“it is good!I agree with you。Want to talk,Go to Xifang to talk now,We wait for your results”Ma Dongshan said,Patted Xia Jian’s shoulder twice。

Came to Ma Yan’s room,Xia Jian lay down on the sofa,I really want to sleep。Alcohol and sleepiness,His eyelids are almost too tight。
“Don’t sleep,What to talk about?You speak!”Ma Yan pushed Xia Jian,Said seriously。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Make a cup of tea,Dry mouth,How to talk”Before speaking,Xia Jian wants to invigorate the atmosphere,Otherwise it would be too depressing。
“You have the most”Ma Yan said,So I made a cup of tea for Xia Jian and brought it over。
Xia Jian sat up straight,Took a long breath and said:“Ma Yan!We have something to say clearly tonight。Before,I don’t think there is anything to talk about,Just flip it all over。But you don’t know me Xia Jian,Do you understand my circle?can you accept?”
“can!I, Ma Yan, married you Xia Jian,As long as you are good to me,I’m satisfied。I said you Xia Jianfengliu,And there are full of girls like clouds。I think about it,I won’t interfere with your freedom。But i believe,You know what to do”
Ma Yan answered cleanly,Without any muddle。She said these words as if she had thought about it in advance,Xia Jian can’t fault anything。
Xia Jian took a breath,Stood up abruptly and said:“go!Tell your parents,Our matter is settled”
Ma Dongshan seems confident,Xia Jiangang tells their decision,He laughed:“Since you have agreed,Our parents don’t have any comments。Let your parents come and sit down,The engagement will be avoided,Talk directly about the time of marriage”
Xia Jian glanced at Ma Yan,Ma Yan nodded silently。Xia Jian smiled and said to Ma Dongshan:“Are you sorry for your family??”
“okay,Why are you doing all these messy things??I know your family is rich,But my Ma Dongshan is not short of money。We only have this daughter,It’s all yours in the future,Is it interesting to take it?”Ma Dongshan said very readily。
Xia Jianyi goes home,So I told the story。Xia Zecheng and his wife,Full of joy。
First2287chapter The small clinic was robbed
The morning of the second day of the new year,Wang Youcai’s family sat down and had breakfast。Wang Youcai proposed to go to the clinic in the city。
Yao Chunni wants to go,But Wang Youcai didn’t bring it。The reason is that there are guests at home,His mother can’t be busy alone。Moreover,He might go to Chenzhuang。It’s hard to say if you don’t come back tonight,After all, the journey is a bit far,A lot of things。
I heard that Wang Youcai has so many reasons,Chen Yueqin became angry,Took Yao Chunni’s hand and said:“not going,Let’s take a good rest at home。Look how cold it is today,Go out and suffer”
Yao Chunni has a good temper,Wang Youcai won’t take her,She didn’t say much,And followed Chen Yueqin to the kitchen。Wang Youcai takes a look,When preparing to leave。
Wang Degui said with a cold snort:“stop!The more your kid is hanging out,The less you know how to behave。Did Chunni jump from the rock??”
“Not dad!Her parents have died long ago”Wang Youcai said smoothly。

Although most of these commonplaces stop at the Vientiane level of the Purple Mansion,But under a huge base,Transcending the catastrophe and becoming immortal is a lot of power beyond the older generation。

