[How to make ginger ducks]_ ducks _ production methods _ how to do

[How to make ginger ducks]_ ducks _ production methods _ how to do

The ginger ginger duck is actually a delicious food made with zingjiang and duck meat with other ingredients, but the method of making it is actually not everyone can understand, so I want to enjoy the ginger ginger duckDelicious, everyone can try the methods introduced below.

Method one, make a duck and chop the ingredients, clean it up, chop the small pieces and pass them in boiling water, half a catty of tender ginger, two or two chilli peppers, pat a small piece of ginger, about 30 peppers, chopped red phospholipidsPut two tablespoons of Douban, two tablespoons of old soy sauce, two tablespoons of raw soy sauce, and one tablespoon of sugar in the same bowl.

Production process 1: Tender ginger is cut into small hob pieces, and cut into seeds to remove the seeds.

2. Put the oil in the pot and cook until it is 90% hot, add peppercorns, and explode the ginger, then pour the duck into medium heat until it turns yellow and brighten the oil.

3. After turning off to low heat, shovel duck pieces to leave oil, pour red pepper, watercress, old soy sauce, raw soy sauce, white sugar into the remaining oil in the pot, and fry slowly until lightAfter it is cherry-colored, pour the duck pieces and stir fry for another minute.

4. Pour the duck pieces into the stir-fry until they are about five centimeters tall. Add the water and boil over high heat.

5. Put salt in the proper amount and cook for about 20 minutes. Pour in ginger and chili and continue burning.

6, put the right amount of monosodium glutamate when it is burned to the thick meat stab, boil it, put it on a plate, serve it, and eat it.

Method two: make a whole piece of tender ginger, half a duck, moderate salt, and a lot of cooking wine.

Production process 1: Wash and slice the tender ginger for later use.

There is no particularly tender ginger in Beijing, so I had to use it. My mother said that it can be used with ginger, but ginger can’t be eaten. It’s too spicy.

2. Cut the duck into small pieces and marinate with cooking wine for 15-60 minutes.

Make a whole piece of tender ginger, half a duck, moderate salt, and a lot of cooking wine.

Production process 1: Wash and slice the tender ginger for later use.

There is no particularly tender ginger in Beijing, so I had to use it. My mother said that it can be used with ginger, but ginger can’t be eaten. It’s too spicy.
2. Cut the duck into small pieces and marinate with cooking wine for 15-60 minutes, as long as possible.

3. Pour the cooking wine, and use the kitchen paper to soak up the water and cooking wine from the duck pieces. It must be dry.

4, put more oil in the pan, add the duck pieces after heating, start to explode, a bit like fried, but not so much oil.

5. Duck meat begins to dry, and when it is slightly yellow, put ginger slices and continue to explode.

6. When the ginger slices start to dry out, pour out the extra oil.

7. At this time, although the duck meat is already cooked, it is not enough.

Add some cooking wine and salt and cook for 15 minutes. Be careful not to dry the water during the cooking process. You can continue to add cooking wine or water.

8. Once the water has dried up, it will be ready to pan.

[Dangers of fake cod]_cod_fake_affect

[Dangers of fake cod]_cod_fake_affect

Deep sea cod has extremely high nutritional value, but deep sea cod is becoming rarer and rarer on the market. You should know that many cods on the market are not real cods, and many of them are posing as oil fish. This fake codIt is very harmful to the body, and everyone must carefully identify it.

First, the harm of eating fake cod First, oil fish is a deep-sea fish, which is rich in oil and fat, accounting for 18% to 21% of body weight, especially wax esters.

Because the melting point of wax ester is as high as 1,000 tons, because the human body cannot decompose and absorb it, it will cause diarrhea after being stimulated, and the orange-yellow oil ester is discharged, but it will not be poisoned.

Although the wax ester contained in oil fish is not toxic, it is difficult for the human body to digest and accumulates in the rectum. As a result, some people will experience discomfort such as diarrhea and gastrointestinal ulcers after eating.Anal may.

Some experimental reports show that after 44 people ate oilseed fish, 20 people experienced discomfort, of which 16 had oily diarrhea, 10 had gastrointestinal cramps, 7 had headaches, and 5 had vomiting.

