Just when Jiang Tao felt sorry for himself here,But not expecting,Chen Geng suddenly changed the topic,Smiling at Jiang Tao:“Talking about this,I suddenly remembered something……Deputy Director Jiang,I heard that the cooperation between you Shangfei and McDonnell Douglas is now having a little trouble?”

“Uh……This one……”
I heard Chen Geng mentioned this abruptly,Jiang Tao was suddenly a little embarrassed,But he dare not refute、Say there is no such thing,Had to hesitate:“No contract now,The two sides still have some disagreements on some minor details,But not a big problem,quickly,You can sign a contract in more than a month at most。”
“Will it be more than a month?”Chen Geng smiled and nodded:“if it is like this,I can do you a favor。”
Jiang Tao raised his head fiercely,Surprised and happy、At the same time looking at Chen Geng hesitantly。
Chen Geng said with a smile:“Since the big frame is no problem,Don’t care too much about these small details,We can use this opportunity to urge McDonnell。”
Heard Chen Geng’s words,Jiang Tao is really surprised and happy!
Like what Chen Geng said,Now the contract between SAIC and McDonnell Douglas is almost the same,But McDonnell Douglas negotiators don’t know what’s going on.、What are the considerations?,It’s there to grab some small details、Entangled in irrelevant places,Resulting in the delay in signing the contract,It would be great if Chen Geng could stand up and help the demons at this time.,just……
Jiang Tao who feels that he has vaguely understood Chen Geng’s meaning,I can’t believe it:“Mr. Chen,You mean……what do you mean……”
“Ok,”Surprised and happy to meet Jiang Tao、At the same time I can’t believe my eyes,Chen Geng smiled and nodded:“Yes,Is what you think。”
Pie in the sky!
Although Chen Geng made it clear that their COMACF100The project cannot be settled in the magic city,But if you can take this opportunity“Urge”Damn american,That’s not a bad thing。Jiang Tao excitedly held Chen Geng’s hand and shook it vigorously:“This is really……This is really……Mr. Chen,Thank you,You helped our magic capital……”
Even if the contract was signed a month earlier,That’s a great thing, isn’t it?
“Don’t rush to thank me,”Chen Geng’s fox tail finally leaked out:“I have a small favor here,Also ask our magic to help me……”

This kind of walking is led by the nose like a doll,It’s better to have a good fight。

“soon!”Xia Chenglong answered。
“They should have killed those guys, right?,If you hurry up, maybe you can catch up!”What did Aquan think of。
Xia Chenglong didn’t answer this time,I really don’t know how to explain。
By time,If everything goes well, they will indeed catch up,Or maybe someone will show up behind them before Yizhuxiang,But no one at the moment。
No one is nothing。
They have encountered new difficulties more or less,Can not support,The rest is still the lives of the two of them。
Xia Chenglong didn’t know,Where they are now has a name,of course,Originally there is no name,Named because someone came。
“Zhonghu Peak!”
literal meaning,There is a lake not far away,The lake is like an upside-down clock,There are six slender and high peaks around Zhonghu,So it is called Zhonghu Peak。
Their position at the moment has not reached Zhonghu,It’s just under the south peak,People walking in this mountain stream,Looks too small,Especially two people。
So the peak inserted into the cloud still lives in its own way,The various spirit beasts living on the peak also fly around as usual。
The occasional cry echoes in the mountain stream,So as to realize the desolation and remoteness here。
“I think Bincheng will definitely dominate the North Sea in the future,Then I will be respected,And then you can marry a wife,Do not,Two rooms,Three bedrooms!”
Aquan confided in the back,This can greatly reduce the inner fear。
Xia Chenglong said nothing,His attention is on the surrounding environment,Because this deadlock hasn’t been solved yet,The sense of danger still exists。
Or not a sense of danger,But dangerous。
“Aquan,somebody is coming!”

