[How many men have this woman’s voice heard?

[How many men have this woman’s voice heard?

There are too many men ridiculing, his wife has always been a “dumb” in sex life, lying on the bed like a dead fish and letting it be at his own disposal, such sex is so boring.

They want their women to be a little more open in their sexual life, and to be able to make a noise during orgasm. This kind of sexual life is only interesting.

In response to the question “why do men want women to speak while having sex”, today I will give you a more detailed explanation here.

Calling a bed is affirmation of men. In men’s eyes, women calling a bed in sex is the best compliment to their sexual abilities, which will greatly satisfy men’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

Holding back hard is not a good way, but to cooperate with men.

Men most want to see women collapse, so he is too fulfilled.

Otherwise, he will fail: if he decides he can’t feed the woman, then the problem will be serious.

Some women dare not scream, on the surface they are afraid of being heard, they are fundamentally afraid of ugliness.

Where does ugly come from?

Because she agreed from her heart that it was a scandal.

Doing ugly things can’t be known, so I’m desperately trying to kill them, and I don’t make any noise when they are killed, and they don’t collapse.


[Can yam turn black after cooking]_Impact_Danger

[Can yam turn black after cooking]_Impact_Danger

Yam, like its name, has a certain value in Chinese medicine, and there are some ways to eat yam. It can be fried, porridge, or stewed with mutton. The nutritional value is even higher.

However, there are different types of yam. Some yams become black after peeling. So, can yam be black after cooking?

Blackened yam is a normal phenomenon, so it can be eaten.

But do n’t eat if yam sprouts.

Can yam sprouts be eaten?

Because germination indicates that yam has begun life activities, instead of producing harmful substances such as solanin like potatoes, but the nutrients have been reduced, so it may have an impact on the human body.

If you really want to eat, you can dig out the germinated part and eat it.

How to save to avoid yam germination Of course, the most practical method is to do a good job of yam preservation.

The yam bought at home is best stored in a cool and dry corner, it can be stored longer.

Or put it in the refrigerator without washing it, and avoid the problem of yam sprouting.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that it is hot in summer and everyone should eat yam within two months.

Do not eat yam after it is dark. If you remove the skin of yam, if you find that the surface of the yam meat is black, do not take such yam, because it is moldy, and it will be harmful to the human body.

However, there is a case where the blackening can be eaten, that is, after the yam is cut open, it is set aside without any treatment, so that the surface of the yam is easily oxidized and blackened.

If you want to avoid this, you can soak the cut yam in warm water, which can effectively prevent the yam from being oxidized.

Efficacy of yam 1, spleen and diarrhea, winter diarrhea is a common disease, some are functional, have nothing to do with bacterial and viral infections, do not need to use antibiotics or the like, then yam can play a role.

It also has a significant effect on mycotic diarrhea. You can cook 500 grams of yam every day and eat it in two or three times.

If it can be ground into yam powder, eat 15 grams at a time.

2, tonic and physically weak people, yam supplements without heat, warm but not dry, most suitable for the needs of the elderly, often eat beneficial and harmless, eat about 100 grams of yam every day, eat 1?
2 months, qualitative change based on quantitative changes, slowly seeking work.

3, chronic lung cough due to lung deficiency and dryness, you can eat yam to reconcile.

Yam is a natural product for nourishing the lungs and moisturizing dryness. It is clinically a good medicine for treating lung cough and asthma.

4, astringent essence and urinary nocturnal emission, frequent urination are caused by kidney deficiency, while yam nourish the spleen, can also kidney, take yam in advance, you can prevent it before it happens, and it is very good for the above diseases that are easy to worsen in winter.

Eating is simple, not restrictive, but you can always wear it.

5, women with solid astringent leucorrhea, colorless and tasteless, can often eat yam to smelt it.

Yam has a good function of strengthening the spleen and dampening the skin, and astringent and stops the astringent function. Whether it is under the spleen deficiency or the kidney deficiency, long yam must work.

6. Moisturizing and dispelling yam can regenerate and moisturize, and has the function of nourishing the skin and hair, so it has a cosmetic effect.

In autumn, the skin is very easy to dry, making people’s hair withered, and their appearance lost, so eating more yam can moisturize the skin and hair.

You can use 500 grams of yam to make porridge and drink it sooner or later.

