The six kinds of health foods that the elderly must eat want to be healthy and eat often.

The six kinds of health foods that the elderly must eat want to be healthy and eat often.

Pear pear has the effect of moistening dryness and eliminating wind, relieving cough and relieving asthma, clearing heart and reducing fire, soaking up alcohol and detoxifying.

Raw pears are cool, and the elderly should not eat too much at one time.

People with weak spleen and stomach can also be placed in rock sugar and stewed pear water, which is also a good way to eat.

Jujube jujube has the advantages of calming the nerves, strengthening the brain, enhancing appetite, removing astringency, anti-allergic, and improving immunity. It can also prevent high blood pressure, osteoporosis and anemia. It is a good supplement for the elderly in winter.
Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum can evacuate the wind and liver, clear heart and trouble, wind and throat, Shengjin eyesight, hangover poison, have a certain auxiliary therapeutic effect on colds and headaches.

Older people can receive chrysanthemum tea in winter to achieve the purpose of maintenance of smoldering lungs.

Sweet potato sweet potato is evaluated as the best food on the table. It has the effect of preventing cancer, preventing constipation and losing weight. Eating sweet potatoes often can prolong life.

The elderly are healthy and eaten. The elderly are healthy and healthy. The walnuts and walnuts are the best food for brain supplementation. They are also the therapeutic products for tonifying kidney and solidifying, warming lung and relieving asthma. They have good curative effect on kidney deficiency, frequent urination and cough.
Older people often eat walnuts, which can clear their minds and be clear-eyed.

Chestnut chestnut has the reputation of the king of the fruit. It can not only replenish the spleen and strengthen the stomach, but also strengthen the kidney and strengthen the muscles. It also has the effect of promoting blood circulation and stopping bleeding.

In the deep winter season, eating a few chestnuts every day is conducive to nourishing the vitality and strengthening the kidney essence.

Conclusion: Through the above article, we have a certain understanding of the relevant knowledge of the benefits of eating these ingredients in the summer. The benefits of these ingredients in the summer can both clear the heat and reduce the fire, and help us to regulate the spleen and stomach.

All of the above are all seasonal ingredients in summer, but you should try to pay attention to the right amount.

Running without paying attention to these matters is equivalent to white exercise.

Running without paying attention to these matters is equivalent to white exercise.

Warm up first: You can’t just run on the highway as soon as you get to the highway. This is the most taboo for running.

Walk and walk quickly, then you can jog. It is necessary to do a set of warm-up exercise before the running. The whole body and joints are active.

Running should not be excessive: the amount of exercise that the body can withstand is within a range. If it exceeds this level, it will cause proper physical difficulty such as difficulty breathing, dizziness, and throwing spit.

At the same time, excessive activity may cause muscle strain.

You can’t sit down or kneel immediately after the end of the run, and it’s best to walk on foot.

It is not advisable to run immediately after a meal: after the meal, the stomach is full of stomach pain caused by small food, indigestion, and large cause of stomach sag.

Do not run before going to bed: 2 hours before going to bed can cause mental excitement, which is not conducive to sleep.

It is not advisable to run on the streets of downtown: when people are running in the downtown area, the first air is not good, the car exhaust, dust, and people are not conducive to health and inconvenience, so it is advisable to choose a good forest path.

It is not advisable to wear tight clothes when running, try to wear casual, loose clothes and comfortable shoes.

Achieve the perfect figure fitness new tricks

Achieve the perfect figure fitness new tricks

In this fast-paced metropolis, people’s busy figures are everywhere, so fitness will have people’s strong guarantees of health and beauty, there are many fitness programs, and now there are a lot of new fitness tricks, these new tricks let youShape the perfect body shape.

  Goal 1: Sculpted Arms Old Method: A new approach to pull-ups: Boxing allows you to eliminate muscle relaxation and have strong, powerful muscles.

Use the lower hook, direct hit, side swing and other punching positions to punch 25 times each, and the left and right hands alternately.

Change the order of the poses each time you exercise.

At the beginning, the toes are slightly extended, the heels are off the ground, the armor can be rotated; the elbows are bent close to the ribs, and the fists are inserted under the face; when the punches are made, the left foot is stepped out, the buttocks are turned to the right, and the left shoulder is forwarded, whileAt the height of the cheek, the left arm begins to be shot out, and the fist heart is quickly lowered to restore the fist, return to the original position, and then the right fist.

  Other attempts: rock climbing, gym training, boating, weightlifting.

