Foton Motor (600166) Incident Review: Replacement Business Repeats Waiting for Profit Release

Foton Motor (600166) Incident Review: Replacement Business Repeats Waiting for Profit Release
Event: Shenzhou UCAR announced that it intends to transfer 67% equity of Beijing Baowo Automobile Co., Ltd. held by Changsheng Industrial (Xiamen) Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. at a transfer price of $ 4.1 billion.After the transaction is completed, the company will obtain a controlling stake in Bao Wo Motors. Key investment points: Shorten at least the extended passenger car business. The company started cutting new business passenger cars, Baowo Motors, in 2016. Since then, it has caused continuous replacement in 2017-2018, resulting in the deterioration of the market image and continued to break.The forecast of Baowo in 2018 is expected to exceed 2 billion, which obviously drags down the performance of listed companies.In January 2019, the company took 39.7.3 billion pounds completed the 67% equity transfer of Baowo Automobile, which is now ultimately undertaken by China UCAR. The divestiture of the replacement business will bring the combined company into the field in 2019 with a clear turning point in performance. In the context of the commercial vehicle industry boom cycle, waiting for the release of the company’s profitability. After undergoing industrial adjustments from 2011 to 2015, under the background of stable consumer demand and emission upgrades in the future, the commercial vehicle industry will exhibit the characteristics of weak cycle fluctuations and the industry pattern.Stability will release strong profitability.Therefore, the contradiction in the industry is not whether the scale is sufficient to increase the speed, but whether the profitability can be maintained.Foton Motor is the country’s largest commercial vehicle company. In 2018, it sold 550,000 vehicles, including 490,000 commercial vehicles, with the largest market share in the country. Commercial vehicle products include light trucks, medium and heavy trucks, passenger cars, and engines.The long-term profitability of heavy truck Foton Daimler is benchmarked against Sinotruk, and the long-term profitability of engine Foton Cummins is benchmarked against Weichai Power. Share repurchase + Dong Jian Gao’s increase in shareholding + equity incentive + employee shareholding demonstrates confidence The company recently announced that it will repurchase shares by means of centralized bidding transactions. The planned repurchase amount is 2.5 ppm-5 ppm, the proposed repurchase price does not exceed RMB 2.55 yuan / share (equivalent to 1 PB).70% of the total repurchased shares will be used to supplement and reduce registered capital, 20% will be used for equity incentive plans, and 10% will be used for employee stock ownership plans.As of March 13, 2019, Dong Jiangao and some employees have increased their holdings of 8,007,000 shares in the company’s shares through the centralized bidding method, accounting for 0 of the company’s total share capital.1200%.The interests of leaders and core employees are further tied to the company, and long-term operational efficiency improvement can be expected. Profit forecast and investment grade: The company’s 南京夜网 net profit attributable to its parent in 2018/2019/2020 is -32 respectively.6/1.6/6.5 ppm, corresponding to the current expected PE is in excess of / 100/24 times, the operating inflection point, long-term operating efficiency can be significantly improved can be expected, the first coverage given a “buy” rating. Risk reminder: the risk that the macroeconomic growth rate is lower than expected; the risk that the commercial vehicle market will reverse; the company’s profitability and the benchmarking company are not completely comparable, and relevant information is used as a substitute for reference.

Kailaiying (002821) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Leading Technology Scale Leads Steady and Rapid Growth of Main Business

Kailaiying (002821) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Leading Technology Scale Leads Steady and Rapid Growth of Main Business

Introduction to this report: Performance is in line with expectations.

The reported company’s order execution was good, with technical and capacity advantages, and its main business recorded rapid growth.

Maintain overweight rating.

Investment Highlights: Maintain “Overweight” rating.

The company released the 2019 first quarter report and achieved operating income4.

76 billion yuan, net profit attributable to mother 0.

9.2 billion, deducting non-net profit of 0.

8 billion, an increase of 31 in ten years.

03%, 45.

