[Let ‘s put aside the stubborn woman to make life more passionate]_Women

[Let ‘s put aside the stubborn woman to make life more passionate]_Women

When the passion of newlyweds recedes, the burden of life is in front of the eyes, and all kinds of pressures have to be faced. At this time, even “I love you” that can be said by just moving your mouth will not say, let alone the interest to enjoy the intimacy between husband and wife,Over time, this will definitely affect the relationship between husband and wife, and even the stability of the marriage relationship.

At this time women should not be too reserved, smart women will use flirting, sexy and emotional to seduce him.

Flirting transforms flirting, it is not vulgar behavior, but elegant, confident performance.

If you have time, you may change your outfit, which can make sex more passionate, and make your husband and wife life more sexually blessed.

First, in the days of losing passion, men’s jerseys do not prevent the men’s jerseys from being worn out, no pants or skirts, and the first and second buttons unbuttoned. This looming feeling can definitely seduce him.!!

Why can men study in women’s jerseys?

There is a saying that you want to seduce a man, please unbutton your New Jersey button.

This is because the breasts are a sign of a sexy body, which emits ambiguous and sexual information. Medical scientists say that the least moisture in a man’s body is his hands, and the most moisture in a woman’s body is the breast.

Wearing loose men’s jerseys, the breasts were faintly rippling, and naturally the hearts of men were rippling.


[Who can’t drink tea-]_ contraindications _ some people can’t drink

[Who can’t drink tea?

】 _Contraindications_Some people cannot drink

In daily life, tea is a more common drink. There are many types of tea. Different types of tea have different fragrances and effects. But tea is a more common tea.Effective prevention of certain physical diseases, and combined tea also needs to pay more attention to some matters, under normal circumstances pregnant women and anemia should not be taken.

Who can’t tea with tea?

1, pregnant women do not drink too strong tea.

2. Women who are breastfeeding should not drink tincture tea.

3, vegetarians drink less tea, or drink light tea.

4, patients with anemia should not drink too strong tea.

Although the above types of people are not suitable for drinking tea, there are many health effects for those who can drink tea.

There are many kinds of amino acids, vitamins and trace elements necessary for the human body. The inorganic elements, potassium, zinc, iron, manganese, copper, calcium, and magnesium are higher than other teas.The inhibitory effect can effectively eliminate the formation of carcinogenic nitroso compounds in the human body; the content of trace decomposing enzymes is higher than that of other teas; the tea is rich; the aminobutyric acid is rich in content, and the blood lipid-lowering effect is obvious., Diuretic and laxative, digestion and stomach, stop diarrhea and hemorrhoids, sober up and soothe the nerves, anti-cancer, anti-radiation reduce the trace compounds in the human body, plasma, triglyceride and other functions.

For patients with hyperlipidemia aged 50 and 70 years, take tea more than 3 times a day, no more than a month, biochemical indicators such as high-density lipoprotein, cholesterol, triglycerides, and lipid peroxides in the bloodBoth will show varying degrees of decline.

First of all, tea is not only fragrant and sweet, but also has many health effects, suitable for middle-aged and elderly people who have three high starting points.

However, if it is purely concerned, there are no restrictions on the participants.

As long as it is not some consumers with special tendencies, this tea can be added.

Perhaps many people are not very clear about the difference between health products and medicines. Medicines are the right medicines, and they are specially used to treat certain diseases.

Health products have no therapeutic effect on any kind of disease, and can only assist the treatment.

Some people are not suitable for drinking Anhua tea?

But tea is neither a medicine nor a health product, but it has some health effects.

In the case of long-term diseases, it can change the function of the body and play an improving role in certain diseases.

[How to make cold okra juice]_How to make_How to make

[How to make cold okra juice]_How to make_How to make

Many dishes in people’s daily diet need dipping sauce to match. Some dishes are flavored with dipping sauce, and the okra juice is a dipping sauce often used, but manyIt is not known how to prepare this sauce.

