As the saying goes,Don’t know,Startled when inquired,Rawls·Royce was shocked up and down:Fernandez·Not only does Chen own a dismantling and recycling plant in China,And also invested in China’s infrastructure industry、Motorcycle manufacturing and automobile manufacturing industry、Real estate industry、it……He even cooperated with a state-owned enterprise in China to build a super large pig farm and chicken farm。

An American billionaire who cooperates with China State Administration of Computer Industry and State Administration of Radio and Television Industry,Actually invested in the construction of a pig farm and a chicken farm in China,You dare to believe such an outrageous thing?
But it just appeared。
Chen Geng continued:“prior to,Huaxia officials invited me to serve as their economic and trade cooperation with the United States、General consultant for comprehensive planning of technology and product introduction,In return for me,The Chinese government allowed me to enter China’s civil aviation transportation industry,and so……”
Speaking of which,Chen Geng shrugged,Implication:I mean you understand?
Ralph·Sir Robbins can no longer maintain his previous calmness,Surprised to grow up his mouth。A long time,He just squatted:“they……They allowed you……”
“and so……Fokker……”
Ralph·Robbins stopped talking,His brain is spinning fast。
AS Rolls·Chairman of the board of Royce,Compared to other Western companies,Ralph·Sir Robbins believes that he still has a good understanding of China Civil Aviation,After all, I once sold to Huaxia peopleRB211engine,Knowing that China’s civil aviation industry is just a pile of shit,But it is said that China’s economy has developed rapidly in recent years,Considering the huge population base of China,Fernandez·Chen’s approach is not difficult to understand:For China with such a huge population、But for countries where few people can afford to fly,Fokker company is preparing to develop this100Large jet line/The small trunk plane is just right。
Then,Fernandez·Why does Chen want to join Fokker’s new aircraft development program??
First of all,As a shareholder of this project,He can offer the best price、Get the plane with the highest priority;
Secondly,In terms of later use cost, that is, the price of spare parts,He can also get a huge cost advantage that other normal customers can’t match;
The best part is,If the plane sells well in the future,He can still get dividends。
of course,If this project fails,He has to lose a lot of money,But what does it matter?Since it is an investment,Then there is a risk,How can there be a steady profit without losing trade?
Ralph who feels he has understood Chen Geng’s plan·Sir Robbins is completely relieved。
Fernandez·Chen is willing to participate,For Fokker、For Rawls·Royce is a good thing,For Fokker,Relieved them of financial pressure;For Rawls·For Royce,It means that I have obtained the market share of this part of the China market out of thin air——With an average of seven engines for every three aircraft(The extra one is a spare)To calculate,Even if China Market can provide20How about the sales of the plane,That’s almost50An engine。

The latter is helpless,But let go of the things in your hands、finally,Su Rou couldn’t help but speak,“Hey,Why are you sick and fever?”

“I also have a hard time understanding?After all, my body is so good,How can germs invade successfully?”It’s just that Qin Feng turned around,“But then again,What is harder for me to imagine is,You came to visit。”
Qin Feng was somewhat curious about how he was sent to the hospital。But no one will answer him,And he can’t investigate。
Su Rou didn’t answer Qin Feng’s words,The scene became quite awkward。
I don’t know how long has passed,Su Rou finally stopped talking,“I want to ask,Du Heng,Is it related to you?”
Qin Feng actually knew that the other party would doubt,He didn’t plan to hide,Just admit it so simply and neatly。
After all, things over there must be in the news,As for the content of the news,Qin Feng didn’t pay attention,I don’t want to pay attention now。But because they retreated in time,Presumably even an official person cannot find him in a short time。
“Not me against you,Actually these days I also wondered if I did a little too much before。only,Why are you doing this?I read,You are not like a cold-blooded killer who has taken on some task to kill someone!”
to be frank,This is the first time Su Rou sat down and talked with Qin Feng so seriously。This makes the latter somewhat uncomfortable。
“amount.Am i dreaming?”Qin Feng muttered,But seeing Su Rou’s eyes,He can only say with a smile:“Some things i have to do。Just this secret,I can’t tell you!”
Qin Feng smiled bitterly!
Not many people know about their revenge.。Besides,If you let Su Rou know,Obviously, she is also involved in danger。
How to say,This girl should have lived an ordinary life happily,If she is involved in family revenge,,This is cruel to a girl in her twenties。
Su Rou was angry when she saw Qin Feng like this,But in the end she just snorted and turned away。
She told herself before coming here,Can’t lose temper,Since I know that Du Heng’s death is related to Qin Feng,Then she only needs to investigate in this direction,Maybe you can find the information you want。
Su Rou was walking on the road after leaving the hospital,But also in thinking。
“According to news reports,Du Heng seemed to commit suicide by swallowing a gun in the end。Plus if Qin Feng didn’t lie to me,Then Lao Zhang also committed suicide。So to speak,This is what the two have in common。only,Why they commit suicide?Is it because you owe Qin Feng??”