I asked Zheng Ziling for no reason what he thought was inexplicable.。

“Do you believe?”
Didn’t answer Xiangyang right away,Zheng Ziling asked back。
There have been several conversations like this,Zheng Ziling is also used to this,So it’s not like the first time,I have to think about the answer for a while,Say every word carefully。
“Of course I don’t believe it!”
Xiangyang tell the truth,It’s just that I met Ling Yun when I first came to Wanghai,And Xiao Xiaoxiao and Zhu Shiyao were assigned to a dormitory,Things that can’t be explained,Xiang Yang didn’t know what kind of explanation to give himself。
“I don’t believe!”
Watching Xiangyang talking,Zheng Ziling can feel that the girl in front of him didn’t lie to herself,So I also gave my own answer。
“Why don’t you believe?”
Xiang Yang looked at Zheng Ziling curiously,Follow the previous and current plot development trend,Obviously it should be said,To start the topic around the mystery of fate。
But Zheng Ziling’s answer immediately,Let Xiangyang understand,This guy really doesn’t believe in fate。
“Fang Xincheng helped me arrange for someone to review at the door of your bedroom,As long as you come out,Notify me immediately;I rented this bus for 800 yuan a day,Uncle and aunt in the car,Can be regarded as extras,Act with me,Squeeze you to my side,100 yuan per person,So compared to fate,I think money is more reliable!”
Zheng Ziling sighed,After telling Xiangyang this secret,He himself was relieved。
“Why confess today?”
Xiang Yang looked at Zheng Ziling curiously,His eyes seriously suspect that this guy’s living expenses have been squandered。
“It’s not what you think!I just don’t want to lie to you!”
Pushed Xiangyang,Her careful thinking is not hard to guess。
“You know i have a car,It’s just that you said driving was too arrogant when you were in college,So I won’t open it。”

Bai Lu holds the jade pendant in her hand,Can be sent by a man named Uncle Xiangchen,Nature is priceless,But I just accepted it,Does it seem frivolous?I want to give the jade pendant in my hand to Xiangyang,But feel a little wrong,Bai Lu was caught in a dilemma for a while。

“I told you already,I found this jade pendant to give to Xiang Chen’s wife!This kid is so indifferent,It’s not easy to have a woman willing to follow him,Wait until Grandpa Seven finds another good piece,Leave it to you!”
Xiong Yu looked at Xiangyang,Full of petting face。
Cai Kunpeng looked like a few people enjoying family happiness,Don’t know how to evaluate。I really want to find my face,But my face is not worth 100 million?
The same conspiracy,But now the person in a dilemma is Cai Kunpeng。
“Opposite kid,When you hurry uphaocha100.between,I only have half an hour,Halfway through now!”
Xiong Yu looked at Cai Kunpeng,Said impatiently。
Cai Kunpeng laughed dumbly,Only half an hour,But looking at the gold on the table,It seems that the mission of this little old man is complete。
“I’m afraid it won’t be that long for you!”
When Cai Kunpeng didn’t know what to do,Another voice rang outside the door。
Everyone followed the voice and looked over,But the person who appeared this time,Not many people know。
It’s just the person who looks like the son standing in front of the head,Don’t talk about looks,Just stand there,So many of the girls present fell for him。
“I thought you still maintained the original speed!I didn’t expect the speed to be so fast now!”
Xiong Yu laughed,Turned to look at the gate,Sarcasm appeared on his face。