[Can coriander still be eaten]_frozen_affected

[Can coriander still be eaten]_frozen_affected

Coriander can also be eaten after it is frozen, because when the coriander is suddenly placed in a low temperature environment, the ingredients in it have been frozen without changing, so the coriander will not produce other substances after freezing, andFrozen cilantro can also be stored longer, without affecting the taste of cilantro. If there are more cilantro in the house, it can be frozen.

Coup: 1. Wash the fresh parsley you bought and keep it dry (it takes about half a day).

2. Sort the dried coriander.

According to your usual cooking needs, you can keep some whole roots, and you can also take out a part and cut it into coriander (can be long, short), and then take another part and cut into coriander.

3. Seal and handle the parsley.

You can use coriander segments and coriander powder in fresh-keeping boxes, and be sure to cover them tightly. You can pack whole coriander segments in fresh-keeping boxes, but do n’t forget to squeeze out the air and tighten the bag.

4. Put the sorted parsley into the freezer of the refrigerator.

5. The whole coriander can be used to make fish, the parsley segment can be used to make winter melon soup, and the coriander powder can be used to mix cucumber. The flavor of the fragrant has not changed at all!

Tips: Preserve coriander by cold water method: First, coriander must be dry, and second, the container for coriander must be sealed.

You’d better choose large thick-rooted coriander. Such coriander can be stored longer.

One way to change multiple ways: 1, green onions, ginger, garlic, fresh onions, ginger, garlic, choose to wash clean, control the water, change the knife if necessary, put in a multi-cell fresh-keeping box, close the lid, and put it in the refrigerator to freeze,It is much more convenient when used.

2. Fresh dates and grapes. Fresh dates and grapes that have been bought fresh are not eaten at one time. You can seal them in a fresh-keeping bag and put them directly in the freezer of the refrigerator.

After eating, it is still as sweet as ever.

3. Sticky corn is also very similar in its freshness and storage methods.

Cook them thoroughly, freeze them after drying, and keep them for a long time, even if you take them out after half a year, just cook them before eating, the taste is the same as fresh!

Why don’t coriander get frozen in the freezer?

After the coriander was put into the freezer, it was suddenly in a low temperature environment, and its vegetable protein had solidified before it changed.

In addition, coriander was frozen while it was still fresh.

So after two months of freezing, we still get the original fresh coriander.

[Can confinement eat anti-inflammatory drugs]_ lactation _ impact

[Can confinement eat anti-inflammatory drugs]_ lactation _ impact

For confinement mothers, please pay attention to some matters. Some mothers should not catch cold. You should not wash your hair just after giving birth. You should also pay attention to avoid fatigue. Do not eat cold and chili-stimulated food to stimulate the body to recover.You can’t usually drink alcohol and other issues. Some mothers don’t know if they can take anti-inflammatory drugs during confinement. Can they take anti-inflammatory drugs during confinement?

Let ‘s take a look next.


Can confinement take anti-inflammatory drugs?
If breast milk prevention attempts to avoid the use of anti-inflammatory drugs in confinement, you can choose the opposite anti-inflammatory drugs if you really need to take them. Take the medicine as prescribed by your doctor. Generally, medicines are not good for breastfeeding, and you should suspend breastfeeding.


Notes on confinement 1.

How to bathe confinement: It is best to control the confinement bath within 5 minutes, take a shower, open a bath or warm air, and dry immediately after washing to keep warm.

It is generally recommended to take a bath after 7 days postpartum. In summer, you can take a bath after 3 days postpartum. The caesarean section is appropriately postponed, and a warm towel can be used to wipe the body.


How to wash your hair during confinement: You must pay attention to the water temperature when washing your hair, and control it at about 37 degrees. Do not use alkaline irritating toiletries. The time should not be too long. After washing, pay attention to dry immediately. You can bring a maternal hat.


How to brush your teeth during confinement: The best place for maternal brushing is to use soft gauze, warm water, or soft fur toothbrush and confinement gauze for pregnant women.


How to eat vegetables and fruits in confinement: Maternal weakness in the stomach is susceptible to cold and cold stimulation, so when eating vegetables and fruits, you must start with warm eating, and the body’s maternal body gradually recovers. Try a small amount of room temperature fruits.


When to get out of bed in confinement: In addition to excessive bleeding during labor, persistent postpartum lochia, excessive physical weakness, severe hypertension and anemia, the mother should get out of bed early to help her recovery.


How to arrange food in confinement: After giving birth, before giving milk, pregnant women should eat a light diet, drink plenty of water, and eat less oily.

Because before eating milk, greasy food may cause blockage of the mammary glands, causing breast masses and mastitis.