“Next,This playground is running ten laps directly,I don’t set the time,You can run down,That’s it。”

Qin Feng said so,But so many people watch,Who dare not try his best?
Even if they don’t want to rush,But it’s impossible for Leader Chen to allow such a thing。
To know,These people are their faces。
If so many people can’t hold it all at once,That’s very useless。
Ten laps are four kilometers,This is not much。
But at the beginning,Everyone ran desperately,Because they all know that they are doing better this time,Qin Feng will pay more attention to them。
“Chen Leader,Are there any female soldiers on your side?”Qin Feng suddenly thought of something,Because he didn’t want Jiang Yan to encounter some trouble again,No one can protect。
“what?Not this one,Do you need it?If needed,I also have some comrades here, there are some retired female soldiers,They still have a headache,Such a baby soldier will be useless,But now it seems not。”
Leader Chen was also very happy to say,He is really happy,After all, many things can be seen。
Qin Feng also thought about it:“If possible,Then introduce me to a few。I also have some high incidence,You might have heard of it too?Those bastards have used what kind of means for profit。”
“understand。”To say something before,Leader Chen didn’t pay much attention to this side,But after knowing what Qin Feng thought,He also quickly arranged for someone to understand the situation。
This also knows that Qin Feng is being watched by some domestic and foreign forces。
Those guys are also because this is domestic,So there is no way to be unscrupulous,But even so,Those guys also started all the messy methods。
Those players are very proud,In the second round, none of them dropped the chain。
Originally Qin Feng needed more tests,But he thinks about it,The quality of these people is about the same,If more,That’s too much。
“Row,If these people have intentions later,,Then you can contact me directly,I will arrange someone to pick you up,There is advance
Talk to me,I have a good place to stay,Is this ok?”

“Haha,Keying,You can lie to others but not me。”Qiao Tianyu smiled。

“When we met at the Fuxingshe headquarters that day,Sanye Cui took advantage of the time to say hello to you,Put a note in your hand,If i guess right,That note is Cui Sanye’s contact information, right??Hahaha.”
“Really annoying!”Xiao Pang’s face paled with an angry look at Qiao Tianyu,“Do things with people like you,I can’t hide any secrets!Waiting!”
After talking about the chubby face, he got up and called,I’ll be back soon,“okay,San Ye agreed to meet you,Let’s go!”
Qiao Tianyu followed the little fat face out,After catching a taxi, I circled Dubai City for most of the time,Changed three or four taxis back and forth,After confirming that no one is following,When we came to a house together, the face was not conspicuous,But there is no villa inside。
But once I entered the villa,Qiao Tianyu smelled a strong aroma of Chinese medicine rushing towards him,It’s refreshing after smelling,Ba Shi was very。
At this time, Cui Laosan is wearing a light white exercise suit,Sitting at the tea table fiddling with a set of Kung Fu tea sets on the table。
I saw Qiao Tianyu came in,Cui Laosan nodded slightly,Pointed to the stool opposite the tea table,Motioned for Qiao Tianyu to sit down。
“San Ye,What kind of medicine is your fragrance,Why does it smell so comfortable?”Qiao Tianyu asked, pointing at the incense burner with white smoke coming from the tea set。
“Cui family’s secret recipe,I made it myself,Forgive me。”Cui Laosan smiled and made Qiao Tianyu a cup of tea,“How about this tea?”
Qiao Tianyu picked up the tea cup,Scent,Elegant fragrance,Take a bite,After a little bit of joy and bitterness,The tip of the tongue is sweet and has a long aftertaste,With decades of tasting experience in the previous life,Qiao Tianyu quickly recognized this tea。
“Mingqian Longjing!Good tea!Good tea!”Qiao Tianyu frequently praised。
“Hahaha,Tianyu,I didn’t expect you to be young,There is still research on tea art,No wonder Keying likes you!”Cui Laosan said with a smile。
“San Ye,You hate it,Who likes him!”Cui Keying’s face was flushed to the base of his neck,Jiao Dao。
“Is not it?”Cui Laosan snatched the wrist of Chubby’s face with lightning speed.,Hold in hand。
“San Ye,you.”The chubby face was shocked,I don’t know what Cui Laosan intends to do。
“Hush.”Cui Laosan motioned to the little fat face not to speak,Close your eyes for only three seconds,“Haha,Tianyu,Congratulations you are going to be a father!”
“when.Be a father?”Qiao Tianyu looked dazed,Where and where。
“father”This word is too strange to Qiao Tianyu,Although Qiao Tianyu and Lili loved all their lives in the last life,Just because of Lily’s health,By the end of the two people had never had a male and a half female,Has become the biggest regret in their lives。

