“According to the technology import contract signed by our country with the French,We introduced‘dolphin’Helicopter and‘Ahye’1cengine,For own use only,Cannot be exported to Europe。”

“What am I supposed to do,”Chen Geng smiled,He happily agreed:“Don’t worry about this,Of course we cannot break the contract。”
Really that simple?
Seeing Chen Geng promised so happy,Guo Rui couldn’t help but doubt:Does this guy have any other calculations in his heart??
How could the cautious thinking in Guo Rui’s heart be hidden from Chen Geng?Not to mention that it’s clearly written on his face,I’m almost telling it,Funny in my heart,Chen Geng also explained,Let him be completely at ease:“Since it is stipulated in the contract,We will definitely implement the contract seriously……Even if we broke the contract and sold these aircraft to Europe,Do you think in the European home base,We can win the lawsuit?”
“This……It’s also。”Guo Rui nodded,Be recognized。
“But can’t sell to Europe,I can sell to North America、Sell to South America、Sell it to Africa,It really doesn’t work Southeast Asia,So many places on earth……It’s hard to be the introduction contract signed at the beginning,Stipulated‘dolphin’Helicopter and‘Ahye’1cThe engine can only be used in China?”
“Not that,”Guo Rui said:“French are still very arrogant,They only said that they cannot buy in Europe,The contract does not restrict us from selling the aircraft to other regions before Europe。”
“I guess so。”Chen Geng nodded。
Talking about technologies in the field of helicopters and turboshaft engines,The gap between Europeans and Americans is still close,In the U.S,There are two helicopter giants Bell and Sikorsky,There is no place for Eurocopter companies,As for South America,That is the traditional back garden of Americans,So there is only one Africa left。
ps:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
“Not that,”Guo Rui said:“French are still very arrogant,They only said that they cannot buy in Europe,The contract does not restrict us from selling the aircraft to other regions before Europe。”“I guess so。”Chen Geng nodded。
Talking about technologies in the field of helicopters and turboshaft engines,The gap between Europeans and Americans is still close,In the U.S,There are two helicopter giants Bell and Sikorsky,There is no place for Eurocopter companies,As for South America,That is the traditional back garden of Americans,So there is only one Africa left。

Qin Yan looked up at Long Qianyuan,A look of disgust and hatred,But helpless。

After Long Qianyuan saw Qin Yan calm down a little,,Patted her face,Then walked to the side of Jiang Yu。
He raised the crossbow again.Pointing at Jiang Yu and said to Qin Feng,“Still you have to choose this?This woman looks pretty。”
“But people are too simple,I was caught by my subordinates,Qin Feng likes such a simple woman?”Long Qianyuan is still in the mood to ask Qin Feng。
Jiang Yu naturally stared at Long Qianyuan fiercely,Still cursing Long Qianyuan in his mouth,Although Long Qianyuan and the others don’t understand。
Then Long Qianyuan went to Jiang Yan and used a crossbow.Point the bow at Jiang Yan’s head,Said to Qin Feng,“Maybe this is more to your appetite,Can grow,It’s also amazing!I heard that she has made any special medicine,Related to your body?”
“I’m afraid you two are the best partners,But you can’t be together until Huangquan Road。”
After speaking, Long Qianyuan left the three of them and walked to Qin Feng’s front,Looked at Qin Feng and said,“Why did I finish the introduction,Have you made a decision?Which one to choose to survive?”
Qin Feng looked at Long Qianyuan expressionlessly after he had done this series of actions, directed and acted by himself.,No response at all,Just looking at Long Qianyuan coldly,Impatience in the eyes,But it’s getting more and more obvious。
“You don’t play these tricks for me。Don’t you want my genes??how?Lao Tzu, my body is so attractive to you,Let you chase me for so many years?”
“But I look down on you,How do you bounce,It’s just a jumping clown。I thought I was so great,Self-directed and performed these boring tricks。”
Qin Feng looked at Long Qianyuan standing in front of him and said coldly。
He really doesn’t want to play with this person anymore,So he said to Long Qianyuan,“Do any tricks?,I’m standing here,Let you see what true power is。”
“you!You can’t give up until the Yellow River,I will let you try,The taste of being beaten into a sieve。”Long Qianyuan said angrily。He just fell off,Everyone on the top of the mountain took out the crossbow at their waist.bow,Aiming at Qin Feng。
After Qin Feng watched it,Just said with a soft smile,“Ah,Just these crossbows.bow,You are so embarrassed to take it out。I feel ashamed for you。”
Long Qianyuan was once again annoyed by Qin Feng’s arrogant appearance,So he didn’t care about what games to play with Qin Feng,Yelled an order to his hand,“All for me to this person
,Kill him。”

I also took those pictures with my phone,At the same time, a small video of the man, the beauties and the police were filmed,Explain the matter on Weibo!

