Guo Enting smiled,He naturally knows Bai Lu’s careful thinking,But not pierce。

Continue to stay with Bai Lu,Two talents walked around the community not long,And the speed is not fast,Where does the saying that the body lacks exercise。
“How is uncle’s health?”
There is no way to warm up the relationship between the two by just holding hands and walking,Guo Enting wants to find a topic that can move Bai Lu,That’s not easy?
I just cared about Bai Lu’s father’s condition,Bai Lu was interested in an instant。
“The doctor said that my father’s physical condition is stable now,If he can continue to maintain this level,There is still great hope for recovery。”
When Bai Lu was talking,There are stars in my eyes,Guo Enting next to her was obsessed with watching。
Guo Enting suddenly took Bai Lu’s other hand,Fiery eyes,What does he want,Rao is Bai Lu’s young master,You can also guess Guo Enting’s inner thoughts。
“I’m going to find my mother!”
I feel like my cheek is burned by fire,Bai Lu ran away like an escape。
Looking at Bai Lu’s back,Whether it’s a swinging ponytail,Still twisted waist,Makes Guo Enting almost crazy,My eyes are attracted by a magnet,I can’t pull it out。
Until Bai Lu disappeared in the corner,Guo Enting’s eyes have restored some clarity。
Smiled helplessly and shook his head,Guo Enting is not in a hurry to chase Bai Lu,The shantytown is so big,Where can Bai Lu go,Guo Enting knows everything。

After asking,Xiang Yang suddenly found himself asking nonsense,No need to ask about this,Just to see Bai Lu’s drunken eyes and loose eyes,It’s obviously the characteristic of too much alcohol。

“I’m much better,thank you!”
Bai Lu smiled lightly at Xiangyang,But I said I was fine,Betrayed Bai Lu while walking。
There is no more spicy at the beginning,Bai Lu just feels like she has gone around many times in the same place,Rotating。
Forced myself to walk a few steps,Bai Lu hurriedly forced herself to sit down。
“I’ll take a break!”
Turning back and smiling awkwardly to Xiangyang,Bai Lu is a little embarrassed。
Xiangyang waved his hand,Took care of so long,Not bad now this one。
And the more important thing for Xiangyang is,She found Xiang Chen in the crowd。
I worked hard to create opportunities for him,That guy is still thinking about eating!
Xiangyang, who is so angry, thinks about it, gets more angry,He grabbed an abalone next to him and threw it to Xiang Chen,It’s just a slight deviation,The abalone thrown by Xiangyang hit Zheng Ziling directly on the head。
I want to take this opportunity to get close to my future father-in-law,Zheng Ziling just sat down,Just fly into disaster,A greasy abalone hit his head。
Get up with anger,I found out that the person who threw the abalone was Xiangyang,Zheng Ziling’s anger was forcibly suppressed by him,When Zheng Ziling saw Xiang Yang pointing at Xiang Chen angrily,Zheng Ziling completely lost his anger。
Pulled Xiangchen’s clothes corner,Zheng Ziling pointed at Yang cautiously,Prompt Xiang Chen,He may have made a terrible mistake。
Xiang Chen frowned,When Xiangyang waved to him for the third time,Finally got up。
&nbsp“You will send Bai Lu home later!I followed Mo Mo home with them。”
Although it is not lustful,But when you speak,The daughter still faces her father。
Continuously winking at Xiang Chen,The latter’s perfunctory attitude made Xiangyang’s blood pressure a lot higher。

“The old Taoist said,We killed Master Sheng before,Now I cleaned up Tuoba evil again,Equal to

