China CRRC Group: Deepen the benchmarking and enhance action to build a world -class enterprise

  China CRRC Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China CRRC Group) implements the implementation of the State Council’s State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission on the standard of improving the action of the standard, adheres to political navigation, strategic leadership, innovation -driven, reform support, and continuously strengthen the modernization of management systems and management capabilities, each of which The work has made rapid progress and breakthroughs. Since the launch of August 2020, China CRRC Group’s "high positioning, high strength, and high intensity" promotes the label improvement action.

Incorporate "creating a first -class management system" into one of the key goals of the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" development strategy; take the deepening of the benchmarking and improvement action as the "first leader" strategic project, and establish the main leader of the group company, the full level of penetration all levels through the full level Leadership and organizational system; in accordance with the advancement of "strong base, empowerment, and high climbing", a systematic, matrix efficient working system has been established, and 3342 specific measures and results goals are established; management improvement has been established The assessment and evaluation mechanism, incorporate the task of raising the benchmark into the group inspection and inspection, develop the "CRRC Management Improve Action Action Information System", promote the implementation of the work list and measures at a high quality. The current work list has reached more than 90%; "Work mechanism, focus on building management model projects, select 17 management benchmark enterprises and 64 management benchmark projects; vigorously create 3 benchmarking enterprises, 1 benchmark projects and 1 benchmark model selected for the State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. Management, strengthening scientific and technological innovation, and building digital enterprises, etc., focus on the modernization of management systems and management capabilities. Summarize the achievements of the benchmark project of the improving lean system construction management, and have been awarded the first prize of modernization results of the 28th national enterprise management. Focusing on the fundamental goal of creating a world -class enterprise, we should focus on the opportunity to improve the benchmarking action, focus on the core main business and value creation core process, follow the principle of "strategic leadership, value first, and coordinated", and to create a modern management model with rich industry characteristics Essence It lasted for thirteen years to promote the innovative practice of the localization of a large -scale equipment manufacturing enterprise group, coordinating the dimensions of value strategy, management structure, organizational process, and mechanism construction. Improve ability, vigorously implement the three major management projects of "creating lean manufacturing models, unblocking value mining process", "establishing lean operation platforms, stimulating value network construction", "building digital lean enterprises, and promoting value ecological construction", forming a complete set of engineeringization Practical methodology, established a characteristic lean management system and working standards that can be executed, evaluated, measured, and promoted. Extension of the chain, pushing management upgrades to digitalization and intelligence, and continuously promoting the modernization of value -oriented management systems and management capabilities, and continuously improve the ability and level of corporate value creation.

  China CRRC Group deepen the improvement of benchmark management, highlight the efficiency of management, and efficiency of management. According to the Express report in 2021, the annual "steady growth" goal was fully completed, and all employees’ labor production increased by%year -on -year. In 2021, the most appreciated Chinese company selection was ranked first.

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Walking on the business street in the urban city,The upper strike has been observing the Yumu sister next to him.,It is also his first time to observe this girl.。

