Chen Geng smiled:“300Ten thousand U.S. dollars?you sure?”

Chrysler cars in1987Acquired Lamborghini, which went bankrupt again in 2015,Chrysler spent2500Ten thousand U.S. dollars,This is the price almost ten years later,And it was the ten years with the worst price inflation,Lamborghini,What value3000Ten thousand U.S. dollars?
Although she was a little flustered by Chen Geng’s smile,Ferruccio·Lamborghini still nods:“Yes,I am sure,”Paused,He added another sentence:“I can sell to you at most20%Shares of,And you can’t interfere with the company’s operations and management,Can only pay dividends。”
“Let’s not say whether I will agree,You mean i spent600Million dollars,Except one‘Shareholders of Automobili Lamborghini’Beyond the name,Got nothing else?”Looking at Ferruccio·Lamborghini,Chen Geng sighed and shook his head:“Mr. Lamborghini,I know why investors and banks are reluctant to cooperate with you,Such cooperation conditions,I’m just in your sincerity。”
Ferruccio·Lamborghini’s face is flushed!
Relying on his temperament when he didn’t agree with Ferrari,Ferruccio who was so stunned by Chen Geng·Lamborghini has already flung his sleeves and left:How old are you kid,Dare to make faces with me?!Do you know that I was a cowXwhen,You don’t know where to pee and play in the mud。
but now,He can’t go!
Ferruccio·Lamborghini,Lamborghini Tractor Company,Get a Lamborghini sports car and Enzo·Ferrari playing against,That’s just out of character,But not anymore,Current self,Nothing but Lamborghini in hand,If even Lamborghini loses,Then you really lose even the panties,People who don’t even have underwear,What are the qualifications to play character?
“This one……”Ferruccio·Lamborghini gritted his teeth:“If it is a reasonable suggestion,Of course i will listen……”
Chen Geng interrupted him unceremoniously:“Can this be understood as‘Even if it is a reasonable suggestion,But if you feel unreasonable,You would not consider?’”
“……”Ferruccio·Lamborghini did not speak,It’s a default,That’s what he thought in his heart。
Chen Geng opened his mouth slowly:“200Ten thousand U.S. dollars,20%Shares of……”
“What are you kidding?!”Chen Geng hasn’t finished speaking yet,Ferruccio·Lamborghini is angry:“Lamborghini20%Shares are only worth200Ten thousand U.S. dollars?!I tell you,The brand value of Lamborghini alone is not lower than2One hundred million U.S. dollars……”
“Although I don’t think the brand value of Lamborghini2100 million,but3000Ten thousand dollars should still be worth,”Chen Geng nodded happily,But I haven’t waited for Ferruccio·Lamborghini talking,Chen Geng’s tone changed,I blocked the other party in one sentence:“But now who will give you such a high price?”
Ferruccio·Lamborghini opened his mouth,But it’s speechless:Yes,When you are financially well,Intangible assets can be exchanged for money,But now?……Although it can also be exchanged for money,I want to exchange it for money at the market price,That’s pure dreaming。
“of course,I also understand your mood,200Ten thousand U.S. dollars,I promise2Do not interfere in the company’s operations during the year,”Chen Geng took the initiative to take a step back:“But if Lamborghini is under your leadership,Operating conditions have not been significantly improved in two years……”
Give you two years,Give you200Ten thousand U.S. dollars,If you still mess up the company,It can only show that you are not suitable for managing a company。

