[How to make marinated noodles with shiitake mushrooms]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[How to make marinated noodles with shiitake mushrooms]_ production method _ practice Daquan

Noodles are the food we often eat, and shredded shiitake shredded pork is even more popular.

Many people are accustomed to eating noodles. The method of making noodles with shiitake shredded pork is also not easy. When preparing ingredients, pay attention to cleaning the shiitake mushrooms. The shredded pork is more difficult. You can freeze it in the refrigerator before cutting.It will be easier.

It is necessary to master the heat when making brine, and also add some auxiliary materials, such as cucumber shreds.

There are various methods of halogenated noodles, different flavors, and various materials. Depending on the materials, different methods have different flavors.

There are two types of halogenated noodles: “clear halogen” and “mixed halogen”. The halogenated halogen is also called simmered halogen, and the mixed halogen is also called hooked halogen. Although the practice is different, the taste is different in the mouth.

The broth is all clear and mixed, and the soup is good. The clear chicken soup and white broth and mutton soup are good. The top soup is boiled by mushrooms, and the soup is pure and flavored. It is a fake in the soup.

In addition to diced white meat or mutton shiitake mushrooms, mushrooms, dried shrimp, stall eggs, fresh bamboo shoots, etc., Peiping people also put some antlers, and finally sprinkle some freshly ground white pepper, fresh coriander, spicyWith fresh, it is considered complete.

It must be more important than the ordinary soup, otherwise one will feel light and tasteless.

Since it is called Lu, the thick and thick name really matches the name, so the halo with simmering is considered authentic. The mixed halo with simmering is more complicated than the ladle with tartar.For starter dishes, change to yellow fungus flowers, and beat the eggs evenly. If you add ham and chicken slices, sea cucumbers are also called San Xian Lu. All the ingredients are sliced. Before the pan is fried, use pepper to fry some pepper oil.The heat is poured on the halogen, a hissing sounds, and the pepper is overflowing, even if you are done.

Eating braised pork is different from fried sauce. Eating braised cucumber, carrot shredded, spinach, amaranth, edamame, and braised shreds can be used as face code. If you eat the braised soy sauce, all the face codes can be replaced.

If you eat a bite, add one buckle of silk (thin strips of noodles) and one buckle of flat curtains (thick strips of noodles). You can hear what you want.

If you eat mixed noodles, it should be thick and not thin. If the noodles are hot, they must be over water. If you don’t use water, pick them into a bowl and stick them together.

The mixed brine is good. When you finish eating a bowl of noodles, the oil in the bowl is still condensed and not diarrhea. This brine is considered to be qualified. This is easy to say, but it is not easy to make it.

Mushroom and minced meat noodles (fragrant rolls, carrots, minced meat, vegetables, shallots, ginger, soy sauce, cooking wine, salt, chicken essence, starch, oil, boiled with cold water, spare cooking meat wine, soy sauce,Salt, onion ginger, pickle onion for 5 minutes, mix with shiitake mushrooms with supplementary starch, chop or dice carrots, chop green vegetables, pour the remaining oil into the pan, pour the remaining oil into the pan, and stir-fry the minced meatAdd the mushrooms, carrots, chopped vegetables and stir-fry until the color changes. Add the above water and season with a little salt (before marinating the minced meat, don’t put too much). Finally add the wet starch to the pan and pour it.Tips on the surface: minced meat is mixed with starch and will be tender when cooking.

[Baby milk standard for different months]_Children_Standard value

[Baby milk standard for different months]_Children_Standard value

The amount of milk consumed by babies in different months is naturally different. Baoma needs to determine how much milk is suitable for the baby according to the month of the baby. For example, a one-month-old baby only needs 80-100 ml.Only 200-250 ml can be full. As for a baby more than one year old, 500-600 ml is required. Therefore, the baby’s milk intake varies from month to month, and the milk volume also depends on the situation.

1. The amount of milk for newborn babies should be adjusted according to weight, usually 30?
60ml per day?
8 times.

After that, you can gradually increase or decrease the amount of milk according to the growth of digestion and weight. Until the baby is full, the amount of milk should be 90?
120ml, the number of replacements can be gradually reduced.

2. The amount of infant milk in a month should be replaced as needed when the infant is full term, that is, the infant can feed as much as he can.

At this time, the baby will feel very satisfied between feedings, and usually sleep quietly 3?
Every 4 hours, if the baby is not full, he will cry during this period.

Usually feed 6 every day?
7 milks at 3 intervals?
4 hours, should you eat 80 per meal?
About 120ml of milk, you can eat up to 150ml.

3, when baby 2?
Should breastfeeding increase to 150 at 3 months?
200ml, feed 5?
6 times, each time should be about 4 hours apart.

4, 3?
6 months baby can follow 2?
Replace the infant at 3 months.

Until 5?
At 6 months, can milk volume be increased to 200?
250ml, but it should be noted that the volume of milk consumed per day cannot exceed 1000ml, and the amount of milk per meal cannot exceed 250ml.
At 6 months, some supplementary foods should be added before feeding.

5, 6?
9-month-old babies should eat 200 at a time?
250ml, feeding milk every 4 hours, changing from four meals of milk to three meals of milk every day, and gradually replacing one meal of milk with complementary food.


Parents do not have to force the baby to feed the baby strictly according to the amount of milk indicated in the instruction manual when feeding the baby. This forced occurrence may cause the baby to be tired of milk. There are other ways to improve the baby’s tiredness.

After feeding your baby, you can’t lay your baby down immediately. You should first pick up your baby correctly, lean on your shoulders, pat your baby’s back, let him take a nap, and expel air from the stomach, so that your baby will spit.

[Natural contraceptive period]_ natural contraception _ how to contraceptive _ how to prevent contraception _ contraceptive measures

[Natural contraceptive period]_ natural contraception _ how to contraceptive _ how to prevent contraception _ contraceptive measures

Today’s young people are relatively open, and it is very common for pre-marital sex, but now many friends do not have enough ability to raise children, so you should take some contraceptive measures when you have sexMany women take some contraceptives, which is very bad for the body. In fact, there are natural methods of contraception. When is the natural contraceptive period?

One: Method 1. Of course, if you want to use natural contraceptive methods, you must first observe the menstrual cycle and determine the ovulation period of the woman. If you can determine the ovulation day, avoid intercourse between five days before ovulation and one day after ovulation, so that you canReached the goal of self-confidence.

2. The safety period we know is generally on the day when a woman comes to menstruate. The first seven days and the last eight days of it are called the safe period, but often there is also a phenomenon that sex will be pregnant during safe operation.Therefore, the natural self-confidence method has certain uncertainties.

3. Therefore, the natural contraceptive method is suitable for some people, some women who are unwilling to use condoms, take contraceptive pills or contraceptive rings, and then women who can accept even accidental pregnancy.

The natural contraceptive method requires close cooperation between the couple, so to some extent, it promotes the harmonious relationship between the couple.

Two: Attention Many young couples now use natural contraceptive methods to indicate the safety period and danger period through contraceptives. The current German contraceptive technology is the safest and most reliable natural contraceptive method in the world.

Safe contraception and harmonious sex life.

The above is an introduction about when the natural contraception period is. Although this method is scientific, it is not absolutely safe, and there is still the possibility of conception. So if you feel unsafe, it is best to use contraception.This way, it can not only be safe for contraception, but also ensure the hygiene of sex life.

[How many biscuits a day can’t get fat]_Biscuits_Not getting fat_How to eat

[How many biscuits a day can’t get fat]_Biscuits_Not getting fat_How to eat

Biscuits are a common snack for us, and there are many types of biscuits. Different types of biscuits have different taste and nutrition. Try not to eat biscuits during weight loss. General biscuits containHigh speed is not conducive to weight loss. You can eat some coarse grain biscuits or low-fat biscuits to eat.

How many biscuits do you eat in a day?