00% and 51.

87厦门夜网%, performance was in line with expectations.

At the same time, it is announced that the net profit for the first half of 2019 is expected to exceed the increase by more than 50%, and the net profit attributable to the mother will increase by 35% -55%.

We maintain our EPS forecast for 2019-2021.



21 yuan, maintaining a target price of 115.

68 yuan, corresponding to 2019 PE48X, maintaining the “overweight” level.

During the commercialization phase, the business maintained rapid growth.

It is expected that the business growth of the company in the commercialization stage will slightly exceed the growth rate in the clinical stage and technology development services business.

The number of orders in hand is expected to maintain a certain growth.

It is expected that due to the impact of rising raw material 佛山桑拿网 prices to some extent, the gross profit margin for sales will be slightly reduced to 44.

24%, but the scale effect pushed the net profit margin of sales to 19.


The company’s advance payment increased by 42.

52%, which is mainly used for prepayment of materials required for commercialization projects.

Funds received in advance increased by 81.

37% was due to an increase in advances from customers, and the business climate was relatively high.

As a result of accelerating talent appointments and new business deployments, management expenses have increased rapidly54.


The impact of exchange rate changes on financial expenses has been significantly reduced by 34.23 million in advance.

Leading technology scale advantage, continuous business development.

The company’s advanced global leading core technology has steadily improved its ability to obtain orders, and the project reserve structure in the clinical and commercial phases has been further optimized.

Consolidate the small-molecule business, and further develop large-molecule businesses such as polycarbonate, polyester, and oligonucleotides, and continue to accelerate the development and deployment of new businesses such as clinical CRO.

Catalysts: The progress of orders exceeded expectations and the rapid development of large molecule business.

risk warning.

The industry’s R & D investment was less than expected, and the commercial order market sales were less than expected.

Ten billion private placements lead in July results with monthly revenue of products reaching 174%

Ten billion private placements lead in July results with monthly revenue of products reaching 174%

Source: Daily Economic News. Every reporter Yang Jian and editor Wu Yongjiu. In July, the A-share market has clearly differentiated from the previous market. The performance of small and medium-sized enterprises is acceptable, and the broader market has suffered.

  Obviously, the market performance of private equity institutions in July showed a marked differentiation, of which 10 billion private equity institutions ranked three.

The average return of 55% is highly leading, and the total monthly return of 146 stock strategy products exceeds 10%, and only 35 stock strategy private equity products have a return of more than 20%.

  It is obvious that among the stock strategy products, there is one explosive product, and the monthly income in July actually reached 174.


  A major lead in tens of billions of private placements From the perspective of the main indexes in July, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index fell by 1.

56%, Shenzhen index, GEM index, small and medium-sized board index increased to varying degrees, but the overall increase was significantly narrower than in June.

  It is obvious that the wealth management data on the grid shows that the average return of the private equity industry in July was 0.


In comparison, the prospective private equity average earnings performance is not optimistic, and the monthly profit of the programmatic futures strategy increased by zero.

42%, the monthly return of the subjective outlook strategy increased by 0.


  From the perspective of stock-based private equity performance, the overall profit in July was small: from the perspective of scale, private equity above 10 billion scale performed best, achieving an average return of 3.

55%, far ahead of the industry average.

The average return of the private equity industry this year is 16.

38%, the average return of stock-based private equity is 19.

30%, the only strategy that exceeds the industry average.

As of the end of July, the top 10 strategies have shown positive returns since this year, but the average returns in recent months are 3?
There was a potential fall in April, and the earning effect was mainly concentrated in the early stages.

  The financial management data on the grid show that the average return of 1 billion to 2 billion managed private equity in July was 0.

94%, the average return since this year is 24.

twenty two%.

For private placements with a management scale of between $ 2 billion and $ 5 billion, the average return in July was zero.

8%, with an average return of 23 this year.


It is obvious that the private equity of 10 billion yuan in management scale won the top spot in July with an average return of 3.

