Walking on the business street in the urban city,The upper strike has been observing the Yumu sister next to him.,It is also his first time to observe this girl.。

how to say?Look from the shape,In addition to the military goggles that have been with the head,No matter what you often fight with the Qing Dynasty, you will not have two things to play with the Qing Dynasty.,Well, there is still a place to be different.。
Blue and white
I have a bit coughing in my heart.,The upper strip is driven out of the mind in the brain,Carefully considering it。
Although the expression of my sister is always as flat.,But the upper strip can feel,They are not as they hear.,Is there any thinking‘Experimental animal’,on the contrary,From a short contact,The upper strike can always feel the feelings of sisters.,This also makes him hate the guys participating in this experiment.。
In the upper consciousness,Anything else,People have not arbitrarily deprived another right of life.,What’s more, so many people!
“Since it is your cat’s words,Simply give it a name。”The upper side teasing the small black cat in arms,Sites while laughing with the sister next to the side,“After having a name,Also very good, right?”
“no name。”Girl said softly,“御 坂 也 也 名 名,Because you have no name yourself。”
“no name?”The upper pupil is turned,“That”
“Yu 御 is Yumu。”It seems that I have said something http://www.fly400.cn I don’t say.,Girl’s microplayer,“Yu 御 doesn’t want himself to become special。”
“Really?”Sudden,Upper striker,“Qing Palace, I told me a lot.。I didn’t say anything wrong.,One of you‘elder sister’But with a name.!”
“”The girl is slightly smashed, looking at the upper strip.,The face is rare to show slightly confused expressions,It seems that it is clear that it is a confidentiality. Why is it known to be known in front of this?。
“I know a lot of things that I should know now.。”The upper strip smiled,Slowly lift the head,Looking at the sky, gradually flourishing the golden sunset,And chasing clouds in the sky,The face of the juvenile has been firmly firm。
“Since the guy of the Qing Palace gave your sister a name,So, let me try your name.。”The upper strip smiled,“Do you have seen the sky??”
“Sky?”Girl’s http://www.lfxajt.cn consciousness lifts,Flashing a confusion in your eyes。
“The sky contains a lot of things,Solar,Clouds,There are a lot of many。”Looking at the clouds in the sky,“If the urban city is this sky,Then the guy of the Qing Palace is the sun in the sky.,No matter when it can emit a warm sun。”
The girl listened to the words,Quietly standing there。
“I hope that you can find yourself.,Just like over the sunset cloud,Even if you leave your own traces.。”The upper strip said softly,“so,You are you。”
“Eve!Your name is Yumu Xiyun。”The upper strip turns the head,Seriously looking at the girl behind,“this,It is only your own,In this world imprint。”
“Yuki Cloud”Girl whispering,“Sure enough, the brothers gave a name of the name of the name.,Yu Xiyun said so。”
“now it’s right。”The upper strip reveals a smile。
Hahahaha, the eve http://www.yxwed.cn of the cloud,Say that gives you the name is to give you the name, hahahahahaha.
(This chapter is over)
NS194chapter Full dark abyss
“So the first thing I did not give the cat name??”The last one came back to God,Slightly take the headache,“How to become a name for you”
“Can you get up on the eve??”Girl named Yumu Toned,Looking at the cat in the arms,I can’t help but reach out on the nose of the kitten.,Cat smelled her finger,Gently ignored her finger。
“Of course。”Laughing laugh,“This is your cat.?”
“‘dog’。”I didn’t want to think about the Yunxiang, I thought I thought I thought about the Yushu.,Directly talking directly。
“what?”The upper stroke is suddenly,“This is a cat.”
“‘This black cat name is a dog’。”The girl is seriously looking at the upper,“This is the name gives it up.,It is clear that the cat is called a dog.,Ha ha”Think of this,She actually laughed himself.。
“”I feel that I have to collapse.,This kind of vomiting doesn’t know how to spit it, let him entangle it.,The mouth of the mouth is stiff.。
Which born is set to the sister into this kind of person who makes people crash?The 40 degree corner came up and asked Heaven,Actually speechless。
“Apush!”In the tenth part of the base,The sleeping beam, I can’t help but sneeze.,The next consciousness wrapped in the blanket。
“what,that,Still serious。”The upper striped a few times,Finally, the feeling of cold jokes from the body,“Take a more majestic name.。”
“That is called Deichuan Jiakang.。”Teenage girl 歪 头,Thinking one will say。
“This is too majestic.!”The upper is awkward。


