Pregnancy spit is more powerful than the average person?

Be alert to the hydatid!

Pregnancy spit is more powerful than the average person?
Be alert to the hydatid!

In the general film and television drama, as long as there is a shot of the woman who wants to vomit, the audience knows that she must be pregnant!

This road is really bad.

However, some of the morning sickness is more serious than the average person. At this time, we must be vigilant whether we have a hydatidiform mole and must go to the hospital for examination.

Pregnant women with hydatidiform moles are more serious!

At present, the cause of the birth of hydatidiform mole has not yet been fully understood. Women who are pregnant with hydatidiform mole will have the same early pregnancy reaction as nausea and vomiting in the early pregnancy.

However, gradually increasing the increase in the number of weeks of pregnancy, you can gradually find some abnormalities, their early pregnancy reaction is often more serious than the normal pregnancy women, more serious, and even longer.

Moreover, they often show some performances that are not consistent with the gestational age, such as: 1. Complications that often occur in the third trimester of pregnancy – pregnancy-induced hypertension in women with hydatidiform moles, but in the second trimesterIt has already appeared early in the early stages of pregnancy.

2, the stomach is much larger than the normal gestational age, there are some women, they may show an abnormal increase in the abdomen, the stomach looks much larger than the normal gestational age.

What about a mole?

Hydatidiform mole can be diagnosed by ultrasonography and chorionic gonadotropin (blood β-HCG). When pregnant with hydatidiform moles, the normal morphology is not seen under ultrasound, and even snow flakes or honeycomb images are displayed.The blood β-HCG value detected will also be much higher than during normal pregnancy.

1, once diagnosed as hydatidiform mole, it is necessary to do the uterine surgery in time.

2, due to the removal of hydatidiform mole, the tissue may also invade the uterus or transfer to the uterus and become a more serious consequence of erosive mole or choriocarcinoma, so continue to do regular monitoring after the Qing Palace, and do a good job of contraceptionIn order to facilitate the coordination of the uterus and endocrine.

It is generally recommended to perform pregnancy after 2 years of monitoring. It is best to have a pre-pregnancy check before you become pregnant again.

3, because women who have had hydatidiform moles are also a high-risk thing after pregnancy, so these women need to carefully check the birth after pregnancy.

What are the four factors that cause the hydatidiform moles? What will happen to the hydatidiform mole?

The treatment of hydatidiform moles recommends that hydatidiform moles are not fetuses, and are as fatal as ectopic pregnancy!

Can chronic bronchial asthma be cured?

Can chronic bronchial asthma be cured?

Control infection: replace the antibiotics with the main pathogens and severity of the infection or according to the susceptibility of the pathogen.

Lighter can be taken orally, and heavier patients with intramuscular or intravenous infusion of antibiotics.

It should be noted that broad-spectrum antibiotics should be avoided when using narrow-spectrum antibiotics alone to avoid double infection or complications.

Hemorrhoids, antitussive: In the acute attack patients, anti-infective treatment, the use of expectorants and antitussive drugs to improve symptoms.

Patients in the protracted period should especially adhere to medication in order to eliminate symptoms.

Commonly used drugs are ammonium chloride mixture, bromine has been new, Wei Jingning and so on.

Chinese medicines have a certain effect on relieving cough. For the elderly who are weak and coughing or the authors of sputum, they should be based on sputum, assisting sputum sputum and clearing the respiratory tract.

The use of strong antitussives such as codeine should be avoided to prevent the central nervous system and aggravate the respiratory tract and cause complications, leading to deterioration of the condition.

Antispasmodic, antiasthmatic: At present, there are mainly three types of antispasmodic and antiasthmatic drugs, which should be selected according to the individual condition of the patients. Instead of all patients, the lung function will be improved, but it can relieve symptoms and improve the patient’s mobility.

If the airway remains for two years after the airway dilator is used, leather hormones can be used.

Aerosol therapy: the absorption of aerosols or the addition of compound benzoin, can replace the secretions in the trachea, and facilitate drainage.

If the sputum is thick and dense, it is not easy to cough up. At present, ultrasonic atomization rehabilitation can help, and antibiotics and sputum substitutes can also be added.

