Eighteen swords, swords, a sword,A sword is full of swords。

Half air wave,Earth actually cracking,Endless mountain stone dust emerald was hit high。
Da Luo Zun’s sword,Trying to break。
But the summer is sharp,It seems to be wrapped in a world,Put your own strength to the ultimate。
Can’t retreat at all。
He didn’t leave it back to yourself.。
This battle is only returned!Two swords,Metal vibrato is like a true thunder。
Summer open big,A sword,It’s straight to Taishan,Eight-party。
Datui can only hard。
“when、when、Tinkling……”Through the sound,Space is like torn tear,The earth seems to withstand this power,Constantly crack。
Summer constant sword,Spatial turmoil,Finally, there was a slight crack.。
Da Luo is only hard,Constantly retreat。
The last leg http://www.ozmilk.cn sinks into the ground,The semi-confused body is born in the summer.。
This moment is too strong.。
It’s not as good as the summer.,But he first was bombarded by Gogjian.,Old force has been,Xinli is not born,Captured the opportunity by the summer。
One time, the wind turbcommunications made him passive to the extreme。
In this strong,His arms were spurious,The palm bone is crackled.。
People outside the offers are exciting,I can’t believe my eyes see.。
It is too shocking this scene.。
In Dalon,Under the first hand,Instead, it has equalized the inferiority with Gogjian.,And grab a first-line chance。
“boom”Talk long,But all this occurs between。
The big Luo Zun, who was thrown into the earth, rushed to the sky,Bring the dust and waves。
However, welcome his,It is the Gob Sword that has been waiting for a long time.,Just a sword,Carrying lightning,Gently handy。
Dato is not under,Twist,A refund。
Summer and Gogjian two people,One after the other,Alternately。
Walk like Thunder,Sword,Dazzling。
I don’t give the big Luo Zun.。
Oath swearing this http://www.zgcydh.cn place。
NS3908chapter Tongtongtian

The nanong said on the side of the blanket,Stepping on the slipper walking towards the bathroom,At the same time:“correct,Just gave you a message,Said that she is coming to find you,Already on the road,I am back for you.,It’s estimated.。”

The circumstances are not in the meaning of his mobile phone casually.。
At this time,Nangers suddenly,Slightening,But didn’t turn back,Faint:
http://www.ruihejade.cn “correct,Your hidden photo album is very interesting!”
Zhou Zhi suddenly opened his eyes。
how……How can I go to the album??
Nan Ge has only a step,Sound along with slippers,There is still her words:“I only swept it.,Haven’t started,I am afraid that the time is not enough.,I plan to wait and slowly appreciate it.,after all231Zhang……”
Said that she has already entered the bathroom,Close up。
Zhouzhi sitting on the sofa。
The old monster revealed the look of the gloat from the screen.:“I have already said to you.,Playing fire must self-immolation,You don’t listen。”
“This is a while!”Zhou Hard hair。
“Oh……Waiting for me to study hard。”Old monster nodded,Taught。
Knocking on the door。
Zhou Zhi from the face-free expression to open the door,Standing outside the door with a small little girl,http://www.dfoexpress.cnLift your head, I am looking forward to him.。
Zhou Zhiyuan first greeted:“How do you think of coming to me?。”
The little girl hesitated,Soon said:“I、I am coming to pick up the school back to school.。”
The heart slowly appeared“Very good,Wait until she takes her.”,But he knows this is unrealistic.,This sentence is useless,Will only keep the old monster ridicule,And he does not believe in the little cousin:“You have time,I will ran to my back to my bedroom.。”
The little girl heard the words low,Honestly:“I have been playing with thousands of thousands.,Only me alone in the bedroom,Husen,I am a little fear.。”
“This way.……”Zhou,“Have you got a meal yet?”
“not yet。”
“Just we have to go out to eat.,Let together,What do you want to eat?”
“Ice cream。”
“That is not a meal。”
“Oh。”I thought about it.,Lift your eyes and steal the weekly,“Have you heard a milk tea hot pot?……”
“Don’t you have some。”
The little girl sits down on the sofa,Stare at the TV,Quiet waiting for Nan Ge to wash。