If someone accidentally eats cod posing as oily fish, the above symptoms will appear in 30 minutes, but most people will recover in two seconds.

Second, what is fake cod? To understand fake cod, we must first know what real cod is.

There are many types of cod on the market today. How many kinds of fish are called “cod”?

In fact, cod is just a common fish trade name. There are 500 types of fish that can be called “cod” logically, and there are more than 10 kinds of common fish on the market.

In the market, cod is also used by the common name of a variety of fish (including some non-cod-like fishes), which is called a fish belonging to the family Naked cover. Its common Chinese name on the market is “cod”.

So, what is the true face of fake cod?

It turned out that the real body of fake cod sold in the market is actually oil fish.

Oil fish is the general name of the spiny scale lepidoptera and heteroscale snake scales. It is commonly known as spring fish, nicknamed “round cod”, “cod-like cod” and so on.

Oil fish belong to the common carp family. They live in mountains, rivers, or caves with flowing water, and rivers have springs. They are mainly distributed in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, the Minjiang River, and the middle and upper reaches of the Xijiang River.

Feeds on larvae of diatoms and aquatic insects.

Oil fish has been banned from eating in many countries.

Among them, Japan lists them as “toxic fish” and prohibits imports; Italian officials list them as prohibited species.

However, there are currently no regulations that prohibit or restrict the consumption of fish such as oil fish.

Third, how to distinguish between true and fake cod Method 1: Look at the price Cod is an endangered fish species. The catch is strictly limited. In addition, its origin is not China, so its price cannot be too cheap.

Cod generally weighs at least 200 yuan per kilogram, while oil fish generally does not exceed 60 yuan per kilogram.

If we see cod that is too cheap, we must buy it carefully, and we must not covet it.

Method 2: Trying to touch this method is difficult to distinguish between the two frozen, but after thawing, the cod will feel very smooth to the touch.

Touch the skin after thawing, the cod is smooth like a mucus film, while the oil fish is relatively rough.

[Efficacy and role of black chicken bones]_Benefits_Advantages

[Efficacy and role of black chicken bones]_Benefits_Advantages

The black chicken is called black chicken because of its black appearance, and some black chickens have white fur, but its chicken is black.

But the real black chicken should be black all over the body, but no matter what kind of black chicken, the nourishing effect on human organs is very significant.

The meat of the black chicken can be eaten, and the role of the bones of the black chicken is also very obvious. The following article will introduce the role of the bones of the black chicken.

Black-bone chickens are commonly known as black-footed chickens, black-bone chickens, white-haired black bones, black-haired black bones, spotted black-bone bones, whole black bones, and white black bones.

Real black-bone chickens are black from chicken skin, chicken to chicken bones, because the black-bone chicken’s cells contain a black pigment called “melanin”.

Some scholars believe that this pigment can improve immunity, and in-depth research is being carried out.

From the nutritional value point of view, the nutrition of black-bone chicken far exceeds that of ordinary chicken.

Its serum total protein and gamma globulin are higher than those of ordinary broilers.

The black-bone chicken powder contains 18 kinds of amino acids, including 8 kinds of essential amino acids, 10 of which are higher in content than ordinary broilers.

Silky fowls contain vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, and vitamin E, among which the content of vitamin E is 2 than that of ordinary broilers.

6 times, the content of carotene and vitamin C are higher than that of ordinary broilers.

In addition, black-bone chickens also contain a variety of trace and macro-elements, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, chlorine, sodium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper, etc. No wonder some people call black-bone chickens “black-hearted darlings”.

As for the medicinal and dietetic effects of black-bone chicken, it cannot be compared with ordinary chickens.

Silky fowl is known as “precious dietary rare bird”, suitable for all people who are damaged, as well as those who have weak constitution, insufficient blood and malnutrition after sickness; suitable for women who are weak, have collapsed areas, have irregular menstruation, and have backacheIt is suitable for those with soft legs; it is suitable for those who have spleen deficiency and diarrhea;

Practice has proven that cancer patients often eat black bone chicken, which has the effect of nourishing and strengthening the body, improving immune function, controlling tumor growth, development, metastasis and prolonging survival.

