[How to save whole wheat bread?

】 _How to save_How to save

[How to save whole wheat bread?
】 _How to save_How to save

Everyone knows that you should eat more whole wheat bread, but many young people do n’t know that whole wheat bread is a kind. In fact, you can judge whether it is whole wheat bread by appearance. The surface of whole wheat bread is brown, and it canSeeing a lot of wheat bran grains, one of the main characteristics of whole wheat bread is that the surface is rough. This kind of bread is longer in fiber, so eating it is very good for health. The correct storage method of whole wheat bread is introduced below.

How to preserve whole wheat bread?
Bread buns, which are oily foods.

And it’s made from high-gluten flour.

The protein content of high-gluten flour is slightly higher than that of ordinary flour. Generally, the protein content of ordinary flour is 7-8% grams, while that of high-gluten flour is about 11-14% grams.

Protein will solidify when it is cold, and fat will solidify below 5 degrees Celsius, especially animal aunts.

Bread is usually made of butter and cream, the paste is extracted from butter, and the cream is extracted from fresh milk. These are easily coagulated animal aunts.

Therefore, bread should not be stored in the refrigerator.

One is that the bread will be hard, and in addition, the taste will change with it. It will not feel chewy and not soft. This is the reflection of chemical changes.

The correct storage method is as follows: 1. The correct bread storage method is sealed storage at constant temperature, that is, stored at room temperature.

2, bread should be used up in 4-5 months, should not be left for too long.

3. After baking, the bread should be air-cooled and cooled to 30-40 degrees. It is best to keep it sealed. The method is to put it in a large fresh-keeping bag and store it at room temperature.

4, make bread to be hygienic, do not touch the bread directly with your hands, set a fresh bag to touch the bread.

It has been tested that the whole process of bread from the mold out of the oven to the cooling bagging is carried out by wearing disposable gloves with both hands. For the longest time, the bread has not deteriorated for 20 days, and the bread contacted without gloves for 8 daysMildew appeared.

These data are excellent for your reference.

5. Is the recommended storage temperature at 15 degrees Celsius?
28 degrees is better.

Where do I put fresh bread when I go home?

The answer for many is the refrigerator freezer.

In fact, the bread is easy to dry, harden, and lose slag after refrigeration. The nutrition and taste are not as good as those maintained at normal temperature.

A study showed that 21 ℃ -35 ℃ is the most suitable storage temperature for bread.

Fan Zhihong said that it is best to eat the bread bought back within 2 hours, and it is only necessary to seal the bag tightly at room temperature.

If you want to store it for more than one week, put it in a freezer properly and tightly. After taking it out, use a microwave oven to thaw it to room temperature. The taste is fresh.

Some people have advocated such a method: put fresh bread into food plastic bags, put one or two celery into the bag, and then tighten the mouth of the bag to keep the bread fresh.

Fan Zhihong explained that the bread is easy to dry, and putting some vegetables in it artificially creates some moisture, which can adjust the humidity in the packaging bag properly, but the bread should be eaten as soon as possible.

In addition, Fan Zhihong said that bread that has passed the shelf life does not mean that it must be thrown away. If you don’t care about the dry and hard taste, as long as the bread does not have moldy taste and there are no obvious mold spots on the surface, you can eat it.

[Can freshly squeezed breast milk be refrigerated directly]_How to save_How to place

[Can freshly squeezed breast milk be refrigerated directly]_How to save_How to place

There is time to preserve breast milk. Not all breast milk should be thoroughly stored. Also, be careful not to place breast milk repeatedly. In addition, the temperature of the breast milk should not be stored. Insufficient temperature will also cause breast milk to deteriorate or deteriorate.Breast milk that is too long, let me introduce to you whether it is possible to refrigerate the breast milk that has just been squeezed out and refrigerate it directly, and the correct way to preserve breast milk.

Breast milk preservation time Breast milk preservation time is the most concerned issue for working mothers who carry milk.

I ca n’t feed my baby during work hours. I can only save the milk first. How long can breast milk last?

In fact, the storage time of breast milk at room temperature is determined by room temperature. It can be stored in a room at 15 ° C for 24 hours. It can be stored in a room at 19-22 ° C for 10 hours.