In the previous small cities,Mostly acquired,innate。
now,The number of monks in Vientiane in Purple Mansion will not be less。
And the conflict between Buddhism and Taoism,On the contrary, the relationship between the human race and the monster race has eased a bit,Although the monsters siege from time to time,But there are some places where shemales are mixed。
On the border of the two races of shemales,Supervising a city where people and monsters are mixed。
Small town here,Anhe City,Belongs to the country ruled by Zhuanxu—A vassal state‘Yu Guo’,Not far from Yu Country, it is a big force under the demon clan Heavenly Court‘Qingqiu Mountain’。
Anhe City,Because shemales trade with each other
An old man in black with a cane,Trembling on the street。
Both sides of the street,Various shops,The owners of these shops are ethnic,There are also monsters。
“Wolf Xiaoji,Good business!”Walked past a butcher shop,The old man in black said。
“Drag your old blessing,Good business,Maybe you can marry a wife in two years!What do you always want,Just say yes,I dare not take your old money。”
Talking to the old man,It is a genuine innate wolf demon,Transformation is not perfect,With a wolf head。
Man with a wolf head,Seems to stop the child from crying,But still respectful to this old man。
No wonder,Although this old man is not high,Innate master,But it’s a famous teacher in the city,Good at all kinds of weapons,Even know how to teach the monsters to use their natural minions tail。
Even the butcher wolf demon in this butcher shop,The little wolf cub had also studied under the other party back then。

“No problem。”It’s hard to guarantee Qiu Kejian this time,Explore in the Void,Everything is betting,But the chessboard must not fall into the hands of outsiders,Into the mysterious place,I can only say that it is relatively safe,The premise is that the three of them must guard the beacon of nine paths,Lost any one,Foreign visitors will always appear in front of young people。

Talking more is not helpful,Everyone is groping in the dark,Can only wish good luck,Qiu Kejian immediately waved to the boy,The gray shadow flashes,Has disappeared from the bubble。
A young boy,Also left the bubble,His current cultivation has barely reached the level of the gods,Can be classified into the ranks of high-level magicians,Without any external help,It is very difficult to survive in the void independently。
But except for the mysterious place,Without the big eyes on your side,The teenager can sense everything here with all his heart,The first is the original call that used to be like nothing,I didn’t experience it well the first time,But this time it’s very clear。
The body of the teenager does not seem to be guided,Float forward naturally,He gradually relaxed his nervous heart,Soon submerged in a white light。
The milky light shines through,The teenager feels uncomfortable,Like spring breeze,Like a baptism,Wash all the dirt away,The body has never felt relaxed,Waving limbs freely,But full of surging power,This kind of strange feeling makes young people want to stop。
I heard a dull rumbling sound in my ear,Very dense and scary,Like a thousand thunders,But the teenager doesn’t seem to care,In the milky world,He can’t see what is causing this kind of thunder for the time being,Just walk forward looking for the call。
The inside of the mysterious place is much bigger than expected,I don’t know how long it has been,These thunder sounds gradually sparse,Seems to have been left far behind by him,Replaced by pouring rain,Milky raindrops,In an instant, the boy was soaked all over。
Strange to say,This feeling of rain is not real,There is no cold and humid discomfort like being drenched in soup chicken。
Milky white raindrops stick to the body and quickly penetrate into the body,Countless dense raindrops are absorbed by teenagers,Or to get into the boy’s body,He was surprised that such a large number of raindrops ran somewhere on the body。
In the mysterious land,The young man’s consciousness cannot be released,It’s hard to sense anything outside of the body,But he can still clearly see everything he wants to see in the body,Milky white raindrops penetrate into the body and turn into smoke,The sea of air and brain converge from all directions。
A large amount of smoke enters the world of gods,Didn’t feel much at first,Except for the smoke in the deep space,No other changes,Wait until the flue gas accumulates to a certain concentration,Began to flood into the Temple of Five Elements。
Strange,Once encountered an abnormality, the five-element sacred fire that appeared with the colorful glow,Let the smoke fill up everywhere,Changes have begun in the Temple of the Five Elements,The first is the left wall,Suddenly became strange,A variety of graphic images continue to emerge,Fleeting,Fast and hard to tell。

“What devil fruit?The information I got after eating is probably oleaginous!”Skopodor had no intention of hiding。“Superman Oil Fruit!”