“You are Lu Menglin?”Liu Guofeng’s rough voice。

“I am Lu Menglin!”Lu Menglin smiled。
Liu Guofeng’s bull’s eyes stared at Lu Menglin,Full of momentum,Murderous,Let other people can’t help but squeeze a sweat for Lu Menglin。
“I heard that you used to be the chief instructor of the Iron Lion army,Grant the rank of major general?”Liu Guofeng shouted and asked。
Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Tao:“That’s all the same。”
“No one in the army,Make Zhuzi famous!”Liu Guofeng shouted proudly。
Heard this comment,Lu Menglin was slightly taken aback,Unexpectedly, this big guy seems quite literate!The summary is very deep!
“Before leaving,Chief Li gave me a special order to die,Let us fully cooperate with you,Must protect your personal safety。Don’t worry,We will resolutely carry out the task。but,After this mission is over,I want to challenge you!Please prove it to us,Why can you be a major general?”Liu Guofeng said proudly。
“Challenge me?Ha ha!Did you make a mistake?I quit my job a long time ago!”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
Liu Guofeng’s eyes stared,Anger:“resignation?Why can you quit your military post,And no one has held it?”
“what!Probably because I am richer!I told them just now,My ability is to be rich!”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
Hearing this is obviously a perfunctory answer,Liu Guofeng’s fists were squeezed tightly,Glared at Lu Menglin,Looks like it can kill。
“What is Li Qingsong doing??Why did you send such a silly boss here??Or tell him,Change this one!”Lu Menglin turned his head and said to General Will。
General Will was shocked,Hurried forward,Angry at Liu Guofeng:“Captain Liu,Please pay attention to your words and deeds!You represent the Chinese military,Mr. Lu is an important person invited by our joint team,If you still have this attitude,I think it is necessary for General Li Qingsong to change to lead the team。”
“Report to General Will,I know!I will be during the mission,Fully protect Lu Menglin!”Liu Guofeng is straight,Shouted loudly。
“Forget it,Just him!This kind of silly big guy is best for cannon fodder!I will keep him in front。”Lu Menglin yawned,Said with a smile。
“you!”Liu Guofeng furiously said。
“You what you?It’s you who don’t know the situation?It’s like two to five or eighty thousand!Do you think you are great??Then I tell you,If you just need a power bodyguard,That golden retriever over there,Don’t look at him stubbornly,People will not lose to you if they burst out!”
“And that little girl,Her ability is to predict danger,You can know the strength of the enemy at a glance,So that we can make full use of,The principle of running if you can’t beat,More useful than you?”

“Then you tell me quietly,How long does it take?”

“This is a secret!Secret!Even the boss,Can’t say!”
One thousand three hundred and thirty-six chapters Surprise
The space channel to Shenmin Continent was finally opened,Under the hard prayer of Huang Shaotian priest,Plus a core of the ghost giant as a sacrifice,The bright dragon god who has never been generous,Finally showed its benevolent side,Let these long-lost wanderers finally get the possibility to go home。
“Fortunately!”Huang Shaotian said confidently。
Before she entered this plane,Just a small third-level priest,Can actually complete such a difficult sacrifice event,Successfully ignited the spatial coordinates,So that the glory of the bright dragon god can shine on this new plane,This has to be said to be an almost miraculous occurrence。
And because Huang Shaotian completed this sacrifice,Awarded by the Bright Dragon God,Direct and successful promotion,Became a second-level priest,The spirit in the body is much richer than before。
Mi Xiaochong looks more excited than her,Because of Huang Shaotian’s success,Explain that I have a good vision!The girl who is struggling to pursue,Achieved quite impressive achievements,Became a second-level priest at a young age,This is in the temple system of the entire Shenmin continent,Are extremely rare。
of course,This is mainly because the sacrifices hosted by Huang Shaotian,The most high-end offerings are used,God’s grace,The level of priests will naturally increase quickly。
“Brother Wuhao,Space channel has been opened!Let’s go in!”Huang Shaotian said excitedly。
Lu Menglin nodded,The first big step into the space channel。
With a light curtain shaking,Layers of halo,A figure passes through the light curtain,Standing in the Guangming Dragon Temple。
Followed by,One after another,Through the light curtain,Appeared in the hall。
The priests and temple guards who guard the temple appear calm,Didn’t show any surprised expression。
Because like this kind of god people who return through the plane channel,Every day,And there are still a lot of。
Able to enter the plane channel,Explain that they sacrifice,Has obtained permission from the Bright Dragon God,Under normal circumstances,The priests and guards will not stop,At most just count the number of people,Just count the other party’s family and history。

This kind of thing,Not uncommon on the platform,Especially some male anchors,Specifically with some female anchors,Let some pervert players pay for themselves,After winning,Punish everyone on the opposite female anchor for doing some dirty actions, etc.。