槐 序 他 他:“Do you see that I can’t be better than your carving??You have no art cells。”
Zhou,Still not to see。
Suspectedly, continue to see him。
This old monster,poisonous。
Compare http://www.simier-shop.cn only two eyes, the group of the group who is not interested in his carvings, you can make more love.。
Zhouzhi silently took the knife from him back,And decide to forget the previous ten minutes。He re-opened the tutorial,I plan to sculpt a few spoons when I have left today.。Spoon’s practical value。
“Playing your game,Don’t use my knife again.。”Zhou is afraid of being blunt,“To buy yourself。”
“whispering sound!”
3moon20No,spring equinox,Friday。
Today, I have been raining during the day.,In the past half afternoon, it is clear.,I still have a sunshine.。The air with a few more rain and refreshing。
Zhou Zhi and Nan Ge strided together,Slowly walking along the river from the direction of the municipal government。
At four o’clock,They sat down on the chair by the river.,Each of the mobile phones——There is a physical education class in the afternoon.。
Network class。
The content is a male doing push-ups.、Girls doing kneeling,Also universal wavebu,Take a video session to the teacher。Although I don’t have to take time to go to the playground.,But tell the truth,Most exercise is mostly,Exposes many people’s physical fitness。
Zhou Zhihe Nan Ge is on the river,Take each other,In group,Then look at the videos of everyone。
“This person’s movement is deformable to the library library……”
“You see your cousin!I am so tired, haha.!”
“Wow this……”
Nan Ge looked at a big breast girl to do Bobby jump,Maybe the big breasts have already been hot.,Wearing a single dress,She just opened her mouth.,Suddenly realize what,Enjoy the turn of the video,And twist your serious look around。
“What are you looking at?”
Zhou Zhiyou showed her to her。
She makes it out of the past。
Because of the value,Zhou Zhihe and Nan Ge have always been the focus of everyone concerned.,So the video just issued,I have already pointed out that their background is in the same place.,Even the sports teacher also sent a expression。
Zhouzhi Some faces,Secretably observed the reaction of Nange。
I saw that the nanong was taken with his shoulders.,Very calm:“Don’t care about them,Sports class itself is going outdoors.,Does the two classmates are not http://www.szedfkqnxwimws.cn known as the class??”
Toned,She said:“I see that they are not habits.,Waiting for our festivals,They look more,I am used to it.!”
Zhou,I feel that she is。
The two continue to get up,Walk forward。
Yansheng’s diagnosis has been cleared for a week.,Now the river is much more than a lot of people.,Many local square dances have recovered。The two have been attracting the attention of the passerby together.。
“Stay at home is bored,I really want to start school.!”Nang Ge is sighing,“I have been school and want to holiday.~~”

Li Yunzi waved her hand at this moment,A beheading order was issued to the Asuka Camp in mid-air!