Gao Baoyi is coming to find a long teacher.。I used to pay attention to Gao Chengfu.,Like Yang Wei, they are also from Gao Cheng.,These people can of course follow the high ocean。

But others,Such as guard,artisan,Women, etc.,The door is not very good.。Gao Bao felt that he had a few people to do things.,There is no problem.。
after all,He is now the king of Anyang,North Qi number is the last name,Use the right to smoke the sky to describe nor。This face,Gao Changong is still giving。
really,Gong Gongtou:“Craftsman said,Originally there is no status in the government。As for Qin Fang,I also think that he is too big.,And I think it is often contrary to it.,Follow the brothers in the future,How?”
He is not very concerned about these things.,Attention is always on the battlefield。
“This time,Taizi is dead,Just feel that the autumn of extra,I am in the city vortex,When it is a difficulty。”
Gao Chang Gong is angry and sighs,Different from the front of the front chase boy。These two years are not long,There is a lot of things that happen.,I have grown a lot for a while.。
Although it is the passive growth,Growth by reality。
many things,Gao Chang Kong is just not saying。
Prince’s death,The Changshan King is the biggest,Duan’s saying is just a person。As a descendant of Gao Cheng,Gao Gong’s position is really awkward。
High gentleness is still a high ocean,There is no loss for yourself,Or insignificant。How to choose?The best choice is often the most difficult,I don’t see the beautiful sisters, and they are picking up your boyfriend.?
It is precisely because,He cannot be fully trustworthy by a high ocean.,It will not be regarded as a heartbeat。Clip in the middle,Take the high-growth and experience and the city,It’s too difficult.。
“You feel difficult,Because you use yourself as a master,And did not regard himself as a national courter。
Consequence,What should you do?。Do you forget the ministers of the ministries??”
Takhami,Let the high rise as a dream。
Since the high-joy era,Gao Jiahuang has a very serious pathogenesis,That is the heart“Only home,No country”。This kind of thinking continues until Northern Qi。
Or this is not a common problem in North Qi,It is the dynasty of the North and South Dynasties.,So。
Royal members are not official,I want to be families in my heart.。But if you are in a high level,Thinking is the status of the home rather than the country’s development,That’s very problematic.。
The current emperor is a high ocean,Gao Changgong should think,Isn’t it true for the country??
Whether it is dead, no matter whether it is dead,Shoulder,Nature is a son of a high ocean,Gao Changgong should be loyal,It is naturally a new monarch,What is worth hesitant??
Because of Gao Huan,Gao family doesn’t pay attention to the father、Home in the world,The brothers and brothers and seems to be accepted,This is just a ritual,I will http://www.kabmaster.cn become confusing,Solve the country。
Gao Changong will feel emotion,Be confused,In fact, it is a tight person who has nothing to do.,Who is the attitude of the emperor,It is also casual with confused。
This is also the absolute trust of Gao Baoyi.“outsider”,I don’t know the deepest reason for my brother’s nephew.。Only the kind of people who will drop their heads or even dead people.,I will fight for the new monarch.。
no doubt,Gao Boyi is such a person,So the high ocean is willing to hand over the army of the military.。What is the wild heart?,Will not leave a disaster in the future,This is not a high ocean energy control.。
As long as the ocean is not dead,So Gao Bi will be killed in the position of the banned army.。The so-called generation of people doing generations,A generation of people think about future generations,That http://www.jdays.cn is unrealistic。
“Brother lesson,Gong Gong is advised。”
Gong Gong said hand。
“It’s not a chat here.,You are now the Lanling King.,Loyalty is your own point,Where is it?,You grasp it yourself.。”
The two rushed away,The mood is very different。
Gao Chang is long-awaited,Know what you have to do next。
And Gao Biyi is emotional,In the future, if you come out of the step,Perhaps with high-rise Gong Shou, it is no inevitable.。
This night,Gao Biyi did not find Cui Wei,Not he doesn’t want to enjoy the two beautiful posture,There is something,He wants to know the answer。
“Do you have a heart??”
Lying down bed,The high eyes are big.,She certainly knows that Gao Bao is going last night.,It’s just weak to stop.。Woman with royal family,Understand those things。
Men like Gao Bo Yi now sleeps world women,Not related to physiological needs,Not related to love。
He sleeps is not a woman.,But a huge family network!The pillow is beautiful is ugly,It is always or unexpected.,Anyway, sleeping is the relationship between!
Gao Yu is not going to stop such something。
“Your Majesty may soon,You have to be mentally prepared。”