She stopped yelling,Ask my big brother:“Wild wolf brother,I’ll punish the opposite anchor for something?Ssquat?”
Ssquat,Just twist the waist,Squat down,A tempting action。Some players,I like to do this kind of thing for a female anchor with a body。
“Always watchingSsquat,Boring,Lick wheat!”The wolf spoke。
Lick wheat,Just lick the microphone with your tongue,Compared toSSquatting is more suggestive。have to say,Players watching the live broadcast,I have any thoughts。
“The lady opposite,Did you hear that?My brother wants you to lick the wheat……”
Chapter Sixty Eight Exclusive player(Make up)
just,She hasn’t finished,The health bar that was almost invisible on the other side suddenly bounced over,Platform system prompt:Hu Ge presents Lily two goddess treasure chests,Worth 100,000 coins。
She froze for a while,Then screamed crazy:“Wild wolf brother,help!The opposite is listed,Will surpass us soon,Everyone wants to see benefits,All flowers and plants make up!”
Xiaoli here,The managers of the live broadcast room were equally surprised,Then shouted confidently666,What she did。
usually,There are no big players here, Xiaoli,They don’t dare to shout,No confidence!
Because of the treasure chest grabbing coins,The original audience of more than 1,000 in the live broadcast room soared to more than 7,000,Most of them are zombie viewers,useless。
Xiaoli was also blindfolded for a while,The first time I collected such a large gift,Give out 100,000 coins in one go。

Not only Huazi、Boss lady、Old Chen and others surprised,The audience in the live broadcast room is even more staring:has a problem?Isn’t it Korean porcelain??

“That’s not Korean porcelain?”Hua Zi couldn’t help asking everyone’s voice。
Populus euphratica nodded slightly:“Highly imitation products made in our country,It is estimated that the original intention of the porcelain maker,Just pit a few Koreans,and so,Try to find a way to get out later,Don’t follow。”
He told everyone,The glaze color of a very small number of high-quality inlaid celadon in Koryo is green,Most of the fine products are pale sky blue and some crude ones have poor glaze in the late period.,Some rough tools are placed on the sand bed and burned directly,The glaze color of the back fire is better,The glaze on the fire side is poor or extremely poor, but whether it is fine or crude,Its glaze is thicker,Smooth and natural,Soft and pleasing to the eye, some large utensils will also have uneven glaze and glaze accumulation.。
however,The one on stage,The glaze is very uniform,No glaze buildup,This is not right。
“There is a loophole,That’s the traces of white silica。
Just now,I told everyone,Korea’s technology,Leaked from our Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas。
During the burning process,Use white silica stones as anchors,Relatively large nails,After the utensils are fired,Most of them still have traces of white silica on the bottom feet。”Hu Yang went on to explain。
That kind of firing,After the utensils are fired,There are sticky sand marks on the feet and the bottom of some utensils,Its sand is relatively coarse,The sand quality is also white, and the fine ring feet are full of glaze.,Some large items or relatively late crude products have more exposed bottoms,The flint red is obvious and the imitations are mostly full of glaze.。
At this moment,Someone can’t help but ask,How can it be said that our domestic fraud?Why can’t they be made by their Koreans??
See this doubt,Hu Yang couldn’t help but shook his head:“It’s not that I look down on them Korea,With their current porcelain firing technology,Gao can’t imitate such porcelain。
Speaking of antique porcelain,The Chinese have always been called second,No one dares to be the first。”
Get!Say so,Everyone in the live broadcast room is happy。feeling,You can’t even fake technology。
Everyone can’t help but think of bronze,I still remember someone told Brother Hu before,Foreigners want to get some high imitations of their own country’s historical relics,All looking for help from China。
It seems,in these aspects,China is indeed too strong。
“Can’t learn home without stealing the teacher,What can we say?”
“normal,Just look at their national flag。Gossip missing four hexagrams,Learn only half。and so,Basically, their presidents can’t end well,Did not learn gossip well,Bad feng shui。”

See Qiao Tianyu’s firm attitude,Michelle had to do it,Hurry up and arrange the vehicle to leave,In the car, Michelle gave Qiao Tianyu a bunch of information,That he asked Raman to investigate。