how to say?Look from the shape,In addition to the military goggles that have been with the head,No matter what you often fight with the Qing Dynasty, you will not have two things to play with the Qing Dynasty.,Well, there is still a place to be different.。
Blue and white
I have a bit coughing in my heart.,The upper strip is driven out of the mind in the brain,Carefully considering it。
Although the expression of my sister is always as flat.,But the upper strip can feel,They are not as they hear.,Is there any thinking‘Experimental animal’,on the contrary,From a short contact,The upper strike can always feel the feelings of sisters.,This also makes him hate the guys participating in this experiment.。
In the upper consciousness,Anything else,People have not arbitrarily deprived another right of life.,What’s more, so many people!
“Since it is your cat’s words,Simply give it a name。”The upper side teasing the small black cat in arms,Sites while laughing with the sister next to the side,“After having a name,Also very good, right?”
“no name。”Girl said softly,“御 坂 也 也 名 名,Because you have no name yourself。”
“no name?”The upper pupil is turned,“That”
“Yu 御 is Yumu。”It seems that I have said something I don’t say.,Girl’s microplayer,“Yu 御 doesn’t want himself to become special。”
“Really?”Sudden,Upper striker,“Qing Palace, I told me a lot.。I didn’t say anything wrong.,One of you‘elder sister’But with a name.!”
“”The girl is slightly smashed, looking at the upper strip.,The face is rare to show slightly confused expressions,It seems that it is clear that it is a confidentiality. Why is it known to be known in front of this?。
“I know a lot of things that I should know now.。”The upper strip smiled,Slowly lift the head,Looking at the sky, gradually flourishing the golden sunset,And chasing clouds in the sky,The face of the juvenile has been firmly firm。
“Since the guy of the Qing Palace gave your sister a name,So, let me try your name.。”The upper strip smiled,“Do you have seen the sky??”
“Sky?”Girl’s consciousness lifts,Flashing a confusion in your eyes。
“The sky contains a lot of things,Solar,Clouds,There are a lot of many。”Looking at the clouds in the sky,“If the urban city is this sky,Then the guy of the Qing Palace is the sun in the sky.,No matter when it can emit a warm sun。”
The girl listened to the words,Quietly standing there。
“I hope that you can find yourself.,Just like over the sunset cloud,Even if you leave your own traces.。”The upper strip said softly,“so,You are you。”
“Eve!Your name is Yumu Xiyun。”The upper strip turns the head,Seriously looking at the girl behind,“this,It is only your own,In this world imprint。”
“Yuki Cloud”Girl whispering,“Sure enough, the brothers gave a name of the name of the name.,Yu Xiyun said so。”
“now it’s right。”The upper strip reveals a smile。
Hahahaha, the eve of the cloud,Say that gives you the name is to give you the name, hahahahahaha.
(This chapter is over)
NS194chapter Full dark abyss
“So the first thing I did not give the cat name??”The last one came back to God,Slightly take the headache,“How to become a name for you”
“Can you get up on the eve??”Girl named Yumu Toned,Looking at the cat in the arms,I can’t help but reach out on the nose of the kitten.,Cat smelled her finger,Gently ignored her finger。
“Of course。”Laughing laugh,“This is your cat.?”
“‘dog’。”I didn’t want to think about the Yunxiang, I thought I thought I thought about the Yushu.,Directly talking directly。
“what?”The upper stroke is suddenly,“This is a cat.”
“‘This black cat name is a dog’。”The girl is seriously looking at the upper,“This is the name gives it up.,It is clear that the cat is called a dog.,Ha ha”Think of this,She actually laughed himself.。
“”I feel that I have to collapse.,This kind of vomiting doesn’t know how to spit it, let him entangle it.,The mouth of the mouth is stiff.。
Which born is set to the sister into this kind of person who makes people crash?The 40 degree corner came up and asked Heaven,Actually speechless。
“Apush!”In the tenth part of the base,The sleeping beam, I can’t help but sneeze.,The next consciousness wrapped in the blanket。
“what,that,Still serious。”The upper striped a few times,Finally, the feeling of cold jokes from the body,“Take a more majestic name.。”
“That is called Deichuan Jiakang.。”Teenage girl 歪 头,Thinking one will say。
“This is too majestic.!”The upper is awkward。

Gained a precious experience in struggle

  "Achievement stems from struggle, and victory is not easy.

"At the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games summary and commendation conference, General Secretary Xi Jinping comprehensively reviewed the extraordinary preparations for 7 years, emphasizing that" we not only gained the joy of success in the struggle, but also gained generosity in the struggle The spiritual wealth has gained precious experience, and it is worthy of our cherishment and promotion. " The combination of serving the people and promoting development. "This" four persistence "that General Secretary Xi Jinping is brilliantly summarized. He has profound thoughts and rich connotations. The further deepening deepening of the regular understanding of the working regularity of the global comprehensive sports event is organized, and the pace of the development of my country’s sports industry and accelerating the construction of a sports power in China, inspiring the people of all ethnic groups in the country to achieve the second century -old struggle goal and achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Struggling to work hard in the Chinese dream is of great guiding significance.