55%, with an average return of 18 this year.


Overall, the average return of equity strategy private equity funds in July was zero.

42%, with an average return of 19 this year.


  Consumer electronics stocks responded in advance to private placement ranking network data showing that in July there were 6,379 stock strategy products with the latest net worth display, of which 2630 stock strategy products had positive returns, 431 had monthly returns above 5%, and 146 had returnsThere are only 35 private equity products with a monthly income of more than 20% above 10%.

A total of 636 monthly exceeding 5% or more, while 135 stock strategy products have a monthly change of more than 10%, and 23 products have a monthly change of more than 20%.

  It is obvious that the revenue of Binnuo Qihang 2 on which Binnuo Assets belongs is as high as 174 in July.

91%, the product was established on January 22, 2018, and the revenue since this year has reached 11166%, and the revenue since the establishment of the product is 1634.


In addition, Luo Weidong’s Saiy Capital belongs to the top ten of the four private equity products, and the monthly income of Saiya No. 1 is 63%, the monthly income of Saiy Me Pure Fund is 60%, and the monthly income of Saiy Star Fund is 56.

95%, Saiyan Star’s monthly income is 39.
  This, Fan Bo, vice president of Bedrock Capital, told the reporter of “Daily Economic News” that the leading companies in the sector that are optimistic about the performance growth mentioned earlier, and the white horse stocks in the technology industry with relatively clear growth, that is, “technology blue chips”In fact, this is also the style diffusion of Baima’s core assets.

If the fundamentals become better in the future, the performance of these stocks will be relatively better, but the industry differentiation of these companies is also more severe, so the growth sector is also a structural market.

  Zhiyuan Liu, general manager of Zhiyuan Investment, pointed out that the recent growth of technology-based white horse stocks is actually the growth of high-quality consumer electronics stocks.

Due to the decline in mobile phone sales for many years, it was still exceeded as of July, and the consumer electronics industry has generally adjusted for almost 4 years.

In the future, the introduction of 5G mobile phones will gradually be realized. The mobile phone industry is likely to usher in a relatively large-scale wave of phone replacements, and the consumer electronics industry is likely to enter the boom cycle.

  Therefore, the current growth of consumer electronics stocks is actually an early response to the coming of the future economic cycle.

The investment path of 5G is roughly the concept of the initial speculation before the license is issued. At present, the second phase of the target is more reliable, but it is not necessarily a real beneficiary company; next year, we will see the true performance of 5G, and the related companies are the third wave.; In the second half of next year or in the following year, it will be the fourth wave of 5G applications, artificial intelligence, big data, etc., that will be the biggest market.

  Technology growth stocks are worth looking forward to. Shanghai Qianbo Asset Research Center told reporters that when the science and technology board opened, it was said that looking at the value of science and technology board stocks, we can not just look at the science and technology board stocks, we should look at the entire technology stocks industry.

The issue price-earnings ratio of the science and technology board company generally exceeds the main board, and the benchmark main board, the GEM company is estimated to be only dozens of times PE, far more than the science and technology board company, so the funds will find the relative valuation of this type of technology stocks.

Since the early days, it has been firmly optimistic about the technology growth stock market, and the technology stock market has just begun.

  There are deeper reasons behind the contrarian growth of technology stocks. First, the 5G construction tide has driven technology stocks to a turning point in performance. Many technology white horses have come out of low performance and a new round of technology cycles has come. Second, the richness of prophets has been lightened.Consume white horses and gradually increase technology white horse stocks. After confirmation of the inflection point of technology stock performance, more institutional funds will choose to hold technology white horse stocks to promote the overall strength of technology stocks.

  Li Shouqiang, the manager of Junmao Capital Fund, told reporters that the outstanding performance of Huawei’s concept stocks in the market is mainly driven by the positive sentiment revealed by Huawei’s developer conference last week. China has the advantages of supporting the global consumer electronics industry chain, and at the same time has producedA group of outstanding technology companies.