Let me introduce some to you.

How to make cold okra juice?

First, how to make cold okra juice?

Preparation method: salt, sesame oil, Mita soy sauce or soy sauce.

Stir well and serve.

Soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic are just fine.

Soy sauce, vinegar, fuel consumption, stir.

Consumed by the general population.


Suitable for gastritis, cancer, gastric ulcer, anemia, indigestion, especially young adults, athletes, skin care women, men should eat more.


However, okra is a vegetable with a sexual preference for coldness. The gastrointestinal deficiency is cold, the function is not good, and people who often have diarrhea should not eat more.

Second, the nutritional health value of okra is very high. Everyone knows that vitamin A can effectively protect the retina, ensure good vision, and prevent cataracts; vitamin C and soluble fiber can promote digestion and beauty, and the combination of the twoIt has a mild protective effect on the skin and can replace some chemical skin care products; soluble fiber can also promote the excretion of organic substances in the body, reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body, and reduce the content.

How to make cold okra juice?

In addition, okra is low in fat and low in sugar and can be used as a diet food. Because of its trace elements such as zinc and selenium, it can enhance the ability of the human body to prevent cancer. As for the special mucus of okra, its viscous glycoproteinThe polysaccharide and protein mixture composed of carbohydrates can enhance the body’s resistance, protect the lubricating effect of the articular and serous membranes in the joint cavity of the human body, and also maintain the lubrication of the human digestive and respiratory tracts, promote the excretion of plasma substances and reduce fatThe deposition of substances on the walls of arterial vessels maintains the elasticity of arterial blood vessels and prevents the atrophy of connective tissue in the liver and kidneys and the occurrence of collagen diseases.

[How to knead the film out of dough]_How to knead out the film_Kneading method

[How to knead the film out of dough]_How to knead out the film_Kneading method

Dough is the main ingredient that people use to make bread, buns and other foods.

When people make pasta in life, we all have to make dough first.

To make the dough, we must first knead the dough.

If we want to knead the dough well, we can’t do it without our own good skills.

But how can you knead the dough out of the film?

Today I will tell you the specific operation method, and take a look at the following.

How to knead bread dough out of the film?

Dough liquid is easy to produce large amounts of film. I usually make meals with high and low powder mixes. It is easy to produce fingerprint films, but the toughness is not as good as full-height powder.

After mixing the materials, first refrigerate for about 15 minutes to allow the flour to absorb water. After removal, it is rubbed in the early stage, just like rubbing clothes.

For inexperienced kneader, it is better to mix the yeast with a little warm water and wait for you to knead the dough out of the thick film and then add a little bit of yeast water, so that it will not ferment before the film has been released.

After adding the yeast, you can basically produce a thin film. At this time, continue to knead the paste. After kneading, change to a beat.

After getting used to it, the ultra-thin fingerprint film will definitely be produced within half an hour. First, the fermentation is no longer the kind of fermentation that is there or heated, but only by cold fermentation. The weighed flour, water, yeast andTogether, knead the dough without reaching a certain level immediately. Cover it with plastic wrap or a damp cloth and put it in the refrigerator. Refrigerate for 17 hours.

Then, take it out for ten minutes, tear it into small pieces, add sugar, salt, eggs and other ingredients (other than paste) to make bread.

Here comes the key!

Keep kneading!

Knead with clothes!

The longer the rub, the better, the kind of tearing rub!

Rub it a bit further and stretch it a bit!

Just rubbing!

Like rubbing clothes on a kneading board!

It will be out soon!

method 1.

Weigh the material strictly according to the recipe2.

Yeast, oil and other materials will affect the gluten, so the post-oil method is basically used (that is, knead the dough to a certain degree before adding oil before continuing to knead).


You can also try the method of refrigerating and letting the flour fully absorb moisture and let the dough come out of the film.