Negative oxygen ion therapy: Negative oxygen ion can effectively strengthen the ciliary movement of tracheal mucosa epithelium, affect the activity of respiratory enzymes in epithelial villi, improve the function of alveolar secretion and the function of ventilation and ventilation of lung, thus alleviating bronchial obstruction and increasing lung capacity.Adjust the respiratory rate, antitussive and other effects.

Negative ions can also promote the regeneration of multiple nasal epithelial cells and restore the secretory function of the mucosa.

It has a good effect on bronchitis, high blood pressure, children’s whooping cough and other diseases.

Integrative Chinese and Western Medicine: acupuncture and massage, far-infrared hyperthermia, drug iontophoresis and other comprehensive treatment methods, so that the body’s meridian blood and blood flow, yin and yang coordination, coherent, support the body, to achieve treatment disorders invisible,The incredible efficacy of the treatment of dozens of diseases.

Vaccination: bronchitis bacterin, usually applied before the onset season, subcutaneous injection once a week, dose from 0.

Start with 1ml and increment by 0 each time.


2 ml until 0.


0 ml is the maintenance amount.

Should I stick to 1 when it is effective?
2 years.

Applying before the onset season can reduce the onset of colds and chronic bronchitis.

Ecstasy sex tries to make you want to die

Ecstasy sex tries to make you want to die

Ecstasy sex tries to make you want to die.

hzh {display: none; }  学习了众多性爱技巧,何不一一尝试下面的销魂性爱,善用工具令你们更疯狂! At that time: add some delicious food below the waist. Although the delicious food can be accompanied by sexual fantasies, if the food is not cleaned, it will run near the vagina, but it will cause bacterial infection.

  Sexy with a warm waxy oil: If the wax is too hot, it may stick to your nipple, or your thighs, and then leave a scar.

  Take a shot in public places: making love in the park is not as exciting as you think.

In the process, you may continue to worry about being seen by other people who come and go, causing you to concentrate on sex.

  Sex toys play crazy: occasionally using some sex toys when making love can make the process more interesting, sometimes playing a little hard, it will be very exciting and very sensual.

But if you play too much, such as planks, whip, or chains, it may be too much for some people!

Sometimes if you are not in good health, it is possible to play in the hospital!

  Presumably you must feel that you are very skilled in every sex technique mentioned in the magazine.

Have you heard what is “tail spine itching”?

Fortunately, sex experts are constantly innovating, whether it is to develop new spanking methods or to enhance our sexual skills.

If you can get some tricks out of the original skill of sex, add some ingenuity, then the new feeling that comes with it will make sex more beautiful.

After we worked hard to wading through the mountains and collecting materials, we sorted out the wildest in history, whether it sounded like it was an extremely beautiful sex.

  Use the frozen sexy panties to tease him but remember that when you tease him in this way, your movements must not be too slow, because the heat from the waist below him, causing the frozen pants to return quickly.temperature.

So when the pants have been restored indoors, you can start using another way to keep the enthusiasm between you burning.

Experts suggest that you can find a wet towel and throw it into the microwave for 15 seconds.

After that, take a warm towel to soften his penis, just as you use his mouth to help him. But the advantage of using a hot towel is to enhance the blood circulation of his groin and make him more excited.

  Naked chefs combine food and foreplay as a familiar sex technique.

If you are full of food on your naked body, it will definitely be more attractive.

Think about what you usually like most about what you paint on you, such as peanut butter with honey, or whipped cream with chocolate sauce.

Think of the part you want to be licked, put a little peanut butter on it (remember not to touch it to the vagina), and then drop the honey on the part of the back of your body.

Tell him to taste a taste first, then go over and enjoy another taste.

  In this way, not only can you enjoy the feeling of pleasure and excitement, but he can also taste the good taste of the two flavors.

If you feel that these flavors are not enough, you can continue to increase, whether it is chocolate sauce or whipped cream, I believe you will be able to play with him!

  The massage oil map is good, this trick will definitely feel very irritating in your ears, but you must believe us, because all the men who have tried, they all agree with their thumbs up, and they are full of praise!

