Sure enough, Cheng Huiling heard it,He smiled so beautifully。She moved around Xia Jian and said:“I thought you wouldn’t say nice things to women,Turned out to be pretend。All right,Let’s not talk about official business today,Just talk about Fengyue”This woman deliberately pressed the last two words very hard。

Since they don’t say,Xia Jian is not good to ask again,So the two of them drank tea,Eating vegetables,The atmosphere is very casual。Cheng Huizhen looked like a veteran,She kept advising Xia Jian to drink,From time to time I also say some funny dizzy jokes,Broke Xia Jianke。
quickly,The two finished four bottles of red wine,Xia Jian felt a little overdrinking now,He smiled and said:“Mr. Cheng,I’m a bad guy,Drinking,So don’t persuade me to drink”
“is it?I want to see it today,Why are you arrogant”Cheng Huiling’s words are full of teasing。But Xia Jian at this time,The red wine in the body has begun to show off,He suddenly felt a little floating。
“Mr. Cheng!I can’t do it,How to go back tonight?”When Xia Jian said this,,Incoherent。
Cheng Huiling smiled and said:“Tomorrow is the weekend,You don’t have to go back,Let’s have a good chat tonight。As the saying goes, meeting is fate,Should we two cherish this rare fate??”
Woman talking,Leaned her up。A faint fragrance is coming,Xia Jian couldn’t help but wrinkle his nose,This smells really good,He can’t help it anymore。
First0630chapter Framed
Wine makes people confused。
Xia Jian at this time,Has no resistance,Not to mention a veteran love scene like Cheng Huiling。Soon Xia Jian gave up his best persistence。
Just hear a hiss,Cheng Huiling’s cheongsam was torn in half by Xia Jian from the slit,The woman hugged Xia Jian shyly,Two people rolled from the sofa to the floor。Xia Jian only felt that the sky was spinning,He doesn’t know what he is doing,I just blindly vent my impulse。
When Xia Jian opened his eyes,Found myself lying on a big bed,And beside him is a woman’s white jade body。His heart began to beat wildly。Is this a dream?impossible,Because the sun came in from under the curtain,Made him feel slapped。
Xia Jian tried hard to recall the scene of his drinking with Cheng Huiling last night,Is this woman on the bed Cheng Huiling?My days,If so,He and Dao have fallen into a trap designed by others。
“Woke up?”Cheng Huiling rolled her body,She put her soft and white arms around Xia Jian’s chest。

Unexpectedly, Wang Youcai went to Secretary Lu to inform Xia Jian。Of course,When Wang Youcai drove away,Tong Jie also saw it standing on the balcony,That’s why she dared to say this to Secretary Lu。

First1758chapter Uncles clash
? Wang Youcai didn’t expect to touch the cold gray of his nose in Xia Jian,He is really not convinced。Logically,With his second brother’s relationship,Xia Jian should give him this to save face。Unexpectedly, Xia Jian wouldn’t pay attention to their old Wang family at all。
Wang Youcai parked his car outside the gate of Huafeng Electric Factory,Then walked quickly towards the factory。The guardian saw that Wang Youcai was here,He smiled and said:“Are you here to find Director Song?!She seems to have gone to the workshop“
“Nothing!Busy with you,I went to her office and waited“Wang Youcai said blankly,Really went to the office。
Huafeng Electric Factory logically said that their old Wang family contributed a lot,If it wasn’t for his elder brother Wang Youfa,Can this factory settle in Pingyang Town??That may still be unknown。
When I think of my big brother,Wang Youcai shook his head helplessly。He went so earlySZ,Always doing things for Huafeng Electric,Seeing to be someone’s son-in-law Up,But what nobody thought of,Qin Shuifeng, who is as ugly as a pig, kicked him off。
More than ten years of beautiful years,I sold it for 100,000 yuan,Think of it,Wang Youcai feels sorry for his unbelievable big brother。The most hateful is,He got Song Fang to Huafeng Electric。Song Fang became Huafeng’s celebrity,And his brother became a dispensable and empty factory manager。
The factory is where the products are produced,If as a manager,You don’t understand management,Not knowing production technology,Sooner or later the boss abandons you。
“What are you doing?“Just when Wang Youcai was thinking about these messy things,Suddenly Song Fang came over from a walk in the factory。
Wang Youcai was taken aback,Then he smiled and said:“Of course I have something to discuss with you“
“it is good!Then go to my office“Song Fang said,Gestured,Then walk forward quickly。
The boss of Huafeng Electric,Her office is naturally good。Large desk,Premium leather swivel chair,Also put a computer on the desk。Wang Youcai took a look,I’m so sinking that I’m a bit bad。His office is connected to the bedroom,Plus, it’s not half the size of Song Fang’s office。
“Sit down!Tea or coffee?“Song Fang asked softly。
Song Fang suddenly became so gentle,Wang Youcai is not used to it。He met Song Fangyi,Either scolding or sarcasm。Scenes like today are really rare。
“Have a coffee!Add some sugar“Wang Youcai said,I sat on the sofa,Cocked Erlang’s legs。
Song Fang made the coffee and put it in front of Wang Youcai:“Please tell me as soon as possible。Between us you know,Can’t talk,Besides, I’m still your sister-in-law“
“I’m going to find Xia Jian,I didn’t expect him to blast me out。But I tell you,A big boss wants to invest alone,Thus,I’m afraid we won’t have the show“Wang Youcai saw Song Fang treat him like this,Then came straight to the point,Talked to her directly。

In Li Ming’s sea of knowledge,Five flames phantom running,Turn into a streamer to be in harmony with the divine body。

Five days to understand the first level,But he didn’t rush to practice。
This supernatural power,But the low-level power is just average,At least you have to cultivate to the sixth level,It can barely exceed the magical powers currently used。
simply,First understand to the extreme,Go to practice,So as not to waste treasures。
Ten thousand times faster,Three breathing exercises in the outside world,He realized the first level。
Thirty-two days,Li Ming Wu Tou Second。
Half a year,Li Ming realized the third level。
Under the acceleration of time,In more than 20 years, Li Mingwu achieved the fourth stage。
Three hundred and nineteen thousand years of entering Guyu Pagoda,Actually spent 3.19 million years,Li Ming Got the Fifth Level。
Sixth and Seventh Century,Actual experience time is 67 million years,Li Ming stood up suddenly,Five steps forward,Standing right on the stone platform。
First34chapter condition
Five seniors,Please also wish me a helping hand。”
Li Ming Langsheng Road,This《Five Cloud Lotus》A little insight,Natural youth,The altar stone platform is actually made to cultivate this supernatural power,You can use the stone platform to absorb the power of the five eternal sacred fires。
No answer,But five strands of eternal sacred fire emerged from the altar。
“Thank you senior!”Although I know this is the arrangement of Gu Yu,But thank you in good faith。
If you don’t rely on these five eternal fires,The sixth level of this supernatural power is almost impossible to cultivate。

“Else,Deer sister,I am working hard to work.,You may not be able to treat me。”Zhou Ye watched the cooking fish in the spray,Ask for help。

The streak of the fish soup instantly filled the department,He wrote a mouthful of water.!
“Are you treating such a benefactor?……no kidding,In the afternoon, people still go to the class for you.,Hungry,Who is going?。”Weekly looks at two people,It is also rigid。
One mentioned in the afternoon,Xu Deh’s eyes are really soft.!
“I don’t care about you today.,Fish is your,Component tube。”Xu Lu smiled and dismantled the waterfish packaging。
Zhou Ye I looked at the eye watch,Already a point of get off work。
I can eat now.……
But just eat this kind of meritoriously in the department。
This is not very good.?
Can’t eat“major”point?Zhou Ye goes to the door,One by hand,With the sound of the lock wheel rolling,Door lock!
“In this way, God does not know the ghost.!”Zhou Ye laughed in two people.。
Week an antellar and Shu Lu looked at him,At the same time, thumbs up:“Beautiful!”
“eat more,Hey, you are thin.。”Shu Lu eats,Side of the box in Hui Ye。
The circumference of Zhou Liang, who saw this move.,Into a different color。
And the two did not pay attention to her eyes change.。
Zhou Ye is getting used to Shu ‘s big embarrassment,Naturally, it doesn’t matter that she looks like.。
Because in his eyes,These more images are the taking care of the teachers.。
Wait until the wine is full,Weekly and Shu Lu have went to the duty room to rest,And Zhou Yewu is lying in the office,Some of the nervous sleeping。
At that moment, the whole office is quite quite.。
“My day,2point10Wind,To start the game。”Zhou Ye opened his eyes,Running the legs。
In the executive building512Conference room,Everyone has already launched a small meeting.。
But the mission activity has not started late.!
Because people who are ranked in the first one have not been up!
And that person is Zhou Ye, who was sent by Mu Luke.。
“Department of Respiratory?”The medical department of the medical department is Changsi standing on the stage. Some anger asked。
No one responds under the stage。
“Say today’s respiratory department who participated??”Doctors discuss。
“We will be deer and weeks of the same year.,Outline clinic is busy,I will not come to participate in this boring lecture.。”
Zhong Changsi repeatedly asked:“Please call the doctor on behalf of the respiratory.。”
There is still no one responding under the stage.。
His face instantly became difficult to look。
“who is this,To put our Zhongke’s general。”Take a doctor。
ThistIt’s too strong.。