Cut off two of the tentacles of Hainuo Lab on Hong Kong Island,Most of them won’t give up,Maybe send someone to find you。
The old Taoist means,Let you lead the snake out,He will ask a master to come and protect you。”
“protect me?It’s the person who led me to Heino Lab,Then the master will follow it again, right??”Lu Menglin laughed。
“correct!It seems you are sober,No need for me to remind。brothers,Can’t hold it?Or i stay?”Chudun said with a smile。
“Forget it,You better go!Unsuccessful learning,Go down the mountain without permission,Enough for you to drink a pot,Bring me two boxes of Maojian back to honor Daochang Li,Let’s go down after learning all the kung fu!”Lu Menglin shook his head and smiled。
“Troubled times will come,Taoist is going down the mountain!”Fat Dun shook his head and thought。
at dusk,Lantau Island No. 1 Villa Area,Chai and his son sit in a pavilion on the mountainside,Relatively speechless,Was silent for a long time。
“It surprised me that,That kid’s fate is really hard,Even Tuoba Evil can’t restrain him!”Chai Jinxiong was melancholy,Sigh。
Shao Chai dare not talk to me at this moment,Just bowed my head and thought,I knew that Lu Menglin had such a great ability,I shouldn’t provoke him at all。
For Tuoba E,Chai Shao is awe from the heart,I feel terrified even in contact with each other,He can’t imagine,Someone can actually fight that kind of fierce person,And beat it,Personally sent to the police station。
now,In Chai Shao’s heart,The power shown by Lu Menglin,Has far exceeded my psychological endurance,He even feels that this level of enemies is no longer what he can handle。
“what happened to you?Scared?What a waste!Lu Menglin,Just scared you like this!Are you still worthy of being my son of Chai Jinxiong??”Chai Jinxiong scolded angrily。
Chai Shao dare not look up,Dare not refute father,He would rather get screamed,Don’t face people like Lu Menglin。
“You go to Legend Pictures again tomorrow,Give a big gift in the name of the company。”Chai Jinxiong said solemnly。
Chai nodded,I thought you were not afraid,Are you afraid that you want me to give gifts?
“Don’t make them suspicious。and also,You can win that Jiang Qizhi to me,When the time comes,I want to withdraw all my bets。”Chai Jinxiong said viciously。
Chai Shao raised his head,Took a look at father,Wryly smiled:“What time is there?Now everyone is standing on the side of Lu,Unless he walks and gets hit by a car,Mi choked to death during dinner,Otherwise we still have a chance?”
Chai Jinxiong sneered, shaking his head:“idiot,I let you do it, just do it,Don’t ask so much。There are some things I can’t tell you yet,You just wait。and also,Tuoba evil can’t stay,Now we must not let people know that we are related to him,You do one more thing for me!”

Unheard of,It’s terrible!Creepy。

Lu Menglin frowned again,Of course he didn’t know these weird sorceries。
“Jie Jie!This is a dead gray skin head drop technique!It was a gift from my brother A Jianglong,If you kill me,Everyone here will drop their heads and die!”The god Sommeron was bloodstained,Grinning grinningly。
Chapter six hundred and thirty-four The big picture
Suddenly,The whole hall is as quiet as death,Those dignitaries have stiff expressions,Numb eyes,Because they are scared,Extreme fear。
Although the teacher Sommeron failed,But he didn’t fail completely。
His weird methods,For ordinary people,Still a nightmare existence,It’s impossible to prevent。
“how about it?Let me go!kill me,Everyone here is going to die!of course,Next time you won’t have such good luck!I will come back to find you!”Sommeron thinks he has caught the other side’s weakness,Hehe smiled。
For a time,Everyone’s eyes focused on Lu Menglin’s body。
They don’t know if what Sommeron said is true, But they dare not bet!
And they feel,Lu Menglin didn’t dare to bet!If all the rich and powerful here are all dead,I’m afraid Hong Kong Island will be in chaos right away,No one can afford such a big responsibility。

The lady boss heard what Lin Yuna said,For a moment,I thought this eldest lady really deserves to be the eldest lady,She thought everyone would be like her husband,Buy her a wedding dress for $5.21 million without blinking her eyes?

but,Even the boss’s heart slandered Lin Yoona a lot,but,She still patiently explained to Lin Yoona:“Miss Lin,You don’t know,Although people who like this set of angel wings?Really a lot,but,People who have money but are willing to spend so much money on disposable items for their wife,Miss Lin think there will be a lot??”
Lin Yoona smiled awkwardly,Said:“Indeed,I did not consider it properly。”
“Do not,Do not,Do not, It’s because Miss Lin, you have a good husband,Because in my opinion,Mr. Xiao usually,Should also take care of you,otherwise,How could you not know the truth??”The boss said。
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty One Can’t accept
The boss’s voice fell off,Lin Yuner looked at Xiao Fan next to her。
What the boss said is good,Xiao Fan is rich,But also willing to spend money for myself,Such a husband is indeed not easy to find。
For this,Lin Yoona’s heart is very sure。
Wedding dress after all,If there are no accidents in a person’s life,,I guess it should only be worn once,Then the existence of wedding dress is equivalent to disposable chopsticks,After using it once,I can’t find a chance to use it next time。
but,Xiao Fan’s opinion of such a one-time consumer product worth 5.21 million,I didn’t even blink my eyes。
To know,That’s five hundred and twenty ten thousand,Lin Yuner knows,This 5.21 million is for an ordinary family,I’m afraid I’ve never seen so much money in my life.!
Lin Yuna knows,Don’t talk about those who don’t have money,Just say those who have money,How many people are willing,After all, five hundred and two hundred thousand is not a small number,If the profit is not too high for the business,It is estimated to be a few orders,It can be done!
so,right now,No matter from which way,Xiao Fan really couldn’t find anything wrong with him。
Lin Yuner looked affectionately and involuntarily at Xiao Fan,Then smiled!
Beautiful smile!
and so,When Xiao Fan saw Lin Yoona’s beautiful smile,He laughed too。
The smiles of this handsome couple,In the eyes of the boss,That is even more of an unspeakable envy。
“OK,If you two show affection,I beg you to go back to the show,I’m not hungry,No need for you two to feed me dog food。”The boss said jokingly。

