“Yi Tianqi,Who are you talking about??So mysterious?”Li Yina is asked。

I heard the name of Yi Tianqi,Gu wife’s face changed。
He is actually a famous real estate tycoon,Yi Tianqi,This person is particularly surprised,The general banquet will not participate,Few some people have seen his true face,Tonight,But here is here。
“Artina,I will know later.,But I missed the blue blue,You can’t find a suitable apprentice.。”Yi Tianqi is deeply smiling。
Li Yina is slightly eyebrow,Watching again in Blue Xin,Is a fuitive girl,She likes her eyes,Particular translucent,It seems to see the people!
She laughed:“The more you say this,The more I am interested in the little girl.,Blue Xin Miss,If you don’t mind,I give you a theme,You give me a description that can make me satisfied,Give me three days later!Or after a few months later,As long as your work makes me satisfied。”
Blue Xinyi,Nodded,“thanksdareneTeacher gives me this opportunity,Then I will try it.?”Design this,Inspired,She is also uncertain!
The more this thing is going to do。
“That line,I will go back for a while.,Grouter,Then send WeChat to you,Come,We add WeChat to each other!”Li Yina looked at Blue Xin,Generous,Smile,Dazzling ,Such a spiritual girl,If you can design her satisfactory work,She is not to accept the disciple。
“it is good!”Blue Xin smiled and nodded。
Lu Hao Cheng,Let’s open a road,Let Lantin come in。
Lady see,The face is difficult to see,She also makes Gu Anan take the phone out.。
Laugh:“darene,In this case,Then, Miss Anan and Lanxin compete in each other.。”
“Can!”She smiled and nodded.。
She only recognizes the work and does not recognize people.!
Just give Gu Ai’an a chance!
Three people add WeChat,Blue Xin looks at the elegant atmosphere of WeChat avatar,Slightly hidden lips,maybe,Tonight is really right.。
Yi Tianqi, laughing, laughing, laughing,Also slightly hidden:“Blue,Uncle Uncle is in Jiangyou,What is difficult?,To find an uncle in time,otherwise,Your mother will definitely blame me for taking care of you.。”
“OK!Uncle,Then I am difficult,You have to come to trouble and uncle.。”Blue Xin also laughed。
“it is good!let’s go play!Have fun!If Haixi doesn’t come to pick you,Easy uncle sent a car to send you back。”Yi Tianqi laughs Wen Ya Ya,Take care of this little girl.,He is also welfare。
“Need not,Uncle,Xi Xi said to pick me up。”Blue Xin laughs。
“I can rest assured that!”
Yi Nianqi follows Li Yina,Say:“go,We haven’t seen you for a long time.,go there,Looking for a quiet place to sit down and talk?”
NS148chapter:I will repent it if you say what you said.

NS148chapter:I will repent it if you say what you said.
“Row,We have not met for a long time.,I thought about meeting it last time.,It’s all last year.。”Li Yina also took a cup of champagne from the serving tray,Leave Yi Tianqi。
Lu Haocheng heard that Le Zhenxi came to pick her up.,His handsome appeared in an instant,A cold breath spreads in his body。
Gu Dafe is full of blushing, blushing.,Ridicule:“Miss Lan Xin is really left and right,Since even the real estate tycoon Yi Tianqi, you know,I am trip to see you.,It turns out that you are also a backstage.!”
One sentence,Insult,Blue Xin did not care,But look at the lady,Shallow smile,“Uncle is my mother’s friend,Do you feel a problem??”
“Then you must have no father.?”Mrs. Gu said, said a sentence.,Watching her eyes。
Blue Xin’s face,Instantly pale to the extreme,That clear beauty,Brewing storm。
Insult she is not enough and mother,Also, is it to be insulting her father??
Her double punch,The mouth is still a decent smile:“Mrs. Gu,I am not Dad,but,I heard that Mrs. Gu is on the top of the public.,Have to know the book,Admirable,I didn’t expect to say that this is shocking.。”
Nu people listen,Dark road,Woman having a good teeth,but,Her emotions,Will not use it on her body。
“I guess it is like this.,Your Fox Meizi’s face can seduce men around,Your mother,Naturally, I will not go.,Hao Jun,Such woman,You are better away from,Clear,Who is a woman who can stay by you?。”
Lu Haocheng smiled coldly,Say:“Gu Boyu,Don’t be too much,One day,I will repent it if you say what you said.?”
Lu Hao Cheng finished,Turn around,Hand holding blue Xin,Go to the other side。