In this time period,Big anchors are less frequent,So there should be no surprises in the national rankings。

Treasure box can grab coins,It is the kind of gift they can attract fans and audiences most on this platform,It’s just that the anchor’s share will be less,After all, part of it has been taken away by the audience。
To draw a hundred treasure chests out,How much does it cost?Definitely more than 30,000 yuan。This kind of game,I can say that the rich can only play。
An instant,Countless viewers click in to grab coins,Conscience players, by the way, pay attention,It’s a face to Jiangnan boss and Populus。
Populus was surprised,Less than a minute,The audience reached 150,000,His attention has increased by almost 10,000,Already nearly 140,000。
Is this kind of gift so awesome?after,Did I spend money to find someone to get some out?,Put every day?Isn’t the amount of attention……
This idea just came out,Get a red warning from the live room system immediately,Hu Yang had to give up this method of exploiting loopholes。
He thanked:“Thank you Jiangnan’s treasure chest,Brothers who grab coins,if possible,You might as well pay attention before leaving。”
Jiangnan also rarely speaks:Follow,I will send you a wave of benefits later,Still the old rules,Ten Huawei’s latest mobile phones。
Get!A word from the boss,More effective than Populus,Follow it immediately,140,000。
“Thanks everyone!”Populus Fist。
Chapter One Hundred and Forty One Very excited at the moment
Hua Shixiong came forward to talk,In his consciousness,Such a young man deserves his knowledge。
“Listen to the accent,You seem to be from Guangdong?”
Hu Ge helplessly said:“Our Mandarin in Guangdong is so special?”
“Haha!No more!Quite distinctive。Hello there,I am Hua Shixiong,From Fuzhou。”Hua Shixiong introduced himself。

Long live Hu brother:“Hey!Spot,Nomination level is not the point,The point is that Brother Hu is here。Anchor,You are getting lucky today。”

“Who is Brother Hu??”
So many players on the platform,I haven’t heard about most of Brother Hu,After all, newcomers who have only been broadcasting for a few days,Although there was some noise。
Everyone, go and check the number of the brother Hu who just came in,Found out to be an anchor,Still a rookie anchor,Some people can’t help but laugh。
Xiaoli was surprised,Others don’t know Brother Hu,How could she not know?The guild group has long been announced,Brother Hu will join their guild,I didn’t expect to come to her live broadcast room so soon。
What made her even more unexpected was,Brother Hu is outside her live broadcast room。
Hua Zi glancedPKCase,The makeup of the host opposite is too heavy,Like a woman,Don’t understand,Someone would rather support her,Don’t support Xiaoli here。
can only say,Turnip greens,All have love!
Follow Hu’s orders,Hua Zi input two characters:“Come on!”
Zhuang Fan originally wanted Brother Hu to interact on the public screen,But Brother Hu is such a cool person,Thought,Let’s find opportunities for other guild anchors to connect with Hu Ge in the future.!
Xiaoli forced herself to calm down,Focus on:“Thank you, Hu, for your cheering!I will work hard。”
then,Introduce to my brothers in the live broadcast room,Brother Hu is the main anchor of their guild,I hope you don’t underestimate it、Nonsense etc.。
PkEnd time,Less than a minute left。
The female anchor opposite is still yelling,Knowing that there is no win here,Still try to confuse everyone to make gifts,That’s how it is when the anchor,no way。
She already thought about it,I’ll punish the opposite anchor,Show me some benefits for my brothers in the live broadcast room。Her favorite is to use the hue of other female anchors,To quote.To lure my brothers to pay。

At this time, the lone wolf thought he was very gentle and kissed Zong Xueqin’s cheek gently.:“It’s ok,Who upset my big baby,After this matter is finished,I’ll teach him a lesson!Let him know that my big baby can’t mess with!”