  The preparation of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games was promoted under unusually difficulty, especially in the context of the centennial change of the new crown pneumonia century in the world.

In the past 7 years, the reason why we can overcome various difficulties and dedicate a simple, secure, and exciting Olympic event to the world, and fully fulfill our solemn commitment to the international community. The key is that we have always achieved "four persistence". The practice of the successful organizing of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games tells us that we must adhere to the party’s centralized and unified leadership. The Communist Party of China is the most reliable backbone of our achievements. Any difficulty and dangerous obstacles will be able to do anything we want to do; we must adhere to the concentration of strength to do major events, the extraordinary organizational mobilization capabilities, coordination and coordination capabilities, and implementation capabilities of my country’s socialist system. Power and comprehensive national strength provides a strong foundation and the most solid guarantee for successful Olympic Olympics; we must adhere to the initiative to prevent the response to various risks, adhere to the bottom line thinking, problem orientation Position, take a good game first, play a good battle; we must adhere to the competition and serve the people, promote the combination of development, and insist on the sharing of the people of the Olympic Olympics. Do your best and enjoy together.

  At present, the international situation has continued to undergo profound complex changes. The century -old changes and the century epidemic are intertwined. Economic globalization has encountered countercurrents. The game of great powers has become increasingly fierce. The world has entered a period of turbulent change.

Take a good way to build a new way for a socialist modern country in an all -round way. We must be good at using the party’s practice and historical experience to inspire wisdom and hard work, maintain strategic determination, carry forward the spirit of historical initiative, take the initiative to attack in front of the opportunity, in the face of difficulties in the face of difficulties, in the face of difficulties, in the face of difficulties, in the face of difficulties To meet the difficulties and actively respond in the face of risks.

It is necessary to unswervingly adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership, maintain the authority of the Party Central Committee, and centralized and unified leadership, ensure that the whole party has a strong political cohesion of unity and struggle, develop self -confidence, and gather strong forces that keep up with innovation and overcome.

It is necessary to give full play to the significant advantage of my country’s socialist system to concentrate their strengths, adhere to a game of chess nationwide, mobilize the enthusiasm of all aspects, win advantages in concentrating strengths, difficult things, and urgent events, win initiative, and win the future. We must adhere to overall development and security, strengthen the sense of opportunity and risk, and estimate the difficulties more fully, think more deeply, focus on blocking loopholes and strengths. Battle, we must also fight the strategic active battles of turning danger and turning danger to the opportunity, stimulate confidence and motivation, storms and rain, and move forward. It is necessary to implement the new development concepts in complete, accurate, and comprehensively, adhere to the people -centered development ideas, adhere to the development of the development of the people, the development of the people, and the people shared by the people. Sustainable and more secure development has enabled the people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security to be more fulfilling, more secure, and sustainable in development.

  Achievements are incorporated into history, and experience is precious.新的伟大征程上,更加紧密地团结在以习近平同志为核心的党中央周围,深刻认识“两个确立”的决定性意义,增强“四个意识”、坚定“四个自信”、做到“两"This maintenance", inherited and carried forward the valuable experiences organized by the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games, carried forward the great power of all kinds of hearts, maintained the courageous and firmness, and showed the heroic style of the tiger and tiger. Challenge, continue to create a new miracle, continue to push the historical great cause of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation! Essence


