“Don’t be so arbitrary,Listen to me。It stands to reason that marriage is free,If two people are not suitable, leave,But some things are not so simple,dont you agree?”Wang Youcai said,Take a look at Song Fang。

Song Fang frowned,Asked coldly:“What do you mean?I don’t understand”
“look,You are already divorced twice,Wouldn’t it be three times if I leave again? I know you don’t care,But have you ever thought,Where are your two children?When they grow up,What do they think of you?”Don’t look at Wang Youcai as a bastard,But he also plays the emotional card。
Song Fang was said by Wang Youcai,I can’t sit still。Although the two children Wang Lijun took away are not close to her,But they were born to her after all,Maybe we really want to meet in the future,If at any time,Isn’t her marital status terrible。
“Our family thinks,My brother’s temperament changed drastically from inside。Become suspicious,He doesn’t just don’t believe you,He doesn’t believe everyone in our family now。I am his brother,I got so bad this time,He did not ask the last sentence”
“So you have to tolerate him,Let him out of this shadow。Maybe tomorrow morning,He becomes better”Wang Youcai saw that Song Fang stopped talking,And said a few more words。
Song Fang took a breath and said:“Your older brother is too irritating,No one can stand him”
“Where is the crux??You have to say it”Wang Youcai asked。
Song Fang’s eyes with tears,What happened to Wang You after he was sent to prison,From the end to the end。Especially when she went to Donglin Township to send Xia Jian,Wang Youfa chased Donglin Township,Song Fang said the most angry,Excitement,He punched his chest with his fists。
Looking at Song Fang like this,Wang Youcai didn’t speak for a while。He never expected,This matter has something to do with Xia Jian,It seems that their Lao Wang family has been against Lao Xia family in this life。
“You go!I have said everything I should say,I’m divorced this marriage。If Wang Youfa is still dragging and not signing,I went to the court to sue him”Song Fang stood up as he spoke,Made a gesture of seeing off。
Wang Youcai has nothing to say,Secretly cursing Xia Jian’s eight-life ancestor,I walked out of the village committee of Xiping Village。
arrive home,Everything remains the same。My mother Chen Yueqin is still lying on the edge of the kang*,My old lady, I feel aggrieved and can’t tell,That’s why。
The anger slowly rose in Wang Youcai’s heart。This home becomes what it is today,All because of his elder brother Wang Youfa。

Lei Lei crawled on the bed,Asked her mother softly。

Zhang Fenglan nodded and said:“child!Mother’s sin is enough,This Mr. Xia should be our destined person,He can relieve mother’s illness,Just cooperate with her well”Zhang Fenglan finished,So I closed my eyes with great enjoyment。
Xia Jian took off the dart bag wrapped around his waist,Then draw nine different lengths from the top,Silver needle with white light。Just when he was sterilizing the silver needle on the alcohol stove。Lei Lei crawled to Zhang Fenglan’s ear and said:“mom!His needle is long!Looks a little scary”
“child!You have to learn to trust others。Just stand on the side quietly,Watch this Mr. Xia treat mom!”
Zhang Fenglan finished,He closed his eyes,Didn’t say a word。
Xia Jian’s silver needle is finished,Then press the acupuncture points on Zhang Fenglan’s back with two fingers,Pierced very accurately。Zhang Meilan crawling on the bed,Motionless。
Xia Jian’s movements are light,And it’s fast。The nine silver needles were pierced very accurately according to the acupoints。
After completing this action,Xia Jian sat on the bed,Then he beckoned to Lei Lei,Asked for a new towel,He wiped his hands,Only then began to adjust the needle。
“Ms. Zhang!I want to start adjusting the needle,Say whatever you feel。of course,Don’t say anything without feeling”
Xia Jian said,My hands started to move。
“Oh!hemp,A bit numb。Ok!This one hurts。Damn!Is there a fire on this needle?,Why is it so hot……”
Zhang Fenglan, who was crawling on the bed, was chattering loudly following the rhythm of Xia Jian’s needle adjustment。
This wave down,A few stitches on Zhang Fenglan’s back showed obvious changes。Some show a big part,And some almost all went in。This scared Lei Lei,She opened her mouth wide,Standing on the side and dare not say a word。
Xia Jian got off the bed,He glanced at his hands,Then said to Zhang Fenglan:“Don’t move,If you don’t feel uncomfortable,You have to tell me”
Xia Jian arranged,So I sat on the sofa and closed my eyes。Originally, he came here to find out some news about Bucheon and go back.,But I didn’t expect him to become a doctor again。Toss it down,It might be getting dark soon!
Xia Jian thought about these things,I don’t know if everyone is going out today,How are their respective jobs?Think of it like this,Xia Jian couldn’t sit still。He just opened his eyes,I saw Lei Lei come over and sit beside him。
“Thank you Mr. Xia for treating my mother。Judging from the current situation,Mr. Xia’s treatment direction is correct。At least after you get the needle,My mother’s illness never happened again。Was rude to you just now,please forgive me”
Lei Lei said to Xia Jian with gratitude。
Xia Jian glanced at Lei Lei and asked:“I shouldn’t see the effect now!”
“can!My mother’s back hurts,The interval is ten or twenty minutes later。Every time it hurts,There are at least three waves,But looking at her now,This disease won’t happen again”

