Is it easier to gain weight when you are tired?

Is it easier to gain weight when you are tired?

Many girls are troubled by the body getting fat.

The body, they feel that when they are tired, they are particularly easy to feel the elderly, not to eat; but they feel that it is particularly easy to grow fat on the stomach.

Why is this?

  Of course, it makes sense.

The secret lies in the special appetite of the brain.

The brain and the entire nervous system have their own “sweetness”, they are extremely fond of glucose, and they supply energy continuously; they do not like to use amateur as an energy source.

Once the blood glucose level drops below a certain level, the brain will work inefficiently, to some extent, it will be difficult to concentrate, and the thinking will be dull and sleepy, just like the students who did not eat in the morning will feel the fourth class in the morning.

When the supply of glucose is seriously insufficient, the brain will strike, feeling that it is black, blurred, and even hypoglycemic coma.

  Probably, muscles are less picky.

Although glucose is also preferred, when blood glucose levels are reduced, they are willing to switch energy sources and rely on fatty acids to supply energy.

When running a sprint, it consumes blood sugar, but because the blood sugar value is very limited, there are not many glycogen reserves, which need to be saved for the brain to use, and can not be used.

Muscle tissue is quite understandable, so when running long, muscle tissue is always based on consumption.

– So, as long as you keep running for a long distance, the effect of losing weight is quite good.

  But what if we are reviewing exams or doing other high-intensity brainstorming activities all day long?

The brain needs to supply glucose, and blood sugar must be supplied.

After the blood sugar is used by the brain and reduced to a certain extent, the human reaction is aging and the appetite rises.

Therefore, when the brain is strong, people will be more likely to be hungry and want to eat more starchy foods or sweets.

  Maybe you will ask, since the brain has used glucose, how can it be fat?

  The problem is that the three meals also contain cockroaches!

Because the muscles of the body are basically not moving during the exam, the amount of sputum that can be consumed is very, very, very small.

The brain does not need these flaws.

Therefore, the carbohydrates in the food can be consumed, but the adult is easy to “surplus” and become the fat of the body.

  The worst case scenario is that the food you eat is a high-glycemic food, which is a fine white starchy food, as well as a variety of sweet desserts.

They quickly raise blood sugar, too high blood sugar and shrink a large number of insulin, insulin should have driven a large part of blood sugar into muscle cells, stored as muscle glycogen, or consumed by exercise.

However, many mental workers are not well developed muscles, and the amount of exercise is too small. The ability of muscles to absorb glucose is too limited, so some blood sugar can only be used as a synthetic intermediate.

– One of the functions of insulin is to suppress unfortunate decomposition and promote unfortunate synthesis.

Therefore, people with problems with blood sugar control will be fatter and thinner than others, and they may have a lot to do with it.

  Many female students who are already very weak have often gained a few pounds after going through the postgraduate examinations. The doctors who are busy with meetings all the time and busy writing project reports are getting more and more swollen. This is not surprising becauseThis is the truth.

  Some people may ask: Look at the pictures of historical figures, the literati are all like the bones of the celestial wind; look at the scholars of the last century, they seem to be thin body.

Why are they not fat?

Why do our current scholars and professors have a lot of people?

  To put it bluntly, the main difference between us and the ancients is the redundancy and convenience of food.

The ancients did not have processed food, no open bags, no gas stoves and microwave ovens, no rice cookers and ovens.

It’s quite difficult for them to make a meal. It takes two hours from ignition to cooking. There are no biscuit cakes between the two meals, no potato chips and no sweet drinks. So, if it’s not a servant’s luxury living in Beijing,After being devalued to the high mountains and high waters, it is not easy to eat three meals a day. Even after the brain is moving, it is easier to feel aging. There is no snack between the two meals, which can only be hard.

After such a life, the body is naturally difficult to gain weight.

  Now that you know the truth, it is not too difficult to stay away from obesity because you have less brains and more legs.

  The aim is to solve the wrong habits of less exercise and to ensure at least half an hour of exercise every day.

The so-called sharpening does not mistakenly cut the woodwork. After the exercise, the whole body’s blood circulation is smooth, the blood supply to the brain is sufficient, and the sleepiness after the meal is swept away. The problem of wanting to sleep is swept away, the learning efficiency is higher, and the work effect is naturally is good.  At the same time, it is necessary to avoid the rapid rise of blood sugar after meals, so that the blood sugar can be kept within the normal range, and there is no need to bother the insulin unit to dispatch an emergency.

One of the programs is to eat foods with slow digestion and low blood sugar response, and replace whole rice with white beans with a large amount of vegetables and a small amount of meat and milk.

The second option is to eat more meals a day, reduce the staple food during three meals, and add a little fruit or yogurt two hours after the meal to make the blood sugar gradually smoother.