槐 序 他 他:“Do you see that I can’t be better than your carving??You have no art cells。”
Zhou,Still not to see。
Suspectedly, continue to see him。
This old monster,poisonous。
Compare only two eyes, the group of the group who is not interested in his carvings, you can make more love.。
Zhouzhi silently took the knife from him back,And decide to forget the previous ten minutes。He re-opened the tutorial,I plan to sculpt a few spoons when I have left today.。Spoon’s practical value。
“Playing your game,Don’t use my knife again.。”Zhou is afraid of being blunt,“To buy yourself。”
“whispering sound!”
3moon20No,spring equinox,Friday。
Today, I have been raining during the day.,In the past half afternoon, it is clear.,I still have a sunshine.。The air with a few more rain and refreshing。
Zhou Zhi and Nan Ge strided together,Slowly walking along the river from the direction of the municipal government。
At four o’clock,They sat down on the chair by the river.,Each of the mobile phones——There is a physical education class in the afternoon.。
Network class。
The content is a male doing push-ups.、Girls doing kneeling,Also universal wavebu,Take a video session to the teacher。Although I don’t have to take time to go to the playground.,But tell the truth,Most exercise is mostly,Exposes many people’s physical fitness。
Zhou Zhihe Nan Ge is on the river,Take each other,In group,Then look at the videos of everyone。
“This person’s movement is deformable to the library library……”
“You see your cousin!I am so tired, haha.!”
“Wow this……”
Nan Ge looked at a big breast girl to do Bobby jump,Maybe the big breasts have already been hot.,Wearing a single dress,She just opened her mouth.,Suddenly realize what,Enjoy the turn of the video,And twist your serious look around。
“What are you looking at?”
Zhou Zhiyou showed her to her。
She makes it out of the past。
Because of the value,Zhou Zhihe and Nan Ge have always been the focus of everyone concerned.,So the video just issued,I have already pointed out that their background is in the same place.,Even the sports teacher also sent a expression。
Zhouzhi Some faces,Secretably observed the reaction of Nange。
I saw that the nanong was taken with his shoulders.,Very calm:“Don’t care about them,Sports class itself is going outdoors.,Does the two classmates are not known as the class??”
Toned,She said:“I see that they are not habits.,Waiting for our festivals,They look more,I am used to it.!”
Zhou,I feel that she is。
The two continue to get up,Walk forward。
Yansheng’s diagnosis has been cleared for a week.,Now the river is much more than a lot of people.,Many local square dances have recovered。The two have been attracting the attention of the passerby together.。
“Stay at home is bored,I really want to start school.!”Nang Ge is sighing,“I have been school and want to holiday.~~”

20,000 "love packages" in Hong Kong will be shipped in batches in batches to Hong Kong

[Font:] The picture shows the "love package" supplies in Hong Kong. Bay Area Safety Emergency Industry Innovation Alliance Supply China News Network Shenzhen, March 10th (Zhu Ning and Chen Wen) The "Together with each other to support each other" activity was launched on March 4th. Epidemic and love bags "20,000 copies.

At present, 4,000 "family epidemic prevention and love packages" have arrived in Hong Kong, and another 16,000 will be shipped in batches to Hong Kong in batches.

  It is reported that the batch of "home epidemic prevention and love packs" contains disposable medical surgical masks, adult KN95 masks, children’s KN95 masks, nucleic acid testing agents, masks, gloves, and protective clothing to meet the one -month usage of a family of Hong Kong.

  The event was sponsored by the "Bay Area Safety Emergency Industry Innovation Alliance" and "Hong Kong’s All -Hong Kong Community Anti -Epidemic Wiring". Yin Lefang, the head of the Bay Area Safety Emergency Industry Innovation Alliance, said: "We through the ‘Hong Kong community community resistance connection’ volunteer and the ‘Bay Area Safety Emergency Industry Innovation Alliance’ in Hong Kong to collect the needs of Hong Kong residents; information The statistical team conducts information registration, screening, and combing the donation needs of all parties through the phone, and submits effective donation information to the material coordination group. "Yin Lefang said that after the alliance warehousing logistics team confirmed the effective donation of materials, guides the enterprise to carry out material transportation Arrange the follow -up customs declaration procedures; at the same time, coordinate customs to help Hong Kong’s "green channels" and quickly transfer materials to Hong Kong. It is understood that the raised love package will be sent to residents of various designated areas through the volunteers of the "Hong Kong Community Anti -Epidemia" volunteers and the "Bay Area Safety Emergency Industry Innovation Alliance" in Hong Kong. According to reports, the "Love Package" event plan to raise 30,000 "family epidemic prevention packages", 20,000 "family life love packages", and 2000 "volunteer epidemic and love packages" were raised.

