Summarize experience, focus performance "Double High Plan" Construction Promotion Conference Held in Beijing

  The picture shows the "Double High Plan" Construction Promotion Site. The organizer is directed to the chart, and vocational education has entered an important historical opportunity, and the development of vocational education reform is unprecedented. The society’s attention is unprecedented about vocational education.

Higher vocational front There are two most valuable experience. First, the cause of career has always made a blueprint to paint in the end, and the second is to persist in the project and fuse. Currently, these two experiences are again aggregated in the "Double High Plan" construction.

  During different periods, the focus is different.

The national "model" construction solves "Is it" problem, the national "backbone" construction solves the "living life" problem, the national "quality school" construction solves the "good" problem, now the national "double college" construction Focus on "strong" problem. According to reports, since the implementation of the "Double High Plan", the construction mechanism has further clarified that through the two departments of the Ministry of Education jointly issued a series of documents, forming the "Double High" Construction Advisory Committee, establishing a performance management monitoring platform, etc. Design has made a comprehensive deployment; the capital investment is further increased, and the central finance is used in the "Double High Plan" transfer to pay 2.1 billion, which is equivalent to the total investment of the construction cycle of the model school. The construction of the construction will further appear, "double high" construction task The overall completion degree of the indicator reached%; the leading role is further played. At present, there are 24 provinces in the country to launch the provincial "double high plan", driving a large number of local high-level higher vocational schools and high-level professional group construction. The meeting also further requested that the "double colleges" should handle the "double high" construction and school pruning, current and long-term, comprehensive and characteristic, relative and absolute four-pair relationship. At the same time, the "Double High Plan" budget is in place, the fund usage is notified, from "Who comes to comment, when to comment, how to evaluate" "What is the evaluation result" and so on "Double High Plan" Performance Management has put forward specific requirements and objectives.

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The Hong Kong SAR Government announced the "arrival of Hong Kong" program arrangements

  Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, September 14 (Reporter Wei), Hong Kong SAR Government announced the implementation arrangement of the "Tunge" program, from September 15, as long as it is in Guangdong and Macau SAR All designated conditions in accordance with the "Trouble" plan of the "Out" plan can be excusefully forced quarantine arrangements in Hong Kong.

  It is reported that any non-Hong Kong residents must have arrived in Hong Kong, Guangdong or Macau, which must be completed 14 days before the day or before the day of immigration of Hong Kong (excluding the person in the Mainland or Macao). Regions, as well as any area that is included in the "returning to Hong Kong and easy to plan to have a list" list, "can be reserved from the online system of" coming to Hong Kong and easy "programs.

  Non-Hong Kong residents who have successfully reserved the quota must be proved by appointing the appointment date and port entry in Hong Kong and holding the effective nucleic acid detection negative results within three days before entering Hong Kong. Force quarantine arrangement.

  In order to ensure that the entry and exit ports have been operated smoothly under the "Out of Hong Kong" program, the plan will have a quota, and the number of non-Hong Kong residents who have arrived in Hong Kong Port, the Hong Kong-Hong Kong Port, Hong Kong is 1,000 every day. .

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The nose is short, the chin may be a illusion, and the truly defect is this part.