Qiao Tianyu remembered today“Golden House”Before the negotiation meeting,I once asked Michelle to help him investigate that Raman,And his Russian wife。
Ramanel’s life and deeds are recorded in great detail in those materials,It seems that the KGB is not blowing,I checked a person in such a short time,Really awesome!
Qiao Tianyu quickly browsed the information,Can’t help but stun him,It seems that I have misunderstood Ramanel before,Raman is not as simple as he thought!
no way,Now that the arrow is on the string,Can only have to send,To Hyde Park,I can only act by chance!
Hyde Park,Located in the Westminster Abbey area in central London,Is the most famous park in London,It is also the largest and oldest Royal Park in the UK,Has a history of nearly a thousand years。
one of them“Wellington Arch”,Is a memorial1815The victor of the Battle of Waterloo that determined the fate of Europe、British coach—General Wellington!
Raman chose the meeting address under Wellington Arch in Hyde Park,Qiao Tianyu thinks he must have deep meaning in it。
KGB agents’ driving skills are absolutely superb,Originally half an hour away,Rushed by them all the way through the red light,It only took less than a quarter of an hour,Rushed to the gate of Hyde Park。
It just so happens that today is not the weekend,So there are not many visitors in Hyde Park,Michelle worried about Qiao Tianyu’s safety,Arranged for a group of KGB agents to lie in wait outside the Wellington Gate。
But when Qiao Tianyu and Cui Kai、When Michelle walked towards Wellington Arch,General Wellington was in a daze when he saw an old man standing beside the Wellington Arch and riding a horse.。
“Tianyu,Shall I go over?”Seeing Qiao Tianyu going over,Cui Kai stayed with Qiao Tianyu,Said uneasy,“I just didn’t remove my makeup,Raman should recognize me more。”
“Forget it,I’ll go,Raman is not a fool。”After talking, Qiao Tianyu patted Cui Kai and took his hand,Step forward firmly towards the statue of General Wellington。
“Old man,Hello。”Walk to Ramanel,Qiao Tianyu bowed deeply to Raman respectfully。
“Young man,Do you know his story?”Facing Qiao Tianyu’s bow,Raman said nothing,Keeping eyes fixed on General Wellington in front of him like a daze。

Xiao Fan couldn’t control the anger in his heart,Raised his right hand again,But I haven’t waited for the fist to go down,I heard a strong male voice at the door:“What are you doing?”

Chapter Eighty Seven what happened
Wu Yibo on the ground heard the sound at the door,Yelled immediately:“Brother-in-law,Brother-in-law,Save me!”
And Lin Yuna and Xiao Fan also looked at the office door,A serious face,Guozheng square face***At the door。
If Xiao Fan came to the hospital with the old lady he rescued that day,Will recognize it,This man is the son of the old lady that day——Gu Cangnan。
Gu Cangnan couldn’t believe his eyes,I just have something to find my brother-in-law,I actually saw my brother-in-law being beaten to the ground,And glanced at the blood stains on the ground beside my brother-in-law,I knew he was not only beaten,And he played very well。
Xiao Fan was when Gu Cangnan made a sound,I came to Lin Yoona for the first time。
And when Gu Cangnan saw Wu Yibo’s situation,Rushed to Wu Yibo’s side for the first time。
Gu Cangnan looked at Wu Yibo’s whole face that was almost beaten crooked,Looking at Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan with an angry face,Asked:“Who are you two,Dare to be in the city**Hit someone for no reason?Do you still have King Fa in your eyes??”
Gu Cangnan as the mayor of Yun City,Naturally it often appears on TV,So most entrepreneurs in the cloud market know him,And Lin Yoona is no exception。
When she looked at Gu Cangnan for the first time,I recognized that this person is not someone else,Mayor of Yun City。
The mayor of Yun City saw his subordinates being beaten,Lin Yoona has no way to explain。
Plus what Wu Yibo said just now“Brother-in-law”,Lin Yuna feels hopeless for approval。
A heart sank to the bottom,So when Gu Cangnan asked them something,Lin Yoona didn’t react at all. How should I answer?。
Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yun’er with a lost look,Just say:“Then I have to ask you what good things the brother-in-law did?”