal Palace of the Dao League,Not necessary yet。
even,Both of them have decided on just three moves。
Three strokes。It’s enough to figure out most of the strength of a practitioner。
“Emperor,please!”Li Ming arches his hands,But a white jade fairy sword cuts through the void,Form a protective body。
“Be careful!Although only three tricks,But I will do my best!”Emperor Jinyu laughed,Strong golden light in his hands,A pair of golden and stone giant hammers appeared in the palm,Under one hammer!
First4chapter The strength of the Lord of the Holy City
One hammer drop!
Even in the main hall of the fairy palace,The space opened up alone can’t avoid some ripples。
“This is the power of the Lord of the Holy City,Sure enough!”
Li Ming was a little surprised,Without the slightest fear。
Among the white jade fairy sword,Unity of mind and mana,Power soars instantly。
The protective field formed by the white jade fairy sword,Form a huge and incomparable array,One pole is pure light,And the other pole is the ultimate darkness。
Liangyi Bodyguard,Void Unloading Force,Extremely tough。

Xia Jianyi thinks,Nodded,Acquiesced to Guo Meili’s request。Guo Meili greeted Zhao Hong and others,I walked quickly towards the taxi at the entrance of the village。

Because I went to the mountain yesterday,So Xi Zhen drove faster today,About ten thirty,The car has stopped in Shuijing Village。
Just got out of the car,Village Chief Chen greeted him。He laughed:“Mayor Ouyang,You are coming,The villagers are waiting“Xia Jianyi heard Mr. Chen say this,Can’t help but feel happy,It seems that this is half done。
In the yard of Mr. Chen’s house,A large group of people who have sat down,There are more than a hundred。Ouyang Hong couldn’t help but frowned and asked:“Chief Chen!There are only 105 households in Shuijing Village, right??Why are so many people here at once“
“Hi!I was troubled with this,I didn’t expect the villagers to hear that someone rented the land,That’s exciting。Some husbands can’t be home,My wife followed,Some even their sons are here,So it seems a bit too crowded“Mr. Chen said,Let Ouyang Hong and Xia Jian into the house。
Several older elders are already sitting in the house,They all seem to be around 70。Xia Jian understood at a glance,These talents are the ones who speak in Shuijing Village。
Xia Jian who understands rural routines,And greeted these old people one by one。Village Chief Chen was busy introducing Xia Jian and Ouyang Hong to these old people。
An old man with gray hair coughed twice and said:“I want to ask this boss,What if you lied to us?Such as not giving money“Rural people are simple,The questions asked are also very real。
“Ha ha!This old grandpa’s worry is a bit redundant,We are renting your land,Even if it’s buying your land,The land is not in your Shuijing Village,We can’t move。For example, we did not fulfill our promise,You can take it back,You can also go to the court to sue,Let me bear the liquidated damages“Xia Jian patiently explained to these old people。
Who are in the yard at this time,All rushed to the door,Many people have climbed onto the window,Everyone wants to hear。
“it is good!well said,In our Shuijing Village,As long as you don’t follow the rules,We can take back the land immediately。last question,How to pay the rent?Will not be the first land,Pay us rent again!We don’t do such a thing”The old man said again。
Xia Jian laughed,Raised his voice and said:“Logically,We paid the rent for twenty years。But this is not very good for you,Because we still want to divert water to the village first,Rebuild the road。So the rent is paid in installments,A contract,Pay for the first year,And so on,Pay the next year’s rent first every year,So you will have money every year”
“I personally think this method is good,If all the money is given to us,Some people are not easy to control,Maybe we will use up the rent for these 20 years in a year,Moreover,People have the conditions first,The installment payment is to divert water and build roads in our village“At this time, Village Chief Chen intervened and said。
Several old people bowed their heads and talked for a while,Then which old man,He shouted out the door loudly:“You should all have heard。If there is no opinion,That’s what we have to do in front of us?“
Silent outside the door,It seems that everyone has no opinion。The white-haired old man laughed and said:“Popular desire,It seems this can be done,The last is the most important question,How to talk about this rent?“
“This one is also simple,We have hired professionals to calculate。One, two and three,I think you know,We will refer to the standards of your village when the land was divided,Set the standard for each house first,Then measure,Count as much。This by our staff,And the representative you chose,And the villagers signed together to determine how?“Xia Jian said loudly。
The white-haired old man touched his hair and smiled:“Good good!This is very fair and reasonable,Please talk about rent“