[What is the food for the baby’s blood]_Children_How to eat

[What is the food for the baby’s blood]_Children_How to eat

Blood is an important substance in human body life activities. Many parents are afraid of their children’s malnutrition and take their children’s blood supplements.

In fact, if the child does not need to be picky, there is no need to take the pediatric blood supplement oral solution, if the blood supplement is necessary, you can choose food supplement blood.

Let ‘s talk to parents about what foods are available for babies, and parents can learn more about it.

First, what are the foods for children’s blood?

There are many foods for blood replacement, but because of the development of the system, children should be more cautious and scientific when choosing blood supplements for children.

Iron and blood foods are divided into three categories: animal, plant and medicinal foods.

1. Animals are represented by animal livers: pig liver, chicken liver, and foie gras. Egg yolk, duck blood, beef, etc. can also be iron.

Animal liver: liver cancer with multiple nutrients, is the food of choice for the prevention of iron deficiency anemia.

All kinds of lean meat: Although the iron content in lean meat is not too high, the utilization rate of iron is high.

2. Plant-based, represented by rapeseed.

Jujube, red beans, white fungus, celery, amaranth, black fungus, seaweed, soybeans and their products, sesame and other substitutes for iron-rich foods.

Soybean and its products: Soybean has high iron content and absorption rate.

Than rice, the surface iron absorption rate is high.

Green leafy vegetables: Although the iron absorption rate of plant-based foods is not high, children must eat a comprehensive nutritional sesame sauce every day: sesame sauce can have multiple nutrients and is an excellent nutritional food for infants and young children.

Fungus and Mushroom: Iron content is very high, on average, kelp and laver are also ideal foods for iron supplementation.

3, drug-induced iron and blood, vitamin C is a good partner of iron.

While supplementing foods with high iron content, giving children more vitamin C fruits is particularly beneficial for improving iron absorption.

Kiwi, citrus, green leafy vegetables, fresh dates, cauliflower, etc. are all called vitamin C.

If the food supplement is not ideal, the child should be supplemented with iron to take iron, and the fate tablets, more effective iron supplement to improve anemia.

Second, the precautions for children’s blood supplements The food industry is a symbiotic, there are many foods and types of blood supplements, more taboos do not know.

Moreover, children’s stomachs are more immature than adults. Many blood-supply foods and blood-supply recipes cannot or should not be given to children in large quantities.

Therefore, there are many precautions for parents when giving blood to children.

1. Make sure your baby is anemia first, and then use those blood-enriching foods.

2. When supplementing blood, pay attention to nutritional balance and avoid monotonous diet, so as not to cause anemia heart disease or other malnutrition diseases.

3. Correct your baby’s partial eclipse habits and increase iron-rich foods based on your digestive ability.

4, egg yolk blood is good, but easy to cause protein allergies, not suitable for other babies to eat.

5. Duck blood and other animal viscera are not safe and hygienic on the market. Try not to give it to babies.

6, soy milk and the like are not suitable for babies too early, you can eat breast milk and other dairy products.

7, Ho Shou Wu when giving blood to children, avoid pork, blood, scaleless fish.

8. For children with malnutrition anemia, the amount of activity should be properly controlled. At the same time, because of the decline in disease resistance of anemia children, parents should pay attention to the room temperature, increase and decrease the coat in time, prevent colds, and avoid combined infection to aggravate the disease.

9. Anemia and iron supplementation should adhere to the principle of “small amount, long-term”.

Take the medicine strictly according to the doctor’s advice, do not take the medicine to increase the dose to avoid iron poisoning; especially for children, do not take a large dose at one time, otherwise acute iron poisoning is likely to occur.

Iron poisoning manifests as: dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, shock, etc. In severe cases, it can cause coma, convulsions, etc., and even death.