  [Introduction to the section] "Health Intelligence Agency" is a large health science program exclusible by The "Healthy China Innovation Column" granted by the National Health Standard Committee was invited to join the "China Medical Self-Media Alliance", which became the current unique central media column member, and established three sub-sections, multi-angle propagation popular health knowledge. Improve the health awareness of the whole people, publicize the scientific medical concept, recommend healthy Chinese national strategies and implementation, currently playing billions of time. [Cothe Guest] Park Xingzhang Shanghai Seoul Legue Medical Beauty Hospital Korean Dean Seoul University Medical Science Medical Medicine Doctoral Pear Female University Medical University Plastic Surgery Visiting Professor Boarding the World Celebrity Recording Dictionary (IBCabimww) Korea Open Future Character Award for the 21st Century Outstanding 2000 位 希 波 拉 拉底 医 医 成 世界 世界 科学 通 日 社 会 网 网 网 网 网 健康 日 日 日 社 项目 项目 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 健康Patent technology such as repair items has been obtained by Nasal Isolated Filler (, 2000) Academic Achievement of Domestic and Foreign Journal Sciences published more than 60 professional papers, and was quoted in the industry. Surgical Textbook "Chapter 5" Chest Plastic Repair "" Health Information Textbook "Chapter 17" Safety and Data Protection "BAPA (BalanceDangularProfileAlysis) facial analysis system – facial bones and facial contour equalization analysis The harmonious combination of all parts of the nose, mouth, etc. learn certificateofattendance-ASPRS participate ASPRSPSEFASMS annual scientific meeting ASPRS certificateofattendanceISAPS15Congress ISAPS2000 attend the international Society of Aesthetic Surgery plastic certificateofattendance attend the seventh international Conference of Oriental cosmetic surgery certificateofattendance attend the ninth international Congress on cleft palate and craniofacial Defects KoreanSocietyofCleftPalateCraniofacialAssociationActiveMember large Hanmei Rong international Society of Aesthetic plastic plastic Surgery Semiology Conference, Old Beauty Plastic Seminar Shanghai Medical Association Medical Beauty Academic Annual Meeting [Editor: Sun Pengyu].

Thoughts on the Innovation of Marxism Political Economics

Marxist political economics comply with the general trend of the times, and must meet the needs of economics, not just from the level of ideology.

Even if you want to complete your ideology education, it should also put it in an economics education. First, no matter what economics, as long as it is economics, it should be satisfied that people ‘s demand for economics is in a quite number of students’ minds, and Marxism’ s political economics is classified as an ideological discipline.

This view is not unreasonable, and Marxist political economics does undertake the task of ideological education. But it is obvious that this cannot be satisfied.

If it is satisfied, the function of solving economic problems is given to Western economics.

Moreover, the main contradiction of the current society is the contradiction between the backward social productivity and the growing material cultural needs of the broad masses of the people, and the central work of the whole party and the people of the country is based on economic construction. Marxist political economics comply with the general trend of the times, and must meet the needs of economics, not just from the level of ideology.

Even if you want to complete the task of ideological education, it should be economics education that resides in.

There are promising position, a social status that the subject of disciplinary role and contribution to society.

Under the planned economy of Marxist economics has a very important position so precisely that it planned economy itself guiding role. Now a market economy, the Marxist political economy should take advantage of change, and strive to meet the needs of the people in the new era of economics itself.

If a subject does not meet long-term needs of the community, society will be eliminated, being replaced by other disciplines, the law of survival of the fittest here also plays a role.

Second, the only in-depth fiery practice, deeply aware of economic realities, and for its scientific theory generalization, in order to adhere to innovation and development of Marxist political economy is productivity, in any discipline only continue to solve new problems, and to solve new problems when we can continue to develop its own vitality, and therefore insisted, because the theory is gray, and the evergreen tree of life.

Deep fiery practice, truly perceive economic realities, founder and successor of Marxist economics gave us made an outstanding example.

In order to study Marx capitalist mode of production and the relations of production and distribution relationships with them to adapt, bid farewell to his hometown in Germany, came to this mode of production was the only developed country in the United Kingdom, personally feel the run and living every aspect of this mode of production , so only the capitalist social performance is a huge accumulation of goods, with commodity exchange is a thrilling jump, with the production of relative surplus value, as well as expropriate the expropriators and so profound description and famous thesis. Marx was alive was published in 1867 with "Das Kapital," I, the remaining two volumes compiled by Engels after Marx’s death, and published respectively in 1885 and 1894.

Since the publication of the third volume of time relative to the first volume has been separated for 27 years, capitalism and market economy has undergone many changes, especially in terms of changes in exchange and stock markets, Engels of these new cases were studied, and added his own the opinion of. In 1917, Lenin penned "Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism," a study of Marx and Engels have not experienced monopoly capitalism, to study the concentration and monopoly, studied the financial capital and the financial oligarchy, the export of capital and other production It does not appear in the era of laissez-faire capitalism had only a monopoly capitalist phenomenon. If Western economics viable, then that same vitality that constantly study Western economics issues in emerging market economies, and targeted to solve these problems, even with competition between the various schools. From the publication of Marx’s "Das Kapital" Volume has now been nearly a half-century. The entire world economy, science and technology have taken place with unusual speed unexpected changes.

