Top stream IP and Jiangsu Non-legacy! "Mona Lisa", "Dew", Soviet Edition, is smiling

Your browser does not support playback of this video, please upgrade to the latest browser. Modern fast news, everyone loves "small yellow people", Korean popular cartoon Kakaofriends, Elf Bao Dream, Saint Seiya … These ear familiar top IPs, in this year’s entrance to the Expo Service Trade Exhibition area. Not only that, born in Jiangsu’s non-legacy is also linked to the world’s top IP dreams. Su embroidery works "Mona Lisa", Jintan engraving works "Kakaofriends" also became star exhibits in the exhibition area. △ The image of Kakaofriends in the Saint Seiya model is printed on the slippers, small appliances, soft cute. Zhang Hongyuan, the head of the Ali fish, told the Modern Express reporter: "We brought more than 20 overseas IP this time, which focused on Bao Dream, KakaoFriends, Saint Seiya, Global IP, etc. The exhibits More than 100 pieces, mainly IP and various types of commodities combined with derivatives, such as water cups, molar, make-up, small appliances, slippers, etc.

"△ Golden Triangular Paper Work" KakaoFriends "is built on the main character of KakaoFriends on the wall of the wall. Jintan engraving paper is the national non-legacy, this work is the inheritance of Jintanji paper. Yang Zhaogou, specializing in the creation of this session.

The reporter noticed that in addition to the landmark red paper, Xiaofans also put on the lotus jacket, full of Chinese style jumps on paper.

△ Su embroidery work "Mona Lisa" "This" Mona Lisa "is embroidered!" A work in the center of the booth made the audience at the scene. This is a Suixiu work "Mona Lisa" completed by national non-representative inheritance people Yao Huifen spend three years.

Zhang Hongyuan introduces: "We want to pass the big platform of the Expo, let more traditional skills, non-legacy art products have greater influence.

"Modern Express + / Zaker Nanjing Journalist Cai Mengying Ma Zhuang / Tang Wen Shi to Hui / Photo Recommended."

November inflation rate reached 4.9% Eurozone facing high inflation test BR

The economic data released by the EU Statistics has shown that in November, the inflation rate of the Eurozone has risen to%, which is not only the inflation target set by Europe’s central bank this year, but also in 25 years old. In the face of high inflation, the European Central Bank will tighten monetary policy into a major focus of public opinion. From a country, the German inflation rate in Europe, Germany has reached a%, and the new high since 1992.

The France’s inflation rate is%, rising to the highest bit since 2008. Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy’s inflation rates climbed to%,%,%, and%, respectively, have reached a historical high. In the meantime, energy prices rose year-on-year, which is the biggest push for the inflation rate of the euro zone. Belgian media reported that compared with last year, the country’s electricity bill has risen by about 32%. For people in the epidemic, energy prices have soared is undoubtedly snow.

A citizen in Brussels complained that the money is getting more and more worthless, and the days are increasingly sad.

The reporter found in a number of large supermarkets, not only the commodity prices have risen sharply, and many of the shelves are empty, and the shortage of goods is quite.

"In view of the continuous rise in inflation, the financial sector requires the ECB to end the loose monetary policy.

"The Voice of Germany" reported that Christian Zewen, CEO Cristian, called on the European Central Bank to tighten monetary policy to curb inflation. In his view, the European central bank uses negative interest rate to stimulate the economy. " The ultra-loose monetary policy must be changed, and it is not easy to be late. "

In the face of huge inflation, the European Central Bank insists that the current inflation is "temporary", the increase in energy prices in inflation rate and the supply chain bottle neck are "disposable factors", which may fall next year.

European Central Bank President Lagad recently said that in view of the uncertainty of the development of the epidemic and its lag, it is difficult to accurately predict the driving factors of the euro zone inflation, but the European Central Bank considers these drivers or will be reduced in medium-term reduction . Monetary policies have the same lag in the economic impact, and the European central bank is more eye-catching to cope with medium-term inflation.

In July of this year, the European Central Bank adjusts the mid-term inflation target from the previous "close but less than 2%" to 2%, which has adjusted the inflation target for the first time in the European Central Bank in the past 20 years. Lagard said, facing the current high inflation rate, the European Central Bank monetary policy must maintain patience and persistence, and remain vigilant against any possible instability.

Energy prices are determined by the global market and supply bottlenecks cannot be solved by monetary policy. Over-earlier tightening monetary policy will only extruder family income and cannot solve the fundamental problem of inflation. Bloomberg commented, at present, the euro zone is temporary or more intense in inflation is a temporary or more lasting argument, and the spread of new crown mutated virus O’K will lead to a new round of blocking, and exacerbated supply chain risks, these They will bring huge challenges to how the monetary policy makers balance policy.

Total investment 500 million yuan Mall county optoelectronic technology industrial park project signing

Optoelectronic Technology Industrial Park project, main investors are Qinhuangdao Essential Crystal Technology Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 500 million yuan, and build an optical crystal production and processing enterprise in Light Industry Park, Mall, to create an optical crystal whole industry chain production base.

These companies will mainly engage in the research and development of optical crystal materials, optical components processing and coating, and technological development with international advanced levels.

The photovoltaic industrial park cooperation project is signed successfully, in order to speed up the economic transformation and industrial structure adjustment of the mall county, improve the total economic volume, and further clarify the leading industry, improve the core competitiveness of the county’s high-tech industry, and the county The development of industrial and various careers has huge radiation driving, which is of great significance to promote the development of science and technology in mall counties. "The county must contribute to the construction of project construction, firmly establish a sense of service, strengthen the construction of service environment, always maintain high spiritual state, continuously improve service efficiency, improve service quality, and create an assured of investors, let the masses Satisfactory excellent environment; various departments at all levels must firmly establish ‘project as the king’ concept, and carry out the "10,000 people to help 10,000" activities, full support, warm service, close cooperation, efficient operation, provide quality service for project construction, promote The project started construction early, and it was completed as soon as possible.

"At the signing ceremony, the mall county party secretary Hu Peng said.

It is understood that this year, Mall and county launched a series of investment activities, adding new kinetic energy to high-quality development in the county economy, more new advantages, 40 contracts in the first half of the year, the contract is 100 million. There are 13 industrial projects in the contract, accounting for 7%; the leading industry project is 7, accounting for more.

(Mall County Party Propaganda Department, Cao Liang Gang, Luo Yulan) (Editor: Huang Sha, Xu Chi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Suqian Economic Development Zone tax: tax benefits for business innovation escort

[] Functional polyester membrane materials, optical materials, energy-saving window film, information materials, new energy materials …… Jiangsu New Materials Co., colorful double star as an ongoing enterprise brand innovation, adhering to the "science and technology are primary productive forces", has been made a number of technological breakthroughs in many areas, this year October 26, the company was selected as "2021 Jiangsu Province hundred innovative companies." To better support innovative companies ramped up to engage in research and development, Suqian Economic Development Zone Tax Bureau fully implement the tax drop off the fine fee policy, sustained release dividend tax incentives, market players continue to stimulate the vitality, innovation and development help business entered a new stage. "From the traditional manufacturing enterprises, the independent research and development, policy support is not open tax department.

Preferential tax policies for timely arrival, let us save more money at the same time, we should make more financial resources for independent research and development of new products; coupled with the tax department of the intimate, the top service and guidance, let us more determined to innovation roads, more confident, more at ease to engage in research and development.

"Company officials indicate Wupei service.

  Jiangsu New Materials Co., colorful double star was established in December 1997, is a professional engaged in polymer composites, optical film, energy-saving window film photovoltaic new materials, and other high-tech enterprise production and sales. In recent years, companies around the high-end industries, extend the industrial chain, accelerate the construction of ten billion new materials industry base, adhere to science and technology pilot, paid attention to innovation, structural adjustment, vigorously promote innovation-driven, speed up transformation and upgrading, deepen brand building, to seize the technological innovation "a bid" into the fast lane of high quality.

  "Our company has a lot of this year’s R & D projects, the company has invested a lot of money and manpower for new product research and development.

The introduction of the new R & D expense deduction New Deal not only increase the proportion of pre-tax deduction of R & D costs, and allows additional deduction in advance can enjoy our prepaid business in October, enjoy when not wait until next year annual tax payment.

Scaled up, while enjoying the advance, also optimized reporting methods, simplifying research and development expenses collection accounts, for which the tax department will also hold special training and coaching, on changes in policy and new points of accounting methods, hands-counseling us to accurately fill.

"The company’s chief financial officer Hu Liqun deep feelings," special tutoring by the tax department this time, we have completed the first three quarters of R & D expense deduction declare the amount of work is expected to enjoy the tax benefits of more than 70 million yuan, which further strengthened we develop new products of confidence and determination! "in addition to R & D expense deduction, the tax department has also issued a VAT refund new Deal incremental stay in touch.

In order to further promote the development of high-quality manufacturing enterprises, stimulate the vitality of enterprises, in April this year, the Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation issued simultaneously advanced manufacturing value-added end of the period remaining tax rebate policy announcement, enjoy preferential policies to expand the range of conditions appropriate to relax the policy to enjoy for some companies, it is a big plus.

  Trina Solar Limited is a leading global solar energy solution provider wisdom, in May 2018, Trina Solar (Suqian) Co., Ltd. officially landed in Suqian Economic Development Zone, mainly for single crystal, crystal efficient PV modules and other PV derivative product development, production and marketing. The construction project consists of three stages, a second phase project has been put into operation two years ago, three projects put into operation in March this year, are currently in steady state production. To promote the rapid development of Trina Solar Suqian base and new product development, Suqian Economic Development Zone Tax Bureau Duocuobingju front service, timely delivery of the latest companies to enjoy preferential tax policies, help enterprises line stability Zhiyuan. In order to ensure the incremental tax incentives directly to stay in touch soon enjoy tax authorities rely on big data platform, active screening list of enterprises eligible for a refund policies.

In October last year, the council found that Trina Solar (Suqian) Co., Ltd. in the current list, then carry out the action, on the one hand with the "poll tax treasure", in line with preferential policies to enterprises send a message to remind the specific policy applies Guide and related systems operating Manual, on the other hand, telephone and corporate financial officer, arrange butt, organizational backbone enterprises to explain in detail the value-added tax increment overpaid tax preferential policies to help businesses calculate the tax in line with the conditions of remaining tax credit to help complete the refund application.

  "VAT incremental remaining tax credit on a monthly basis a full refund of the New Deal as ‘timely’, as the company promptly relieve pressure gold, not only revitalize the liquidity, funding sources to solve our problems, but also provides a more production and R & D solid backing, let us on the road of independent research and development, technological innovation has taken a big step. "the company’s chief financial officer Dong Lu said excitedly. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.

Six industrial and commercial groups in the island call to calm down politics

People’s Daily Online Taipei, October 8 (Reporter Wu Yaming, Ren Chengqi) Taiwan’s six major business groups held a joint press conference this morning, published a statement, requiring order politics and resume Taiwan’s economic kinetic energy. Calls up to the majority of the Taiwan Society and support the "legislative procedures" of the cross-strait service trade agreement to implement the two-strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA).

At 10 o’clock in the morning, the head of the business and business group is closed, the Chairman of the Commercial Federation, the chairman of the Industrial Association, the chairman of the Industrial Association, Director Luo Jinting, Director of the Industry and Commerce, Xu Xuanrong, SME Club Chairman Lin Hui, the chairman of the Taiwan Motor Electronic Industry Association, Guo Taoliang, sent representatives. At eleventh point, this six business group held a joint reporter meeting and issued a statement. Zhang Ping brog said that Taiwan has no "closed door" conditions, the current political disrupt, let the bills of the people’s livelihood have stagnated in the "Legislative Court", which has seriously lost the economic competitiveness of Taiwan. The "Legislative Court" and the administrative unit should abandon the economic economy. Today, I will contact the "Administrative Dean" Jiang Yihua and the "Legislative Dean" Wang Jinping, and the "Legislative Court" Kuomintang Group and the Ministry of Protion Group.