  Goal 2: Slim legs and strong chest method: High-lifting legs to run a new method: gymnastics training In order to make you more bodybuilding, you do not hinder the test of a single leg jump training.

Stand with your legs together, jump to the right with one foot, hold your feet all the way to the ground, and then jump back to the left with a little balance.

After slowly jumping 12-15 times, gradually speed up the pace.

At this time, quickly jump to the left with one foot, then jump back to the right, then jump up with your feet, do your best, and surpass the better.

Repeated training 10-12 times.

  Other Attempts: Ball Sports Goal 3: Choosing a tangible Abdominal Method: A new way to sit up: Yoga – Improved push-up yoga can make your abdominal muscles contract in a new way.

First, the forearm and contraction support the body, the elbow is the same width as the shoulder, the knee and the hip are the same width, and the toes are bent; then, the shoulder is lowered, and the abdominal muscles are contracted, and the weight of the upper body is transferred to the forearm;The foot slides to the rear, the legs gradually straighten, keeping a straight line from head to toe, evenly balancing the weight on the fingers and toes, keeping the chest straight and abdomen.

This is kept for 30 seconds, and the arm is raised for 1 minute, so repeat 3-4 times.

  Other attempts: dance, boating, weightlifting.

Lack of a week, two pounds, staying up late, tired, not fattening _1

Lack of a week, two pounds, staying up late, tired, not fattening

American researchers have found that lack of sleep and even physical exhaustion, but also easy to gain weight.

Volunteers only slept for 5 hours a day and gained nearly one kilogram after 5 consecutive days.

Professor Ken White, a professor of sleep at the University of Colorado at Boulder, led a team of 16 young, slim, healthy adults who volunteered to live in the “sleeping room” of the University of Colorado Hospital for two weeks.

For the first three days, the researchers asked volunteers to sleep 9 hours a night, supplying them with energy that was only enough to keep their weight during the day.

In the next 5 days, the researchers arranged the volunteers to range, the first group slept 5 hours a night, and the second group stayed 9 hours sleep.

All volunteers can eat at will, a large variety of meat and fruit, yogurt, ice cream, potato chips and other snacks.

After that, volunteer volunteers changed their sleep time. The first group slept for 9 hours every night, and the second group slept for up to 5 hours.

Absorbed researchers replaced in the report published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Long waking time means that the body needs to consume more energy, but the less sleepy volunteers absorb more than the consumption.

The results of the experiment showed that volunteers who slept for 9 hours at sleep scored 5% of the volume in a day, but converted to 6% more.

Volunteers who are not getting enough sleep often eat less breakfast, eat snacks after dinner, and snacks usually cause too much sugar and aunt.

As a result, the conversion of the snacks they eat exceeds any meal in three meals a day.

After less than 5 days of continuous sleep, the volunteers gained an average of two pounds (0.

91 kg), when the sleep time is too much, the volunteers add a small amount of aunt and the weight is reduced.

The so-called British media has quoted White’s words: “Our research shows that when someone is unconscious, they like to eat at night, and from a physiological point of view, this period of time is not suitable for eating.

White said that their findings show that adequate sleep helps people maintain a healthy weight, so people want to lose weight or maintain weight, enough to cope with healthy sleep.

“I don’t think that just sleeping more will make you lose weight.

Weight gain and obesity are quite complex, but too much sleep can have a role in slimming or maintaining weight.

“A number of previous studies have shown that lack of sleep is detrimental to health.

Sleep interferes with stress levels and blood glucose secretion decreases when awake; lack of awareness significantly slows down the body’s metabolism and reduces consumption; people who sleep less than 5 hours are prone to gain weight and are prone to weight-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

The elderly bedwetting is a sign of prostatic hypertrophy?

The elderly bedwetting is a sign of prostatic hypertrophy?

If there is a bedwetting phenomenon in an elderly person who has always been healthy, it is often a manifestation of prostatic hypertrophy.

  After the age of 50, men have almost different degrees of prostatic hypertrophy through the decline of sexual function. If the urinary tract branch has not been caused, the symptoms are obvious.

According to statistics, after the age of 60, about 70% of the elderly have enlarged prostate and symptoms appear to affect urination.

  If the elderly have always been healthy, there are nocturia or bedwetting, this is the signal of prostatic hypertrophy, should seek medical advice in time, carry out prostate examination, and find that when the prostate is enlarged, don’t be afraid, you can take medications such as diethylstilbestrol and Qianliekang.good results.