Heat the massage oil first, then use a dropper, or similar tool to pick up some massage oil, slowly draw on his body, write letters, or you can slowly start from his neck until it reaches his hips.Next to the legs, draw a thin line.

Using a dropper and hot oil to draw a thin line will be more comfortable than stimulating your body with a massage of oil on your face.

After playing, how to massage him will follow you!

  Body Painting If you want to pursue a different feeling, you may want to use a cleaned brush to scratch the other’s body.

You can take turns with him, using the brush at the opening of the front end of the opponent, the back of the alignment, the top of the feet, or any place where you think he will be itchy.

The top of the brush, after touching the skin, gradually receives a stimulating skin disease message to the brain, making him want more touch and stimulation.

If you feel that a brush is too monotonous, you can also try different sizes of brushes, maybe it will bring more surprises!

  Pearl necklace, whether you believe it or not, a pearl necklace with temperament can also be used as a sex toy!

You can buy a bunch of fake pearl necklaces about thirty-six inches (if you use a real pearl necklace, you won’t be worth the candle).

Wear it on your body first, because the heat of your body can help the beads warm up.

When you are ready to make love, 0 hair elastic band, the ultimate use of the secret elastic band can help him maintain the climax, and can also use this gadget more easily.

Start by looking for six elastic bands that tie the hair, then stack them one by one, put them on his eggs, and then slowly use your lips and tongue to remove them one by one.In this way, if you remove an elastic band, it will stimulate the roots of him, and the climax of his stay will be more intense.

In addition, the material tied to the elastic band of the hair will have a strange feeling on his side!


Sexual health net double cool double refreshing As long as you simply drink a few warm mint tea, you can create a double “good taste” of hot and cold.

After drinking mint tea, when you and his mouth use the mouth to lick the other’s private parts, some of the ones that have just been picked up will have a burning sensation, but once the other party removes the mouth, the place will suddenly become because of the mint relationship.It’s easy to cool the ice, and the feeling of hot ice is really unspeakable!

Before he uses his mouth to move up your body, let him drink a mint tea.

If the heat is not enough in the process, you can drink a few mouthfuls of mint tea at any time.

He can also use his mouth to blow the skin that has been licked, so that your feeling of refreshment will be more obvious.

After you have played with each other to cool the mint game, let’s have your hot sex.

  Passionate French Tongue Kiss If he can apply the technique of tongue kiss to your lower body, then your oral sex will be even better!

Although his skills in oral sex are already in full swing, if he can use his tongue kiss skills to kiss your private parts, then you will feel better, more special, and more comfortable.

He can use his tongue to tease the area near your private part, or you can rotate it from top to bottom to the side you are close to, or you can gently suck the sensitive skin.

  For your fascination, we have suggested that readers can try to shake your tongue during oral sex, but some people react that the stimulation brought by that method is too strong, sometimes it can not stand.

Here’s another way: Find an electric massage stick near his cheek so you can neutralize the intense irritations.

  Magical letter W When a woman is helping a man to have a blowjob, it is easy to focus on his “general” and ignore other places.

But note that men’s bone basins are waiting for you to develop with millions of blockchains.

You may wish to start from the part where his left thigh meets the groin, and use your tongue to lick his scrotum and testicles. Both of them must be taken care of, and the scrotum’s folds can be slightly thought.

You will find that you are using your tongue to draw a W letter in his parts. The skin on these parts is very thin, so you can give him a double pleasure.

  This trick is actually very simple to do, but it is very comfortable.

When you help her with his blowjob, put a finger into his mouth, then lick it with the finger of the other hand on his tongue.

Stimulating him with his lips and tongue at the same time is definitely a new feeling for him!

  When you are entangled in making love, you must be entangled with him.

So you may wish to take sex to the next level and find a very long plastic rope (at least eight inches long enough to wrap around your body) and entangle you with him.

Pick up the rope, fold it in half, and then roll it into a piece by rotating it. Wrap you with his body for two turns with a rope, then make a knot at the waist, so that the two of you are tight.Tied together.

  (If you feel that the plastic rope is not comfortable, you can use a flexible Pilates elastic band, or a scarf instead.

Regardless of whether you want to use a missionary position with him, or if you want to ride on a horse, or even face to face, you can’t even separate it with him for a second.