It is of great significance for some companies or products to enter Huawei’s supply chain for the first time. In the short term, market enthusiasm is high.

And whether the follow-up can be sustained in the short term is still emotionally catalyzed. In the medium and long term, it depends on the technical strength of each company, the ability to obtain Huawei’s orders, and the ability to continue to expand and improve. Companies with growing performance will continue to gain market favor.

[Ancient contraception methods]_Contraception_How to do_How to contraception_Contraception

[Ancient contraception methods]_Contraception_How to do_How to contraception_Contraception

In the distant ancient times, people also used some contraceptive methods during sexual intercourse.

Although there were no restrictions on the population at that time, having too many children would also bring a heavy financial burden on the family.

Therefore, some methods are usually used to prevent contraception to prevent accidental pregnancy, so that they will not add plasma to themselves. So what are the methods of contraception in ancient people?

In ancient times, there were also records of using “condoms”. They used animal casings, some said sheep, and some said that pig bladder was an early “condom”. However, according to historical records, the “condoms” used in medieval medieval courts in the West”” Is the casing of the animal, and there is a nice name-“Dutch hat”.

The ancient Chinese also used fish maw as a “condom”.

In the museum’s collection, there are condoms completed by the ancients with sheep intestines, which are a bit close to the prototype of modern condoms.

In India and Egypt more than 3,000 years ago, the feces of animals believed to have mysterious powers such as crocodiles and elephants were also used in contraceptives.

In fact, because these animal feces are highly acidic, it does have some spermicidal effect.

However, the strong stench brought by animal manure obviously affected the “sexual interest” of ancient couples.

Other contraceptive methods: ** After squatting to discharge semen, sneeze, and jump up and down.

The ancient Greeks believed that using mingling staff, wine, sea water, creosote soap, or vinegar to wash them could also achieve contraceptive purposes.

It is said that attaching a musk to a prostitute’s navel can prevent contraception. Some sisters Zhao Feiyan and Zhao Hede, who are regarded as the most beautiful in China, have adopted such contraceptive measures.

Of course, Zhao Feiyan and Zhao Hede cannot call them prostitutes, but they all share the same path.

This kind of navel stick is called “belly stick”.

Sticking it on the navel can end the conception of a woman’s belly, and she can no longer get pregnant, but this “belly paste” has been lost.

The above clearly introduced what the ancient consensus methods have. I hope everyone can have a correct understanding of this.

Some indicators of ancient contraceptive measures, the current contraceptive measures, the probability of failure is still very high.

And there are some methods that will lay a lot of hidden dangers to women’s health. Of course, the transformation of the era and the consensus measures are constantly improving.

[Can freshly squeezed breast milk be refrigerated directly]_How to save_How to place

[Can freshly squeezed breast milk be refrigerated directly]_How to save_How to place

There is time to preserve breast milk. Not all breast milk should be thoroughly stored. Also, be careful not to place breast milk repeatedly. In addition, the temperature of the breast milk should not be stored. Insufficient temperature will also cause breast milk to deteriorate or deteriorate.Breast milk that is too long, let me introduce to you whether it is possible to refrigerate the breast milk that has just been squeezed out and refrigerate it directly, and the correct way to preserve breast milk.

Breast milk preservation time Breast milk preservation time is the most concerned issue for working mothers who carry milk.

I ca n’t feed my baby during work hours. I can only save the milk first. How long can breast milk last?

In fact, the storage time of breast milk at room temperature is determined by room temperature. It can be stored in a room at 15 ° C for 24 hours. It can be stored in a room at 19-22 ° C for 10 hours.

So how long can it stay in the refrigerator?

Breast milk can be stored in the refrigerator at 0-4 ° C for up to 8 days. The small freezer in the refrigerator can be stored for two weeks. The deep-freeze room is kept below 0 ° C and the door is not opened often. The shelf life is as long asMore than 6 months.