Song Wei and Chen Xin passed,Contact by email,The content of the contact was related to me and Gao Qiang at first。

After Gao Qiang passed away,All related to me。
The high-strength thing is not an accident。
The Liberty Alliance found someone to kill Gao Qiang,Gao Qiang’s law of action is provided by Song Wei!
So Gao Qiang was killed,Song Wei has an unshirkable responsibility!
Meet me after Chen Xin returns,And let me open his safe later,Are all premeditated acts!
He asked me to open the safe,Just to make trouble,Let the Brotherhood focus on me。
Sinister intention!
Third brother’s survey results,Are also similar!
Besides, there is one thing that surprised me。
Lai Yumin is also a member of the Brotherhood,Wang Yu is too!
Both of them are actually members of the Brotherhood,But still lie to me,Fucked my wife!
Chapter One Hundred Seven doubt
Are they all targeting me?
This makes me a little puzzled!

Figured this out,Wang Xiaodong held Chen Geng’s hand and nodded repeatedly:“Thank you,Thank you,Brother,thank you,With your words,I have a bottom in my heart,Know what to do。”

He is really grateful to Chen Geng,If it weren’t for Chen Geng’s explanation,,I still don’t fall into the bottom of my heart。
Jr. Macdonald’s inspection of Xifei,For a whole week,In this week,Little MacDonald’s production of Xifei、Detect、test、A comprehensive understanding of management and other aspects,Chen Geng can’t stay with Little MacDonald in Xifei:What a joke!If you stay in Xifei for a week, I will stay with you for a week,Next, you are facing Chengfei、Shanfei and Shen Fei’s inspection,Do I have to stay with me all the way?
In my capacity as Chen Geng,Did your little Macdonald be?
In fact,The day after Little Macdonald arrived in Chang’an,Chen Geng got up and returned to Beijin:this time,He can finally make time to spend some time with Ding Ruoyan……
If you don’t have such a small oil bottle。
“You are Mr. Fernandez’s girlfriend?”Little Paris·Hilton gazed at Ding Ruoyan,An unhappy expression of being robbed of a lollipop,Loudly:“I tell you,Don’t think you are Mr. Fernandez’s girlfriend now,But I will marry Mr. Fernandez in the future。”
Ding Ruoyan glanced at Chen Geng,She didn’t think that little Paris·What threat does Hilton pose to itself,It’s a funny face:This is what you told me that I must marry you、Paris, the fourth heir of the Paris Hotel·Hilton?
Also,Words from a ten year old girl,In addition to feeling funny and cute,Who takes it seriously?
Chen Geng shrugged helplessly:Except her,Who else?
He is also to Paris·Hilton convinced:Now the yelling little girl knows the whole America,She will marry herself when she is eighteen……I said as if I would marry her。
“is it,Then you have to work hard and grow up quickly,”Ding Ruoyan bent down,Smiling to Paris·Hilton says:“If you grow slowly,Maybe Mr. Fernandez will marry me。”
“Do not!Can’t!”Listen to Ding Ruoyan saying that,Paris·Hilton suddenly got nervous:“Mr. Fernandez will marry me!”
Chen Geng covers his face with his hands:What sin did I do??!

H6Vortex jet8Engine length5.31Meter,diameter1.4Meter,weight3100kg,“tay”MK650The diameter of the engine is1.143Meter,The length is only2.9Meter,Self-respect is1400Multiple kilograms,No matter how you change,The center of gravity of the aircraft has changed dramatically,This job is not easy to do。

“This one,Because of the previous design and modificationH6Iexperience of,We are confident in technology,As for the overall aerodynamic shape,We initially designed three aerodynamic shapes,”Mr. Xu pushed his glasses,Said:“One is to basically keep the current aerodynamic layout unchanged,But instead of installing a single engine in the current wing root engine compartment to install two engines;One is similar to Boeing707Wing crane4Engine;One is similar to the United StatesB52Wing crane engine way of bombing,Two engines as a group,Set a suspension point on each wing。”
Talking,Mr. Xu opened his own folder:“This is the rendering we made,Everyone can take a look。”
PS:Bros,Very very sorry,This chapter was originally intended to be written4000Word,It took too much time to check the information,This chapter only3000Word,Please forgive me brothers。
It feels so exciting to walk on the edge of death
I didn’t know what kind of wind I smoked last night,Write it out,As some classmates said,Is a crazy temptation on the verge of death。
The result of crazy temptation is that the chapter written today is very painful,Deleted,Deleted,I’m afraid to play with myself,Rewrite,Rewrite,As a result, the chapter has not been completed yet,Please forgive me brothers,I made everyone wait for nothing today,Sorry,It’s all for thousands of years。
First749chapter Time shift
Three renderings,An accurate depiction of XifeiH6R&D departmentH6Vision。
The first picture is veryH6,Take a look and cashH6No difference,It’s just that the original position of the engine compartment requires two engines.,As a result, the entire engine compartment extends the position of an engine,Looks like some British people from the front“Vulcan”Bomber feel,The engines are buried deep in the roots of the left and right wings,Only two huge air inlets are left;
Second picture,Looks like Boeing707,Under each wing are two engines suspended by wing cranes,Just compared to Boeing707Lower single wing structure,ThisH6Is an obvious mid-wing;
The third picture,ThisH6The bomber looked almost like AmericaB52Strategic bomberminiVersion,Engine is withB52Bomber-like wing crane、Layout with two engines as a group,But withB52A total of four groups of eight engines have different combinations,ThisH6There are two sets of four engines in total。