This way can increase your intimacy and add a lot of fun, because you will find that it is really not a simple matter for the two to work together at the same time!

  Use all kinds of props to use the missionary position, but also have a sense of freshness at the same time, try some small things you can find at home to help you.

Put a comb at any time, a soft scarf, and a baseball (yes, you didn’t get it wrong, baseball) on your bedside table.

When he is on, you can use a comb or hand, alternately rubbing his tail and hips, caressing him with a scarf, and then rolling a baseball on his body. The stimulating conversion allows him to keep in the process of making love.Excited state, and can give him extra pleasure.

  Extending the passion on the network In order to make a good ending for the just over the rain, you can create a secret account that he does not know on the MSN instant messaging, and then tell him when you will be online.

After watching him go online, pretend that you are a very attractive stranger, and telling him how great the rain has just been in bed, let you remember.

It is to let him know that you think the sex is just wonderful, and that you are constantly praising a “stranger” for the sex you have just happened. It is suggesting that he is really good.

As you continue to talk to him, both of you will have more expectations for your next sex.

Celery rice porridge

Celery rice porridge

Ingredients: celery, previous rice, well water method: 60 grams of fresh celery, washed, chopped.

Previous meter 50?
100 grams (according to the food consumption of each person), into the casserole, add about 600 ml of well water, cook the same as a vegetable porridge, take it warm every morning and dinner.

  Utility:[adapted symptoms]dizziness, high blood pressure, vascular sclerosis, neurasthenia, women’s irregular menstruation, collapse in the belt, diabetes and so on.

  Description: Celery has water, two kinds of drought, and the performance is similar.

However, the aroma of dried celery is more concentrated, also known as parsley, which is excellent in medicine. Therefore, it is also called “medicinal celery.” We also use celery as a good porridge.

Celery porridge is first published in Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica”. It is made from celery and previous rice with water. It has the effects of solidifying kidney, diuresis, clearing heat and calming the liver.

[On the treatment of narration]celery as a medicinal drug, the past doctors in the medical books added records.

According to the “Diet in the Diet”, celery has the functions of “sweetening the stomach, purifying the hurricane, sharpening the teeth, throat, and eyesight”.

The clinical experience of traditional Chinese medicine believes that celery has a refreshing, healthy, lung-enhancing, and cough-relieving effect.

Folks also use celery to treat high blood pressure.

Celery is sweet and flat, has a metabolic aroma, and the previous rice is porridge, sweet and delicious, suitable for all ages, has a good liver and diuretic effect, long service and more food, has better curative effect on hypertension, dizziness, insomnia and other symptoms.
As recorded in “Materia Medica”: “Healing the liver and fainting, red tongue, red-headed, top-heavy, staggering embolism.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” also said: “Celery porridge goes to heat, and the size of the intestines.

” [现代研究]本品每500克中含蛋白质11克,碳水化合物10克,脂肪15克,并含有维生素A、维生素B、维生素C、维生素P,特别是B种维生素的含量最多。Pharmacology confirmed that celery does have a blood pressure lowering effect and lowering blood lipids, and can be effective for primary, pregnancy, and menopausal hypertension.

Recently, celery has also been used to treat diabetes and chyluria.


The porridge has a slower effect and needs to be taken for a long time to be effective;

Celery porridge needs to be cooked now, not suitable for a long time.

The elderly have eight health points and old age

The elderly have eight health points and old age

Self-care should follow the following eight points: First, check your body for disease prevention every year.

Diseases are avoided by everyone. The only difference is the importance of the disease. The doctors advocate early detection and early treatment is very scientific.

On weekdays, I will learn more about my own disease and find out that I should consult a doctor as soon as possible, and try to check my body once a year to prevent micro-duration.

For elderly friends who have been diagnosed with various chronic diseases, there are two points of advice: one should not take medicine according to advertisements, and should take medicine according to doctor’s advice; the second is not to be clouded, hearsay, blind medication, the clinical verification time of new drugs is reduced, or lessUsed as a wonderful.

  Second, we must choose the tonic according to physical fitness.

Due to the poor body structure of our generation of elderly people, most of them have various kinds of deficiency syndrome.