Is it so accurate?。

God bless。
Zhou Ye went to the mouth of the mouth,I thought no one saw no concern.。
The cardiac medicine turned to see him wash hand regulations.,I have no eyes that I have laughed.,Also favor。
“it is good,Let’s go back!”
Two people maintain their hands in their chest,Firmly walk。
After two people change clothes,Preparing to go to the stage。
But when I walked at the door,Director looked at the Ying Ye,Suddenly:“Wait to wear a lead,May eat radiation,Are you afraid?”
Zhou Ye knows the risk of increasing room,But now,Be too critical,He has completely calved it.,He shook his head:“Not afraid。”
Make,Zhou Ye went such a young doctor entered the intervention room……
This hazard can imagine……
But now there is no suitable human hand,Ugh。
The two will slowly enter the intervention room.。
“director,Blood pressure has been maintained100/60Hg。”
Zhou Yewu stands closest to the location,See the blood pressure measured before the small screen。
It seems that it has just been sent in,Medical,Blood pressure is gradually stable。
The two came with a breath together.,I found that the other’s move and smiled。
The cardiac doctor said that two sentences were inexplicably“Can”,Only two people know。
Looking at the surgery knife,Zhou Ye I pressed my excited mood.,Serious and solemn。
The cardiac doctor has steady holds the guy in his hand.,Don’t say these pipes,Even if the sharp blade can’t break free in his hand,Where is the fall?。
“director”Equipment nurse hand over the gauze。
Etude,Cardiologists think this should be able to see the heart coronary stenosis or blockage。
It has led to such a serious heartborne shock,Still not the coronary blood supply??
Cardiologists are unbelievable look at the picture,I turned to look at the Zhou Ye just talking.,Also seen in his eyes。
Zhou Ye wants to。
This situation,Even if there is a slight clogging, it is impossible to cause such serious conditions.。
The cardiac medicine has highly examined some,Pointing some coronary artery:“These arteries are very good,No obvious blockage。”
“You look,Only this slight narrow narrow narrow。”
Several doctors have seen the coronary artery pointers pointers,you see me,I see you have some faces.2
“Lu Zhiwei is now not wonderful.,Since I have already got my heart,Enlace,I will never allow it to go out.。”
Xu Dao suddenly took a table,Some seriously。
A few years of young doctors who are scared in the scene are almost tinnitus.。
Especially the middle-aged, the middle-aged, a middle-aged,Almost directly。
This atmosphere has become serious.。
“Agency,Old Xu。”Zhang Hua Teng’s cup of the cup,Fear, etc. Xu Dao is also a table,Waiting for his little heart can’t stand。

Confirm is Liao Wenjie himself,Come and tears,Therefore, while calm,Silently give two sisters。