All five-story palaces in the imperial court are all warning signs,The inner guards of the gods jumped to the clouds one after another,They have never seen Li Tan so angry,Under infuriating,It seems that half of the sky is shaking and roaring,The most disturbing thing for the generals is that the holy emperor is still in the other courtyard,Make such a big noise,But there is no sound,I don’t know what other secrets are hidden in it。

“Met the chief executive,I don’t know in the other courtyard……”God will dare to ask。
“A thief broke into the imperial court,Xue Changqing,Take someone to block the entire inner palace,Protect the harem,No people are allowed to enter or leave;Liang Yutong,Open the robbery formation around the imperial court,Dare to trespass,Kill all。”
God will respond loudly,Lead away。
“Huang Zhiqing,Take someone to get those red dragons back。”Li Tan gave orders in one breath,Quickly stabilized the situation,But the boy is still missing,Under his irritation, he suddenly thought of the consequences of the collapse of the cottage,I got a cold sweat immediately,The remaining chess game not only completely ruined,I’m afraid it will also cut off the path of the return of the holy emperor and the fire sky。
It’s too late to say anything,Before the spirited,Want to find the third way,As if the ghost is fascinated,Unexpectedly, this bad situation will come out,Lost the holy emperor’s support like a giant pillar,Li Tan seemed to lose his confidence suddenly,I’m afraid the free world will really fall apart。
Although Li Tan opposes the path that Huo Tianzun and Shenghuang each adhere to,,But under the holy emperor’s years of accumulation of power, it is difficult to develop a true heart of resistance,What he called persistence,It’s just a little action behind the two masters,But in Li Tan’s eyes, it is considered a bold attempt。
Bad thing is,Not only failed completely,And it may ruin the return of these two top masters,A power vacuum suddenly formed in the free world,Li Tan is actually the only Tianzun-level powerhouse besides Brahma and He,But he didn’t have any preparations in his heart,Coupled with anger,A bit messed up。
In the Imperial Court,Li Tan almost digs three feet,Still no trace of the boy,Think a little,So he flew to the twelve peaks behind the imperial court,Eight consecutive kill formations were laid out in one breath,subconsciously,He thinks it is possible for the teenager to escape here。
Keep busy till night,Li Tan’s mood has long since calmed down,Start thinking about the next thing seriously,He is not a person without responsibility,It’s just that alien monster in the world of the young god hidden,Just being a ghost clone makes him even in distress,How terrifying if the opponent’s body appears。
Li Tan even started to reflect on his previous behavior,Too reckless and persistent,From the brief conflict with that evil charm,The new world represented by this thing is full of unknowns and dangers,Not what he wanted,It’s not a homeland paradise that people in the free world are searching for,Whether that evil thing is the strongest in the unknown world,He decided to stop exploring。
But the scary thing is,That evil thing already knew the position of the free world,Will there be more evil things coming along this way,Thinking about it makes Li Tan shudder。
Recall the brief encounter process,Li Tan discovered that he knew almost nothing about the power and power of evil things,Obviously weak to withstand a phantom,How can the earth-shaking power burst out?With his Tianzun level strength, he is tired,this is too scary,and so,Never let that young man return to the Five Elements Island alive。
For safety,Li Tan decided to invite Brahma to come,The two together will surely put the evil thing to death,of course,this way,Everything that happened in the imperial court may be exposed,Li Tan doesn’t care anymore,There are only two of them in this world,Discuss everything,First, solve foreign problems first。
The boy did get into the mountain behind the imperial court,As for which one of the Twelve Peaks,He can’t figure it out,Panic,Just run away blindly,He doesn’t even know how fast his body is,How hidden is the body shape,So that Li Tan is hard to catch,But he has noticed that there is indeed a very weird guy in his mind,Just escaped from the imperial court,All over this guy。
“who are you?Why hide in the temple?Why can I control my body?”Although the boy’s question is straightforward,But the tone is friendly,He even thought the death of the Holy Spirit was an illusion,It should always exist,Guiding his behavior。
But no response,Teenagers don’t mind,Just want to stop and rest for a while,Look for the direction and return to the Five Elements Island,Unexpectedly,What the mind thinks is completely different from the movement of the body,The scenery on both sides is still blurry and flying,He can’t stop at all。
“No kidding,I’m tired,I want to go back to Wuxing Island,If you are the Holy Spirit,Just promise me。”
One thousand one hundred and fifty-five chapters Not in case
The boy asked three times and got no response,The body is still moving at high speed,The bitter wind and the occasional vegetation branches that he touched made him bloody。