Leo’s eyes moved。
Youyouguo actually knows,This is the cadre in the Doflamingo family!But what is oil fruit?
Looked completely“Oily”Skopodor,Leo kept thinking about the next thing。
“What a pity!”Skopodor couldn’t help shaking his head。“This is the first time I have used the power of devil fruit in battle,Otherwise it’s impossible to let you pierce my arm!”
“Oh?Do you think your fruit power can block the sword in my hand?”Leo continues to test。
“Haha,You will know if you come over and try!”After talking, Scrooge laughed and rushed towards Leo in the distance.。
Leo knew that the other party did not eat natural food,The retreat in my heart has disappeared,So at the same time welcoming Skopodor。
Leo’s mind is all on Skopodor’s body,When the opponent rushed over, he could clearly see,The surrounding land has been oiled。
However, petrochemical is only limited to Skopodor’s close position,As long as Skopodor leaves,The surroundings will return to their original appearance。
As a demon fruit capable person,He has long understood the characteristics of the devil fruit。
Although development requires personal ability and brainpower,But the devil fruit itself has levels。
The performance of this level is to affect the surrounding distance。
Naturally, the animal system can only affect itself,This has the smallest impact。So the animal line is called the weakest fruit。
It’s not that the fruit is weak,But the scope of influence is weak,Limited to oneself。
And the higher-level superhuman system can already affect the surrounding things in a small range,Wait till the fruit awakens,The impact is great。

Xia Jian was a little confused,I’m sober a lot at this time,He turned to ask:“What the hell is going on?You just say,My heart is very strong”Although Xia Jian’s mouth is very powerful,But I still tugged。

Gu Yue glanced at Xia Jian,Took a long breath and said:“Sister Ju has an accident,The bus she drove had an accident,Many people were injured,She and the car owner sitting in the passenger seat,Not rescued”
“Are you kidding me!We met last night”When Xia Jian said this,,Unspeakable feeling in my heart。
Gu Yue nodded and said:“This is real,The police who handled our traffic accident called and told me,Can’t be wrong,You have to be sorry!Actually I feel uncomfortable”Gu Yue comes to the back,I’m a little choked。
Why is this so!They separated in the morning,How long is this,Why is it dead??She said,The conditions in her family are very good now,I came out to drive because I wanted to have something to do。Xia Jian lowered his head,Put my hands in my hair,His heart is cut with a knife。
“All right,Don’t be sad,Some people in this life disappeared from you unknowingly,Actually everyone doesn’t know what tomorrow will be like”Gu Yue said,Looking out the window with empty eyes。
Xiaoting refused to say a word,She sits quietly,I also feel the sadness in the car。Death cannot be resurrected,What’s more, Xia Jian has already experienced it,Such as Bai Ruyu,This beautiful and smart girl,In any kind of family, she never reached the end of her life。
Xia Jian sat up straight,She held back her grief and told Gu Yue:“You take a look!We have to go over,Give her one last ride!”
“I have already asked,I’m here to take you”Gu Yue said,Gestured to Xiaoting。Xiaoting started the car。
Xia Jian in the car is like a fool,His eyes are dull,Not say a word。He is really unacceptable,Why did two women leave like this??He has felt horrified by human life。
About an hour later,The car drove out of the city,Stopped in front of a small village on the outskirts,Xiaoting said softly:“This is the village,I’ll go down and ask”
“No need,This village doesn’t look big,You bring a wreath,We just go in”Gu Yue is talking,Looking back at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian nodded,Opened the car door and jumped down。He shook his head,Sober yourself a little bit,Then tidy up my clothes,He didn’t want to send Sister Ju on the last trip,Let her see him so vulnerable。
Gu Yue is really right,In front of the family at the far end of the village,Placed many wreaths。When an elderly person in his sixties saw them,Greeted me from afar。
He sighed and said:“Xiaoju is in a hurry,We are also urgent,Her body was just pulled back,I didn’t expect everyone to know”
“It’s so hot,Still the sooner the better”Gu Yue said to the old man sadly。
The old man nodded and said:“I’m not afraid of this,Rented her an ice coffin,After the family affairs are done,Just go to cremation,We rural people are a bit particular”The old man said,So he took Gu Yue and Xia Jian into the small yard。
Sister Ju’s coffin is placed in the middle of the room,Two children sitting on the ground,Wearing white filial attire,I can’t tell whether I’m sad or happy,After all they are too young,Maybe you still don’t know where your mother went。
North and South documents are different,But it is also similar。Gu Yue and Xia Jianchao Sister Ju’s coffin saluted,Burned some paper money,Back out,Find the person who settles the bill,Everyone took two thousand yuan in gift money,This can be regarded as they met。
On the way back,Xia Jian said a lot of things in his heart,He said it was drunk,It’s all about the perception of life,He told Gu Yue the story of Bai Ruyu,Gu Yue cried so much。Xiaoting couldn’t help but say:“President Xia,Don’t go any further,I would cry too”

Heating in the house,Very comfortable。Xia Jian sat for a while,Fell asleep unconsciously。I slept too well。When he opens his eyes,Outside the window is the beginning of the Hua Deng。

And on him,Also covered a thick blanket。Xiao Xiao sitting at the coffee table,What are you looking at on the laptop。She looks serious,A bit attentive。
Xia Jian sat up slowly,Even cautiously,But still shocked Xiao Xiao。Xiao Xiao stopped,She turned around slightly and glanced at Xia Jian,Asked softly:“you’re awake?”
“Damn!Isn’t it a good talk??Why don’t you wake me up?”Xia Jian looked embarrassed,He never thought he would fall asleep。
Xiao Xiao smiled and said:“See you sleeping too soundly,I can’t bear to disturb you,So there is no answer”Xiao Xiao stood up as he spoke,She went to make Xia Jian a cup of tea。
Xia Jian glanced at Xiao Xiao,Suddenly asked with a smile:“Am i getting old?This noon drink,How can you make me fall asleep in the afternoon?”
Xiao Xiao didn’t hold it back,Trembling with laughter,After she waited for the laughter to stop,Xia Jian gave a blank look and said:“You’re old when you are,The really old man,What should I say?Thirties,It’s a great time to fight for life,Don’t say you are old,Otherwise you will be laughed at by others”
Xia Jian smiled,No more words。He picked up the tea Xiao Xiao made for him, took a sip and asked:“What are you going to tell me?”
“Oh!Have you not contacted Wang Lin recently??”Xiao Xiao’s beautiful big eyes raised,Asked very tenderly。
Xia Jian:“Oh!”Said:“Don’t you say,I have been in contact with her for a long time。What did you just ask her last time?,But we didn’t talk much。What’s the matter?”
“Oh!I knew it,Otherwise, you don’t know about such a big thing”Xiao Xiao smiled and said。
Xia Jian frowned,I feel there is something in Xiao Xiao’s words,He will inevitably be a little worried。So I asked quickly:“What happened”You hurry up!”
“Such,Wang Lin’s company listed in the US,A few of my friends know。And now Wang Lin holds great power,Is the company’s legal person and chairman”Xiao Xiao said excitedly。
It’s a good thing that Wang Lin’s company is listed in the U.S.,But Xiao Xiao was so excited and Xia Jian still didn’t quite understand。He knows that Wang Lin and Lao Xiao have a very good relationship,But the relationship between Wang Lin and Xiao Xiao is not so good,So Xiao Xiao has such a performance,Xia Jian was still quite surprised。
Xiao Xiao glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Listen to friends,Wang Lin’s company in the United States has developed rapidly over the years,The company has strong financial strength,Very likely to come to our side to invest”
For this reason,Xia Jian finally understood。Xiao Xiao meant nothing more than to let Wang Lin’s company invest in the venture group!
I, Xia Jian, owe you old Xiao family,But Wang Lin left your old Xiao family long ago,Do you have to let people serve your old Xiao family for a lifetime?。

Because under Xiao Yadong’s nose,Young police officers naturally dare not move rough,So the final questioning is simply torture for him,The palm of the hand is red and it doesn’t work at all,He wanted to choke Li Tianchou on the spot。Li Tianchou never answered a substantive question from beginning to end。