“Shen Xuan,You seem to feel different from the previous feelings.。”

Shen Xuan smiled:“What is different,It seems still almost。”
Shen Xuan said,But Long En,Then shook the head。
“have no idea,But give me the feeling,Be in mind。”
Dragon is said,Others are also the same。
Although their classmates are between gatherings,There is no thing that is moving and the face.。
but,Dragon is still a keen aware of this。
at this time,Other people around you see here,It’s not forgotten here.。
“If now,Really said something,It seems that it is really a matter。”
“Say it back,do not know why,Always feel,It seems to be a slice。”
“This is of course,Shen Xuan,Do you have a girlfriend??”
Surroundings,I have an urgent saying.。
After all, Shen Xuan is a big handsome brother.,Their heart still has ideas。
And Shen Xuan,It is a laugh.。
Jianglin Mountain is busy:“What do you care about?,Is it that Shen Xuan has a non-division??”
This point,Others are even more connected。
Atmosphere is still harmonious,And Shen Xuan,It is said to Jiang Lin Mountain.:“Don’t stare at it.,I want to chat with your goddess.。”
I heard Shen Xuan said so.,Jiang Lin Mountain is somewhat embarrassing, I don’t know http://www.lytxcy.cn what to say.。
Think,Not far from a voice。
“Beautiful woman。”
“have no idea,Do you have time to sit in my box?,Especially this beautiful lady。”
A young woman in his 20s,While talking,Look at Guo Ying。
but,Just at this time,Jianglin Mountain Station,A very angry look。
“Excuse me,Nothing,Don’t harass my girlfriend,otherwise,I am welcome to you.。”
With the words of Jianglin Mountain,Former,That twenty-year-old youth,A small smile。
“Oh,This way.,So very good,I already knew it,What should I do?。”
With this person,He turned and prepared to leave。
But before leaving,His line of sight is in Shenxuan’s body。
“very good,In fact,I already know what to do.。”
“You are waiting for me。”
Finish,This youth got up and left。
And others have seen Jianglin Mountain and Guo Ying.:“You two,It’s http://www.sannianjiuban.cn very uncomfortable.。”
Chapter 946, he can try
“In this case,Don’t say it first,Go in to sing。”
at this time,Shen Xuan looked at everyone,I don’t forget。
I heard Shen Xuan finished,Others are nodded,Go in and sing directly。