The “Compendium of Materia Medica” states that it “tonicates the weakness of the labor and the weak, cures the thirst, treats the evil, benefits the mother, and treats the collapse of the woman, bringing down the various diseases, and the adult and the child’s mouth.”

“Compendium of Materia Medica” states that “black-bone chickens nourish the blood and benefit the yin, but the depletion and weakness can be eliminated, and the yin will regenerate itself, and the thirst will stop itself.

Yiyin, then rush, Ren, and the three veins are all prosperous, so it can remove all the detrimental diseases in the collapse. ”

Eating black-bone chickens can improve physiological functions, delay aging, strengthen muscles and strengthen bones, and have obvious effects on patients with osteoporosis, rickets, and iron deficiency anemia in women.

The texture and texture of the black-bone chicken is even more commendable.

The meat is tender and delicious. If it is a black-bone chicken stocked outdoors, it will taste “chicken”.

The so-called who eats who knows, after eating it will often remember this “black hearted baby”

[What’s going on under men]_ Below it hurts_ Man_ Reason

[What’s going on under men]_ Below it hurts_ Man_ Reason

If a man feels that his body is very itchy, at this time, he must be vigilant. It may be related to the suffering. If the man feels lower body pain, he should consider it because the sexual life is too long, or he often masturbates.Habits, including checking yourself underneath, for pain due to infection or other reasons.

Sexual intercourse pain and sexual intercourse cannot be common symptoms of complications. The former refers to pain accompanied by sexual intercourse, or it means that the penis implies the insertion or inability to enter the vestibule and enter the vagina. Sexual intercourse is often incapable of severe sexual intercourse pain.

In the narrow sense, pain during sexual intercourse means that in the absence of an organic patient, due to the insertion of the penis into the vagina or twitching during intercourse, or the severity of the vaginal area or lower abdomen after sexual intercourse.Waiting for pain.

In a broad sense, pain during sexual intercourse also includes those caused by various organic causes, such as certain local factors of the pelvic organs or local effects of various systemic diseases.

The reasons for the inability or pain of sexual intercourse include sexual ignorance or lack of experience, as well as various psychological, social and physiological factors, as well as the interaction of various factors.

However, it is true that the cause of the problem is complex and varied, but the end results are similar. People find it difficult to explain this complaint with a single factor, especially when the disease course is large and lasting.

Similar to other sexual problems, the problem may also be caused by the man, such as pain during sexual intercourse caused by a severe malformation of the penis, or a man who inserted it violently before the woman’s vagina was lubricated.

If the pain of sexual intercourse is primary, it means that the symptoms are present at the beginning of sexual life after marriage, which usually means that there is some anatomical defect or stubborn psychological factors; and those who have secondary sexual intercourse pain have had a happy sexual life.After the sexual intercourse pain due to various factors.

[How to make meat dumplings delicious?

】 _How to do_How to do

[How to make meat dumplings delicious?

】 _How to do_How to do

In daily life, people who often cook often know that they must change patterns and tastes frequently, so that even if the family eats nutrition, it can also increase the family’s appetite. Everyone knows that they want to eat meat fillings and mix them by themselves.It can also add a little fun to life and make life more diversified, but how to make meat dumplings delicious?

In fact, the meat dumplings are delicious when there is a trick.

How to make meat dumplings delicious?
1. First, choose the meat (pork, lamb, beef, etc.). According to personal preference, it is not good to choose lean meat. The dumpling stuffed out will be slightly dry and affect the taste.

So choose fat and thin, fat and lean meat is best.

2. You can use a meat grinder to grind the filling, eliminating the need for a chop.

If you like to eat better dumplings and overcome the force of dumplings, you can chop it by yourself. First cut the meat into thin slices, then cut it into shreds, and finally cut it into small dices. Cut before chopping.Try to cut it a bit.

3. The meat filling is adjusted well. The step of adding water is very important. Add the chopped meat filling to the water three times. After each addition, it will be even for a while, then place it for a while and add it again.

When stirring, pay attention to turning in a clockwise direction, add the minced ginger to the meat, and then add cooking wine, salt, chicken essence, and pepper powder in order.