After the milk is normally secreted by the mammary glands, eat the food.

Pregnant women should eat soup and liquid food and milk-fed foods: millet porridge, white fungus with rock sugar, soy pig hand, catfish, kelp, etc.


Precautions Be sure to eat lactating and breastfeeding food after the breast is unobstructed after giving birth, otherwise it will easily cause breast duct obstruction.

[Does the roll sheet break the intestines]

[Does the roll sheet break the intestines]

He was 49 years old and had abdominal pain for 4 hours. He came to the hospital for emergency at 1 am.

In the medical history provided by him, he described that he and his wife XXOO were experiencing the most severe abdomen pain, and then the abdominal pain became more and more severe, followed by nausea, vomiting and fever.

Physical Examination: Respiration: 25 breaths / min, Body temperature: 38.

5 ° C, heart rate: 85 beats / min.

Plate-shaped abdomen, the whole abdominal muscles are tense, tenderness and rebound pain are obvious.

B-mode ultrasound showed a small amount of fluid in the abdominal cavity.

Abdominal puncture yields a small amount of bloody purulent fluid.

Abdominal plain film showed no abnormalities.

The patient insisted that his illness was related to sex, but I can’t figure it out. Does sex make abdominal pain?

At this time, the patient’s peritonitis was obvious, the puncture was positive, and there was already evidence of investigation.

It was decided to immediately perform a laparoscopy under laparoscopy.

Laparoscopy revealed intestinal contents and bloody pus in the abdominal cavity.

There is a breach in the jejunum, which is obviously a rupture of the intestine caused by trauma. What causes the rupture of the intestine?

Continue to look for the cause in the abdominal cavity, and found that the right inner ring mouth was significantly enlarged.

(That way!

) It turned out that he had a right inguinal oblique hernia!

(This is the inner ring port of the right inguinal oblique hernia.

The intestine protrudes from this opening into the skin.

) While the couple was rolling the sheets, he was underneath, the female superior.

As soon as he pressed hard, the right inguinal oblique hernia appeared, and the so-called bowel protruded to the groin.

(Pictured below) His wife is fatter and moves fiercely. As soon as he sits down, his bowel protruding to the skin is broken.

That’s why rolling a sheet can also break a man’s intestines.

From the first time I encountered such a patient to now, I have encountered 4 of the same patients.

Laparoscopic repair of venous rupture, ligation of the inner ring at a high position, the operation went smoothly, and the patient recovered quickly.

Patients with high blood pressure, regardless of gender, should be careful to accidentally roll the sheets.

Of course, patients with kidney qi are also urged to go to the hospital for surgery early to avoid accidents.

[Effects and Functions of Lantern Flowers]_Inevitable_Benefits

[Effects and Functions of Lantern Flowers]_Inevitable_Benefits

Many people may have seen the lantern flower usually. Because it looks like a lantern, it is often called a lantern flower. There are also many types of lantern flowers. Lantern flowers can be viewed, and they have medicinal value. LanternsThe effect of Cao Cao on treating diseases such as cold and cough is very good, especially it has a good relief effect on toothache, and it will not cause any discomfort to the human body.

Efficacy and role of Lantern grass 1. Clearing the heat of Lantern grass can effectively relieve the symptoms of cough, cold, bloating and other complications. It also has the effects of clearing heat and swelling, killing insects and relieving pain, and relieving sore throat.

2. Bacteriostasis It can inhibit very good bacteriostasis. Frying it with water evenly can obviously inhibit S. brevis.

It also has a certain inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

3. The analgesic lantern has good analgesic effect, and can alleviate the symptoms of toothache and gum swelling.

When using it, smash it and put it in the sore spot.

4, treatment of chronic bronchitis It can also treat chronic bronchitis, as long as it is used under the guidance of a doctor, it will produce good results, it will not cause side effects on the human body.

How to maintain lantern flowers 1. Sunshine: I like the environment with plenty of sunshine.

2. Temperature: The suitable growth temperature is 15-25 degrees. In summer, it is afraid of hot and high temperatures. If the temperature exceeds 30 degrees, it will enter a semi-dormant state. In winter, it must not be lower than 5 degrees.

3, soil: like loose sandy loam with good drainage.

4. Moisture: Watering once every 2-3 days in winter and rainy season, and once a day in autumn and sunny day. When the summer is in a semi-dormant state, control the moisture to prevent defoliation and root rot.