For example, the good dough (except grease) is refrigerated for 20 minutes in the refrigerator, then kneaded out for 5 minutes, then refrigerated for 20 minutes, and then kneaded out . Knead until the film comes out, then add the paste and continue to knead.


Put the flour and water together the night before, stir it a little, don’t put other ingredients.

Allow the flour and water to come into contact, and then put in other ingredients the next day.

This is actually the process of self-fermenting the flour, and it is also the process of filling and absorbing water to produce gluten.


Note that the method of kneading the dough simply means that the speed must be fast and the intensity must be in place.

Combine kneading, kneading, and falling.

You can refer to this kneading video I recorded.

Here I explain that I am not a baking professional, the method has some reference.

Bread machine kneading film method: 1. Weigh the dry materials of the dough into the barrel of the bread machine (note that the yeast and salt and sugar should be opened) 2. Add the wet materials and stir the chopsticks into a flocculent 3, press the start buttonStart to stir 4 and continue the work of the machine. The dough will slowly clump and no longer stick to the bread bucket 5. Wait for the bread machine to stir for about 10 minutes, add the softened paste, continue to start the bread machine 6, and pass through the dough.The smoother it is, take out a small piece of face and slowly pull it apart to check the gluten, slowly pull it into the fascia, and check the contour of the fascial section. If it is tooth-shaped, continue to stir until the contour of the fascial section is curved.

Daily thinning 1 kg sleep slimming method

Daily thinning 1 kg sleep slimming method

Scientific experiments have shown that in deep sleep, the human brain secretes a large amount of growth hormone, which guides the body into turning energy into energy.

If you reduce the time of deep sleep, and at the same time the hoarding can gradually turn into tiny displacements, the secretion of hormones can’t keep up with the hoarding of transformation, causing your body to automatically turn these slightly to the cheekbones, thighs and stomach. Over time, the more you comeThe fatter it is.

  In addition, poor quality or insufficient sleep will increase people’s appetite, and the longer you stay up late, the more time you have to eat, so it’s not fat.

Therefore, MM are still trying not to stay up all night, staying up late or even the skin will be worse, will gain weight.

Hurry and try the lazy sleep slimming method, let your skin become water, but also form a lean body.

  The key points of the four key points of sleep slimming method: sleep time should be based on the time you need to get up and push forward for 8 and a half hours, that is, you need to go to bed.

Try to sleep at the same time every day, so that the body metabolism will be more serious and regular, and the detoxification activities can be carried out in an orderly manner.

On weekends, don’t go to bed at noon, or even sleep all day. Once the biological clock is disrupted in these 2 days, it is easy to cause a vicious circle, symptoms of insomnia, loss of appetite and edema.

  Key point 2: 8 hours of sleep per day Most people need 6 to 8 hours of sleep to get enough exercise energy to ensure a healthy diet and maintain a slim body.

During the prime time from 11:00 to 2 pm, the body’s metabolism is the strongest, which can effectively eliminate fatigue and excrete toxins from the body.

If you don’t take good care of this time, your body’s metabolism will be worse, the toxins in the body will not be discharged, and you will become more and more bloated after prolonged accumulation.

  Key point three: Do not absorb caffeine Caffeine-containing refreshing drinks are forbidden to enter before going to bed, tea, soda should not drink, they will make you more and more spiritual.

A little bit of red wine can promote sleep, but don’t overdo it. Staying at the wine will make you sleepy, and there will be headaches the next day.

  Key point 4: Develop a good bedtime habit. Do not exercise too intensely before going to bed. If you are in a state of excitement, it is estimated that you can fall asleep until 2 o’clock.

Try to force reading before going to bed, listening to light music, fragrance, bathing and so on to relax the body, so it is easier to fall asleep.

Love the Internet at night, watch the TV MM also pay attention to time, do not forget the time to sleep when you are high.