This is to prevent similar things from happening in the future,Used by someone to make my scandal!
Netizens have said that people now have no bottom line at all,You can use any means in order to be rich and famous!
Some people recognize those women as peripheral,No one is a good bird!
What they are doing for this is not yet certain,But it must be,Have a certain purpose。
The identity of that man will be revealed soon,Is a so-called art photographer who specializes in photographing women without clothes,In fact, it’s an art under the guise of,Trash that specializes in male theft and female prostitution!
There are many girls,Are all deceived and threatened with photos by him!
I asked the victims to provide evidence for my private message,I will help them get a lawyer。
Less than half an hour,I received a lot of very definite evidence。
At this time we have arrived at the nearby police station,The photographer and the outsiders want to leave,But was stopped by the police!
They also saw various reports on Weibo,I want to see if I can really get evidence。
As long as I get the evidence,This photographer don’t want to leave so easily!
The photographer actually knows a lot of people,Since the media came to the police station,Want to make trouble!
Tens of millions of Lao Tzu fans are still afraid of you rubbish!
I started the live broadcast immediately,Completely photographed the arrogant and ugly faces of these people!
But i didn’t speak,Just quietly shoot!

“This is Fan Wuming, the military attache of the embassy,Get in the car!I will take you to the airport。”This military attache surnamed Fan waved his hand,Speak loudly。

Lu Menglin and the others haven’t responded yet,Lucas is anxious。
He brought so many people to stop Menglin Team,As a result, he was born by a guy who claimed to be a military attache of the Chinese Embassy,Take people away?How can this be?Don’t hell angels want face??
“and many more!They can’t go yet!”Lucas stared and shouted。
Fan Wuming turned around,As if I only saw the black men in front of me now,Smiled faintly:“Do you want to restrict the personal freedom of Chinese citizens??”
Lu Menglin made up his sword behind his back:“He just said he would take us away,To sell human organs。”
“Ha ha,Give him the courage to try!”Fan Wuming smiled。
Lucas also laughed twice,I looked around the brothers,I couldn’t help but feel a little bold。
“I don’t care what brand your car is on,It doesn’t matter if you are real or fake,You want to take people away from our hell angels,Absolutely impossible!”Lucas raised his arm,Said proudly
He joined Hell Angels from the age of seventeen,Nineteen years,I finally got to where I am today,Take charge of the organization’s casino business in Las Vegas,It’s not just scheming。
The critical moment,Lucas has the guts,Dare to challenge anyone!
“We are hell angels!Even the police are not afraid!Are you going to reason with us?”Lucas laughed。