Biscuit transition is high. Biscuit transition is generally high. The following is an introduction to the conversion of common cookies.

Soda crackers: 408 kcal / 100 g; Cream biscuits: 429 kcal / 100 g; Milk biscuits: 408 kcal / 100 g; Compressed biscuits: 457 kcal / 100 g; Wafers: 512 kcal / 100 g; Biscuit dry: 520 calories / 100g; Do you get fat if you eat cookies?

Biscuits are baked with flour. They are high-sugar, high-fat, high-conversion snacks. Because of their good taste, they are easy to carry, and they are favored by many foodies.

But delicious cookies are also one of the fattest snacks.

Eating 100 grams of biscuits is the excess we need for a day.

Therefore, people who want to lose weight should say “NO” to cookies.

How to eat biscuits does not get fat Breakfast with milk in the morning is the most vigorous metabolism, proper eating biscuits is not easy to get fat.

And because the milk is used to eat biscuit, the biscuit will swell after absorbing water, which can reduce the amount of food to avoid exceeding the standard.

No more than 50 grams of biscuits a day is too high for an instant. If you do n’t limit the amount of food, you will definitely gain weight.

Usually it is recommended to eat biscuits no more than 50 grams a day, so the conversion is more than two hundred calories, which is equivalent to 2-3 bananas, and the transformation burden on the body will not be heavy.

If you do n’t eat it 4 hours before bedtime, the digestive system will slow down, and eating anything has the risk of gaining weight, let alone high conversion cookies.

If you ca n’t help but eat, it ‘s best to go for a run or you will really gain weight.

Eating biscuits without making them fat is a high-transition snack. At first, eating more biscuits will make you fat.

But in general, biscuits containing vegetables, with a lighter salty and sweet taste and a lower trace content, are healthier.

Soda biscuits are high in content and fat, so it is not recommended to eat more.

If you want to use biscuits to fill your hunger, it is best to choose “whole wheat biscuits” which contain cellulose and have higher digestibility.

[How to make spiced marinated tofu]_ How to make marinade _ How to make

[How to make spiced marinated tofu]_ How to make marinade _ How to make

The spiced dried tofu is a well-known specialty food, especially in the Jiangnan region. It has a rich taste, good nutritional value, and rich protein. His method is not particularly difficult.The cooked spiced tofu is a very good appetizer, and it is also a very good specialty snack. Let’s take a look at the practice of spiced tofu.

The practice of spiced dried tofu is a specialty snack of the Han nationality.

The spiced tofu is rich in protein, and the tofu protein is a complete protein, and contains 8 amino acids required by the human body, which has high nutritional value.

Ingredients: 3 pieces of tofu, oil, soy sauce, allspice, salt, and sugar.

Method 1: Cut the tofu into cubes, the thickness and size are basically the same.

2. Remove the hot tofu pieces from the pan and golden brown.

3. Put another pot of dried tofu and half a bowl of water, allspice powder, soy sauce, salt, sugar in the pan and cook for 10 minutes.

4. Marinate the dried tofu.

Method 2 Gourmet ingredients: 500 grams of dried white tofu, 10 grams of sesame oil, 50 grams of soy sauce, 2 grams of salt, and MSG 1.

5 grams, 6 grams of aniseed, 5 grams of pepper, 5 grams of allspice, 10 grams of shallots, 5 grams of ginger.

Gourmet practice 1. Dry clean the sauce and tofu. Two pieces will be stacked together, and then tighten with a thread. Fill the cloth pocket with aniseed, peppercorns and allspice.

2. On the hot pot, add an appropriate amount of water, soy sauce, salt, spring onion, ginger cubes and spice bags, boil, cook for about 30 minutes, beat into a brine soup, then put the dried tofu into the simmer and burnTurn on and use low heat. When the soup is thick, add MSG and stir well. When the juice has penetrated into the dried tofu, remove the spice bag (reuse it next time), remove the dried tofu, apply sesame oil, changeKnife code tray is ready to eat.