I don’t know when it started,I can no longer enter the comics,These are my favorites back then,But because people have grown up,Mood changed,Even the interest in reading has changed。

“If only people can keep their original intentions!”Lu Menglin sighed faintly in his heart。
Lu Youshan sees his son frown,The heart that was just put down hangs again。
“That’s not sure?Do you have to fight?Don’t we have that channel??Hide over there,Can’t do it?”Lu Youshan asked hesitantly。
He instinctively felt that it was wrong to affect his son’s mood at this time,But as long as I think I might lose my son,This feeling is more uncomfortable than losing my life,That’s why I couldn’t help but ask。
Lu Menglin shook his head,Smiled:“No way!So many people will die!And those monsters won’t take everyone away for us。”
“Moreover,Who goes first?Who will leave?This is a very metaphysical question。Difficult to solve!”
Lu Menglin said that,Paused。
In fact, he still has some things he can’t say,What if I just left?Could it be that the Shenmin Continent must be peaceful??
If Terran moves to Shenmin Continent,Will also face the attack of the dark race,And there are gods,They are for humans,All the same。
It doesn’t make sense to avoid blindly,Only if you are strong is the right way!
“in case,On the premise of fairness,Decide by lottery?The winner goes first,May I?”After Kim Soyeon thought and thought,,Finally expressed his opinion。
Lu Menglin smiled,Tao:“The ideal is full,Reality is a bit skinny。First of all, those powerful and powerful are the first to oppose!Then there are those strong men who hold the power,They won’t agree。This kind of thing,Can’t be pressured。”
“Then divided by strength,Strong,with potential,Go first!”Su Xuehen couldn’t help but say。
Although I know how to divide,It is inevitable that hundreds of millions of ordinary humans will stay,Died in the hands of the dragon monster,But to protect Lu Menglin,They are still racking their brains,Find ways。
“if that is true,Human civilization will be completely lost,Back to the original era,Human beings without civilization and order,Not worth saving。”Lu Menglin smiled。
“but,If you lose!Humans still want the same.”Su Xuehen frowned。

“Ok。it’s me!”Lu Menglin quickly replied。

“where are you?We have something to find you!”Leng Yue Wuhen typing。
Lu Menglin was stunned for a moment,He is also a little curious,What is the Lengyue family looking for??
“I’m in League City。”Lu Menglin replied。
“Ok!Bookstore waiting for us。”Leng Yue Wuhen typing。
then,Overlord Aotian Yiqi Juechen,Ran to the Mengzhong Bookstore。
Mengzhong Bookstore is outside the city,A lonely yard。
The server has been running for more than half a year,Players are all high,Very few people come to the bookstore,Not to mention coming to a remote place like Mengzhong Bookstore。
Bashen Aotian stands in front of the bookstore,Waiting quietly。
Soon,Two figures swish one after another。
Is Lengyue Wuhen and Lengyuexue,The two female wizards are already wearing bright neon feathers,That is the reload of the female mage after level 40,It’s also a status symbol for high-level mages。
By contrast,The Tyrant God Aotian still wearing the dark green armor of the God of War,At this stage in the game,It doesn’t match the identity,And it’s a bit shabby。
“Hello there!long time no see!where did you go?Still playing games?”Leng Yuexue asked first。
Actually these problems,You can directly ask in the form of private chat,But these two girls insisted on meeting,Even if only the characters in the game meet,It can only be said to be some kind of stubbornness of girls。
Tyrant God Aotian was silent for a moment,Replied:“Busy,Haven’t been online for a long time。Not necessarily in the future,Maybe won’t play anymore。”

Lao Wang wanted to say,Just wipe it off,Save the jade。But seeing my friend’s face,Just changed:“Cut it!be careful,Cut from here,Don’t cut too thick,About half a centimeter……”

Get!A lot of requirements,Give pointers to others’ work。
The master of Jie Shi has a good temper,Didn’t say anything,Do it right。Changed to a grumpy,Have to swear。
Cut it down,Lao Wang’s friends couldn’t help shaking their heads:“collapsed,Pharaoh,forget it!This material is really not very good,I persuaded you just now。”
When paying the bill,He did persuade Lao Wang,But Pharaoh is convinced of the idea of luck,Stick to your own ideas。
“I do not believe!cut,Keep cutting for me。”Pharaoh gritted his teeth。
With the lessons learned from Liu Lihong,He doesn’t want to just give up,It must be cut to pieces to give up。
At last,That piece of wool was cut into a pile of small pieces,Pharaoh gave up,This time I lost tens of thousands,A little pain。
at this time,He suddenly found,The piece of material in Populus’s hand,Didn’t he see it??
Chapter One Hundred Ninety Seven collapsed?
Lao Wang remembers very clearly,Because of that material,There is a mark,It doesn’t seem to be someone who did it,But a masterpiece of nature,Like being splashed with a few drops of ink。
“Your material,It seems I watched it first。”Pharaoh couldn’t help speaking out。
As soon as this word comes out,Populus euphratica,Or Xin Zhao,My face immediately sinks,This person is really rude。