Jin Soyan and Su Xuehen looked at each other,Both of them were surprised。

Kim So Yeon stepped forward,Chuckle:“Forget it!This kid has the same surname as me,Let him go。”
Lu Menglin shook his head,Impatiently:“I didn’t mean him,You two hide in the store first,Too gray。”
Kim So Yeon was slightly taken aback,Immediately alert,Holding Su Xuehen’s hand,Not say a word,Walked towards the cafe door。
“Kids,You too,Don’t stand here stupidly。”Lu Menglin looked at the dumb blond youth in front of him,Said indifferently。
The voice has not fallen,I only heard the roar of a helicopter in the air。
Three Cobra gunships appeared above the road ahead。
quickly,A large number of heavily armed troops appeared on the road,There are hundreds of people,And there are many mutants with strong breath。
The most exaggerated is on the other side of the street,There are also several latest Tiger tanks.,The thick barrel points in the direction where Lu Menglin is.,Show great force。
At once,The crowd on the whole street panicked,Where have these ordinary people seen such an exaggerated posture?,Looking for cover,Or just hid in the house。
Jin Zhirui, the blond young man, was dumbfounded,Such an exaggerated battle,Is it for this friend in front of me??
Damn it!Who is he?!To deal with him alone,To put on such a big scene,It’s ridiculous that I was arrogant in front of such a person just now,Still want to fuck him?It’s like the old birthday star hangs,Too long!
Jin Zhirui said nothing,Rushed into the cafe without looking back。
After all, this is a bustling neighborhood,Even if those troops are crazy,It is impossible to actively attack civil buildings,Those planes and tanks are mostly just shock,Just put on a non-stop posture。
But he dare not stay with that person,Stop talking about cannon,Even if it’s the airborne Vulcan cannon on a helicopter, it’s a shuttle,He can’t bear it。
Helicopter hovering all the way,The distance is getting closer,The tank at the end of the street rumbling all the way,Don’t care about the cars on the street,Run over directly。
And those soldiers including powerful mutants,Also surrounded them,Enclose Lu Menglin in it。
“Mr. Lu Menglin,Because you are suspected of entering the country illegally,Now i announce,Arrest you according to law。”From the tweeter of one of the helicopters there was a strong and powerful voice.。
Facing the aircraft cannon,Surrounded by hundreds of heavily armed soldiers,Somebody is still,Only the clothes are blown away by the wind。

This girl,Mu Yi is clear,Really don’t have much money。Although I made a lot of money as an anchor,But basically every month I transfer home,Leave only your basic living expenses,And some snacks、Clothes money,Is a filial girl。

See this,Can’t help but say to Huazi:“Wah Tsai,You can start with 40,000。This thing,In the hands of Brother Muyi,Going out to trouble。”
Hua Zi never asks more about Populus,Just follow the instructions,Brother Hu won’t cheat him anyway。
“Brother Muyi,what do you think?”
Mu Yi nodded:“If so,Just the best。”
“Row,Give me the stamp。”Hua Zi followed Brother Hu,There are more players you can reach,It is naturally easier to meet people who collect stamps。
and so,He doesn’t worry about stamps falling into his hands。
Another man,A little smile,Also speak:“I also have two,Want?”
Just right,40,000 yuan can be won on a sunny day。In this way,There are nine in a sunny day,It’s easier to make a necklace。I don’t care about money even on sunny days,Forty thousand just got,Haven’t covered the heat yet,Just hand it over。
She never thought of using it herself,But plan to fix it,For my mother。
Although the golden pearl looks noble,But it doesn’t match her young woman’s temperament,It’s best worn by a lady,She personally prefers the color of platinum。
See them handle these,Hu Yang plans to take everyone to eat first,Then go find the owner of the frame。At this moment,Someone contacted them,Said it was interviewed by TV news。
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Five bid farewell
TV station,It doesn’t hurt to see it,It’s not the first time I have dealt with people from a TV station.,When in Fujian,Or CCTV!
Who came to interview,Just a car,three people,One in charge of shooting,Interview with a woman,The third place is errands。
Everyone is not wordy,Cut directly into the topic。Actually,Not many problems,Mainly to verify the content,Ask about the situation。
Hu Yang is not stage fright at all under the camera,Speak generously,Surprised the female reporter。
“Have you eaten yet?Do you want to be together?”Hu Yang asked。

Lu Xin’s eyes fell on Zhou Chengyu,He looked at Yang Liu with admiration and pity in his eyes,In addition to the conditions,Actually a very nice person。

