Miscellaneous grains make the baby healthier

Miscellaneous grains make the baby healthier

After the baby is born, it is time to add food supplements at 6 months. From the time of adding complementary food, Mommy can start thinking about giving the baby a little grain.

The so-called miscellaneous grains mainly include corn, wheat, millet, sorghum, oats, buckwheat, wheat bran, etc. in cereals, as well as various dried beans such as soybeans, green beans, red beans and mung beans.

The nutrients in these grains help the baby to supplement more balanced nutrition and help the baby grow smarter and stronger.

  Miscellaneous grains for baby health 6 big weight 1 .

Multigrain contains a variety of nutrients. The nutrients contained in the cereals have different lengths. For example, the iron and vitamin B2 in the millet are higher, which can prevent beriberi; the whole wheat flour contains high calcium, which can be used for calcium supplementation; other miscellaneous grains contain more than fine grains.More cellulose, carotene and a variety of minerals.


It can prevent constipation miscellaneous grains from containing a large amount of supplementary fiber, balanced distribution, improving the function of initializing digestion, absorption and excretion, and built-in “scavenger” effect in the body.

In addition, cellulose can also stimulate bowel movements, thereby speeding up bowel movements and preventing constipation in the baby.


Reducing the supplemental fiber in the baby obesity miscellaneous grains, it can absorb the water which is several times heavier in the body, increase the volume, and form a gelatinous substance in the intestine, thereby producing a feeling of fullness and reducing the eating of the human body.Helps to reduce excess weight.


Preventing the supplemental fiber in the baby’s diabetes grains can also slow down the rate of absorption of sugar in the intestines, thereby avoiding the phenomenon of hyperglycemia after the meal, which enhances the ability of people to resist sugar and is conducive to stable blood sugar.

In addition, dietary fiber can inhibit the secretion of glucagon and promote insulin to play its full role.


Protecting your teeth Healthy baby often eats miscellaneous grains and can promote the development of chewing muscles and gums.

In addition, plasma fibers and saliva produced by chewing together have a scrubbing effect on the surface of the teeth, so that the food residue attached to the teeth and gums is removed, and the gums are massaged to enhance blood circulation and promote the health of the periodontal tissues.


Make baby skin bodybuilding baby like to eat sweets and meat, but these foods will decompose in the gastrointestinal tract to produce a lot of toxins, and directly damage the skin.

If you eat more grains, you can help to eliminate the toxins in the body, which is good for your baby’s skin health.

  Recommended cereals – buckwheat melon noodles to take 30 grams of dried buckwheat noodles, 30 grams of minced pork, a cucumber, edible oil, hydrochloride.

Cut the cucumber into pieces, add a small amount of salt to the minced pork, stir fry with oil; cook the buckwheat noodles in hot water, add cucumber and pork.


Buckwheat contains arsenic lysine and arginine, which is good for baby’s intelligence and physical development.

  Millet mung bean porridge takes 30 grams of millet, 15 grams of mung beans, 12 grams of sugar.

Wash the millet and mung bean, add water to the pot and cook it together into a rotten porridge. Add sugar and give it to the baby.

Xiaomi nourish the stomach and spleen, mung bean heat and detoxification, suitable for the baby to eat in summer.

  Huanren yam porridge takes 30 grams of coix seed, 30 grams of yam, 50 grams of previous rice, 12 grams of rock sugar.

Add the glutinous rice with boiled water for 15 minutes, then add the previous rice, rock sugar and diced yam, and cook together to make the porridge for the baby.

Renneng spleen and stomach, Lishui, Qingfei heat, contains a lot of vitamin B1; yam also has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach.

  Crude rice red jujube porridge takes 30 grams of flour and 15 grams of red dates.

Wash the flour and red dates, put in the pot and add water to boil the porridge for the baby to eat.

Rough rice contains germs, which contain high levels of vitamins, zinc and cellulose to prevent obesity and constipation.

Jujube contains a lot of vitamin C, which has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach and enriching blood.

