Xu Lihong portable kitchen knife,The Beatles said to Wang Youcai。

Wang Youcai was panting,Take a look at Xu Lihong and ask:“What exactly is going on?Since the divorce, it doesn’t matter,What does he want to do?Call the police if it doesn’t work”
Mention the alarm,Wang Youcai touched his pocket subconsciously,I remembered Julan。He hurriedly looked behind,I saw http://www.lqtpc.cn Julan ran out of the room she lived in。She said while running:“Which of your subordinate Wu Wu did I call,He brought people over immediately”
Wang Youcai was overjoyed,He thinks Julan is getting smarter and smarter。In fact, what he just threw the phone to Julan meant to ask her to call for help。
At this time,Wang Youcai’s phone in Julan’s hand rang,Julan quickly handed it over。Wang Youcai took a look,Wu Wu called。
Wang Youcai quickly connected and shouted:“Where are you guys?They have six or seven people,Have possessions”
“We have reached psychic lane,But I saw what happened to your car parked across the road?”
Wu Wu on the phone asked a little bit puzzled loudly。
Wang Youcai was anxious when he heard it,He shouted loudly:“Leave my car,You come directly in and the third gate is,It’s a big red iron door”
Hung up the phone,Wang Youcai glanced in his pajamas,Said Julan, who was naked with two barefoot boards:“You go back to the house,There is nothing to do with you here”
Wang Youcai’s voice just fell,Only heard the sound of messy footsteps at the entrance of the alley,Then someone knocked on the big iron door,And came:“Wang Ge!we are coming”
Wang Youcai was overjoyed,Hurrying to give Xu Lihong a head,Xu Lihong ran over,Opened the big iron gate。I saw Wu Wu brought seven or eight young guys running in,In the hands of each of them,All carrying sticks。
“You guys came in time”
Wang Youcai laughed and said。Only found out when he spoke,I just came out in a hurry,Didn’t even wear socks,My frozen feet are very painful now。
Wu Wu smiled and said:“Someone is making trouble at Lirenge in East Alley tonight,Where did the brothers just settle,Just got in the car and ready to go back,Sister Julan called,It’s also a coincidence。Otherwise, I really haven’t come so soon”
Wu Wu just finished,The big iron gate was pushed open with a sound,I saw that Fatty Zhao came in with a shovel in his hand and took the lead。Who is behind him,I took all tools http://www.szcrogkvrgfuqj.cn for work,I feel I have everything,Wang Youcai also saw that someone seemed to have raised a hammer。
Without waiting for Wang Youcai to speak,Wu Wu has led someone to rush over,As soon as they arrange,It happened to be in front of Fatty Zhao。Wu Wu took a look at these people,Suddenly laughed:“Bros!I think you are also from coolies,Stop participating in this fight。Fight with sticks without eyes,Little things,Lying to the hospital or being beaten and disabled is a big deal”

But faintly with a kind of attitude。

“Deputy Chief of Luo,he……Who is it??”
Just walk out of the room in the summer,One of the old people can’t help but ask。
Sun Youde has a touch on his face,Lower sound channel,“Remember the thing I have said to you?……Some people show the fire cloud。”
Voice is just,Two experts suddenly stayed。“it’s him。”Sun Youde added a sentence,And then stepped up。
NS264chapter Just ask if you are afraid
I don’t know in summer.,After the application, the treatment of Liu Dao,I have caused a small sensation in Zhongshan Hospital.。
This is not exaggerated。
For some old Chinese medicine practitioners,Many lost acupuncture,Both have great research value。
And the legendary fire cloud,They have been recorded and described in ancient seven acupuncture.。
Yellow Emperor,Long life。
Acupuncture Moxibustion,Well-fired clouds。
Golden needle,Description it is flying through the air,No husband,Qinglong tail,White Tiger shook his head,Turtle,Chifeng Yingyuan,Open space,Except for Shenhe,Longevity。
This can be imagined,When Sun Youde is the identity of the dean,When this news announced in the conference room,What kind of rhogue will cause。
Initial time,Someone is half a suspect,Some people don’t believe,Think Sun Youde Judgment the wrong。
But shortly,When Sun Youde took out two cases of reports,Everyone is stunned,Odor。
Both reports,Naturally, the detailed data of Liu Laozi is hospitalized and after the application。
Through blood,Urine test,Ultrasound inspection of various parts,Brain nuclear magnetic production,EMG, etc.,This is a seventy-year-old hero.,Today’s physical condition,I actually exceed http://www.rkhvk.cn those people who have just stepped into elderly.。
Even experts predict,He is now equivalent to about 55 years old.。
I have a young man with a young age.,Just ask if you are afraid!
Although this thing is depressed,But the internal inside of the college knows,Huaxia lost a long-lost trendy appearance。
therefore,When Sun Youde told two experts,When the young man in front of me is to show the existence of fire burning.,How can they not shocked?。
Thirty floor,Ward,3035Room。
Summer sitting on a chair,Squint,Will a little boy。
The little boy is still in a coma at this moment.,Some breathing,Even ventilator help,It can also easily observe the uncomfortable when the chest is undulating.。
Take a look,Like there, I didn’t have a convulsion.。
He has lost his hearing now,Unable to speak,The body http://www.shenggoulipin.cn temperature continues to be high,There is also a dense red rash on the skin and the skin on the body.。
for a long time。
Summer open eyes,Mengyu,What is it thinking?。
The Hou putting column standing next to it immediately became nervous,Lips,Eyeliner looks at,But I don’t dare to ask。
I am afraid that the summer will say that I can’t afford it.。
“Hou Shu,do not worry。”