5. Fertilizer: Apply sufficient organic fertilizer before planting, control nitrogen fertilizer in the early stage of growth, prevent excessive growth, and increase phosphorus and potassium fertilizer in the flowering stage.

The effect and function of lantern flower decoration: In terms of landscape, it blooms red and is green when separated from top to bottom. Like a lantern hanging, it has rich ornamental value and is an excellent potted or bonsai material.

In the garden, the rooting leaves with small plants are very strange and interesting, often used for biology teaching.

Its fleshy dense leaves and the color of the leaf margins are of ornamental value; some have large inflorescences, beautiful flowers, and long flowering periods, and are suitable for potting.

The shape of the lantern flower is very strange, showing the form of an upside down lantern, which looks extremely elegant. It can be used to decorate the balcony, study, window sill and other places, and it can be well decorated.

Medicinal value: According to the record of “Compendium of Materia Medica”, lanolin octanoic acid can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and can treat complications such as skin itching, ulcers, and kidney disease.

Harvesting and storage: Initial harvesting, washing fresh or sliced and dried.

Lantern flower is recorded in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”. It is a traditional medicinal material, and its caprylic acid can play the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Fuchsia has very high medicinal value and is non-toxic.

[Is Lily on fire]_Affect_Hazard

[Is Lily on fire]_Affect_Hazard

The nutritional value of lily is very high, most of which are rich in trace amounts of protein and reducing sugar, in addition to starch, there will be trace elements such as calcium, iron, zinc, etc. Lily has anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects, and can also clean up ourIn the lungs, removing toxins from the lungs can also achieve the effect of beauty and beauty. After eating more lily, it is not easy to get angry, and it can clear the heat and eliminate the fire.

Eat Lily on fire? Lily’s nutritional value In addition to protein, small amount, reducing sugar, starch, it also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B, vitamin C, etc., and also contains various alkaloids such as colchicine.

These ingredients are beneficial to the human body in combination.

Eat Lily to get angry? Lily has the effects of preventing cancer and anti-cancer, clearing the lungs and moisturizing the lungs, detoxifying and detoxifying, and improving the beauty. The proper consumption of lily will not cause anger.

After introducing Lily to Lily, we know that a healthy body is inseparable from daily diet, so friends who like to eat Lily can master it better.

3 The Benefits of Women’s Eating Lilies The beauty effect of lily-Oil-controlling beauty Lily is white and delicate, fresh products are supplemented with mucus and vitamins, which is beneficial to the metabolism of skin cells. Lily eats lily regularly and has a certain beauty effect.

Lily beauty and beauty, heat and cool blood.

Indications Lung dryness, lung heat or lung heat cough, unresolved heat after fever, upset and thirst.

People with oily skin eat more lily is especially good for the skin.

Lily’s beauty effect two-nourishing yin and hydrating lily can nourish yin and dryness, add moisture to the skin, is a good food supplement.

You can use: Lily, Jujube, Tremella, Lotus Seeds, Rock Sugar Beverage, or directly add celery as ingredients to make a noise.

The beauty effect of lily three-remove dark spots Remove dark spots: lily powder + red dates; 5 grams of lily powder, 5 red dates.

Boil the lily powder with boiling water and add red dates. Stir well and eat 1 cup with afternoon tea.

Hydrating and brightening skin: Lily powder + brown sugar; 5 grams of lily powder, one spoon of brown sugar; add 240 ml of boiling water to brew.

Have a drink sooner or later.

The beauty effect of Lily 4-Anti-wrinkle and anti-wrinkle anti-wrinkle: Lily powder + green tea; 1 green tea bag, 5 g of lily powder.

Add 240ml of boiling water to brew, add 10 minutes later, morning and evening.

The beauty effect of lily five: whitening and moisturizing Whitening and moisturizing: lily powder + coix seed; a spoonful of coix seed, 5 g of lily powder; brew the lily powder with boiling water, soak the mashed coix seed residue in it, and put in 5 minutes laterOnce a day.

Lily’s beauty effect 6-anti-fine lines lily powder and milk for face; blend into a paste, apply evenly on the face, wash off after 20 minutes, can prevent fine lines.

Lily beauty effect VII-help sleep staying together with lily and jujube kernel, Poria, wolfberry, longan and wheat, can give women a good sleep, prolong deep sleep time and improve sleep quality.

Sleep well and look good.