More importantly, not only capitalist production relations have undergone significant changes, we have experienced the practice of planned economy, and ultimately because of inefficient planned economic system and negation, choose the socialist market economy. With the rapid economic development, there have been many associated with such rapid development, how to effectively solve these problems, so that our economy can be sustained and healthy development, and make the fruits of development to benefit real people, research and analysis to address these issues It is the era of the mission of Chinese Economics. Innovation of Marxist political economy, there must be characteristics of the times, we must make a highly effective answer to these questions, that tell a good story with the Chinese economic theory.

In a sense, Marxist economics should be the same clinical economics. Third, political economy must be open to innovation Marxist economics is an open system like Marx, lessons and learn from the achievements he was able to reach all of human civilization. In research methods, Marx borrowed from Hegel’s dialectic, absorbed in economics classical economics representatives Adam Smith, David Ricardo’s labor theory of value, labor duality principle is that only his own original contribution.

He speaks well of "Economic Table" Quesnay evaluation of the French representative of classical economics.

"Economic Table" to Marxist build their total social capital theory of reproduction is instructive. Even for which he himself considered vulgar economics West Neal, Say, McCulloch and others theories, he also had read the scientific evaluation and fine. No open and inheritance, there is no Marxist political economy. Western economics but also in the development of an open and competitive. Western economics have a lot of genres, such as classical economics, new classical economics, Keynesian, monetarist, supply-siders, Austrians and so on.

Not only between the various schools compete with each other, and complement each other. Like the products and services on the market, as if there is no competition between each other, western economics would not have today’s achievements. It must not be a way to protect the development of Marxist economics.

Undoubtedly, Marxist economics and Western economics has its own comparative advantages, the development of Marxist economics should draw on relevant research results of western economics. Fourth, more in the past for the "Capital" of such profound Marxist classical economics works more from the labor theory of value and surplus value theory, society will have to plan the distribution of social labor from the operational level to study classical Marxist economics literature various departments, and socialism will inevitably replace capitalism angle studies. Today, we should be more research from the operational level, such as aspects of Marx’s discussion of the real economy, monetary theory, two major departments of balance, average profit theory, the formation of excess surplus value and innovation theory and other research and exposition.

Such studies and elucidate our understanding of the real problems are quite instructive.

(The author is Professor of Economics of Renmin University of China, Professor.

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The Xinjiang Military Region Safeguards close to the actual policy to promote the transformation and upgrading of the guarantee model

Sunset, a stationary area of ??4,200 meters above sea level roared. A transport vehicle turned over snowy mountains, and the equipment equipment was sent in time to the army of the army in this resident. Material equipment directly from the warehouse house "express" to the first line of the test, the speed of speed, high efficiency, winning the residents of the community. This one-way thousand kilometers of support and transportation tasks are a microcosm of the Xinjiang Military Region Safeguard Explore the construction of a new military logistics system to enhance the ability of practical security. "In the face of the more and more powerful motor capacity, the combat space is increasing, and the traditional security model of static storage, the home is invited, has not been adapted to the new changes in the army training.

"The leaders of the department lead to the team research, the modern war has integrated, fast-paced, high consumption, full-time time and space, etc., must close the implementation of the new military logistics system in combat, and organically integrate multi-guaranteed power to meet the troops Chemical security needs.

Where is the troop training, where the guarantee will follow; what is needed, and what is provided.

According to reports, in recent years, the officers and men of the Xinjiang Military Region Safeguards have followed the actualized training process, the plateau, into the Goen, the wind, the rain, the rain, highlight the actual security, the joint insurance, continuously extend the tentacles, to protect the model transformation Upgrade has accumulated experience.