Duan Xiuying’s eyes are also on the photo,Said very confidently:“Xinxin,I can’t read it wrong,This man absolutely loves Lu Yao,Have been secretly in love with her。If you are afraid Shao Huo forgive her,We just put some weight on him,Just let the secret love become the bright love。”
Whether or not Yangliu is in two boats,There is this man,No becomes yes!
Duan Xiuying brought the work from work to life,Plot one after another,Lu Xin feels ashamed。
The only drawback is waiting,When their feelings are inseparable,To implement the plan,In case they break through the last line of defense,Home run,Don’t you just make up for it??
Such a disgusting relationship,Hope it won’t happen!
Yang Liu didn’t realize that the big net of conspiracy had begun to her,Still in high-profile love with Huo Yunhe,Sprinkle dog food from time to time,Have a good time。
One day,Huo Yunhe received a call from the boss,Said brothers are going to get together,He doesn’t want to go,How beautiful to be with my girlfriend that time,What can a bunch of big men have to talk about!
“Yunhe,I’m not talking about you,Why don’t you bring a girlfriend to show your brothers??If there is some misunderstanding,How embarrassing。”
Chapter One Hundred Send talks
The boss is so obvious,It reminded him of his sister-in-law and his fifth wife He Huandong,Brother is right,This kind of embarrassment can only be performed once,He doesn’t want his girlfriend to be chased by his brother,At the end everyone is embarrassed to meet。
Ring the bell to let Yangliu bring in a cup of coffee。
Although Yangliu’s fearless worldly vision,But it’s a girl after all,Not so cheeky,The meaningful gazes of colleagues kept on her,I really can’t stand it。
I really don’t blame my colleagues for gossiping,But every time she brings coffee in,Can’t get out in a short time,When coming out,All with brows and eyes,Slightly messy hair,A discerning person knows what happened at a glance。
Self-send talks,Isn’t he allowed to explore?They dare not joke with the boss,I only dare to tease myself,Made her very embarrassed,Dare not attack yet。
This is not,When the intercom phone rings,Everyone’s eyes fell on her in unison,The smile on the corner of the mouth is not hidden,Willow eyes, nose, nose, heart,Walking into the general manager’s office holding coffee without squinting。
Wave the sleeves,Not take away a cloud,The door is closed,Two separated worlds。

“No problem?How sure?”

“Seventy percent sure。”Meng Haibo’s confident way。
Heard what Meng Haibo said,Chen Geng was surprised:“70% sure?So optimistic?”
“Boss, you spent so much money on our engine branch over the years,Since Dacheng Hair Factory was merged into COMAC,The branch company has never worried about funding,Old and young men now have meat all over,The children’s faces are red,Stout like a little calf,”Meng Haibo straightened up,Confident way:“No worries about funding、Worry about life,With such a good treatment,Everyone spontaneously、Voluntary overtime work overtime,Want to finish as soon as possiblemk650Fully localized engine,Not to mention Rolls·Royce’s experts teach hand-in-hand……”
Speaking of which,Meng Haibo took a deep breath,Said:“The group has provided us with such good conditions,If we don’t even dare to assure you,Let’s just hit and die。”
Huang Wenqing followed and nodded again and again。
He thought so in his heart,Now look at the entire military industry system across the country、State-owned enterprise system,Can guarantee R&D funding like COMAC、Make sure everyone is full、You and your family don’t have to go hungry,Can’t be described as rare,It can be said that there is no second one besides COMAC。
See the treatment of COMAC,I don’t know how many units there are in the country、How many peers are jealous like rabbits,Before the preparation of COMAC,The company mobilizes everyone to mobilize their own relationships to write letters to colleagues in the industry they know,I hope everyone can be transferred to COMAC,At that time, the big guys were ridiculed by industry peers,it’s good now,Everyone desperately wants to squeeze in……
How can there be so many good things for you?
“It’s fine if you have confidence,”Chen Geng is not in a hurry,He nodded:“But don’t worry,Step by step、It’s good to keep each one steady……Ok,You don’t have to think about work today,Your job is to eat and drink well,Don’t care about anything else。”
Speaking of which,Chen Geng is ready to get up,But before he stands up,Meng Haibo’s words made Chen Geng swallow the words of leaving.……
“boss,mk650The localization of the engine has entered formal,The project team can’t use so many people,I discussed with Lao Huang,Ready to reopen a project。”

If this is something someone else said,Macomb·Hughes will scold unceremoniously“Arrogant!”,But these words are from Fernandez·From Chen’s mouth,He dare not take it seriously,It’s really proved by countless examples in the past,This guy has a talent that is different from other people,Always able to make the impossible possible,and so,Not favored by everyoneMD-12project,Is it another chance for him to use his golden finger??