These materials are donated to the grass -roots groups in Hong Kong to solve basic epidemic prevention needs and living security. Among them, "Volunteer’s Epidemic Prevention and Love Pack" contains disinfection solution, disinfection wet towel, disposable raincoat, umbrella, disposable medical surgical mask, adult KN95 mask, nucleic acid test agent, mask, gloves, protective clothing, etc.; "It is designed to solve the needs of the daily life of grass -roots residents in Hong Kong. In addition, "Family Life Love Package" has raised 10,000 copies, and it is expected to be sent to Hong Kong in about a week. (Finish).

Li Yunzi waved her hand at this moment,A beheading order was issued to the Asuka Camp in mid-air!

Hundreds of flying birds and pseudo-dragons swooped down,Every one of them carries a bloodthirsty trend,It perfectly echoes that fierce bird and pseudo-dragon!
This aerial bombardment,Surpassed the crush,Just like harvesting wheat ears,You can see a large patch of blood red and blood red,Countless mobs fell in a pool of blood!!
“Rush,Rush,We have no retreat!!”There are still people in the rioters waving the flag and shouting。
The blood spurts continuously ahead,Screams one after another,But there are still people rushing towards the sword mark,They rushed to the lake where there was only a shallow pool of water left,Run wildly towards Ronggok City!
Black shadow,Ups and downs,Every low-altitude gallop takes the lives of those mobs along the way,Those running mobs didn’t even have time to reach the tower of Ronggok City and were killed by the sword.。
Blood like a stream,Penetrate into the field little by little,Gathered a little bit in the valley stream,The body also kept rolling down into the valley stream,Let the blood baptize,Even in the night,With a little hazy,Everything is still so shocking!
Lieutenant Changmei is driving a pterosaur。
This pterosaur flaps its wings strongly,To fly those violent troops high,And the long knife of the lieutenant long eyebrow also swung extremely quickly,Accurately behead them one by one!
Short time,Lieutenant Changmei has killed dozens of people。
Bloody,She couldn’t help screaming,Seeing a mob about to escape,So immediately drove the pterosaur to chase。
Long knife raised,Just when the lieutenant wanted to kill all these people,A sword shadow passing,Flew out his long knife,Even the pterosaur was frightened by this sudden sword shadow,Hurriedly waving his wings and almost fell to the ground。
“Retreated outside the sword world,Is the people!”Li Yunzi’s voice came from a high place。
The long eyebrow lieutenant was stunned,Although I feel a little annoyed and puzzled,But he still didn’t dare to chase the sword world again。
Asuka Camp has unparalleled combat power,Thousands of mobs cannot compete with them,Those who cross the sword world are basically slaughtered。

A confession base of Lianqin Parenting Force: Data Lienity Removes the new combat power of Lianqin support

The soldiers and horses did not move, and the grain and grass first.With the acceleration of the operation of information and intelligent war, the intensity and difficulty of protection have increased unprecedentedly.

Since the training of this year, the Shenyang Lianqin Security Center has closely focused on mobilizing and warning and warning for war. Data information is dominated.generate.According to Liu Qijun, director of a confession base at the Shenyang Lianqin Security Center, as the new quality Lianqin support forces that faced the battlefield, there are many majors, wide disciplines, and high scientific and technological content involved in the supply base.The base must build a wide -area interconnection, safe and efficient battlefield guarantee data network, do a good job of collecting, processing and updating data in the joint training, non -war military operations, the cultivation of data talents, and leading the base to continuously fight against the war -type joint diligenceTurn into power to effectively improve the guarantee and combat effectiveness.