I have learned to supplement some of the tonics according to my physical fitness. I take it all the year round and it is helpful to fight against the declining year.

There are many kinds of finished products in the city, but many of them are expensive. Older friends can pity their own financial resources and replace them according to doctor’s advice. Those who lack financial resources can still take Huangqi, scorpion, Ganoderma lucidum, Angelica and other cheap supplements.
Calcium supplementation is a serious concern for every elderly friend. It is inevitable that the bone density of the elderly will be reduced. In addition to dietary attention to calcium supplementation, calcium supplements should also be added. These drugs should be washed with soymilk before going to bed.
  Third, we must exercise properly to strengthen the bones.

Exercise plays an important role in anti-aging and anti-aging, but there is a lot of learning in sports. Don’t move people, people run and run. It is very dangerous. I have witnessed examples of sudden death due to excessive exercise.

In a word, the elderly are not suitable for intense sports. In the past, there is no history of running, the elderly who swim history, don’t rush to participate, because your heart load may not be able to withstand.

I think that the exercise for the elderly is qigong, and the second is walking. If you can do qigong for half an hour every day, and then walk for half an hour, it will be beneficial to maintain good physical fitness, posture and body shape.

The heart of the elderly, the brain is like a bow, can not be super-physical to string!

  Fourth, we must balance the vitamins and vegetarians.

Staple food should be thick and thin, each meal should not be full, from 100 grams to 150 grams; non-staple food should be more vegetables, fruit, fish, eggs, milk, the best, strong alcohol, onion or garlic for every meal.

According to my experience, eating more soy products is beneficial to the human body.

When I was studying at university, I had tuberculosis. At that time, there was no anti-tuberculosis medicine in China. I was cured by drinking soy milk. In the middle age, I suffered from cerebrovascular disease and recovered from soymilk adjuvant. I still insist on drinking soy milk every day.

In addition to soy milk, it is best to drink 500 ml of yogurt every day.

Yogurt can be homemade. The first time you can buy a small bag of commercially available yogurt for yeast, boil the fresh milk and then add it to the yogurt. It can be exchanged at room temperature in the morning and at night, leaving 100 ml for the second time.Kind.
  Five must relax and raise blood.

Self-relaxation has been promoted by domestic and foreign health care providers as a good fitness.

Self-relaxation has the function of regulating and qi and blood, restoring physical fitness, insisting on doing it and treating chronic diseases. The method of self-relaxation is very simple. First, we must choose a fresh air environment, the best garden green space, and fresh indoor air.Also, sitting, lying posture, but be sure to choose a posture that is most comfortable for yourself, keep breathing natural and smooth; breath regulation is well mastered, and when you do not interfere with your breathing, breathing will reach nature.It is slow and even, so that people are in a comfortable and comfortable state, forgetting to breathe in leisurely self-satisfaction; after breathing naturally, they should turn to the guidance of mind, and they want to relax, calm, and merge with nature.Gradually bring the mind into a state of faintness and emptiness; if you have a chronic disease, plus a meditation idea: “Cosmic light can shine according to me ×” (what disease is the cause of the organ), about 30 minutes a dayIf you can gradually calm your brain into a state of emptiness, you will truly enter the best state of mind.

This relaxation function can obviously feel the effect of blood and blood filling for a long time. When doing this work, you must choose a quiet place, free from external noise.

  Six must be indifferent to avoid anger.

When people enter the old age, they should not be overjoyed and angry, and they must thoroughly understand a “light” in their own mindset.

Living in the light, happy in the light, forgetting the age, forgetting the life and death, forgetting the disease, forgetting the fame and fortune, to lightly support the body, life is also in the light and metamorphosis.

Some elderly people are prone to excitement, do not know how to take care of their health, and even violently scream in anger and anger.

  In order to understand a “light” word, we must first follow the order of no competition in the world. We should always think of fame and fortune. Money and money are all things outside the body. If we can’t bring it, we can’t take it, why should we fight? We should always think of doing things for people.He is expensive and bears high.

In doing so, I have made two mottos for myself: tolerate a calm, half-step and wide sky.

However, its connotation is absolutely necessary for friends to passively swallow their voices. If so, they will get sick when they are all in their stomachs.