Hundreds of flying birds and http://www.gycxmj.cn pseudo-dragons swooped down,Every one of them carries a bloodthirsty trend,It perfectly echoes that fierce bird and pseudo-dragon!
This aerial bombardment,Surpassed the crush,Just like harvesting wheat ears,You can see a large patch of blood red and blood red,Countless mobs fell in a pool of blood!!
“Rush,Rush,We have no retreat!!”There are still people in the rioters waving the flag and shouting。
The blood spurts continuously ahead,Screams one after another,But there are still people rushing towards the sword mark,They rushed to the lake where there was only a shallow pool of water left,Run wildly towards Ronggok City!
Black shadow,Ups and downs,Every low-altitude gallop takes the lives of those mobs along the way,Those running mobs didn’t even have time to reach the tower of Ronggok City and were killed by the sword.。
Blood like a http://www.sh-luyu.cn stream,Penetrate into the field little by little,Gathered a little bit in the valley stream,The body also kept rolling down into the valley stream,Let the blood baptize,Even in the night,With a little hazy,Everything is still so shocking!
Lieutenant Changmei is driving a pterosaur。
This pterosaur flaps its wings strongly,To fly those violent troops high,And the long knife of the lieutenant long eyebrow also swung extremely quickly,Accurately behead them one by one!
Short time,Lieutenant Changmei has killed dozens of people。
Bloody,She couldn’t http://www.805man.cn help screaming,Seeing a mob about to escape,So immediately drove the pterosaur to chase。
Long knife raised,Just when the lieutenant wanted to kill all these people,A sword shadow passing,Flew out his long knife,Even the pterosaur was frightened by this sudden sword shadow,Hurriedly waving his wings and almost fell to the ground。
“Retreated outside the sword world,Is the people!”Li Yunzi’s voice came from a high place。
The long eyebrow lieutenant was stunned,Although I feel a little annoyed and puzzled,But he still didn’t dare to chase the sword world again。
Asuka Camp has unparalleled combat power,Thousands of mobs cannot compete with them,Those who cross the sword world are basically slaughtered。

Su Qiang hugged the grass on the shore,The impact of water is not so big。

“uncle,Quickly follow the grass!”
Su Qiang found a place where you can stand firm,Shake the Hezi。
Too for too long in the water,Su Qiang is obviously a bit of physical strength。
I am stretching my body,Put the grass,Her belly drums,Universities。
Just hurriedly,It should be only the instinctive reaction of the next consciousness.。
“quick,Take the pot!”
I don’t dare to delay in the moment.。
Su Qiang’s weight is reduced,Some lost balance,Plus water flow
Niu Niu just wanted to look at the situation of Whez,Just find that your own posture is wrong.
Others have seen Wo Zi.,Slowly slow down the shore,Some distance from Suqiang。
Shore people,Announcement of wind and rain,Nobody, no one heard the name of Niu Niu!
what to do?what http://www.hongshengsuye.cn to do?
Some people are obvious,But Niu Niu fell into a panic,I don’t know how it is good at all.。
“Fang Cai,superior!”
Electric flash thunder,Niu Niu saw Wang Cai around himself。
Wangcai seems to understand the same,Jump into the water at once,Disappear。
“You can Wang, you can”
Niu Niu wants to cry out。
The sound of the water touched everyone’s keen nerve,Someone saw Su Qiang struggled in the water。
Niu Niu sat on the ground,Tightly stare at the surface。
“Fang Cai!Fang Cai!”
I saw Wangcai to expose the head of the head.,Tour in Suqiang,
Su Qiang is the center of gravity,Advantages of sudden cramping。Wangcai is on him behind him.,Su Qiang is a good hand of the water,Soon recovery,Circular booth。
“Hadron,Are you OK!”
“I am fine.!”
http://www.taoboli.com.cn Wang Cai has been thrown behind Su Qiang,It seems that he prevents him from appearing again.。
“Hoot~Wheum~Mother’s girlfriend~”
Niu Niu Ji Just,I heard the cry of the dog’s egg.。
Wheum!There is also a grass!

“Since ancient times,No one knows,The harem has a secret connection in the hometown.,Now Your Majesty,The queen is to handle the hometown of His Majesty.,To the top,Isn’t it the best wife???”