Severe cases may consider surgery.

  Prevention of prostatic hypertrophy should start from middle age.

Do not over-exertion in sexual life to reduce prostate congestion and allow the prostate to have adequate rest time.

No smoking, no alcohol, little or no irritating food.

After men reach middle age, they must actively prevent diseases that can cause prostatic hypertrophy, such as cystitis, urethritis, orchitis, etc. Once they have a certain disease, they should be treated promptly and completely cured to avoid the disease.

  Usually should strengthen physical exercise, walk, run, do exercises, tai chi and other sports, less cycling, sedentary, standing up regularly, active limbs, implanted prostate due to poor blood flow caused by hyperplasia or inflammation.

Recommended ten kinds of brain health soup for college entrance examination students

Recommended ten kinds of brain health soup for college entrance examination students

Lotus seed pig heart soup: 30 grams of lotus seeds, 1 pig heart, 3 velvet antlers.

Salt, soy sauce, and MSG are all appropriate.

Wash and slice the pig heart, add lotus seed meat, velvet flank, stew for 30 minutes with medium heat, add salt, soy sauce, MSG and other seasoning.

This soup puzzles the nerves and strengthens the heart.

For restlessness, forgetful memory has a certain effect.

Fish head brain soup: 1 head of squid, 15 grams of gastrodia.

Mushrooms, shrimps, chickens, the right amount, a variety of spices, the right amount.

Put the squid first to the ribs, add the appropriate amount of oil to the pan, heat the squid head into the main and reverse sauté for 30 seconds, add the mushrooms, shrimp, chicken, slightly fried, add Tianma tablets and water and onions, ginger, salt, MSG and other seasonings, boil for about 20 minutes.

This soup is my best, can refresh my mind, increase my mind and soothe the nerves.

For dizziness, headache, heart trouble, insomnia, forgetfulness, intolerance, memory loss has a certain health effect.

Anshen Bunao Decoction: 30 grams of Huangjing, 30 grams of Polygonatum, 9 grams of cassia seed, 3 grams of Chuanxiong, 500 grams of pork ribs, 100 grams of pork lean meat.

Ginger, minced garlic, cooking wine, the right amount.

The above traditional Chinese medicine decoction is removed to the slag, and the juice is taken up for use; the pork ribs are washed and smashed into small pieces, and the pork is washed and cut into thin slices.

Add pork ribs, pork, ginger and minced garlic to the boil, add foam and ginger, minced garlic, add the prepared medicinal juice, simmer for 30 minutes on low heat, until the meat is cooked, add cooking wine, soy sauce,Salt, MSG Serve.

This soup fills the brain and calms the nerves and reconciles the blood.

Insufficient brain power, dizziness, insomnia, forgetfulness, fatigue and fatigue have a certain effect.

Bud brain puzzle soup: squid, pork liver 250 grams each, 20 grams of medlar.

Chopped green onion, soy sauce, cooking wine, salt, and MSG.

Wash the squid and pig liver separately and cut the scorpion.

Firstly simmer the appropriate amount of squid with medium heat for 10 minutes until cooked, remove the cooking wine, lard, salt, MSG.

Then add the pig liver to the wolfberry, chopped green onion, soy sauce, starch, water mixed with the common color into a simmered juice, mixed into the squid soup and evenly grilled, until the pig liver is tender and cooked, add MSG.

This soup can make up the brain, puzzle, and bones.

Especially suitable for high school students.

Winter melon prawn soup: 500 grams of melon, 8 prawns, some parsley.

Onion, cooking wine, salt, MSG are appropriate.

Melon peeled and removed, cut into 3?
4 cm long, 2.

5 cm thick squares, boiled in hot water 9?
10 minutes, too cold, dry.

The prawns are husked, head to tail, sprinkled with a small amount of salt and wine, and marinated for good taste.

Add the melon to the pot and boil it. Pour the prawns. When the prawns turn red, they are immediately removed and placed in the soup.

Remove the floating foam from the soup, add the melon, season with salt, and sprinkle into 2?
3 cm long parsley.

After boiling, pour into the soup containing prawns and pour in some sesame oil.

This soup is the son’s favorite, delicious, and has a certain effect on lack of brain power and dizziness.

Papaya soy pork leg soup: 1 papaya, 1 pig’s foot, 100 grams of soybeans.

Salt, chopped green onion, chicken essence, the right amount.