This refers to positive tolerance, and it should be avoided for small things. If you are good at helping others, and you are happy, you should be willing.

  Seven must wake up two massages before going to bed.

Such a body massage can be sustained, dredge the meridians, reconcile the blood, promote metabolism, health and fitness, and have excellent results.

  Massage method: (1) Massage before going to bed: After washing the feet, massage the feet of Yongquan (foot), massage the left foot with the right hand for 90 times, then massage the right foot with the left hand for 90 times, with the heart of both feet being heated; 2Massage your legs, use your hands to buckle the left leg, push it from the toe up to the root of the leg, then push it down to the replacement part, round-trip once, push 36 times, this push to clear the foot Sanyang, footThree yin and six classics, press the left leg and then press the right leg; 3 massage the lower back, use your hands to push the back waist 60-90 times, to heat the degree; 4 push the skull, first use the right hand to push the left arm, from the back of the handPushing it to the shoulder, then pushing it from the palm of your hand to the arm, 36 times each time. This pusher must clear the hand Sanyang, hand Sanyin and Jingjing, push the left arm and use the same method to push the right arm; 5 massage top, lying down, use your hands to push the dark color 36 times horizontally, then push the dark color 36 times vertically; 6 揉 belly, use your right hand to rub the abdomen 60-90 times clockwise, then use your left hand to rub the abdomen 60-90 counterclockwiseTimes.

  (2) Morning wake-up massage: 1 face, after rubbing heat with both hands, lick face 36 times; 2 points and 4 points, use the middle finger to click on the eye point 36 times, use the double middle finger to point the temple anyway 36 times, useHands, food, ring finger from both sides to try to wind up, Fengchi points 36 times; 3 Capricorn, according to the 5th law; 4 belly, according to the sixth method of sustainable; 5 push carbonization, according to the previous 4thLaw; 6 rubbing the waist, according to the third method of sustainable; push the legs, according to the inheritance of the second law; 8 massage springs, according to the sustainable law.

  Get up after massage.

This method is best if you can massage yourself. If you have poor physical strength, you can reduce the number of times and massage by others.  Eight have to work and talk about science.

After the old friends left the post, they no longer have the discipline of getting on and off work. Many people have relaxed themselves. Some watch TV at night, play mahjong until midnight, and some morning beds, and get up late.

This abnormal, unscientific way of living and living will inevitably affect the diet, so it will be changed into two meals from three meals a day.

Due to irregular sleep, it will inevitably lead to a lack of spirit, and often will accelerate the aging process.

Therefore, after retirement, the elderly should still abide by the living methods at the time of their duties, arrange their own lifestyle according to the laws of the biological clock, so that the activities of each day are under the control of the biological clock to ensure the normal operation of the biological clock.

Generally speaking, get up at 5 in the morning, get an hour of outdoor activities after getting up, breakfast at 8 o’clock, lunch at 12 o’clock, half an hour at 13 o’clock, dinner at 18 o’clock, and sleep at 21 o’clock.

Mental health is the soul of health and longevity

Mental health is the soul of health and longevity

Reasonable and reasonable in the four cornerstones of health, smoking cessation and less alcohol, moderate exercise is the basis of health and longevity, and mental health is the soul of health and longevity.

  What is a “comprehensive” health assessment for a person’s health begins with four examples.

  Physiological health: The body structure is complete and the physiological function is normal.

  Mental health: full of love and compassion, contentment and happiness.

  Moral health: The highest standard is selfless dedication. The bottom line is not to harm the interests of others.

  Social adaptation to health: It is the most difficult thing to do. Whether in the unit, family or out, all kinds of roles can adapt. Lack of role awareness or dislocation of roles is an unsuitable performance.

  The World Health Organization (WHO) pointed out that 40% of human health and longevity depends on genetic and objective conditions (including 15% genetic, 10% society, 8% medical, 7% climatic conditions), and 60% adopt lifestyle and psychological behavior habits.
Such as exercise, psychological relaxation, reasonable diet, quit smoking and less alcohol.

  Sub-health performance is unhappy and unhappy.

I don’t want to do anything, hesitate.