[I can’t feel my husband ejaculate]_ ejaculation weakness _ cause _ inducement _ how to cause

[I can’t feel my husband ejaculate]_ ejaculation weakness _ cause _ inducement _ how to cause

Whether the relationship between the husband and wife is harmonious and the degree of harmony in sexual life also have a great relationship. If a female friend can’t feel her husband ejaculate, you need to be vigilant.

This may be sexual dysfunction in one party, and the specific reason must be clarified before the built-in conditioning can be resumed as soon as possible.

This should not affect the normal sexual life between husband and wife, and can also detect and treat some hidden health hazards early.

In fact, husbands and wives ejaculate in the process of having sex.

One wife felt her husband’s wheezing wheezing, her body shaking violently, and her lower abdomen being tense; another wife felt the warmth of the strangulated fluid in her vagina; and her wife’s vaginal opening contracted, which brought pleasure and even sexclimax.

The wife does not feel when the husband ejaculates, and generally shows the following situations.

One is that the husband is too elegant during sexual intercourse, the overlap of movement is too small, and sometimes the penis does not even twitch, so that the wife’s feeling is naturally weak, and the passion is difficult to mobilize.

Further analysis, the key is the lack of understanding of the sexual health function of the husband, that the couple in bed and off the bed.

In fact, during sex, the more fully a person’s naturalness is exerted, the quality of sex will become.

Among them, it is also necessary for the husband and wife to have deep affection and rich knowledge of sex science in order to raise each one-time life to the state of art.

Second, the husband ejaculates too little.

We often say that medicine is not as good as food, and food is not as good as god.

The husband must strengthen physical exercise to stimulate the vitality of the “Jing Qi Shen”.

At the same time, it is necessary to increase nutrition and eat more foods such as dog meat, wolfberry, walnuts and so on.

When necessary, under the guidance of a doctor, cooperate with medicines for supplementing kidney and nourishing sperm, such as dog whip, deer whip, ginseng, astragalus, cinnamon, antlers, gelatin, Tremella, Curculigo, Morinda officinalis, etc.

The third is that the wife’s vagina is loose and the husband’s penis is small.

In fact, women’s vagina will gradually decrease after giving birth, but this is not a solution.

The Kegel method invented by American sexologists can strengthen the tightness of the vagina by practicing the contraction of the anal sphincter. At the same time, it is also a good method to use the leaning posture of the lower limbs.

I believe everyone is also very clear about why her husband can’t feel ejaculation.

In summary, male sexual dysfunction, inability to ejaculate or too little ejaculation, and too loose vagina in women are all common reasons.

In response to these problems, male friends need to go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, and they must also be treated promptly after diagnosis.

[Can salad dressing be heated]_Hot and eat_Can you

[Can salad dressing be heated]_Hot and eat_Can you

Salad dressing is a kind of sauce invented by the Mediterranean people, and since salad dressing spread among the crowd, salad dressing has been welcomed by the majority of young friends.

The salad dressing is mainly made with eggs and oil, so the trace content in the salad dressing is actually extremely high.

And even if salad dressing is eaten raw, some people will feel very delicious, but can salad dressing be heated?

Vegetable salad is a very nutritious and healthy diet. Because it does not need to be heated, it will replace the various nutrients in the vegetables to prevent them from being destroyed or lost.

Salads are eaten directly, and high temperatures can convert nutritional losses.

We love salads in the summer, and we need to chill in the refrigerator to make them delicious.

In addition, if you put salad dressing and reheat it, it is even worse.

After heating, it will become oil and precipitate. When heated at high temperature, the salad dressing will become oily, which is naturally not suitable for eating.

Tip: The main ingredients of a salad dressing are cooking oil, egg yolk, sugar and flavoring.

In the production process, the egg yolk and sugar are quickly stirred with oil to form a thick and fused together, and some sweet or salty flavor is added to become a salad dressing.

But once it is heated in a microwave oven, the emulsification is destroyed and the oil is separated from it.

In fact, the salad dressing becomes oily when heated at high temperatures.

The practice of (warm) hot salads is to cut vegetables and fruits, mix salad dressing, cold and monotonous.

Especially in winter, many people think the salad is too cold, at this time we can recommend hot salad for you.

Win salad is a type of French salad.

It is the refreshing and cold taste of ordinary cold salads. Warm salads are often roasted or burned to the taste of the food itself.

1. Seasonal vegetables and warm salad ingredients: one chestnut pumpkin, one sweet pepper, three fresh potatoes, three tablespoons of olive oil, one tablespoon of black vinegar, the right amount of salt, the right amount of black pepper, the right amount of rosemary, and the right amount of crushed basil.