He Sui did not bother Populus,But joined Hua Zai,Asked:“Your friend,Also see jade?”

Whether it’s Huazi,Or the audience in the live room,Hear this,Very speechless。
“Here,Maybe no one knows identification better than our brother Hu?”Hua Tsai shrugged and responded。
Although not very trusting,But there is a little more light in the eyes of the third daughter of He Sui。
Less than ten seconds,A smile appeared at the corner of Populus’s mouth,Asked the manager of this store:“Just now,You said this is hibiscus jade, right??”
Hibiscus jade,Now the output is relatively small,So it is also included in the ranks of high-end products,High price。The price of this bracelet is two hundred and fifty thousand,Can only be said to be low。Top hibiscus jade bracelet,It was once sold for over 2 million yuan。
Because the color is lighter,Therefore, making hibiscus jade into a bracelet is the best choice,Hibiscus jade bracelets rarely have cracks and impurities,Refreshing color,Finer texture,Higher transparency,Although every indicator is not top,But the combination is amazing。
“Yes!Price two hundred and fifty thousand,In the hibiscus jade bracelet,The price is very fair。”The manager explained。
Hu Yang pouted,Disagree,What is fair price?The main reason is that the water for the bracelet is not good.?As a business,It’s impossible to sell your products cheaply。
Populus is very clear,Hibiscus jade“Species”Species,Between waxy species and ice species,The color is light green or light green,Color without yellow shade。
“Not to mention the price,I know the price is for hibiscus jade,Is extremely low。”Populus euphratica。
The price is so low,Populus felt,It’s possible that this hibiscus jade has a bad performance,Maybe when you make a jade bracelet,There are cracks or something?
Before the serious identification,He has observed the attitudes of three female customers and salespersons,It seems that no one is acting。
and so,He thought it was probably because the jade bracelet itself had cracks,Even quite serious,It caused He Sui and the others to break when they picked it up。otherwise,Hibiscus jade bracelet,The price can’t be that low。
however,After he saw the jade bracelet,I don’t think so。
“Let’s talk about this jade first!Take a look,Is it Hibiscus jade??”Since I can be the manager of this store,It’s impossible to not understand jade at all?

Men are usually automatically repulsive,So for Xiao Fan,Ouyang Jianfeng directly chose to ignore,His eyes stayed directly on Lin Yoona,It doesn’t matter if you look at it,Ouyang Jianfeng’s gaze was directly attracted to him。

beauty,Ouyang Jianfeng thinks he has seen a lot,But it’s like a beauty of Lin Yoona’s level,Ouyang Jianfeng thought it was the first time I saw。
No matter from the appearance,Still from the temperament,Or to dress up,Lin Yoona is better than Shangguan Yinger, I don’t know how many times,This discovery made Ouyang Jianfeng’s face many smiles。
Because the Ouyang family’s family background is very superior,The background is very powerful。and so,All the time,The beauties who embraced him are countless,and so,As long as it is for the beauty that Ouyang Jianfeng is fond of,No matter if the other party has a boyfriend,It doesn’t even care if the other party has a husband,Ouyang Jianfeng will try to get the opponent,Until he has enough。
Ouyang Jianfeng threw away Shangguan Yinger’s hand,Walked to Lin Yuna’s side,Bend down slightly,Stretched out his right hand,Very gentlemanly:“Beautiful lady,first meet,I don’t know if I’m honored to be friends with you?”
Lin Yoona found that Ouyang Jianfeng’s eyes remained on her chest,And there is a squint look in his eyes,For such a look,Lin Yoona is so familiar,Because of my beauty,Lin Yoona is harassed because of this。
and so,Lin Yuner directly refused coldly:“Sorry,I have a husband!”
Ouyang Jianfeng didn’t expect Lin Yoona to refuse so thoroughly that she refused,So he retracted himself and stretched out his hand.,Then he barely glanced at Xiao Fan who was sitting next to Lin Yuner,Then I heard Ouyang Jianfeng said contemptuously:“It’s ok,The woman Ouyang Jianfeng wants,I don’t care even if I have children,After all, I am not in love with you。”
Ouyang Jianfeng’s attitude of treating women as playthings made Lin Yun’er even more angry.,Life,What she hates most is that she has some bad money like Ouyang Jianfeng,People who don’t put women in their eyes。
and so,Lin Yoona raised her head,Say word by word:“I,No,Xing,interest。”
Ouyang Jianfeng’s disdainful attitude towards Lin Yuner,Also did not show any unpleasant colors,After all, in Ouyang Jianfeng’s opinion,Beauty,Naturally they have such a little temper,For this,Ouyang Jianfeng thinks he can bear it。
“Bros,Since your wife disagrees,Then you can make a price,As long as you agree,What about the conditions??But?Before you make a decision,I have to kindly remind you,Although you are qualified to sit here now,But the entire southwest region is our Ouyang home,If you insist on going against me,I advise you to consider the consequences。”Ouyang Jianfeng didn’t mean to hide it,Just so blatantly threatened Xiao Fan。
Because it’s like today,This is not the first time Ouyang Jianfeng has met。
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Six Bidding starts