4. In order to color the meat, it seems to overcome the appetite, then add soy sauce and continue to stir, then add the sesame oil on top until it is stirred vigorously.

5, chopped scallions and garlic for later use, it is best to enlarge the scallions, the scallions can not adjust the taste of scallions.

Chopped green onion and ginger should be placed when you eat it. If you leave it for too long, it will affect the taste. If you do n’t add other vegetables, just eat meat and green onion stuffing.

6. After the onion is enlarged and mixed evenly, put a spoonful of oil on it, so that the meat filling looks more smooth and smooth, tastes more fragrant and tastes better.

The prepared mincemeat can be baked patties, and dumplings and buns can be made.

How to make delicious dumpling stuffing?

First of all, the ratio of meat and vegetables should be appropriate.

First, the meat-to-dish ratio of dumplings is 1: 1 or 1: 0.

5 is appropriate.

First, don’t dump the juice.

It is determined that more than 60% of the vitamins will be lost after the Chinese cabbage is dehydrated.

In order to avoid nutrition loss and waste, the scientific method is: after chopping the vegetable stuffing, first squeeze the vegetable juice out into the pot, add the meat and soy sauce one after the other, and stir thoroughly to make the vegetable juice penetrate into the meat, thenAdd the dishes and stir well.

For vegetarian dumplings, you can also chop the vegetable stuffing first, pour it into the pan (pot), add cooking oil (vegetable oil) and stir gently, let the oil wrap the vegetables, and then add salt and seasoning.

In this way, not only the nutrition is preserved, the dumpling fillings are also tender and delicious. If it is leek meat fillings, the vegetable fillings are mixed with oil, and then the mixed meat fillings (with enough salt) are poured and mixed well.

The vegetable stuffing is mixed with oil first, and is covered with a layer of oil film. It is not easy to dehydrate when it encounters salt.

The dumplings wrapped with this stuffing taste very fresh and have a clear fragrance of vegetable juice.

Finally, the meat is chopped.

Make the stuffed meat and chop it with a knife to become velvety.

When there is a lot of lean meat, you can add the appropriate amount of vegetable juice or water; when there is a lot of fat, add less vegetable juice or water, and stir vigorously in one direction.

After the meat is sticky, add appropriate amount of pepper powder, spiced oil, salt, fresh ginger, MSG, sesame oil, and continue to stir.

At the same time, soy sauce should be added slowly little by little.

If there is broth, it is best to add broth, add the drops and stir until it becomes a paste, and then pour the vegetable stuffing and stir well.

Dumplings made with this kind of dumpling stuffing have rich soup and tender meat.

When adding dumplings with a little sugar, the dumplings will have a delicious seafood flavor.

[How to freeze chestnut]_ freezing method _ how to make

[How to freeze chestnut]_ freezing method _ how to make

Although the chestnut is covered with a hard shell on the outside, it looks very easy to preserve. In fact, if you don’t pay attention to the method during the preservation, it is extremely easy for the chestnut to grow worms.

So after buying chestnuts home, be sure to save them.

There are many ways to make chestnut. What should I say?
One way is to fry chestnut with sugar.

But today I will explain the making steps of frozen chestnut.

Ice chestnut practice step 1.

Wash the chestnut clean 2.

Scrape 3 on the chestnut.

Put the chestnuts in the pot, add half a bowl of water, you can use the chestnuts, two tablespoons of rock sugar, cover with a high heat and boil, turn to low heat and cook slowly.Stir in olive oil to make the chestnuts softer and waxier4.

It can be cooked in just two minutes. Ice chestnut Introduction: As a food, the most popular use method in China is to stir-fry chestnuts. Mixing sugar and sand will turn black sand into chestnuts.Heating evenly, the second is to make it difficult to lose the sugar in chestnuts.

The fried chestnuts are sweet and delicious.

There is a small nest of chestnut noodles in Beijing snacks. It is said that it was spread from the imperial palace and was appreciated by the Empress Dowager Cixi.

Efficacy: Li chestnut has the function of nourishing the stomach and strengthening the spleen, and strengthening the kidneys and gluten.