Breast milk preservation time refers to what everyone knows. Breast milk is the best natural food for babies. No food can replace the nutritional effects that babies bring to babies.

During breastfeeding, the baby will always get “rations” from the mother, and it is also an important stage to enhance the immune constitution.

However, in modern society, many Bao moms have multiple jobs and ca n’t breastfeed during work hours.

This requires the breast milk to be squeezed out in advance to be stored for future use, so the preservation time of breast milk has become a topic of concern to the treasures.

Generally, there are two types of breast milk storage, one is storage at room temperature, and the other is storage at refrigerator temperature: storage at room temperature is mainly carried out without refrigeration equipment, and it can be kept fresh for a short period of time. How long can it be stored?According to the room temperature at that time, if the indoor temperature is low, it can generally be stored for 24 hours, but if the indoor temperature is relatively high, the storage time varies from 6 hours to 12 hours.

Therefore, in order to prevent babies from eating stale and deteriorated breast milk, pregnant women are advised not to store breast milk at room temperature in summer.

Refrigerated storage is the practice of Baoma extruding breast milk in advance and keeping it fresh in refrigerated equipment such as refrigerators.

Refrigerated storage can help breast milk to be stored for a longer period of time, usually for a minimum of several days and up to several months.

However, if it is not a special case, it is recommended that Baomao do not store breast milk for so long, after all, it is too long, and the active ingredients in breast milk may be lost or deteriorated.

[Baby milk standard for different months]_Children_Standard value

[Baby milk standard for different months]_Children_Standard value

The amount of milk consumed by babies in different months is naturally different. Baoma needs to determine how much milk is suitable for the baby according to the month of the baby. For example, a one-month-old baby only needs 80-100 ml.Only 200-250 ml can be full. As for a baby more than one year old, 500-600 ml is required. Therefore, the baby’s milk intake varies from month to month, and the milk volume also depends on the situation.

1. The amount of milk for newborn babies should be adjusted according to weight, usually 30?
60ml per day?
8 times.

After that, you can gradually increase or decrease the amount of milk according to the growth of digestion and weight. Until the baby is full, the amount of milk should be 90?
120ml, the number of replacements can be gradually reduced.

2. The amount of infant milk in a month should be replaced as needed when the infant is full term, that is, the infant can feed as much as he can.

At this time, the baby will feel very satisfied between feedings, and usually sleep quietly 3?
Every 4 hours, if the baby is not full, he will cry during this period.

Usually feed 6 every day?
7 milks at 3 intervals?
4 hours, should you eat 80 per meal?
About 120ml of milk, you can eat up to 150ml.

3, when baby 2?
Should breastfeeding increase to 150 at 3 months?
200ml, feed 5?
6 times, each time should be about 4 hours apart.

4, 3?
6 months baby can follow 2?
Replace the infant at 3 months.

Until 5?
At 6 months, can milk volume be increased to 200?
250ml, but it should be noted that the volume of milk consumed per day cannot exceed 1000ml, and the amount of milk per meal cannot exceed 250ml.
At 6 months, some supplementary foods should be added before feeding.

5, 6?
9-month-old babies should eat 200 at a time?
250ml, feeding milk every 4 hours, changing from four meals of milk to three meals of milk every day, and gradually replacing one meal of milk with complementary food.


Parents do not have to force the baby to feed the baby strictly according to the amount of milk indicated in the instruction manual when feeding the baby. This forced occurrence may cause the baby to be tired of milk. There are other ways to improve the baby’s tiredness.

After feeding your baby, you can’t lay your baby down immediately. You should first pick up your baby correctly, lean on your shoulders, pat your baby’s back, let him take a nap, and expel air from the stomach, so that your baby will spit.

[The practice of small fried mushrooms in rice]_The common practice of fried small mushrooms in rice_The practice of fried small mushrooms in rice_

[The practice of small fried mushrooms in rice]_The common practice of fried small mushrooms in rice_The practice of fried small mushrooms in rice_

As people’s living standards improve, they begin to pay attention to health care.