Su Qiang hugged the grass on the shore,The impact of water is not so big。

“uncle,Quickly follow the grass!”
Su Qiang found a place where you can stand firm,Shake the Hezi。
Too for too long in the water,Su Qiang is obviously a bit of physical strength。
I am stretching my body,Put the grass,Her belly drums,Universities。
Just hurriedly,It should be only the instinctive reaction of the next consciousness.。
“quick,Take the pot!”
I don’t dare to delay in the moment.。
Su Qiang’s weight is reduced,Some lost balance,Plus water flow
Niu Niu just wanted to look at the situation of Whez,Just find that your own posture is wrong.
Others have seen Wo Zi.,Slowly slow down the shore,Some distance from Suqiang。
Shore people,Announcement of wind and rain,Nobody, no one heard the name of Niu Niu!
what to do?what to do?
Some people are obvious,But Niu Niu fell into a panic,I don’t know how it is good at all.。
“Fang Cai,superior!”
Electric flash thunder,Niu Niu saw Wang Cai around himself。
Wangcai seems to understand the same,Jump into the water at once,Disappear。
“You can Wang, you can”
Niu Niu wants to cry out。
The sound of the water touched everyone’s keen nerve,Someone saw Su Qiang struggled in the water。
Niu Niu sat on the ground,Tightly stare at the surface。
“Fang Cai!Fang Cai!”
I saw Wangcai to expose the head of the head.,Tour in Suqiang,
Su Qiang is the center of gravity,Advantages of sudden cramping。Wangcai is on him behind him.,Su Qiang is a good hand of the water,Soon recovery,Circular booth。
“Hadron,Are you OK!”
“I am fine.!” Wang Cai has been thrown behind Su Qiang,It seems that he prevents him from appearing again.。
“Hoot~Wheum~Mother’s girlfriend~”
Niu Niu Ji Just,I heard the cry of the dog’s egg.。
Wheum!There is also a grass!

People come to discuss: Cross -category marketing must grasp "degree"

Not long ago, an outer packaging resembled a laundry liquid, and the "laundry liquid tea" that actually contained in beverages caused controversy. At present, the relevant products have been removed.

We are not the first time we have seen similar food marketing, and even some of them have become "net red food". According to media investigations, some merchants have also launched foods such as "soap mousse", "bulb lollipop" and "tobacco candy", which can be described as dazzling.

If you do not study carefully, it will not only confuse adults, but also mislead children. Parents questioned: This misleading design can easily lead to a "laundry solution" illustration of children who lack the ability to judge.

In recent years, foods with novel packaging and novel taste have emerged. However, no matter in appearance, logo, or propaganda, there are certain security risks that adopt cross -marketing products adopted by strange hunting methods.

As experts say, "laundry liquid milk tea" and "soap mousse" are by no means packaging and shapes. The shape is too simple. Laundry liquid and milk tea belong to different types of products, so that the two are "mixing" across the class. The harm cannot be underestimated. Some food merchants want to pursue innovation and use differentiated marketing to stand out in competition. This is understandable.

But the "creativity" of risk is not desirable.

The market encourages and advocates innovation, but it is necessary to grasp the reasonable scale, and creative marketing must also have a boundary. This boundary is that it cannot be misleading consumers, let alone threatening consumers’ safety and health. It is undeniable that people are easily attracted by new things.

However, we must know that relying on funny packaging and marketing may win the attention of consumers for a while and obtain short -term returns. However, while pursuing interests, I just want to dig out the eyes of the blogger, instead of considering the social risks that the product may bring, and the companies and products that consume consumers’ rights and interests can not last long. This is also the continuous explosive food in recent years, but it is difficult to grow One of the important reasons for red. If the original intention of innovation is to attract consumers, ensuring quality and safety should be the fundamental direction.

Food is food to safety first.

To prevent cross -marketing products similar to "laundry liquid milk tea", on the one hand, it is necessary to consciously establish goodwill production and marketing enterprises to consciously produce goodwill production and marketing, and rely on consumers to choose rationally and not blindly follow the trend.