Chapter Three Hundred and Five Come out

Qin Feng was still worried about the newspaper organization,But the next moment,Qin Feng received the information sent back from his scouts。
“commander,We found a wounded Eighth General in the forest north of Siam。Maybe to avoid chasing,So I had to enter the forest,Please indicate the next step.”
“Then,Far view?”
Qin Feng doesn’t know what to do。Injured Eight Generals?This kind of thing,Not impossible。After all, Cen Wen just said that Chu Xiao had gone to destroy a military camp.,And this barracks is the stronghold of a certain eighth general。
but,Even Cen Wen’s spies didn’t have time to discover,I was hit by my own stupid scout?Qin Feng feels that there are too many bizarre things in the world,But it shouldn’t be related to him.。
Why does it look like a trap?
It’s hard for Qin Feng to tell why,So just call and tell Cen Wen what we found here。
The latter fell silent after hearing about it,“You wait,I am looking for someone to confirm!”
Yes,Cen Wen really didn’t receive this paper,So when Qin Feng told him he was a little hard to accept。
A few minutes later,Cen Wen called Qin Feng calmly,But the problem is,Qin Feng didn’t see Cen Wen’s watch,“Your situation,Should not be fake news。But it should be noted,Most likely a trap。After all, our Seven Saints are like this,Always like to release bait,Or sacrifice a few people,Then in exchange for a big victory。”
“amount,and then?”Qin Feng asked。
“that is,Need to be guarded!The issue is,This bait is too cruel!One of the eight generals!Even though there are only five warriors facing each other now,But it’s not easy to deal with。But there was a soldier who was seriously injured,It should be much easier to kill it。how about it,Heart touched?”
“amount,If it can be killed, of course it’s good。After all, this is indeed a very good bait。But if you have to pay a considerable price,I think let it go!”Qin Feng shook his head,“not worth it!”
Cen Wen laughed,“Ha ha,That’s true,But I will send someone over。”

“The situation is also very simple,That is to attract the enemy to my side,Then assassinate me,I will hold people。”

Qin Feng wanted to see if this wind could be used,Because of talent,He has never been enough。
Qin Feng is very cool,But he can’t do everything by himself。
If so,How come his boss looks like a little brother。
Feng also hesitated for a while and said:“In a public place,Make people drug you,Or what kind of situation,That’s all ok。”
This is also to create opportunities for people,So-called public,Isn’t it that there are mostly places to eat??
Thought of here,Qin Feng also nodded and said:“it is good,Just do what you said,I get rid of my disguise,Behind you find someone to stare around me,This time even if I don’t take David down,I also want to take down the people around that guy。”
“They want to kill you?”The wind is really unexpected,That guy would have so much guts。
To know,This is in Qin Feng’s territory,If Qin Feng is really anxious,Many things can happen。
Many people think that the law can control many things,But after people are forced to rush,Some things even know that they are breaking the law,Someone will do it。
Qin Feng’s mood is also particularly heavy,After he left first,Then I went to deal with those things on my body。
Since they have prepared routines,Everything is done to be presentable。
Qin Feng returned to Qingshui Village again,He also wants to swagger out for a meal,So that people can know the news。
After returning,Qin Feng also saw the situation in Qingshui Village,He couldn’t help but sigh,This place is different from before。
Many people in Qingshui Village are doing it in full swing,Among them, Huang Junjie’s five-star hotel is the fastest,There is already a prototype now。
It’s just that the hotel can’t be completed,Because at the beginning I just wanted to design a few layers,The current situation is not in the interest of local development,Huang Junjie can only be forced to change,Continue to make dozens of layers。
Otherwise, there will be more traffic in the future,Can’t carry it locally,There must be trouble。
Fortunately, Huang Junjie has always done everything in accordance with the highest standards,The foundation is very solid.,And there are no less pillars。
In this case, it can be expanded,Without wasting time,At least no need to tear down and rebuild。

Although Brother Qian’s words are shameless,But all the students around were completely quiet。

“One!”When Brother Qian counts to one,Took a half step forward cautiously。
“two!”Brother Qian saw that Lu Menglin didn’t move,Two more steps。
“three!”When Brother Qian yelled this voice,,I sprinted to Lu Menglin,Nothing,Punch and hit。
Bang!As a result, Lu Menglin braked statically,Move faster than him,Kicked directly on Brother Qian’s belly,Kick him to the ground。
It’s too weak!Compared with the young Lu Menglin,Brother Qian’s small body is too weak。
Lu Menglin was even ashamed,How did I get bullied by this kind of person?。
Brother Qian is holding his belly,Looking at Lu Menglin with an angry face,He actually knows,Really start,He can’t beat this kid,Only use force to suppress talents have the opportunity。
Lu Menglin was not in a hurry to pursue,Instead, he glanced at Brother Qian with extremely disdainful eyes,Shook his head,As if the guy in front of you is not worth doing it yourself。
text Chapter Eighty Three Point to break
? Brother Qian was irritated by the contempt in the opponent’s eyes,In front of these students,Has always been a superior existence,Only he beats others,Others never dared to fight back。
So Brother Qian has a hot head,There was a wild roar in the throat again,I rushed towards Lu Menglin。
Lu Menglin sideways slightly,Then passed the opponent’s pounce,Nothing,Shaking hands is slapped in the face,I got money and got dizzy。
then,Lu Menglin hit his nose with another punch,Beat him back to the ground。
“Two slaps,For those students who were slapped by you!”
“Just this punch,For those students who were blackmailed by you。”