So how long can it stay in the refrigerator?

Breast milk can be stored in the refrigerator at 0-4 ° C for up to 8 days. The small freezer in the refrigerator can be stored for two weeks. The deep-freeze room is kept below 0 ° C and the door is not opened often. The shelf life is as long asMore than 6 months.

Breast milk preservation time refers to what everyone knows. Breast milk is the best natural food for babies. No food can replace the nutritional effects that babies bring to babies.

During breastfeeding, the baby will always get “rations” from the mother, and it is also an important stage to enhance the immune constitution.

However, in modern society, many Bao moms have multiple jobs and ca n’t breastfeed during work hours.

This requires the breast milk to be squeezed out in advance to be stored for future use, so the preservation time of breast milk has become a topic of concern to the treasures.

Generally, there are two types of breast milk storage, one is storage at room temperature, and the other is storage at refrigerator temperature: storage at room temperature is mainly carried out without refrigeration equipment, and it can be kept fresh for a short period of time. How long can it be stored?According to the room temperature at that time, if the indoor temperature is low, it can generally be stored for 24 hours, but if the indoor temperature is relatively high, the storage time varies from 6 hours to 12 hours.

Therefore, in order to prevent babies from eating stale and deteriorated breast milk, pregnant women are advised not to store breast milk at room temperature in summer.

Refrigerated storage is the practice of Baoma extruding breast milk in advance and keeping it fresh in refrigerated equipment such as refrigerators.

Refrigerated storage can help breast milk to be stored for a longer period of time, usually for a minimum of several days and up to several months.

However, if it is not a special case, it is recommended that Baomao do not store breast milk for so long, after all, it is too long, and the active ingredients in breast milk may be lost or deteriorated.

[What is the practice of maternal feeding milk chicken soup]_ feeding milk _ how to do

[What is the practice of maternal feeding milk chicken soup]_ feeding milk _ how to do

After the mother gives birth to her baby, her body will begin to secrete milk, but everyone’s constitution is different, so some mothers give milk faster, and some mothers give milk more slowly.Although some Baomao have milk, but the milk will be relatively small, so you can give the mother some prolactin soup, black chicken soup is a very good choice.

How to make breast milk and breast milk, that is, the process of maternal replenishment of milk secretion after the baby is called breastfeeding, and it is also said that due to lack of milk, physical massage, nutritional supplements, and medication are used to make milk secrete for breastfeeding.

Regarding the consumption of black chicken, black chicken soup is used for milking. Is it a hen or a rooster?

Men and women have said in the Compendium of Materia Medica that eating roosters is more scientific, so if you want to make milk for black chicken soup, you should stew the soup. It is best to use a casserole, high fire for two hours, low fire for four hours, do not put otherFor auxiliary materials, just add an appropriate amount of salt before eating.

The lactation diet should be light, soothe your mood, adjust your mindset, and naturally achieve what you want.

Stewed in water, put milk ginseng in the noodles, milk ginseng pharmacies can buy it, and make it as pig hand flower soup.

The practice of black chicken soup, black chicken white phoenix soup Ingredients: black chicken (slaughter clean) Ingredients: wolfberry seasoning: green onion, ginger, chicken essence, salt, vinegar do: black chicken add pressure cooker, add onion, ginger, salt, wolfberry, chicken essence,Suitable amount of vinegar, water pressure, pressure cooker, chicken stall, pressure chamber, and 15 minutes. Put in coriander and serve immediately. Features: fresh, delicious, nutritious, black chicken, rich in nutrition, and low in nutrition. It should have an integrated value. Black chicken hemp soup Ingredients: black chicken (killing clean) auxiliary materials: hempSeasoning: Ginger, Salt Features: Wujima Decoction has great nutritional value, folk nourishing numbness treats dizziness, wind hemiplegia, nourishing and curing the disease, and it is the best of both worlds. Multicolored silky chicken raw materials: silky chicken breast 200g green pepper, carrot, white radish and eggs, Chicken shredded (striped) green pepper red, white radish do not shredded chicken shredded with salt, eggs, cooking wine, wet starch slurry into the pan to break off 3, fry a little oil in the wok, add ginger, slightly green pepper,Stir-fried radish with salt, monosodium glutamate, put a small amount of water and simmer the oil in a chicken spoon.