Xiao Yadong’s first arraignment came to an end like this,Sitting in the car,A picture of Li Tianchou leaving with heavy shackles flashed unconsciously in his mind.,The back is a bit rickety,Maybe just got hurt,Did not pay attention。Hey,Xiao Yadong sighed,You bastard,Suffer yourself。
Evening time,In a very grand mansion on the western outskirts of the county seat,Lantern hanging high,Vocal noise,Sun Guaizi is celebrating his father’s 70th birthday。The guests are basically brothers and relatives,Of course Feng Le’s friend Liang Dashao was also invited。
The excitement of the birthday banquet,But there is no big show,No restaurant,Did not perform。Sun Kuaizi is very satisfied,In his words,This year has been very successful。
In fact, Sun Guaizi’s mind is extremely shrewd,Also low-key enough。According to his position,This kind of happy event is waiting for the guests who come to drink.,Up to dignitaries,Down to the same road、What kind of people don’t have?But he declined all of them,Only two and a half banquets were arranged。
One is the official comrade plus brother,This is naturally the highlight,Celebrate in a small area the night before。Except Ni Zhengqing,The irons that should come are here,Even Tan Hongchun invited him again and again,Of course it didn’t succeed in the end,Also he expected。
This half was decided temporarily,The gangster Ahao will take his boss to the door to congratulate himself,Although the previous cooperation was not very pleasant,I have to give this face。It’s noon,Still in the water and sky。Sun Guaizi met Zhang Zhiqiang for the first time,This legend was also Tang Shiming’s backstage boss,It really made him feel unfathomable,What’s even more incredible is that I have a sense of oppression in front of this person。
This surprise is not trivial,He asked himself to spend decades in the arena,Never felt so strong,Even if he lost his strongest opponent, Geng Laowu,Finally had to quitSZcity,He won’t have any timidity or discomfort。This Nima’s evil,It seems that this kind of strange person is better to be careful in contact。
Sun Guaizi even secretly thanked himSZCity exit in time,Otherwise, Tang Shiming,I don’t want to have a big fight,I was not afraid of the king,He Fear Tang Shiming,But if you run into Zhang Zhiqiang, do you still have that confidence??
Fortunately, Boss Zhang is gentle and gentle,Not talking much,Except for kind greetings, it is a blessing to the old birthday star,There is nothing else to say。A Hao, who is usually arrogant and domineering, looks like a cat in front of this person,After eating and drinking,Boss Zhang praised Shui Tian Yise a few words and got up to leave。
Sun Guaizi was confused,Can’t figure out what the other party came from,Not talking about business,Don’t talk about cooperation,He didn’t even mention a word about the joint deal with Geng Laowu.,Is it just for birthday?Tumble,Sun Kuaizi never believed,But he really can’t think of a reason,The best way is to strengthen defense,Tang Shiming eats people without spitting out bones,This person is more terrifying。
The last birthday banquet was naturally held at home,All my own,Sun Guaizi can also let go,After waiting for all the relatives and friends,,He ordered people to remove the main table for a small banquet,Personally accompany a few old brothers to push the cup and change the cup。
People are happy when they are happy,Drank two drinks in a row,He still doesn’t change,Stand firm,Not even drunk is obvious。I have to say that he has a strong drinker,On the other hand, it also shows that he is in excellent mental state。