The autonomous region’s propaganda group went deep into the Ulancha

  On December 9, learning and implementing the Party’s 19th Sixth Plenary Section Spiritual Autonomous Region Propaganda Group preached in Wulanchabu City. On the morning, Wang Hu, a member of the Wulanchabu Municipal Government, the Autonomous Region Propaganda Group, and the Director of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, Wang Ti, a "In-depth study and Implement the Party, the 19th Plenary Session of the 19th Plenary Session of the Plenary", in a comprehensive construction of socialist modern countries The new chapter of Inner Mongolia Development is written on the journey, from the "The Constant Significance of Historical Resolutions in the Sixth Plenary Session" "The Great Mission and Major Achievements of Hundred Years" "Historic Achievements and Historic Reform" in the New Era of Chinese Characteristics ‘The decisive significance of the two established’ "" The Historical Significance and Historical Experience of the Party ‘s History "," The Historical Struggle "is a wonderful report. Reporting a comprehensive system, in-depth, in-depth, for the majority of cadres in Wulanbu, more profoundly leading the party’s 19th China Sixth Plenary Session, rich connotation and core elements, and comprehensively accurately grasping the target tasks of the 11th party congress in the autonomous region. And work requirements, further learning, good publicity, implementation of the Sixth Plenary Session and Party Credit Spirit, is of great guiding significance. Director of the Political Department of the Public Security Bureau of Wulanchabu City said: "Today, I have listened to the preaching report of members of the autonomous region’s propaganda group. The next step will learn, publicize the party’s 19th China Plenary Session and Autonomous Region As an important political task in the current and future period, the educational procurement of the public security police can guide the public security police to promote the centralized preaching, study and personal self-study, the party committee center group, the main person in charge Keep in mind, courage; always insist on learning to implement General Secretary of Xi Jinping’s instructions on Inner Mongolia’s important speech instructions, consciously useful for armed brain, guiding practice, promoting work, truly understanding, manuality, and implementing; further strengthening politics Consciousness, improve political stations, and deeply learn the general secretary of Xiji Ping on the expectations and arrival of Inner Mongolia, the moment is implemented and implemented, and it is implemented in the implementation of the whole, unclusions, with Wulanchab City The new product of public security work is practical to practice ‘two maintenance’.

"Gao Zhimin, deputy director of the Public Administration of the Party School of the Wulanchabu Municipal Party School, said:" Xi Jinping’s new era is the socialist thinking is the Marxism of contemporary China. It is the 21st century Marxism. Under the correct guidance, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will certainly be able to have a steady, and make greater glory.

As a party teacher, we must clear the historical experience of the party’s 100-year struggle, and clear the significant achievements in different stages in the process of struggle in the past. "On the afternoon, the autonomous region’s propaganda group was deeply in the red educational base of the Revolutionary Memorial Park. It adopted interactive exchanges, and conducted a preaching for the leading cadres of the Liangcheng County Party members. (Reporter Huangfu Mei Navy) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Share let more people see the recommended reading.

South Africa under "Fengcheng"

Each customer in the entrance of a large chain supermarket in the vegetable fruit market is waiting to enter, and maintains a safe distance.

The staff also sprayed alcohol for every customer.Supermarket employees also spray alcohol to every one’s truck handle.

There are a lot of people who have spontaneously organized WeChat group in China’s business farms, and sent fresh vegetables for Chinese people.

A vegetable farmer introduced the reporter that they strictly abide by the rules and regulations during the "Fengcheng" in South Africa, applying for the ticket, to send vegetables for the Chinese people in the safe area to ensure that everyone’s vegetable basket is supplied.At this time, it is the difficulty of South African people, and it is also the difficulty of China’s overseas Chinese. All dishes are all sold.