Old people have to adhere to the 7 principles of sexual life


Old people have to adhere to the 7 principles of sexual life

Sex research experts believe that regular sexual life can bring happiness to the elderly and is good for health.

But it is not easy for the elderly to have a good sex life.

In the case of men, testosterone levels, sexual function and libido in the body change with age.

However, if you can follow the following seven recommendations, you can fully improve the above situation: 1.

Communicate with your partner and communicate frankly about each other’s thoughts and needs, care, and care for each other, and help the two to have a pleasant sexual experience.


Ask a doctor to ask your doctor for misunderstandings about sex and give substantial help to the elderly, especially those who have chronic illnesses or take medications that affect sex life.

The doctor will provide the most practical method based on your physical condition.


Redefining sexual love does not completely overlap sexual intercourse. It is exciting to understand that touching, kissing and other intimate contacts.


Finding new ways of sex Some small changes can improve the quality of sexual life.

For example, choose the most toxic time, such as sexual life after waking up in the morning; do not choose to be exhausted at night or in the middle of the night.

Choosing new places and ways can also make your sex life colorful.

In addition, we must try to extend the process of the foreplay, even in the hours before sex, to fully evoke each other’s sexual desire.


Single elderly people should find a partner.


Keep your body healthy and eat nutritious foods, maintain a positive attitude, don’t drink too much, don’t smoke, and don’t abuse drugs.


Maintaining a positive attitude Many people think that they are old, their physical functions are degraded, their appearance is ugly, and their sexual functions are not as good as before. These are facts, but not all, and they are not the “roadblockers” that hinder the enjoyment of the elderly.

Old people should tell their partners about these ideas, which is beneficial to the two sides to coordinate and accept the change of the other side, to obtain satisfactory sex.

Ai Wei – summer health may wish to try

Ai Wei – summer health may wish to try

Source: People’s Daily Author: Wang Junping experienced the hottest summer coming year, enters the human body yang height of the season.

After the awareness of disease prevention and health has gradually improved, how to spend this summer healthily has become a concern of many people.

Chinese medicine pays attention to “spring and summer Yangyang, autumn and winter nourishing Yin”, a column of Ai, a needle, a bowl of soup, is the three magic weapon for health and treatment.

At this time, one of the best ways to maintain health is moxibustion. Through the warm and stimulating stimulation of the meridians of the acupoints, the blood is smooth, the balance of yin and yang is balanced, and the body is strong.

As the saying goes: “The family has three years of Ai, Lang is not used.

Moxibustion is a moxibustion material with moxa as the main fluff. It is suspended or placed in acupuncture points or position parts after ignition. It uses the heat of moxibustion and the action of drugs to stimulate the gas and achieve an external treatment to prevent diseases.

Modern medicine has confirmed that the function of regulating viscera through moxibustion can promote metabolism, promote blood component changes, increase the number of white and red blood cells, and improve the body’s immune mechanism and defense mechanism.

Yang Jinhong, deputy director of the Acupuncture and Moxibustion Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, said that the Ai Ye has a northern AI, Hai Ai, and Ai Ai.

The source of the medicine is different and the curative effect will be different.

Tang Yin North Ai Jiu Xian Xian Ai, said to be named because of the flat scorpion, and is famous in the world.

Today, “Nine-headed Fairy” has been classified as a “Geographical Mark Protection” list.

There are many kinds of moxibustion methods, which are divided into direct moxibustion and indirect moxibustion.

Direct moxibustion has scarring therapy, no scarring therapy, and scarring therapy is applied less clinically.

Indirect moxibustion includes ginger moxibustion, garlic moxibustion, salt moxibustion, and aconite moxibustion.

For the average consumer, for the purpose of health care, moxibustion does not necessarily need to go to the hospital, you can use the moxibustion box to do it yourself at home.

How to choose a good product?

Experts suggest that the first is to choose the variety of raw materials, choose the authentic Ai Ye.

The second is to select the raw material of the coil, choose mulberry paper or cotton paper, and use the natural glutinous rice glue to bond the Aizhu.