Sister Cat snorted coldly:“I didn’t expect your kid to come here by himself,If there is a kind,See you on the platform at the next stop,Crowded here,Inconvenient,If you are a note,Then don’t say anything,Otherwise, my old cat’s paws are not forgiving”

Between talking,Xia Jian discovered,Woman calling herself an old cat,Not only the nose is longer than ordinary people’s,And on her slender fingers,I don’t know when I have put on the silver finger cots,This finger cot is made of metal,This may be her weapon。
When Xia Jian came here,I used a scarf to cover my mouth,But he doesn’t know,When did this scarf fall off,So that these women recognized him at a glance。
“If you have a conscience,Just take the wallet you stole,Give it back to everyone,Even if I didn’t see it,If you dare to say no word,I don’t care if you are an old wolf or an old cat”To this point,Xia Jian can only make harsh words,At least he can’t lose to these three women in his aura。
After such a noise,The person who lost the wallet just now,So I yelled,In a carriage,Suddenly became a mess,This situation,Everyone squeezed,It will kill you,Where are the police and conductor,Xia Jian couldn’t help but feel anxious。
The old cat smiled and said:“Are you sick?!Just two sentences,Still want to scare me,Then why will my old cat be messing around in the future?“The old cat’s charming face,Showing a fierce look。
Xia Jian couldn’t help but trembled,Just sideways,The old cat screamed,Really pounced like a cat,Two hands waving up and down,Xia Jian dodges left and right,Temporarily new leather jacket,Two long openings were exposed instantly。
Xia Jian was angered,Turn around,Swipe out the right elbow,The old cat may also be careless about Jingzhou,I didn’t expect Xia Jian to move so fast,Just when she hesitated,Just listen to a bang,The old cat was hit by Xia Jian and crawled on Erhuo’s body.。
“withdraw,Hard stubble“The old cat growled,The three squeezed toward the other end of the car。
Xia Jianyi doesn’t do it,Endlessly,How can you let them escape,Isn’t my leather jacket torn in vain?。
Xia Jiangang raised his foot,I saw the old cat at the end raise his hand,Shouted:“All for you,Don’t know good or bad“
Xia Jian reached out,Turned out to be a bag,He hurriedly opened the zipper to take a look,It’s full of wallets,Just when he paused like this,The old cat took her big and second goods,Submerged early in the crowd。
The cabin is surprisingly quiet,Only hear the bang of the train hitting the track,People in the whole carriage,They all looked at Xia Jian,It’s possible that Xia Jian shocked everyone just now。
Xia Jian calmed his thoughts a bit,And shouted:“The person whose wallet was stolen just now,Come claim one by one,If someone impersonates,Don’t blame me for being ruthless,There is yours in it,Just take it,if there is not,Please don’t take other people’s“
Xia Jian’s voice is strong and powerful,Reverberating for a long time in the carriage。
Everything went well,More than ten wallets,Was claimed in a few minutes,Xia Jian suddenly felt a sense of accomplishment。When he returns to the soft sleeper again,It’s past four o’clock,And two more seats are vacant,Maybe you got off halfway。
Logically,He can sleep beautifully,I don’t know why,He was sleepy,There are old cats and three women in my head。
Listen to the banging railroad tracks,Xia Jian thought a lot,He never figured it out,A whole carriage of people,I’m afraid of three women,If someone resists a little bit,They will not succeed lightly,What happened to people now?
Thinking about,Xia Jian actually fell asleep,In sleep,He dreamed of old cat,Bringing a large number of goods into his soft sleeper compartment,And closed the door。
Xia Jian tried his best,Hit a punch,People wake up too,He found out that he had a dream,The carriage is bright,It turns out it’s bright。

Xia Jian couldn’t accept Wuna’s enthusiasm,After all, they only met,And on what occasion did you meet。last night,Xia Jian drank some wine,It’s totally hot-headed,But he is very sober today,So he didn’t say anything,Just smile。

The people on the plane quickly filled up,Xia Jian found his seat and sat there,It didn’t take long,Una ran to him,With the one next to Xia JianjpPeople spoke a few words of English,Changed her seat to Xia Jian’s side。
After the plane takes off,Entered the smooth flight section,Xia Jian just released the seat belt,Took a long breath。Una on the side hurriedly asked:“Are you not feeling well?“
“Nothing,Just move it“Xia Jian said,Doing chest expansion exercises,Took two big breaths。
It may be the reason why I didn’t get a good rest these days,Body muscle energy is somewhat decreased,The plane is high,Xia Jian felt his chest dull,Exercised twice,He feels healed slowly。
“Thank you for taking me back to the hotel last night“Una tilted her head,Said to Xia Jian with a smile。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“You’re welcome,Easy work,But I drank your wine,So we are even,No thanks“
”No way,One yard owned by a yard“Una said word by word,I heard Xia Jian burst into laughter。
The atmosphere suddenly became harmonious,The two began to chat,Anyway,From China to foreign countries,Except not talking about politics,They talk about everything。
Via chat,Xia Jian discovered,This foreign girl looks a little different from the Chinese girl,In fact, many aspects are the same,Such as understanding of life,Mercy for family,And yearning for love。The difference is that they are outgoing,More open to love between men and women,Unlike us Chinese,Due to the influence of traditional thinking,Are more conservative。
This is what Xia Jian knew,Regardless of whether,He always felt that he didn’t know this Una for nothing。
Aircraft landing,Wuna smiled and said to Xia Jian:“You follow me,I will take you to the coach station,Let’s go by carlj“
“Thank you!I want to stay here for two days,Then golj,You go first!weljkeep in touch“Xia Jian shook his head,Said politely。
Una listen,A disappointed expression on his face,She nodded silently,Turn around and leave with the gift box,But just two steps,She turned around and asked:“How do we contact?“
Xia Jianyi listen,It suddenly dawned on me,He hurriedly took out pen and paper,I wrote my mobile phone number and handed it to Una,Una just smiled,Happily left with the gift box。

This reincarnation,Every turn is a catastrophe。

Only after disaster,Live again,To kill the true spiritual space origin law,Others can awaken most memories。
Chapter Twenty Three Reincarnation
Sunset,A bright moon shines,On a sacred mountain,A figure emerges。
Tap your fingertips,A streamer fell into the mountain。
Since will《Reincarnation》After complete creation,Li Ming isn’t in a hurry to go to reincarnation。
Before reincarnation,Also have to prepare。
first,Li Ming intends to obliterate the original law of space at the same time,It will inevitably affect other Dao。
Even with his causality,Inspiration on the true spirit,He must also be,The perception of Minghui Avenue and others are sealed,To reincarnate smoothly。
Of course some metaphysical knowledge of Tao,Some simple magical secret techniques are not among them。
of course,From another perspective。
Li Mingruo is completely reincarnated,After thoroughly dissipating the memory of the original law of space,As long as we can realize the opposite destruction of heaven,These memories are restored。Destruction of life,Great progress in the mastery of chaos,It’s also a shortcut to practice—and,His reincarnation was spread in the name of this。
Second come,Li Ming also plans to leave some caves in the ancient world of Pangu,Store some of your own magic weapons。
After reincarnation,Retrieve these magic weapons,It also helped me a lot。

Wang Youdao,I couldn’t help but said tightly:“Big brother!No one can help you with this!”

“nonsense,In this world,There is nothing you can’t do with money。If Dad was willing to bleed at that time,Wang Laowai’s son would not be so persistent。and also,This happened because of the third child,But after something happened?What did he do?”Wang Youfa gritted his teeth,Very angry。
Looking at Big Brother like this,Wang Youdao feels extremely uncomfortable。It seems their family is going to be separated,Scattered among the three of their brothers。
“Song Fang is my wife,Something happened to me,She didn’t take the initiative to take out her savings to save me,Why do you want a wife like this??”What Wang Youfa held in his heart,I told Wang Youdao。
Wang Youdao listen,Heart ups and downs。He really doesn’t know how to comfort him。Two years of prison,It can be reduced a bit。But their Lao Wang family have a good face,Wang Youfa suffered as a result。
On this matter,The third brother Wang Youcai does have an unshirkable responsibility,But he can’t say much,One is his brother,And the other is his brother。
Wang Youfa finally found a vent,Poured out all the bitter water in my stomach。As a younger brother, Wang Youdao can only speak nicely,Don’t let my brother hold grudges。
As the saying goes,The trouble should end it,This matter seems to have to wait for the third child to heal,The brothers started talking,Maybe nothing is left。
When Wang Youdao came out of Wang Youfa’s room,It’s already a little over midnight。Niu Huiling was arranged by Chen Yueqin to go to sleep。And Song Fang dozed off in a chair in the hall。She saw that Wang Youdao was back,I went back to my room。
Wang Degui, who was exhausted, glanced at Wang Youdao。Lowered his voice and asked:“What did the boss say to you?He came out this time,Full of hatred,I feel that we are all his enemies”
“He hated us for not using money to fish him”Wang Youdao said in a very small voice。
Listen to Wang Degui,Took a breath and said:“I got it,but…”Wang Degui sighed with regret,No more words。
“dad!Wait for the third one,Have a good talk with the boss。And sister-in-law,Everyone needs to be patient,After all, Big Brother suffered two years of crime in it”Wang Youdao whispered to dad。
Wang Degui nodded,No more words,Night seems even more silent。

There must be a ghost here,Li Tianzhen confirmed this guess,All the way to the apse,It is also the deepest part of the entire complex,The other courtyard full of green bamboos and the secret room of the side hall are the same as when he came before,But I didn’t see any living people either,Two or three bodies were found one after another,All dressed up as Taoists,Very old,Li Tianzhi explored with divine knowledge,All internal organs are completely destroyed、Meridians are broken,Shocked to death by a supernatural power。

No Hugh Taoist found,There is no trace of Baimei Old Road,There is no living person on the huge Qingyang Sect Master Peak?Li Tianzhen can’t believe it,Where did the Panmang group go??His goal is Jinshanki,I can’t see the shadow?
Just when Li Tianzhen wanted to fully expand his spiritual consciousness,Suddenly a few nodes become unusually bright,Terrain bugs,They have actually appeared behind the main peak,This general situation means that there is always something to discover,Just because of the distance,And the surrounding ban,Li Tianzhu’s spiritual sense can’t perceive,His figure is like a flexible fish,Tumbled a few times and got into the sinking air flowing to the back mountain。
Terrain worms are still in motion,Extremely fast,All the way down,Instantly fall from the towering mountain to the bottom of the valley,Li Tianzhen followed,At the same time,All mental and perceptual abilities are compressed within the smallest distance range,In case the adversary finds it in advance。
Deep valley,Dense vegetation,Li Tianzhi has reached the bottom with the airflow,Unexpectedly, the terrain worm is still walking downward,At least another distance before stopping,Because of divine consciousness,The connection between him and the Terrain Worm is already very weak,Unable to perceive the surrounding environment after stopping,It’s just a vague feeling that’s not dark,And the space is large,There are several powerful breaths inadvertently swept,Terrain bugs were instantly wiped out。
“Since it’s here,Why hide the head and the tail?”A familiar voice came from underground,Panmang。
“Since the old acquaintance is here,Just meet。”This voice seems more familiar,Li Tianzhen can’t remember who it is for a while,Can’t help shaking his head and smiling,No matter how converging the heart is, it’s hard to completely cover my breath,but,Since it has been discovered,He has nothing to panic,Show the Dharmakaya simply and neatly,Then can’t help but say,Hit the bottom with a punch。
The distance traveled by the terrain bug,Li Tianzhen roughly estimated that this punch should be able to smash through the weakest place here,These mice are always out of sight,I will help you make it brighter,Wouldn’t it be nice to speak?Bang,A big hole was punched in the bottom of the valley,Reveal a glorious corner below。
Don’t know when,Li Tianzhen suddenly likes to use this violent way to resolve worries and anger,Being rude may vent your emotions faster,More direct。
really,After this punch,The frustration in his heart is greatly relieved,The whole body and mind quickly relax,Several faint shadows leaped from the bottom of the valley,The first demon was Panmang,And the guy next to him actually covered his face,But gave Li Tianzhu a very familiar feeling。
The two coming up behind are also big gods,Magical powers are not inferior to Beiming and his ilk,The last one did not dare to come out,Standing under the hole and looking,This person is dressed in a white robe,White beard and eyebrows,Li Tianzhen recognizes,It is Taoist Baimei, the uncle of Taoist Xiu,This is the ghost?
“Li Xiucheng,It’s not a good habit to always destroy people’s homes。”Pan Mang winked,The two great gods and demons have sealed Li Tianzhen’s retreat。
“The masked man,Dare to tear off this black cloth?”Li Tianzhen doesn’t care about Panmang at all,But stared at the masked man。

Xia Jian shook his head and said:“The child had a minor operation,End up donating blood。The nurse said our blood types don’t match”

“hateful!That means Zhou Li cheated you。But the child doesn’t know anything,He is innocent。I think he and your family are very close”When Yao Junli said this,,The tone finally calmed down。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“All right!I came here to explain to you,Come and play at home during Chinese New Year?”
“Watch the time!If you are free,Why not come and accompany me,Just a moment”When Yao Junli said this,,Eyes full of expectation。
Xia Jian nodded,Turn around and leave。Under the guidance of the waiter,Xia Jian bought two big red packets,This may take more than two hundred copies。According to Xia Jian’s habit,I can’t use this bag。
Xiao Chenchen is impatient waiting in the car,When Xia Jian got in the car,He is playing a small temper。But this little guy is very smart,When he saw Xia Jian,Nothing else。Three adults laughed secretly。
It’s thirty,Basically, few people from rural areas go out。Everyone is busy at home,Such as cleaning,Stick couplet。Give a ticket to the old ancestors,Anyway, a lot of trivia。
On the village road leading to Xiping Village,Can’t see a car,I can’t see a pedestrian。Xia Jian increased the speed very high,Drive desperately to Xiping Village。
The occasional firecrackers,Make Xia Jian feel even more worried。As soon as the car arrives at the entrance of the village,Xia Zecheng and Sun Yuejuan got out of the car with Xiao Chenchen,The two old talents are back home,Actually, they are more anxious than Xia Jian。
When Xia Jian and Zhao Hong drove into the village committee,Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu are posting couplets with a few young people。When Xia Jian stopped the car,,Chen Erniu ran over。
“Ugh!Let Auntie prepare a few more good dishes tonight,We come to your house to drink?”Chen Erniu laughed and said。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“No way,Can’t be at my house every year!Moreover,I forgot to buy wine”
“Humph!Waiting for you to buy wine?That is impossible。I ran into uncle two days ago,He asked to bring him a box of good wine,So you don’t need to worry about this wine”Chen Erniu patted Xia Jian’s shoulder and walked away,As if he was eaten up。
Zhao Hong looked around,Explain a few words to Xia Sanhu,Then I went back to Xia Jian’s house with Xia Jian。Because her in-laws went to the nephew’s home,This is equivalent to giving it all to Zhao Hong。Zhao Hong can’t take care of others’ gossip,She simply regarded Xia Jian’s house as her home。
Only when sleeping at night,She just went back。Anyway, the story about her and Xia Jian had spread,She doesn’t care much。
People are actually like this,Full of curiosity about everything。When Xia Jian and Zhao Hong’s affairs are no longer covered up,Everyone lost their curiosity about this,Instead, I feel that everything is so natural。
Xiao Chenchen is playing with his little train alone in the house,The little guy will be the captain for a while,A passenger again。At a young age, he has the ability to perform open fu。
Xia Zecheng is busy doing housework,I really like him this little grandson to the extreme。He is doing something,I kept teasing Xiao Chenchen,So angry that Sun Yuejuan lost her temper in the kitchen。
Family people value the New Year more than anything else,In the minds of their elderly,Prepare all the food for the Chinese New Year。Actually there is a refrigerator now,There is a supermarket,You don’t have to do this。But this habit is in the hearts of old people,Already deeply rooted。
See it all,Xia Jian was very satisfied,This is home。

Dong Chao,Hear the other party,Responded。

“Then you go out first,I’m going to do alchemy。”
Lin Yu finished,I started to check these pills。
After viewing one side,I started to divide these pills。
After dividing。
Lin Yu,I just used this person’s alchemy furnace to make alchemy。
The alchemy furnace that this person prepared for himself,Although he doesn’t have his own heaven and earth alchemy furnace so advanced,But not bad。
but,From the outside of this alchemy furnace。
Lin Yu estimated,The opponent is from a senior alchemist,Borrowed。
if not,This alchemy furnace,It is impossible to contain so much aura in it。
“do not know either,This time,Can it be refined。”
Lin Yu,Talk to yourself,Muttered a few times in my mind。
then,I started to refine alchemy。
because,This soul gathering pill。
All the time,Are all called by alchemists,Ban Dan。
There are few alchemists,Will try to make such a pill。
I dare to agree,Or because,The reason why I am not afraid of thunder。
A person,After finishing the pill,Very weak。
Thunder robbery,From that moment down。
and so,Why,This soul gathering pill,Is forbidden,Because of this one。
“This alchemy furnace,not bad。”
After Lin Yu caught fire,Found this alchemy furnace,After controlling the flame,Very comfortable。
In an instant, he began to put this medicine into the alchemy furnace,then,Use a powerful flame,Burn this pill。
Hesitate to refine alchemy this time,The reason for being tired。
Lin Yu,Alchemy,While eating back to the spirit pill。
This time the pill,Can improve one’s control over the pill。
In a blink of an eye,Half an hour passed。
Lin Yu,Also at this moment,Put yourself in,All Hui Ling Dan,I ate it all。
As for the pill,now,Not yet Cheng Dan。

Under the thick atmosphere,It’s 80 million kilometers in diameter,Shenwu Continent roughly in the shape of a half moon。

In the southwest corner of Shenwu Continent‘Red mist forest’,A figure fell silently from the sky。
Red mist forest,Land occupation6Billion square kilometers,This area is actually not large,But in the southwest corner of the entire Shenwu continent‘Yan Ye domain’It’s a fierce place。
After all, in the depths of the red mist forest,Inhabits a fierce beast whose strength is comparable to the great master,In Shenwu Qianyu,‘Yan Ye domain’Just a small remote place,There are not many masters,No one wants to risk their lives to deal with that beast。
It’s‘Red mist forest’Around,There are many villages inhabited by humans。Although the Red Mist Forest is where the beasts live,But in the marginal area there are also some beasts of average strength,Ordinary mountain hunters have the ability to kill。
“brother,You said we can catch that end today‘Clefthoof’Is it?”Talking is a red-haired girl,Average appearance,But with the vitality of a girl。She holds a sharp spear in her right hand。
“Xiaoya,Don’t worry,That clefthoof lizard has hit my mark,Xiaobai can track it,It has been seriously injured,We can kill it。Then we sold the clefthoof in exchange for a large sum of money,We can join‘Qi Feng Wuguan’Middle practice,Maybe in the future we can become an official warrior!”The young man called the elder brother looks much more stable,The weapon in my hand is a small axe,And there are several throwing spears on his back。
“No way,This money is for my brother to beg his wife。”The girl shook her head,“noob,Have you found the way??”
“Meow ~~”This is an animal similar to a cat on earth,The whole body is covered with stripes similar to the surrounding environment,Only the four feet are white,The tail is much longer than cats on earth。
This fierce beast resembling a cat,It’s a girl domesticated pet,Has an amazing sense of smell。
Soon the two of them followed the road with no road in the forest,Move quickly in one direction。
Don’t know,A pair of eyes are staring at them。
“Dare to go deep into this forest to hunt,At least better than the general public。But these two little guys are just like the sixth and eighth stars。What kind of martial arts do you want to join?,Become a real warrior?In other words, it is recognized and respected in the world‘Musha’At least a constant star!”Li Ming muttered,Hidden on the side with his strength,Even the ordinary universe level can’t find it。
“And there is a martial arts organization,I don’t know if there are sects or powers like the country.。。。The information given by the Virtual Universe Company is too rough,I don’t know anything about the basic framework of this continent.!”Li Ming is not clear,Such a huge continent,Unless there is a complete and unified powerful force,And the control ability of this powerful force penetrates every detail of society,Otherwise, the style of each regional power,Types are very different。
“First observe these two little guys,It’s best to use them as a springboard to understand the upper layers of the world。Two requirements for the task,The key to me is‘Shenwu Order’with‘Black list’Information。”
And on the other side,The red-haired brother and sister finally met their‘prey’,A sub-adult clefthoof。
This is a creature somewhat similar to the Earth monitor lizard,But there are four stubby horns on the top of the head,There are no general fingers at the bottom of the four thickly turned legs,But huge claws。The claws are not very sharp,But it is extremely powerful with strong limbs。And the most powerful thing about this creature is its tail,Long tail,There is a hook-shaped barb at the end—There is a dark light on the surface of the barb。
The strength of an adult clefthoof lizard can reach a constant star—In the terms of Shenwu Continent,Is the official warrior level。And this clefthoof lizard is the ninth star of the planet,But it seems to have suffered some injuries。
“What a great little guy!”Li Ming watched the two men and a cat team up against the clefthoof,I was slightly surprised。
The girl called Xiaoya,The realm has at least reached the peak of the artistic realm level,Distance domain level is also close。Don’t feel that this level is low。You know that in the universe,A star in the field,Able to obtain the status of a second-level elite in a star-level organization,And this girl is at least a level three elite—Don’t underestimate this level three elite,It’s incomparable to a super genius like Li Ming,However, there may not necessarily be such a third-level elite among millions of people in the constant star.—The ratio of planet stars is even lower。

Xia Jian shook his head and said:“This woman has become so ignorant of her,As if we didn’t know each other before。It feels weird to me anyway“Xia Jian frowned。

“I can’t figure out how she will be like this this time,Is it related to her boyfriend Wang Jiandong??”Wang Lin looked at Xia Jian with a questioning tone。
Xia Jian said with a cold smile:“She has a boyfriend?Did you bring it back from outside??”
“Yes,I brought it this time,But this person does not work in the startup group,It’s a bit mysterious anyway,I have only seen it once,Far worse than you”Wang Lin laughed as she spoke。
How does this woman compare Xiao Xiao’s boyfriend to him?,What does she mean?Does she know the little tricks she had with Xiao Xiao before??
Xia Jian originally wanted to ask,But when the words came to my mouth, I swallowed it back。If he asks,Doesn’t it mean that there is no silver in this place??
“I don’t think you need to think so much,If Xiao Xiao really wants to attack you,Little relationship,Let her return your shares first,And your salary is settled together,This is a lot of money。Then i go too,After i get the money,Let’s start our own company,By our abilities,I don’t believe we can’t make a path”Wang Lin cheered Xia Jian。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“It may not be impossible to leave,If I do this, I’m a little sorry Old Xiao”
“What you said,Iron-fighted battalion,Besides, Xiao Xiao let you go,It’s not that you want to go”Wang Lin said a little unhappy。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“You know,This Xiao Xiao is not Old Xiao’s biological daughter,I’m afraid it’s a bit famous,If I don’t help Old Xiao stare,Then I am sorry for the kindness of his old man to me”
“Ouch!You still understand the problem,I really didn’t think of this,If as you say,You can’t live without this venture group for a while”Wang Lin asked in a low voice。
Xia Jian took a long breath and said:“Can’t leave,As soon as I leave Old Xiao, I really can’t control Xiao Xiao。Although they are a family,But this Xiao Xiao’s every move,Too doubtful”
“The more you say it makes me feel wrong,Then she must drive you away,You can’t help it,After all, she is the general manager of the venture group”When Wang Lin said this,His face is also a little serious。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“I can’t be too sharp,If it doesn’t work, apply to you as an assistant!After all, I am more familiar with this flat city,And nowadays is a good time to develop agricultural development,We make good use of,You can still do something big”
“Ha ha!That’s not great,Just come here!You are the boss here,I’m still your secretary”Wang Lin said happily。
at this time,The phone on Wang Lin’s desk rang again,She glanced and said:“From the group”
“Nothing,You just pick it up!Tell her,I’m leaving now,Arrived after two o’clock in the afternoon”Xia Jian arranged for Wang Lin。
Wang Lin answered the phone,Smiled and said to the phone:“Hello Mr. Xiao,President Xia has left,Maybe two or three o’clock in the afternoon”