And the response of the investment industry,Seems to confirm this,Originally not favored by anyoneMD-12aircraft,Now suddenly there is a tendency to become sweet and delicious。
But Macomb·Hughes is an excellent professional manager after all,He adjusted his mood quickly,Shen Sheng asked Chen Geng:“Mr. Fernandez,How much do you plan to invest?”
It is said that this kind of thing is confidential,Macomb·Hughes can’t ask,But he can’t help it,The most important is Macomb·Hughes has an instinct,He believes Chen Geng will tell him。
Chen Geng did not hide Macomb·What Hughes means,He said happily:“investment5100 million,Also provide McDonnell Douglas5RMB 100 million convertible loan line。”
This is10Hundred million,Accounted for one-quarter to one-fifth of the funds required for the entire project。
Although Chen Geng’s investment quota is small,But if you count his appeal……
Macomb·Hughes seemed to have put down a big rock in his heart,He thought about it,Asked:“When will you be back?Is things going well in Brazil?Is there anything I can help?”
If Chen Geng really needs Lockheed’s help,Macomb·Hughes never mind sending personal love to Chen Geng。
“soon,One more week,”Chen Geng said:“Although not very smooth,But there is no big problem。”
The greed of the Franco government exceeded Chen Geng’s imagination!
A rich man like Chen Geng,No matter which country to visit and visit,It can’t be a whim,The communication between the two parties needs to start at least three months in advance,Half a year is normal,In other words,Actually what to do after going、Agreement to be signed,Actually, I had communicated almost before I went,Chen Geng went to Brazil,In fact, it’s more about signing,Like this time to Brazil,In addition to investing in Embraer with capital and technology、Help Embraer realize as soon as possibleEMB-145Outside of production,There is also a car assembly plant in Brazil,These are all negotiated before。
When President Franco’s appetite is obviously more than this,He wants more。
It’s not a problem to want more,As long as he is willing to change things,Chen Geng doesn’t mind,But Franco wanted more benefits while still digging out,That’s the problem,For example, Chen Geng intends to invest in Brazil’s energy industry,Till now,The Franco government still did not give a clear answer。

“amount,I heard well paid。Even more than genuine pilots。But maybe there are not many job opportunities。Take a look,How many films are telling stories about airplanes this year?Very few.”Yichuan shook his head,Thinking in my heart,This time it’s better to choose,Then as a transition to have a capital,It’s not too late to consider what to do。

“coming,Stop talking!”
There are nearly sixty people sitting in the classroom。Why there are so few,It’s all because the school feels that even Qin Feng’s company cannot recruit many people。Maybe at most ten or so,So there is no need to prepare too much for Qin Feng’s company。And these people,It looks like a crane tail,It’s different from those students who have another way out even if they don’t work in flying after graduation.。
Qin Feng couldn’t help frowning when he walked into the classroom,no way,Because it’s a little different from what he expected。
“Dean,There are only so few people?I forgot to tell you,It doesn’t matter if I recruit a thousand people this time,And all of them are high-paid。”
“A thousand people?”Hear this number,Not to mention the dean,Even the more than 60 people present were stunned。Because from Qin Feng’s words,Is this a legendary big production。
Can hire a thousand people?Even a regular airline,Can’t eat such a huge amount in a year?
“Mr. Qin Feng,Are you kidding?Are you not an entertainment company??So many people?Could it be that,Your company is going to open an airline?”The dean asked instead of other students。
“Ok?This should be considered a company secret。After all, if we didn’t pass the first stage of screening, we wouldn’t want those students.。Although we don’t value academic achievement,But if it’s a problem even flying a plane,Then there is no way for them to enter our company。Besides,Character assessment。So it looks like we have a lot of recruits,And the threshold is low,But it’s not unrequired。”Qin Feng started talking。
“amount,Mr. Qin Feng,if you do not mind,Why don’t you go to some rest with me first
Rest room,We need to contact the school to prepare。After all, I didn’t expect Mr. Qin Feng to come here for large-scale enrollment!”The dean felt that he didn’t know enough about Qin Feng’s company from the beginning。
After all, I also said on the Internet,Just land and buildings are billions,Such a company would be simple?
Qin Feng didn’t care,Was taken to the lounge like this,Then the director said a few words and he slipped away。Because he wants to prepare a large interview field。
of course,Qin Feng had already agreed before he left,Those who have been booked by the airline should not bring them here。It’s best to pull people from back to front according to their grades.。
After all, Qin Feng didn’t want to cause chaos to some order because of his personal relationship.。
of course,There is one more thing that Qin Feng cannot say at this time。He just wanted to get a group of people to deal with the poisonous generals。
As for why you are a student of Aviation University?Because many of these people are actually angry and youthful,Plus,The death rate of the air force is actually not high。