He looked with a strong dislike.。

Song Jiansheng Ren in the head of the head。
I can’t believe my own hear.,How can he know these things??
These things she did very hidden,How can he know??
Song Jia Ding finally understood what is to carry his own feet.。
“Song Jiandi,You like, I feel disgusting,Rolling out of the entertainment circle,Don’t wait for me to make your scorpion。”
Lu Qiran said,Turning。
“Lu Lanran。”
Song Jiaru cried and called him。
Lu Yuli turned to look at her,Handsome no temperature。
Song Jia Ding http://www.yrxuhn.cn cried and went to him a few steps,Full of your eyes,Tone is more aggressive:“Lu Lanran,I don’t like why I have to be so good to me.,do not like me,Why do you help me everywhere??
do not like me,Why let me see hope in your body?。
Now you said that I will roll out the entertainment circle,What did you call your previous??”
In her opinion,It is Lu Yuli to give her a illusion he likes her.,She will use Lu Zaran,She is full of expectations to marry Lu Zaunran。
Who is wrong?,That is Lu Yuli’s fault,Start from childhood,He should not give her such hope.?
“Huh……”Lu Qiran is still laughing by her.。
His laughter,Self-ridiculous and disappointment,Anger,Handsome is more mood。
“Song Jiandi,When you are from primary school, you often bullied because of the situation in the family.,I look at you pitiful,I want http://www.digetongfang.cn to help you,Don’t want to see you being bullied,I beg my father to let you do a child model.,Just want you to have a wonderful future。”
“these years,I will help you grow in the darkness.,You will now have such a bright and beautiful life.,Even as a friend,I am also sincerely helping you.,You have a terrible ambition,I want to enter the door of the land。”
“I tell you,Although Lujia has money,But the threshold is not high,No matter what you are,As long as I like,My family will not oppose my choice.,But my mother has only one condition.,The girl I like must be kind。”
“You look at you yourself again.,You——Match?”
His sexy lips laugh,Laughing,Eye eyebrows are painful,Pain in my heart,Such as a knife。
All his pay has been questioned and questioned,This is undoubtedly the most painful。
Because she as a friend,http://www.hloov.cnHe is good for her.。
Song Jia Dingyi,She has forgotten it.,Because of his special care,She got rid of the difficulties at that time.。
Available people’s wish is endless,As long as you get it, you want to get more。
Lu Yuli smiled:“Song Jiandi,Do you think why I will help you??
Because of your smile,In my eyes,Your smile is as clean as Qingquan,I saw your laugh in the summer.,I can feel the whole body cool,Because you are simple and lovely,I will pity you pity.,I will take care of you as a friend.,And you,What did I treat me??”
The ending is indeed so sad。
Lu Qiran said,Turn around,This time he stepped very fast。
When Song Jia is chasing it,Lu Yuli has already pulled the suitcase,I entered the elevator with Dusin,At the moment on the elevator door,Lu Yuli also heard the voice of Song Jiansered。
“Lu Lanran,You can’t be so for me,Hoot……”Song Jianshi sitting on the ground,There is not much tolerate her,The whole body is like a screening。

The ancient and Zhang Changshou is very excited.。

Countless years,I don’t know how many people, the original fire of the sword.。
But very few people can get this heaven and earth Qibao。
Now they will succeed.,The ecstasy and excitement in the heart is unable to cover up。
Gourd Valley periphery。
Cave,Zhang Yongnian is also growing up。
They oppose each other,Acknowledge。
“We are also prepared.,Waited for so long,I finally waited for the harvest season.。”
“Ha ha,If it is not an enemy?,I still can’t really kill the summer.,This kid has a set of。”
Ouyang Qing face is playing,“Originally, I am still considering,How should we enter the inner valley?,it’s good now,This kid is migrated by a strong migration,Hahaha。”
http://www.guangzhou86.cn Zhang Yongnian is even more embarrassing,“I can’t wait to see what the little hybrid see us.!”
Three people are unscrupulous。
“Old two,Let your help come over。”
Ouyang Qing looks to the main Ye Qifeng, Ziro Island,“Fortunately, I have a deep skill.,Time for a long time,I am afraid that we are hard to maintain your own.。”
Zhang Yongnian and Ye Qifeng often nodded,Dragling is deep。
Not in the wild。
The metallic rotation is too large to the oppression and binding of the people.。
Three people can only excite osmarbs in their respective jigs。
Ustricity and death,Without the four-character proprietor,I can’t hold so long.。
at the same time。
Wind city。
City owner。
The wind is interrupted,Put the message yuan stone。
for a long time。
He gave up,Enthusiastic murder。
“Waiting for so long,Also should be a knot。”
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NS3600chapter Figure poor to see the dagger
Another month。