On the other hand, relevant departments need to be vigilant, improve relevant standards and regulations, and strengthen daily supervision and inspection, so as not to be damaged by consumers’ misleading.

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“Since ancient times,No one knows,The harem has a secret connection in the hometown.,Now Your Majesty,The queen is to handle the hometown of His Majesty.,To the top,Isn’t it the best wife???”

Xue Tai is not deeply gotting with Yunqin.,road:“Ad I want is the long-term,Since this,Why don’t you do this for the emperor??”
Yun Qin slightly,Slightly hurting:“The courtiers were stupid by everyone,In addition to the family’s wife,No one is willing to be kind to the minister。”
“But,The courtier is just a small woman.,At the time of the beginning of love,It is also over.,Chen Chen will marry a hurt I know that I love my husband。”
“But difficult!Entire Huangcheng,Where can I find out that I know that I love me???!”
“Original minister,Since this,The courtier is not as good as entering the palace.,Also, a life is not married,Drake your family。”
Speaking of which,Yun Qin changed a god color,Sweet and sweet,road:“Until the court,Hour majesty,Pet me,I feel that I have encountered love.!”
“so,The courtiers only hope that this life can always have a favorite.,others,Chen Chen does not care!”
“Chen Chen only hope,Can stay with you!”
Finish,Yunqin micropause,Expression。
When Xue was staring at Yunqin,Have a long time,From Yunqin’s expression,Can’t see the traces of smart。
I think about my intelligence,Yunqin is indeed the same as she he said.,Huangcheng in addition to Qi Jia,No one is right‘Qi Yunqin’Friendly,And even Yunqin entered the palace,It’s all the hands and feet.,What is said to Yunqin,Have a lot of money。
See Xue Taihou,Look at,It seems that I believe in the look of Yun Qin.,Xue Xinxia。
“Too!Don’t listen to her Hu!Do you know how the minister she threatened yesterday??!It’s just not putting you in your eyes.!!”
Yun Qin glanced at Xue Xin,Not tight:“The queen did not still,I don’t listen to the persuasion of the courtiers.,Chen Chen can only make this policy,Take out your own letter。”
“If you don’t speak,I am afraid that the queen will continue to stay here.。Chen Chen just wants to treat it with you.,no offense。”
“What is unintentional?!!you,You a monk,It is intentionally!!”Xue Xin’s breath。
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS271chapter Herner‘stupid’29
What is your own prostitute?,Xue Tai is of course known,So Xue Tai is not doubtful to Yunqin’s words.,Immediately。
“Queen,You are the mothermm!Speak!”
“Too!aunt!”Xue Xin’s straight to the body。
“okay!A wide range of harem,You should deal with it is!Let’s let Qin have served here.。”
“Qin,You stay here to serve so!”Xue Taichen。
Yunqin is a faceful gift,road:“Xie Taihou!”
Later,Xue Taihou turned to immersed in Pacific for studying toxic blood,road:“He too doctor。”
Heavy medical condition reflection lifts,Finally, I saw Xue Tai.,When you are salty。
“Chen has seen too much!”
I feel that I feel that I am too majestic, I’m afraid.,I finally got some comfort from He Tai doctor.。
Mood is not bad:“Get up!”
“He too doctor,Remember to go to Kunyi Palace every day,Report the situation of the emperor with the mourning family!”
He Taoism immediately wrote:“Yes!Minister。”
Told,Xue Tai was unwilling to leave Xue Xin.。
Yun Qin face flat,In addition to the eyes,Can’t see any strange。
When Xue Tai is this hranode,In addition to Ji Yu,Is the biggest power,She is not good to follow Xue Taihou。
Although she is not afraid of Xue Tai’s retaliation,Not afraid of external rumors,But she has to consider Ji Yan.。
Since this,Dealing with Xue Tai,Her people directly gave to the championship。