[Does Caesarean Drink Sheep Soup?

]_ Cesarean section_ Can you drink it?

[Does Caesarean Drink Sheep Soup?
]_ Cesarean section_ Can you drink it?

For various reasons, many women choose to have a baby by caesarean section. Caesarean section and traditional birth delivery are two completely different methods. Choosing a cesarean section will leave a large wound on the belly, so you will be reintroduced after delivery.Wound care is very important. We must take measures to prevent wound infection. At this time, the diet must be adjusted. Can I drink sheep soup after cesarean section?

Do laparotomy drink sheep soup?
As long as the cesarean section is good, as long as the bowel function is restored after exhaustion, it can increase the diet, help the uterine wounds heal and milk secretion.

Fish, eggs, and vegetables can be eaten, so mutton lamb soup for five days after cesarean section is edible.

After cesarean section, due to the effects of anesthesia and surgery, the intravenous access function may be weakened. If there is normal defecation, you can drink a small amount of mutton soup, eat a small amount of mutton to prevent getting angry, you can drink catfish soup, pork trotter soupHelp with milking.

These are all edible.

Guidance: According to the situation described, it is recommended to rest in bed, strengthen nutrition, and do not touch cold water.

After cesarean section, you can drink mutton soup and eat mutton.

Guidance: Lamb is a good high-protein food, and it can also supplement Yang, which is conducive to postpartum recovery.

Women who have just had a caesarean section are not recommended to drink sheep soup. Sheep soup is hot and hot, and it is not good for wound healing. It is recommended that women drink trotters, soup, catfish soup, pork rib soup, etc. to ensure breast milk secretion, avoid cold, and avoid fatigue.Make a good month.

After caesarean section, a proper amount of mutton soup can be used. After cesarean section, diet must be good for nutrient absorption and promote wound healing and milking.

Guidance: The current high blood image is suspected to be due to a slight abnormality of normal white blood cells after cesarean section. Generally, nutrition is increased, and more rest can naturally relieve it.

Caesarean women can drink an appropriate amount of mutton soup. It is recommended not to overwork and not to exercise. It is recommended to eat more eggs, fish and lean meat to increase milk production.

After eating less irritating foods, the diet should be light. Don’t eat those irritating foods including spicy food, alcohol, coffee and strong tea.

Guidance: The patient undergoes cesarean section, the endocrine and immune system are still adapting to huge changes, and the cause of the elevated blood image requires multiple examinations to obtain the results. I hope to communicate with the attending physician to understand the condition in time and actively treat as prescribed by the doctor.

[How to make rice balls]_ お に ぎ り (rice balls) ‘s common practice _ お に ぎ り (rice balls)’ s practice Daquan _ お に ぎ り (rice balls) how to do

[How to make rice balls]_ お に ぎ り (rice balls) ‘s common practice

Every day that people live, they cannot live without food, clothing, and shelter. This is the most basic thing, especially “food”, which is related to human life and death.

And to do a good job of “food”, you better be able to learn to cook every dish by yourself.

So, let ‘s introduce to you how to make this dish (rice ball).


In preparation 2.

Dried the five-colored vegetables and mixed the salt evenly into the rice 3.

One mold, add about half of the rice 4 first.

Press the middle of the rice with your finger to let the rice sink in, and fill the middle with the shaved mullet 5 mixed with soy sauce and sesame oil.

Fill the mold 6 with rice.

Compact the lid of the mold 7.

The molded rice ball is poured out of the mold 8.

Wrap up with laver to go home from work and squeeze in the kitchen with your husband, make your own delicious rice dumplings (rice balls), and even eat nutritious food, it can also enhance the relationship between husband and wife, hurry and try

[So many tricks to ensure that the beauty actively hooks up you]

[So many tricks to ensure that the beauty actively “hooks up” you]

Many young women have refused. The long-married sex life has become so boring that it feels like routine.

The sex ratio before marriage is a world of difference.

Perhaps because, or perhaps because of too much pressure, people are spending less and less thoughts on sex.

But in fact, a small change may be needed to make sex full of new ideas, more passionate, and a little change from bright to dark, can arouse your little spark of sex.

