This bottle is not an ordinary perfume。I added cinnabar in the perfume,Zombies are most afraid of this smell,Can prevent being bitten by zombies,But this only works for zombies after four generations。

I also improved this peach wood sword,joinedTASEYFunction of stun gun,Zombies fear Mahogany,Same fear of thunder and lightning。
TASEYThe stun gun is a new type of weapon that the United States is still developing,The patent has been acquired by me,After shooting,Release immediately220Volt。
The mahogany sword itself is only more than one meter long,It can extend the distance by more than one meter when the high voltage is excited instantly,Can kill each other by surprise。
But this technology is not yet mature,The battery can only be discharged once!”
Chen Xiu loves this charged peach wood sword,220Voltage,Don’t talk about fighting zombies,Hit people with one sword。
Zhang Yuantu sees the strangeness in Chen Xiu’s eyes,Quickly put away the peach wood sword。
“This is not yet mass production,I only have one,I’ll give you a handful for mass production in the future。”
Chen Xiu’s awkward disturbance,Is your greedy gaze so obvious?!
Lin Caiwei said from the side:“Do you still doubt my ability to deal with zombies now?!”
So many improved equipment,It is estimated that an ordinary person can deal with zombies,Chen Xiu naturally no longer doubts,I can’t help but think:“No wonder zombies are so tyrannical that they still live like rats crossing the street,There are too many things they fear!”
730 One Exorcism Sutra
Chen Xiu looked at the various exorcism weapons that Zhang Yuantu put out,But said:“You can only deal with three generations of zombies,Just listened to you,Ge Hong and the second-generation zombies are not afraid of these things。”
Zhang Yuantu’s face suddenly darkened,Helplessly say:“These things can’t deal with second-generation zombies。
But don’t be afraid。Most of the second-generation zombies that were transformed by Ge Hong have been wiped out by the Patriarch,There should be no more than five alive!”
Chen Xiu was thinking:“Don’t say five is only one,You killed so many disciples and grandchildren,To trouble you,Also dead!”
Just listen to Zhang Yuantu said bitterly:“The dragon jade pendant is actually the magic weapon to restrain Ge Hong and the second-generation zombies。Our exorcism has always been handed down through the ages,As a token of the head,Only those with a dragon-print jade pendant can practice this school《One Exorcism Sutra》。
It’s a pity that it was passed down to the generation of Mao Xiaofang in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China,The dragon jade pendant is also missing。

After three hours,Xia Jian has appeared with Xia SanhuSDAirport terminal。He has already bought Xia Sanhu’s air ticket to return to Buchuan City after 12 o’clock。

“Why haven’t people come yet?Won’t delay things!”Xia Sanhu said anxiously。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Will not,I made an appointment on the phone to let us wait for them here,Should be almost there”Xia Jian’s voice just fell。He saw Lin Ling rushing towards him with a man and a woman。
Due to walking fast,Lin Ling’s long hair like a waterfall draped her shoulders and flew。She has a tall and stylish figure,With her delicate face,This scene can only be seen in the movie。
“Ouch, Mr. Xia!Sorry for the waitting”Lin Ling laughed and walked over quickly。
Xia Jian hurriedly reached out and smiled:“No,Also just arrived。 Let you come here in person,Is it a bit too embarrassing?”
“I’m sorry,Something like this,The responsibility is all on our side。Let you get the vaccine in person,My face is dull!”Lin Ling reached out,And Xia Jian held tightly。
Xia Jian laughed and said:“If not for the vaccine,I can’t see you beautiful。How about this!Things let him take away,I invite Mr. Lin to have a light meal!”
“OK!I think so。Give him quickly,Use this thing,Will be fine soon,Rest assured”Lin Ling said and waved。The man carrying the vaccine box quickly handed it to Xia Sanhu。
Xia Sanhu took the vaccine box,Chong Xiajian nodded,So he hurried to the security checkpoint。Watching Xia Sanhu go away,Xia Jian feels a little proud。I think the five big and thick guys back then,The farthest place I have been to is Pingdu,I didn’t expect him now,Can already be alone。
“President Xia!Let’s go!“Lin Ling said softly to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian recovered,Busy with a smile:“go!Mr. Lin“Xia Jian finished,I took out my phone and called Xi Zhen。Tell her Xia Sanhu’s flight information,Let her drive。
Once in the parking lot,Lin Ling put Xia Jian on a good car。The two staff who came with her,Got in another car。Big group companies pay attention to,Three people came in two cars。
Lin Ling’s car is very particular,There is a faint smell of perfume in the entire compartment。And it can be said to be spotless,I can see that her car usually won’t let others ride。
The car drove up toJNHighway。Lin Ling drove the car,Asked while smiling:“How about Mr. Xia?busy these days,Didn’t call you,Sorry!“