According to the collection of summarizes, combined with the characteristics of the troops, it expands nearly 40 guarantees and guarantee groups such as ammunition, oil materials, security duty, and stored, ensuring that the unit can supply quickly. How to achieve accurate delivery designated geography for a complicated diverse guarantee requirement, supply specific objects? The leaders of the department clearly put forward that it is necessary to accurately afford the strength of the new military logistics system. They rely on logistics business networks and a stored base business data center, exploring new security links that have been accurate, accurate, accurate, and precise geographical fields. The military logistics system "wearing needle lead", multi-guaranteed strength is gradually "clenched into punch", promoting the practical concept of practical security in various guarantees.

After the wounded, the wounded was sent, the equipment was repaired, and the field of field of field is guaranteed and the implementation of the training activities, ensuring that the guarantee action and the demand of the fight against the real-time linkage, and the same frequency resonance.

The battlefield wins and guarantees first. The leaders of the Xinjiang Military Region Association said: "The new military logistics system is still constantly building improvement. Guarantee demand real-time perception, resource visual control, promotion of logistics support information, intelligent, there are many work, we must have a rapid whip." (Editor: Chen Yu, Liu Yuanyuan) Sharing let more people see.

Our province won 17 national science and technology awards

Hebei Daily News (Reporter Wang Dan) On November 3, the National Science and Technology Awards Conference was held in Beijing to recognize projects and personnel from the 2020 National Science and Technology Award.

The reporter learned from the Provincial Science and Technology Department that 17 scientific research results in our province won the 2020 National Science and Technology Award. Among them, 2 award-winning projects completed by our provincial units (personnel), respectively, the second prize of the national technology invention award, the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award; 15 participating in our province (personnel), 15 It is a national technical inventive award second prize, 14 national science and technology progress awards.

Further increase in the number of winners. In the 2 award-winning projects completed by our province (person), Yanshan University presided over the "High-manganese steel anti-ultra-high stress fatigue and wear technology and application technology and application" project of the Railway orbit "project, the second prize of the National Technology Invention Award, the project Through chemical metallurgical metallurgy and physical metallurgical technology of railway rails, high-strength, anti-fatigue, high wear resistance, low temperature and high-temperature high-manganese steel and its metallurgical full process manufacturing technology, as well as curb cracking, relieve Wear, reduce the strategic level, etc.

The "Key Technology and Application Safety Key Technology and Application Safety of Rail Transit Traffic Machinery Construction" has been completed by Shijiazhuang Railway University, the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. The project has been mainly used in the main line with the main line of rail transportation engineering, and broke through large construction machinery. Safety status lost, unchecked and out of control three major technical bottlenecks, the results were successfully applied to more than 400 gondu masters and shield machine construction, in 10 high-speed rail and Beijing, Zhengzhou, etc. in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Zhengzhou and other 20 A number of urban subway construction plays an important role in ensuring construction safety and helping my country’s rail transit project construction.

"The two main research projects serve the advanced rail transit field, which also highlights the advantages of our province in this field." The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Science and Technology Department said. In addition, 15 scientific research projects in our province participated in the completion of the "Ultra-low Emissions Control Technology and Application of Multi-Pollution Control Technology and Application" in the steel industry were also very bright. The award-winning project involves biomedicine health, high-end equipment manufacturing, boutique steel and other fields.

These projects have achieved good economic benefits and social benefits in transformation applications, reflecting in the province’s innovative supply capacity is constantly improving. "It is worth noting that a large number of high-tech enterprises have striking strongly through the depth of production and research.

"The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Science and Technology Department said, especially the high-tech enterprises represented by Baoding Tianwei Branch Electric Co., Ltd., and the high-tech enterprises represented by Zijiazhi, Shijiazhuang, Shijiazhuang), and practiced" For the main body, the market is the direction and follow the technological innovation system that integrates the development of scientific and technological achievements.

In recent years, our province has continued to deepen the reform of scientific and technical rewards, through reforming science and technology award systems, improve science and technology reward review mechanism, further improving the quality of reward, enhance academic, highlighted guided, enhanced authority, improving credibility, and highlighting honor.

The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Science and Technology Department said, the next step, our province will continue to deepen the reform of scientific and technological rewards, constantly motivate independent innovation, stimulate talents, and create a good innovation environment.

The Sweet Talent End the devil schedule will be ready to do a good hard work to the Liaoyou.

Due to the Chinese men’s basketball team to prepare for the Men’s World Cup Asian Qualifier this month, the CBA League will enter the suspended state after 13 rounds. The first stage of the regular season, the Liaoning men’s basketball team is in the list of 12 wins and 1 loss, this grade is surprised.

However, due to the hard warmers encountered by the Liaoning men’s basketball team, the hardship of the next schedule will inevitably increase, the team must prepare the corresponding preparation. The first stage of the Liaoning men’s basketball team, whether it is a result or the content of the game, is quite perfect. Compared with the past season, the Same period of the Liaoning men’s basketball team is second only to the 2014-2015 season of the opening 17-game winning. At the same time as the team fierce all the way, the team also gave the young player’s full exercise opportunity, and the two "first grade freshmen" Zhou Jun Cheng and Yu Zechen have a bright performance. The former has entered the team’s starting lineup with no feature defensive, and the latter continues the feel of the Games competition, and scores externally in three points.

In addition, it is worth mentioning, although he is not completely qualified third control, this season has made significant progress.

However, it should also be seen that the Liaoning men’s basketball team will not be mistaken, and the team is relatively easy to relatively in the first phase of the team.

In the 13 games, in addition to the two battles of Zhejiang Guangxia, the Liaoning men’s basketball team did not recruite the top six teams in the top of other points. Most opponents and the Liaoning men’s basketball team have obvious strength gaps. Some teams can only discharge all Chinese lineups, and the threats made by the Liaoning men’s basketball team are limited.

Because of such a sweet rig, Liaoning men’s basketball team has achieved perfect start.

However, the schedule is advantageous is only relative, and the opening is relatively easy, which means that the Liaoning men’s basketball team will face more tests. 25 regular seasonings under this season, Liaoning men’s basketball team need to meet the traditional strong teams such as Guangdong team, Beijing team, Zhejiang Eweizhou team, but also to meet the challenges of the Shanghai team, Shenzhen team, etc., and the Shenzhen team, etc. The probability of the devil schedule is very large.

In addition, some teams will increase foreign aid. For most CBA teams, there is no foreign aid to the team’s strength is quite large. For the Liaoning Men’s Basketball, the top 13 rounds of excellence have laid a good foundation for the team to achieve good results in regular seas. However, this season’s CBA standings show the trend of polarization, the advantage of chasing people after the Liaoning men’s basketball team is not obvious, and the seventh place and the Liaoning men’s basketball team are only two winners. Therefore, the Liaoning men’s basketball team should fully prepare for hard work, which is also convenient for the team to gradually switch to the "playoff pattern" in the second half of the regular season.

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The female corpse was found in one-store advertising card in Taizhou City, and the police initially ruled out him.

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Modern Express News (Reporter Mao Xiaohua) On September 26, the video of unidentified female corpses found in a store advertisement in Wingfu Square in Taizhou City.

The Modern Express reporter learned from the police that the video is true, and it is currently excluding him.

The reporter saw in the video video, and the red billboard in one case was opened, and the police were put on the corpse into the black wrapped. According to Ms. Zhang, Ms. Zhang revealed that the incident is originally a bakery. After the door is closed in June this year, the store is rented by a hotel that runs sour vegetarian fish. At present, the store is renovating, the female corpse finds at the billboard above the store. On the morning, the workers found the bodies when demolished the original billboard, so the alarm.

The reporter learned from a plurality of residents of Wealth Square that the female corpse has been in the bill of advertising. About a month ago, there was a odor in front of the wealth square. At that time, there was a trash can in front of the door, everyone thought it was the taste of garbage.

The deceased lived in the Fortune Square, as for why they died within the billboard, they were waiting for the police to investigate.