However, many people have a huge misunderstanding about health, and health is not a health medicine, or it costs money to maintain it.

So, now I will introduce the method of frying mushrooms with rice.


121 Pleurotus eryngii, sliced shiitake mushrooms, red peppers, green peppers cut into small pieces, green onions cut into small pieces, garlic patted.


212 material collection.


Hot oil pan.


Pour in garlic and sauté.


Add the capsicum mushrooms to the pot together.


Add the right amount of cooking wine and stir fry evenly.


Add the right amount of water.


Cover it with a pinch for a moment.


Allow the soup to dry and season with salt.


Add the shallots and stir-fry evenly.


You can bear it in the plate.

Food is tempting, but only if you make it yourself can you understand its true value.

For everyone, after understanding how to cook this dish with mushrooms and small dishes, I believe that many people should try it by themselves.

[How many men have this woman’s voice heard?

[How many men have this woman’s voice heard?

There are too many men ridiculing, his wife has always been a “dumb” in sex life, lying on the bed like a dead fish and letting it be at his own disposal, such sex is so boring.

They want their women to be a little more open in their sexual life, and to be able to make a noise during orgasm. This kind of sexual life is only interesting.

In response to the question “why do men want women to speak while having sex”, today I will give you a more detailed explanation here.

Calling a bed is affirmation of men. In men’s eyes, women calling a bed in sex is the best compliment to their sexual abilities, which will greatly satisfy men’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

Holding back hard is not a good way, but to cooperate with men.

Men most want to see women collapse, so he is too fulfilled.

Otherwise, he will fail: if he decides he can’t feed the woman, then the problem will be serious.

Some women dare not scream, on the surface they are afraid of being heard, they are fundamentally afraid of ugliness.

Where does ugly come from?

Because she agreed from her heart that it was a scandal.

Doing ugly things can’t be known, so I’m desperately trying to kill them, and I don’t make any noise when they are killed, and they don’t collapse.


[Can confinement eat anti-inflammatory drugs]_ lactation _ impact

[Can confinement eat anti-inflammatory drugs]_ lactation _ impact

For confinement mothers, please pay attention to some matters. Some mothers should not catch cold. You should not wash your hair just after giving birth. You should also pay attention to avoid fatigue. Do not eat cold and chili-stimulated food to stimulate the body to recover.You can’t usually drink alcohol and other issues. Some mothers don’t know if they can take anti-inflammatory drugs during confinement. Can they take anti-inflammatory drugs during confinement?

Let ‘s take a look next.


Can confinement take anti-inflammatory drugs?
If breast milk prevention attempts to avoid the use of anti-inflammatory drugs in confinement, you can choose the opposite anti-inflammatory drugs if you really need to take them. Take the medicine as prescribed by your doctor. Generally, medicines are not good for breastfeeding, and you should suspend breastfeeding.


Notes on confinement 1.

How to bathe confinement: It is best to control the confinement bath within 5 minutes, take a shower, open a bath or warm air, and dry immediately after washing to keep warm.

It is generally recommended to take a bath after 7 days postpartum. In summer, you can take a bath after 3 days postpartum. The caesarean section is appropriately postponed, and a warm towel can be used to wipe the body.


How to wash your hair during confinement: You must pay attention to the water temperature when washing your hair, and control it at about 37 degrees. Do not use alkaline irritating toiletries. The time should not be too long. After washing, pay attention to dry immediately. You can bring a maternal hat.


How to brush your teeth during confinement: The best place for maternal brushing is to use soft gauze, warm water, or soft fur toothbrush and confinement gauze for pregnant women.


How to eat vegetables and fruits in confinement: Maternal weakness in the stomach is susceptible to cold and cold stimulation, so when eating vegetables and fruits, you must start with warm eating, and the body’s maternal body gradually recovers. Try a small amount of room temperature fruits.