Many manifestations of sub-health are diagnosed as neurasthenia, some insomnia, and forced thinking.

Lack of self-control and self-awareness.

There are also often melancholy, worry, horror, coercion, neurasthenia, suspicion, stubborn performance.

The six kinds of health foods that the elderly must eat want to be healthy and eat often.

The six kinds of health foods that the elderly must eat want to be healthy and eat often.

Pear pear has the effect of moistening dryness and eliminating wind, relieving cough and relieving asthma, clearing heart and reducing fire, soaking up alcohol and detoxifying.

Raw pears are cool, and the elderly should not eat too much at one time.

People with weak spleen and stomach can also be placed in rock sugar and stewed pear water, which is also a good way to eat.

Jujube jujube has the advantages of calming the nerves, strengthening the brain, enhancing appetite, removing astringency, anti-allergic, and improving immunity. It can also prevent high blood pressure, osteoporosis and anemia. It is a good supplement for the elderly in winter.
Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum can evacuate the wind and liver, clear heart and trouble, wind and throat, Shengjin eyesight, hangover poison, have a certain auxiliary therapeutic effect on colds and headaches.

Older people can receive chrysanthemum tea in winter to achieve the purpose of maintenance of smoldering lungs.

Sweet potato sweet potato is evaluated as the best food on the table. It has the effect of preventing cancer, preventing constipation and losing weight. Eating sweet potatoes often can prolong life.

The elderly are healthy and eaten. The elderly are healthy and healthy. The walnuts and walnuts are the best food for brain supplementation. They are also the therapeutic products for tonifying kidney and solidifying, warming lung and relieving asthma. They have good curative effect on kidney deficiency, frequent urination and cough.
Older people often eat walnuts, which can clear their minds and be clear-eyed.

Chestnut chestnut has the reputation of the king of the fruit. It can not only replenish the spleen and strengthen the stomach, but also strengthen the kidney and strengthen the muscles. It also has the effect of promoting blood circulation and stopping bleeding.

In the deep winter season, eating a few chestnuts every day is conducive to nourishing the vitality and strengthening the kidney essence.

Conclusion: Through the above article, we have a certain understanding of the relevant knowledge of the benefits of eating these ingredients in the summer. The benefits of these ingredients in the summer can both clear the heat and reduce the fire, and help us to regulate the spleen and stomach.

All of the above are all seasonal ingredients in summer, but you should try to pay attention to the right amount.

Running without paying attention to these matters is equivalent to white exercise.

Running without paying attention to these matters is equivalent to white exercise.

Warm up first: You can’t just run on the highway as soon as you get to the highway. This is the most taboo for running.

Walk and walk quickly, then you can jog. It is necessary to do a set of warm-up exercise before the running. The whole body and joints are active.

Running should not be excessive: the amount of exercise that the body can withstand is within a range. If it exceeds this level, it will cause proper physical difficulty such as difficulty breathing, dizziness, and throwing spit.

At the same time, excessive activity may cause muscle strain.

You can’t sit down or kneel immediately after the end of the run, and it’s best to walk on foot.

It is not advisable to run immediately after a meal: after the meal, the stomach is full of stomach pain caused by small food, indigestion, and large cause of stomach sag.

Do not run before going to bed: 2 hours before going to bed can cause mental excitement, which is not conducive to sleep.

It is not advisable to run on the streets of downtown: when people are running in the downtown area, the first air is not good, the car exhaust, dust, and people are not conducive to health and inconvenience, so it is advisable to choose a good forest path.

It is not advisable to wear tight clothes when running, try to wear casual, loose clothes and comfortable shoes.

Achieve the perfect figure fitness new tricks

Achieve the perfect figure fitness new tricks

In this fast-paced metropolis, people’s busy figures are everywhere, so fitness will have people’s strong guarantees of health and beauty, there are many fitness programs, and now there are a lot of new fitness tricks, these new tricks let youShape the perfect body shape.

  Goal 1: Sculpted Arms Old Method: A new approach to pull-ups: Boxing allows you to eliminate muscle relaxation and have strong, powerful muscles.

Use the lower hook, direct hit, side swing and other punching positions to punch 25 times each, and the left and right hands alternately.