Similar drops,Depending on the light power, there is no unloading.。

From this perspective,Murongjiu’s eyes are somewhat dignified。
“Shine,Sure enough。”Murong 9 still praised。
“Mu Rong’s fighting star shift,I believe it is also a nameless。”There is no shortage of flowers,But it is not too modesty.,after all“Shine”It is the school of Master, Master, Master.。
Murong Jiu Wen,Some things that wants to be more energetic。
But then Chu Deiren:“Which of you are not curious??But you have a gap between your daughters.……It is better to teach me.,I will help you make a fair comparison.?”
Daytime,Always hobby。
Flower Children and Murong Mi,Are laughing。
Obvious,The two are very touched,And refused the kindness of the Chu Deirers?Two small cates of flowers still face“worship”Looking at him……
This cave is really deep?I took a few steps along.,I found a few fresh bodies.。
“It is the three swords of Jinling。”Murong Jiujun asked the role?After all, Chu Deirens and flowers are not shortage.?Almost at the same time,It’s all rapid list of the top of the list.……Therefore, some slightly smuggle characters?Don’t know。
“you recognize?”Chu Deirers asked more。
“Unfold,However, their Master is dead under their own famous swords.?So there is time?I heard that they are looking for me.。”Murong 9,Also looked at the flower。
As if“not me,is that you?”——Flower is not moving。
“I believe that it is not your two.。”Chu Deireng“You have my friend,It’s really fortunate.”Expression?Unfortunately, continue to be ignored。
Chu Dee?I have opened the topic ink.,Kneel down and check it out.:“They don’t seem to die from the sword,And this is……Bamboo,Maybe I am an old friend。”
Chu Deirers on them,Discovery of traces of poisonous snake bite?And as if it is trauma, some are like a blunt, broken bones.。
In Chu Debans,It has already emerged“Ouyangki hurts three people?Then three people are not equal to the feet,I found a poisonous snake in my body.”Look。
As for why not Ouyang Feng?
If it is Ouyang Feng’s words?I will clear the game.,It is impossible to have no skin, and you can put a snake.。
And the IQ of Ouyang Feng?I will not come to see Nantian Treasure!
“It should have not been far away。”Murong Jiu seems to want to chase a chasing teacher“Old friend”。
But just at this time?Someone came behind?It seems to be a five-year-old rough chaos.,See here five people,Can’t help but hop,Take a closer look at the five people very young,Two of them look still a little girl,This is strong as a mighty:“Which junior are you??I have heard me.‘Jane Shaoshan River Copper Boxing Iron’Zhao Quanhai’s name?”
Chu Deiren heard,Look at Murong, the most general,And Murong Jiu thought about it.:“But the two rivers and the seventeen generations of darts, Zhao Quanhai,Zhao Laoge?You will make a fire together。”
I don’t blame this, I can’t recognize it.,After all, the light in the hole is too dark.,Didn’t see something on the waist。
Zhao Quanhai Wen Yan,A little more——Flowery,A white,do not know,Murongjiu,Jinyi Ban,There are too many people in line with,Chu Deman……
Zhao Quanhai time to take a breath,Link:“But red white is too old……neat……Heroes?”
“Seventeen darts?Your darts,Why did I still have a traveler??Your martial art,How three is lying on the ground?Don’t be afraid of you too,The three of them were hitting the young Ouyangki, who was hit.,Our three people come to expose this conspiracy.,Don’t be greedy, such a wealth,Another heart go back to dart!”Chu Shan people persuaded。