Xue Tai is not deeply gotting with Yunqin.,road:“Ad I want is the long-term,Since this,Why don’t you do this for the emperor??”
Yun Qin slightly,Slightly hurting:“The courtiers were stupid by everyone,In addition to the family’s wife,No one is willing to be kind to the minister。”
“But,The courtier is just a small woman.,At the time of the beginning of love,It is also over.,Chen Chen will marry a hurt I know that I love my husband。”
“But difficult!Entire Huangcheng,Where can I find out that I know that I love me???!”
“Original minister,Since this,The courtier is not as good as entering the palace.,Also, a life is not married,Drake your family。”
Speaking of which,Yun Qin changed a god color,Sweet and sweet,road:“Until the court,Hour majesty,Pet me,I feel that I have encountered love.!”
“so,The courtiers only hope that this life can always have a favorite.,others,Chen Chen does not care!”
“Chen Chen only hope,Can stay with you!”
Finish,Yunqin micropause,Expression。
When Xue was staring at Yunqin,Have a long time,From Yunqin’s expression,Can’t see the traces of smart。
I think about my intelligence,Yunqin is indeed the same as she he said.,Huangcheng in addition to Qi Jia,No one is right‘Qi Yunqin’Friendly,And even Yunqin entered the palace,It’s all the hands and feet.,What is said to Yunqin,Have a lot of money。
See Xue Taihou,Look at,It seems that I believe in the look of Yun Qin.,Xue Xinxia。
“Too!Don’t listen to her Hu!Do you know how the minister she threatened yesterday??!It’s just not putting you in your eyes.!!”
Yun Qin glanced at Xue Xin,Not tight:“The queen did not still,I don’t listen to the persuasion of the courtiers.,Chen Chen can only make this policy,Take out your own letter。”
“If you don’t speak,I am afraid that the queen will continue to stay here.。Chen Chen just wants to treat it with you.,no offense。”
“What is unintentional?!!you,You a monk,It is intentionally!!”Xue Xin’s breath。
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS271chapter Herner‘stupid’29
What is your own prostitute?,Xue Tai http://www.seedk.cn is of course known,So Xue Tai is not doubtful to Yunqin’s words.,Immediately。
“Queen,You are the mothermm!Speak!”
“Too!aunt!”Xue Xin’s straight to the body。
“okay!A wide range of harem,You should deal with it is!Let’s let Qin have served here.。”
“Qin,You stay here to serve so!”Xue Taichen。
Yunqin is a faceful gift,road:“Xie Taihou!”
Later,Xue Taihou turned to immersed in Pacific for studying toxic blood,road:“He too doctor。”
Heavy medical condition reflection lifts,Finally, I saw Xue Tai.,When you are salty。
“Chen has seen too much!”
I feel that I feel that I am too majestic, I’m afraid.,I finally got some comfort from He Tai doctor.。
Mood is not bad:“Get up!”
“He too doctor,Remember to go to Kunyi Palace every day,Report the situation of the emperor with the mourning http://www.reiqilong.cn family!”
He Taoism immediately wrote:“Yes!Minister。”
Told,Xue Tai was unwilling to leave Xue Xin.。
Yun Qin face flat,In addition to the eyes,Can’t see any strange。
When Xue Tai is this hranode,In addition to Ji Yu,Is the biggest power,She is not good to follow Xue Taihou。
Although she is not afraid of Xue Tai’s retaliation,Not afraid of external rumors,But she has to consider Ji Yan.。
Since this,Dealing with Xue Tai,Her people directly gave to the championship。

Suddenly a sentence from Wang Lin appeared in his mind,Just let him comeszGo to Chen Xia,Easy to expose on the phone,It should be no problem to go directly,Xia Jian didn’t believe it,The police will keep staring at Chen Xia。

