Jin Zhenghui kept looking at Lu Menglin,I found that guy was really manipulating with only one hand,Push the joystick first,Then press the player with the same hand。

“Damn it!Ignore him,I can’t miss it!”Jin Zhenghui shook his head,Get rid of distractions,I chose my strongest camp again。
He still chose Iori、Kagura Chizuru and Chen Guohan。
At this moment,Lu Menglin also selected the characters with one hand,Iori、Robert and Nikaidou Red Maru。
First battle,Kim Jong-hui did not send a powerful Iori,Instead, he directly cast out Chen Guohan, the natal hero。
Because in his opinion,This kind of battle is meaningless,Even if I win, I don’t have any sense of accomplishment,Let’s end the battle as soon as possible!
Countdown starts,Chen Guohan brandishing a sledgehammer,The Eight Gods that rushed towards Lu Menglin。
This moment,All the members of Team Menglin couldn’t help holding their breath。
They know that Lu Menglin is very strong,But I can’t believe it,Lu Menglin can play against the world’s top professional players with one hand。
Kim Jong-hui’s Chen Guohan moves quickly,But that is relative to other people。
The agility of the role of Iori is naturally higher than that of Chen Guohan,Just under Lu Menglin’s one-handed play,How fast can it be??
Everyone saw two characters quickly approaching,then,Chen Guohan’s huge body suddenly leans forward,I was grabbed by Iori’s crumbs,Just like a big stupid bull held by a little shepherd boy,Was easily pulled into his arms。
Followed by,A dazzling series of attack instructions appeared。
Connect two light hands,Make a heavy uppercut,And then take the sunflower three combos。
Almost everyone hasn’t understood what happened,Chen Guohan has fallen to the ground,Lost nearly half of his blood。
“what?”Most of the players in the room craned their necks uncontrollably,Eyes wide open,Like a flock of big geese waiting to be fed,That look is extremely funny。
Kim Jong-hui is also dumbfounded,His first reaction was not to think about how to fight back,But turned to see Lu Menglin,See if he uses one hand or both hands to complete the action just now。

They estimate that they will never interact with Lai Yumin again,Who can be assured of such a,So-called friends by my side?

Not only want your money,Still thinking about your wife……
Mr. Wang is talking,After playing golf, I returned to the clubhouse,Our lawyer is here,Signed a cooperation agreement!
There are express provisions in the agreement,I worked for Huanglong Ceramics for a day,As long as there are no major problems,Tianlong decoration will put Huanglong ceramics,Provided as main material!
Immediately Huanglong Ceramics provided a large number of samples,Placed in the headquarters of Tianlong Decoration and stores of various design companies。
this matter,I made it!
When I was having dinner with Mr. Wang,Tianlong Decoration got a big order。
Huanglong Ceramics is about to prepare ceramic products worth 100 million!
A good start!
I returned to Huanglong Ceramics Headquarters,Gao Qiang called me。
“Hey i go,Brother Hui, you’re so awesome!”
Gao Qiang yelled very exaggeratedly:“I got the cooperation so fast,I got such a big order,You are my idol!”
“When did the money arrive,It’s never too late for you!”
I interrupted the chatter below him:“If it’s just this,You can call me,I will prepare various samples soon,Also solve some production problems!”
Gao Qiang asked me immediately,Did you see Ge Yumin today?。
I wonder how he knows this,Did he install a camera on me?
Gao Qiang listen to me,Suddenly laughed。
“I hope to have that kind of technology,Unfortunately does not exist。”
I asked Gao Qiang what is going on,Talk less nonsense。
“Lai Yumin, the grandson is not a good man and a believer,He can do anything!”