Since Ouyang Hong has spoken,Xia Jian is not polite,He picked up the chopsticks and ate。The chicken here is really unusual,Entrance crisp,And tender,Scent rushing in the mouth,Xia Jian is more delicious。

When the two are eating happily,There was a quarrel in the originally quiet yard,Ouyang Hong said with a dazed face:“strange!Who came here to fight?“
Yang Hong’s voice just fell,I saw the waitress hurriedly opened the door and walked in,She glanced at Ouyang Hong and said:“Someone is coming to you,Our manager won’t let,Quarreled,It looks like a fight,Are you going out to see?“
Ouyang Hong nodded and said:“I’m afraid someone will come,I specifically picked such a place,I didn’t expect to find it,I gonna go see。
Ouyang Hong is http://www.cdjingshui.cn going to see,Xia Jian naturally followed out。In the compound,There is a woman in her forties,Tall and a little fat。She yelled:“Ouyang Hong, come out for me!”
A middle-aged man in his forties stopped her,Take a look at this man’s clothes,I knew he was the co-worker here。
Ouyang Hong takes a step closer,Speak softly:“Don’t yell,Have something to say,I am Ouyang Hong,Why are you looking for me?”
“Ah!You are Ouyang Hong!I ask you,You are the deputy mayor of Pingdu,Why didn’t you ask the green, red, and indiscriminate question??Did someone give you a gift?,The reason why our old Liu didn’t give it to you?”Middle-aged woman with hands on hips,Scolded loudly。
Ouyang Hong’s face changed,Said sharply:“You are Liu Jiangguang’s wife?You listened to me clearly,The removal of Liu Jianguang’s post was decided by the city leaders。As for the http://www.lyjinfu.cn question,You can go home and ask him。If you fool around,We can make Liu Jianguang not even hold public office”
Ouyang Hong said it seriously,This middle-aged woman,Can’t help being honest a lot,She cried and said:“Mayor Ouyang,Our old Liu sees work more importantly than his life,I didn’t expect it to be well”
“Don’t cry,Follow me in,I have something to ask you”Ouyang Hong suddenly changed her tone,Whispered to the middle-aged woman。But this woman doesn’t know why,Ouyang Hongyi called her,She ran farther。Feel a little deliberate。
Xia Jian discovered,There are a lot of people behind the gate of the compound,It seems this woman was premeditated。Maybe these people outside are her accomplices。
“Mayor Ouyang!There are many people outside,You have to pay attention to the way,Maybe there are tabloid reporters in it。It seems that this woman is not as simple as running over and crying”Xia Jian lowered his voice,Whispered to Ouyang Hong。
Ouyang Hong nodded and said:“I feel it too,No one knows when I come here,She can find it here,It means I’m being targeted”
“Hey!Lao Liu, this matter,You must give me an explanation today,Otherwise you don’t want to leave here”The middle-aged woman saw Ouyang Hong ignored her for a while,She suddenly came up,Instead chased。
Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“What result do you want?Or let me inform you,Let Liu Jianguang be his director tomorrow。is it possible?I don’t have such a big right,So you are in vain to make trouble with me,Might as well go home and rest”Ouyang Hong changed strategy,Because she found,This woman just wants to arouse her anger。
Middle-aged woman,So I want to go up。at this time,Everyone at the gate came in,Surrounded Ouyang Hong in the http://www.fjmszx.cn middle。as expected,Several of them have cameras in their hands,And started taking pictures of Ouyang Hongmeng。

Want to get“banknote”if,Can only be obtained through normal ways,For example to send fast food