Green housing is the pursuit of natural health

Green housing is the pursuit of natural health

For a long time in the prosperous city, people far from nature are increasingly eager for bright sunshine, fresh air, quiet environment. And with the rapid improvement of people’s quality of life, the people’s demand for housing is getting higher and higher, starting moreThe place is longing for “village villas”, “villages in the city”, “homes in the park”. But, with such an idea, is it possible to enjoy a true green life?

We still have to know more about understanding.

  The so-called green house is based on the local natural environment, using the basic principles of ecology, architecture and modern scientific means to rationally arrange and organize the relationship between residential buildings and other related factors, so that the house and the environment become an organic combination.body.

“Green House” is a temporary concept of living.

Experts believe that green housing is guided by the idea of sustainable development, and gradually seeks the harmonious unity between nature, architecture and people. On the basis of “people-oriented”, it uses natural conditions and artificial means to create a benefit for people.A comfortable, healthy living environment, while at the same time controlling the use of natural resources to achieve a balance between natural demand and return.

The concept of a green house is nothing new.

From the small igloos of the Arctic Eskimos to the heavy adobe houses in the desert, from the simplest shacks of the primitive social indigenous people to the local dwellings of the modern countryside, they all contain more or less simple green ecological ideas.

  In recent years, after experiencing the intensification of competition in the real estate market, some real estate developers have launched “green cards” in an attempt to attract consumers with “green houses”.

Like “ecological environment”, “ecological community”, and the “green house” of the “Yayuan”, some consumers can’t find the North.

In these residential communities that are marked with “green”, “ecological” and “environmental protection”, some real estate developers “speak consistently”. After the completion of the residential environment, the interior environment is elegant and built a warm home for the buyers.

And some real estate developers playing “green cards” is entirely a commercial hype, and the concept of “green houses” does not replace their construction.

Some projects even simply plant flowers or plants under the banner of some new environmentally-friendly and energy-saving products, and they will be crowned with the title of “green house”, “green community” and “ecological community”.Make the buyers faint.

Some communities are just a few high-rise buildings, and the green signs such as flowers and turf are hard to find. Such houses are also called “green houses”, and the good life is disappointing!

  Green houses are definitely just an expert greening.

From the perspective of planning, we must improve and improve people’s ecological environment and quality of life as the starting point and goal.

In addition, the specific design, pay attention to the level of green layout, style and building should reflect each other, some different plants complement each other, and at the same time committed to play a greening role, in the community’s ecological other deeper role.

Green houses tend to be more primitive and natural in function, instead returning to nature and entering a primitive natural state.

  At present, many projects are to build a building and then build a landscape, then close the door and ignore the environment outside the community.

Some of the funds allocated, the planning within the red line is good, but the surrounding land development is out of control, causing the natural landscape to be destroyed.

In fact, a good green landscape environment is not necessarily luxurious.

Some developers use a large number of pesticides in the name of maintaining the lawn and maintaining the ecology. This is precisely anti-ecological. How can residents breathe fresh air?

Green houses should be flexible in the use of the landscape environment, not to be tired of it, but to be used by me, pay attention to the accessibility of the landscape environment.

If there is a “home” to have a “garden”, the two must be combined into one, otherwise they will be judged as outdated residential products.

The most appropriate landscape design is to design the integration of architecture and environment on that particular plot, so that the residential community can be unique and rejuvenate.

  Green housing is the product of a variety of technology integration, residential design is very important, designers must participate in planning and construction throughout the process.

The designer should first consider how to integrate his work into the surrounding nature. By borrowing the landscape, using the landscape, and using the forest to create a harmonious blend of works and nature, people can’t tell whether they are human or natural.Don’t use “several pass and one level” to artificially create a landscape.

Of course, the community environment greening is gradually moving towards “horticulturalization”. Many developers deliberately pursue architecture and viewing on green landscapes, and natural terrain blends with artificial attractions.

It enables people to be exposed to greening at every key point in their daily life, so that the green environment is no longer just a green space, but a continuous system.

The harmony between green houses and nature is reflected in the energy, material aspects, and also in the spiritual realm, including the integration of ecological houses and natural landscapes, and the integration of social culture.

  The “machine” that houses a single residence is still a space that provides comfort, hygiene, and health benefits for people.