“this12Patient Xu Songren,Have a good concern,Suitable binding,Prevent him from eating these cold and hard food。”

Zhou Ye spitted out tone,There is a layer of water in the mask.,Wet his cyan。
After paying the class,The two indispensive doctors will also leave,It is understood that they have stayed here.2Month,Now2During the month,I have to go to the doctor’s dormitory outside the ward. I have been isolated for a month.,Waiting for the end to go home。
“They left,Next, it is full of pressing us.。”Sun Jun is the first to spit。
Hu Yu also returned a sentence:“Yes,Ren a long way,We have to pick up this power stick,This ward is absolutely unable to go in our four people.。”
“certainly,I have to worry about us.,It is estimated that you will be the most busy.。”Sun Jun has a bad premonition。
Anyway, according to the current distribution,Zhou Niwu must be the most busy。
20Patient’s disease and daily doctor,That is written.。
Sun Jun even wanted to extend his hand to help him.,But it is old.,Still not“Parkinson”The name is shameful。
As for Hu Yu and Chen Riyuan, it is more powerless.,They are not familiar with this medical system。
Anyway, three director’s only thing to do is to help share the night shift.,Three people turn to duty。
Getting older,After a high high,In fact, they have not participated for a long time.。
“Shake,quick10No worth night from the coming year.。”Hu Yu has some feelings。
Sun Jun also nodded。
And Chen Riyuan helpless smile:“Fortunately, I have always had a habit of duty.,Even if you don’t sleep at night, you are used to it.。”
Three people finally looked at Zhou Ye,Silence。
I don’t seem to say,Still young。
This kind of thing is really not going back.,If you stay on your body, you only have age as a testimony.。
Zhou Ye is suddenly shameful.,After all, he is the only person in the department who doesn’t have to duty.。
Clinical work,The most tired is the night shift.。
What bussing occurs even more in the middle of the night?,I have to get up,I accidentally encountered difficult to deal with it, I fell asleep.。
“This patient has read it.,Ended off,Do we want to come to the night?,Anyway, there is nothing tonight.。”Chen Riyuan proposes。
Sun Jun and Hu Yu are also responding right away.。
Since the three director agreed,Naturally, there is no matter what he thinks in Zhou Ye.。
So four people are ready to go to the ward。
“This tablet is said?”Zhou Ye thinks about it,Trip。
Yup,How can I have a tablet?。
How do you see information when you check your room?。
Then the most important thing is,The two doctors don’t seem to leave the work number.,Did not do it。
Now I really want to be pit.!

The two are going to compete here。

Learn from,Not a fight for life。
After all, they are both members of the Immortal Palace of the Dao League,Not necessary yet。
even,Both of them have decided on just three moves。
Three strokes。It’s enough to figure out most of the strength of a practitioner。
“Emperor,please!”Li Ming arches his hands,But a white jade fairy sword cuts through the void,Form a protective body。
“Be careful!Although only three tricks,But I will do my best!”Emperor Jinyu laughed,Strong golden light in his hands,A pair of golden and stone giant hammers appeared in the palm,Under one hammer!
First4chapter The strength of the Lord of the Holy City
One hammer drop!
Even in the main hall of the fairy palace,The space opened up alone can’t avoid some ripples。
“This is the power of the Lord of the Holy City,Sure enough!”
Li Ming was a little surprised,Without the slightest fear。
Among the white jade fairy sword,Unity of mind and mana,Power soars instantly。
The protective field formed by the white jade fairy sword,Form a huge and incomparable array,One pole is pure light,And the other pole is the ultimate darkness。
Liangyi Bodyguard,Void Unloading Force,Extremely tough。