Knowing that Lin Feng is really holding it,Lin Feng saw that this is a small Guanyin sculpture。

Hold in hand,A cold feeling came from the palm of my hand,very comfortable。
Although I don’t know the specific value of this small Guanyin sculpture,But Lin Feng can tell from the carving work and the jade material,This Xiao sculpture is definitely top grade。
Everyone saw that the sculpture was now in the hands of Lin Feng,They all came over immediately。
“Gosh!So beautiful!”
“Yes,Yes,Just now when I looked far away, I felt that it was green and refreshing,Take a closer look now,It’s too beautiful。
There are praise after praise。
Lin Feng is even more overjoyed。
The reason why it is beautifully carved,Just look at its headwear,A small Guanyin sculpture,The head is even smaller,But even so,The decorations on the head are also clearly distinguished。
Look at the facial expression of this Guanyin sculpture,Quiet and peaceful,I’m afraid that anyone watching it can calm down involuntarily。
The more I look at Lin Feng, the more I love it、The more reluctant to let go。
“Gosh!Could it be that this is really the posthumous work of Qiu Chuji——Does Guanyin have tears??”There was an exclamation different from others。
“what?The posthumous works of Qiu Chuji?”

First1007chapter Little MacDonald Call for Help

It is impossible to count on Chen Geng to retreat,And for those who are still looking forward to establishing their own authority through this matter、And for Busenmark, who is getting more benefits for himself,He is even more unlikely to give in,And he is mentally prepared for strikes:Strike,Don’t fuck him for three or five months,I am ashamed to call a general strike?
Things are so deadlocked。
Although the situation seems to be deadlocked,But Chen Geng is not in a hurry,When Little MacDonald sent him an invitation,When I asked him to play golf in New York,Chen Geng agreed immediately。
Haven’t seen you in months,Little MacDonald’s spirit looks much better than when we last met,Looking at the ruddy little Macdonald,Chen Geng is also very happy for his old friends:It seems that during this period of time, Little MacDonald did not let Boeing take too much advantage.。
“Dude,Your complexion looks much better than a while ago,”Pat the little Macdonald on the back hard,Chen Geng’s happy way:“You seem to be in a good mood during this time。”
“of course,Must be in a better mood than you,”Pat Chen Geng’s back hard,Little MacDonald’s proud way:“I heard,You have some trouble in the Netherlands,how about it,Do you want me to help?”
Chen Geng smiled and shook his head:“What kind of trouble is that?”
I carefully observed Chen Geng’s expression,Make sure that Chen Geng really doesn’t care about the protests in the Netherlands,Little MacDonald nodded:“OK,You’re right,This is really not a problem for you……Come come,Let me introduce some friends to you,This is the Honourable Condlers from Minnesota,This is Senator Klink from Oregon……”
“Hello mr condels……”
“Hello Mr. Klink……”
Chen Geng Yiyi and Jr. MacDonald introduced themselves to these congressmen greeting each other,Actually, I saw the bureaucratic people beside Little MacDonald、When the old man with the taste of Capitol Hill a few hundred meters away,Chen Geng already understood,I’m afraid it won’t be too small for Little MacDonald to ask for his help this time。
Really not small!
After playing golf for almost half an hour,Little Macdonald finally spoke:“Fernandez,I want to ask you for help。”

For the mentality of colleagues,Qiu Ke hates!