The real estate is the ultimate goal of a healthy and civilized new home that meets the needs of human society and human needs.

Green houses, also known as healthy homes, should be put in place.

First of all, the house should be beneficial to people’s physical health, such as having extra sunshine to achieve sterilization, good ventilation, high-quality fresh air, and no radiation, pollution-free interior decoration materials.

In terms of mental health, the house must ensure the safety and privacy required for family life, and must meet the requirements of neighborhood communication and human-natural interaction.

There is another important meaning of health, which refers to the harmonious relationship between the house and nature.

Residential buildings should minimize the impact on the natural environment, such as reducing emissions of harmful gases, carbon dioxide, solid waste, etc., and reducing damage to the biosphere.

  As a green house, it must have good sunshine, ventilation, and lighting. These three are important factors for residential comfort (health, health).

  Since the concept of the house is no longer in the scope of the four walls and a roof in today’s home buyers, they have more eyes on the window, hoping to have a floral bird language, quiet and quiet.And leisurely.In order to prevent air, water, noise, solid waste and light pollution around the property, it is advisable to choose the upper hand and the less pollution source when buying property.

  The true green housing, as well as the green standardization of building decoration materials, depends on the green standardization of furniture products and the green standardization of the construction process.

Absolutely, complaints about indoor air pollution caused by building decoration have increased.

It causes air pollution in the living room, mainly for building decoration materials including formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, hydrazine and other poisonous gases brought by soil and wooden furniture.

A green house should be a house with a housing environment that meets the environmental requirements set by the state. It must not cause harm to the personal health and safety of the person.

Of course, to meet the requirements of green housing, even one of the real estate developers, even need to be closely selected from the selection, design, construction, construction, decoration, decoration, decoration, etc., do a good job of predictive pre-control.

Sometimes love is a human thing

Sometimes love is a human thing

I know that there is no one in this world that can be unforgettable. This kind of love can only live in it. Because it can’t be kept in the same direction, it will last forever. The more emotional people, the demands of love can be realized.

  The two loved ones finally come together. Can you keep that feeling for the rest of your life?

In the end, the prince and the princess have worked hard and finally combined. They all come to an abrupt end. I don’t think anyone will dare to continue to write it down because, one will neverHow difficult it will be!

This is the cruelty of reality. This is the reality of helplessness. knowing your attachments, knowing the perseverance of persistence, you can still have no regrets, preferring to believe that everything is beautiful, preferring to try again and again, once and for all,I also hurt people once and for all, a heart, always floating, guarding, always the most beautiful desolation. Maybe, sometimes I deliberately put myself in this stagger, deliberately go for food again and againWounds, heartache is bitter, but also a beauty, the most beautiful sentences are in such days, the most beautiful are also written in such days, isn’t it?

  Love, sometimes it is a person’s business, love, sometimes a feeling, an artistic conception, a feeling, a kind of realm that enjoys the other party’s love and provokes its own love. no need to own, no needAsk, just need to feel wholeheartedly, let the feelings forever surrounded, the ends of the earth. alone, guarding the silence, maybe bitter, but it is also a kind of happiness, because after all, there is still a beauty that can be kept, a world is unparalleled in heaven.It’s a pity, regret, sometimes it’s a beauty, because after all, there are things that can be regrettable. After all, there is a legendary story left for the future. I remember a paragraph written by a writer, well written, and me.The point of view coincides: “. for a long time, we gradually understand that it is also a kind of cultivation.

In the years of chasing love, we finally discovered that love is not a matter of two people or three people, but a matter of one person.

Love is the fulfillment of oneself.

When you understand love, you also understand.

.”I always hope that things have a beautiful return, even if this beauty is beautiful.

Is it easier to gain weight when you are tired?

Is it easier to gain weight when you are tired?

Many girls are troubled by the body getting fat.

The body, they feel that when they are tired, they are particularly easy to feel the elderly, not to eat; but they feel that it is particularly easy to grow fat on the stomach.

Why is this?

  Of course, it makes sense.

The secret lies in the special appetite of the brain.

The brain and the entire nervous system have their own “sweetness”, they are extremely fond of glucose, and they supply energy continuously; they do not like to use amateur as an energy source.