Method: (1) Wash and peel potatoes, sweet peppers and chestnut squashes and cut into pieces.

(2) Pour the right amount of olive oil, some salt and black pepper, and some rosemary and basil into the vegetables, and stir well.

(3) Spread a little oil on the baking sheet, spread a layer of tin foil, and place the vegetables on top of each other.

(4) Preheat the oven 180 degrees in advance, add the baking sheet and bake for 40 minutes.

(5) Mix olive oil and black vinegar at a ratio of 3: 1 to make oil and vinegar juice, which can be poured on vegetables.

2. Asparagus warm salad ingredients: Two flower drums, one asparagus, black pepper crumbs, salt, olive oil, and basil.

Method: (1) Wash the asparagus, remove the older roots, and shave the outer skin.

(2) Wash the flower drum to remove the pedicle, and wipe it with kitchen paper.

(3) Cut the asparagus into small pieces, sprinkle with a small amount of salt, crushed black pepper and olive oil, stir well, smear the olive oil on the surface of the mushrooms, sprinkle a small amount of salt and black pepper, and marinate for two minutes.

(4) Preheat the oven 180 degrees in advance until the mushroom bowl is full of juice.

(5) Mix the mushroom juice with asparagus pieces, cut the mushrooms into small pieces.

(6) Mix the mushrooms with asparagus and sprinkle with basil.

[Is oatmeal good for digestion]_Action_Benefits

[Is oatmeal good for digestion]_Action_Benefits

We met with various brands of oatmeal in the supermarket. Some people especially like to eat oatmeal. You can also add some other complementary foods when making oatmeal. When you add milk and honey, it will taste more delicious, but is it easy to digest?

This question is what many people want to know.

Oatmeal is very digestible, and it is a weight loss food, which can integrate the effect of intestinal clearing and detoxification, which is very beneficial for constipated people.

The benefits of eating oats are many.1 The biggest effect of oatmeal detoxification can promote gastrointestinal motility. This is because the fiber content in oats is relatively high. It can accelerate bowel movements after eating, which is very beneficial to health, so it can be used every morningPrepare yourself a cup of oatmeal, the connection is getting healthier.

Moreover, oat also contains soluble fiber, which is not absorbed. It will produce propionic acid and butyric acid after fermentation in the large intestine, so it can inhibit spoilage bacteria and help maintain the balance of the flora in the body, whether it is diarrhea or constipation.Certain improvements.

2. The main ingredient in slimming and slimming oats is fiber food, and the fiber absorbs water well. Eating some properly can increase satiety and reduce the body’s absorption of other foods. Give yourself a cup of 200 ml oats in the morning.The trace amount is only 55 calories, which is a very ideal low-calorie food for people who lose weight.

3. Calcium supplemented oats contain a large variety of minerals, including calcium, iron, zinc, etc., and the calcium contained in them is about seven times that of rice, although the amount of calcium absorbed by this substance is notMilk is high, but the effect of calcium supplement is the first of various grains.

Therefore, eating more of these substances can effectively promote bone development, and eating more of the elderly can also prevent osteoporosis.

4, lower plasma oats contain a substance called saponin, the main role of this substance is to reduce serum free radicals, which also contains triglycerides, and which also contains a variety of linoleic acid, the elderly can eat moreTreats high cholesterol and atherosclerosis.

In addition, oats also contain a lot of fiber. People with high blood sugar can also help maintain normal blood sugar, so it has a good effect in preventing and balancing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

5, whitening freckle spots contain high levels of antioxidants, can help inhibit the production of melanin, for people with long spots can also lighten the spots, and even people without spots can keep skin fair.

6. Longevity oatmeal mainly contains a variety of substances, a certain kind of linoleic acid, and this substance has a good adjuvant treatment effect on parahepatic and diabetes, so Du Yu is very effective for middle-aged and elderly people.Can help strengthen the body’s resistance, can be described as a good product to prolong life.

The contraindications of oats should be clear1. Although eating a small amount of oats at a time is very good for health, it should not be eaten too much each time, otherwise it may cause abdominal distension and stomach ulcers.

2. Patients with digestive system should eat less supplementary fiber in oats, so it should not be eaten for people with complications, otherwise it will stimulate the disease.

3, if the internal fire is strong, eat less internal fire, do not eat too much oatmeal, otherwise it is likely to cause physical discomfort.