Below, I will give you tips to make sex more passionate after marriage, and make anxious and thirsty young women take the initiative to please.

Is having sex in different places still happening in your bedroom hotbed?

Would you like to change the place of sex? Maybe you can get an unexpected surprise!

Where you have sex may be more likely than yours to get your wife excited.

Even if you are having sex in another room of your house, or whispering to her in a crowded room, telling her how exciting she is, you can stay novel and excited.

Keep in mind that sex is a sensory experience.

When you use all your sensations, passion increases.

Once you restrict where you have sex, you are limiting yourself.

Before you try, you will never know how exciting it can be to have sex in an unusual place.


[What is the nutritional value of sago]_function_effect

[What is the nutritional value of sago]_function_effect

Sago is a specialty plant in the Nanyang Islands. This plant is generally used to make sago, and it tastes smooth. It is especially suitable for those who are weak and weak after postpartum surgery to supplement the body.Because of its high nutritional value and because it is easy to digest, sago has a lot of glucose, which helps to restore physical strength. So what nutritional value does sago have?

The nutritional value of sago, the benefits of eating sago. Sago is almost pure starch, containing 88% carbohydrates.

5% protein, a small amount of trace and trace vitamin B family.

Sago has the effects of strengthening the spleen, invigorating the lungs and reducing phlegm, and has the effect of curing spleen and stomach weakness and indigestion; sago has the function of restoring the skin’s natural moisture, so sago is very popular among people, especially women.

Suitable for people with weak constitution, postpartum recovery period, indigestion and fatigue.

Suitable for those with deficiency of lung qi, tuberculosis and lung cough.

1. Cobalt sago contains a large amount of fluoride, which can maintain the normal function of brain cells, and mental workers must have energy.

2, protein sago contains a small amount of protein, which can enhance immunity and resist fatigue.

3, Vitamin B Simi also contains vitamin B, which can effectively nourish the skin, prevent skin cracking, moisturize the light of the hair, at the same time can eliminate the tension of the body and enhance the body’s immunity.

How to buy sago When you buy sago, many packages have the words “Authentic Thai imports” on it, just to prove that it is high-quality sago.

As for whether its quality is really high, it depends on our wise eyes.

The good sago has a white and clear color, a smooth and round surface, hard and not broken, and does not paste after cooking. It is obviously good, and it has curls when chewed.

The first is to look at the elasticity of Simi.

Good quality sago, pure white without any mottled colors, each grain is very round and full.

Poor quality sago has a dull color, uneven particle size, and is not full.

The first is manual light twisting.

Sago with good flour is hard and smooth when twisted and kneaded, and it is not easy to break with a small amount of sago.

Finally, look at the taste.

Good-sized sago is transparent after cooking, and does not mash into a ball. It has a superposition and tastes full of Q; sago with a bad size is opaque after cooking, has impurities, and is easy to mash.There will be odors.

[Yunnan must-eat food]_Yunnan_How to eat

[Yunnan must-eat food]_Yunnan_How to eat

Living conditions are getting better and better. Many people will use their free time to travel to places of interest. Sometimes they want to go climbing and mountain climbing, and sometimes they want to play in the water.

The most popular place for young people is Yunnan. When you talk about tourism, you will definitely want to eat it. When you come to Yunnan, you must eat Kunming rice noodles, a very famous steam boiler chicken, and Bai hot and sour fish.

This article introduces the details, let’s take a look.

Kunming Douhua Rice Noodles Douhua Rice Noodles is a well-known snack in Kunming, Yunnan. The main materials are rice noodles, tofu brain, etc., and the ingredients are winter vegetables, monosodium glutamate, minced leek, etc., and the taste is spicy.

It originated from the folk and gradually became a series of unique varieties in the snack bar.

Spicy and smooth, cheap and good quality, people jokingly refer to Jiefang food and want to eat it, which is in this line.

Cooking skills: After boiling the rice noodles with boiling water, divide into 10 small bowls, chop the winter vegetables into velvet, chopped the leek, and keep the tofu brain warm on a fire.

Put the rice noodles into the bowl, put the tofu brain, and then add the sweet and salty soy sauce, garlic and ginger sauce, noodle sauce, pepper, monosodium glutamate, chili oil, and then add winter vegetables and minced chives and mix immediately.