First33chapter Sickleclaw Raptor

Bingchen Bailong groaned at this moment,It unfolds the gorgeous main wing,Like the ice and snow phoenix in myth。
An icy breath dissipated from the snow feathers,It swept across this messy mountain forest like a storm,The cold water that is being dried is condensing at a speed visible to the naked eye,Condensed into extremely strong frost!
Trees frozen,Rock freezing,The white frost all over the ground overwhelmed the heat wave of the gilt fire dragon,It also condenses the water snakes entwined on the gilt fire dragon into a ring of ice!
The ring of frost is as strong as a shackle,The gilt fire dragon is locked tightly,Make it hard to get up。
Teacher Duan Lan glanced at Zhu Minglang,There is a slight smile on his face。
Ke Bei saw this rare opportunity,Immediately took a few steps back,Left hand forward,Palms facing the ground,Opened his own spiritual realm。
You can see the spiritual pattern appearing in his palm,And mapped on the dirt floor in front of you,The earth suddenly rolled over。
Stone flying mud splash,What Ke Bei wants to summon is a mud dragon,Although its strength is inferior to the eagle beast dragon,But this mud dragon has a very thick body,Can withstand several full-force attacks from the gilt fire dragon。
After all, it was a sneak attack,No chance to summon,Had it not been for Bingchen Bailong and Zhanchuan Dragon to trap the gilt fire dragon,Ke Bei didn’t dare to open the print easily,Summoning requires full attention after all,Also need a little time。