Next,Make a difference,Unexpectedly, there is a vertical hole under the stone platform,Seems to lead to some unknown place。

“This……How can this be?”
Tu Cancan’s face is incredible,I didn’t expect there would be a passage here?
“How did you find out?”
“Very simple,Look on the ground。”
Nothing at first glance,But a closer look reveals some clues。
There was a faint wear mark on the side of the stone platform,This is left by Shitai Movement。
But in this place,Who would be boring to push a stone platform?Obviously this was caused by someone accidentally。
As for why this happens,A woman can figure it out without Xia Chenglong saying,It must be someone coming in and out。
Detailed observation often has unexpected effects in life,obviously,This kind of stress response that requires deliberate training,It will take some time for Tu Cancan。
“Do you want to follow me?”
“when,of course,I want to watch you!”
“Ok,Then let’s go!”
Xia Chenglong said nothing,Jump directly with the woman,As for Tu Cancan,And was dragged down by some people unpreparedly。
Wait for the two to disappear into the black hole,Shitai returns to its original position again,Everything here is restored to its previous state,Except for the open door behind Shitai。
Talking about this,I still admire the old man,He knew he could not stop Xia Chenglong from entering the second floor of the dungeon。
But still prepare to work hard,He opened the door behind him at the end of his life,As for the meaning,To mislead them out of there。
But he didn’t expect,The reason why Xia Chenglong can become a master of the younger generation,In addition to the extraordinary talent for cultivation,,There are many outstanding aspects。
Like a witty mind,Observation of others……

“I assure you,As long as I’m there,Jordaan,Lily,And those Japanese,Their conspiracy will certainly not succeed!I swear,I won’t help you with this,I will never leave Russia!”

“Great!”I heard Qiao Tianyu guarantee,Palizovsky finally showed a smile on his face。
“Mr. Joe,I have heard of your deeds,As long as you are willing to help,There must be no problem!”
“Mr. Napali,You tell me,How do you plan to resolve this matter,what do you need?”Qiao Tianyu asked。
First0111chapter Give an explanation to the ancestors
“Actually, there is no requirement,Just let Geordaan stop.,Don’t have trouble with me anymore。”Palizovsky explained。
“and also,I don’t agree with the Japanese,This time they took the initiative to find my fault,We definitely can’t afford the Japanese!”
“no problem!”Qiao Tianyu nodded and said。
At this point,Qiao Tianyu’s ideas are the same as him,Mention of Japanese,Qiao Tianyu was so angry that the roots of his teeth were itchy。
“How about this,Mr. Parley,This time I will not only let you get away,And I also let the Japanese break Russia,Let them stay with me,how about it?”
“what?Really?”Palizovsky became excited,“If so,That would be great!”
“Haha,Do not worry,This time I will make them pay!”Qiao Tianyu said。
“All right,Mr. Parley,Tell me about your plan。If i guess right,You have arranged a fierce battle for me, right??”
“what?Hehe.”Palizovsky scratched his head embarrassedly。
“Mr. Joe,How did you know?”
“Haha,Mr. Parley,Since we landed in Russia,You have prepared three grand welcome ceremonies one after another,If i guess right,You want to push me out,Help you fight the ring?”
“Hahaha,Mr. Joe deserves to be a young hero who frightened the whole Wall Street.,Sure enough!”Palizovsky admired Qiao Tianyu。
“You’re right,I arranged like this,Just want to gain momentum,Let people all over Russia know,The famous Qiao Tianyu on Wall Street is here!”