When I saw the big box banknote,Human says Hitra has the idea of staying.。
But after it is struggling for a while,He refusedly immediately.。Reason is simple,He just killed Zuojia.,This obviously has been criminalized.。
If you don’t hold your new boss,Add atroke,I must make him a slag.。
But looking at a big box of banknotes,Hitra is still difficult to resist temptation,Pick up a bundle from it。
Subsequently,this is“protection fee”,And enthusiastically leave your own phone number,I said that I can talk to the monster.。
Hitra said they have a professional team.,Playing a monster is a small business。
certainly,The costs of them are not the same.,They are this price.,If they are old,It’s another price.。
Everyone was taken by Hitra,A bit of stunning,From time to start,Ottman can also engage in the community?
wrong,They feel from the beginning,This Ottman’s painting,How to differ with Dija
But although Hitra and Dalham’s painting is a bit awkward.,but“protection fee”Business is global firefighter。
Now Hitra and Dalham’s daily business,That is to call Jujia,Then charge。
Benefits two long Altman,The impact of strange birds,Also gradually eliminate intangible。
I haven’t waited for people to http://www.theboke.cn breathe.,Pacific seas,Lulujie has finally reappeared。
Lulujie is the moment that appears in the sea,A large number of black mist。
Sky is shrouded by black fog,The sun is blocked,Everything is as recorded in 30 million years ago,Dark dispatcher wakes up again,Let the whole world fall into the darkness。
3 million years ago,Chatterer“Qigera”Let people fall into dreams,After that, I swallowed all people in darkness.,Come out the entire superificial civilization。
This time is there“Qigera”s help,But addjet thinks,With his dark ability,Let the whole world fall into the darkness,It is just a matter of time.。
A huge thread case,Black holes with dense numbness on the surface,The head is an inverted huge monster,Appeared on the sea。
This is a dark domain,Evil god Tietjed。
Tagangee is extremely large,I have even http://www.wecanvalve.cn surpassed any monster defeated by Diga.。
At the same time,The black hole on the body began to spray a lot of black fog,The whole world began to fall into the darkness。
Fog,All instrument equipment failure,Even glare is in such a black mist,I can’t email a ray of rays.,Some only endless darkness。
In everyone’s expectations,Diga once again appeared again。
Big ancient knew that you may win,But for this world,In order to sacrifice the night,He must stand up again to guard against this world!
People are also so looking forward to,But this time the monster,Obviously different from us,But a real role。
Diga under various forms,Almost all, why can’t you add Tagoy?,Soon, his energy is not enough.。
Addelie although it is bulky body,What is the foundation of the speed?,Even it can only be a target that does not move。
But it is carrying that heavy crustal,Defense is not a joke。
Even if it is Dijia’s full-powered, Pei Pei Light and Lampart bullets,Can’t hurt, add Tague.。
Even the most powerful light skills,Can’t hurt, add Jere,Then don’t say your fist.。
Soon energy exhausted Dija,Tagged in the large pliers hit in the sea water,Directly died, throat。

“If it is really because,So let’s everyone,But you can do this anytime, anywhere.。”

This,Before you,Surroundings,Then I watched it in front of her eyes.。
obviously,It’s here,Han Defei feels,Don’t do this don’t have a big problem?。
“it is good,In this case,So just listen to everyone,We pretend to surrender,If there is this opportunity,I must let Shen Xuan who survive must not be able to die.!”
With Han Defei, this export,This is to let the people around you connect to。
In fact, what is now seeing?,It is indeed a good thing.。
So next,In fact, their hearts,It is already http://www.szmrchcasyqffh.cn completely impulsive,I plan to go out.。
And do this now,In fact, think about it.,How much does it have no problem?。
Since I have to fight now,In fact, they look at them.,Counterpooling,Not a bad thing。
As for Han Defei,It is more funny.。
“but,Even if they are really going to do this now,What can I。”
“get ready,Then you can tell them,Let’s prepare to surrender!”
Is the first thousand and sixty-nine chapters really surrendered?
“Boss,good news,Hand said there,They want to surrender。”
When Lei Tianming tells Shen Xuan this news。
Shenxuan at this time,Poor is very calm。
This,Shen Xuan’s consciousness looked at the eyes,On the side of the eye,Shen Xuan is a full meaningless look。
“real,Is going to surrender??”
Such a thing,It’s not Shen Xuan who wants to say to this.。
But now it is now here.,Let Shen Xuan,The more you look, the more I feel very funny.。
“Boss,You are all,What exactly does that mean?”
This,Shenxuan’s face,Lei Tian is so curious,The next consciousness is talking to the eyes。
But with the words of Lei Tianming,Shenxuan at this time,I looked at the eye。
obviously,at this point,In fact, Shen Xuan looks like,Instead, I don’t think it is.,Now,What will it bring?。
And just this,Shen Xuan itself,It is slightly shrugged and said。
“I think,In fact, they will not really intend to surrender.。”
“They must pretend to surrender.,If you find a right opportunity,At that time they will definitely go to the shot of the power.!”
When Shen Xuan said with his eyes,This is to let people around those people,All have a killing。
Although it has now,But think about http://www.zowdoors.cn it carefully,In fact, it is,Light is currently what you have encountered,In fact, it is itself.。
There are many ways to,You can solve this all this.。
And you can focus on these,Shenxuan at this time,It is more and more feeling.。

Summer that seems to be a knife,Let him see it.。

Because it is really a knife,Nothing。
No suffocating,No momentum transmission,But that one knife is too long.。
he is……How did you do it?
now,The madness is shaking from the ground.,Just just got two steps,Take a big mouth。
Summer came,Stand,The clothes have become broken,Face is equally good,Horn angle overflows a soft blood。
“Still playing??”
Puzzle,Some miserable,“do not fight,you win。”
“You still have something to keep.,I remember that you http://www.uucarlink.cnhave a hatch skill.,Can make defense multiple。”
Mad shaking,“I also understand a truth in the first time.,I dare to challenge any master,It is the defense of the ice.,I can play so many times.,I have no progress。”
Toned,Also,“So I will give myself a rule,Unless a life and death crisis,No longer with ice armor,Moreover……To play the strongest blow,Even if there is also ice armor, you have to relieve,So still you win。”
This sentence,Make some movements in the summer。
The original guy has been fighting with people,Is a door to find breakthroughs。
“Are you already broken??”Madness stares in the summer,Eye shoots a light,“I can feel,Your power is contained。”
“no。”Summer shink,Sink,“A little bit。”
The 的 眼 神 神 火 火 火,“What is the feeling?。”
“Is a qualitative change。”Summer is not concealing,“Not a http://www.yodei.cn simple internal gas,you know too,God level,Our power is called qi and blood,But after God,Qi and blood,Condense,Reached the prohibition,Inner gas,Outer release can be qi。”
Merely,He paused,And the bad breathing is very urgent,This is slow。Summer road,“In the ancient martial arts in our country,God-level is called,Forbidden is called,Coming above,There is also a realm,Be called。Meaning to break the body limit,Western world,The ban is superficial,It is extraordinary,Whether it’s broken
Body limit is still extraordinary,In fact, it means。”
Although many of them,Ignition is very clear,He even studied Chinese culture。
But this is not impatient in this moment.,Listening to the god of the god。
I can hear an extremely close to the enemy feelings,Even for him,It is also possible to meet。
“so,Extraordinary power,Not only from personal internal gas。”
Summer void,“There is also a magical gas of the outside power.,Communication between internal gas and outer gas,A qualified change,Just like your ability,Frost in the external communication,Not a qualitative change?。But internal gas and outer gas communication is not an abilities,But a kind of……”
Sink,Summer consideration,“But a kind of……Strength resonance and integration。”
Madman,Whisper,Simulation caught in a magic,But he quickly left out,“I can’t think of these now.,I want to go back and think about it.,I am leaving。”
After the end,Walking with footsteps。
But after a few steps,What did he think of?,Come to the eye,“if it is possible,I will ask you to drink,If you have trouble,Come and find me at any time.http://www.wtxwifi.cn 。”
Toned,He stopped the sound,But the mouth is still in the light,A sound line is in the summer ear,“My contact method is……”
Looking at his figure,Summary between the summer looks。
Relatively speaking,The madman is more purely,More frank and leap,This is a bit similar to the summer.。