He is determined“Independent R&D Party”,In Qiu Ke’s view,one country,Has achieved annual sales of passenger cars100The scale of more than ten thousand vehicles,The size of the entire market is already larger than those of upper-middle European countries such as Italy.,Look at how many car brands Italy has fed?Fiat、Lancia、alpha·Romeo、Iveco……These are all designed from scratch、R&D、A car brand capable of testing and producing a car,Italy has this ability,How can China not have?
Can face“Buy,Let Chen Geng worry about the troublesome things,Why don’t we make money without lying down??”The whole climate、Environment,Qiu Ke is also powerless:Facing this big climate、Environment,What can he do?
Yes,Don’t worry about production now,Just go to AmericaAMCGroup turn around,See which model is better,Then just followAMCTalk about cooperation、Talk about introduction,After the introduction,As soon as the production line starts,The bosses of countless companies waiting to pick up the car、The manager is already waiting at the factory gate,Lie down comfortably and earn money,Why bother to research and develop、To design?Have that time,Wouldn’t it be nice to give the hard-working comrades a rest??Go out and visit、Isn’t it good to visit?The worst,Wouldn’t it be nice to receive comrades from brother units in other industries who came to visit and study??
Comrade Qiu Ke who is helpless in this situation,Now I suddenly heard that Chen Geng actually intends to establish an automotive industry design and R&D center in China,I was immediately excited:If this thing is really done,Let’s not talk about political achievements.,Just this automotive industry design and R&D center,It can become an incubator for cultivating China’s automotive industry to form self-design and R&D capabilities.,I can’t take it too seriously。
Investigated,After confirming that the news came from Chen Geng’s cousin,——Chen Geng’s cousin’s affairs in SAIC’s design department,None of the leaders of SAIC doesn’t know,anyway,If it’s not because of such a relationship,Less than one graduate10Boy of the year,Why can you become a leader in the design department of SAIC??Just rely on himAMCDid you have two years of car internship,Do not make jokes——Qiu Ke’s heart is getting more bottomed:It really deserves to be an old friend of the Chinese people,Chen Geng wants to help China Automotive Industry to form its own design and R&D capabilities,Tut……Good thing!
He didn’t care too much,Called my cousin directly to his office,Bluntly asked:“Comrade Chen,I heard news recently that,Mr. Chen is going to set up an automobile design and R&D center in China?”
“Is there such a thing,”The news was released by Chen Geng’s order,Comrade Chen naturally knows how to answer,Facing Qiu Ke,He answered honestly:“Mr. Chen thinks,When a country’s automobile consumer market has reached10010,000 vehicles,You can design some special models for this market,Regrettably,There is already such a big one in China、And the market is still increasing,But there is no incubator for the auto industry,This situation is wrong,He is willing to do something。”
In this age,“Special offer”But good things can’t be good,Special for Moutai,Special for Wuliangye,Newei Special Offer、Special for the Great Hall……No matter what,Just follow“Special offer”Two words linked together,thatBThe grid must be tall,And it must have been hard,Qiu Ke is no exception,He squinted his eyes subconsciously:“Did Mr. Chen really say that??”
“Yes,My brother really said that。”No one else is here、And everyone knows their relationship with Chen Geng,Comrade Xiao Chen doesn’t mind explaining the relationship between Bai himself and Chen Geng。
Qiu Ke understands,Comrade Xiao Chen was indeed ordered to preach,He nodded,With emotion:“The old man said that Mr. Chen Geng is an old friend of the Chinese people,Sure enough!Ok……Did Mr. Chen Geng talk about this automotive industry design and R&D center?,What is he going to do?”
“He did say,”Xiao Chen Yingdao:“Mr. Chen Geng’s meaning,This automotive industry design company is not affiliated with which company,But completely independent、Self-management、Self-accounting,In terms of shares,His personal contribution50%,Several other domestic automobile manufacturers jointly invested,Take up45%,Everyone works together,Build this automotive industry design and R&D center。”
Qiu Ke frowned slightly:“So……”
First1103chapter Stupid

This is different from what Qiu Ke thought,He never thought about this thing to bypass Chen Geng,Chen Geng is not alive**,Why let SAIC make such a big profit in vain?