For Li Cuihua, this comes,Great sexual character Dong Xiajian is very like。

He suddenly felt that Li Cuihua seems to be able to eat it with him into the entertainment circle.。
Don’t say anything else,It’s very good for this personality.。
If Li Cuihua, he went to the table.,Turn him on one side,He may be a bit awkward。
But Li Cuihua directly told him,Let him,That feeling is that the two are very good friends.,Needless to have a penny,Let Li Cuihua said that the words that he walked, it turned into a speech of playing jokes.。
Li Hui looked at Dong Xiajian back the dish.,Laugh:“how?
It was rushed back.?”
“Hey-hey,how is this possible?
Director Dong people have this statement that is caught back.,The most is the defeat.,But I feel that your Cuihua scorpion is absolutely able to enter the entertainment circle.。”
“hehe,She doesn’t follow you, I don’t care.,But just go with you.,You can’t bull your people.,Otherwhere, I will shoot.,And I should know what consequences.?”
Dong Xiaojian has no concern about Li Hui’s words.,Perfunctory:“Hey-hey,do not worry,how is this possible。”
Li Hui naturally also seen the other party is completely perfunctory.。
Go on:“Give me your hand,I will show you the pulse。”
Dong Xiajian immediately stretched this right away.,After all, he is very convincing for Li Hui’s medical skills.。
Just when Li Hui’s hand hits it in his wrist,He suddenly felt that the whole person stopped in the breath.,Then I saw my hand in an instant.,Old scum appeared on the back of the hand。
Although it is just a moment,But soon recovered。
Just when he thought it was an illusion,Li Hui is also open again.。
“Now you should know the result I shot.?
This is just my little means,So don’t take my words as a good thing.。”
For Li Cuihua,Li Hui Feng does not like it.,But the same is a village,He also didn’t want to see Li Cuihua being bullied.。
Dong Xiajian was scared by the scene just now.。
“What is your means you just used??”
“Hey-hey,Don’t worry about what I use,Just know that my medical skill is not simple.。”
Say this,Li Hui said that two men who came with Dong Xiajian came over.,He is also a little beer and laughing:“Come,Drink drink,Thank you for many big brothers today.,When I am walking tomorrow, I will give you an apple.,My apple remembers not to eat more,Eat more, although it is good for your body,But the same physical quality is not strong,Eat more possible problems。”
Looking at Li Hui Rong said that this is directly 咕 咕 咕 下。
Dong Xiaojian and the other two are also 咕咚 咕。
May be a bit anxious,One of the men can’t help but open the mouth.。
“Xiao Li brothers,Do you say that your apple is so mad??
Is the apple eat it is good for your body??
Is it harmful??”
“hehe,This big brother,You ate a few apples today.?”
“Forehead,More than ten?”
Heard more than ten,Li Hui Feng frowned,At the same time, I am going to teach the big white.。
Actually people have eaten so much。
“hehe,Then you only have to sleep today.,I will feel the changes in my body tomorrow.,And my apple is really a thousand dollars.,So this big brother, you ate 10,000 yuan this time.。”
For Li Hui Feng,The opponent’s root will feel a kind of feeling。
This is also true of Dong Xiaojian。

“Not because of nervousness,I mainly think that for some of your questions,If you are on the company side,Can explain more clearly。We can let the program group enter some non-confidential laboratory to record some footage,Let everyone understand the nature of the so-called quantum,This way is more convincing。In this case, the program directly in the company can increase credibility。”Wang Yufei explained。

Of course, it is not necessarily the reason Wang Yufei said。
He really didn’t bother to go to the central media headquarters。
I’m not too lazy to even the door,The key is that he reads online statements about the Central Media Building,Security measures for entering the building are very troublesome,It is said that a special pass is needed,This is really troublesome。
Jiang Wen was a little moved after hearing it,If you can let the photography team go to the laboratory to get the lens,So I can record some good material,And it can be used repeatedly,Answered immediately:“That line,Let me ask the director,If the director is okay,We will record this program at your headquarters。In fact, I also think this show has been recorded in the studio for three years,It really should be a new trick。Then if you can,How about the recording time is set to start at 2 o’clock tomorrow afternoon??If it goes well,It takes about two to three hours to complete。”
“No problem tomorrow。But the timing is simply like this,If it can be recorded in the company,Your entire crew will be here at 11:30,By the way, have a work meal in our cafeteria,After eating, the company has a reception room to arrange everyone to rest,Or go to the laboratory to get a mirror。”
From Wang Yufei’s point of view, it was naturally finished earlier,But a troublesome thing。
“That line,Just say that。”
After confirming the recording time with Wang Yufei,Jiang Wen immediately went to the director to report the situation。
Jiang Wen was right,Regarding the fact that Yuxin Technology Lab took the lens,Taili is really interested。
After all, Yuxin Technology now represents the world’s top quantum laboratory,Even the less secret laboratory,They are all extremely precious audiovisual materials。It is important to know that preserving these historically valuable audio-visual materials is also one of the tasks of CCTV.。
everything’s ready。
11:30 on the next day,Central media《Famous people have something to say》The recording team is about to arrive at the headquarters of Yuxin Technology。
Lu Yuxin took everyone directly to the restaurant on the second floor of the company on behalf of Wang Yufei。