At this time, Zong Xueqin heard the lone wolf say so,A hint of disgust flashed in his eyes,These words of the lone wolf in the boundless world think that they are very gentle,But it’s really greasy!
But although Zong Xueqin hates these words of lone wolf in her heart,But she still wants,Strong smile!
“is it,Thank you so much for this,You must vent your anger for me this time,Those little bunnies are really going to piss me off these days!The people under this hand are really not easy to take now!”
“natural,This is natural,Wait until after going back,I must take care of the disobedient for you,Let him dare to bully my baby!”The lone wolf put it directly on Zong Xueqin’s face,Kissed lightly!
Leaving a mouthful of saliva on Zong Xueqin’s face,At this time, she was naturally disgusted in her heart,But dare not show it!
And at this moment,The lone wolf seems to have thought of something suddenly:“what,Baby,That person called you just now,What are you talking about??”
Zong Xueqin raised his head and took a look at the lone wolf,At this time she worked so hard for so long,Now I finally have to say my purpose!
Zong Xueqin deliberately pretended to be embarrassed,I raised my head and took a look at the lone wolf:
“Hey,Things are like this,This is not before,I told you,The Pantheon is in that sea,Actually not,It’s because they got confused these two days,A ship will come in that sea in a few days,They plan to set up an ambush there。”
Actually tell the truth,The Golden Triangle is a paradise for crime,Here only you can’t think of,There is nothing they can’t do,So I’m a pirate every day,Rob a passing ship,This can be said to be commonplace!
So although the lone wolf at first,I have slight doubts in my heart,But at this time, he was completely dazzled by beauty,I won’t think about anything at all!
And seeing this incident was fooled by surprise,Zong Xueqin was also relieved in her heart,Just this time she,Glancing in the direction of Xia Chenglong,There is a little complicated meaning on the expression!
Xia Chenglong at this time also feels like lying innocently,After all, it’s not all my fault,Zong Xueqin thought he would be wrong!
This time Zong Xueqin took the lone wolf,Just flew in the other direction,It’s about three hours after flying,I came directly to the real ruins of the Pantheon!
And this time on the ruins of the real pantheon,Can really be described as spectacular,There are so many people here,Bustling!

I can only complain in desperation,Then leave the hall。

of course,Some don’t give up just squatting outside,Just intend to eavesdrop。
But it doesn’t matter,Anyway, Qin Feng just behaves,Don’t want too many people to know about this。
“All right,Now everyone is gone。Can you speak?”Su Chengxu stared at Qin Feng。
The latter sighed,“In fact, whether it’s on TV,Have you seen some movies or books on the Internet??There will be some special people in this world。According to the people of that era,They are cultivators,Your family Zhang Lili is pregnant with a child with great potential,So someone from a mountain gate nearby wanted to accept him as a descendant。”
Qin Feng stopped when he said this。
Because he knows,Other people must have a lot of questions。
“impossible,How could these things exist。And even if it exists,Can’t you wait for my baby to be born??Just take people away,They never thought about the consequences?”Su Chengxu’s mind has long been confused,Hearing Qin Feng’s words, I couldn’t accept the reality even more。
After all, what Qin Feng said cannot be explained by science。
Jiang Yan and other women don’t know much about it,mainly,Qin Feng’s“Martial arts”In their opinion, the level is not“mortal”s level。
So now I understand what’s going on。
“Qin Feng,You can’t beat them?Or,Can’t you go through official channels??”Jiang Yan has dealt with many people after all。Since Qin Feng didn’t bring Zhang Lili back,This shows one point,Qin Feng’s personal
Ability may not solve this problem。

Put down chopsticks,The wine in the glass has no taste,Han Zhili looked at Xiang Chen quietly,But the latter doesn’t seem to have any intention to respond to him,And shook his head a few times inadvertently,Seriously challenged Han Zhili’s authority。