When to get out of bed in confinement: In addition to excessive bleeding during labor, persistent postpartum lochia, excessive physical weakness, severe hypertension and anemia, the mother should get out of bed early to help her recovery.


How to arrange food in confinement: After giving birth, before giving milk, pregnant women should eat a light diet, drink plenty of water, and eat less oily.

Because before eating milk, greasy food may cause blockage of the mammary glands, causing breast masses and mastitis.

After the milk is normally secreted by the mammary glands, eat the food.

Pregnant women should eat soup and liquid food and milk-fed foods: millet porridge, white fungus with rock sugar, soy pig hand, catfish, kelp, etc.


Precautions Be sure to eat lactating and breastfeeding food after the breast is unobstructed after giving birth, otherwise it will easily cause breast duct obstruction.

[Is Lily on fire]_Affect_Hazard

[Is Lily on fire]_Affect_Hazard

The nutritional value of lily is very high, most of which are rich in trace amounts of protein and reducing sugar, in addition to starch, there will be trace elements such as calcium, iron, zinc, etc. Lily has anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects, and can also clean up ourIn the lungs, removing toxins from the lungs can also achieve the effect of beauty and beauty. After eating more lily, it is not easy to get angry, and it can clear the heat and eliminate the fire.

Eat Lily on fire? Lily’s nutritional value In addition to protein, small amount, reducing sugar, starch, it also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B, vitamin C, etc., and also contains various alkaloids such as colchicine.

These ingredients are beneficial to the human body in combination.

Eat Lily to get angry? Lily has the effects of preventing cancer and anti-cancer, clearing the lungs and moisturizing the lungs, detoxifying and detoxifying, and improving the beauty. The proper consumption of lily will not cause anger.

After introducing Lily to Lily, we know that a healthy body is inseparable from daily diet, so friends who like to eat Lily can master it better.

3 The Benefits of Women’s Eating Lilies The beauty effect of lily-Oil-controlling beauty Lily is white and delicate, fresh products are supplemented with mucus and vitamins, which is beneficial to the metabolism of skin cells. Lily eats lily regularly and has a certain beauty effect.

Lily beauty and beauty, heat and cool blood.

Indications Lung dryness, lung heat or lung heat cough, unresolved heat after fever, upset and thirst.

People with oily skin eat more lily is especially good for the skin.

Lily’s beauty effect two-nourishing yin and hydrating lily can nourish yin and dryness, add moisture to the skin, is a good food supplement.

You can use: Lily, Jujube, Tremella, Lotus Seeds, Rock Sugar Beverage, or directly add celery as ingredients to make a noise.

The beauty effect of lily three-remove dark spots Remove dark spots: lily powder + red dates; 5 grams of lily powder, 5 red dates.

Boil the lily powder with boiling water and add red dates. Stir well and eat 1 cup with afternoon tea.

Hydrating and brightening skin: Lily powder + brown sugar; 5 grams of lily powder, one spoon of brown sugar; add 240 ml of boiling water to brew.

Have a drink sooner or later.

The beauty effect of Lily 4-Anti-wrinkle and anti-wrinkle anti-wrinkle: Lily powder + green tea; 1 green tea bag, 5 g of lily powder.

Add 240ml of boiling water to brew, add 10 minutes later, morning and evening.

The beauty effect of lily five: whitening and moisturizing Whitening and moisturizing: lily powder + coix seed; a spoonful of coix seed, 5 g of lily powder; brew the lily powder with boiling water, soak the mashed coix seed residue in it, and put in 5 minutes laterOnce a day.

Lily’s beauty effect 6-anti-fine lines lily powder and milk for face; blend into a paste, apply evenly on the face, wash off after 20 minutes, can prevent fine lines.

Lily beauty effect VII-help sleep staying together with lily and jujube kernel, Poria, wolfberry, longan and wheat, can give women a good sleep, prolong deep sleep time and improve sleep quality.

Sleep well and look good.