On the evening of September 26, the Modern Express reporter learned from the police that the current preliminary exclusion of him, the case is still in further investigation. related suggestion.

Reform and innovation financial institutional mechanism, Guangxi form a group of experiences that can be reproducible promotion

People’s Network Nanning September 10 (Wang Gongxiao) According to the local financial regulatory bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on September 9, under the framework of the financial open portal policy for ASEAN, Guangxi is tight around the service entity economy, prevention and control of financial risks, deepening Three financial reforms, to promote the use of RMB to ASEAN cross-regional use, and explore the formation of a batch of reformable experience in the reform and innovation of the institutional mechanism. First, the precision investment mechanism for the role of the financial core link.

With commercial investment, all financial institutions headquarters and the subsidiaries of the company to Guangxi have set up branches, regional headquarters, and middle and backstake service bases. With a brand investment, build China-ASEAN Financial City, China-ASEAN Financial Building, China-ASEAN Golden Industry Park and other major platforms.

Expand direct financing with gold investment, strengthen enterprise cultivation and listed services. In 2020, new direct financing is 1993 billion in the whole district, an increase of 83.6 billion yuan over the previous year, accounting for 28% of social financing, and 7 percentage points in 2019. The second is the equity and creditor financing roadshow mechanism. Establishing a regional, municipal, county three-level normalized road action mechanism, building two types of financing docking platforms of equity bonds, and selecting some of the projects in the autonomous region to introduce the Shanghai-Shenzhen exchange promotion, promoting government departments and financial institutions linkage, strengthening equity tools. Bond tool application and credit innovation, enhance the capacity and level of listed backup companies to divert the capital market, and promote more companies to the capital market and help the physical economic development.

Since 2020, a total of 6 equity creditaries in autonomous regions have been held, and the first organization entered the Shanghai and Shenzhen Exchange to hold a large-scale road-oriented financing.

In 2020, the new district of non-financial enterprise credit branches in the whole area of ??166.1 billion yuan, an increase of 54%, and the growth rate is ranked second.

The third is a major innovation and commendation mechanism. Every year, the top ten innovation cases for ASEAN’s financial open portions, direct financing top ten typical cases and excellent main creation team selection activities, and promote the formation of innovative demonstration effects. Every year, the financial institutions, financial supervision departments, and related enterprises are rated and gifted by the ASEAN cross-regional use, financial product and service innovation, financial supervision innovation, and financial technology applications.

Since 2020, once a year, the selection and commendation activities of Guangxi Finance and Taxation Financial Reform and Innovation Innovation Awards were launched, and the medals (medals) were issued in the name of the party committee and autonomous people’s government of the autonomous region.

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The central supervision team has all in place

Xinhua News Agency, September 11 (Reporter Liu Yizhan) At present, the national second batch of political and legal team education rectification is in progress, the object is the police officer of the central and provincial political and legal organs. The reporter learned from the national education and rectification office on the 11th that the 16 central supervision teams rushed to all over the place, and they have been in place.

It is understood that the supervision work is a key to promote the education of political and legal teams.

This time, the central supervision team will be transferred to the direct supervision and resident guidance of the provincial political and legal organs. In the second batch of education and rectification, the central supervision team is responsible for supervising the object level, but the channel of receiving clues is more direct.

The 16 central supervision team further smoothly reported to the channel, expanded the source of the clue, and opened a special postal mailbox in 31 provinces (districts, municipalities), and accepted the people’s report.

At present, the 16 central supervision teams have all issued an announcement for establishing a report.

The accepted scope includes: involving provincial (district, city) party committee, senior people’s court, people’s procuratorate, public security department, Justice Department, Prison Administration and other provincial political and legal units, etc. The violation of the laws and disciplines of political and legal police officers and other units. Including the trunk police intervention judiciary, inserted cases, act as judicial, illegal intervening economic disputes, violation intervention intervention project construction, police family uses a police power or influence engaged in business activities.

At the same time, for letters that do not belong to the accepted range, the relevant departments will be processed in accordance with the regulations.