The third is to look at the appearance, refined cashmere, color yellow, visible moxa fiber, full of elasticity, can be formed by pinching.

The fourth is to smell the smoke, the smoke is soft and not pungent, with a touch of fragrance.

The fifth is to look at the ash, the wormwood is burning evenly, and the ash is not scattered.

Sixth is to see the moxibustion, the firepower is mild, does not hurt the meridians, the penetrating power is strong, and the moxibustion is comfortable.

“In summer, moxibustion is the best treatment for warming yang.

Yang Jinhong said that moxibustion care can be done 1-2 times or 2-3 times a week, every 10-20 minutes.

Commonly used health acupoints are Zusanli, Zhongmu, Guanyuan, and Shenque.

Reprinted: Sina Health Health

Teach you to breathe correctly and prolong life

Teach you to breathe correctly and prolong life

“Breathing is one of the most important life activities of mankind.

“The chairman of the Chinese Medical Association Respiratory Diseases Branch, Liu Youning, director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of the General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army, told the Life Times reporter that breathing includes both lung ventilation and the transportation and exchange of gas in the blood.

“People usually understand the breathing, more refers to the breathing movement, that is, the thoracic rhythm enlarges and shrinks, completes inhalation and exhalation.

This can provide oxygen to the body, emit carbon dioxide, and ensure the normal operation of life.

“Lung is the main place for gas exchange between the body and the outside. Although the volume is not large, the alveolar wall area is about 70 square meters.

A British yoga master once pointed out that a person’s lungs are as large as two footballs, but many people use too little breathing because they can’t penetrate the lower end of the lungs, so most people use only in their lifetime.1/3 of the lungs.

  There are many ways to make a simple breath, mainly divided into abdominal breathing and chest breathing.

  Liu Youning pointed out that modern people often sit in the office, most of the exercise, many people breathe shallow and short, only chest breathing.

Wang Xi, a swimming instructor at the Capital Institute of Physical Education, pointed out that this type of breathing is very small every time. The ventilation is insufficient at normal respiratory rate, resulting in the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the body, leading to hypoxia, dizziness and fatigue.

“In order to better utilize the potential of the respiratory organs, people should consciously deepen their breathing and avoid quick and shallow breathing.

“Wang Hao said.

  Long Cunxiu, president of the International Yoga Association of Japan, said that although people often do not realize that they are breathing, but they can control the physiological state of the person in one breath, breathing is equal to vitality and is also an update.And the power of metabolism.

“The way to breathe is the way people live.

For example, a person with a violent personality will not breathe.

“He found from his teaching that a large number of modern people have become weak and weak, and the oxygen content in the blood is reduced. Together with the imbalance of diet and lack of exercise, various chronic diseases will follow.

If you can correct your breathing habits and develop good breathing quality, you can have a passport that is healthy.

“What are the great benefits of deep breathing? So what are the benefits of doing deep abdominal breathing?

First, deep breathing can dialysis respiratory diseases.

Common respiratory diseases include chronic bronchitis, high blood pressure, emphysema, and the like.

The lungs of these patients are inelastic and dilated, affecting lung capacity.

Deep breathing can gradually enlarge the muscle contraction force, which is beneficial to the effective expansion of the chest and lung, enhance the energy of the intercostal muscles, and gradually restore its elasticity and vital capacity, thereby achieving the purpose of treating and relieving the disease.

  As a result, deep breathing is closely related to hypertension.

This is a deep-breathing hypotensive method tested by Professor Kitamura of the Japan Autonomous Medical University. The principle is that human lungs are called alveolar pouch fragments, about 3 billion.

In the case of general breathing, only 80%-90% of them can work fully, and the remaining alveoli are wasted.

If you take a deep breath, you can make the remaining alveoli work.

When deep breathing in the abdomen is used, the alveoli located in the upper part of the lungs is open; while in the deep abdominal breathing, the alveoli in the lower part of the lungs are also opened.

All alveoli in the work are producing prostaglandins, and by deep breathing, 80%-90% of the alveoli that were originally working have more prostaglandins than the original.

In this way, more prostaglandins enter the blood vessels, thereby expanding the blood vessels and lowering blood pressure.

Three times a day, three times a day, every 10 minutes will have an effect.

  Again, deep breathing can help people decompress and relieve symptoms of insomnia.

Lu Yifan, a professor of sports medicine at Beijing Sport University, said that when people actively adjust the depth and frequency of breathing, they can effectively relax the tight nerves and relieve the worry.

Some of the obesity pain caused by stress, the pain will be alleviated by breathing exercises during yoga.

People with insomnia can also use breathing to help fall asleep.

By reducing the breathing rhythm and smoothing the breath, you can alleviate the symptoms of insomnia.

  Most importantly, deep breathing promotes healthy longevity.

American scholar Hill pointed out in the article “Requiring vitality from breathing”: “The controlled deep breathing exercises can restore the brain to eliminate fatigue, regulate the nervous system, and make people relaxed and comfortable.

The reason why deep breathing has such a large effect is that the amount of gas that a normal person inhales and exhales at a time is only 400 ml-500 ml, and the deepest breath, the male can reach 3500 ml, and the female can reach 2500 ml, which is equivalent to the usualInhale 8 times, so that life gets a lot of energy.

“How do I learn how to breathe properly and learn how to breathe properly?The most critical point is two points. Lu Yifan pointed out that one should slow down the suction, that is, when inhaling, it should be even and slow, try to suck deeply, let the gas fill the alveoli; the second is to forcefully vomit and spit clean, so thatAll of the waste is discharged from the body, and more gas is exchanged.

The most scientific breathing method is: “Suck—stop (holding 10-20 seconds)—-” breathing form, which can increase the excitability of parasympathetic nerves, and also increase the number of bowel sounds, which is conducive to digestion and absorption.This is good for health and longevity.

  The respiratory method advocated by Long Cun Xiu is based on deep abdominal breathing, and gradually makes the muscles of the lungs, ribs, diaphragm and other muscles move to the maximum extent during breathing, allowing the air to fill the “all breathing method” of the lungs.
“In the beginning, it is not necessary to practice deliberately. The ultimate goal is to integrate life. All kinds of postures and movements are combined with breathing.

“Long Cunxiu said that this will better control the strength and rhythm of the body and improve efficiency.

For example, when climbing a mountain with a breathing method, there is no such thing as a mountain symptom such as a headache; a golf swing can swing farther.

This method of breathing can be practiced on a bus, walking, working gaps, or trees facing a park.

Especially in the face of sudden asynchronous situations, the breathing method can adjust the physiology and stabilize the mood in a timely manner.

  In the fresh air outdoors, you can also consciously take more deep breaths.

Wang Wei said that the specific method of breathing is to slowly inhale from the nostrils. During the inhalation process, the chest is lifted up, the abdomen will slowly swell, and then continue to inhale, so that the whole lung is filled with air, then the ribs are partiallyWill lift up, the chest will expand.

This process usually takes 5-10 seconds, then hold the breath for 5-10 seconds, pause for 2-3 seconds, start a new breath, repeated practice will become a correct breathing method.

  Lu Yifan also pointed out that long-term adherence to physical exercise, breathing can also be improved.

For example, swimming makes people’s lung capacity as high as 5000-7000 ml; far greater than ordinary people’s 3000-4000 ml; long-distance running is the most obvious increase in maximum oxygen uptake; push-ups can increase muscle capacity around the chest wall and increase respiratory muscle strength.

Homemade Fertility Nutrition Package


Homemade Fertility Nutrition Package

Recently, everyone said that Qiufeng was thin. In fact, recently, Qiufeng did not have a business trip, and did not stay up late, would it be thinner?