“If there is no sense of responsibility,How can you support such an adult??She is not the only one here,This is the entire construction site 。”

“There are workers and architects here,He just let it go,I went to live a happy life all day。”
“The rest is left to the people here,Let them fend for themselves。He thought he made the money,He transferred the funds,After that, nothing happened here。”
“If it’s that easy,Anyone can contract the project?Really don’t know what to say。Such a person,You have to give him some power。”
“Otherwise,He really has been so casual and doing nothing。”
After Xiao Fan finished,Lin Yun said to him:“Yes Yes Yes,you’re right,okay,Let’s go,Let’s go and eat,Today’s food is pretty good。”
“It depends on your face, Mr. Xiao?You just went to the canteen and saw that big sister made it。It’s really pretty good。”
“Taste it later,If I go home,But you can’t taste the rural food。”
Xiao Fan said:“It seems that you are quite willing to eat this food。”
Lin Yuna said:“Not willing,It’s just a different taste,Feel very different,You can’t eat it on our side,Gone gone gone gone gone。”
Lin Yuner took Xiao Fan to eat。The workers cook their own dishes,Then they gathered around a few tables and a few people ate together。
What about Lin Yuna and Baiqi?The two of them didn’t eat with them,But after finishing cooking, he went back to his room。
It’s the same after the fire comes,The three of them returned to the room together,But Bai Qi felt that he was eating with them before,It’s too bright。
So,He told Lin Yoona:“Yoona,I’ll talk to Qiao Si in the next room,A little boring here,I won’t bother you and Mr. Xiao,I go first。”
After Lin Yuner heard this, she said to Bai Qi:“Sister Bai, what are you doing??Stay here and eat!”
Bai Qi said to him:“I’m not here。For you and Mr. Xiao as light bulbs,I’ll eat next to。”
“Nothing,Do not bother me,You two eat slowly and enjoy your time together。”Bai Qi left this room with his own food,Came to Qiao Si’s room next to him。
Qiao Si is eating alone,When I saw someone coming, I told him:“Sister Bai,How did you come?”
Baiqi said:“Damn,Aren’t Yoona and Mr. Xiao in the next room??I ate with them inside,I really feel too bright。”

The car drove by a reed river,Stop,。

So close to nature,Back to Basics、Refreshed。Not far away on the viaduct,Pedestrian hurry,Vehicle passing。Ye Xingkong put his hands in his trouser pockets,Hetianlu facing the sunrise。
It should be a very relaxing place,But it looks very boring。
Ye Xingkong Weiqishuangcun,Showing white teeth,Faint smile is very complicated,Voice is a bit hoarse,Said:“Why did you leave without a sound??”
Still asking the answer that I didn’t get before,Sighed heavily,Before Tian Lu could speak,I probably know what it means,It doesn’t matter whether you answer or not,I just don’t want to interfere with him and Mazza。
He continued with concern:“Tell me if you have any difficulties。”Turn around and look at Tian Lu。
Tian Lu lowered her head,A strand of broken hair fell to my ear,Long and curled eyelashes,Watery eyes with double eyelids,Smiled:“thank you,Starry sky,You have helped me many times,Thank you so much,I can handle the current situation。I am really happy to meet you。”
Tian Lu is not at all lost because of the failure of her lover relationship。in contrast,This friendship,It is even more commendable to raise the relationship based on friendship。
The lake in front of you has become a barren lake,Jagged weeds,The lake is not as good as a mirror,Small pieces of grass set off the clear water,Sometimes aquatic creatures move,It’s probably a hiding in the water weeds,Waves of water ripples。
Ye Xingkong is silent,Just watching the fiery sunset silently,Red so amazing,Tian Lu shrugged her nose,The man in front of her makes her dreamlike,He is unreal,Never catch,Once held in the hand, it disappears。Warm as jade,Lonely figure,Seems to be in a certain mood。Will the real Ding Kelan look down on things like this?,Ye Xingkong felt as though she was afraid of turning in her mouth,Hold it in your hand for fear of flying,Can she fall in love with him,She dare not think deeply。
if love,Many factors must be considered,But now obstacles are clearly formed,How can you have the strength to love him,I believe Maza and him will be able to live well。
“Nowadays,I’m fine。”When saying this,Ye Xingkong’s handsome face,There is an inexplicable expectation in my eyes:“I just want you to stay alone for a while。”
Tian Lu breaks the routine,Smile,Resolve embarrassment,I was looking for Ma Zha in love,Tian Lu’s voice is bright and simple,Smiled:“I didn’t feel much ups and downs during the day at work,Very boring,Now it seems,You really are my good medicine—My gloom is relieved。”
Once the atmosphere is cheerful,Will infect people。Molecules in Ye Xingkong were instantly active。“Am i that amazing?”