Change the order of the poses each time you exercise.

At the beginning, the toes are slightly extended, the heels are off the ground, the armor can be rotated; the elbows are bent close to the ribs, and the fists are inserted under the face; when the punches are made, the left foot is stepped out, the buttocks are turned to the right, and the left shoulder is forwarded, whileAt the height of the cheek, the left arm begins to be shot out, and the fist heart is quickly lowered to restore the fist, return to the original position, and then the right fist.

  Other attempts: rock climbing, gym training, boating, weightlifting.

  Goal 2: Slim legs and strong chest method: High-lifting legs to run a new method: gymnastics training In order to make you more bodybuilding, you do not hinder the test of a single leg jump training.

Stand with your legs together, jump to the right with one foot, hold your feet all the way to the ground, and then jump back to the left with a little balance.

After slowly jumping 12-15 times, gradually speed up the pace.

At this time, quickly jump to the left with one foot, then jump back to the right, then jump up with your feet, do your best, and surpass the better.

Repeated training 10-12 times.

  Other Attempts: Ball Sports Goal 3: Choosing a tangible Abdominal Method: A new way to sit up: Yoga – Improved push-up yoga can make your abdominal muscles contract in a new way.

First, the forearm and contraction support the body, the elbow is the same width as the shoulder, the knee and the hip are the same width, and the toes are bent; then, the shoulder is lowered, and the abdominal muscles are contracted, and the weight of the upper body is transferred to the forearm;The foot slides to the rear, the legs gradually straighten, keeping a straight line from head to toe, evenly balancing the weight on the fingers and toes, keeping the chest straight and abdomen.

This is kept for 30 seconds, and the arm is raised for 1 minute, so repeat 3-4 times.

  Other attempts: dance, boating, weightlifting.

Lack of a week, two pounds, staying up late, tired, not fattening _1

Lack of a week, two pounds, staying up late, tired, not fattening

American researchers have found that lack of sleep and even physical exhaustion, but also easy to gain weight.

Volunteers only slept for 5 hours a day and gained nearly one kilogram after 5 consecutive days.

Professor Ken White, a professor of sleep at the University of Colorado at Boulder, led a team of 16 young, slim, healthy adults who volunteered to live in the “sleeping room” of the University of Colorado Hospital for two weeks.

For the first three days, the researchers asked volunteers to sleep 9 hours a night, supplying them with energy that was only enough to keep their weight during the day.

In the next 5 days, the researchers arranged the volunteers to range, the first group slept 5 hours a night, and the second group stayed 9 hours sleep.

All volunteers can eat at will, a large variety of meat and fruit, yogurt, ice cream, potato chips and other snacks.

After that, volunteer volunteers changed their sleep time. The first group slept for 9 hours every night, and the second group slept for up to 5 hours.

Absorbed researchers replaced in the report published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Long waking time means that the body needs to consume more energy, but the less sleepy volunteers absorb more than the consumption.

The results of the experiment showed that volunteers who slept for 9 hours at sleep scored 5% of the volume in a day, but converted to 6% more.

Volunteers who are not getting enough sleep often eat less breakfast, eat snacks after dinner, and snacks usually cause too much sugar and aunt.

As a result, the conversion of the snacks they eat exceeds any meal in three meals a day.

After less than 5 days of continuous sleep, the volunteers gained an average of two pounds (0.

91 kg), when the sleep time is too much, the volunteers add a small amount of aunt and the weight is reduced.

The so-called British media has quoted White’s words: “Our research shows that when someone is unconscious, they like to eat at night, and from a physiological point of view, this period of time is not suitable for eating.

White said that their findings show that adequate sleep helps people maintain a healthy weight, so people want to lose weight or maintain weight, enough to cope with healthy sleep.

“I don’t think that just sleeping more will make you lose weight.

Weight gain and obesity are quite complex, but too much sleep can have a role in slimming or maintaining weight.

“A number of previous studies have shown that lack of sleep is detrimental to health.

Sleep interferes with stress levels and blood glucose secretion decreases when awake; lack of awareness significantly slows down the body’s metabolism and reduces consumption; people who sleep less than 5 hours are prone to gain weight and are prone to weight-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes.