[Three big behaviors of men force women to break up]

[Three big behaviors of men force women to break up]

Some men just want to occupy you and occupy your best youth.

1, the man suddenly cold and warm to you occasionally ignore you for a few days.

The richer a man’s love history, the easier it is to be incompetent.

He is 12 years older than you. He has talked about many girlfriends. He is almost incompetent and doesn’t know how to give up. He only knows that you can steal the heart of a woman with a cheap little grace and small heart.

You said he was bad-tempered and even beat you up in a fight, but you still like him.

If you are an ordinary man, you may turn around and leave. Who would like a domestic violence man, but you like him, why, because he will coax you, he can quickly make you happy, this coaxHow can you coax it? It’s nothing more than talking about it. Please eat and eat, and send you some chocolates to send you away.

But what about coaxing you again?

A mature man knows to give a woman a safe life, but what does he give you?

It was suddenly cold and hot.

Then, when men need to deal with more than one woman, they will use the trick of coldness and heat. If you were married, he would disappear for days at a time. If you do n’t answer your phone, you will feel it is romantic.And stimulation, not anger and collapse?

2. There is no such thing as marrying you in men’s future planning.

The girls know that falling in love without marriage is a hooligan.

Men have always been very cautious about marriage, just like women. They have never seriously planned the future with you and never talked about marrying you.

This kind of roll sheet in the name of love is just trying to occupy your youth for free. This item can drive many women away, and you still love his sweet words and don’t let go.

3, men are not willing to spend money on women do not want to pay too much.

The girls know that where the man’s money is, where the heart is, he doesn’t like to spend too much money for the girl, because his money is spent for many girls, not enough, you are just one of the girls, soMany years of love experience told him not to pay too much to a girl, otherwise, the money was locked up and you could not continue talking to other girls.

His current mentality of not wanting to spend money is his mentality of not marrying you.

Xiao En Xiao Hui is just a ghost soup is not true love.

The breakup also ordered 99 roses for you. This can cost a few dollars, only one or two thousand dollars. This little romantic thing is a veteran who can do it. This is what Xiao Enhui touched you, and you are really naive.What about it.

It doesn’t matter if his heart is bad, but he doesn’t love you very much, it’s true.

If you want to find a reason here to affirm his love for you, I’m sorry, I can’t make you wish.

You have to find a way to convince yourself.

I can’t satisfy my fantasies with conscience.