Some are live……

“I am the anchor Xiao Tiantian,Everyone guess where i am……Ha ha ha,Not only the beauty of Yunji Island,There is a girl hanging under the bridge,The picture is too beautiful,See for yourself……Remember to pay attention,I will always be here,Let us pray for the girl……”
A few young people who beat people are not doing well,Oily feet,I picked up a mobile phone before I left……
There is a mess here at Qiaotou,Very quiet towards the cliff mountain forest。
The teenager stood on the tree trunk as usual,The monster is hidden away as usual。
Indifferent face,But he can see from his eyes that he is not as calm as the surface。
“I……Will it fall into the river like this??”
“Bug,I want you to help her。”
“Guru Guru……”
“No one will see you。”
“Guru Guru……”
“You don’t go i go。”
The teenager cut a tree vine with a knife,There is a lot of wind around,The monster has flew away。
There is intense rescue work going on,A more than ten-meter-long rope made of clothes and belts hangs in front of the female students,This simple rope is not enough to pull the schoolgirl up,But can share the pressure of the wire。
soon,Gan Jiabao rushed over with a few people,There is also a fishing boat on the river upstream。
The wind suddenly rose,Sway the cable bridge,At the same time, the girl student was blown up and down,The female student has been silent,It might be just waking up from the shock,Scream now,Tearful。
A new thick hemp rope,Also swayed by the wind,Female students can’t catch,Gan Jiabao is too anxious。

“So far how?We can be soft!”Zhou Billy finally said something soft。

“Ha ha,Very simple,Let your boss compensate us for our mental losses,Besides, let his son kneel down to apologize to my friend。If you can do it,That’s it for today!”Qin Feng smiled。
It’s just that this smile looks a bit hideous in the eyes of the other two。
“impossible!Don’t even think about making my son kneel and apologize,Still want my property?I won’t give it to you even if I die。”No one expected Mendy’s reaction to be so huge。
Qin Feng sneered,“Ha ha,Mr. Zhou Billy,You saw it too,you guys
The boss doesn’t cooperate at all!”
“This one.Give face,I will persuade my boss,Can you two go back first??”
“Ha ha,Your face counts as an egg,I give you face,Your boss refuses to give me face。He wouldn’t even say anything soft,It seems that he is used to being aloof。I can even Henry send it to the rooftop,Don’t care if there is more boss Mendy。”
Talking,Qin Feng raised his hand。
“and many more!”
Zhou Billy finally relied on instinct to shoot。to be frank,He is really unwilling to be an enemy of Qin Feng,Or,He didn’t want to face Qin Feng head-on。Because he knew he didn’t have much chance of winning。
But Mendy is kind to Zhou Billy,So Zhou Billy can only bite the bullet。
But he didn’t expect it at all,I couldn’t stop a single move and was shot by Qin Feng directly。
“Ha ha,Boss Mendy,You don’t know anything about power!”Qin Feng continued to sneer。
“you,You are the devil!”
Mendy is really scared。Because in his eyes,Zhou Billi’s existence is basically omnipotent,Sometimes even if he was shot,There is Zhou Billy,Mendy doesn’t have to worry about his life in danger。
But after Qin Feng slapped the strongest bodyguard in his eyes, he didn’t know his life or death.,His worldview is completely broken at this moment。
“Surrender,Or die!”