Really, a sister,Know what she is most wanting?,Touching people back。
It’s not bad,Not too stupid,Don’t worry about her,One accidentally let the two have steal the phone。
Mobile phone is deliberately lost,But the cold is not fraudulent,Some nasal sounds when talking。
Come to tears, last night, mood,All kinds of irritation,What did you do?,I plan to wash a cold water.,I got a cold after I came back.。
Be more depressed。
Although there are two sisters accompanying,But the emotion is that there is no sister with a man.,Heart is air falling,Sorry, no god, lose mobile phone。
As a sick woman,I want to let the people accompany them around you.,I want to have a bad rehabilitation earlier.,What happened to use a small means?!
I don’t understand this simple truth.,That is called sad。
“I heard that you are sick.,I came over and see,I will walk right away.。”Liao Wenjie said while turning on the bookshelf。
I will walk right away.,Why do you want to find a bug??
Come to tears,Easy from pillows、Desk drawer、Three bugs in the shoe cabinet,Open the door to the corridor。
The time before the two sisters installed the bug,She is noticed,Now they have the end of their value,There is no need to keep retaining.。
River!Unloading killing!
“Hello, skilled!”
Liao Wenjie mouth pumping,I can’t hear the sorrow of the opposite weak.。
“They are too stupid.……”
I have biting my lips:“Ager,All come,Can you accompany me for a while??”
“Not very suitable,Everyone ordinary friends,And I have a date in the evening.,I will not go late.。”
Come and tearful,I want to ask what?,Going back to God, surprising, chaos,Liao Wenjie is not a slag male,Only two days,There is no love period.,How can I have a dating object so soon?。
Unhealthy man。
Come and tear my heart,Not careful:“I started the new life so soon.,congratulation,Can you tell me how you know??”
“Elder introduction。”
Liao Wenjie said:“After leaving the warehouse that night,I picked up an old age dementia in the street.,Send it home according to the strips in his pocket,Only I know that he is a big family.,Then, I was arranged to be arranged.……”
“at the very beginning,They arranged me a successor of a guest.,Beautiful is very beautiful,But too small,Be 14 years old,I have not accepted。”
“Wait a minute,Why do you want to accept?”Come and tears。
“I listen to people,The way to forget the feelings is to start a feeling.,Have a reason,Decided to try it。”
“wrong,Condition is not mature,Will only lead to the bitter fruit of failure。You haven’t put down yet,Let’s restrain other girls,Not only you are sad,The girl will also be sad。”I have a tearful and tears.,no other meaning,Purely don’t want to see friends。
This is poor,Strong twisted melon is not sweet,But it is thirsty!
“I will say later in the future.,I first put the difficulties in front of you.,Consider other problems。”
Liao Wenjie said:“Later, they gave me a girl who gave me a family.,Eighteen years old,quite pretty,Tonight’s dating object is her。”

This sword is Liu Jia sent,The people of the Shaishanpai are more powerful to grab,Today, use it to kill a few lands.,It is also worthy of this sword.!

Swelling for two years ago,Chu Deirers don’t even want the Shaoshan School to know that they have broken their things.,But now the frontal places have nothing to do.。
On the one hand, it is naturally the Wugong of Chu Deirers.,Take the left cold in the original,Can and make a better plan、Even,Can defeat the record of our line with a weak and strong,The Chu Deiren in two years ago,But high,Nowadays……Chu Deirers,Can five five;
on the other hand,Equivation of important changes,It is the name of the Chu Deirers now have a heritage list back.,There is also a name on the rivers and lakes.,Don’t worry too old……Even if the mountains are raised in the right road,I can’t flip“Chivalry”identity,Two sides,only“Jianghu dispute”、Instead of“Righteous”!
“Since Chu Chu son must win the forest《Evil spirits》,And I am difficult with my Wuyue Sword,Then our disciples,I can only fight for a battle.!”Zhong Town,Naturally, it is shouted to others.。
Translate:And this kind of evil,We don’t talk about the rules of the rivers and lakes.,Parallel!
“Chu Mou,Liesz Zongzong,Personnel and teaching!”Chu Deiren’s mouth,One-sigh,Spreading from horseback,At the same time, the sword,It seems that the thousands of people will come,Meteorology。
The Taibao of Lushan is present at this time,The number of fingers also has seven people,Another elite disciple more than 40 people,However, the Chu Deiren is not afraid.,Kill directly“Enemy array”。
“Significance”Although it is soft sword,But at this time, in the true gas perfusion of Chu Deirers,But straight straight,Sword blade does not leak hard,Only the sword,Extended three feet,Get a gold break、Iron!
I saw this Chu Deirers.,One person, a sword, killing into the disciple of Shaoshan,This long sword is like a long gun.,Take a look at how,Directly kill the thief seven into seven……
Ding、Lucy and others,I can’t help but shake.——Chu Deer is sword,This is very clear,After all, in half a year ago,Chu Deirers’ battle,Just step on them,At that time, the Chu Deiren used the sword.!
Later, there was a rumor,Chu Deer is not using a sword,Even someone turns into the angle to find the people of Lushan,At that time, Taibao was still happy.——You are not?This can also be wrong?
At this time, see Chu Deirers out of the sword.,At the beginning, they looked up with your heart.,However, the elders who follow these Lushans are too good.,Small age disciples,But it is a horrified……
Chu Deirers are not next to swordsmanship,It is the sword of Lushan,And more exquisite,And there is already a sword charm,Change personal,Said to be a senior senior in the Mushan Mountain for many years.,They are also believed!
Chapter 376 Take the way
Chu Deirers and Lushan this battle,There are also some people in secret.,It’s not the original evil.,Just do not want to express the right path of the identity……
I first saw that the Chu Deiren was actively killed into the disciple of Shaoshan.,Never quite——Good one!
However, next,Performance of Chu Deirers and Shaoshan Disciples,But there is no surprise that the audience is。
According to the Chu Deirers, it is the second,Although I know the martial arts,Moisture,But after all, Chu Deirers are also masters、It is even on the name of the Lushan.,So, even if the Chu Deiren shot,It is Wandejin,Hula is directly in seconds,They are not too surprised.……
But at this time, I saw this Chu Deire.,After killing the disciples of the Shaoshan,It’s just a sword.,Trick-style Du Jin Ge Tiema,Simulation,Disciple of Shaoshan,One bunch of hands,It’s just like……Play with Chu Deirers?
Not a big cerebral cave,But these Shaoshan disciples,When you really do it in a fake!
Especially the disciples of those small words,Look closely,Even sometimes the Chu Deee is moving in advance.、The swords of these disciples are tattooed to the previous vacancy。
And look at it again,For the time of arrival of the town,This is not more……
Lu Bai“Yujing Tianchi”,The Chu Deiren greets it is also a trick.“Yujing Tianchi”,Ding Yi“Thousands of dragons”,Chu Deirers are also“Thousands of dragons”Break!
Not only is more exciting,And the internal force is also better than,Nature is not an opponent!
Before the hand,Chu Deiren said what to take the Zushan ancestor,Side people are only for him.,Lushan School and Chu Deirers have traveled more,Know the mouth of Chu Deirers,After listening, it’s even more fart.。
However, see Chu Deirers at this time.,Many people secretly understand the meaning of the words.。
Just doubt but more……
How can Chu deer??
And I will know that this battle will know.,It is never accidentally seen the sword spectrum of Lushan.。
Picture is the Chu Deirers,Mill dozens in the disciple of Shaoshan,I don’t know what I see.,More like the Chu Deirers are accompanying them……
Lushan’s recruitment style,To the Chu Deirers,There is no secret saying, there is no secret。
Even if several disciples join hands,Card When the Chu Deirers shuttle?The neutral to land is also useless.?They just、Chu Deirers have already understood what routine!
The Lushan School came from the source.,There are still some relationships with Shaolin.?It is more than a hundred years ago?When the world is chaotic,Shaolin sent Temple Fengshan?Also have a batch or a custom home、Or is a luxury?,Establishing、Want to 明 主?Later, these people died、Scattered scattered?Some of the last remaining,The group has built a Lushan School.。
Therefore, in the sword,Quite a meteorology,And there are still many ways to open a big one.……

When the concise desktop is back on his electronic device again,Chen Cheng wants to cry again。

Why is there always tears in his eyes,Probably because of the deep love for Xin System。
But after he waited hard to install the system,One-click tick to install all common software,Then through the previous cloud record,Signed in to WeChat,I received news from Lu Jia。
Let him work。
Design three new recruitment posters of the Beijing Brain Machine Branch within three days。
There are still many requirements,Listed one by one。
Chen Cheng froze for a while,Then I started to get busy,A chance to win,How could it be wasted?
Really fragrant。
Once people get busy,It’s easy to forget the passage of time。
Especially this time in order to deal with this matter,Came here two days earlier,He’s alone in the bedroom,Easier to forget time。
Wait for him to make a poster,Took a long breath,When ready to go online,Just opened the browser,I see the message pushed by the software。
“Microsoft ceases to deal with ChinaWindowsOperating system continues to provide services。”

Ouyang Hong frowned,Said a little wronged:“I don’t know what i did wrong?On the issue of Liuling Village,I don’t want to say more,Thousands of people,Is it because of Liu Gui’s sentence of “dragon veins”,We are going to stop the road,Isn’t the water drawn??”

“You did it right,And also very strategic,Unite the heads of several villages to put pressure on Liu Gui,And Xia Jian from this venture group,I heard that I even beat people,Who gives you the rights”Wang Youdao asked angrily。
Ouyang Hong didn’t mean to be afraid of him,But with a cold snort:“mayor!Speak with facts,It was Liu Gui who brought the villagers to make trouble,Not only prevent construction,And also surrounded the village committee of Zhangbao Village,Did Xia Jian make a mistake??”
“All right!I don’t want to entangle you in this matter,I just say a word to you now,Please for your future,And my future,Bypassing Liu Gui’s ancestral grave when building roads,Go as far as you can go,You and I can’t afford this person”Wang Youdao took a turn,Speak softly。
Ouyang Hong shook her head and said:“late,Fought overnight last night,The entire mountain road runs through,Start hardening today,Strive for completion within a week”
“what?Then you mean to flatten the ancestral grave of Liu Gui’s family”Wang Youdao,Stood up excitedly。
Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“Flat is not,It’s just a distance of ten meters away from their grave,This is the limit,Save more,This road can only be repaired into the ditch”
“Good good!You Ouyang Hong are great,Not so powerful,He actually came to me, slaughtered first and played later。You tell me,Is this Xia Jian’s bad idea again?”Wang Youdao beat the table with his fingers in a very corrupt manner,Look terrifying。It seems that Ouyang Hong caused him a big trouble。
Guo Meili stood up and said:“Mayor Wang,The road construction map was drawn by technicians of Ping Metropolitan Transportation Bureau,It was originally intended to level Liu Gui’s ancestral grave,Only then can the roads be built up to the standard。we Mr. Xia considered the special characteristics of this family,So I bypassed the road for ten meters,This is already a violation,The curvature is too large,To cause safety hazards to future driving”
“Your project,We didn’t agree with the development,Now it looks like this,You asked me to explain to the leader?”Wang Youdao was talking,Moved out of his leader。
Guo Meili smiled and said:“Mayor Wang,Our venture group invests in Pingdu,Your government must first support,If you have difficulty,You can’t do it,Well!We can divest them all,Even at a loss,We don’t invest in your city anymore,This is the order of the chairman”
Wang Youdao didn’t expect Guo Meili to say that,But he reacted quickly,Immediately said with a smile:“Manager Guo,This is not a joke”
“ What a joke?Counties and cities around Pingdu,Have invited us multiple times,The conditions given by others,Much more than here,Do you know why we still invest money here?Just because Xia is always an urbanite”Guo Meili said with a smile。
Wang Youdao didn’t speak any more,But sat back。If Guo Meili really doesn’t dare to take it lightly。Fifty percent of Pingdu’s investment is invested by venture groups,If they really went to other counties,What to do in this flat city?
Wang Youdao, who was thinking twice, suddenly smiled at Guo Meili:“Your venture capital investment,Our government will strongly support。As for some local things,Is our management,Don’t get involved”
“Mayor Wang!Liu Gui’s nature in Liuling Village is relatively bad,Although he is an old man,But he also knows how to gather crowds to make trouble,Yesterday, if not for our workers’ restraint,I don’t know what the two sides will be like,Mayor Wang doesn’t know this, right?!”Guo Meili is still very calm,She whispered to Wang Youdao。
Wang Youdao glanced at Ouyang Hong,Asked in a low voice:“Is this true?”
“So many people see,This thing can be fake。Once yesterday’s incident happened,You can go to CCTV news,Our Pingyang Town is going to be famous”Ouyang Hong said with a smile。