Xu Xian in white looked at Fahai, the Buddhist master, drinking and eating meat under his persuasion,Lazily leaning on the chair,Said with a smile。

“correct,How does the master plan to deal with this person behind the scenes?”
Seeing eating meat there in no hurry,Fahai drinking wine,Xu Xian in white asked with a smile,Preventing enlightenment is like killing a parent,He is very curious about how Fahai will act。
“First of all,Shemale love,According to what Doctor Xu said,Let this person and monster get along for a while,If you haven’t awakened yet,The little monk ignored it,Good for good,Retribution,Not not to report,It’s not time,The little monk believes that this person and a demon will receive evil retribution in the future,You don’t need to make too much。”
“As for the people behind the scenes,Want to stop me from practicing,The little monk will devote himself to practicing in this Jinshan Temple,After the cultivation base, the little monk will find the person behind this scene,Send him to reincarnation。”
Fahai said with a smile,With the Fahai voice falling,Endless Buddha light gushes out of Fahai,Rendered the dark night sky,Even within fifty miles of Jinshan Temple,All clearly visible,Under the light of Buddha,Even if Fahai is drinking and eating meat,Every move,Are full of flavor,Some subtle black aura also vanished under the Buddha light。
“A word,I don’t know if you should speak。”
Xu Xian in white looked at after ten breaths,Fahai, which has converged the Buddha’s light, is no different from before,but,But it made him feel a sense of threat,Knowing that this is Fahai’s demon dissipating,Mood enhancement,Performance of great advancement,Asked with a smile。
“Dr. Xu said it’s okay。”
Fahai only feels that he has changed at this moment,Become back to basics,Or the Buddha’s heart is thorough,After hearing the words of Xu Xian in white,,Said with a smile,Like a living bodhisattva,Even a normal smile,Will make people feel as if the whole mind is relaxed。
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Three Sophistry
Xu Xian in white looks at Fahai in front of him, every move is the charm,Don’t care,Said with a smile。
“Grandmaster,Ever thought of marrying a wife and having children?”

The two princes still have something to say,That is, the profit gained here is too exaggerated,The family will definitely not give up easily。

After all, after eating crab,You let them change back to eating vegetables,They may not be willing!
Liu Xing sighed,“Actually, I don’t have much contact with Cen Wen。I knew he had a high IQ,Even in planning, it can be called those ancient famous generals.。”
In fact, Liu Xing still doesn’t know enough about Cen Wen,After all, Liu Xing also joined Qin Feng’s team during the Golden Triangle battle.,So I don’t have much contact with Cen Wen。I don’t even have a chance to talk alone。
At most I know that some of the battle plans at that time were made by Cen Wen,others,Just stay on the surface understanding。
So now Chen Chong and two of them asked him to say something, so he couldn’t say it clearly.。
When the three of them were talking,The door of the room was knocked。
All three
Froze for a while,Chen Chong responded faster,“Come in!”。
Then there was a small soldier who came in,And this little soldier is not from the Fengmeng team,Can only be regarded as one of Cen Wen’s members。
But the three of them don’t know why the soldier came here,So he asked with doubts,“what happened?”
“Commander Cen Wen said,He won’t be back here temporarily,So you want to continue to operate!But this matter needs to be discussed after he returns。”
Finished,This soldier is gone。
And Chen Chong,Is stunned in place。
Because they don’t know what to say,of course,They believed this little soldier,After all, the news that Cen Wen escaped,Not many people can know。Even if it wasn’t for Qin Feng to deliver the news,,The two sons of Chen Chong are still unknown,so,If a soldier in a barracks can receive this news, unless it is contacted by Cenwen,Otherwise, the other party will never know。
In other words,What the soldier said may really be helping Cen Wen to pass on the content。
“Can he believe what he said?”Song Di Xu asked。