Scrape the pig’s feet and cut them into pieces. Boil them with boiling water. Put some water in the pot and boil. Add the onions, ginger and cooking wine. Stew the soybeans and pig’s feet on a small fire for 2 hours. Papaya peels.Seeds are added to the pot and stewed for another half an hour.
Turn off the flame, put it in a bowl, and sprinkle with a small amount of salt, chopped green onion, and chicken essence before serving.

This soup contains high-quality protein and vitamins, has the effect of strengthening the spleen and appetizing, and strengthening the body.

Fungus sea cucumber soup: 50 grams of sea cucumber, 20 grams of fungus, white fungus, cucumber, broth.
Salt, cooking wine, pepper, chicken, sesame oil, ginger, onion, parsley, the right amount.

Wash the sea cucumber into small pieces, cut the cucumber into pieces, cut the onion, ginger, and slice the parsley. Add the appropriate amount of oil to the pan. When the temperature is 30%, the ginger is fried and the white fungus is placed.Fungus, pour the right amount of soup, add wine, salt, chicken simmer for half an hour and then put in the sea cucumber, add the pepper to boil and then in the bowl, add cucumber slices, green onion and parsley, topped with sesame oil.

This soup is nutritious, sweet and delicious.

It has a good effect on enhancing memory and enhancing physical fitness.

Kelp ribs soup: 500 grams of pork ribs, 150 grams of kelp, 2 velvet antlers.

Onion, ginger, salt, rice wine, sesame oil, the right amount.

After immersing the kelp, it is steamed for about half an hour, taken out and soaked in water for 4 hours. After washing, the ribs are washed and cut into long pieces. The ribs are washed, cut with a knife and cut into sections of about 4 cm into a boiling water pot.Cook it, remove it and wash it with warm water.

Add appropriate amount of water to the pot, add ribs, velvet, onion, ginger, rice wine, boil with high heat, simmer the foam, then simmer for about 20 minutes with medium heat, pour into the kelp block, then use WangThe fire is boiled for 10 minutes, the ginger pieces are picked, the onion segments are seasoned, and the salt is added to the seasoning, and the sesame oil is served.

This soup is the favorite of the husband, the meat is rotten and boneless, the kelp is slippery, and the whole soup is delicious.

It has the effect of nourishing liver and benefiting blood.

枸杞 bird’s nest soup: 枸杞 20 grams, 10 grams of bird’s nest, 20 grams of rock sugar.

The bird’s nest is thoroughly ventilated with warm water. The bristles are clipped with tweezers and torn into strips. Then put them into the pot together with the oysters, add a proper amount of water and boil, then simmer for 30 minutes and add rock sugar.

This soup is good for kidney and eyesight and is suitable for people with unclear vision.

Jujube black chicken soup: one black-bone chicken, 10 red dates, 10 grams of wolfberry, prepared soup.

Chopped green onion, ginger, salt, MSG, the right amount.

Wash the black-bone chicken, put it in boiling water for 5 minutes, pick it up, wash it with water, and drain.

枸杞, red dates and ginger are washed with water.

Jujube to the core; scrape the ginger skin and cut a few slices.

Add the broth to the pot and boil it, then add the black-bone red dates and scallions, and then turn it on. Use the medium heat for 2 to 3 hours. Add the chopped green onion, salt, and MSG.

This soup is my favorite, often on the casserole when I go to work, just eaten after going home from work, it tastes delicious, and the material is economical and simple, and has the effect of blood and beauty, good and good purpose, good effect, suitable for a family size.