The idea has been decided,Xia Jian looked at his watch and found that it was past five in the afternoon,This time toszIn a hurry,Wait till,It’s night,How inconvenient to act,He might as well be firstgzStay for one night and talk about it。
Right here,A Ju came over with a smile on his face,She smiled and said:“Let’s go!Is it hot,You see how many clothes you wear“
Jing Aju said,Xia Jian discovered,Most people around are wearing short sleeves,And not only did he wear long sleeves,The worst thing is that I have worn a few http://www.yesdance.cn more,It’s really weird if it’s not hot。
A Ju glanced at Xia Jian who was slightly embarrassed,Laugh softly:“At first glance, there is no girlfriend,How about this!Let’s have a meal first,I’ll take you to the mall,I’ll buy you some clothes to wear here“
“What trouble you“Xia Jian said with a smile。
Aju shook her head and said:“What’s this,If it wasn’t for you to help out last night,I don’t know where it is right now?“
First0569chapter Really Bo Hongyan
Just out of the gate of the coach station,Xia Jian is already sweating,He is really http://www.ushuai.cn uncomfortable。
“Can’t you do this,What else to eat?It’s so hot。How about this!Or go to my house first,You take a bath,Change into cool clothes,Let’s come out for dinner?“Aju looked a little embarrassed at Xia Jian,Yu Xin couldn’t bear to say。
Xia Jian hurriedly shook his head and said:“no need,So sorry“
“Think too much!Me for the sports car,It’s close to the coach station,Rent a room,But it has everything inside,And next to it is the clothing market“Aju said,Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,Forcibly pulled him into a parking lot。
ThisgHow is the weather so hot,Until Xia Jian got in the car,Aju took care of him and turned on the air conditioner,He felt a little more comfortable now。
Aju is right,More than ten minutes’ drive,The car stopped next to an old little courtyard。Aju jumped out of the car,Quickly opened the locked http://www.yqzjyf.cn courtyard door。A small courtyard of more than ten square meters,The second is two small bungalows。

Shen Hongzhang listened to the question of going back:“Are you planning to buy a book in Qifang??”

“How this expression,This bookstore is more,And it is close to us.!Not come here, where I am going here??”
“Don’t go!”
“This is a leader of the Communist Party!The bookstore owner Fu Yingxue is a underground party!It should still be a big fish!”
“Why don’t you grab?!”
“Can’t catch!Communistraties have big people to come to the http://www.gsp12580.cn bookstore and her joint!We are here to hold the rabbit.!”
“so it is!Do you need my help?”
“I still don’t know when the party is coming?!Don’t take us here.!Let’s go back!”
“I’m leaving!Fortunately, I saw you.!Otherwise I can’t say it.!”
“When you have made me, please drink.!”
“no problem!”
Zheng Yao did not leave,Instead, hiding in the dark, want to see how it is rumored.,At this time, his mood is very complicated.,If you really come to notify Fu Yingxue.,But the bookstore has been surrounded by Shen Hongzhang.,Once he is adventurous, it will be arrested.,When I arrived, I couldn’t save him.。
Rui Rui is your comrades should be right.!Because he tried over Huang Yuxian,So the accounts of the accounting were raised to notify Fu Ying Xue.!Otherwise there is no other explanation.!But this is too risky!
http://www.newlandshop.cn Zheng Yao first at this moment is very tangled,Because he didn’t want to see his comrades Fu Yingxue,Never want to take Qi Qi,When he looks for rumor, it is found that people are gone.。
what!?Where is this kid?!Is it a walk?!
Zheng Yao first looking for a ritual process, seeing a walking road,The person left on the right walked through the enlightenment house.,From his attitude of walking, it is a personal opinion.,When he stopped, he stopped and looked down at the little man in it.,That is, the coming。
All the special skills are all staring at this half-length,I saw him take the window with hand.,A young and beautiful girl came out,Ask:“gentlemen!Do you want to buy a book??”
Rui Rui has observed the interior of the bookstore through the window,There is only one man and a woman inside.,The male grade is about 50 years old.,The woman should be Fu Yingxue.。
Rui nodded,Pointing at the Sui and Tang Dynasties in the window, saying that the mouth of the mouth is unclear.:“this……I’ll buy……”After saying that he took out the money and trembled from the pocket to Fu Yingxue.,But two banknotes because he is unstable in the ground.。
Rui Rui is deliberately dropping money on the ground.,The purpose is to let the destitutes see that the money is no problem.。
Fu Yingxue bent over,At this time, I heard someone talking.:“Huang Youxian rebellion is killed!You and Yuan Shangqing exposed!Bookstore has been monitored by special agent!But you don’t be nervous!Just when something!Tell me where Yuan Shangqing is,When is the comrades of Shanghai?!You don’t have to hesitate,Because the situation is urgent, you can only choose to believe me.!Otherwise you will be arrested!”
Fu Ying, snow, slightly shaking it.,How can she hear this news?,But she still caught the money from the ground and said:“I will give you a book.!You wait a moment!”
Chapter Six You should not appear!
Learn the expression management,Rui Rui-played half-length, the patient’s mouth is angry and also flowing with snot and saliva,The special agent can’t see him talking.,When he moved from time to time, it played a very good cover.。
Don’t look at Fu Ying, is not big.,It is also an old underground party.,She quickly succeeded to the bookstore.,Take a while,She took a bundled Sui and Tang Dynasty, and I was handed over.。
“Take it well.!”Fu Ying Xue is in the hands of the coming of the chain painting.。
Rui Wei shakes the buddy painting,But he did not immediately left,Instead, I have been looking for a place with a sun, sitting on the ground, starting to see the comic book.,Although the action is very difficult,It seems that he has been completely immersed in the story.。
What should I do if I have a special skill?,Because the goal is sitting in a place where the bookstore is not far away.,Worried that the sinking of Fu Ying Xue shake his head and not need to take this person.,Let the destitutes continue to stare at the bookstore。
Fu Ying Xue returned to the bookstore, very anxious,But she can’t have any abnormal moves now.,I can only wait for this fake as a patient, I can go to Yuan Shangqing.,But how did he sit on the ground really look at the coming。
Fu Yingxue can only gamble at this time.,Because the result of not gamble is the head of Shanghai will arrested!This loss is an organization that cannot accept。
At this time, Zheng Yao first has identified the people who are half-length.,I can’t help but admire my heart.,I didn’t expect him to have this camouflage skill.!Because of the Qi Rui Huan Dynamic Shift,If it is not the shoes on his feet?,Zheng Yao cach can’t believe that this patient is rushing.!
In addition, Zheng Yao first admired the harmful intelligence.,Because he wants to take a book immediately,The special agent will definitely keep up with him.,At least also asked him,If you caught up with the smart machine, you will ask where his family lives.,Investigate a patient around it?,That time it is.。
But now he is in a hurry to sit on the ground to see the coming,And it is close to the bookstore,In order to avoid alarmed Fu Yingxue, I will not pay attention to him.,This special offer will gradually decrease,If Fu Yingxue is smart, when you leave, you will take a little.,He will easily leave。
Especially the place where you choose to read the book is also very smart.,Don’t look at the sun is full.,But soon, the place where he stays will be blocked.,At that time he left and will be reasonable!
Rui wiped the water while watching the border painting,I am happy to see, I’m called two sounds.,At this time, he had already finished Fu Yingxue to his note.,Only the address of Yuan Shangqing,It seems that she doesn’t know the time of Shanghai comrade arrival.,When he wiped the nose and saliva, he had stuffed the paper into his mouth.。
Sunshine disappears after an hour,Qi Rui just finished reading the second company,I feel a little cool, he looked up at the sky.,Then put the book carefully put the wall to stand up and stand in the direction of the road.。
At this time, Fu Yingxue wore a bookstore quickly stepped toward the opposite direction.,All special skills are attracted by her,Originally, I wanted to follow the ritual special agent.。
Zheng Yao is preparing to help,But I don’t want Fu Yingxue to come out in the most appropriate time.,Extracting the special skills。