I didn’t want to understand, no matter what, Qiufeng had to gain fat and fat, and the length of this meter is as long as a pole.

  The weight loss products in this market are dazzling, and all of them are eager to reduce the amount here. Oh, Qiu Feng has to go against them this time, and come to a fattening plan.

  This fattening depends on drugs, it is not good, because it doesn’t matter what kind of rebound, and now there is only diet therapy. Oh, Qiufeng is a gourmet expert.

After pondering for a long time, I thought it might be a factor of uneven nutrition, so Qiufeng gave me a nutrition supplement package.


Breakfast: two bowls of porridge, one egg, a noodle like a flower roll, plus a cup of soy milk, even if the milk, Qiu Feng does not like the milky taste of the whole body, and it is necessary to take a bee to attract the butterfly.


Reason: Sichuan pork back, salt burned white, steamed pork ribs, steamed fish, and then a bowl of green horse corn horse dung carrot keel.


Dinner: continue to return to the pot of meat, kelp stewed pig’s trotters, braised duck, and then a vegetarian two bottles of beer.

I heard that beer can increase fat, there is liquid bread, but Qiufeng can drink ten bottles of beer at a time, but they have not seen a “general belly”. It may be the reason for drinking too much, so ah, nowJust drink two bottles, huh, huh.


Stay up late: a cup of coffee, a piece of semolina bread, or a piece of garlic and bones to pack his two bottles of beer.

  Oh, I don’t believe that I am not fat.

What to eat in the autumn breakfast, bowl porridge is healthier

What to eat in the autumn breakfast, bowl porridge is healthier

What to eat in the autumn breakfast, after the fall, the weather is cool, people will never have to eat because of the hot weather.

In the fall, breakfast is a problem that cannot be ignored.

After the cold, people get up and lazy, making eating breakfast a more difficult thing.

  When the autumn wind hits, people’s spleen and stomach function will be weakened to varying degrees, especially those who are physically weak.

The porridge is the best diet to regulate the spleen and stomach in autumn. After the autumn, drink porridge for breakfast, which can not only diarrhea and cool autumn, but also effectively prevent autumn dryness.

  Cornmeal sweet potato porridge is best for autumn.

Because cornmeal contains nutrients such as unsaturated fatty acids, sweet potatoes have the effect of prolonging the disease.

The specific method is as follows: firstly, 100 g of cornmeal is prepared into a paste with cold water, and then placed in a boiled water, and then the sweet potatoes cut into pieces are placed together, and the corn noodles are constantly prevented from sticking to the bottom of the pan.

When you porridge, you must use a simmer. You can order a few cold waters in the middle. The cornmeal sweet potato porridge is not thin or thick.

  Recommend some other porridge, try to try it: Hawthorn porridge: Hawthorn and previous rice cooked together into a porridge, usually eat regularly can prevent high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, obesity and other symptoms.

  Sesame porridge: Boiled sesame seeds and rice together, for dizziness, memory loss, need to have early white has a good effect.

  Lotus rice porridge: After the lotus rice is raised, the skin is peeled with a brush in the water, the lotus heart is taken out and the water is boiled, and then cooked together with the rice. The porridge has spleen and diarrhea, and the kidney is solid and phlegm.To develop the effect of heart and soul, less spleen and spleen, lower abdominal stagnation, frequent olivure, insomnia, forgetfulness and dreams are especially applicable.

  Jujube glutinous rice porridge: Put yam, coix seed, wolfberry, jujube, glutinous rice into the pot and boil it into porridge. Add the right amount of white sugar. This porridge has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, benefiting qi and blood, dampness and diarrhea, and thirst.After the illness, the body is weak and anemia, malnutrition, loss of appetite, chronic enteritis and other patients are particularly suitable.

  These congee products are very suitable for eating in the fall, readers may wish to choose some congee according to their specific circumstances to eat more in this fall.