“How do you know i didn’t go?”Xia Jian asked deliberately。

The other party laughed:“Just go,Gu Yue is emotionally unstable now,So your speed should be faster”
“You better not rush me,you need to know,This Gu Yue is Gu Changlong’s daughter,It’s just my boss,I am in a hurry,I don’t want to manage”Xia Jian’s brain turned,Said suddenly。
Obviously the other party didn’t expect Xia Jian to say such things,I couldn’t help but pause:“You have a kid,You can also do things like this。Are you afraid that Gu Yue will fire you??”
“Hahahaha!You are really a frog at the bottom of the well,I can’t find such a job wherever I can go,Don’t worry!I really don’t care about this job。So don’t force me,I can help you raise money,Otherwise I really don’t care,You can go to Gu Changlong directly”Xia Jianyue said the more courageous,Because he found out that the other party was afraid he would let go of it。
Li Xue on the side couldn’t help but give Xia Jian a thumbs up。The other party may think the call time is too long,Shouted on the phone immediately:“All right,You should do it as soon as possible,Otherwise, if we tore the ticket, you can’t get rid of it”Hung up the phone after talking。
“very good,These guys are in a hurry for money,The more you are,The more they become anxious,This is in our favor,Remember next time they call,We must listen to the voices of Gu Yue and Chen Yue,This is tactics”Li Xue said very calmly。
Her voice just fell,The phone rang,She looked at the number,Can’t help but feel happy,One call,She smiled and said:“Big fat cow,How did you find it?”
I don’t know what the other party said for a while,I saw Li Xue always agreeing,Wait for the phone to hang up,She smiled and said:“Found,Xu Yiming has been withGZXu Sanduo is in touch,Just last night,They seem to be on the phone”
“Fat Cow is so awesome this time”Xia Fei asked in surprise。
Li Xue smiled and said:”We have good luck this time,Xu Sanduo committed a crime,The police are staring at him recently,So the police know his every move“
”Oh!Can you let your friends help?,Does Xu Sanduo haveGZ“Xia Jian couldn’t help asking。
Li Xue smiled and said:”No wonder Gu Yue fell in love with you,Your brain is really good,It’s exactly our way of solving the case,Rest assured,Which side has started investigation“
Being praised by beautiful women is naturally happy,But he knew very well,The sad thing is still behind,He has to face it 100%。There can be no negligence in this matter,In case Gu Yue has three long and two short,The first person to skin him was Gu Changlong。
”All right,It’s half past eight,hurry up!Pay attention to the tail behind,Pretend to be like,Never show your feet“Li Xue said loudly。
Xia Jian stood up,Wash my face in the bathroom,Then gestured towards Li Xue and Xia Fei,He opened the door and walked out quickly,He didn’t see anyone along the way。

“Li Yan,Why are you doing this to me!”

Jing Mu looked at Li Yan,Suddenly broke out。
Simultaneously,Let go of my sister。
Fang Yu hugged the girl quickly,Shook his head,Start to get the pulse。
That little mess,I’ll talk later……
When Fang Yu got his pulse。
Jing Mu punched over!
Fang Yu avoided subconsciously……
Jing Mo hit his sister,Girl vomiting blood。
More serious!!!
Jing Mu saw this scene,Excited brain congestion。
Li Yan saw her boyfriend fainted,Anxious。
thing,Getting messy!
First78chapter you guys,who is it?

Lingxi looked at the elders,The faces of several elders are full of passion,It seems that it says choose me,Pick me!

Ling Xi looked at Qu Anlie, the fifth elder among the group“I choose him!”
Qu Anlie’s face instantly showed ecstasy“Hahaha,it is good,My good apprentice”Landing and laughing,A little bit speechless with excitement,After all, green and blue qualifications are more common,But it’s hard to see the qualifications further up,Each level of qualification is very different,Can receive a person with purple aptitude as an apprentice,That’s something that the ancestral grave feels bright。
The elders above are very disappointed with this result,Why did you choose the fifth child?,I am really pissed off。
“OK OK,Don’t be disappointed,Maybe you can meet better”Qu Anlie said words of comfort,But the sigh of strength on his face makes people really want to hammer him!
Sun Mingyun threatened with her silver teeth:“If you scream again,Believe it or not, I let you lie down!”
Qu Anlie immediately became honest,Dare not be。
“Kid,What do you want!”Qu Anlie turned his head to look at Fuming。
“I don’t need anything from you,I just want you to promise!”Fuming looked at Qu Anlie and said。
“Speak,What promise”Qu Anlie waved his hand,Very proud。
“Lingxi must never be wronged by you,Can’t be hurt!”
“Of course,He is my apprentice,I will naturally。。。”
“What i want is certain,If she suffers any harm or grievance,I will kill you when I go to the poor and fall to the Huangquan!”After speaking, the energy in the body burst out。
Qu Anlie frowned,The energy in this kid is so strong,OneDThe energy of Level 2 is approachingCEnergy,Really strange。
“Hahaha,Ok i promise you,I swear by my life,I will protect Lingxi as long as I live,So you can be satisfied?”Qu Anlie raised his arm and swore。
Fuming ignored Qu Anlie,Look towards Lingxi“Take care of yourself,If he bullies you, come find me,I’ll vent you!”Qu Anlie heard this from the side,Keep rolling his eyes,You oneDThe little guy on the second floor still vents me。。。
Ling Xi nodded。
“OK OK,I will have a chance to meet again in the future,Don’t make it like parting with life and death”Qu Anlie’s face is impatient,Immediately urge energy to float away with Lingxi,Lingxi’s face is full of dismay。

Li Tianchou only noticed that Peng Weihua was not there,Look at the objects on the table again,Can’t help being surprised,This is a short knife with a leather scabbard,The cowhide is very worn,Some places are even bright and black,It is Peng Weihua’s personal self-defense weapon。

He never leaves with this knife,Love is treasure,Even when you take a bath, you should put it on the stool next to you.。And he rarely uses this knife,I once heard Peng Weihua joking about,“This knife is my brother,When it desperately,I have to kill。”
The knife is not there now,what does this mean,Li Tianchou has a cold sweat,Grabbed the note next to it。Above is a beautiful line of small print,Deja vu:Bad rules surnamed Peng,Let your people in charge to lead people(Only one person),Before five o’clock in the afternoon,Expired。Qingshiqiao Kiln outside Nancheng。
Li Tianchou understood why Zhu Lei was anxious,Hold everyone under pressure,Just to wait for myself to come back,Otherwise, they will rush over with unknown circumstances,It’s hard to predict the consequences。Look at the time again,It’s half past four,so close!He said to Zhu Lei,“I’ll go right away,Everyone wait for me here。”
“No way,We also go。”Liangzi and Qi Baozhu jumped first。
“Don’t argue,time does not wait,Stay here at ease。”Li Tianchou gave a word,About to turn and leave。
“That won’t work,Walk on your front foot in the afternoon,Ah Hua is gone,We don’t worry。”Shemale also stood up,And the words are rushing,The implication does not trust Li Tianchou。
“Why do you talk to the boss like this??You sit down for me。”Zhu Lei is angry。No wonder shemale,When everyone is fighting for the qualifications of the family,He is still healing in the ravine,He always has some inexplicable feelings about Li Tianchou’s identity,Although I heard everyone talk about the situation intermittently,But still not convinced。
“Yoha,If he is really in charge,I won’t even answer the phone if something like this happens?Don’t give me this set,I want to go,I just gave you face,Don’t push your nose on your face。”Shemale is more angry,
Li Tianchou looked at the ladyboy coldly,Look like a blade。Shemales are not afraid,Look up,But it’s just a moment’s work.,The other person’s eyes are not that simple and cold,Also mixed with a fierce killing spirit,Make him feel stressed。
“It is very clear on the note,Only let one person go。”Li Tianchou speaks slowly,“What other people’s opinions?”
“Everyone go together。”Ryoko took a step forward,Also without fear。
Li Tianchou nodded,“Well,Just do that。I start,The others and Zhu Lei will act in half an hour,Wenhui stays to watch the house。”
“Why do you go first?Go together。”The shemale couldn’t help screaming again,But as soon as the voice fell, I felt a flower,Li Tianchou is already standing in front of him,The nearest face of the two is not more than a fist。
Everyone is shocked,Even Li Tianchou himself was surprised。I wanted to rush over to frighten the opponent,But angry,Free heart,Speed far beyond my imagination。
In everyone’s eyes,Within four or five meters,Li Tianchou just swayed slightly before moving instantly。Ryoko is the most surprised,His open mouth hasn’t closed yet,I feel a gust of wind,Li Tianchou is already standing behind him,This Nima is hell?

“Blood river,Master Scarlett’s disciple,Didn’t you hear of the dignified God of War??”Pan Mang actually broke through,He seems unwilling,Still resentful,I actually want to distract Li Tianzhi,If you can take the opportunity to provoke,He doesn’t mind revealing the old foundation of Blood River again。