Nie Yang is in a woman who is a woman.,It has already been investigated。

In the first time, he also investigated some things about the red.,First of all, he knows very beautiful.,And it is very young。
Men have seen no heart,At the beginning, the boss didn’t be reluctant to be tough.。
I saw it today.,He has already understood。
Such woman,He is also not reluctant to have tough。
I am very sorry.,I am not a red sister.,I should know it today.?”
Nie Yang listens to the other party is not a red sister,Also a glimpse。
“You are not the red sister in the county town?
then who are you?”
“Needless me?,I am coming to find you today.,Of course, if you don’t explain, we can use your fist to see the true chapter.。”
I heard Li Mei.,Nie Yang is also laughing in the sky.。
“Hahaha is a joke,You actually tell me the truth.,Tell me,What tries you told me??”
Original Nie Yang wants to quickly,These people come in to pack up,But see Li Mei is so beautiful.,He suddenly was somewhat uncomfortable.。
Even if you want to play more。
“Row,Our decoration team staff is your people play.?”
“Be right,We are our people,This is the site of our gangster,If you don’t sound, you want to do this business.,No point rules,I let me teach them what they are rules.,is that OK?”
For Nie Yang,Li Mei is also laughing。
“hehe,This is your bloody gang?
Why don’t you say that the whole country is yours?,What evidence you have is your site,I also said that my site is!”
“Hahaha can,You can say it is your site,But you have to ask me that this group of brothers promised to pay attention to it.。”
Nie Yang is also arrogant to Li Mei.。
“Humph,It seems that I can’t tell you today.,The brothers of my decoration team can’t be white,Today, the first thing is to solve this first.,Give you two options,Compensation for medical expenses,Advance your home,Second, I don’t have to compensate for medical expenses.,Let’s take you into the hospital.,You choose!”
Li Mei’s exit,Scorpion and others are also nervous。
They really don’t know where Li Mei comes.,They are directly surrounded by others.,As a result, Li Mei can still have to hob。
This is simply incredible for them.。
Not only the scorpion they,Jin Xijie is also some don’t know what to say.。
Although he wants to take people to solve,But I didn’t want to solve it like this.!At least the hot weapon is still a bit deterrent。
The result is the dagger,There are a lot more than people on the weapon.,Never use morale。
Chapter 1,300 Uncomfort
Nie Yang does not know where Li Mei comes。
I heard Li Mei’s words.,He laughed directly。
“Be unhappy first,Let me tell me what you call.,I have never played the unknown generation.。”
“Humph,Can win us again!It is not ready to choose.!”

The more so,Actually look here,For Hong Tiandu himself,I feel,Now words,Can speed up to finish this thing。

And the people around,See Hong Tiandu like this,They also kept saying here。
“That’s what it said,If you can,Let’s next,You can consider starting from this aspect。”
“Actually now,We already have the victory,Do we need to worry about anything??”
“I won’t talk about other things for now,But at least here,I think,We have solved it almost。”
Just here,With the people around,I didn’t forget to say before my eyes。
The more so,Actually such a thing,Put it in front of you,It feels quite tricky。
And seeing these,at this time,In fact, it looks like other people,If Wang Teng really comes,They don’t need to worry about anything。
And while these people are still thinking about these things。
at the same time,not far away,A subordinate,Ran over in a hurry。
“what happened?”
See this person in front of me,Hong Tiandu is a little curious,Subconsciously asked before my eyes。
slowly,But Hong Tiandu just looked at him subconsciously,The more so,Actually from now on,How should these things be handled?。
Just these problems,Actually, it’s not easy。

Xia Jianyi thinks,Nodded,Acquiesced to Guo Meili’s request。Guo Meili greeted Zhao Hong and others,I walked quickly towards the taxi at the entrance of the village。

Because I went to the mountain yesterday,So Xi Zhen drove faster today,About ten thirty,The car has stopped in Shuijing Village。
Just got out of the car,Village Chief Chen greeted him。He laughed:“Mayor Ouyang,You are coming,The villagers are waiting“Xia Jianyi heard Mr. Chen say this,Can’t help but feel happy,It seems that this is half done。
In the yard of Mr. Chen’s house,A large group of people who have sat down,There are more than a hundred。Ouyang Hong couldn’t help but frowned and asked:“Chief Chen!There are only 105 households in Shuijing Village, right??Why are so many people here at once“
“Hi!I was troubled with this,I didn’t expect the villagers to hear that someone rented the land,That’s exciting。Some husbands can’t be home,My wife followed,Some even their sons are here,So it seems a bit too crowded“Mr. Chen said,Let Ouyang Hong and Xia Jian into the house。
Several older elders are already sitting in the house,They all seem to be around 70。Xia Jian understood at a glance,These talents are the ones who speak in Shuijing Village。
Xia Jian who understands rural routines,And greeted these old people one by one。Village Chief Chen was busy introducing Xia Jian and Ouyang Hong to these old people。
An old man with gray hair coughed twice and said:“I want to ask this boss,What if you lied to us?Such as not giving money“Rural people are simple,The questions asked are also very real。
“Ha ha!This old grandpa’s worry is a bit redundant,We are renting your land,Even if it’s buying your land,The land is not in your Shuijing Village,We can’t move。For example, we did not fulfill our promise,You can take it back,You can also go to the court to sue,Let me bear the liquidated damages“Xia Jian patiently explained to these old people。
Who are in the yard at this time,All rushed to the door,Many people have climbed onto the window,Everyone wants to hear。
“it is good!well said,In our Shuijing Village,As long as you don’t follow the rules,We can take back the land immediately。last question,How to pay the rent?Will not be the first land,Pay us rent again!We don’t do such a thing”The old man said again。
Xia Jian laughed,Raised his voice and said:“Logically,We paid the rent for twenty years。But this is not very good for you,Because we still want to divert water to the village first,Rebuild the road。So the rent is paid in installments,A contract,Pay for the first year,And so on,Pay the next year’s rent first every year,So you will have money every year”
“I personally think this method is good,If all the money is given to us,Some people are not easy to control,Maybe we will use up the rent for these 20 years in a year,Moreover,People have the conditions first,The installment payment is to divert water and build roads in our village“At this time, Village Chief Chen intervened and said。
Several old people bowed their heads and talked for a while,Then which old man,He shouted out the door loudly:“You should all have heard。If there is no opinion,That’s what we have to do in front of us?“
Silent outside the door,It seems that everyone has no opinion。The white-haired old man laughed and said:“Popular desire,It seems this can be done,The last is the most important question,How to talk about this rent?“
“This one is also simple,We have hired professionals to calculate。One, two and three,I think you know,We will refer to the standards of your village when the land was divided,Set the standard for each house first,Then measure,Count as much。This by our staff,And the representative you chose,And the villagers signed together to determine how?“Xia Jian said loudly。
The white-haired old man touched his hair and smiled:“Good good!This is very fair and reasonable,Please talk about rent“

“Wait a while,There are a lot of people who visit the great teaching in private。”Zhu Minglang replied。

“housekeeper!!”Teacher Lin Da’s face immediately darkened,He stands in front of the door,Looking down at the butler under the steps,Cold voice:“I didn’t tell you,I will have an important guest coming to visit soon,I told you in detail,Why didn’t you recognize it?”
The housekeeper was sweating profusely。
Take a closer look at Zhu Minglang,It is indeed very similar to what Lin Da’s teachings describe,But they didn’t wear a facial towel!
and,Didn’t this guy come to the back door to enter the high court??
Your Mightiness??
What status is Lin Da’s teaching?,And what he needs to be called,Still such a young man?
“No problem,No problem。”Zhu Minglang said。
“As a butler,Things should be done well,Failure to do well is negligence,housekeeper,Go to the old lady to receive the punishment!”Lin Zhao is not too gentle on such matters,Still severely dealt with。
“Yes,Yes,The little one will get the penalty。”
“Sit inside,I happened to be making tea,I didn’t expect your visit tonight,to be honest,I am also looking for you these days,I have something to discuss with you……Ugh,Look at my hospitality,Sorry sorry,You speak first,We still owe you a favor。”The Great Teacher Lin Zhao said。

When Xia Jiangang asked who he was,Phone has been hung up。Fang Fang glanced at Xia Jian and said:”Did someone ask you out?Nothing,We two help you“

”I’m afraid this is not good!I’m embarrassed if it hurts you“Xia Jian said with some worry。
Han Juan stood up abruptly and said:”Let’s go!We both clean up,So that they can’t see it。I haven’t touched it for many days,Just move your muscles and bones“
Xia Jian thought for a while,Nodded and agreed。The three of them left the hotel together,Stopped a car on the road,Go straight to Dongling 2nd Road,Man or ghost,It’s clear at night。
First1037chapter Fight
Dim light,A few abandoned factories。
Xia Jianhe Fang Fang、Han Juan got off the taxi,Follow the phone’s instructions,Walk forward,What appeared before my eyes was such a scene。
Push open the rusty iron gate,Three people walked inside。If this is alone,Absolutely no guts to walk in。It’s like a ghost film seen in a movie。Xia Jian is bold,Two women with extraordinary skills followed,He was a little timid。If he comes alone,He can’t come in here,Even if the other party scolds him。
”President Xia!Don’t go inside anymore,Be careful to be in an ambush“Fang Fang gently pulled Xia Jian,Whispered in his ear。
Xia Jianyi listen,Then stopped,Standing in a yard full of iron blocks。at this time,His phone rang,A woman said in a low voice:”Not bad!Also brought a helper,It’s ok,We are not afraid of how many people come。Please come into the workshop,We have been waiting in there for a long time“
Just finished saying this,The phone hung up。Xia Jian hesitated,Take the lead and walk inside、The big iron door of the workshop is hidden,Xia Jian used all his strength,Slammed the big iron door open。He was thinking,If there is an ambush behind the gate,He pushed,Must be pushed down,But there is no one behind the door。
Some things are thrown in a mess in the workshop,Accidentally trips people。Xia Jian walked in,Watching the route,If something goes back,,It seems that I can only go back the same way,Because all the windows are sealed。
Suddenly,An electric light on the roof of the workshop suddenly lights up,Although not very bright,But took a picture of the whole workshop。at this time,From behind a few large wooden boxes,Seven or eight yellow hairs came out。the difference is,These yellow hairs are basically the same height and body shape,Neither tall nor short,Appears to be trained。
Followed by,A coquettish woman came out,The woman is wearing a pair of high riding boots,The hair is tied into a ponytail and left behind,She is dressed in leather,He wore studded boxing gloves on both hands。
”Hahahaha!Summer always!Sure enough, the artist is bold,Also considered a romantic figure,Even if you are looking for death,Also bring a woman“This woman is laughing,Brought these people step by step。
Only after approaching Xia Jian did I see clearly,This woman is the woman with Heiwa today。Turns out it was her call,Where did her call come from??
Xia Jian was puzzled,Asked coldly:”What do you want to do?Who made you come“Xia Jian’s voice is not high,But it sounds unusually cold。
”You have too many questions, right!Why don’t you go to the Lord Yan to ask?,I believe his old man will definitely give you a satisfactory answer,how about it?“Woman talking,Made a gesture of closing with both hands。These Huang Xingtons are encircled,Formed into a semi-encircled situation。

What’s wrong with this woman?Wasn’t it okay just now?,How to change face, change face,Xia Jian asked at a loss:“Why are you angry?“

“What am i angry,You have such a great ability,I’m too happy“Ouyang Hong finished,Turned away,Where did you leave Xia Jian alone?。
About half an hour later,Xia Jian did not see Bai Ruyu’s shadow either,His heart began to feel uneasy,Logically,It won’t take so long to sign,Isn’t Mayor Lee willing to sign this,That can be done。
Almost an hour,Bai Ruyu just came over,When she saw Xia Jian,Shook his head and said:“Know you guy,Unlucky for me“
“how?Not signed!”Xia Jian asked disappointedly。
Bai Ruyu shook his head and said:“There are too many departments involved in this matter,Mayor Lee called,Check it one by one from bottom to top,Finally know that you have established the project,He signed,Otherwise it won’t be useful to anyone”
“Thank you so much“Xia Jianyi listen,I almost jumped up happy,Reach out and grab the material in Bai Ruyu’s hand。
Bai Ruyu said coldly:“What are you doing!Tedious,I’ll go to Mayor Chen to explain,He signed,This material will be delivered by someone,No need to worry about you,It’s okay now,You can go back“
“Shall we have a meal together at noon??”Xia Jian asked very readily。
Bai Ruyu shook his head and said:“I have a lot of things at hand,Wait for time,Let’s make an appointment,No more,I can’t keep up with Mayor Chen,He seems to be out today”Bai Ruyu finished,Run away。Latest and fastest update
Watching people go away,Xia Jian said silently in his heart,Nice to know her。
“Let’s go!Look at the eyeballs all falling out”Ouyang Hong suddenly appeared from nowhere,Shocked Xia Jian,This woman!Really hard to understand。
When Xia Jian followed Ouyang Hong to the Water Resources Bureau,It’s almost eleven o’clock noon,The woman who received them,A little unhappy to say:“Later,We can get off work”
“Take me to see your chief,We want to repair the hydropower station”Ouyang Hong said loudly。Xia Jian on the side was taken aback,Don’t we just draw some water?How did it become a hydropower station。
Which woman heard Ouyang Hong say that,Eyes bright,Said quickly:“Director Wang is out,Can Deputy Director Guo who is in charge of the project all right??”
“Row,You can find him”Ouyang Hong replied,Xia Jian understood Ouyang Hong’s intentions,It seems that sometimes,You have to be careful。
Deputy Director Guo,Thirtysomething,When I saw Ouyang Hong and Xia Jian,Greet them to sit down,Then smiled and asked:“What do you do,Please speak!”