“Compendium of Materia Medica”: “Chestnut is sweet and warm, into the spleen, stomach and kidney.

“Tang Dynasty Sun Simiao said:” Chestnut, the fruit of the kidney, kidney disease should be eaten.

“The Compendium of Materia Medica” states: “Li Li treats kidney deficiency, waist and leg weakness, can pass the kidney and benefit Qi, and thicken the stomach.

“Some people have a cold inside, and the diarrhea is like a note.

“Su Dongpo’s younger brother Su Zi praised the chestnut’s therapeutic effect by writing poems.”

The guest came to say that the morning was late, and the three-throat Xu received white jade pulp.

[Healthy sexual posture]_ Sexual posture _ Intercourse posture _ Favorable _ Benefits

[Healthy sexual posture]_ Sexual posture _ Intercourse posture _ Favorable _ Benefits

The postures of sexual life are varied, and from the basic patterns, numerous variations can be derived, making sexual behavior full of imagination.

Changes can make the sex life more fresh. In order to better experience the sex life, it does not prevent us from understanding the changes of various asanas, which may bring everyone endless imagination and increase the feelings between husband and wife.



1. The missionary style actually has the pleasure of making love instead of overlapping, binding and other strange auxiliary equipment, the simplest and most traditional male up and down style is still the most widely used and alternative posture, which enables the two parties to communicate directly face to face.However, it also requires you to be able to sustain more than 100 push-ups, because this position has higher requirements for the chest muscles, deltoid muscles, biceps, and triceps.



2. Shortcut You have a lot of chances for a sudden attack-watch TV on her, answer the phone.
When unprepared.

This kind of accidental excitation causes you to become even more crazy. The change in consumption every 30 minutes can be as high as 120 calories. If you have an orgasm, you can add another 40 calories-close to the level of a marathon.



3. One of the key factors that determine the strength of ejaculation is the pubic tail muscle, the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, which is the muscle responsible for preventing urination.

You just need to stop and relax a few times in the middle of urination, and re-strengthen it by practicing contraction and relaxation.

Of course, the cooler way is to exercise through side-entry sex.

When she lays on her side, she enters from the back and contracts and relaxes your PC muscles to make her orgasm. The stronger your PC muscles, the stronger the pleasure.



In fact, having a healthy sex life is very important, because it can not only meet each other’s physiological needs, but also allow two people to have a more substantial expression of their emotions.Until now, it is still the most widely used and most interchangeable posture, because it enables the two sides to communicate directly face to face, and can promote mutual exchanges.

[Count down the kissing poses you do n’t know]

[Count down the kissing poses you do n’t know]

Regarding kissing, after successive launches of various kissing competitions, it also became less monotonous, but the variety of patterns instantly increased.

In this kind of kissing contest, there are a lot of couples who try their best to win prizes. They make extraordinary moves, are excited, difficult, common, and graceful . precisely because of the emergence of different types of kissing methods.Let the more kisses between lovers, the more love there is.

Take a look at these alternative kissing techniques now.

Super fun word guessing kiss This is a very interesting kissing game, it will remind you of guessing riddles that you played as a kid.

Your sharp tongue wanders naughtily in his mouth, touching each sweet spot, pushing it toward the throat along the top of the mouth, then moving to the side, sliding into the gums, diving into the bottom of the tongue, and then letting him guess you spell itWhat letters, and three chapters of the law.

If you guess wrong, punish him to kiss you, as long as you want.

With this kind of kiss that you take the initiative to attack, explore the sexy corners that have never been involved, and the deliberate gallop will bring infinite satisfaction and drift into the wonderland.


[Ancient contraception methods]_Contraception_How to do_How to contraception_Contraception

[Ancient contraception methods]_Contraception_How to do_How to contraception_Contraception

In the distant ancient times, people also used some contraceptive methods during sexual intercourse.

Although there were no restrictions on the population at that time, having too many children would also bring a heavy financial burden on the family.

Therefore, some methods are usually used to prevent contraception to prevent accidental pregnancy, so that they will not add plasma to themselves. So what are the methods of contraception in ancient people?

In ancient times, there were also records of using “condoms”. They used animal casings, some said sheep, and some said that pig bladder was an early “condom”. However, according to historical records, the “condoms” used in medieval medieval courts in the West”” Is the casing of the animal, and there is a nice name-“Dutch hat”.

The ancient Chinese also used fish maw as a “condom”.

In the museum’s collection, there are condoms completed by the ancients with sheep intestines, which are a bit close to the prototype of modern condoms.

In India and Egypt more than 3,000 years ago, the feces of animals believed to have mysterious powers such as crocodiles and elephants were also used in contraceptives.

In fact, because these animal feces are highly acidic, it does have some spermicidal effect.

However, the strong stench brought by animal manure obviously affected the “sexual interest” of ancient couples.

Other contraceptive methods: ** After squatting to discharge semen, sneeze, and jump up and down.

The ancient Greeks believed that using mingling staff, wine, sea water, creosote soap, or vinegar to wash them could also achieve contraceptive purposes.

It is said that attaching a musk to a prostitute’s navel can prevent contraception. Some sisters Zhao Feiyan and Zhao Hede, who are regarded as the most beautiful in China, have adopted such contraceptive measures.

Of course, Zhao Feiyan and Zhao Hede cannot call them prostitutes, but they all share the same path.

This kind of navel stick is called “belly stick”.

Sticking it on the navel can end the conception of a woman’s belly, and she can no longer get pregnant, but this “belly paste” has been lost.

The above clearly introduced what the ancient consensus methods have. I hope everyone can have a correct understanding of this.

Some indicators of ancient contraceptive measures, the current contraceptive measures, the probability of failure is still very high.

And there are some methods that will lay a lot of hidden dangers to women’s health. Of course, the transformation of the era and the consensus measures are constantly improving.

[Three big behaviors of men force women to break up]

[Three big behaviors of men force women to break up]

Some men just want to occupy you and occupy your best youth.

1, the man suddenly cold and warm to you occasionally ignore you for a few days.

The richer a man’s love history, the easier it is to be incompetent.

He is 12 years older than you. He has talked about many girlfriends. He is almost incompetent and doesn’t know how to give up. He only knows that you can steal the heart of a woman with a cheap little grace and small heart.

You said he was bad-tempered and even beat you up in a fight, but you still like him.

If you are an ordinary man, you may turn around and leave. Who would like a domestic violence man, but you like him, why, because he will coax you, he can quickly make you happy, this coaxHow can you coax it? It’s nothing more than talking about it. Please eat and eat, and send you some chocolates to send you away.

But what about coaxing you again?

A mature man knows to give a woman a safe life, but what does he give you?

It was suddenly cold and hot.

Then, when men need to deal with more than one woman, they will use the trick of coldness and heat. If you were married, he would disappear for days at a time. If you do n’t answer your phone, you will feel it is romantic.And stimulation, not anger and collapse?

2. There is no such thing as marrying you in men’s future planning.

The girls know that falling in love without marriage is a hooligan.

Men have always been very cautious about marriage, just like women. They have never seriously planned the future with you and never talked about marrying you.

This kind of roll sheet in the name of love is just trying to occupy your youth for free. This item can drive many women away, and you still love his sweet words and don’t let go.

3, men are not willing to spend money on women do not want to pay too much.

The girls know that where the man’s money is, where the heart is, he doesn’t like to spend too much money for the girl, because his money is spent for many girls, not enough, you are just one of the girls, soMany years of love experience told him not to pay too much to a girl, otherwise, the money was locked up and you could not continue talking to other girls.

His current mentality of not wanting to spend money is his mentality of not marrying you.

Xiao En Xiao Hui is just a ghost soup is not true love.

The breakup also ordered 99 roses for you. This can cost a few dollars, only one or two thousand dollars. This little romantic thing is a veteran who can do it. This is what Xiao Enhui touched you, and you are really naive.What about it.

It doesn’t matter if his heart is bad, but he doesn’t love you very much, it’s true.

If you want to find a reason here to affirm his love for you, I’m sorry, I can’t make you wish.

You have to find a way to convince yourself.

I can’t satisfy my fantasies with conscience.