In the eyes of Panmang,Cooperation is transaction,Only the strong speak,At the underground palace scene,Without this‘Seal of God’s Punishment’,He is the strongest,Li Xiucheng is far from returning to his peak state,I believe this seal is over,Li Xiucheng’s vitality will quickly take time out,A mere golden body is not his opponent,And Pan Mang didn’t think the other party really dared to smash this earth-shattering mark,Even smashed,He can’t die,There are two heads and souls in other places,With a strong cultivation base and background,He can still come back,Just a little bit more painful,Can bear。
“Master Panmang is a good way。”Xiao Yanda sneered,Then he bowed his hand in the air,“Ghost Clan,Not worth mentioning,If it weren’t for Master Panmang,,I won’t risk using such a trick,But since things are happening like this,Xiao Mou is willing to be punished,Give an explanation to the Temple of War。”
“You are blood river,Then Wenyu Shen is Zifeng,Sure enough,The energy of the blood family opened Li’s eyes today。”Li Tianzhen has already cut off the vitality injection to Dayin at this moment,The dazzling brilliance of the huge seal is gradually getting away,He definitely couldn’t make this mark,But you can use‘Seal of God’s Punishment’The enveloping supernatural power temporarily trapped Panmang and Xiao Yanda,Wait for an opportunity to kill them one by one。
Li Tianzhi’s insignificant actions cannot escape Pan Mang’s perception,And after opening his eyes again, he was not blinded by Fang Yin’s light,I knew that just a sentence made it difficult for Li Tianzhen to make up his mind,Can’t help but sneer,Once opponents and enemies disobey the courage of the past,Rat trap,This is the weakness。
“But Li also said just now,You die today!”
Li Tianzhen’s words just fell,A touch of emerald green draws a straight light trail,With a bang, it hit the ruins not far from Pan Mang’s body,After a terrible cry at the same time,Blood spray,Flying rocks,The body of a big black god and demon was ejected,Corpse separation,Black hair on the head like a mountain ape,The eyes are extremely angry and frightened,Ye Dao instantly killed the big devil hidden underneath,Even the soul didn’t escape。
“Do you dare to kill in front of the old man!?”Pan Mang changed color,Hand stroke,A black ball of light emerged from its palm,Spin slowly,Turn bigger,Black like ink,Slowly glowing black light,Can actually counter the brilliance of Fang Yin。
Chapter 960 Fierce battle in ruins
Li Tianzhi’s pupil of true vision cannot see the texture structure clearly,Naturally, it is impossible to analyze the runes and the rules of formation,But clearly felt the aura of destruction,With a deep breath of the abyss,There is the power of the underlying rules。
Pan Mang’s nirvana at the bottom of the box,So confident,Because of his understanding of Li Xiucheng,Saw his weakness,So far, I haven’t awakened to the peak state of God of War,Of course he is not afraid,Even if‘Seal of God’s Punishment’Is a supernatural power,But as long as you kill Li Tianzhi,The huge square seal hanging above the head will naturally disappear。
Think you know,But don’t actually understand,When the black ball gets bigger and bigger,The green brilliance around Li Tianzhi flickered again,And faster than the first time,In fact, whenever the leaf knife flies out,Pan Mang will have a brief absence,He was scared to the bones of this blasting sword,I hate it in my bones,Three of his heads were cut off by this knife.,There is still a whistling cold wind around the neck,The pain deep into the bone marrow made him unforgettable。
The turbulent flow pulled out by the green is like a faint silk ribbon,Unhappy memories slowed Pan Mang’s reaction,It’s just a little bit insignificantly slowly,It’s too late when the consciousness moves again,The rubble in front of him was blown into the sky with a crash,Black blood spurts like an arrow,This time the blade knife was extremely thorough,I didn’t even see a corpse in the capital,There is a god and demon killed,Extremely clean。
Almost at the same time,An extremely exaggerated big black gun has flew in front of Pan Mang,The tip of the gun quivered,Bring out a gorgeous gun,There is a dragon head faintly roaring with its mouth open in the middle,This fancy pattern changed Panmang’s face drastically,He remembered an old enemy,Recognized this big gun。
In a hurry,His body retreated quickly,Four arms grow from the left and right shoulders,One arm is holding a sledgehammer,Bang on the tip of the gun,Pan Mang swept back again with his huge momentum,And Li Tianzhen was also churned by the shock,Staring at gold stars,Can’t help,This old man is really fierce。
“Is that old dog Yuwen dead??”
“Bullshit!”Li Tianzhen yelled,Twist the gun and stab,The body and the big gun turned into a black shadow,Like a flying pestle,He and Li Xiucheng’s golden body match,Strive to be preemptive,Never want Pan Mang to sacrifice the black ball,This thing is as lethal as‘Seal of God’s Punishment’,Li Tianzhen is worried about a catastrophe,Not easy to use,But Panmang’s heart is like a rock,Naturally without scruples in desperate situations,This is the weakness of Li Tianzhen。
Pan Mang takes another shot,The body ran into the light curtain shrouded by the seal of God’s punishment while retreating rapidly,The whole back is as painful as being burned by fire,This is the fire of the true god,Even if Panmang has his skin made of copper and iron, he can’t stand it,Uncontrollably furious,The arm on the right volleyed,I don’t know where I grabbed a piece of black、Something like a rock,Raising his hand and hitting the light curtain。
Bang,Li Tianzhu’s heart shock,As if being beaten in the chest with a sledgehammer,Plus Panmang’s impact just now,Two consecutive times,He was in pain immediately。