Once the blood glucose level drops below a certain level, the brain will work inefficiently, to some extent, it will be difficult to concentrate, and the thinking will be dull and sleepy, just like the students who did not eat in the morning will feel the fourth class in the morning.

When the supply of glucose is seriously insufficient, the brain will strike, feeling that it is black, blurred, and even hypoglycemic coma.

  Probably, muscles are less picky.

Although glucose is also preferred, when blood glucose levels are reduced, they are willing to switch energy sources and rely on fatty acids to supply energy.

When running a sprint, it consumes blood sugar, but because the blood sugar value is very limited, there are not many glycogen reserves, which need to be saved for the brain to use, and can not be used.

Muscle tissue is quite understandable, so when running long, muscle tissue is always based on consumption.

– So, as long as you keep running for a long distance, the effect of losing weight is quite good.

  But what if we are reviewing exams or doing other high-intensity brainstorming activities all day long?

The brain needs to supply glucose, and blood sugar must be supplied.

After the blood sugar is used by the brain and reduced to a certain extent, the human reaction is aging and the appetite rises.

Therefore, when the brain is strong, people will be more likely to be hungry and want to eat more starchy foods or sweets.

  Maybe you will ask, since the brain has used glucose, how can it be fat?

  The problem is that the three meals also contain cockroaches!

Because the muscles of the body are basically not moving during the exam, the amount of sputum that can be consumed is very, very, very small.

The brain does not need these flaws.

Therefore, the carbohydrates in the food can be consumed, but the adult is easy to “surplus” and become the fat of the body.

  The worst case scenario is that the food you eat is a high-glycemic food, which is a fine white starchy food, as well as a variety of sweet desserts.

They quickly raise blood sugar, too high blood sugar and shrink a large number of insulin, insulin should have driven a large part of blood sugar into muscle cells, stored as muscle glycogen, or consumed by exercise.

However, many mental workers are not well developed muscles, and the amount of exercise is too small. The ability of muscles to absorb glucose is too limited, so some blood sugar can only be used as a synthetic intermediate.

– One of the functions of insulin is to suppress unfortunate decomposition and promote unfortunate synthesis.

Therefore, people with problems with blood sugar control will be fatter and thinner than others, and they may have a lot to do with it.

  Many female students who are already very weak have often gained a few pounds after going through the postgraduate examinations. The doctors who are busy with meetings all the time and busy writing project reports are getting more and more swollen. This is not surprising becauseThis is the truth.

  Some people may ask: Look at the pictures of historical figures, the literati are all like the bones of the celestial wind; look at the scholars of the last century, they seem to be thin body.

Why are they not fat?

Why do our current scholars and professors have a lot of people?

  To put it bluntly, the main difference between us and the ancients is the redundancy and convenience of food.

The ancients did not have processed food, no open bags, no gas stoves and microwave ovens, no rice cookers and ovens.

It’s quite difficult for them to make a meal. It takes two hours from ignition to cooking. There are no biscuit cakes between the two meals, no potato chips and no sweet drinks. So, if it’s not a servant’s luxury living in Beijing,After being devalued to the high mountains and high waters, it is not easy to eat three meals a day. Even after the brain is moving, it is easier to feel aging. There is no snack between the two meals, which can only be hard.

After such a life, the body is naturally difficult to gain weight.

  Now that you know the truth, it is not too difficult to stay away from obesity because you have less brains and more legs.

  The aim is to solve the wrong habits of less exercise and to ensure at least half an hour of exercise every day.

The so-called sharpening does not mistakenly cut the woodwork. After the exercise, the whole body’s blood circulation is smooth, the blood supply to the brain is sufficient, and the sleepiness after the meal is swept away. The problem of wanting to sleep is swept away, the learning efficiency is higher, and the work effect is naturally more.it is good.  At the same time, it is necessary to avoid the rapid rise of blood sugar after meals, so that the blood sugar can be kept within the normal range, and there is no need to bother the insulin unit to dispatch an emergency.

One of the programs is to eat foods with slow digestion and low blood sugar response, and replace whole rice with white beans with a large amount of vegetables and a small amount of meat and milk.