This sentence,The face of Tween and Asina will become more difficult again.。

Temping is deeply spit out of breath,Ambient,“President does not agree with our plan,Especially someone,Is the idiot in the president。”
Voice is just,Asina is clear,“Do you not be a long waste??”
Temping Zhang Zhang mouth,Never say anything。
And Asina’s face is also revealed,Start silence。
So in the eyes of Amy,Her face is can’t help but change.,“You……President,He will not……”Temping to look up,“Yes,It’s what you think.。”
Amy jumped directly,And burst。
Martin’s president is very strong,Very strong,Strong awe,Strong also desperate。
Martin’s senior IQ is very high,very high,High seems to have a heart,Ability to lay out,Volvar。
but!All the premise,Is in his awake。
If you encounter him irritability、anger、Emotional failure due to test failure、Or if you can’t find a solution……So Martin’s IQ,Unlimited decrease。
About this,Three people have already taken more than once。
http://www.en10216.cn Ammy asked the sound,“Martin president personally develops a plan?
What plan is?”
“The president thinks that my plan is too slow.,And Asina’s plan is too idiot,So he folded our plan。”
Tween’s face is somewhat ugly。
How to get?”
“President said……He said that he would pay first.,Our goal is to force the door of Changyu,So let us kill a person,Just kill the person,It must be able to force the door of the long door。”
“Kill who。”
Why,Amy’s heart gave birth to not feeling。
“I still remember that there was a period of time last year.,Huaxia has a woman who is suspected of Huaxia Emperor,It is also the father of killing God.,Cumper,Now we already know her identity,It is the strongest middle law enforcement of the five law enforcements.,Right,It is also the woman of Jiangjia.,Her http://www.lygshaiwang.cn name is Jihuai bottle。”
Amy,“President……Let us kill a law enforcement?”
Tween and Asina are simultaneously silent。
Amy began to turn around,No more charming,Two people,“Are you two idiots,What’s more,Be sure to be alarmed?,You……How strong the law enforcement,do you know。
And not to say that we can kill her,If it is failed,Once she is escapped by her,We are waiting for the four major law enforcement collective chasing.!We are dead!”
Be overwhelmed,Tween and Asina have an angry color。
But the two are born again,Take each other,glare,At the same time, the intestines repent。
They do have a good strength。
More than those who take genotylets,Still strong。
Although they don’t have a power,But with Orlando,Can cultivate。
but,Words compared to the real day level,They are still a trace。
The reason,it’s actually really easy。
Whether it is Western,Or oriental ancient military,When promoting the heavens and cave,Need not to force the strength of strength。
Instead, the mood is aware and sentimental and sublimation。
at this point,Whether it is a master taking a genetics,Still cultivate them,I will never reach this step。
They pursue power,As for the sense of mood……What it is。

Cultural class can not learn,But this novel is written,She is studying。

“Have it?”Han Jiang’s question:“Why don’t I know anything??”
The power of the bud is not this direction.,She listens to a fog。
“some。”Qi Yana said seriously:“Just before I came out,Time for more than ten seconds,Then I ran out.。”
Han Jiang guess will not be the preparation for the support of the law,I want to put Qi Yana in them.……When you come out?
“It should be battle toast,Do you have two trip to fight??”
There are two things that can cause space fluctuations.,So Qiana asked。
“Do not……no……”
Although from another level,I really belonging to the fight against Hanjiang,But not and dominant。
Perhaps because it is too excited to be too excited, it is too excited.,Therefore, Han Jiang did not detect the fluctuation of space.?
“Who else has the power to cause space fluctuations?,Is it……”Han Jiang suddenly thought of Yi Lai Deire,“Fu Lai Lai also came in?”
“Yes, we found that we were swallowed in the virtual space of the law.,So enter to save us?,This kind of Qi Lai Deece captain……”Buds guess。
“Still find it.,If it is Fu Lai Dal,We can join hands to resolve the support of Tibetan heads.。”
Qi Yana agrees with Hanjiang’s statement,After all, it is really annoying.。
What I heard alone,It’s not enough to get ear.。
It’s http://www.knayt.cn good to have a good attitude.,Have intimate friends,Dear elders and teachers,Otherwise, I really have been named by the law.。
“Then come with me.,I am more in this regard.!”Qi Yana Xu Xian walked in front of the two,Indifistrate。
“Here,Come over!”
Han Rong followed,The buds looked at the back of Hanjiang in the back and then sighed.。
Look,I have to find a place where no one is bothered.。
this moment,The buds are ran forward to raise Hanjiang’s hand,But I thought about it or I was.。
Space fluctuations before Zeana come out for ten seconds,Balonia did。
After entering this space,Bronia is fighting with countless。
These people have no core,Only one doll shelf,Is the truly dominant weapon。
Like other people,Tripaster’s traitor’s traitor。
From the first generation of Valter,To the second http://www.hongsheng-hsh.cn generation Valter,Balonia。
Continuous three generations,All is the traitor of God。
Facing such people,Distance to the law,Because she knew that such a person wanted at all。
Even if she watches to Hanjiang to help her hand,Also wraps the first person, this betrayal of the god。
Can’t find the body,Bronia has not developed all the strengths of the core,Unable to manufacture things against imaginary space。
Can only fall into endless battle。
Gross the law is constantly consuming the power of Bronia,After being planned, you can reply.。
Grouting the law’s own strength loss,After all, this is her own exclusive space.。

Xia Jian turned on the faucet,After he waited for the hot water to come out,He washed his head。Wash like this,He became sober a lot。When returning to the room again,He Wei swayed and walked in。

“Sorry Mr. Xia,These people basically drink too much,I want them to leave safely。Sit down and rest for a while,I wash my face out, let’s have tea and chat”
He Wei’s face is slightly red,She went into the bathroom http://www.antimonopolylawyer.cn with a full body of alcohol。
Xia Jian sat on the sofa like pins and needles,If he leaves rashly,This definitely won’t work,It will make people misunderstand what will happen between them,This second time will make He Wei look down on him even more。He Wei spent so much effort to invite him to drink,Left him alone again,It must not be so simple。
Thinking about going,Xia Jian took out his phone,Quietly called Zhang Teng。One call,Zhang Teng on the phone obviously didn’t drink much。Just listen to him quietly asking:“What’s wrong, Mr. Xia?Do you need my help?I’m under the building of Global Storm,Because I found out that He Wei didn’t send you back,So I am still a little worried”
“I’m in her office now,In ten minutes you find a way to come up and take me away。Optimistic about the time,It must not be too late”
Zhang Teng on the phone:“Ok”Went on to say:“Don’t worry, Mr. Xia,I’m not afraid to offend her He Wei”
Xia Jiangang hung up the phone,The bathroom door opened with a creak。He Wei wore a very sexual.Sensual nightgown came out。The neckline of this nightgown opens http://www.maruiqi.cn very low,A large part of He Wei’s chest is exposed。And the two beautiful white legs exposed under her nightgown,Let anyone be moved in their hearts。
“You can get off work,Tomorrow, remember to collect the overtime pay tonight from the Finance Department,I have already greeted the financial manager”
He Wei said and waved,Which two waitresses responded,He lowered his head and walked out。
“President Xia!Don’t take it off。I don’t like bondage,I like to let myself go when I get home”
He Wei laughed,So he sat down on the sofa diagonally across from Xia Jian。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“up to you,Anyway, this is your place。It’s so late, Mr. He, what else can I say directly,It’s not been a year or two since we’ve dealt with each other”
He Wei stood up,She went to the coffee machine and made two cups of coffee and brought them。When she lowered http://www.woniuchao.cn her head to deliver coffee to Xia Jian,The spring light in my chest suddenly leaked。Fortunately, Xia Jian had this mental preparation in advance,So he was not moved by it。
Xia Jian took the coffee He Wei handed him,He stirred it twice with a spoon,Then smiled and said:“Mr. He!Let’s talk about it!I remember you once in this place,Almost the same situation”
“is it!Why don’t i remember。Looks really old,Can’t compare to President Xia”