Production essentials: Winter vegetables are the “eyes” of tofu rice noodles. They must have a good taste and beautiful color to have an aftertaste.

Steamer chicken Steamer chicken, named after steaming in a steamer.

The main ingredient is chicken. The main cooking process is cooking, which has the effects of nourishing the body, invigorating the blood, and strengthening the spleen and appetizing.

Steamer chicken, named after steaming in a steamer.
The main ingredient is chicken. The main cooking process is cooking, which has the effects of nourishing the body, invigorating the blood, and strengthening the spleen and appetizing.

Steam boiler chicken is one of the famous dishes in Yunnan, and it was circulated in southern Yunnan as early as 2000 years ago.

Jianshui produces a unique earthenware steamer called “steamer”, which is used to steam food.

The steamer chicken method is to wash the chicken and cut into small pieces. Put the ginger, salt, spring onion, and fruit into the steamer and cover it. The steamer is placed on a soup pot filled with water and covered with gauze.Close the gap to avoid steam leakage and cook on the fire.

After the water in the soup pot is boiled, the steam will gradually steam the chicken through the steam nozzle in the middle of the steam pot (usually 3?
4 hours).

As the soup is condensed by steam, the umami of the chicken loses its substitute during the cooking process, so the original flavor of the chicken is basically maintained.

Note: Do not put water in the steam boiler. All the soup water comes from the distillation process. The chicken pieces are still simmered and squeezed out. Otherwise, the chicken soup may be mixed with sewage and the taste will be affected.

The ingredients and seasonings should not be too irritating.

Xuanwei ham (mainly providing salty and umami flavor), as long as the wolfberry is controlled within an amount that does not mask the flavor of the steamer chicken itself; but the bamboo soup does not provide too much flavor (for fatter chickens)Degreasing effect), the restrictions can be relaxed appropriately.

The same is true for medicinal materials. For medicinal materials that have a bitter taste, do not add too many drugs to produce the flavor of the soup; while Cordyceps and other herbs that basically do not affect the original taste or even enhance the flavor can be appropriately relaxed, but also pay attention to the Chinese medicine itselfUse restrictions to avoid the opposite.

And some of the mushrooms in the second method below, even personal preferences, should try to choose less taste and try to put less.

The taste of steamed chicken is different from that of ordinary chicken soup (it is very different from Huixiangyuan roasted chicken). The choice of matching chicken soup is often taken for granted. The final taste is ordinary.There wouldn’t be any difference in chicken soup.

It is recommended to make a steam boiler chicken without any ingredients first, and then adjust it with other ingredients and herbs according to the taste on this basis.

The selection method of the adding time of the matched ingredients is: the easier it is to be cooked, the later it is added; the high temperature is required to steam out the flavor and combine it in the soup at the beginning.

In short, the combination of ingredients and mastery of the heat should, in principle, strive to retain the original flavor.

Bai Sour Hot and Sour Fish Bai Sour Hot and Sour Fish is a dish that is a Bai hospitality counter.

Dali Erhai Lake, known as the “Pearl of the Plateau”, has beautiful scenery and abundant fish species.

The Bai people have loved eating fish since ancient times. They are very special in the way of eating fish and cooking techniques. Sour and spicy fish is one of them.

The production method of hot and sour fish is: remove the gills and viscera of the live fish, wait for the oil in the pot to boil, put the fish in the hot pot, add water, add onion, ginger, dried pepper noodles, salt, and add an appropriate amount of vinegar, Add tender tofu, and then boil over violent fire, then slowly cook over low heat.

The characteristics of hot and sour fish are that the seasoning is particularly heavy, the fish soup is thick and salty, the taste is sour and spicy, there is no smell at all, and the aftertaste is fresh and sweet. It is a delicious dish for Bai people.

[Can milk powder be mixed?]_ Diet Conditioning _ Diet Taboos

[Can milk powder be mixed?]_ Diet Conditioning _ Diet Taboos

In general, it is not recommended to drink milk powder. This is because although they are all milk powders, the brand is different, and the focus will be different. Drinking such milk powders together is very detrimental to the conditioning of the stomach, especiallyIt is more difficult for children to drink like this, it will affect the baby’s health.

For babies, you must know some precautions when drinking milk powder, and the concentration should not be too high when drinking milk powder.

Can milk powder be mixed? We generally do not recommend long-term mixing of two types of milk powder, but it is not to say that two types of milk powder cannot be mixed.

We usually only eat these two types of mixed milk when we change the milk powder. The purpose is to allow the child to have an adaptation process to prevent infantile diarrhea and indigestion caused by changing the milk powder. Usually, it is usuallyThere is no need to eat together.

Precautions for babies to drink milk powder Parents are afraid of their children being hungry. When feeding milk powder, they always want to thicken the milk powder, and some even think that as long as the child can eat it, the thicker the milk powder, the more nutritious it is.Is it?

What are the precautions for babies to drink milk powder?

In fact, for the milk with too high concentration, the newborn cannot completely absorb it, especially the protein.

Instead, it increases the baby’s gastrointestinal burden, causes bloating, diarrhea, and impedes nutritional absorption.

Therefore, the amount of infant formula must be suitable for the age of the baby.

The general formula is: within half a month, every 100 ml of milk contains about 9 grams of milk powder; within 2 months, it contains 12 grams, and within 3 months, it does not exceed 15 grams.

If the infant’s milk intake exceeds the standard, anorexia may occur, or it may become excessive.

Obesity easily increases the abnormal tissues in the body, overloads the heart, causes infants to move slowly, reduces activity, and affects development. If it is 3 months, the infant’s daily intake should be controlled within 1000 milliliters.

If the baby still has a headache, don’t add milk powder at this time, only replace milk powder to increase the glucose intake, which is good for the baby’s growth.

Under normal circumstances, parents do not need to worry about the baby’s nutritional deficiency. Therefore, any method to strengthen the baby’s food intake is not desirable.

The lactose-decomposing enzymes on the intestinal wall of the child are also lost during diarrhea, so the lactose component in the milk powder cannot be decomposed. The diarrhea-preventing milk powder is a milk powder made according to this method.

This milk powder is used in situations where diarrhea is severe or long-lasting.

Glucose plays a role in promoting the development of the central nervous system led by the brain, promoting the growth of Bifidobacterium in the intestine, and preventing intestinal obstruction.

Therefore, long-term consumption of diarrhea-preventing milk powder with low lactose content is not good for children’s health. It can be consumed for a short period of time when diarrhea.

The current trend is that even if there is diarrhea, and the proportion of milk powder is fed, breastfeeding and replacement of original milk powder are more advocated.

[How to freckle loofah]_Recommended diet

[How to freckle loofah]_Recommended diet

  Indeed, loofah has a cosmetic effect, and it can also effectively remove freckles. It can be said that it is a good natural beauty product, and it is extremely tempting for the majority of female friends. Then, how does loofah freckle?

  Milling method-First, clean the loofah, preferably with salt water, to effectively remove pesticide residues on the surface and prevent damage to the face and skin.

Next, it is dried, ground to dryness after drying, and then packed in a closed and pure container.

After cleaning the face every night, take out an appropriate amount of loofah powder, add water and stir until batter-like, you can add lotion or essence, apply evenly on the face, leave it for 15 minutes, and then wash.

  Juicing method-choose the tender loofah, soak it in brine, clean it, cut into small pieces, squeeze the juice with a juicer or mash it into juice, and then filter, leaving only pure juice.

After cleaning the face, apply the prepared loofah juice directly to the face, or use a cotton pad or mask paper to soak the loofah juice to apply the face.

Stay 10?
Remove after 15 minutes.

  Oral method-you can often eat loofah, stir-fry loofah or stir-fry with other vegetables, or make soup.

Long spots are because of melanin precipitation, often eating loofah, which can be adjusted from the inside of the body, effectively relieve and improve the melanin color, and fade it, which is good for beauty and beauty.

  The above-mentioned methods are simple and easy to operate, and can effectively achieve good results in freckle removal.

At the same time, the large amount of vitamins contained in loofah is beneficial to dilute melanin and prevent melanin from precipitating the skin, thereby achieving the effect of freckle removal.

And good hydration function can also give a certain positive effect to freckle spots.