The second option is to eat more meals a day, reduce the staple food during three meals, and add a little fruit or yogurt two hours after the meal to make the blood sugar gradually smoother.

The old gentleman in the oasis and the frog who lost morale!

The old gentleman in the oasis and the frog who lost morale!

Fables are a common form of stylistic expression. It overcomes some small stories, means deeper meaning in life, and places “reasons” on the stories, which are thought-provoking and thought-provoking.

  Fable one: A young man from the oasis came to the oasis and met an old gentleman. The young man asked, “How is this?

The old man asked: “How is your hometown?”

“The young man replied: “It’s awful!

I really hate.

The old man then said, “Then you are going, it is as bad as your hometown.”

Later, another young man came to ask the same question. The old man also asked the same question. The young man replied: “My hometown is very good. I miss people in my hometown, flowers, things.” The old man said: “This is alsoThe same is good.

“The observers feel surprised and ask the elderly why they call each other before and after?”

The old man said: “When you look at something with appreciation, you will see many advantages. With a critical attitude, you will see countless shortcomings.

Fable 2: The story of the frog remembers that when doing a biological experiment, when a frog was placed in a boiling water cup, the frog jumped out immediately, but placed a frog in another warm water cup and slowly heated it toBoiling, the frog will swim comfortably in the cup at the beginning, until it finds it too hot, it has lost its power and can’t jump out.

  Meaning: 1, the change of the big environment can determine your success and failure.

Changes in the big environment are sometimes invisible. We must always pay attention, be alert, and welcome change, so that it is not too late.

  2, too comfortable environment is the most dangerous moment.

A very accustomed lifestyle may be your most dangerous lifestyle.

Constantly innovating, breaking the old model, and believing that everything has to be improved.

  The story of fables is usually short, but the meaning is very refined, it is unforgettable, and the memory is still fresh. Although it has been popular in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, it has been enduring for years.

Secrets of the secrets of Korean actresses

Secrets of the secrets of Korean actresses

Core Tip: You are also very envious of the skinny face of Korean female stars, the face of the seeds, the highlights of the five senses?

However, compared to myself, it is not discouraged. How can we reduce the face of flesh and meat, and learn the secrets of Korean stars.

  Yin Enhui Cheng Weeping Point – the eye bags are slack.

  Just below the eyeball, around the eye contour bone.

Since the eye bags of the stomach are prone to slack, the hole can improve the function of the stomach, thereby preventing the eye bags from slackening.

  Han Jiaren’s Cangkang Point – suppresses appetite.

  About 0 next to the corner of the mouth.

It is 5cm.

If the stomach continues to be in a high temperature state, it will promote appetite, so the function of this point is to lower the stomach temperature and suppress appetite.

  Song Hye Kok 攒 bamboo hole – to ease the fatigue and edema of the eyes.

  The depression below the brow is.

Eye fatigue and headache can cause edema around the eyes.

This acupoint can relieve and discomfort.

  Jin Taixi Baihui Point – prevent excessive diet and constipation.

  The left and right ear holes rise upwards, and the top of the line after the top connection is the Baihui point.

It can be axially stable to prevent overeating.

  Wengenying Temple – eliminates eye fatigue and edema.

  The side between the eye and the eyebrow, about 1 horizontally pointing backwards, approaching the hairline.

This point promotes metabolism.

  Li Xiaoli welcomes the acupoints – relieves residual soreness and nasal congestion.

  Just below the eyeball, next to the nose.

This acupuncture point can completely eliminate eye puffiness, prevent skin looseness and even eliminate soreness.

  Li Ying love leukemia car – eliminates the swelling of the cheeks.

  Sliding along the contour of the lower jaw of the face, you can find a depression, that is, a depression.

It can effectively eliminate too much caused by excessive sugar.

  Han Caiying Cheng Pu points – eliminate chest and neck edema.

  The depression in the middle of the lower lip and the lower jaw is.

It controls the secretion of hormones, maintains the tension of the skin, and prevents facial relaxation.

  Cui Zhiyou after the ball to improve the function of the small intestine.

  Just below the end of the eye, under the cheeks.

Can adjust the function of the small intestine and help absorb.