Han Zhili will never admit that today this is to see the new uncle,But isn’t it all legendary that the son-in-law will lose half his life when he sees the old man??How come after I saw this Xiang Chen,Seems a little cautious?
The tormented time finally passed,Korean Xiang and babysitter Aunt Zhang helped grandma to the bedroom to talk,Only Han Zhili and Xiang Chen are left on the table,There are leftovers。
Han Zhili examines Xiang Chen,Xiang Chen also looked at Han Zhili,Both of them seem to be adopting a policy of not moving.,In the end, Han Zhili couldn’t help being silent,Xiang Chen cast an angry look,Want to speak,But before speaking,First filled myself with a glass of wine。
“Principal Han,Isn’t your old man nervous??”
Xiang Chen looked at Han Zhili,After Han Zhili drank all his wine,What Xiang Chen said was to make Han Zhili almost spit out the wine he had just drunk。
Chapter One Hundred and Eleven Two fathers
In the Chinese historical tradition,No matter what kind of identity,When taken home by a girl,After meeting her father,Rao is this person can call the wind and the rain outside,But in front of the girl’s father,Will become very cautious。
Such an experience,Ninety percent of Chinese men have enjoyed it,Han Zhili was the same。
Like a 100-year-old daughter-in-law,Although I didn’t admit Xiang Chen’s relationship with his daughter this time,,But Han Zhili still enjoys the treatment brought by this pseudo-identity。Several confrontations with Xiang Chen,All end without disease,Now my daughter, mother and babysitter have all gone into the bedroom,Only Han Zhili and Xiang Chen left on the table。
Seeing Xiang Chen not speaking is a bit cramped,Han Zhili wanted to give Xiang Chen a chance,It’s about my daughter’s happiness,No matter if my guess is true or not,Han Zhili is still a little nervous。
I want to drink a sip of wine to stabilize my emotions,But a sweet and fragrant stream of warmth came down,Then what Xiang Chen said,Almost let Han Zhili spit out the wine he swallowed。
Angrily scolded,Han Zhili put down the cup heavily。
DuangThe sound of,Scared Xiang Chen jumped,But I can’t find any fear on my face。
“I’m nervous!Be honest,How did you hook up with my girl?”

Maybe it’s because of care,Maybe it’s in Su Xuehen’s heart,Even a little bit of a mentality that can be called jealousy。

Lu Menglin shook his head,Smiled barely,He knew he was gaffe,Crying and laughing,The expression must be weird right now!
He wants to speak loudly to the squad leader,“My first love is you!”
But he managed to explain why he would cry,Because Su Xuehen is sitting beside him right now,Do you want to tell her,Actually what I cry is you from another time latitude,In that parallel world,I have a crush on you,You don’t know,Our lives can only pass by,Biography,That’s why I cry because of regret。
“OK,OK,It’s all past。You will definitely meet better girls in the future。”Su Xuehen saw Lu Menglin look strange,I think I guessed it,Although my heart is rippling,But insisted on comforting him。
The tears on Lu Menglin’s face are still wet,But my heart is very aggrieved,What do you mean by meeting better girls in the future??This is the rhythm of tossing the pot every minute?
The more he thinks about it, the more he feels wrong,Heartbroken,Simply play a trick,Take advantage of the trend, tilt his head towards Su Xuehen’s incense shoulder。
“Lend me a shoulder!”Lu Menglin’s tone sounds a bit horizontal!
Su Xuehen only felt her shoulder sink,Surprised inexplicably,I can’t believe it,No boy dares to be so direct to himself!
The big head is hanging up,What a
Going on?
but,Su Xuehen thought immediately,Maybe he is so sad,I’m so excited,Forget it,Then forgive him!
then,Su Xuehen motionless,With a complicated mood of pity and love,With Lu Menglin’s head resting on her shoulders。
This style of painting is obviously wrong!They are girls and boys,Lu Menglin is just the opposite,Abruptly put the big head on the shoulders of the other girl,What is this?
In fact,Lu Menglin quickly woke up,There seems to be something wrong with my posture!
But he knows the critical moment,The truth must not be counseled,Sometimes I can only bite the bullet,Can’t control so much!
Influenced by the classic line just now,Lu Menglin feels,I have made a decision in my heart。