Older people are more passionate and longevity

Older people are more passionate and longevity

Nowadays, there are more and more elderly people living in longevity, and of course the longevity secrets are quite a lot. Experts say that older people want to live longer and must be “excellent.”
What is “passionate”?
Let’s see how the experts explain it.
  A lot of friendship A person is most afraid of loneliness, loneliness is a taboo for the elderly.
Instead of going out of the house at home, you can make friends, especially good friends, and often gather with them, or engage in some cultural and sports activities within your ability; or taste the game; or receive in the embrace of nature.The grace of the mountains and the waters; or exchange ideas with the friends of the Year of the Dead, to pour out the voices of the youth, to absorb the youthful vitality; or to chat with the three mountains and the sorrows of the mountains, to develop friendships, maintain relationships, maintain a relaxed and friendly environment, and make the elderly life enjoyable.
Therefore, Guangyou Yiyou is the help of the elderly for longevity.
  The world is more suitable. In addition to eating well and living well, the elderly should also pay attention to the scientific nature of “wearing and doing”.
If you participate in social activities, insist on step by step, pay attention to the appearance of the instrument, properly dress up, etc., to be a modern civilized old man.
  Moderately “old and beautiful” in old age is not only the need for personal physical and mental health, but also the need of modern social civilization.
When the white hair is blackened, it looks younger; the beard is shaved and the face is kept clean and radiant.
Not only beautify yourself, add spirit, but also beautify the society, become a “sunset landscape”, but also conducive to social activities, benefiting physical and mental health.
As the saying goes, “The old is to be fashionable and less to be embarrassed.”
Therefore, the world is suitable and it is the potential for the elderly to live longer.
  The mood is more pleasant. The elderly should always maintain a good mood, open mind, and a calm mind. If you are in a hurry, you should be indifferent, and you must learn to be tolerant.
Psychologists have found that people who are good at being able to live longer, because of their generosity, comfort, and helpfulness, will also play a miraculous role in their psychological immunity and disease resistance.
At the same time, try to cultivate your own hobbies, establish spiritual support, and find fun.
  Love is sweet. As the saying goes: “Young couples come together, and couples love to live longer.
“Old people, can not be without companion; old husband and wife are in one piece, nothing to talk to each other, mutual comfort and persuasion, have a headache and brain can also take care of each other, considerate each other, so that love is more consolidated and sublimated.
Even the widowed old man must break through some prejudice and obstruction, strive for or create conditions to find an “old partner” and reorganize a home so that love can continue and develop.

To raise 5 must win tricks to know

To raise 5 must win tricks to know

The first trick is to win the secret: relax the spirit, the spirit of the body and the lightness of “health” and “fitness” is the spirit of relaxation.

Relaxation allows the muscles, bones, and organs to be naturally restored and trimmed.

  The first point of relaxation is to let go of fame and fortune, right and wrong, and emotional entanglement, and get a good breath, take a good rest, and when you can’t calm down, you can do a big respiration (see below).

To solve the problem fundamentally, we must establish the “big self” thinking, and always think that our existence is the needs of human society, family and friends; the value of personal existence is to contribute to social progress and human happiness.

With this spiritual foundation, we will re-emerge, pay heavily, pay fame and fortune, think from the big picture, deny ourselves, and give up our minds and peace of mind. In order to realize our own values, we will fulfill our obligations, in the face of difficulties and setbacks.Nothing to be discouraged, nowhere to go.

  The second point of relaxation is that subjective obedience is objective.

The development of human society is a development process from low to high. It is an obligation to resolve conflicts and overcome drawbacks.

Expand your ability, and you can’t slap the sky.

For what you can do, see what you can do, do your best, and do whatever you can’t do or do, and don’t let the troubles that you can’t control.

Let those troublesome things be solved with historical progress and social development.

  The third point of relaxation is to go all out and treat all criticism and blame.

The attack and irony of malice can be treated by disregarding it; the criticism and blame for goodwill can be properly explained or silenced.

In either case, it is not in mind.

We must be convinced that we have not done anything wrong, so that our mentality will naturally calm down; if it is indeed wrong, we will never intentionally make a mistake, without remorse and trouble; find the cause and correct it.

  The fourth point of relaxation is that you are not afraid of disease.

I believe that through the improvement of medical standards, all diseases can be cured; at the same time, I believe that through scientific exercise, the symptoms of the disease can be eliminated.

In any case, you must maintain a healthy mentality and believe that you have the ability to overcome the disease.

If you can do this, even if you are really sick, you can at least cut it in half. The remaining half is even more important. After treatment and exercise, you will soon get better.

  The fifth point of relaxation is that you are alive and happy.

As long as you can breathe, you are happy; if you have the ability, you can hope to live better, that is the icing on the cake.

  The second trick is to win the secret: pay attention to scientific diet, overcome bad habits, eat nutrition, and never picky eaters according to taste.

In order to be comprehensive in nutrition, there are many food varieties to try.

In order to increase appetite, it can be processed by different cooking methods to suit your taste.

When keeping the nutritional value of the food inconsistent with the taste, you must force yourself to eat food that is not suitable for taste.

I would rather eat “rice” as a “medicine”. I must not wait until the disease is riddled with the “medicine” as a “rice.”

Don’t trust the magical effects of various supplements.

When the physiological mechanism of the body is not perfect, eating the so-called “replenishment” can not benefit or even be harmful.

  The diet should change more patterns and the lifestyle should be richer.

For any kind of so-called “enjoyment” that is not conducive to health, you can’t be greedy. You must control your tolerance according to your ability to withstand and do what you can.

For example, smoking, drinking, and playing, etc., should not be excessive, and it should not be at the expense of health.

  The third trick is to win the secret: scientific breathing, life to benefit from breathing, there are two kinds of chest breathing and abdominal breathing.

The air used by the former is not fully utilized, and a considerable amount of oxygen has not been used yet, and it has been called out. In order to meet the oxygen demand of various tissues and organs in the body during metabolism, it is necessary to increase the respiratory rate.

This method is prone to shortness of breath, often with shortness of breath and fatigue.

It may increase the inspiratory volume, and the utilization rate of oxygen is also not high. In addition, the lack of oxygen in the lungs is not conducive to blood purification, and is also prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

According to my many years of fitness experience, the best way to breathe should be “great breathing” (also known as double breathing in the lungs and abdomen).

  The specific method is: the middle is gradually, the eyes are gently closed.

Contain chest, abdomen, inhale, and expand the chest to both sides.

The two young people will feel upturned, their heads will be a little bit bloated, as if they are growing taller and their heads are up to the sky.In the process, inhale into the lungs; the lower jaw is close to the chest, and the lower abdomen is used to exhale the exhaust gas from the nasal cavity (or the oral cavity) through the throat.

I can feel that the blood goes down from the head and goes down to the back. The life door will tighten and swell. The whole body seems to fall into the ground. There is some kind of up and down penetration and a comfortable feeling.

Exhale to try thoroughly.

  This breathing method has two outstanding advantages: one is to increase the amount of inhalation; the other is to make more efficient use of the oxygen inhaled.

Do large breathing, no special requirements for posture.

If you relax and do it before going to sleep, it will both relieve fatigue and help you fall asleep as soon as possible.

If you stand up, the center of gravity moves forward when inhaling, and the center of gravity moves backwards when exhaling, the body will shake slightly, remember, don’t fall.

  In order to fully understand the feeling of inhalation, you can inhale, inhale, inhale, and finally slowly exhale.

This method reduces the blood supply of people with low blood pressure.

  Hypertensive patients should be more aware of the comfort when exhaling.

Also, do you insist on doing 1 every day?
2 hours of large circulation breathing, you can quickly achieve weight loss.

  The fourth trick is to win the secret: the specific practice of doing the squatting exercise is: the two feet are close together, the whole body is in the middle, the shoulders are slightly buckled, the two arms are naturally drooping, the hundred will be on the collar, the lower jaw is recycled, and the two eyes are gently closed.

  According to the method of breathing in a large circulation, after taking a good breath (the center of gravity should be moved to the forefoot), the gas is slowly squatting, and the center of gravity gradually moves toward the heel. At the lowest point, both hands embrace the calf or fracture (the beginner can onlyHold the knee, when the waist is loose, you can hold the calf), do a few deep breaths, lean back and pull the spine, then suck the gas, lead the party, use the power of DantianPush up.

  If you squat, calf, thigh, and small belly, the three can be closely attached, the accumulation of the collar, the alignment and the head do not exceed the “over the toe alignment”, indicating that the requirements have been met.

  The number of squats can be determined according to the individual’s physical strength and time. Do 30 at a time?
60, but also 120 or 240.

  This practice can often stretch the bones, smooth the veins, and prolong life.

  The fifth trick is to win the secret: the general practice of lowering the waist and lowering the blood pressure is: the two feet are close together, the whole body is in the middle, and the hundred will be on the collar.

The arms are lifted up to the top of the head, the palms are forward, the arms are attached to the ears, and the ears are deeply sucked. At the same time, the arms are pulled up, then the head is tilted forward, the arms are extended, the cervical spine is inserted, the thoracic vertebrae is bent, and the lumbar vertebrae are bent.Two palms to the front of the foot, press three times; turn left and press down three times; turn to the right and press down three times, then turn the body to the right, both hands press the ground to the back, squat the heel, the lower jaw continues to receive, the bodyContinue to bend, close the lower abdomen and put the head on the calf (when you reach a high level, the brow can be attached to the body) three times.

Then, take in the gas, pass through the Baihui, and use the waist to arch, so that the lumbar vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae, and cervical vertebrae rise straight up, and finally the body is right, and both hands are lifted to the top of the head and loose.

  Can such an action be done 3 times at a time?