“I have been to the company several times before,I think,Most people know me,I’m not a boss,Are part-time workers like you。”There is weakness in Xia Shuyue’s voice。

The manager sees Xia Shuyue standing a bit hard,Just moved a stool,“President Xia,You sit down。”
“Sorry,everyone,Excuse me,I am now in a special period,Can only sit。”Xia Shuyue sat down slowly。
Sit firmly,Continue to say,“Zhang Siwei——boss Zhang,Everyone is familiar with,With Zhao Gang——Zhao is always a good friend,Something happened to Zhao’s company,Needless to say,everybody knows,Mr. Zhao has to deal with more things,He doesn’t want to affect the company’s development because of family affairs,So let Mr. Zhang take over,Let the company have a better future。”
Wang Zhaodi sneaked out of the office,Pretend to pour Xia Shuyue a cup of hot water,Actually, I want to see how many people are there in the photo studio my cousin said。
“Zhang and I are always friends,Do business together,She is busy,To manage two companies,too busy,So I’ll take care of her,I just gave birth to a baby,Was pulled,Mainly to coordinate the workflow,Let the company function normally。”
Someone asked immediately,“President Xia,Would you like to re-sign our contract??”
Xia Shuyue shook her head,“No need to,You don’t have to resign your labor contract,Because I still work in the same company,Only the legal representative changed,Does not affect。Recent,The company’s business may not be as good as before,But don’t panic everyone,I promise,Will not affect your income,Within these three months,No matter the company’s business is good or bad,Are based on the previous salary base,The content of your work is the same,Work when you have work,Read more books and learn more if you have no work。”
Everyone is relieved to hear,Applaud unanimously,Because of this time,Everyone is worried about losing their jobs,Some people are already looking for new jobs。
“What do you have to ask,Can mention now。”The manager stood aside and said。
No one spoke,very quiet。
No one spoke after waiting for a minute,Xia Shuyue said again,“Because someone came to the company to make trouble some time ago,So closed for a week,We reopen today,Is a new starting point,a good start,We want to celebrate,I invite everyone to dinner in the afternoon,Find a good place,We are lively,Take boyfriend with boyfriend,Bring girlfriend with girlfriend,Children with children。”
Immediately a boy smiled and asked,“President Xia,I don’t have a girlfriend,Not a disadvantage?”
“I can’t help you with this,You try to eat,eat more,Eat double!”Xia Shuyue said,Made everyone laugh,“it is good,Nothing more,Just get to know everyone,Go back to your post now。”
Xia Shuyue stood up,Wang Zhaodi immediately supported her,Xia Shuyue didn’t sleep well last night,I’m overdrawn now,Struggling to walk back to the office。
“Baby woke up,Going to eat。”Seeing Xia Shuyue and Wang Sulian said quickly。
Xia Shuyue nodded and walked into the room,Feed the child,Then lie down in bed to rest,Still lie down comfortably,Lie down for an hour,She got up again and had a meeting with the heads of various departments,Communicate with you how to solve the current difficulties,Also mainly to stabilize people’s hearts。
Working on and off all morning,Xia Shuyue is struggling,I feel I can’t hold it anymore,fortunately,Basically no one will bother you in the afternoon,She has been lying in bed to rest。